Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

by Jon Rappoport

November 27, 2020

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Signs of the times—

Large anti-lockdown protests are sweeping across Europe. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland. The media are trying to put a lid on coverage of these momentous events.

In Southern California, five sheriffs of populous counties (17 million people) are refusing to enforce Governor Newsom’s new curfew order. A petition to recall the governor is gaining steam.

In New York, members of the Chasidic sect held a wedding attended by several thousand people, sitting closely packed without masks.

In a more intimate setting, up close and powerfully personal, gym members and owners in Buffalo, New York, shouted down cops and a public health officer, who had entered the gym because the gathering exceeded the prescribed limit. The gym personnel drove out the cops and followed them, to make sure they left the property.

In Buffalo, protestors came to the house of Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, to express their anger at new lockdown restrictions. The protest was also aimed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Sheriffs in Fulton and Erie Counties (New York) are refusing to enforce Thanksgiving lockdowns which limit the number of people in private homes.

In various areas of England, police have warned government officials they’re “sitting on a time bomb,” because lockdown rules make it illegal for two or more families to gather together for Christmas—and law-enforcement personnel are permitted to invade homes where violations are occurring. The time bomb is, of course, huge numbers of outraged citizens.

In Australia, Qantas airline CEO Alan Joyce announced that travelers will be able to fly only after receiving the COVID vaccine, once it is approved. Soon afterwards, Joyce stood at a podium at an event to give a speech, and a grizzled Aussie walked up to him and shoved a pie in his face.

Two women saw New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eating dinner at a restaurant with his family. He was maskless. “You’re such a dick!” one woman told him. Murphy has just extended his state’s lockdown, the ninth time he has done so since March. At his dinner table, Murphy tried to remain calm. He put on his mask.

Andrew Kudrick, the police chief of Howell Township in New Jersey, says he won’t enforce the governor’s “draconian” limit of 10 people for Thanksgiving dinners.

The CDC has told Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving. Last weekend, two million Americans boarded flights.

In a form of silent protest, 300,000 residents of New York have left the city since pandemic restrictions began.

It should be noted that, among the several hundred thousand (or more) Trump supporters who gathered in Washington DC, at a Stop The Steal rally, few people wore masks, and no one paid attention to social distancing regulations.

Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations.

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

147 comments on “Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

  1. RegretLeft says:

    Thank you; I feel a bit better; hooray for the Hassidic jews! I knew they would be on our side. As far as I know, they have not yet weighed in on the “vaccine mandate” … but just wait!

    Still, I just can’t be as optimistic; seems to me the big rush to “get tested” this past week was hugely discouraging (even if the photos were more of typical traffic jams rather than test center traffic). What that says about the willful and successful destruction of social trust (that oh-so-valuable and fragile form of wealth) was a real setback for me.

    “Two women saw NJ Gov ….” Amanda! – was that you!?

    • Ben Tucker says:

      Jews should be exempt from mask and social distancing mandates…..provided they don’t leave the confines of their community.

      • glenn says:

        If I believed in those mandates it’s still too late now for confining people and even too late back in March. Following the original social distancing research paper, social distancing was suppose to reduce attack rates or rates of illness and death.
        Higher amounts of cases before social distancing is applied, lower percentages of compliance, and days of not isolating the infected reduces the ability to lower attack rates.

        It does not matter if you reinforce mandates. Once someone does not social distance and infects others, the effect of social distancing is reduced for the duration of the pandemic. And remember we had 6 weeks of no mandates between the first USA case and the March lockdowns.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          ** CUCKED **


          Now, you should be able to breath easier.

        • pepe says:

          “Following the original social distancing research paper, social distancing was suppose to reduce attack rates or rates of illness and death” The “research paper” you refer to was written by a 14 year old high school girl as a science project to reduce the number of “SCHOOL CHILDREN” getting sick at school. It was written a few years ago. Some people will believe everything they see on the idiot box.It’s sad actually.

        • NC says:

          “Cases” are determined by RT PCR tests which have been scientifically demonstrated to be meaningless, for a so-called virus which has never been isolated.

      • Fred Ward says:

        There should be no “mandates.”

      • thsinger says:

        The “Pie in the Face” to Allen Joyce is an old incident of about 3 years ago..

    • bleak says:

      Not in my neck of the woods. I made the monthly trip to Traitor Joe’s today and it was bad. Usually at least two or three non mask wearers in the parking lot. Zero today. They all dutifully “masked up” before and after shopping. And the children. It felt like another planet. Of course, I was harassed by one employee for not wearing my X mask over the nose. I wished him ‘good luck’ and walked away. I have enough food now to feed an army of one for a few months.

      Is anyone here from the lost state of PA? Maybe even the western half? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It’s ironic how some of the old platitudes are the most appropriate and helpful now.

      • bleak says:

        Above was not an intentional reply to RegretLeft but now that it’s done, ditto on the Hasidic Jews, RL.

      • Joyce says:

        Yep northcentral PA. I’m like the only one who doesn’t mask. A few friends went shopping black Friday maskless to home depot, lowes, Walmart, target. No issues. Walmart asked do u want a mask. No thanks and kept walking. Target said it’s policy but continued on. It gets lonely but I don’t do it. I try to smile and be pleasant but I feel sad that people just comply.

    • realestatepup says:

      I saw the same thing about the lines, yet NOT ONE person I know has gotten tested, and I know a lot of people.
      I also have driven by test sites and have not seen more than a dozen cars there at a time.
      Don’t believe the hype.

    • Jon Simmons says:

      The only difference between the Hassidic jews and the rest of the population is that the Hassidic jews live in tight nit communities and thus are united, whereas the rest are divided, by design. United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. Tom says:

    This kind of information will give more people to have the courage to ignore the ‘rules’.

    • Dave Freedom says:

      That is my hope. I have actually had some success from the standpoint of having people remove there masks in stores when they see that I am not wearing one. Every little bit helps.

      • Dave Freedom, I will do that! I feel so ridiculous that I have this mask on. What happened to my rights? Today I read the UK studies of 6000 people of which half wore a mask & the other 3000 were mask free. This is a big news item that will not be heard on Fake NEWS! They conclusively proved that the mask was 97.8 % useless. My common sense told me that a long time ago when I started to question everything in life. With knowledge comes power.

  3. R.C. says:

    This is so friggin exciting to hear and read! Congratulations to the massive wedding! WE ARE FED UP WITH GOVERNMENT OVERREACH. It’s LONG PAST TIME TO PUT A STOP TO ALL OF THIS. Remove all politicians from office who have complied and created this massive hoax. Ruined lives. TAKEN lives. Devastated the economy. On and on it goes! In AMERICA: WE THE PEOPLE ARE DONE WITH HIS COVID CONTROL OPERATION!!

  4. R.C. says:

    I believe it’s past time to LOCKDOWN POLITICIANS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED AND PROFITED FROM THIS COVID HOAX. Including Bill and Melinda Gates, Bony Fauci, CDC, WHO, etc!!
    Thank you to all who are protesting against this massive control operation!

    • josef mitschke says:

      R.C. Did you mean Criminally Demented Crooks & The World Hell Organization? I am with you on that! The Bill & Malinda gates foundation are reminders to me of where they came from…666! When they die, they will roast in peace for they earned it.

  5. Arthur Danu says:

    You forgot to mention that THE POPE also issued a public statement calling the COVID HOAX RIDICULOUS and a CRIME IN PROGRESS!

    Keep Smiling, Everybody!

    • Nana Baakan Agyiriwah says:

      Loved this, thanks for sharing!

    • Paul says:

      Dear Pope Arthur,

      I just got through the 1st 5 minutes & had to send ya this little note.

      Nice Work!

      To break down the Papacy is one of the greatest revelations. To be reminded of its Power over Europe, which still clings today. (I mean no disrespect to the man Jesus or those who love Him, as do I & I suspect you too!)

      But I have to go with the cats!
      Can I repeat it so many times?
      What is it, 523 times? Is it magick?

      I miss Old Bob!
      & I enjoyed the comic theatre.


      meow ????

  6. ReluctantWarrior says:

    An Epic Story

    What an epic story
    Is that
    Of the romantic race human,
    Spun from the shimmering waves
    Of a cosmic love song blue
    Across the ageless Eons,
    Behold the Anthropos Man!
    Achingly pathetic and brave
    Carbon phantom
    Shadow sojourner,
    Ever building
    His mad castles in the sand
    For his anointed Creons
    Ephemeral all!
    Gone with the next wind
    Just two trunkless legs
    Of stone
    Sunken in the desert,
    Why does this
    Orphaned race toil so
    To what end?
    Why those thousand
    Campfires of war
    Where fierce combatants
    Warm themselves
    Toasting and carrying on
    Before drinking each other’s blood,
    As the shifting sands of time
    Bury whole armies
    What next?
    Where to go from here
    After the empty
    Conquests of today?
    Can we not aspire
    To higher ends?
    To sing to each other
    Our precious love songs,
    To live beyond living,
    To kiss secretly in the night,
    To uproariously laugh
    Our mortal blight away
    That torments us
    Above those rising jackboots
    Made of clay,
    Yet our destiny is
    Upon us!
    No time to despair,
    Hiding out
    Within the unconscious shadows
    Of our being
    Home of
    That demon lair,
    Dynamic driver
    Of our flight to freedom
    No time to run
    We must face
    The fickle winds of fate,
    Come what may
    As the sun rises
    Lifting the curtain
    On this brand new day,
    To shape the aether
    Of our being
    Stunning the high angels
    Who with our fortunes play,
    Kissing us wildly
    With a blind love
    That touches our hearts
    Like the first rays of light,
    Nourishing our
    Frail, sensitive being
    To blossom in the night.

  7. D. Johnson says:

    My doctor told me if I got this year’s flu vaccine it would prevent my becoming seriously ill with Covid. The flu vaccine this year contains antigens for H1N1, an A type flu, and 2 B-type strains. I think he’s telling me there is no coronavirus in Covid, it’s the same old flu with minor mutations.

    • Madness says:

      Be careful with flu shots:

      ““There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “On the one hand, the electromagnetic contamination of fi5v-ghee, and on the other, the influence of influenza vaccination. There is an interaction and empowerment, which must be investigated”.”


      “South Korea reports 83 deaths among people given flu jabs amid safety concerns with govt vaccination program”

    • JORGE aGOST says:

      FORGET about your doctor. If he is an allophatic one, forget it. He is BRAINWASHED by the Rockefeller-Carnegie medical system from the get-go (his university studies) so its useless. Find an alternative naturophatic/holistic professional instead and research medicine by yourself!!! (this last suggestion works trust me but it takes time…)

      • Mrs K Donnelly says:

        I think a lot of people will now think about alternative medicine.. when the lid of this comes off.. The Pharma companies and Dr’s who sell this are living off illnesses, not helping them to be healthy.. Who needs this vaccine? No thankyou.

      • NC says:

        Rather than having anything to do with creating or maintaining body health, Allpathetic medicine is a system of disease maintenance

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Correct. There is no nCOV in any of these vaccines.

      The flu shot won’t do anything either. H1N1 doesn’t even exist.

      Viruses don’t mutate. This is a common fallacy. They degrade, breakdown, and dissipate, but they do not “mutate”. The only thing that can “mutate” a virus, or more precisely the DNA contained in the virus, is extremely high levels of radiation, the likes of which can only be found in something like a linear particle accelerator. They don’t “mutate” on their own. They can’t. Mutation denotes adaptivity, and only living organisms can adapt to their environment. Viruses are not living organisms.

      • hhi says:

        This is an extremely interesting subject – mutation of viruses – I will continue to study.

      • jkb says:

        Could you provide any link to articles or research papers on this? Very interesting. I’ve been thinking about viruses/exosomes and its relations to “antivirus” components of herbs which happen to also be antioxidants and chelating agents. This far the direction is: viruses are exosomes and it functions to clear toxins.

        Only deductive reasoning used. Try it. Easy to do when you’ve had enough info.

        • Haniel Adhar says:

          I don’t have links to clinical and scientific experience which I have had over the years working in this field.

          You will likely have to go to the library and look into this. The internet seems to be scrubbed of anything to the contrary of what the mainstream narrative is

    • jkb says:

      Better study vaccines and its effects on health plus cellular/terrain theory. My readings so far points leads to the conclusion that vaccines disrupt the systems in our bodies.

    • BS Detector says:

      Only problem is that the flu shot causes a lot of injuries of its own; most notably kidney issues. See any dialysis clinics lately? In the US, they’re all over the place, as ubiquitous as McDonalds restaurants.

      And there’s no evidence they have any effect on the flu death rate, such data being conspicuously absent from the CDC sales pitch. At best they reduce the likelihood of getting the flu and recovering anyway.

      All contain poisons such as aluminum or mercury.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Thank you, Thank you for those whoa re in position to rebel. IN times like these, Ghandi is my mentor – he refused to obey and I do too.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Ghandi’s strategy was called “passive resistance” I think I recall. That’s good because I’m quite passive lately. It’s kind of funny to think of “the passive warrior”. On the other hand, the Bolsheviks slaugtered 50 million Christians in 1917 if we believe historical accounts and Solzenitzyen said they may have survived had they resisted with ANYTHING at their disposal. I’ve been spending my passive time thinking about how anything in my house or in my car can potentially be weoponized… The old 1980’s McGuyver show comes to mind. So.. yeah– Ghandi, Solzenitzyen and McGuyver. Any of those can be role models. I like Mel Gibson in his movies too. Can’t cite which one but he used humorous subterfuge.

  9. Butch says:

    Yet I still see countless wearing their petri-dish bacterial incubator and oxygen depriving masks trusting the harmful edicts of the corrupt CDC and the WHO over a “bug” revealing even with the inflated false numbers, nets a 99.97% survival rate. Which. Is actually higher than your chances of dying from a flu shot, according to the manufacturers own package insert, showing a 99.5% survival rate.

  10. Paul says:

    “…and a grizzled Aussie
    walked up to him
    and shoved a pie in his face.”

    RELEASE THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Two women
    saw New Jersey Governor
    Phil Murphy eating dinner
    at a restaurant
    with his family.
    He was maskless.
    “You’re such a dick!”
    one woman told him.

    Tell us what you really think!


    A simple “pointed” act,
    of civil disobedience,
    was once performed,
    by Rosa Parks.


    She (with Her Sisters)
    are considered:

    “The first Lady(ies) of civil Rights”
    “The Mother(s) of the Freedom movement”

  11. BZ says:

    The pie in the face is great but that is an old video it seems from May 7th of 2017. He really deserves something far worse
    now for his policy about COVID 19 vaccinations necessary before flights with his airline. Unfortunately this is just the beginning. If you want to see what is going to happen in the future start following Klaus Schwab..a real life Dr. Strangelove. His organization WEF along with the Bill Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University held EVENT 201 which was about a corona virus pandemic 2 months before it actually happened….and the worst part is they invited the head of the Chinese communist party CDC there George Gao. Now Schwab is talking about a cyber-attack as they just did a couple of cyber attack exercises in 2019 and 2020 so you could see something like this that knocks out the banking system and then they will scrap the U.S petro dollar and come in and rescue us with a one world currency which has been their goal for a long time.

    • Donella says:

      It’s begun and it will go right over the lemmings’ heads.

      There was a Bank of Canada notice taped beside the till of a liquor store I visit (probably too frequently).

      “REMINDER: Effective January 1, 2021, the Government will remove legal tender designation from certain bank notes that are no longer being produced—the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1,000 notes—the final step to fully removing them as transactional notes in Canada.”

      So I immediately rushed home to retrieve all those $1000 bills I’ve been stashing in my mattress.

      Seriously though, this is the same sort of uncomfortable feeling I had in my gut a few years ago when when we were told to report our neighbors to authorities if we suspected any sort of domestic violence in their home.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        The Canadian $2 bill makes me laugh. I think I saw a $3 bill (novelty item) with Jean Cretien’s portrait on it. This discontinuance will instantly create a COLLECTOR’s market! The Canada $2 will instantly double in price to $4… I suppose we could create a novelty $4 bill tradable for two real two’s.

        • Donella says:

          I think our dollar is only worth about 1.50 to the US $ these days so that phony $3 bill is probably worth even more for collectors. Maybe we’re just being punished for naming our coins loonie and toonie.

          • Donella says:

            Oops again…I meant 2 dollars is only worth $1.50. I better proofread my comments more. I think I’ve consumed too many American beer in your honor today.

    • President Elect Larry says:

      BZ, what people need to see is that this is a war. The first bombs have been dropped, and they still think there are earthquakes. Once people realise we are under attack, and they will, then the plan will fail. It is a weak and flimsy plan that depends on the compliance of billions.

      And so, in order for it to fail, no retaliation is needed, just widespread awareness and non-compliance. And I can assure you that psychopaths are incapable of judging the human spirit; lack of empathy is their achilles heel, they will not understand the reaction they get that their AI told them would not happen. Even Communist China will break free one day, although the creative courage of the people there is surely diluted by the slaughter of generations of political dissidents. The message there is that the time is now, not later. In Eastern Europe, the people broke through eventually. It didn’t take that long, in fact.

      An awful lot depends, of course, on the election going rightfully to Trump, and not Bad-‘Un. But that is mainly a symptom, a barometer of the public understanding. But, regardless, public awakening only seems to be going one way at the moment. It is really hard for anyone to ‘wake up’ to the truth the mainstream media have been trying to tell us all this time: it can only go the other way.

      • Paul says:

        “And I can assure you that psychopaths are incapable of judging the human spirit;

        lack of empathy is their achilles heel…”


    • bleak says:

      @ProfKlausSchwab twitter *11/20/20*.

      Everything they do is scripted.

  12. Gretchen says:

    Adding to the list of people taking action to stop the perpetrators of this insanity…… Unsung heroes in California…..assemblymen James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley.

    Gavin Newsom’s Abuse of Power Declared Unconstitutional; Permanent Injunction Issued

  13. Paul says:


    Please consider writing an open letter (or some such) to the police of our 50 States, encouraging them to unite & not to listen to their “superiors” regarding ridiculous lockdown rules & ask police to inform populace of their non-interference stance.

    We have no beef with the police.

  14. Ben Tucker says:

    So you decided to move to group #4?
    Did they offer more money than regular grifting and scamming gets?

    4) The Controlled OP

    This is the most troubling and dangerous.
    I was already aware of the previous 3 above but could see that the memes/articles spread by the deniers/anti-maskers were too over the top in lies and disinformation to be generated by them alone or even at all.
    I don’t give much credit too the first group, the ones that spread them, for having the intelligence to see the lying BS in what they spread, and I thereby can’t credit them in having the intelligence and ability to make them.
    Who would benefit in having the first group infect and spread the virus among themselves and other like minded with the resulting deaths and long term debilitating damage if they survive?
    Who would want the first group ostracized and seen as pariahs by the rest of the population?
    Keep in mind, the greatest amount of protests against masks and other mitigation efforts are from white ppl on the right side of the political spectrum, almost solely in majority white countries.
    Yes, a certain level of belligerence to authority is ingrained in theses ppl, but they’ve also historically been known to unite and act for the greater good such as in time of war. (Yes, it can be disputed as to that being an example of a greater good, and just mobilizing the masses for ulterior motives through subterfuge like I’m arguing this is, but that’s for another time in a different group)
    The mask issue has born the most over the top memes and I’ve collected them to help prove my case that nefarious motives by a certain segment is behind a lot of it.
    The level of coordination in the generating and spreading of the memes is uncertain, but I did notice that after the guys that plotted to kidnap the Governor over her mandate orders in her state, new anti-mask memes ceased to appear.
    The meme used to open this post is the most egregious I’ve come across.
    It associates the wearing of masks with facilitating child trafficking in that the masks will thwart facial recognition used to find and identify the trafficked kids.
    What else could the facial recognition be used for?
    Identifying anti-maskers who could pose a problem to authorities later?
    There’s tons of video out there of ppl w/o masks in stores that would be more than happy to give to authorities for review.

    • oranje says:

      to Ben Tucker.

      “masks and other mitigation efforts” Against what?
      How many large gatherings of people, without masks
      or distancing, do you need to see that no contagion
      is taking place.

      For “belligerence” perhaps read ability to think
      and recognize BS as in the form of arbitrary rules
      which don’t make sense even if you believe in the
      ‘virus’. One example being that you must wear a mask
      to enter a restaurant but of course have to remove it
      to eat or drink. Will you be lining up for your
      covid19 shot?

  15. Sean says:

    Thank you to all everywhere that are fed up with the tiny tiny reset and are feeling the fire of freedom!

    Thank you No More Fake News!!

  16. David Mandelstamm says:

    Gavin needs to GO:
    (California residents, please sign petition.)


    Sheriffs across America are one of the best lines of defense against tyranny. Former Sheriff Richard Mack, who runs this organization, is a true patriot! (Please support the mission of CSPOA.)

  17. tireguy says:

    Everyone in the US residing in states that have county sheriffs elected by and serve the people should encourage those sheriffs to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, and remind them that their oath of office is to protect our freedom and defend the US and state Constitutions.

  18. BDBinc says:

    Unlawful and unconstitutional rules are made to be broken.
    Enforcing them is unlawful and its good to see more people becoming aware of the insanity. Even it its just protesting with a big resounded ” No” to the govt’s corporate fascism and the covid hoax.
    An inner revolution is needed .
    An inner internal over-throw of all wrong beliefs esp the primary one about who we are and then all the govt programming that we are powerless victims when we are not . By believing the programming, propaganda, lies and reacting with negativity from a place of negativity we are co-creating and supporting the collective fascism and regression.

    • Viktoria says:

      No more fear-based mind control ops, manufactured artificial,scarcity constructs and hoaxes.Period

    • BS Detector says:

      If memory serves, Martin Luther King said something to the effect that it is not only one’s right, but one’s obligation to violate unjust laws.

  19. Opie Poik says:

    This is all wonderful and to be encouraged and cheered; but these psycho Nurse Ratched great reset fever dreamers have been concocting this endgame since before anyone alive was born. Wounded animals attack unrestrainedly in their death throes. They may do anything to terrorize us back into the Hotel Stockholm Syndrome. Economic terrorism, EMP attack, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (“chemtrails”) toxins, mini-nukes, poisoning of municipal water supplies, mass food poisoning, the ghost of Osama bin Laidtorest brought back from Central Casting, white powder and mystery brick piles, MK-Ultra programmed zombie killer cells; or what have you. They have no morals, just ambition. And they’re self-righteous, entitled brats with quadrillion-dollar credit limits and DARPA erector sets and indoctrinated, loyal kamikazes.

    • george says:

      Nobody makes a plan for few hundredth years. unless it lives more than that.

      • Opie Poik says:

        That answer is incorrect: 1,000-year reich?
        Also, “anyone alive” means a hundred years. The Federal Reserve Bank alone is 107 years old, and the men who conspired it into existence are long dead. The Constitution was an instrument of control over a future the Eurobankster conspirators who wrote and ratified it knew they’d never see: And, of course, there’s the ten-thousand year war against humnaity that many including our host refer to regularly refer to. The human psyche often subsumes itself into institutions that will outlast an individual’s existence.

      • Larry C says:

        I’ve also been mulling over this puzzling aspect of the handover of power by the elites to their heirs.

        I can grasp the transfer of the family fortune…but the murderous, draconian, and psychopathic mindset that clearly is implied – if only by observing the monstrous consequences of the actions of the Shadow State – leaves me more than a bit bewildered.

        How do they consistently strip away all vestiges of humanity from their children?

        What in Hell, is going on here?

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          According to my sources, it’s a super A.I. that is directing this… that’s why it seems so alien. It’s called an Autonomous Superintelligence… S.I. The elites are merely following its orders. It updates its strategy in realtime. It can even note THIS VERY POST… and take it into account. It now KNOWS it’s being observed by me. Yikes. Maybe I shouldn’t attract its attention.

          If you’ve ever seen the movie LawnMower Man, you’ll get an idea of what’s going on here.

          • Larry C says:

            Rick, thanks, I’ll add that movie to my list. Re.the AI, I’m still on the fence on that one…

          • Tim says:

            It’s ego actually. Collective ego, w/ little egos at it’s service. It’s operating below the surface, below the physical, from mind.

            The Matrix, humans see something that threatens the ego-matrix, they are then triggered, depending on how much they identify with and are tuned into that wavelength, then the “morph” into an “agent”. It is bound to mathematics, probability, predictability.

            The Real, The Spirit is not.

            It’s about ego continuity. Not letting go. Because of fear, false beliefs. The ego is fake. An imposter, and so is the collective entity, an imposter “god”. Anti-Christ, Satan, yin-yang– a cute mask hiding the insane monster underneath.

            It has no power or “reality” of it’s own, only that which we unwittingly give it. It’s innocent, it didn’t “create” itself, but it has taken on a virtual life of it’s own, and it is predatory and parasitic, it’s fear-based and based on unTruth.

            Infinite Love is the only Truth, anything else is nothing, nowhere, a dream of separation, fear, guilt, and false-judgements. It’s temporary. The Real is Eternal.

            It’s attempting to “externalize” The Matrix, physicalize it. Make a false kind of oneness and connectedness, “hive-mind”, as a deception and substitute for our True connectedness, within The Infinite One. AKA GOD.

            God knows, God is operating. But it requires our own willingness to accept The Truth.
            All fear is paranoia. There is no real effect or consequence outside of Reality. Anything else is illusion/delusion.

          • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

            Paranoia is what is actively being exhibited by mask-wearing ignoramuses who don’t double check the numbers or who don’t understand numbers. The virtue-signallers are just hurting themselves through ignorance as well. Brining beings to life with the collective subconcious reminded me of GOLEM. I think Tim is onto something here– what’s happening is a type of psychosis turning into a collective subconsious being– that wants to externalize… my latest response is to try to find ways to laugh with others every day, however I can. If we laugh at it, we might detract from its grip on others.

          • ak in vt says:

            Thank you Tim

            I can see a bit of the Christ in your writings.

            I would like to addend my understanding;

            Satan — definition is “deceiver” or “liar.”

            Satan is the lie that we must do something good and avoid the evil in order to be in the love of God/Christ. This was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This basically told mankind that through his actions he could control God and His love (eternal love as you so poetically and spiritually have put it).

            Once we get past this and understand that He loves us no matter what; once we understand that all He requires is our love in return; then we have life eternal and we need not worry about what we are going to eat nor how we are going to be clothed.

            Why? Because God/Christ will take care of all our needs (he even takes care of the basic needs of those who hate Him!) and when we “die” this life on Earth, He has promised us eternal life.

            An extended Happy Thanksgiving to the writers, readers and Jon and his blog Moderator.


            AK in VT

      • A Bodhisattva says:

        There is a being at the top of the pyramid who is/was immortal. This being tired of the war against humanity and wanted to leave earth but he could not die so a light warrior was sent to forgive him for his eternity of sins and free him from the bondage of immortality.

        That happened about a year ago. Once this being was gone, the remaining blue bloodline families launched a plague war over control of humans, which they think of as their slaves/possessions. This is the battle we are in now. If 51% people wake up and declare themselves free, the battle will be won for humanity.

        Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? That’s what they have always called the fictive dream we know as our reality.

    • Ann says:

      What I was thinking.

    • Paul says:


      You sound reasonable & logical.

      So let me offer something not-so-logical. For what it’s worth.

      Opie may have a point.

      Some conspiracy hypotheses state that at the highest echelon of earthly power, there exists, families of control.

      These families vie against each other & also cooperate (when interests serve).

      Now. Let me walk way way out on the limb.

      I have read (only read, & I realize anyone can read anything that anyone writes) that members of these families are “engaged in magical practices,” one of which is to bypass the “normal” process of reincarnation.

      These family members, immediately after death, reincarnate into these same families.

      Because of bypassing the spirit world, they become entrenched in material power. And hence, spiritually bereft.

      This is just one reason why normal people find their actions so incomprehensible.

      Religious writers may claim “pacts with the Devil” for earthly power.

      Diligent researchers oft find ritual satanism not far from seats of great earth power.

      I know it sounds far out.
      I am NOT claiming it’s true.

      But reasonable men, who practice Reason, know, there’s always more to Life & Living.

      My best.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Well, that explains the vaccination that targets the God-gene then. They intend to vaccinate us to eliminate our God-gene which connects us to higher spirituality to make us “like them”. I’ve heard that some people who say they were vaccinated against covid “can’t feel God anymore”. I should know. I once put on a God-helmet in Micheal Persinger’s lab at the University of Sudbury Ontario in 1988. We tried to induce a God-connection in me while I sat in a Faraday cage and put on a helmet with spinning magnets near my temporal lobes. I’m not making this up. It was reported on in OMNI magazine.

        • Paul says:

          Hi Rick,

          Yes, I am familiar with Persinger’s work.

          I am happy to hear you are OK.

          You sound like a smart man. But PLEASE, NEVER! let one of these goons strap a helmet upon your precious head.

          I (tho` never to have met Persinger) feel he is a die-hard materialist. I was a student of psychology, so I am familiar with he & all his propositions.

          Me thinks, he thinks, the extent of the fore & aft of a human vessel, is limited to what’s strapped to his lab seat.

          What I saw (merely on TV, no reading of his studies) of his conclusions, IMO, like all materialists, is they denude the human psyche to localized synaptic activity.

          Susan Blackmore was a strange bird too, IMO.

          Happy to hear you have no ill

      • Doug says:

        Thank You.

        Very well said. It’s The Matrix they use as control basically. We believe the lies because our Subconscious absorbed the repeated stories again and again.

        Baal is their god, IE the devil.

        I believe this is since the last major cleansing of Earth 12000 years ago.

  20. george says:

    rebellion against who? as long as main perpetrators are not even known, the best outcome is just a temporary delay of NWO plan.

    Everybody, from journalists, politicians, writers.. even Snowden and Assagne are scared to pronounce the names of main perpetrators.

    • Sean says:

      I think the point is, even though they are here and are about total control obviously, that the SPIRIT of freedom is also here. Shown by the brave freedom minded individuals that are now networking and gathering about, all over, as reported even in NY filled with tyrant politicians.

      May we continue to grow stronger and say thanks but noo thanks!

    • Paul says:

      “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

      ~ US President Woodrow Wilson

      • Amanda says:

        Central bankers who own the Federal Reserve and almost all other central banks. These people are the hidden oligarchy that rules from behind the scenes. They have the power to create money and loan it to governments at interest. They are more powerful than nation stats. These are the people who are behind the Great Reset.

        For more info, see Ellen Brown’s Web of Debt, G. Edward Griffin’s Creature from Jeckyl Island, Bill Still’s The Money Masters, James Corbett’s Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, and Mike Rivero’s All Wars Are Bankers Wars.

        Their debt-based fiat empire is coming to an end and they are not about to let humanity escape their monetary slavery. So now, they are destroying the global economy via lockdowns, so they can force humanity onto the new digital currency slavegrid. If we don’t stop this agenda, we will be enslaved.

        I hope people are not just chatting online, but are also sending out letters exposing the COVID FRAUD to elected officials and law enforcement. We can’t let them control the narrative–this will never stop until we expose the fraud.

    • BS Detector says:

      Ever watch the great TV series from the late 60s, The Prisoner? Do check it out. I’m sure there are episodes online somewhere. The “leader” who inevitably tries to break down the protagonist secret agent “Number 6” is always the new “number 2”. In the end they finally reveal who “number 1” is. I won’t spoil it, but any guesses?

  21. Jeanette says:

    Jon…Although I rarely (if ever) comment, I read and share your articles regularly. This article and your November 25th Open Letter to Patriots Everywhere are especially encouraging and inspiring; as is your statement, “Be free. Live free. If there is Rescue From Above, isn’t it possible the Rescue is waiting to see, first, whether we show the courage that signals we will use that help?” Thank you so very much for your years of truth seeking and truth sharing. i truly respect and appreciate your work. God bless and take care…

  22. Madness says:

    Jon, I am sorry but that video about CEO Alan Joyce was uploaded in 2017, probably he wasn’t a nice guy back then either.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      I don’t care. It is hilarious.

    • R.P.B. says:

      Yeah I noticed that as well.

      Old video. It pretty much defeats the whole theses.

    • Bill Davis says:

      Totally. All news that is wrong is fake. I know this is unintentional, but it can be argued the fake virus is unintentional too. Mass hysteria may yet be stopped and senses regained. We may even discuss how wrong it was to use PCR testing from the beginning….but 20 years from now. Or they use it to do what they wanted anyway and it’s accepted as fact – like the Kennedy assassination.

  23. Sarah Colucci says:

    Can someone please explain these so-called low level inmates in texas who are now considered “trustees” hired to go around and collect bodies? If anyone lives in Texas here, please verify.

  24. Donna says:

    I am slowly starting to see others shop without wearing a mask. But, there are still way too many people who comply with the orders from the governor or the health director. Every state has a code book. Check your state’s code book to see if these many restrictions are actual laws. If it’s a law, it will be in the code book. If it’s not in the code book, then it’s not a law and does not have to be obeyed.

    Remember, no business can establish policy that violates established law. What if Walmart established a store policy that said as you as you are in any one of its stores, it would be okay for you to grab somebody’s money and walk away with it. Would you do it? Of course not, there are laws against taking money without permission.

    I like how people are starting to resist the tyranny; but, it will take a lot more people to join forces in big and small cities all across the country.

    I appreciate Jon’s efforts; as well as, the efforts of others such as Peggy Hall, Pam Popper, even Ben Swann.

    Keep fighting.

    • BS Detector says:

      Thing is, it’s usually very easy. If someone loses their shit about my not wearing I mask, I remain the calm one and let them be the lunatic. That points out the absurdity of the situation better than any grand statement

      Usually nobody bothers me, and often I get an usual amount of positive attention from women. Most places just have the sign on the door to cover their asses, but most people just don’t take it so seriously any more. They’ve sen countless “violations”, but what they’ve not seen is people dropping dead all around them.

      As long as we keep being calm and confident, so liberty gains momentum.

  25. Al Martin says:

    Thing is this folks, that if what “they” (insert clowns/psychopaths/ or your very own word __________ ) are trying achieve here and pull off, will go on to affect not only you, but your children and your children’s children. It really will be a lot worse for them if the clowns succeed. It is as simple as that.

    Keep the faith my brothers and sisters – Al
    PS – Fanx Jon, you are and always have been a fresh breath of clean air. 😉

  26. JC says:

    AS one of the elderly that they intend to get rid of first and are still placing on respirators that kill, I am heartened that finally some (and too little a #) are speaking out and can see this hoax that is right in front of their eyes. I can’t understand, when they can see the economy is going down and people are being jailed and fined simply for not wearing a mask, how Americans have not risen up in great numbers like we have seen in UK, Germany, Etc. The propaganda is thick, I know. My sister and I refused to wear masks and she paid a dear price. Thank you for all you do to reveal this hoax.

  27. Madness says:

    Tomorrow, UK:
    “12PM KINGS CROSS STATION SATURDAY 28th NOVEMBER. WE WILL BE MARCHING. PLEASE KEEP SHARING” (StandUpX) “See you all Saturday KINGS CROSS STATION 12pm for the big event with @saveourrightsuk @event202 @StopNewNormal let’s get the numbers high this week, aiming for over 50k people”

  28. Larry C says:

    “In Australia, Qantas airline CEO Alan Joyce announced that travelers will be able to fly only after receiving the COVID vaccine, once it is approved. Soon afterwards, Joyce stood at a podium at an event to give a speech, and a grizzled Aussie walked up to him and shoved a pie in his face.”

    In the video Jon linked to, the narrator claimed that the motive
    [to the pie-in-the-face] ‘remains a mystery’.

    And they say that the mainstream media has no sense of humor!

  29. Post Hoc says:

    Was that around the time that Alan Joyce “came out”?

    There were big debates at the time also about same sex marriage and I think that he was the poster boy for the new legislation that was in debate.

    From recollection at that time he also downsized Qantas considerably as a cost saving measure which put hundreds of employees out of work.

    He appears to have the public face of a martinet…

  30. Kia Kaha says:

    New unemployment claims rising as states tighten restrictions

    More than 20,450,000 people claimed benefits from all programs in the week ending on Nov. 7, which was an increase of nearly 135,300. The number last year at the same time was 1,487,844.

    Scroll down to bottom right, list of headline news by State.

    • Larry C says:

      “More than 20,450,000 people claimed benefits from all programs in the week ending on Nov. 7, which was an increase of nearly 135,300. The number last year at the same time was 1,487,844.”

      Our Nation’s Economy is being Crushed with little note from the Shadow State Media…and all without a shot being fired.

      Truely, The Fake Pandemic is a War of Mind Control, by The Few…Against the Many.

      • Kia Kaha says:

        Not exactly. They are ruining our lives and taking away our freedom, our free will under natural law and natural justice WITH their e-CONomy.

        Otherwise it’s free, healthy, responsible, intelligent people responding to life as it happens with their time and talent. The women’s lib movement of the 80s taught me they can socially engineer people into thinking they are not valuable unless they work outside the home, so women left the work they naturally did in the home, community, schools, for family, friends and neighbors only to watch everything they used to do turn into taxable businesses, hoping to make enough money now to pay for what we used to do for free as a natural part of living. Since then we watched foreclosures, divorces, job losses, daycare, eldercare and medical/health nightmares, low parental oversight on schools, food-like products, food sprayed with chemical instead of our organic gardens and storage, clothing industry gone wild to waste resources. You see…

        That’s the energetic con of money, especially $nothing and illusory patriarchal empire building and our quality and meaningfulness of life.

        With a little shift in perception…we see.

  31. D. Smith says:

    Now, however, the entire country is blaming the people who attended the Trump rallies (and inadvertantly blaming Trump himself) for the uptick in “corona” cases. When are they going to realize that this is the time of year when the flu always hits. And when are people going to learn that there IS no corona virus – – it’s ALWAYS been nothing more than the flu.

    About 20 years ago I had influenza A and B at the same time because when I finally felt able enough to go to my doctor’s office, he tested me. He was shocked. I was sick for about a week, mildly ill for a few more days, and then it was a done deal. I haven’t had any type of “flu” since that time. I won’t get corona either and I wear no masks and I don’t give red rat’s butt about social distancing (who on earth dreamed that one up??). You can “social distance” 25 feet and it won’t make a dang bit of difference. It’s pure hogwash.

    The younger generation will believe absolutely anything, I’m convinced. It’s angering that they can be sooooo stoooopid.

  32. Paul says:

    Hard times
    Make hard men

    Hard men
    Make soft times

    Soft times
    Make soft men

    Soft men
    Make hard times

  33. Diane says:

    Thank you, Jon. Got to share, share, share this one. The links were heartening, particularly that fabulous wedding! Qantas is dead-in-the-water, along with Ticketmaster, if they force this vaccine on the public.

  34. Epicurious says:

    Jon has mentioned above “Soon afterwards, Joyce stood at a podium at an event to give a speech, and a grizzled Aussie walked up to him and shoved a pie in his face.” Much as I can’t stand Alan Joyce this pie in the face event occurred a few years ago, not just after his stupid announcement regarding vaccines and flying Qantas. I’m surprised by Jon’s mistake here to be honest. It makes me worry about other facts promulgated herein. Don’t get me wrong, I find Jon’s articles uplifting but this is a little like fake news itself. Hopefully just an oversight.

    If Jones’ board approve such a deranged policy then we will travel with other international airlines.

  35. R.C. says:

    This is interesting( I just came across this):

    Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, critically analyzed the impact that COVID-19 had on U.S. deaths. According to Briand, the impact of COVID-19 on deaths in the United States can be fully understood by comparing it to the number of total deaths in the country.

    According to the study, “in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

    Wait, what? Really?

    That’s what it says. And, it should come as no surprise that the study was deleted within days.

    Luckily, a back-up copy remains on The Wayback Machine, and we can still read the study.

    So, how exactly did the study conclude that COVID-19 has had “relatively no effect on deaths”? Here’s how the study made this determination:

    After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September, which includes the period from before COVID-19 was detected in the U.S. to after infection rates soared.

    Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19. Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.

    • Martyg says:

      Thanks for the info., R.C. I believe that John Hopkins University is a Gates Foundation creation and possibly totally funded by them, and is, therefore, a vehicle for advancing the Foundation’s diabolic agenda. I suspect that Ms. Briand is an uncorrupt member of their faculty who somehow managed to get hired and to then publish a truthful article that her superiors deleted shortly thereafter. I wonder how she was disciplined or otherwise managed for the crime of exposing the mendacity of this pitiful excuse for an academic institution.

    • Paul says:

      Wow, wow!, WOW!

  36. Saul Over says:

    Nope, nope, nope. My bestest friend says I am supposed to be scared of this Covid-thing, but when I inform him of the incontrovertible facts, he says, “That is what you believe.”
    Dis missed!
    He is in fact, waiting to see if a friend of a friend of another friend who he’d never seen tests positive so he’ll know if he needs to get himself tested. 😐

    • Epicurious says:

      He needs testing but not for the alleged CV19. He should ask his physician to test to see if he has a back bone, then do an eye test to see if he can read anything but propaganda, then an MRI test to see if he has a brain. I suspect he will fail all these tests and being the snowflake he is will join the queue at the entrance to the lemming farm run by Orwell’s pigs and we know what happens there.Good luck!

    • Paul says:


    • BS Detector says:

      When believers of this con tell me what they think I believe, I gently and firmly remind them that I believe absolutely nothing, and simply go by the evidence I observe for myself.

      Your friend is the True Believer. As are many of mine. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink; and can lead a believer to reason, but can’t make them think. But I’ve gotten better at playing “good cop / bad cop” – often singling out covidiocy on the part of the side they are opposed to (which is easy, since such idiocy comes from all around the spectrum, and the left claiming to despise Big Pharma) and getting the wheels turning by coming from their own side and dishing out a bit of low-hanging fruit as to why I’m skeptical.

  37. Madness says:

    Hi Saul,

    you may ask him: What’s the point of getting tested. Test is non accurate (one thing) but whatever is the result the test won’t cure you. As long as you are not poorly enough to be hospitalized no one cares anyway. You’ll be sent home to isolate but that’s all, no drug, nothing. What’s the point then?

    • Mrs K Donnelly says:

      I think the point of all the testing is done because they want their numbers- that’s the main purpose.. whether or not you are ill is secondary to them..

  38. Hélios says:

    Hello !

    Huge protest today (Saturday) in France against global security act, prohibiting to film police while they are fighting against the protesters.

    With the revelations about fraud, deep state people are like a wounded beast as they know they’ll lose elections.

    PS : “the virus misconception” by dear Dr Stefan Lanka :

  39. BS Detector says:

    In order to boil frogs without them jumping out, the heat must be turned up v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. The perpetrators of this scam have turned up the heat too fast. And the frogs are jumping to freedom at last.

    The Great Reset is happening, indeed. But it’s not quite the reset the powers that be think.

  40. Greg C. says:

    Time to disrupt, be bad, and don’t give a shit about public shaming. We don’t owe anyone any explanation for justification for being free. Freedom does not come from the brain – it comes from the gut.

  41. Lucas says:

    It is HIGH time people start in stopping this worldwide fascist take-over instigated by a small percentage known as the family-bloodlines of old. They’ll do anything and use anything to obtain what they want…WAKE-UP!!

  42. The Ecstasy Of Gold says:

    Humanity rises up or is destined for the slaughterhouse courtesy of inbred “elite” maggots and the Great Reset.
    Choose wisely.

  43. Dutch says:

    LOL Quantas! 80% of people tested test positive for COVID. Along with the vaccine they want you to take a quick test at the airport within minutes of check in. So with air travel already badly compromised, Quantas wants to eliminate another 80% of the remaining passengers with a fake COVID test. SHORT QUANTAS NOW. They just signed their own death certificate. How are they going to survive on 20% of the already 50% reduced air travel market. Australia is going to go back to being some exile prison island completely detached from the rest of the world. Priceless! In their lust for control they neglected to do the math. Nice knowing you Quantas.

  44. Jim S Smith says:

    To add to the evidence of fraud and deceit:


    Is THAT enough additional fuel for the fires of anger and rage? ? ?

    I believe it is time to push past the “passive-aggressive” approach, and go the “most-aggressive” route: Instead of the “social media” as the means of information delivery, how about WE become the original “social media”, as in person-to-person – sharing the truth on the street? Let’em try to outlaw “public outreach” and awareness. Come on, I dare ya!

  45. george says:

    Just watched ‘Crocodile Dundee – that’s not a knife’ clip on youtube.
    Comments: he will get 10 years in prison today….it was legal to have it on a plane back than, now you are not allowed to have a toothpaste..

    Police state and Slavery is already here. People do not notice because the process was slow until now.

    Comments for ‘demolition man’ and ‘idiocracy’ are even more relevant

  46. Amanda says:

    LOL!! Check this guy out!! This guy is a freaking HERO!!!

    Here’s a GREAT way of spreading the word and reaching tons of people:

    Here’s his Instagram

    Please share and spread the word!

  47. Lena says:

    must watch video !!(an hour long but worth it)please share

  48. S. D. says:

    On Tuesday, I gallantly walked into Publix, charged straight for the frozen pizza, grabbed my pizza, and checked out in the cashier line all while NOT WEARING A MASK. When I got outside, I called my husband and he exclaimed: I’m proud of you baby!. A couple of days later, while in Kroger for a longer trip, I opted to keep my face diaper on…not wanting to endure any criticism. But I saw a young woman, stylish and savvy, pushing her shopping cart down the aisle, and as she turned to the left…I saw her face sans MASK! It was a beautiful sight! As I turned toward the chocolate section…I ripped off my face diaper and shoved it in my pocket! My heart pounded as I drove my cart around the store, but in my heart I knew that this is the way I do my part. No more conforming to this BS in order to look compliant or keep the peace.

  49. Lena says:

    whoops my bad forgot to leave link. Speaker is former doctor in the communist soviet union and is now a medical doctor in wyoming state public health dept/preparedness unit. He is calling the vaccines ‘biological weapons of mass distruction’

    • Madness says:

      The guy looks fake. I am about 20 minutes now, so far he only raised fear. But we are still at the point that no virus ever was properly isolated and proven the cause of the illness that they told it had caused.
      Of course they can have bioweapons but they are simply poisons. Ironically the ‘Moscow virus’ was not a virus but a huge radar.

    • Madness says:

      Sorry, apologies for the previous, around 25 minutes and after that what he said made sense. But still.. he said a lot of truth, things we knew from other sources or experienced, he left mixed feelings. I can’t believe that someone in his position, pervious jobs, secret project would have been left alive and allowed to speak out unless that’s his new task. Something is just fishy.
      I always thought that there power and control maniacs at the top will betray each other sooner or later, I hoped rather sooner. He talked about iron curtain and cold war, but was it a cold war really? Just have a look at them, all play the same script including Russia. But the cold war made them a lot of money. During the “Moscow virus” when Russians caused illness and death to the workers of the US Embassy, the US knew about it and let it go just to watch the experiment. They are the same people on both sides who move the puppets.
      Anyway, he is fishy. Supervax? Not possible, running in -20C, Protected by a vax?

  50. Viola says:

    I am so grateful for your voice. I don’t know how to write you directly but I want to commend you for taking a stand, for speaking out, and for giving people like me ways to extricate themselves from the Matrix. I suffer in silence mostly because I am married to someone deeply buried in the matrix and the lies/reality that is being perpetrated on the American people. He believes it all. You are a light in the darkness. Please continue to shine. Wake these people up so I can stop living in this nightmare society!

  51. Myrthryn says:

    The pie in the face was three years ago. While I’m sure he deserves much more, we deserve to not have statements that are blatantly false in your reports.

  52. Eli35 says:

    Love John’s article — very encouraging! And I love the links you guys provide — that John’s Hopkins paper confirms what we all know. And it’s MATH. No one can argue about numbers. Thank you R.C.!

    Here’s the link:
    A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 – The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.pdf – Google Drive

    oops — I guess it’s not a live link, but hopefully it can be cut and pasted.

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