Is Attorney General Barr a coward?

Has he sold out?

by Jon Rappoport

December 11, 2020

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“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP. [1]

That’s because he isn’t looking. Here are several sites, among hundreds, that carry evidence of vote fraud on a continuing basis: American Thinker [2], Infowars [3], Gateway Pundit [4], [5], the Air Vent blog [6].

Barr has now appointed a special counsel, John Durham, to look into…what? Russiagate? The man in the moon? Richard Nixon? I’m sure we’ll get a report by 2026.

Slick Willie Barr’s remark to AP sent a signal to judges and lawyers: the Justice Department isn’t active, relax, no need to rush, feel free to dismiss cases, you won’t be risking adverse consequences.

That, from the number-one law enforcement man in the nation.

Meanwhile, if you visit those sites, I just mentioned, you’ll find all sorts of evidence of fraud. Ballot stuffing. Invented ballots. Backdated ballots. Failure to allow observers to monitor massive amounts of vote counting. Statistical anomalies showing impossible vote results. Vote switching. Electronic machine vulnerabilities. Software back doors. Fractional vote counts instead of raw number counts. Dominion and Smartmatic connections to foreign entities. The vote-count apparatus connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable to switches in numbers. Battleground states stopping the vote count on election night, after which huge numbers of votes changed from Trump to Biden. Alarming numbers of affidavits from poll workers attesting to fraud. Boarded up windows to block observers from watching vote counts, even from a distance. Observers intimidated and ordered to move away from vote counting personnel. Reputable data analysts stating vote fraud was occurring on a large scale.

Other than THAT, not a hint of impropriety. Nothing to see, forget about it.

And Barr didn’t need to say he was sure the election was a fraud; he only needed to say there was reason for the DOJ to do an immediate and far-reaching INVESTIGATION.

But he wouldn’t even say that.

And lest we forget, this election was CALLED BY THE NEWS NETWORKS. That’s what “election result” MEANS so far. That’s all it means.

Some of the networks take their election information from the Associated Press. But the AP is a consortium OF those same networks.

In other words, the news networks take their election information from themselves.

And on the strength of THAT, Attorney General Barr believes the result of the election has been decided; and there is no reason to mount an all-out investigation of the “result.”

Pundits are worried that Trump’s attack on the outcome makes the US look like a banana republic, in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Sorry, too late for that concern. When news networks call the election based on projections from themselves, we’re looking at a closed system, a bubble, a banana 3000 miles long.

Barr is a banana plantation boss, protecting the terminally corrupt territory from prying eyes.

In an act of extreme kindness, he should be busted down to hosing off dust and sand from cop cars in Death Valley.

He’s made himself into—or he already was—a double agent. While professing support for the president, he was preparing to undermine him.

Trump, throughout his term in office, has shown an uncanny ability to choose key people who are actually out to destroy him. I believe he thought Mike Flynn would be his main protector and buffer, and when Flynn was taken down, Trump didn’t know where to turn. He was at sea. A CEO or Commander-in-Chief is supposed to be better than that.

Barr’s refusal to declare an all-out war on election fraud creates a gigantic confusion. While court cases and state legislative hearings move along, and evidence of fraud piles up, the DOJ stands aside, as if these momentous events are of no more interest than a spring baseball game.

CRIMINAL CHARGES are at the bottom of this national disgrace. And there are no criminal charges.

Although extreme dereliction of duty ought to be a felony, Barr has a built-in protection. Prosecutorial discretion. It means a government lawyer can pick and choose his cases. He can go to court or not go to court.

“Let’s see. We have the murder weapon. The suspect’s prints are on the gun, which the cops found in his hand as he was standing over the dead body of the victim. We have surveillance video which shows the suspect shooting the victim. But you know what? We’re going to pass on this case. The killer has no previous record. He’s from a good family…”

For readers, and for Slick Willie Barr, I want to describe one expert witness to fraud who has already stepped forward. He is just one of a number of such witnesses. Just one. But if he doesn’t sound alarm bells for the Justice Department, indicating that an IMMEDIATE investigation must be launched yesterday, nobody will sound those alarms.

Navid Keshavarz-Nia. His credentials include extensive work for the US intelligence community. This is not necessarily a positive recommendation. However, such people are often cited as reliable by the press and the government. They’re courted and coddled and quoted and used to make cases.

Andrea Widburg, writing at American Thinker, headlines her piece, “The ‘smartest man in the room’ has joined Sidney Powell’s team”: [7]

“Dr. Kershavarz-Nia’s name may not mean a lot to you, but it’s one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems.”

“We know how important Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is because, just two and a half months ago, the New York Times ran one of its Sunday long-form articles about a massive, multi-million-dollar fraud that a talented grifter ran against the American intelligence and military communities. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is one of the few people who comes off looking good”:

(Quoting the Times) “Navid Keshavarz-Nia, those who worked with him said, ‘was always the smartest person in the room.’ In doing cybersecurity and technical counterintelligence work for the C.I.A., N.S.A. and F.B.I., he had spent decades connecting top-secret dots…”

Widburg continues at American thinker: “Not only does Dr. Kershavarz-Nia have an innate intelligence, but he’s also got extraordinary academic and practical skills in cyber-fraud detection and analysis…”

“His qualifications include a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in various areas of electrical and computer engineering. In addition, ‘I have advanced trained from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), DHS office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) and Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT)’.”

“Professionally, Dr. Kershavarz-Nia has spent his career as a cyber-security engineer. ‘My experience,’ he attests, ‘spans 35 years performing technical assessment, mathematical modeling, cyber-attack pattern analysis, and security intelligence[.]’ I will not belabor the point. Take it as given that Dr. Kershavarz-Nia may know more about cyber-security than anyone else in America.”

“So what does the brilliant Dr. Kershavarz-Nia have to say? This:

1. Hammer and Scorecard [an alleged package of CIA vote-hacking programs] is real, not a hoax (as Democrats allege), and both are used to manipulate election outcomes.

2. Dominion, ES&S, Scytl, and Smartmatic [electronic vote-systems companies] are all vulnerable to fraud and vote manipulation — and the mainstream media reported on these vulnerabilities in the past.

3. Dominion has been used in other countries to ‘forge election results.’

4. Dominion’s corporate structure is deliberately confusing to hide relationships with Venezuela, China, and Cuba.

5. Dominion machines are easily hackable.

6. Dominion memory cards with cryptographic key access to the systems were stolen in 2019.”

“Although he had no access to the machines, Dr. Kershavarz has looked at available data about the election and the vote results. Based on that information, he concluded:

1. The counts in the disputed states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia) show electronic manipulation.

2. The simultaneous decision in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to pretend to halt counting votes was unprecedented and demonstrated a coordinated effort to collude toward desired results.

3. One to two percent of votes were forged in Biden’s favor.

4. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

5. The scanners failed to keep records for audits, an outcome that must have been deliberately programmed.

6. The stolen cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts.

7. The favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. They demonstrated manipulation. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.

8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.

9. There was a Hammer and Scorecard cyber-attack that altered votes in the battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection.

10. The systems failed to produce any auditable results.”

“Based on the above findings, Dr. Keshavarz-Nia concluded with ‘high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a [sic] hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred [sic] to Vice President Biden’.”

—end of quotes from American Thinker article—

Here’s a question: If you’re William Barr, what else do you want, in terms of qualifications, from an expert witness?

From all appearances, Navid Keshavarz-Nia is exactly the sort of person you would be looking for in serious cases.

Except, perhaps, in THIS case. Because this case not only cuts across the grain, it proposes a titanic refutation of the announced result of a presidential election. And not only an election, but one in which the sitting president is despised by the press, millions of Democrats, untold numbers of government employees, foreign government leaders, and rioters-in-waiting, who would stage mass destruction in cites, if the election is resolved in favor of the sitting president.

So, Mr. Barr, in this case, who qualifies as an expert witness, to whom very close attention should be paid? Or does the qualification of a witness come down to WHAT he will say?

Are you calculating which threat from which side of the political spectrum can visit the greater harm on you?

Have you already sold out? If so, to what or whom?

Your own fear?

“Yet panics, in some cases, have their uses; they produce as much good as hurt. Their duration is always short; the mind soon grows through them, and acquires a firmer habit than before. But their peculiar advantage is, that they are the touchstones of sincerity and hypocrisy, and bring things and men to light, which might otherwise have lain forever undiscovered. In fact, they have the same effect on secret traitors, which an imaginary apparition would have upon a private murderer. They sift out the hidden thoughts of man, and hold them up in public to the world.” Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 23, 1776.

Your move, Mr. Barr.




[3] and





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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

67 comments on “Is Attorney General Barr a coward?

  1. Paul says:

    “In other words,
    the news networks
    take their election information
    from themselves.”

    For those journalists & reporters who “follow the facts…”


    “As you know perfectly well, I’m a journalist & a reporter, says Christiane Amanpour, who, of course, is nither of those things, & never has been. C.A. is a celebrity script reader, a half-wit, whose self-esteem far out-paces her accomplishments.”

    ~ Tucker Carlson


  2. Paul says:

    “Your move, Mr. Barr.”


  3. The Ghost of Paul Harvey says:

    Mr. Barr has already made his “move” a long, long, time ago.

    Your refusal to acknowledge what is obvious undermines your credibility.

    This “country” is nothing more or less then a “company store”, or for the “enlightened”, a CORPORATOCRACY (form of “plutocracy”), where the goy are manipulated in every imaginable way that suits the oligarchs at a given point in time.

    Having looted the treasury beyond extreme, they now prepare for their “great reset” in which ALL freedom will be extinguished, ALL possibility for peaceful resistance is crushed, and finally, we will see the IRON FIST fully withdrawn from the velvet glove.

    A full turn of the wheel in 244 years.

    Maybe the goy are oxen after all.

    • CJ76 says:

      Do you mean Barr? His family is Jewish. His dad converted to Catholicism.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The infamous HJR-192 “Contracts Payable in Gold Act” was when the Great Heist of America was done.

      Anything “they” supposedly have looted from the “treasury” since then – has been “trust”.

      The entirety of the “public debt” is a loan through fraud. Therefore, totally illegitimate, and totally null and void.


      Good luck getting the average schmo to see this.

    • Justice Winced says:

      “Your refusal to acknowledge what is obvious undermines your credibility” is the best point here for all, Trump and Jon. Let’s move on to the next square, right, Ghost? How do we wedge a stick into the spokes of the “Great Reset”? It’s up to the “Deplorables” and military to keep Trump in it now.

    • Siouxma says:

      Well said- Barr has been around since the 80s protecting the DS Bush Faction in Iran-Contra guns and drugs crimes. He said no one was “going down” since his latest DS stint with Trump, and true to his word, no one has or will. This Show is for the remaining Patriots to ponder what they are trying to protect and maintain. Cognitive Dissonance is upon us with these multiple realities.

  4. bp says:

    Barr is not a sold out. He is a certified pure bush crony swamp creature who helped write the “patriot act.”
    I called him out, the day he was nominated.
    Presidents do not choose anybody in their cabinets and if they do, they will be taken down if not useful for the plan of their owners.

  5. Hey Jon, Howard Sambol here. I’m very familiar with all aspects of your post on Barr but there is a very important possibility you did not mention maybe because there are some puzzle pieces you aren’t aware of.

    The crimes we are dealing with re election fraud are virtually all in the category of Treason. They are in fact military crimes against the united states which are not prosecuted via the normal prosecutorial and judicial process.

    These treasonous swamp creatures have been and will be arrested as enemy combatants and sent to GITMO for military tribunal and execution. This is in line with Trump’s 2018 executive order declaring a state of emergency related to foreign interference in US elections.

    This exec order and state of emergency is equivalent to declaring a state of war with China on or before Dec 18th which is the 45 day period specified in the Exec order.

    So the long and short of it is that I do not think Barr has betrayed Trump or our country. I think he is working very closely with Trump on this. It is a chess game as you know and he does not want to tip off the enemy now re his intentions.

    This executive order was not even disclosed to members of congress since so many of them are swamp creatures.

    I believe everything is progressing with impeccable timing. Once there is a ruling on the election and Trump secures his second term, you will then see the full wrath on the criminals proceed and it will be made clear that these are in fact arrests for Treason in a time of war. Thousands are likely to be arrested including major execs in mainstream media and social media big tech.

    We are at war now with China on multiple levels.

    The turning point in our history. Epic. Historic, Transformational. The Great Awakening. I have Astrological data to on this. Happy to chat if you are interested!

    • No More Lies says:

      Thank you, Howard. If your info is true(I’n not questioning you. I just don’t know as I haven’t read anything like you have here).this is a positive outlook. No wonder evil forces are putting so much money, media and violence into keeping Trump out of office!

    • Connie says:

      Yes, Howard, you nailed it! The entire election fraud, among other crimes, are being investigated by our US Military Intelligence Team. This is, indeed, treason, and these crimes will be tried in a military tribunal. Barr knows this, and is stepping back and giving the military full control, as he should.

    • Sude says:

      I keep seeing the devout Trumpians see him as a savior. I believe Trump was part of the plan to fully divide the country and he has done so. It is a part of a good cop vs bad cop. Currently left does not list to right and right to left. There was a time we listen to reason. This was the mission Trump was tasked with… mission accomplished! Divided they can win!

      • Amanda says:

        Trump was an accidental president. According to Lt. General McInerney, in 2016, the fix was in for Hillary with the CIA’s Hammer and Scorecard, but something apparently happened and it didn’t work that night, so he got in. And then they proceeded to spend the next 4 years trying to get rid of him. And now they finally did it with the most brazen, in-your-face election heist in history.

        IMO our elections have been rigged for decades. And the politicians know that they are getting in because of the rigged machines, so they don’t have to worry about pleasing the people to get re-elected, they just have to please the people who control the machines.

      • bj says:

        We’ll know REAL soon which side off the fence he is on!

    • NaturalGal says:

      Your point is well taken, thanks, Howard. And I do think the cheating has gone on for years. During Obama’s first presidential election, two people in Des Moines reported that their votes in the booth were switched before their eyes, and nothing was done.

      Please do share your astrological data on this “turning point in our history,”

    • Michael says:

      Utter horse crap. I know for a fact none of these people or anyone has been arrested for treason. Trump can barely get the White House maid the fluff his pillow. Where are your facts? Who has mysteriously disappeared from the stage? Your BS is specifically meant to stop patriots from acting until it’s too late: Treason in its own right. Q has never been right about anything. Don’t try to sell this trash to people who actually can think.

      • Amanda says:

        @Michael- Yes, I agree with you. He’s not even strong enough to resist the flu shot, which he had never gotten his whole life until he became President, and he apparently didn’t even have the power to say no.

        Our government is 100% corrupt, with the exception of a handful in the Freedom Caucus, and Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul. Everything else, including DOJ, FBI, CDC, FDA, HHS, DHS, CIA, SCOTUS, is corrupt. We don’t have a government. We don’t have a media. And we are in serious, life-threatening danger because evil psychopaths control our government and they are ushering in the Great Reset. I honestly don’t know what to do other than write letters.

        • Neil Larkins says:

          Amanda, I totally agree with your last sentence and I believe 90% of those on the right do as well. We don’t express it because we think we will be criticized for saying so, for giving up and not fighting. Not fighting? We were told our best weapon was our vote. We did that and were smacked senseless by phony votes that were just as valid as ours. So now that we don’t have that, what do we have? Letters and posts to face book…which everyone knows mean less than nothing to the power brokers.

  6. No More Lies says:

    You’re all over it, John. Facts and truth, even with experts brought forth to speak, are not what Barr and his conshityouints want.

  7. Trish says:

    AG Barr has demonstrated that he is a moron. Another who should be arrested for treason, death by hanging.

  8. naomi116 says:

    Barr is an ivy league elite. He grew up on the west side, a lawyer. He served on the board of directors for Warner Media. He worked for the C.I.A. (Catholic Intelligence Agency better named). He is of Jewish heritage, his ivy league father converted to the Roman Catholic Church and raised his children in this religion. Here is the BIG problem. Do research and you will see I am right. Who is ruling religiously in America? ROME. They have allegiances to the Pope in Rome. We have what is turning out to be a One World Government, A One world political system (Technocracy?), and a One World Religious System headed by the Pope in Rome. Read Revelation 17. To be clear there is a complete reversal of the Reformation going on. America was founded on the Bible, the God of the Bible, not the Roman Catholic Communist Pontif

  9. naomi116 says:

    Trump would be better off to get rid of his spiritual advisor crazy Paula White, get rid of all the Roman Catholic Jesuits who are traitors to this country. From quotes of John Adams: FROM JOHN ADAMS TO THOMAS JEFFERSON 9 August, 1816
    My History of the Jesuits is not elegantly written, but is supported by unquestionable authorities, is very particular and very horrible. Their restoration is indeed “a step towards darkness,” cruelty, perfidy, despotism, death and—! I wish we [226] were out of danger of bigotry and Jesuitism. May we be “a barrier against the returns of ignorance and barbarism.” What a colossus shall we be! But will it not be of brass, iron, and clay? Your taste is judicious in liking better the dreams of the future than the history of the past. Upon this principle I prophesy that you and I shall soon meet better friends than ever. So wishes
    I do not like the late resurrection of the Jesuits. They have a general now in Russia, in correspondence with the Jesuits in the United States, who are more numerous than everybody knows. Shall we not have swarms of them here, in as many shapes and disguises as ever a king of the gypsies, Bampfylde Moore Carew himself, assumed? In the shape of printers, editors, writers, schoolmasters, etc..? I have lately read Pascal’s letters over again, and four volumes of the History of the Jesuits. If ever any congregation of men could merit eternal perdition on earth and in hell, according to these historians, though, like Pascal, true Catholics, it is this company of Loyola.

    I dislike, with you, their restoration, because it marks a retrograde step from light towards darkness.

  10. bob klinck says:

    When you’re in the boat, you don’t want it rocked.

  11. naomi116 says:

    Some good reading: Do some homework and find out how many are in charge in the great USA. While your at it please realize that all but 2 Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic. Something else to put in your hat. Confessions to a priest. Suppose to be private right? Ha, think again, great black mail strategies. Just sayin~

  12. Haniel Adhar says:

    Banana Republic?

    We’ve flown right past “banana” and are full on into Papaya Republic now.

    Next thing we will see is elected offices will be determined by how high someone can jump over a stick.

  13. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Barr is a consummate insider and swamp leader. He will do whatever is necessary to protect the other swamp creatures. He would not have been my pick for AG after the Sessions disaster. Giuliani would have been great. Sidney Powell would have made a great AG. Ahhhhh…what might have been.

  14. pietrodeleone says:

    Trump’s cabinet was less than ideal, from his standpoint.
    BUT … Barr and other cabinet slots required confirmation from the Senate.

    So … look to Turdle, who likely said … here’s my short list: Pick one. Or else.

    Note that Turdle hasn’t permitted T to make ANY recess appointments.

  15. Sean says:

    Is there really this much voter fraud exposed and nothing much being done? Oh boy.

    Remember, Im only offering the truth. Nothing more. – The Matrix

    Simultaneously Peggy Hall shows us a way to stay open for business and more.

  16. M - says:

    OMG! It’s the Keystone Kops running rampant EVERYWHERE. LOL!!!

    This is just priceless:

    “A New York Times article published Tuesday claims that even after people receive a dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, they will need to wear a mask in public, marking a stark contrast to what elected leaders and health officials have implied about a return to “normal” once a vaccine arrives.

    “Here’s Why Vaccinated People Still Need to Wear a Mask,” the headline reads.


    “If vaccinated people are silent spreaders of the virus, they may keep it circulating in their communities, putting unvaccinated people at risk,”…”



    This just gets better and better. It’s like watching a SITCOM.

  17. Paul says:

    “To date, we have not seen fraud…”

    ~ General Barr

    “A half-truth, is the most cowardly, of lies.”

    ~ Mark Twain

    As Always & Ever,
    Thank you Jon.

    You were breathing fire on this one!

    The General still has time to redeem himself & appoint all manner of investigators upon the States in question. I pray he reads your open letter of him & moves appropriately. May he summon the courage, he already has the intellect.

  18. tripletail says:

    Barr is an actor in yet another scripted psyop. Will Biden, a walking dead man, assume the faux office of the presidency? Or will Drumpf carry the day? Does it even matter? Or is martial law the end game of this election psyop? One thing is certain, the US Constitutional Republic is dead.

  19. Don says:

    Anyone who opens their mouth about “selection” circuses loses credibility instantly. What kind of fraud on the table when since the USA is born all presidents were selected.

  20. Ed says:

    In the great Motion Picture Brave Heart. William Wallace asks his men is life worth living without FREEDOM yes you will live for a while but they will come for you. If you do not fight now years down the road you may ask yourselves for this moment in time back to fight as men (not his exact quote but the message should be clear to all)

  21. Very good Jon, well done. but there is more…

    Let’s see…now, how does this work.
    First, if you throw enough money at something it is bound to change. With enough money, you can get Buddha to stand on his fat head and spit nickels.

    The Republicans were working with $777 million, and the Democrats $3,976.2 million…. aha… big difference, right? You can buy heaven with that kind of money.

    Biden had a personal war fund of $1,096.3 million, and Trump, $774.2 million. Biden spent close to that last number mentioned in Media alone; television ads and radio and online media. China Joe has very deep pockets behind him, a true Manchurian candidate, and he does not hang around with the right crowd. He rubs elbows with the members of the China Entrepreneurs Club, a monster of an organization that wants to buy America; and Big Tech technocrats who it seems have finally screwed the pooch and will get their final comeuppance. Tulsi Gabbard has a great idea…break them up!

    Second…China was deeply, deeply involved and responsible for a lot of that money, and two Nevada residents (man/wife tag team) donated four injections of $50 million in the last two months of the election? China has big, huge investments in Nevada gambling.

    Dominion was purchased in a short period of time before the election, the deal was run through none other than UBS… that’s right! That UBS, the one that hides secret transactions and secret accounts. James Bond kind of shit, with names even that, is reminiscent of that, as accounts have front names like Octopussy… and they recently, within the last two weeks have replaced their head guy, the CEO Sergio Ermotti, with a new guy, Ralph Hamers, a cryptocurrency genius, as the new CBDC comes on board globally. Wealth changes from a physical thing, to a computer code…is the picture becoming clear yet?

    Ermotti has moved on to a new position in the pyramid.

    UBS has been in trouble in past for looting orphan accounts after the second world war; accounts belonging to Jews. One such safety deposit box owned by an SS officer was full of gold teeth if you can imagine.
    UBS was the Nazi’s secret bankers and have hidden Nazi accounts from the world. This dirty corporation is the largest private equity company in the world. They deal in “Black money”, “black accounts” and have faults that hold everything from gold to art, diamonds to patents in those vaults; that are throughout the Swiss Alps. UBS have underground bunkers holding all kinds and whatever in vaults deep in the Swiss alps, and five stories under their company headquarters, it is truly fucking evil. There is nothing they have not done for money and power. And there is nothing they will not do, it is said that they even hold bodies in 45-gallon drums, bodies that are not to be found, held for specific reasons until specific times.
    UBS has ranked number one on the Financial Secrecy Index, continuously for the last fifty years. So, if you want to hide a transaction, UBS is the firm to use. They have been the prototype for this kind of financial behaviour for a long time.

    The Christopher Meili Affair initiated a $2.56 Billion lawsuit back in 1997 by “Jewish Victims of the Holocaust” and resulted at the end of a settlement of some $1.25 billion. The publicity alone was costing them tens of millions. They don’t like being in the public eye, they don’t like to be on the front page. Like cockroaches, they need to hide from the light.
    When all other equity funds run around 9-10% return, UBS runs at 11.5-15%. Probably more so today…
    When Venezuela’s Maduro’s wanted to hide Venezuelan gold reserves that were in the Bank of England (BoE), and he needed desperately to pay Putin for arms. U.S. sanctions blocked all money transactions – so the gold which he has yet to get — the BoE refused to give it to him, as he was not the legitimate president of Venezuela. As we well know or should know his deputy prime minister’s husband’s company Smartmatic was used in that corrupt election result that put him in power. Anyway, I digress, UBS was willing to hold that gold, when he got his hands on it, for a fee.
    Twenty-five percent of UBS is owned by the Chinese, and by the Chinese, I mean the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

    And they covet more…

    Finally, mail-in ballots were printed in China and brought in through Mexico. They are still coming in…
    The Democratic Party in the United States of America if you do not know, is owned and paid for by the CCP (Communist Party of China). A vote for the Democrats is a vote for China, or should I say the CCP.

  22. Amanda says:

    Okay, CIA Barr is a deep state snake! He’s spent his entire career covering for the deep state. All it takes is a quick search:

    And in addition to all the coverups mentioned at that link, CIA Barr was also involved in the Lockerbie coverup and the framing of Libya:

    CIA Barr was put in as AG so he could coverup the COUP. He’s been stalling and slow-walking until they got Trump out of there. And from what people are saying, the RINOs are in on the election theft too, just like the dirty DOJ, FBI, DHS, etc.

    The US govt is completely corrupt–you only get in a position of power if you are dirty, corrupt and controlled behind the scenes.

    Apparently, the reason Trump was elected in 2016 was because the CIA’s Hammer and Scorecard didn’t work for some reason. This is according to Lt. General McInerney, who said the fix was in for Hillary in 2016, but something happened (he said he could not elaborate) with Hammer and Scorecard.

  23. Curmudgeon says:

    3. Dominion has been used in other countries to ‘forge election results.’
    There is zero evidence of that. The allegation is against Venezuela. While there are certainly problems with Maduro, it is ridiculous to assume that Venezuelas deplorables, who are a much greater percentage of the population in the US, would vote for opposition parties promising to take away everything Chavez and Maduro have done for them. It was the deplorables that blocked the CIA coup. It is the deplorables making Guaido look like the puppet he is. If the system was so rigged, the OAS and EU observers, along with Jimmy Carter claimed the elections have been free and fair. If they were rigged, the Constitutional reforms Chavez wanted in 2007 would have passed, not failed.

    4. Dominion’s corporate structure is deliberately confusing to hide relationships with Venezuela, China, and Cuba.
    They are also confusing to hide the identity of the names of its ownership by the Management Team of Staple Street Capital (formed shortly after Obama took office), which then went on to acquire Cyberlink, a Dallas-based managed IT services firm providing cloud, managed application, network, storage, desktop and security services on a 24×7 basis to customers across the U.S. Stephen Owens, one of the Staple Street founders, was a past CFO for the Carlyle Group.

    8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.
    I have everything on the sites you have listed, and more. Using parts from somewhere is not evidence of anything other than they were parts. The Cuba and Venezuela links are a stretch, even for the CIA. A government taking a position in a company (Venezuela) is not unusual outside the US. Having a seat on the board of that company is good governance. Venture capital funds always require a seat on the board of a company.

    Forget the governments of China, Cuba and Venezuela. This was a NWO operation with Soros and Obama in the middle of it.

  24. Tim_2A says:

    AG (Anti-Gun??) Barr is a pro-police-state shadow government operative, and has been one FOR A LONG TIME. His defense (TWICE) of Lon Horiuchi’s shooting of the allegedly ‘dangerous’ freedom-loving CIVILIANS at both Ruby Ridge and Waco was an extremely clear message from his BATFE handlers, TO US, that he was their boy.

    When the President (STUPIDLY!) appointed him to his position, the other deep-deep-staters definitely applauded the move, knowing that same-old-same-old would still be the norm.

    If the so-called Justice Department was actually about DISPENSING justice, the Carter-Bush-Clinton-Obama (et al) crime syndicate scapegoats would be serving their multiple, and, of course, consecutive, life sentences in some happy-Gitmo-type confinement (no hoods?). Maybe then, the anti-American poli-pharma-technocrats would get a clue, and pack up their three card monte tables, before we caught them at their cheating (AGAIN!). It doesn’t seem like that will happen soon, though.

    On second thought, forget confinement. It’s time to build some gallows. “Ten ropes, no waiting.”

    You shouldn’t be surprised at Barr’s inaction, Jon.

  25. Michael says:

    He’s not a coward, moron, fool or ignorant. He’s a traitor and a plant of the deep state. That’s why some if us were pulling our hair out and sending ineffective e-mails to the White House asking what Trump was doing appointing the scumbag. “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” A lesson about which Trump has no clue.

  26. Larry C says:

    ‘The vote-count apparatus connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable to switches in numbers.’

    It’s time to ban electrons in the voting process.

    Return to paper ballots that are recorded IN PLAIN SIGHT, in front of dozens of eye-witnesses.

  27. Jim S Smith says:

    – “He is NOT the hero you are looking for!”

    – “Trust-worthy not he is.”

    – “Honest never was he.”

    – “Prosecute you must do.”

    • Tim_2A says:

      Mmmm, Jim, channelling Yoda you are!

      The President probably should have known, already, that the REAL “…wretched hive, of scum and villainy…” was the District of Criminals, er, Columbia, I mean.

      If Donald Trump is stricken down, will he (or his legacy) “…become more powerful than you can ever imagine”? Now, that would be great.

      After all is said and done, if you can’t believe Obi-Wan, who can you believe?

      That took me back a few years, so thanks for the light-hearted comment!

  28. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    5D Trump Chess Theory: Barr is working closely with Trump behind the scenes.

    Benjamin Fulford has reported the following in summary…and paraphrased by me.

    Trump will win the election. The vaccine rollouts will stop. Davos World Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab engineered the entire covid program and will be arrested along with others… arrests are occurring now. (Barr’s keeping quiet about it to allow more arrests to be made without letting many get alerted). They will be stopped from doing a “reset”.

    The covid campaign uses Communist Chinese brainwashing tactics for obedience reward and submission. The whole covid/vax campaign is illegal at all levels. It constitutes an Act of War.

    The vaccine makes women infertile and contains an RFID chip to enslave everyone. That’s why they want a fast rollout. This won’t happen though. Those responsible are being hunted down and captured.

    World take-overs and depopulation programs are so tiresome and transparent. It’s hard to believe so many fall for it or go with it. My other sourcing indicates that stopping this mess will take another several months… but that by July 4, 2021 we can start cleaning up the damage and getting back to normal. New technologies will be released for good and we’ll all get back on track with a great future.

    • El M. says:

      I hope I’m wrong Rick – but we’ve all been hearing this “Trump as Savior” rhetoric for years now and it only gets more amped up and downright cult-like as we go further into this insane story. It’s clear Trump is fighting and fighting hard but given this is all a movie on a screen with actors playing parts, a director, a producer and a bunch of financiers I just can’t follow along with what seems like Peter Pan storyboards – especially when I witness what many people are experiencing as a result of this horrow movie.

    • bp says:

      Well, Fulford has been talking about arrests taking place for years now. He also tolds us that Hillary was going to be arrested. Is there one prediction that he made come true?

    • No More Lies says:

      Rick, who is Benjamin Fulford and where can I read his info?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        I don’t know his background but I run into his articles linked from… he’s easily finable on searches… heres a link

        I’m not advocating him or agreeing with him– but I use him for some sort of frame of reference. His articles are cogent– albeit radical and far out– but I prefer reading to watching vids.

  29. BTW Jon this new guy at UBS; Ralph Hamers is a WEF alumnus and right in line with the Great Reset cluster.

    Interesting how a WEF member who is claiming it is all for the betterment of humanity and vaccines and immunity passports and lockdowns and masks, the new yellow stars on everyone’s mouth, and hidden new digital currencies to be equal and sustainable is now the CEO of the darkest Nazi-driven; stole the jews money and their gold teeth and now we’re all in this together organizational cluster that has ever happened.

    The WEF has planted its alumni in every government, every institution on this planet. I even have one locally.

    Listen with Achtung baby Schab the first test-tube baby in the world, who’s genetics are his father Adolf’s, his mommy is part Adolf’s dog, and Adolf’s cousin what her name — da fuehrer had a little pedo heartthrob for her — and he has about fifty other friggin weird genetics samples in his genetic makeup.

    Schwaby is a ringer I’ll tell, he is the BOND villain here, I mean really, and he believes it!

    He reminds me of that “Diamonds are forever” guy Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but instead, Blofeld is in the Moonraker script, ya know the one with all beautiful people and circling the world until Ernst Stavro Blofeld aka Hugo Drax blows it all up and reseeds humanity with blonde blue-eyed muzak lovers.

    This is Phillip K Dick’s book, “the man in high” castle on LSD.

  30. Larry C says:

    It’s patently obvious: Mr. Barr is Shadow State.

  31. Steve Costello says:

    A well written piece, John, but is it not apparent that Barr is owned by someone and this is the link for which we should be looking? What of the suggestion that he has been employed by the parent Dominion company? Is that credible? Or his connections to CFR or similar? I don’t purport to know, but he is obviously a traitor in the camp. Getting him out the door is long overdue. Never too late to act.

  32. lamberth says:

    8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.

    Sure Dr. Kershavarz-Nia, sure.
    Talk about distracting from the REAL culprits!
    What’s he going to allege next? That those same countries control the global media too?

    What a load of crock!
    On a par with “The 28 Pages”.

  33. El M. says:

    As far as I’m concerned Trump is in on whatever Barr is up to. Prior to election day in an audio interview trump was told that Barr had announced that wouldn’t have his case ready about the Hunter laptop – Trump replied that “he was disappointed and this was the first he was hearing this.” If I pretend to believe that then it goes to follow that Trump would have and should have fired Barr then but didn’t. Barr made it completely clear at that time what side he was on and Trump did nothing. so like all of this – it’s a game to them and we the people are the collateral damage.

  34. Arby says:

    “He’s made himself into—or he already was — a double agent. While professing support for the president, he was preparing to undermine him.” I see things differently. (Double agent? How about traitorous. Yes, That’s a thing.) We are dealing with what the Christian Bible calls a wild beast. Actually, The United States is singled out as being a particularly vicious and God-opposing component of that political wild beast, a wild beast in its own right. It’s the wild beast that, unlike Revelation’s other symbolic beasts that rise out of the ocean (of turbulent formless mankind), rises out of the ‘earth’, meaning that it comes at a later time (ours) in humankind’s history when nation States have more or less ‘firmed up’ (like the solid earth).

    Individuals who reject God and his standards, which we are all free to do (but not without consequences, however it may seem to some), are not just under those beasts but truly a part of them. We are all free to self-modify. We were not created as robots. We possess free moral agency and can worship and choose as we wish to. Those who jettison their natural godly qualities (which, even though imperfect, we are all born with, being made in God’s image) and Jesus’s golden rule of ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’ and instead embrace Satan’s black rule of ‘riches for the strongest’, thereafter acquire twisted values and desires. They are no longer human. Things like honesty and loyalty are out the window. ‘How’ you survive no longer matters, but only that you do survive. You now exist on a rules-free road (wide and spacious) that leads to destruction, even if you choose to believe differently.

    The character of individuals who make up the wild beast (slated for destruction) entities that Revelation examines is accordingly, vicious, disloyal and deceitful. Expect them to behave accordingly.

  35. Jim S Smith says:

    Just thought I heard something disturbing about SCOTUS’s latest decision on the “(s)election lawsuit”: Sounds like the “FIX” for America is in!

    IF this news is true, then it’s a sheer betrayal of everything these United States ever stood for, and a “smack-down” on the (now) nineteen states joining party to this lawsuit. – Although, far from unexpected in my opinion.

  36. rivercity says:

    Well recapped! – And….now that enough cowards on SCOTUS have thrown over ANY hope of normal procedural redress of the steal (dismissal of Texas suit) – it falls to Trump, & Trump only. His priority will probably be to have another bow to vacuous tradition & have another White House holiday party…

    • rivercity says:

      OK – was pointed out to me that SCOTUS was correct, in that since the state electors have not cast electoral college vote – the harm had indeed not been done – yet. Sooo – the legal approach still in play…

  37. Dutch says:

    All you need to do is take 2 seconds to observe that he is a fat guy with a power (read: inferiority) complex and two seconds later you can probably surmise that he had a dedicated page in Epstein’s little black book. Between him and John Roberts (in the Epstein flight logs) you are a fool if you think the wheels of Justice in America will ever turn again while these two are still employed.
    Jon’s point about Trump’s inability to see what we can all see clearly is quite astute. Yes the election was a total fraud but they’re going to get away with it for this reason. For the privilege of always having a maid Trump never learned how to clean his own house. Or how very important it is to do so. Instead he’s invited in one snake after another while the only true ally he had languished away under false charges for 4 years. Much as we all may hate it, Trump owns this loss. He blew it. Because he couldn’t keep his own house clean.

  38. No More Lies says:

    Aside of Barr and these political demons, can anyone tell me where to find that video/news clip of the demonic Melissa Gates and a white reporter walking through Africa and clearly talking about depopulation through African women?
    Also, has talked about how many of these crooked politicians are being flown in the sky and arrested, as well as here on the ground. Has anybody seen proof of this? Also, Wikipedia slams Naturalnews as a “fake news” site. Anybody have input on that?
    Thank you.

    • rivercity says:

      Hey – c’mon – wikipedia? You don’t know wikipedia is NOT politically neutral. It’s a quick source for a lot of things – but NOT reliable re conservative view. Naturalnews gave a source for the flights – take it or leave it.

  39. No More Lies says:

    Just briefly read something online where Fox news( who 1 should NEVER trust) said Trump “repeated his false claims”…, THAT should be a clear indicator of how FOX news is corrupt and one sided. Then, FOX news prints” After Supreme Court dismisses Texas case, Trump says his efforts to challenge election results are ‘not over’ “. Then, “Attorney General William P. Barr, who was appointed by Trump, said earlier this month that he has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” undercutting Trump’s claims of widespread and significant voting irregularities”. WHAT? Barr is another crook. Quotes are copied/pasted from Washington Times on MSN Online(not trusted source) this morning.

  40. rivercity says:

    Maybe I should apply to be comments moderator – must be an opening…

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