The virus that isn’t there has a hypnotic effect

by Jon Rappoport

October 14, 2020

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I have written several recent articles documenting the fact that the COVID virus is missing in action. [1] [2] [3] [4]

And when I say missing, I’m talking about two MAJOR confessions, from both the CDC and a group of study-authors in Europe…and in each case, these people were in the process of assembling instructions on how to perform the diagnostic PCR test for that very virus. The virus they said they didn’t have.

They didn’t have it because they couldn’t get it.

They couldn’t get it because no one had it.

In other words, the existence of the COVID virus is unproven.

Now, I want to point out three factors that produce a hypnotic effect. Even in the absence of the virus, these factors seem to indicate the virus “must exist.” I’m not talking about government or media pronouncements, which are obvious.

ONE: Scientists and public health agencies claim they’ve ISOLATED the virus.

There is no reason to believe them. The term “isolation” is thrown around like a politician throws around the term, “the people.”

Isolation of a virus SHOULD mean it is separated out from all the genetic, cellular, microbial, and waste material that surrounds it. But don’t assume, when professionals are talking or writing, that this is what they DO mean. Do not assume that.

For example, they often mean: “We have the virus in a dish in the lab. The soup in the dish contains human cells, chemicals, drugs, and other material. However, we know the virus is there and growing, because it is killing the human cells…”

Wrong. There is more than sufficient non-viral substance in the soup that could be doing the cell-killing. And obviously, “the virus” in the dish is surrounded by this mix of material. It is far from isolated.

And, as I’ve documented in a previous article, if the CDC, one of the biggest public health agencies in the world, couldn’t get the virus, as of July of this year, and admitted it in writing…“the virus” isn’t isolated.

TWO: This hypnotic effect ropes in some of the brightest medical and scientific professionals, who otherwise challenge all sorts of medical dogma. It is: “The genetic sequence of the virus is well established. Many studies confirm this.”

Well, sure. If experts have mapped out the genetic structure of the virus, the virus must exist. Right?

Wrong. The sequence is INFERRED. It is ASSUMED.

Inferred from what? The genetic sequence could be cobbled together from several sources: the unseparated material “in the dish in the lab”; a piece or pieces of RNA that have been arbitrarily chosen as “relevant clues”; a piece or pieces of synthetic RNA that, again, have been arbitrarily selected according to a bias in favor of a certain type of virus.

Bias? What does that mean? I’ll explain. When a few dozen people in Wuhan fell ill, back in 2019, there were a million ways researchers could have gone, in trying to figure out the cause.

Of course, as I’ve written, they could have looked out their windows and observed the horrific air pollution hanging over the city, and realized these “unexplained cases” of pneumonia had a ridiculously simple origin. [5] But no.

The researchers opted, as they always do, for a “new virus.” And, they chose, without a shred of evidence, to “look for” a germ from the coronavirus family. That was the pre-planned story. That was the bias.

From that point on, the die was cast. The “genetic sequencing” involved cobbling together, by assumption and inference, a collage of INFORMATION, into code, which would satisfy the pre-ordained scenario.

They ASSEMBLED a genetic sequence that matched what they were going for: a coronavirus.

Don’t imagine genetic sequencing is performed by people looking directly at a virus through a cosmic microscope and jotting down the names of rows of genes sitting side by side like cars in a supermarket parking lot.

THREE: The other hypnotic factor is the PCR test. “If the test exists to detect the virus, the virus must exist.”

Wrong. The test—which has irreparable and fatal flaws, as I’ve documented—is working, at best, from a fragment of RNA which is ASSUMED to come from the virus. If the test appears to identify that fragment as “relevant,” the test result clams the person is “infected.”

People believe the test must mean something. And the only thing it could mean is: it finds the virus in a person, or the virus isn’t in that person’s body. But either way, the virus is real.


The deck is stacked. The game is rigged. Welcome to the Deep Medical State.

As in any truly deep operation, only a small number of elite professionals understand the basic con. The rest are blind, and accepting. Some are willfully blind. They see the truth in a flash of insight, and then they shut up.

However, in this mad “COVID landscape,” minds and doors are opening. The hypnotic haze is receding. The truth is coming out. Doctors, scientists, reporters, and members of the public are discovering and rejecting the Big Con.







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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

67 comments on “The virus that isn’t there has a hypnotic effect

  1. Thankful says:

    Hi Jon, how about this new test that was approved for use to detect Covid virus……..they also want people to assume it says you have antibodies for “THE” virus what they keep out is that these antibody tests determine positive only for antibodies to viruses in general and infection in general – they want everyone to assume this is specifically for COVID, which doesn’t exist……write an article on this piece of the deception…..

    • Thankful says:

      Sorry not sure the link went with the comment….

      US FDA issues EUA to Adial Pharma’s Assure/FaStep COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid test device for using with fingerstick blood samples
      Charlottesville, Virginia
      Thursday, October 1, 2020, 17:00 Hrs [IST]

    • Stephanie says:

      About the ‘antibody test’. Firstly, it’s important to understand that the human body produces 5 types of antibodies from 5 different places within the body. There IS NO specific antibody for a specific illness. An antibody will be positive if the body produces any antibodies for many different reasons:
      If a person has been under stress for a few days, if a person recently had a vaccine of any type, if a person had ANY illness; cancer, strep throat, a sore throat, allergies,a migraine headache, if a person has thrush or a yeast infection, parasites in the body, a bacterial infection, etc etc…
      So the antibody test only proves that an individual’s body is not in stasis. That’s it.

  2. Opie Poik says:

    “Yesterday, upon the stair,
    I met a man who wasn’t there!
    He wasn’t there again today,
    Oh how I wish he’d go away!”

    The last six months, they say a germ’s
    Been all around, but’s caused no herm
    Except to cause us mental grief
    And beggar the economy beyond belief.

    Sorry. I’ll keep the day job.


  3. Paul says:

    “However, in this mad “COVID landscape,”
    minds and doors are opening.
    The hypnotic haze is receding.
    The truth is coming out.
    Doctors, scientists, reporters, and members of the public are…”

    INDEED, & the discussion here is quite LIVELY & INTERESTING.

    Each, brings their own expertise, experience, & “eyesight.”

    Rather Enjoyable.
    Thank you ALL.

    • Opie Poik says:

      It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. ~ Thomas Sowell

      • Larry C says:

        Agreed…and our ‘leaders’ – at every level – are aware of this to varying degrees. Over many generations, we have allowed ourselves to slip in to a state of somnambulance thanks to the clever ministrations of shadowy forces working in the background.

        The good news is that folks are waking from their Deep Sleep in ever growing numbers…

        And they are PISSED.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks for the sanity during this crazy time. The Late David Crowe battled with the medical establishment for a long time. He mentioned that other viruses were also not properly isolated. I was wondering if you would team up with Sherri Tenpenny and talk about David’s life and his research. His site is the

  5. Fron Elsewhere says:

    The tragic pursuit of false causes will leave the disease free as before the treatment is applied, with patients worse after the treatment than before the treatment.

    The purpose of the plandemic is the treatment, not the cure. Substances tested on people, for an illness that has 80% of patients asymptomatic or with light / mild symptoms, requiring just rest and proper food…

    Feeding power on fear will last for only a short while. I wonder what happens after this ends with those dictators and false medical experts, who now think of themselves as immortal, invincible, filthy rich and healthy, overpowering the masses…

  6. Eluard says:

    Jon, great as always.

    You say: “However, in this mad “COVID landscape,” minds and doors are opening.”

    To a degree, yes. People are questioning the numbers, the PCR test even, Dr. Atlas is challening the CDC on some issues, BUT…

    There are still only a VERY FEW challenging the notion that a novel virus was discovered in China and that It is what’s created the so-called pandemic. I see, prominently, you, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan, David Crow (may he rest in peace) and who else, really? Tenpenny and Buttar are dealing with the tangential issues. There’s a Bulgarian pathologist who was written up in Off Guardian and probably others in Europe. But–

    Very few have the balls to go right to the very heart of the matter. That “Great Barrington Declaration” is a total sellout, touting the vaccine and PCR tests. BS. It’s fine to talk about HCQ and the inflated #’s and the PCR scam. But the elephant in the room is growing bigger and bigger and…

  7. ReluctantWarrior says:


    I’m searching for fair Eden
    Beyond the failing pillars of my mind
    Transcending polarity’s ancient field
    Flying past Urizen’s oppressive nets,
    Escaping Google Brain
    And it’s bewitching algorithms,
    I yearn for true liberation
    From this digital wasteland
    That manipulates my very neurons
    Paralyzing crooning synapses
    Dashing my fondest dreams,
    Death star for the imagination
    The light of mankind
    Rise up oh scions of Zion!
    Hail, Caesar!
    I set sail today
    With fair winds of conscious wonder
    To find the promised land,
    To outwit the beastly Kraken
    And the whims of surly Poseidon,
    As I cross the wine dark sea
    Battered by
    A tempest of the unconscious,
    Leaving a world entombed
    In history’s bloody amber,
    As I now stand tired and beaten
    Lashed to the hands of time
    Haunted by the sirens of silicon,
    Fighting my way back
    To a home I never left
    Progenitor of my dreams
    What love stories they are!
    screaming in the night
    Stained by bitter tears
    Vintage wine of my sorrows
    Shadow art of the eternal,
    As my soul unfurls
    And I set sail at last
    Naked and alone
    No destination in mind
    Just the passion of the adventure,
    What is this great mystery
    That pulses through these veins?
    Seduced by the eternal aria
    Alas I have found my treasure
    The blossom of my spirit,
    Root of my being,
    Bud of my tortured soul,
    Alive with potential
    That I offer now to thee
    No longer hidden
    Grown full and sturdy
    A beauty that is in you and me!

  8. Low Voltage says:

    Does anybody know what Crowe means by “background fluorescence?”

    “false positives as background fluorescence builds up in the PCR reaction.”

    • Mac says:

      Intuiting what may have meant, in PCR data there is a baseline fluorescense, then observation reading thereafter between points that determines a differential. I think his point was more as to over-cycling as that was preceding part of sentence – ” Cycling too much could result in false positives as background fluorescence builds up in the PCR reaction.” Probably by over-cycling, the area between baseline fluorescense and differential point if any, is blurred therefore result can’t be as clear or may result in false positives.

      • Cathy says:

        Mac, I looked this up on wiki-you-know-what. if a reporter probe is being used, meaning a probe with a fluorescent dye attached, when the probe anneals to its target sequence, it lights up. I’m thinking that David meant with more cycle, more fluorescent probes will degrade and therefore fluoresce.

        The other type of fluorescence used is a dye that intercalates in double stranded dna and then lights up. I wonder if a ton of primer dimers being the only things formed in this stupid covid testing would make for a stronger false signal as the cycles go into the stratosphere.

        Btw, the pcr expert David interviewed said that cycles above 35 are essentially low copy number pcr, which is problematic.

  9. Mali Huang says:

    It is no virus. What is it exactly?

    • Piksil says:

      A cover story for The Great Reset.

      • Jomsvikings says:

        @ Piksil

        The “Great Reset” for what? I hear a lot of conspiracy theories on the “Great Reset,” “New World Order,” “Communist” take over and all that jazz. But where’s the evidence?(not just hearsay but actual documents)

        After 911, people were saying all that conspiracy stuff and nothing happened. After the “Great Recession” of 08, all I heard was this was the beginning of the “NWO” and we all were going to be slaves of the Global Elites. Well, that didn’t happen and economy recovered nicely and I recouped all of my 401k losses.

        If anything, I would say we’re in the “Great Divide” where this country has never been more polarized with the radical Left hijacking the Democratic party and Right Wing Radicals commandeering the Republican party. Things could get real ugly after the election because it seems neither party is going to accept the election results. And with these crazy radical groups out there (ANTIFA & Proud Boys), who knows what kind of conflict is going to occur.

        IMO, this whole coronavirus “panic-demic” was orchestrated by the medical/military cartel to administer a global vaccine. Bill Gates, himself, just said the ONLY way out of this pandemic is a vaccine. And good old Trump had said he wants to get a vaccine out there ASAP and have the “military”dispense it! Yikes!

        There’s even a paper out of the pharma controlled NEJM, discussing ways to get people to comply with the vaccine without forcibly administering it!

        And on the virus, I’m not sure if it’s real or fake – that’s why I’m following Jon’s research as well as seeing what other experts are saying.

        One aspect that’s not discussed enough is the possibility this virus was CREATED IN A LAB and intentionally released to initiate the panic-demic. Dr. Judy Mikovitis says it was created in a lab years ago, and she worked with Fauci at one of the most highest level containment labs in the world. Also, renowned Chinese virologist Dr.Li Meng says it was created at the Wuhan lab. And if viruses are not real, then what exactly are these high level secured bio-labs doing? They claim to contain every virus that caused an epidemic or pandemic in the last century. There’s something deadly contained at these labs with those space-suit type looking lab outfits they wear.

        Do we just blow off Mikovitis? She worked in those labs with Fauci (confirmed), so she might know a thing or two about viruses.

        Whether real or fake…IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VACCINE. And that’s going to be the biggest challenge for those who don’t want take it.

        • glenn says:

          Dr. Mikovitz did do an interview with Dr. Kaufman. I think it explained that both are on the same page. What Judy Mikovitz is saying is that the only true deadly virus is made in a lab.

          In nature we have yet to find the dangerous viruses in its completed form. Viruses are usually found fragmented and incomplete. So labs have to piece it together, rebuild the RNA sequence, and give it qualities of a infectious agent.

          This is done under the assumption that the particle was a virus to begin with. Reality is that they are creating it and the viral particle never had those capabilities to begin with.

        • JA says:


          “After 9/11 nothing happened”.


          You might peruse the “Patriot Act” that came shortly after. Giving the government powers over our lives that had never happened before.

        • kevin says:

          It’s not a conspiracy theory. From the World Economic Forum’s official website:

          “Nothing happened” to bring the 9/11 perpetrators to justice because too few people cared about it.

        • Piksil says:


          The Great Reset is not hearsay, or conspiracy theory.

          Please see the World Econimic Forum’s webpage and the section on The Great Reset at

          Klaus Schwab, spokesman for WEF wrote a book, published this year (July I believe), titled “Covid-19: The Great Reset”.

          It’s essentially the outline of how the world can turn the worst pandemic ever in the history of the world into a reset of the unwashed masses’ racism and environmental destruction into wealth, equality, inclusion, and prosperity for all….

          Apparently only the richest of the rich have read it, and read it quickly after publication, and put all Herr Schwab’s hints into practice, because through July of this year, they’ve INCREASED their wealth by over $10Trillion.
          While the rest of us have lost our jobs, sanity, even lives from this most terrible pandemic.

          Just today James Corbett at released a podcast explaining The Great Reset, fully referenced. The $10Trillion increase was reported yesterday at the same site, on his newworldnextweek report (again, referenced).

          Anyway, it’s about the global economic restructuring. (It’s not about equality for all).


          The Great Divide is real, because it’s on TV. There’s an agenda, being played out on the morning/noon/evening/nightly/late night news. The goal is to keep the ‘people’ divided. It serves two purposes: keeps people picking sides and opposed, and diverts their attention from the real issues or problems. In the US, it has been written and is now coming to fruition that white supremacists are the new domestic terrorists. (Did you see or hear that at least 2, possibly 4, of the higher-ups in the group that supposedly planned to kidnap Michigan governor Whittmer were FBI informants?) And the TIP (Transition Integrity Project), a ‘bi-partisan think tank project came up with 4 scenarios and solutions of how to get Trump out of office (only 1 was where he won ‘outright’.


          “The Virus”, ‘vaccines’, and Biolabs:

          Bio labs give virologists someplace to work. We wear those same sort of ‘space suits’ for total joint replacement surgery. Meh.

          The virus, or the ‘pandemic’, is the cover story for The Great Reset. See Event 201, visit their website. Watch the videos. But be sure to also check out the section on “The Actors” (maybe go there before the videos.) This tabletop exercise was/is the outline for this plandemic, with the lockdowns and the pushing of vaccines. Note also who sponsored Event 201. It’s all starting to come together….

          And speaking of vaccines, might I suggest “The Vaccination Racket” at as a valuable reference outlining the historical fraud (and crimes against humanity) of vaccines. It would serve one well to study Germ Theory (Pastuer) vs. Terrain Theory (Bechamp) first, and question whether one or the other may have perpetrated a fraud that may have been at least partly responsible for the direction ‘modern medicine’ took a bit over a hundred years ago.

          I agree that not taking the vaccine will be a great challenge.

          • Pam Collins says:

            You are so right! I had not seen that site but I looked at the long list of supporters, big business , pharmacy, etc. more people need to listen to the truth of what is going on but many don’t want to hear!

    • Mathew says:

      Exosomes. Same particle size and shape. All poisoned cells release it.

    • Larry C says:

      “It is no virus. What is it exactly?”

      My take: For the most part, COVID-19, is just another Coronavirus, not much worse than your garden variety flu.
      The dangers of this Putative Pandemic,have been vastly overblown, thanks to mainstream media (owned almost exclusively by FOUR very large corporations… with their own agendas),, and just about any other venue you’d care to name: television *programming* (a more appropriate term is hard to imagine); advertisers; movies; social media platforms; the top people in the pharmaceutical and medical cartels; mega-billionaires such as ‘Doctor’ Bill Gates (you can NEVER be too rich); etc….

      Their numbers are few…we are many…

    • G o says:

      Same as last year. Various things. Not virus

      • Mali Huang says:

        None the less giving all those lies and propaganda how is it possible to lock down 7,5 billion people in their houses at the same time? Fear. Are there no fearless people around?
        And how could so many people all over the world be infected at almost the same time? There is no virus.

    • rivercity says:

      A bunch of different stuff! Don’t question it – just keep your face covered!

  10. Mark R says:

    While I appreciate your articles I have to say you are incorrect on this. Since January, I have been writing how no one has followed Koch’s Postulates, the 1st being isolating and purifying the suspected pathogen. And for all these months I thought I was right in saying this. This morning I was humbled because here are a few articles showing I was wrong. What is being called SARS-Cov-2 was isolated and cultured back in January in Australia. Not only that but the CDC has it’s own isolated & cultured sample. The damn thing is being SOLD through a company to facilities to study and research. Lastly, it is labeled a BIO-WEAPON BY THE CDC. Below are the links.
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States –

    SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC –

    Information for Researchers Requesting SARS-CoV-2 from BEI Resources

    Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Strains and Reagents

    Select Agents and Toxins List –

    If anyone can prove me wrong I welcome their input.

    • Steve says:

      Mark R
      Only the first of your references makes any reference to isolation.

      It makes NO mention of centrifuging , No mention of electron microscope photographs and NO mention of comparison with other previously (properly) identified viruses.
      Conclusion: They have not taken the most basic steps to isolate and identify whatever is in their samples.

      All of your other references are meaningless as regards proving that COV-2 exists.

      It is interesting that you did not provide a link or reference for your claim that the Aussie already identified it. Why not? What is the basis of your claim?

    • Steve says:

      For the record, my wife an I who are quite old have been playing tag since March of this year with a new virus never experienced by either of us before .

      I have no idea what it is. I do know that it is markedly different from anything else we’ve EVER had. That’s over 150 combined years of virus games.

      This leaves us in supposition-land. Let’s suppose that there is a new virus, or even a new class of viruses, screwing some (mostly old) people up real bad. Can we them infer some possible reasons why it’s identification has not long since occurred? Does the fact that there are no gold-standard derived photographs available make it easier to narrow our suppositions?

      Here’s my hypothesis:
      1) There is a new virus
      2) A valid photograph would tell us (expose) that, on further study, it is a lab-made virus.
      3) The conclusion as to why there are no such photographs is that it is a bio weapon and that it might be traceable directly to the lab(s) that made it.

      I can’t come up with a better hypothesis. Anybody else?

      • Mark R says:

        The problem with electron microscopes is they alter the organism structurally due to the bombardment of electrons in the process. The only way one could identify anything is with a Rife Microscope which utilized quartz crystals and prisms allowing the organism to be viewed under light and not altering the structure. Sadly, Rife’s microscopes are either missing or 1 is at the Smithsonian Institute and would never be allowed to be used. Plus anyone who knew how to work them have passed away.

    • G o says:

      Not isolated properly

    • From Elsewhere says:

      Mark, wre those samples identical for independent batches of 500 or even just 100 cases or were they SAID or IMPLIED to being isolated? This is logic, before science. Because, you see, their trick is, when the samples are not identical, for them to say “Oops! The virus mutated!” Suddenly, indirect confirmation of their own supposition?! 60 mutations, they claim after 10 months?!

      All this lockdowns, fake testing, pseudo-treatments and con-science (sic!) need to stop now!

    • Mathew says:

      You are correct, initially. No Koch or River’s postulates completed as of yet. CDC has recently said on the info of the tests that they have not yet isolated the virus. What they do have has been assembled and calculated from parts of what they think is the virus. No isolation done. Yet, there are labs in almost every major city in the world that could do this- isolate it, purify it and take an electron microscope image of it- yet no one is doing it, why not?

    • Low Voltage says:

      He covered that yesterday. Cell/viral cultures are not the same as isolation.

    • BDBinc says:

      I have to say you are incorrect Mark. The last link is the hoaxers FED toxic list & the alleged 2002 Sars CoV surprisingly no fake “covid” was on it .
      The CDC are pathological and criminal so of course they keep lying for if they don’t they could well get prosecuted for the medical fraud as they should in an international court.They are making lots of money off the patents .
      The banksters UN computer generated a geonome( sequence of 30,000 nucleotides ) for Sars CoV2 on 10th Jan . I said generated by computer not isolated not found or discovered.
      Sars CoV2 a virtual virus unquestioned, it shows the collective insanity of the hive mind .The level of fear gen rated for the psyop was immense.
      They have no test for covid.There are no cases no ” covid patients”
      Everyone has the ” coronavirus” rna in their DNA and “virome” its found in healthy people’s microbiome, found up their noses and the CDC knew that.
      Jon is right they have not isolated it, haven’t proved “it” causes disease in healthy people and they still have no referenced test for it. Tests are meaningless.

    • bleak says:

      I posted this in Jon’s last article to someone who posted the same first link you have. Jon’s a busy man and doesn’t update comments lately and people don’t always go back read older articles/comments so here it is again… And it all pertains to this article. The “soup” they use as proof.

      “We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics.”

      So, right off the bat(;)), they used green monkey kidney cells (Vero CCL-81) and others as antibodies.

      HUH 7.0: Tumor cells

      293T: “a mutant version of the SV40”

      A549: derived from cancerous lung tissue

      Key: They don’t mention any type of filtering processes.

      Key: “suggest(ed)” is mentioned three times.
      “Together, these results suggest that VeroE6 cells might be the best choice for amplification and quantification, but both Vero cell types support amplification and replication of SARS-CoV-2.”

      “These results are consistent with previous susceptibility findings for SARS-CoV and suggest other common culture systems, including MDCK, HeLa, HEP-2, MRC-5 cells, and embryonated eggs, are unlikely to support SARS-CoV-2 replication (20–22).”

      “These results are consistent with previous reports for SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, which suggested similar replication dynamics between the zoonotic CoV strains (23,24).”

      Suggest v.
      1a : to mention or imply as a possibility suggested that he might bring his family
      b : to propose as desirable or fitting suggest a stroll
      c : to offer for consideration or as a hypothesis suggest a solution to a problem
      2a : to call to mind by thought or association the explosion … suggested sabotage— F. L. Paxson
      b : to serve as a motive or inspiration for a play suggested by a historic incident
      3a : to call forth : evoke
      b obsolete : to seek to influence : seduce

    • G o says:

      Improper isolation

  11. george says:

    just search google ‘plane impact with bird’. look at the pictures. than look at a picture of a skyscraper under construction to see massive iron and concrete structure. that should tell you all you need to know about official science and about who rules America.
    Than go to library of congress or another site with newspaper archive, select 1940-1955. search holocaust. see the ‘progress’ of the story 10-20years after it ‘happened’. that should tell you all about the level of manipulation we have.

  12. D. Johnson says:

    There is a document circulating in Canada that says the federal government is planning more lockdowns and “freedom” will come in the form of an annual income which can be obtained by citizens giving up all of their property, getting vaccinated with guess what. Those who do not participate will be incarcerated in “isolation” centers and their assets seized.

  13. Jackie says:

    Since YouTube took down your latest excellently researched, intelligent, well reasoned, and influentially persuasive video, which by last count was over 8,000 views and going up in count fast, please repost the censored video on Bitchute, your website, other video venues and up onto video-tube. Thank you Jon Rappoport for your accurate research and reporting. God Bless you, Sir.

  14. Sam says:

    This article provides a good description of agenda-driven science, which is in operation in other areas, or causes. Thank you for your contributions to this world.

  15. hayden says:

    Vero cells are derived from the kidney of an African green monkey, and are one of the … Commonly used Vero cell lines from the ATCC include CCL-81

    What are the techniques involved, the methods they use could be contaminating polluting the samples

  16. D. Smith says:

    Everyone who knows anything about this, knows that it is simply the yearly flu.

    But the politicians and medical folks are going to keep this lie alive as long as they possibly can. It’s making money (and more to come with the fake vaccine crap) for the medical people, the news cycles would have nothing to talk about, even during a presidential election year, and the medical/political folks would have to admit they lied – – and that is just NEVER gonna happen. We live in a country where we’ve been lied to for generations but anyone who tried to expose it was immediately silenced.

    This fake pandemic-wear a mask-social distancing-stay at home is nothing but a bunch of unproven BS and a great tool for the creepy sector who are using it and taking advantage of its ability to scare the beejeebee’s out of people. Sadly, it’s working because people refuse to believe the truth, no matter how it’s put to them.

    If the medical industry says it’s true, it must be true, right? Heh, yeah, right. Those people need a kick in the pants (or worse but I can’t say it here!).

  17. Joe Shmuk says:

    Marker, sorry, Mark R, seems to have some good points here. I’m just a layman but I had a look at his links. Mostly meaningless to me, except for the abstract which does seem to claim that they have isolated the virus.

    I know Jon never responds to comments, but someone needs to challenge or verify Mark R’s claims.

    Reason being, our only hope of achieving clarity and justice seems to be riding with the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. If he and his colleagues can prove world leaders have acted foolishly or even illegally, based on fraud regarding the existence of the virus and the incompetence of PCR, it’s game over.

    So someone needs to prove Marker, sorry, Mark R right or wrong. If it is at all possible to do.

    • oregonmatt says:

      @Joe Shmuk- I posted this on another forum today, dealing specifically with the first paper, from the CDC, that Mark R posted.
      First, in this paper, we are meant to be impressed by how the virological narrative followed by virological sleuthing led to the identification of USA covid-19 patient zero in Washington state (January), after he returned from visiting relatives in Wuhan, China. Second, we are treated to the following interesting description of the lab work to identify the ‘virus’.

      “Cell Culture, Limiting Dilution, and Virus Isolation
      We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics (GIBCO, https://www.thermofisher.comExternal Link). We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation. For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 μL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 μL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate. We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL. We added 100 μL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols (9,10).”

      To simplify the above quote, we have:
      1) monkey kidney cells living in DMEM synthetic liquid (43 ingredients), combined with fetal bovine serum and antibiotics
      2) swab specimens from patient zero mixed into unknown (no description given) substance(s) enabling its future dispersion into the culture plates
      3) DMEM pipetted into tissue culture plate, then patient zero specimens pipetted into plate
      4) monkey kidney cells (vero CCL-81) trypsinized (chemically dissociated) and then some are resuspended in a fresh concoction of DMEM, fetal bovine serum, and antibiotics
      5) fresh cell suspension added to the culture plate
      6) the now-’inoculated’ cultures are incubated, and observed for cytopathic effects

      There you have it. Observed “cytopathic effects” showed that the ‘virus’ was present, and also claimed to represent its isolation. All of the above begs many questions, and some are posed here.

      a) If a cell is removed from the organism, and artificially prevented from dying, does its behavior / functioning change significantly?
      b) Is an isolated cell, removed from the organism, in a perpetual ‘crisis’ mode?
      c) If a cell can only be closely observed in vitro, how much (or not) can we know about its behavior in vivo?
      d) Can anything at all be inferred about cells in vivo by the behavior of isolated cells kept alive in vitro in a toxic environment?
      e) What specific negative effects do antibiotics have on lab cells? Do different antibiotics have different effects?
      f) What negative effect does trypsinization have on lab cells?
      g) What is the purpose of any genetic material or particles expressed by the cell?
      h) Does the lab cell’s toxic and unnatural environment lead to an increase in its production of genetic material?
      i) What basis is there for interpreting genetic fragments as ‘virus’, other than by the means of digital / computer modeling?

      There is similarity between the methods detailed in this CDC paper and those employed by Landsteiner and Popper in 1908, who ‘proved’ transmission of polio by injecting a concoction containing spinal cord material from a nine-year-old alleged polio victim into two monkeys, which resulted in the monkeys getting sick.

  18. George says:

    ZERO Evidence that COVID Fulfills Koch’s 4 Germ Theory Postulates – Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Sayer Ji

  19. Low Voltage says:

    Great article, but from my understanding, no virus has ever really been isolated and purified. Viruses are beyond proof. Either you believe in them or you don’t. They’re just too small to work with.

    There’s a word for believing in things you can’t prove. It’s called “superstition.”

    • Lucky Lui says:

      Pretty sure viruses have been isolated in lower organisms, like algae for example. Where it lives in symbioses to help preserve the hosts life not kill it.

      • Madness says:

        The one I knew about was a GIANT sea virus, Dr Lanka’s. He got Nobel for it and he is the most famous virologist who basically called the virology a scam. He won the case that the virus of Measles doesn’t exist.

  20. Benjamin Martin says:

    Brilliant Jon – and watched your excellent Infowars segment just now. Was wondering if by way of contrast you might consider doing a piece on a real horror: the 1918 Spanish Flu? Perhaps you already have offered one such article, but in any event it mightn’t hurt to do another as a further wake-up call?

    • Benjamin Martin says:

      PS re my aforementioned proposal, it is most interesting that numerous studies were conducted following the 1918 epidemic relating to the devastating psychosomatic effects of WWI. However, such studies, which although undoubtedly highly pertinent, are rarely satisfyingly ‘conclusive’ (one might suggest they are conveniently inconclusive), in which event the only records vouchsafed are those that relate purely to scientifically measurable and observable phenomena.

  21. Siouxma says:

    All the CDC “cultures” is Chaos and Confusion. All to keep too many buying the ‘Single Cause/Single Source’ paradigm. Also, the total lie that no has immunity so huge threat of death, that’s probably wrong right now.
    I haven’t seen Jon mention the CDC definition of Covid “Case” that was updated on August 2- if this doesn’t make a normal person’s brain explode, nothing will…all in preparation for the next sledge hammer that Gates gleefully declared: You won’t be able to ignore this next one!

    Update on the end of the Michigulag Lockdown – Businesses are making it corporate policy to deny services if you aren’t wearing a mask. My eye apptmt today was cancelled when I refused to put on a mask- no exceptions. Doctors Orders! I did make a bit of a ruckus and then came back home to email my thoughts to the Home Office of this establishment.

  22. Lucky Lui says:

    Great reporting! Kudos to you, one of a few who are courageous enough to address the core of the apparent fraud! As a lay person who has followed this closely it seems so obvious. Why wouldnt they just put this to bed if they had the virus characterized? According to Dr Kaufman the “virus” is modelled from sars1 which was modeled from something else and on and on. Having recently read Virus Mania and many articles and studies the swindle seems to be have been in play for many decades.

  23. Larry C says:

    “Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic.”

  24. arjan says:

    Dear Jon,

    I first want to thank you so much for helping my family and friends waking up to this horrible scamdemic.

    Could you take a quick look at this and tell me what you think:

    The Dutch government has ordered hundreds of em and one of out leading state propagande news outlets NOS (puke, vomit sorry) stated the following:

    The test gives an immediate result if someone does not have corona.

    That is right: They can detect no Corona… This thing cannot see if a person had corona, only see if the person does not have it.

    Now i am trying to wrap my head around this, i mean, what the actual f*ck does it detect to see that you don’t have corona??

    Is this at the pure will of the connected AI cloud devil thingy the talk about?

    Can you perheps shed some light into this? That would be of great help!

    Thanks, and i am a really big fan from teh Netherlands Europe 🙂

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