Power Outside The Matrix: What it means

by Jon Rappoport

Time and time again, during my 30 years as a reporter, I’ve come across what I call “the elite creation of reality.”

It shows up in areas of politics, energy, modern medicine, media, money, covert intelligence, the military, religion, science, multinational corporations.

It’s as if a painter is working on a mural, and the global population is looking at that mural and seeing it as Reality.

This goes deeper. Much deeper:

Limited concepts of space, time, energy, the mind, cause-and-effect—these, too, are “given” to human beings as the be-all and end-all of a story. A story that ultimately short-circuits and short-changes what the individual is really capable of.

The entire mural of imposed Reality is aimed at radically diminishing the individual’s power.

So in addition to my work as an investigative reporter, I’ve been researching the individual’s ability to go beyond this mural of reality.

In the late 1980s, in concert with the brilliant hypnotherapist Jack True (who gave up doing hypnosis with his patients), I developed many, many exercises and techniques for expanding the creative power of the individual.

Some of those exercises are included in my new collection, Power Outside The Matrix. These techniques are aimed at accessing more energy, more imagination, more stability and intelligence “beyond the mural of reality.”

In fact, Power Outside The Matrix is all about being able to think, act, and create both outside and inside The Matrix. Because that’s the goal: to be able to function in both places.

People are consciously or unconsciously fixated on boundaries and systems. They are hoping for whatever can be delivered through a system.

That is a form of mind control.

Freedom isn’t a system.

But freedom needs creative power, otherwise it just sits there and becomes a lonely statue gathering dust in an abandoned park.

At one time or another, every human being who has ever lived on this planet has abandoned his creative power. The question is: does he want to get it back?

It never really goes away. It is always there. It is the basis of a life that can be lived. A life that can be chosen. People instead choose roles that don’t require that power. They think this is a winning strategy.

It isn’t.

A section of this mega-collection, titled Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality, features creative exercises you do on a daily basis that will help you move toward the goal of power outside The Matrix. The exercises are all about increasing your energy and stability—and about the invention of new spaces.

Access to your internal energy, in huge amounts, is necessary for a life outside The Matrix-rather than relying on the illusory energy that The Matrix seems to provide.

I’ve developed the exercises for exactly that purpose: your energy, your dynamism.

Power Outside The Matrix, features a long section called: Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation.

This section is filled with specific examples of my past investigations. Based on 25 years of experience, it shows you how to take apart and put together data that lead to valid conclusions.

It is far more than a logic course.

It’s an advanced approach to analysis.

Establishing power outside The Matrix requires that a person be able to deal with today’s flood of information, misinformation, and disinformation. I’ve left no stone unturned in bringing you a workable approach to analysis.

There is a further extensive section titled, A Writer’s Tutorial. People have been asking me to provide this Tutorial, and here it is in spades. But it’s not just for writers. It’s for any creative person who wants to grasp his own power, understand it, and use it to reach out into the world.

The Tutorial exposes you to lessons that go far beyond what is normally taught in writer’s seminars. In fact, several core concepts in the Tutorial contradict ordinary writer’s seminars, and thus give you access to inner resources that would otherwise be ignored.

And finally, I have included a number of audio seminars that offer a wider perspective about The Matrix and what it means to live and work outside it.

power outside the matrix

Here are the particulars. These are audio presentations. 55 total hours.

* Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation (11.5-hours)

* Writer’s Tutorial (8.5-hours)

* Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality (6.5-hours)

Then you will receive the following audio presentations I have previously done:

* The Third Philosophy of Imagination (1-hour)

* The Infinite Imagination (3-hours)

* The Mass Projection of Events (1.5-hours)

* The Decentralization of Power (1.5-hours)

* Creating the Future (6-hours)

* Pictures of Reality (6-hours)

* The Real History of America (2-hours)

* Corporations: The New Gods (7.5-hours)

I have included an additional bonus section:

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst (and how to analyze them). I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

* A 2-hour radio interview I did on AIDS in Dec 1987 with host Roy Tuckman on KPFK in Los Angeles, California.

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the books are pdf files. You download them upon purchase. You’ll receive an email with a link to the entire collection.)

This is about your power. Not as an abstract idea, but as a living core of your being. This is about accessing that power and using it.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “Power Outside The Matrix: What it means

  1. Paul says:

    “Limited concepts of




    the mind,…

    …A story

    that ultimately

    short-circuitsts and


    what the individual

    is really capable of.

    …So in addition to my work as an investigative reporter,

    I’ve been researching the individual’s ability

    to go beyond

    this mural of reality.

    … I developed many, many exercises and techniques

    for expanding

    the creative power

    of the individual.

    …Some of those exercises…”

    Oh…I don’t know, let’s see…first this troupe gets involved in some daily caper & then they end the show by ROCKING OUT! on a song! Oh yeah…AND THEY GOT DUNE BUGGIES!!!!!!! I mean, come on man, sign me up.

    “Making up a mess of fun,
    Making up a mess of fun
    Lots of fun for everyone
    Tra la la, la la la la.”

    [Lyrics from extended 13 minute version performed live at Woodstock, featuring Carlos Santana on guitar][Santana, in post-show interview said “I don’t know if it was the mescaline I took, or Fleagle’s guitar work.”]

    [“Swinging like a bunch of monkeys
    hanging from a tree
    Hey there everybody
    won’t you come along & see
    How much like Banana Splits
    everyone can be
    Tra la la, la la la la.”]

    I think we’re living in strenuous times. And we must strengthen ourselves. We must stretch ourselves while doing our daily chores & exercises. If we choose to perform our exercises with a personal sense of joy & deep understanding, then we will find our inner magic & re-make ourselves. In each moment, we breathe into ourselves.

    Seriousness & silliness, are two sides, of the same coin.

    I once saw a mighty philosopher, with a red plastic phone & yellow rubber ducky.

    Lots of fun for everyone…


  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    A Secret Love Story

    I dreamed
    A wild
    Love story the other day,
    A secret love story
    For the ages,
    A passionate flowering
    Of pure being
    Making love
    To my sweet Gaia,
    To feel her honey breath
    Engulfing me,
    Stroking me all over,
    Fondling my heart,
    Enrapturing my soul,
    Bringing me back
    From the death sentence
    Of a forbidding
    And sterile modernity,
    As I kiss her full tulips
    Whose beauty softly
    Beckons me,
    I wonder
    Am I truly worthy
    Of her mystical amore?
    Her moisture
    And fragrant essences
    Intoxicate me,
    Her heaving bosom
    Invites me in,
    I desperately
    wish to be her lover
    To penetrate her
    And all her charms discover,
    To experience her
    Magical chrysalis dreams
    That impregnate my soul
    Giving wings to
    My feeble Imagination,
    To hear the sound of
    Her crystal clear streams
    That burble over rocks
    Smoothed by eon’s
    Of endless caressing,
    Her mysterious
    Misty morning lakes
    Fill me with joy,
    Her shimmering
    Pock marked glaciers
    Arouse my spirit,
    Her majestic mountains
    Wink at me
    From her high meadows,
    With quilt of wildflower
    That invite me to lie down
    And watch the
    Racing clouds,
    Her oceans of awe
    Tickle me with her
    Whitecaps of wonder,
    Her waterfall tears
    Inspire my lost adventure
    Hark! Hark!
    Through the rustling forest leaves
    She whispers her love
    To me,
    Before the morning dew
    Before Helios
    Majestically rises
    Above the Ridges Blue,
    My love’s
    Unfinished symphony
    Captivates me,
    Completes me,
    Drives me wild
    With spasms of
    pure ecstasy,
    And when day
    Is finally done,
    Her beauty touches me
    With the orange
    And red splashes
    Of the setting sun.

  3. Erika says:

    Thank you..time to redirect attention.

    This election, “pandemic”, Lockdowns and illegitimate restrictions, social turmoil, etc
    have been DRAINING my energy (and i am sure everyone else’s who allows it)

    The system is almost like a two year old throwing a tantrum…”by god you will look at me and deal with me”, these narcissistic tyrants shriek through the media into your face…

    Enough. Why are we giving energy to these attention whores?

    I am missing my life by doing this…i am allowing them to steal it.

    Thanks Jon for the Reminder..off to listen to the Matrix collections again

  4. THX1138 says:

    Coronavirus scandal breaking in Merkel’s Germany affects the whole world — Puppet Masters — Sott.net

  5. Larry C says:

    ‘Bringing me back
    From the death sentence
    Of a forbidding
    And sterile modernity’

    I’ve only begun to articulate in my own mind, the spirit-crushing effects of what is on offer from the Modern Built Environment… There’s not a doubt in my mind that this miserable state of affairs has played a large role in our willingness to hand over every facet of our lives to The Experts.

    As for your question, ‘Am I truly worthy
    Of her mystical amore?’, I would respond by observing that we can *become* worthy by making time for our own needs, listening to that still, small voice, and gradually and with intent, moving away from the endless blandishments of The Official Fairy Tale, otherwise known as mainstream news.

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    “The first rule of magic: Mind over Will.”

    To Know,
    To Will,
    To Dare,
    To be Silent.

    The whole of magic, is to begin by changing ourselves, and seeing the change within ourselves. Thus, “We” become the change, and then the change becomes reflective elsewhere.

  7. Opie Poik says:

    “Each man had only one genuine vocation – to find the way to himself… His task was to discover his own destiny – not an arbitrary one – and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.”
    ~ Herman Hesse, “Demian”

  8. online Covid says:

    Jon guides us through these questions and takes a close look at the implications of research efforts underway. Jon has an amazing gift to bring us back to the power of consciousness and what it implies for developing our full potential as human beings. While it is always disturbing to contemplate efforts under way to manipulate our minds, our memories and our opinions, appreciating that we live in world with a highly primitive governance system is a critical step to appreciate the extraordinary opportunities before us when we nurture our capacity to stay awake and imagine a world outside the matrix.

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