Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world

ANOTHER key architect of the COVID PCR test had no coronavirus; the whole fake COVID house is falling down.

“We know exactly what we’re doing, but we have no virus available.”

by Jon Rappoport

October 13, 2020

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I’ve been exposing the fact that the CDC, in July of this year, admitted, in a document, that…

They didn’t have the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It wasn’t “available.”

This means they couldn’t obtain an isolated specimen of the virus. There is only one reason why.

The virus hasn’t been isolated. And THAT means no one has proved it exists.

And now, I’ve discovered ANOTHER key document. This one apparently formed the basis for the first PCR test aimed at detecting the COVID virus all over the world.

READ WHAT THIS STUDY SAYS. These quotes should be engraved in stone above the entrance to a museum dedicated to the history of medical fraud.

“We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.”

TRANSLATION: We want to develop a test to detect the new COVID virus without having the virus.

“Here we present a validated diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV, its design relying on close genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”

TRANSLATION: We HAVE developed a diagnostic test to detect the new COVID virus. We ASSUME this new virus is closely related to an older coronavirus. We ASSUME we know HOW it is related. We ASSUME, because we don’t have the new COVID virus. Therefore, all our assumptions are made out of nothing. Actually, we have no proof there is a new coronavirus.

“The workflow reliably detects 2019-nCoV, and further discriminates 2019-nCoV from SARS-CoV.”

TRANSLATION: Our new test to detect the new virus? We don’t have the new virus. We’ve never observed it. We can’t study it directly. There is no proof it exists. But we will use the test to detect it.

The study is titled, “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR.” [Euro Surveill. 2020 Jan;25(3):2000045. doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2020.25.3.2000045.]

Those quotes from the study are astounding. A diagnostic test for the virus, but there is no virus. No standard against which to compare the reliability of the test.

The authors blithely assume they can somehow infer that the virus exists in the first place, without having an isolated specimen.

Then they assume they can understand the structure of the virus that isn’t there.

The virus isn’t there. It has NOT been isolated. It has NOT been separated out from other material. Therefore, it has not been observed and its existence has not been proved.

And yet, the test which these authors have developed is launched, all over the world, to detect that virus; to promote the unproven notion that there is a pandemic; to form the basis for counting COVID case numbers; and ultimately to justify all the lockdowns which have crashed the global economy and destroyed millions upon millions of lives.

A great deal of confusion has been created, because scientists are now talking about the “new virus” as if they understand its structure and sequence. No. They’ve INTERPRETED that genetic structure. And once they’ve made their interpretations, they gibber about what it means.

It’s like this. A man has a very thick steel vault. He clams there is a pile of treasure inside. But no one can open the door to the vault. People show up with all sorts of fancy instruments, and they make indirect measurements. They then issue very authoritative-sounding statements about what is inside the vault.

But no one can get in there. This is a magic vault, you see. You can’t drill into it. You can’t blow it up. But in its vicinity, all sorts of hustlers are gathered. And they PONTIFICATE. They BLOVIATE. They wave their credentials. Reporters interview them. Governments follow their recommendations.

And that’s all it is. It’s that kind of party.

There is also confusion about what the word “isolate” means, when it comes to viruses. SAYING you have isolated a virus doesn’t mean you have.

It may mean you THINK you have the virus inside a mess of material which contains many different genetic sequences and all manner of cellular debris and who knows what.

Some scientists will claim “a lesser amount of mess” entitles them to state they’ve “isolated” the virus.

Other scientists will claim that because they can grow, in a dish, what they BELIEVE to be the virus, this is “proof” that the virus exists.

They’re wrong.

Still other scientists will say that, in a dish in a lab, they “have the virus growing”, and they know it, because the virus is destroying certain cells in the soup in the dish. But in this soup, there are various added chemicals, and those chemicals could easily be doing the cell-killing.

So they are wrong, too.

As the late independent researcher David Crowe has written: “And the word ‘isolation’ has been so debased by virologists it means nothing (e.g. adding impure materials to a cell culture and seeing cell death is [as] ‘isolation’).”

This is why something called real-world experiments were introduced into science. Experiments that were forced out of the lab into the arena where actual humans live.

In my last article, I described exactly the kind of experiment that should have been initiated five minutes after scientists claimed there was an “outbreak in China.” It’s a large scale study involving humans who were diagnosed with the “epidemic illness.” Tissue samples would be taken from 500 of these patients and correctly analyzed via electron microscope photography.

But studies of that dimension and precision don’t interest scientists who live in the lab. Such studies are too dangerous. There is every chance that, in the harsh glare of sunlight, all their warnings about a vast pandemic will be shown to be false. False and ridiculous. Absurd. And insane.

These “experts” don’t want to take that chance.

So they fiddle and diddle in their labs, and they make wild claims based on nothing, on NO VIRUS.

For them, there is no such thing as NO VIRUS. There must always be a virus. They will build strings of thought that circle around and meet up and shake hands and justify themselves, BY DEFINITION.

When all is said and done, that is what they are playing at. “We make all the definitions, and therefore we can conclude anything we want to conclude. And call it science.”

That’s what’s going on.

I see the con and I’m pointing out the con.

I’m telling scientists who are honest to call it a con, too.

Empty out the house of modern virology; open the windows and let the fresh air in; and then we’ll be living in a far better world.

And, oh yes, prosecute these researchers who devised a test for the virus they never found. Prosecute them for crimes against humanity, and send them to prison.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

125 comments on “Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world

  1. Opie Poik says:

    The bottom line is, bug or no bug, there simply was never a medical reason for socioeconomic devastation via lockdown. Their intentions have been clear for decades, to anyone paying attention: 95% human depopulation and irreversible planet-wide control. Psychopathic, masturbatory fever dreams of unlimited power, unopposed and unopposable. The great masses of people refuse to believe it, because they are basically decent and cannot conceive the mindset required for the amoral, dispassionate criminality of Homo Davos Sapiens.

    • A LIttle Help says:

      Perhaps not a medical reason, but there are reasons why certain individuals and societies choose to undergo these mass events. Often, they are chosen before an individual comes into physical being. Certain challenges are accepted, often unremember at the time of the event.

      Events like these arrive from mass consciousness. They result sometimes from anger, and a desire and a need for change. Great good comes out of these events, but it often goes unseen until a greater perspective has been reached.

      A generation that hates war will have war. A generation that loves peace will have peace.

      • TseTseTse says:

        In USA long time ago…(the 60’s) a generation that loved peace and wanted love just got the Vietnam War.

        • A Little Help says:

          Nothing happens without the agreement of all those involved. In one way or anotehr, what you call the “war” was agreed to by all those involved. But it did not go as did previous wars. Mankind is learning more and more about the natural existence of aggresion, how it is a part of life, and how it can be expressed in healthy ways. And how it can be bottled up, until it becomes lethal.

          But, yes, mankind still has much to learn.

    • Lyn P says:

      Correct. We are being systematically overhauled and overturned by Homo Sataniens.

    • EMT Instructor says:

      Well said, Opie Polk!

      The so-called Covid19 has segments of HIV, SARS, (and one article said) MERS attached to it.

      The PRC test will not detect all 3 (or 4) segements involved; it simply after being ran up to 30 times (and articles say they are spinning it down MORE) shows the ‘presence of a “FORMER DNA” of a virus’, or the DNA of a current virus…and it doesn’t discriminate between the two!

      Even the rag, New York Times, a couple of weeks ago ran an article that “90% of the PCR Tests should be negative…and it can be (I know how!) set up to show 0% of those tested as (+) or 100% of those tested as (+), or anywhere in between.

      An article in an Amsterdam magazine, in 1989 (WAY before this crap started), stated that “vaccines…and strong drugs…create Covid diseases” [My European military counterpart when I was in Europe at the time read the complete article to me]…trauma ALSO creates coronaviruses in your body…

      Worried about the WRONG coronavirus being identified? There are) only 10 to the 30th power (10 with 30 zeroes after it, or was it 10 to the 31st power [10 with 31 zeroes after it?) known coromaviruses, of which most are not harmful to us.

      What is 1 more or less zero, anyway!!

      Have a dog? Every time your or someone else’s dog licks you in the (gag!) face, teh dog transfers a few thousand (again, who is counting?) coronaviruses to you from him or her!
      Every time you are hurt, physically it CREATES MORE viruses, which are messengers transfering enzymes, according to the new “exosome” theory of viruses…

      What is funny, some people are so scared that they will not EAT in the same restaurant as a person without a mask; one person left a local eatery in Springfield a couple weeks ago because the counter person had no mask on,

      This person hasa NO IDEA that if these was a dangerous virus out there, it could also enter the body THROUGH YOUR EYES! I kid you not!

      ALso, the CDC posting 2-3 weeks ago, re-iterated the fact that “only the N95 mask will stop the Covid19 virus”…and it can STILL enter your body through your eyes anyway!

      Want protection from Covid-19? Get a full-body protection suit with positve air flow…I am not going to get into the types of suits available, as I am no longer in the field.

      Not to mention the double- and triple-counting being done; a nurse friend of mine tested (+) to a virus, she had to retest two weeks later,then two more weeks after that.

      It was gone on the third test, but if she had been (+) agaikn, each oneo ff those 3 tests would have been counted as a separate individual testing.

      THe CDC also went back and “increased” the numbers on its website; a lady blobber took stats off of their site in May; when she went back in July, thay had added anywhere from 1500 to 5500 (+) to the stats she uplaoded in May, 2020; blatant LYING by the CDC!

      • Joey Vanhoutte says:

        Dear EMT,

        You are dearly in need of an awakening.

        Viruses DO NOT mutate,
        Nor do viruses enter the body,
        Nor are viruses man-made…bio-weapons are man-made and are affixed to a virus as a base to these bio-weapons.

        A virus has no respiratory system, no digestive system, no circulatory system, no reproductive system.,,,nor does a virus cause disease…viruses do not cause anything.

        As for the function of a virus: ALL viruses are produced intercelluarly – why? – in order for the cell to preserve it own intergrity…all human cells do not understand that they reside within a human body.

        The function of a cell?….all cells produce one virus…the function of the virus is to clean out the dead tissue residing within the cell…if such did not occur we would all die from organ failure or cancer.

        Dead tissue?…do you drink Coca-cola?…Maybe Vodka?….Coke is pure chemical and all ingested chemicals pass through our cells…as does Zinc, Glyphosate, Magnesium etc….

        Also, all plants and animals produce their own viruses…why?….as in humans – to preserve the integrity of their cells….cells also produce viruses to clean blood through an artery or a vein etc…virus’ are benificial to the body…we cannot survive without viruses

        A dog can lick your face all it likes as viruses are NOT contagious, NOT transmissable NOR are they communicable, NOR can a virus cross species.

        All viruses are as a result of the body detoxifying itself.

        Metals that we ingest are lodged in the spinal column…why?…because metals are attrached to the spinal column due the electrical nerve endings that reside within the column….should the spinal column require detoxification the cells within the spine shall produce a virus which is known as poliomylitis…this virus will clean the dead tissue (the metals) within the spianl column.

        Too much Vodka?..their is an app for that…its called the herpes virus..this virus will clean the dead tissue from within the liver…cold sores on your lips?…wait a minute – herpes is a sexually transmitted diesease!…NONSENSE….your liver is detoxifying and the result is shown as cold sores…

        I caught a cold….I caught the Flu….more NONSENSE!

        When your cells are slightly toxic (poisoned) bacteria, fungi and parasites will enter the cell and clean the dead tissue…the result?….you cough, you sneeze, you wheeze, body aches and pain, stuffy runny nose…etc….you are now in detox mode…the body by ALL means shall rid itself of the dead tissue within our cells….However,

        Should the cell be highly toxic the bacteria, fungi and parasites will be poisioned….at this point the cell will then produce what is known as the flu virus…this baby will then truly clean out the dead tissue residing within the cell.

        You DO NOT catch a cold…You do not catch the flu…your own body produces the flu virus because you are highly toxic.

  2. G o says:

    Oh ben youre so gullible

  3. Pam says:

    Your reporting is so awesome! Thank you! Reading your account brought Gulliver’s Travels to mind; Swift’s satire of politicians and “experts” in his time. Have these imbeciles been with us from the beginning of our species?!

  4. JB says:

    People should check out this site:

    Go to the notice page, and scroll down to 04-11-2020. This site was calling for Trump to arrest Anthony Fauci and Dr. Birx, his colleague.

    Then, after that, scroll down to 4-9. This time, they call for Trump to arrest Bill Gates.

    • Lyn P says:

      The first two should have been in jail six months ago, and as for Gate$, why he is not yet put away on numerous international human rights charges is a massive global failure of multiple decades.

  5. BAEYENS Walter says:

    As far as I know SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated FROM INFECTED PATIENTS’ SERUM. It has been ‘simulated’ in lab versions based on genetic sequences taken from DNA/RNA databases. This type of isolation is not proving anything, lab conditions are far different than human bodies. This is how Dr Drosten (RKI, Germany) designed his Corona PCR-test, available as early as mid-january 2020 (!). The lab version should be able to cause the exact Covid symptoms when injected in humans.(Koch’s Postulates). This it has failed to achieve. IMO No retrovirus has ever been proven to cause illness in humans.

  6. ppanther says:

    ALSO, DID YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE HAVE DROPPED DEAD ON THE SPOT AFTER RECEIVING THE VACCINES THEY HAVE ‘DEVELOPED’? NO:? MORE MISSING INFORMATION HUH? WAKE UP! THE INDIAN GOVT IS SUING BILL GATES FOR HIS VACCINES THAT KILLED AND MAIMED OVER 500,000 INDIAN CHILDREN! he lied and said they were safe, leaving out crucial test data, they all ended up with crippling diseases and life threatening results! So, go ahead and take the vaccines, if you think you can trust these monsters! They are worse that Chris Watts!

  7. ppanther says:

    well, don’t you think that if Fauci took the basis for the virus to Hunan, China, he could and would have developed a vaccine along with the virus he was developing?Obama gave China 2 million dollars to use their lab facilities! Why do you think that was? Because it was illegal to develop these viruses in the USA! Why:? Because it was unsafe, Yet they went around the law and did it anyway, causing the pandemonium we have been subjected to. At least reportedly. Allegedly, there is and never was a virus. Who knows what people died of if it wasn’t CV19?!It was all a hoax to destroy us and our economy and put us all in subjection to the d.s.. That is what they want, us dead or robots!

  8. Butch says:

    Me thinks they are harvesting your DNA with this testing facade. Perhaps it’s not at all about “the test”?

    • Madness says:

      Just an interesting piece of info to this. In the UK, in the middle of the pandemic they decided that everyone is an organ donor by default. Till then it was voluntary. Now you have to opt out and send the email about it to possibly more relatives of you that they surely remember if something happens with you.


      • Piksil says:


        Yes, that is interesting! One would think that the potential for many to be ‘asymptomatic carriers’, they wouldn’t want everybody and their brother donating organs. The potential delay in time for testing the ‘donor’ for ‘Covid’ could waste precious minutes, hours or days. And what if the result is a false positive; or worse, a false negative?

        But, if they have a DNA database already…..

        PCR test anyone?

      • Lyn P says:

        I understand also the UK put “Do Not Resussicate” orders on large swaths of patients (including young) without patient or family approval.

    • maria says:

      Could have a point there.

      I also just read the comment below about the UK organ law slipped in during ‘Covid’ and am taken aback. It amounts to mandatory organ harvesting. Unless the target for exploitation makes a move to object? It is very wrong that such momentous decisions are slipped in unnoticed.

      Seems that what is happening today is a claim for total possession of the biological sphere. Working through a cherry-picked political elite, a so-called ‘state’ is registering a claim for automatic ownership of organs and DNA.

      Getting unrestricted possession of the whole genetic inheritance is no doubt a temptation for those who can frame themselves as gifted, inquiring minds. Yet what really is happening is similar to a gold rush when a trophy is spotted. A frenzied grab and gathering to track and trace and eventually to trick people into doing things they don’t want to do.

      The idea of possession (for personal profit) has spiraled into the way beyond because there is no surrounding ethics- based culture. The takeover has invaded the humanities and the sciences and now medicine. Ideas such as kindness and compassion have been hijacked and re-framed as psychological tools and misanthropes sit on thrones and committees and pronounce on human destiny.

      With every new turn of the screw comes a glossy vocabulary. Smart terms get floated – as if some employee of a think-tank was told to delve through a pocket-book on psychology and come up with a distortion tool. If people object to the present attack on humanity they are ready with psychological terminology.
      And with the faked philanthropic attitudes comes the fake reality and a faked concern for the present and future of everyone.

      Possession – that word can be used in many ways. Perhaps relevant today in particular – possession by an evil spirit.
      Bad intention toward others – posing as its exact opposite.

      In the end it’s the words that are powerful … decrees, declarations, treaties, patents, law …
      But lies are more powerful it seems.

  9. Gary Reid says:


    I have read all your columns on “Covid.” I believe no virus has been isolated and I believe the tests are finding all kinds of “other stuff.”

    I don’t know that you have answered the question of the “worldwide spreading” of this “disease.”

    I consider Drs Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman to be on the right track—that some who think they have found “the virus” have really found “exosomes” the cell’s reaction to the toxins in the body causing “the illness.”

    They have not isolated “the” virus—but is there “a” virus coupled with the environment [air quality, bad food, EM radiation, et al] and the fact that most of us in the western world have “pre-existing conditions” and poor and/or compromised immune systems?

  10. Hélios says:

    Another matter for the German lawyer, Reiner Füllmich (trial for crimes against humanity).
    Did you watch his 45’video ?

    Finally, I will translate this article…
    Thanks, Jon, again.

  11. Fenando Martinez says:

    John, gracias por recordarnos lo obvio y que pocos, aqui en España, lamentablemente reconocen.

    Conserve usted el buen tino, lo necesitamos.

  12. sandra says:

    Serious honest question to which I am seeking an answer. So if no virus then what do people (including the President) have when they get ill and need medical attention HQC, Regeneron, Remidisver, etc.?

    • Grace Bruno says:

      When the president was interviewed a few days ago they asked what his symptoms were. He said he felt weak and real tired. If the president had been diagnosed with these same symptoms last June 2019 what do you think the diagnosis would have been? I’m betting on exhaustion He didn’t even have flu symptoms. Remember he is trying to eliminate fear because many will not return to work regardless of governors orders. One reliable way to control a population is FEAR & the 1% elites have done a smashing job.

  13. Braun says:

    You can’t prosecute someone when you’re living in a state of “Rule without Law”. And even the so called honest doctors know that to call into question the whole operation will call into question the whole medical industry and all of medical science and destroy them. It’s suicide. They live off a criminal system. They were schooled on it. Took out loans to be educated in it. Have poisoned and killed people with it. A million industries built upon it. A geopolitical infrastructure built upon it. A new global control system being based on it. Their dogma runs deep. The entwined snakes from Georgius Agricola have spawned the Hydra of infinite heads.

  14. george says:

    I think that there was never proved that a virus can cause a sickness. virus is just a piece of ARN. it may be that the sickness is causing cells to make defective arn that are expelled from cells.

    by prove i mean take just the virus (not the virus plus sick cells) inject it in a culture of healthy cells. see if the cells get sick.

  15. Peg B says:

    Today’s commenters – except for Ben – cheered me up.

  16. Tim says:

    Reading the larger PDF linked to by this article of a study of the survivability of SARS-CoV-2 on human skin,,
    it says “SARS-CoV-2 (JPN/TY/WK-521)was generously supplied by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (Tokyo, Japan), The virus was cultured” etc.
    So how can a lab supply SARS-CoV-2 if it does not exist and can not be identified and isolated?

    • Madness says:

      Who can anyone tell for sure that it is what they said it was?
      Again, everything is dead under the electron-microscope, no way to see the process, no way to see viruses during ‘work’. This is why Koch or River’s postulates would be so important to follow. But they can’t. Virology is a fake science.
      And I agree that docs never will admit it as in this case they should admit they poisoned many with their useless harmful vaxes and it would be suicide to them.

  17. Low Voltage says:

    Just when you thought you were safe…Now there’s “Long-Haul COVID-19.”

    Don’t worry, the article has been “fact-checked.”

    • Madness says:

      That’s the effect of radiation. Many don’t know but I read that there are real success stories with autistic children improving and it starts with total shielding. For night they have to sleep in a shielded tent and even the electricity is switched off in the also shielded house. And it works.

      ““There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “On the one hand, the electromagnetic contamination of fi5v-ghee, and on the other, the influence of influenza vaccination. There is an interaction and empowerment, which must be investigated”.”

  18. Deuce says:

    Thanks for this come to God moment Jon. You kept criticizing PCR and the test, when they were incidental players in the bigger fraud going on. Glad to see that maybe you’re now grasping that PCR is no more guilty when used improperly than a gun is when a crazy person goes on a shooting rampage. The gun is not guilty, but the gun DOES WORK. Likewise with PCR. Which is basically just a manufacturing process. It works. Amazingly well. Many of the components used in PCR tests are themselves made by PCR. Would you deny their existence? I can give you the names of 100000 people whose lives were saved by diagnoses that came from GOOD and VALIDATED PCR assays. PCR is not and never was the problem, despite you crucifying it repeatedly without any factual basis. Now you have the facts. And at least you were willing to eat your own shit to give us the truth. Far better than the CDC would do. We’re all wrong sometimes. How we handle it is what determines our integrity. You made the integrity move confessing that PCR was never the issue. The issue was always, as I told you many times in these comments, that PCR was being scapegoated to hide the fact that there was no virus. Some of those comments were regrettably deleted by your moderators. Sadly you were party to all of that, whether or not it was willful. Glad to see you correct this mistake. It only give me greater respect for you. No hard feelings.

    • Grace Bruno says:

      Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test said himself it CANNOT DETECT INFECTIOUS DISEASE. And Michael Yeadon former V.P & chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 yrs said half, then he said most of the positive tests are false positives. A true positive does not indicate presence of viable virus. There are 4 other corona virus and the common cold is one. PCR tests partial measures simply presence of partial RNA sequence present in intact dead virus which cannot make subject sick and can’t be transmitted.

  19. Deuce says:

    As Jon can attest the everything presented in this article is equally true for HIV. Go to the NIH website right now and looking! Up their statements on HIV and Koch’s Postulates. HIV never passed Koch’s Postulates either. They admit it, with the caveat that ‘most AIDS patients have HIV’ so it must be the cause. Oh yeah, well what about the ones that have AIDS and no HIV? Not surprisingly that don’t touch that one. Not only is COViD 19 a giant fraud, but it is being acted out from a 40 year old script. Written by the exact same people performing it, again, right now.

  20. Amanda says:

    Video: “Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic”

    Full Transcript

    How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits at Our Expense

  21. ken says:

    Me thinks many have a serious comprehension problem. Probably brought on by public school indoctrination. I don’t read the New York Slimes,,, but if I did,,, I would have to verify everything at least 5 times from different sources and even then I would be pessimistic and would certainly question their motives. Their 1619 project shows how far they will go,,, how much they will fabricate to press an agenda.

    Everything Jon has said is proven true by the fact that not one credible person or group I know of has questioned his facts including the CDC and the WHO. They are reeling this information out a little at a time so when you the fish FINALLY see the con they can jerk the hook and say Hey! “We told you,,, It IS YOU that wanted to IGNORE the science.”

    Anytime people have to lie about deaths, and infections, you can bet your being had. And in this case the lies were so overt a thinking person would have to laugh! Your bullshit meter should have been pegging the stop. The price?…… what little liberty you had left will be gone. What little money you saved will be gone. You may be unemployed for years. All because it is easier to believe then to question. Like signing an open contract that they will fill in later,,, you deserve all you get.
    But your children,,, poor creatures,,, they’re screwed big time as well because cowardly you didn’t question anything. Look at the indoctrination centers (aka schools)today. Talk about child abuse! Worse than high security prisons.

  22. Kali says:

    This report tells how they isolated it and where it can be gotten to do research.

    • Madness says:

      Really? 😀
      1. Sample from ONE (only one patient when we have a worldwide pandemic full with ill people…)
      2. “Nasopharyngeal (NP) and oropharyngeal (OP) swab specimens were collected on day 3 postsymptom onset, placed in 2–3 mL of viral transport medium, used for molecular diagnosis, and frozen. Confirmed PCR-positive specimens were aliquoted and refrozen until virus isolation was initiated.”
      – they collected samples everything in it from inside and outside, full with who-knows-what debris, bacteria, other viruses and so on.

      Then: Isolation? Watch what everything else were added to the sample, the key word the added antibiotics as the cells do nothing without it but for the effect of poisoning them with antibiotics they start to produce exosomes (what they call as viruses).
      “We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics”

      It is not a clear isolation, we still have many things in the ‘culture’ inc. poison. They isolated nothing what can be proven as a part of a novel virus.

      Watch Dr. Andrew Kaufman who found the ‘base of the virus’ in their database. That piece of something is from Homo Sapience chromosome 8.

    • mdskeptic says:

      That is an interesting study yet there are questions raised. 1) Why are they unable to culture in most animal in-vitro tissues? 2) Why did they use FTD 33 to exclude other pathogens when FTD 33 does not differentiate for SARS or MERS corona viruses. 3)What other clinically practical studies have been done using the isolates obtained? 4) have the isolates made anybody ill? 5)Has this culture and sequencing experiment been reproduced on other human cases? Finally my comment: Consensus sequences and amplicons are not proof of infection. More investigation is needed on the “bug”.

    • bleak says:

      “We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics.”

      So, right off the bat(;)), they used green monkey kidney cells (Vero CCL-81) and others as antibodies.

      HUH 7.0: Tumor cells

      293T: “a mutant version of the SV40”

      A549: derived from cancerous lung tissue

      Side Note: Interesting article…

      “Trump’s antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from an abortion”

      Key: They don’t mention any type of filtering processes.

      Key: “suggest(ed)” is mentioned three times.

      “Together, these results suggest that VeroE6 cells might be the best choice for amplification and quantification, but both Vero cell types support amplification and replication of SARS-CoV-2.”

      “These results are consistent with previous susceptibility findings for SARS-CoV and suggest other common culture systems, including MDCK, HeLa, HEP-2, MRC-5 cells, and embryonated eggs, are unlikely to support SARS-CoV-2 replication (20–22).”

      “These results are consistent with previous reports for SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, which suggested similar replication dynamics between the zoonotic CoV strains (23,24).”

      Suggest v.
      1a : to mention or imply as a possibility suggested that he might bring his family
      b : to propose as desirable or fitting suggest a stroll
      c : to offer for consideration or as a hypothesis suggest a solution to a problem
      2a : to call to mind by thought or association the explosion … suggested sabotage— F. L. Paxson
      b : to serve as a motive or inspiration for a play suggested by a historic incident
      3a : to call forth : evoke
      b obsolete : to seek to influence : seduce

      I’m guessing that Jon or a hoax-savvy medical research pro or doctor could pick this apart further.

  23. tripletail says:

    I and many others have been pointing out the PCR-Virus scam since March! People have known about this con since the late 1800s in France and else where. Antoine Bechamp, anyone?

    Keep exposing this psyop, Jon! Cheers!

  24. Serge Stone says:

    Whether a new virus has really been discovered or not is irrelevant. A discovery of a new possible pathogen can and should be of interest only to scientists. As far as general population goes, there has always been and always will be only one method of real protection against diseases – your own immune system, which can be strengthened solely by healthy lifestyle, i.e., clean environment, good nutrition, exercise in fresh air, general hygiene, absence of social stress. Nothing else will protect you, least of all vaccines and antiviral drugs, both of which have been developed against something that does not exist, i.e., “viruses”, which have never been truly discovered and isolated as pathogen agents. Therefore, all vaccines and (most) drugs are highly dangerous poisons, produced to make someone tons of money at the expense of your health. I know this firsthand as our family was acquainted with an eminent Russian doctor, who had started his career in the Russian Empire long before the 1917 revolution, and he always advised us against any vaccines and most chemical drugs in the strongest terms, which we later confirmed by plenty of personal experience with mainstream medical science, which would have killed all of us long ago, had we not used our own judgment.

    So even if a new pathogen had been discovered, no special action at all would have been required and no mentioning it in the news should have been made, which is precisely what happened during the 1957 and 1968 pandemics – most people never even heard of them at the time or later. The weakest died (quite a small number, by the way, compared to the overall population), others continued to live as usual. This is exactly what Professor Lass, the former Israeli Minister of Health, has been saying from the beginning of this “crisis” – let the pathogen, if it really exists, spread freely among the population, natural immunity will develop quickly and that’s it. Many other prominent doctors have been saying the same all along. And if they are wrong, how come the whole mankind has not yet died out from seasonal flu, which comes in a new form every year? And all the “measures” (“distancing”, travel restrictions, lockdowns, masks, gloves, hand washing), introduced by the utterly corrupt governments at the behest of the psychopaths running this global nuthouse, have long been proven to be utterly worthless by official studies, done by the WHO itself and by the CDC and a whole lot of other official institutions. The more you “isolate and quarantine”, the more sick you get – it’s a basic fact just like two and two makes four.

    The fact that most people cannot understand any of these simple things and are totally subjugated by official propaganda says a ton about the state of the “civilized” part of the mankind and our prospects, which are nil or even minus, and this is confirmed mathematically here:

    And here:

    And here:

    So the psychopaths running this current show need not bother themselves with population reduction – it will happen on its own very soon and no vaccines are required. And the shitheads will die along with the rest of us as all of their wealth will turn to dust and there will be no salvation anywhere on Earth (except, maybe, Bhutan, with its isolated geography, largely self-sustaining economy and true commitment to protection of Nature as opposed to pure economy in the rest of this idiotic world).

  25. Christoph says:

    The CDC has legal problems with the possession of virus samples, we know that most of the studies about SARS-CoV-2 can only be done in China because of the restrictions in the handling of select agents in the US.

    Of course we have isolated the virus, we have databases with the complete RNA sequences of the different strains. And we have nice pictures – not the computer models, but computer generated from electron microscopes:
    DrBeen Medical lectures shows what we know about the virus today:

    First, they told us the story about the fish market. Research anons started to dig and found no horseshoe bats near Wuhan. So they switched the story to the accidental release. We found out that it was a brand new state-of-the-art French-Chinese cat 4 lab in a country where people loose literally their heads when they don’t follow the protocols – no accidents. Then they invented the “it’s just the flu”-story and this time they were successful, the anons stopped digging. Some were still skeptical, but the “there is no virus at all”-story neutralized them: no virus => no bioweapon research in China funded by the US => case closed.

  26. Mark says:

    The whole Covid con depends on the “germ theory” of disease but…

    “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue; e.g., mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant.” – Rudolph Ludwig Karl Virchow (1821-1902) German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, biologist. Referred to as “the father of modern pathology”

    The germ theory persists because the medical industry, especially pharmaceutical interests, depends on it. If disease is a result of malnutrition and poor sanitation (as most are) then there is no patentable product to sell. No germ killer.

    So a germ MUST be found in order for the money to flow. There MUST be a villain so big pharma can sell a PATENTABLE villain killer!

  27. Marty Gutherz says:

    The analogy of the man with the impregnable steel vault is a brilliantly perfect one for describing this diabolical deception. I agree that the perpetrators of this scam and their political, medical, and scientific collaborators deserve prosecution for crimes against humanity.

  28. A Little Help From The Inside says:

    When you are tested, ask for a copy of the test results. I think you will find them really interesting.

  29. Anthony Zappia says:

    So what people are likely testing positive to is the supposed SARS virus?

  30. A Little Help says:

    William Happer, a Princeton scientists who works with the carbon molecule, has talked about how immensely idiotic climate change scientists are. His lectures can be applied to every branch of science. These men and women are not as intelligent as you may think they are.

  31. Gosple of Covid says:

    I had recently read that there was no Electron Microscope image of the supposed “covid-19” virus, which would be odd for a new, and suppisedly dangerous virus.

    I decided to research further.

    A number of publications, and “Researchers” and “Scientists” have published that they do indeed have that EM image.

    Yet upin further analysis, what they have is an image of a coronavirus, just presumed to be “covud-19”.

    Reading their methodologies/procedures, what these “experts” did was use the RT-PCR test to detect antibodies for coronavirus, thus which could have been any number of strains of coronavirus (not specifically the supposed “covid-19” strain), then merely presume those virus were “covid-19”, and simply because they wanted to.

    This is NOT science.

    Their fine-print disclaimers even state there is no way to verify those EM images they had were in FACT “covid-19” virus.

    This is what life in the Dark Ages if the 21st century looks like.
    Massive propaganda passes as knowledge.
    Pseudo-science is the new religion.

  32. A Little Help says:

    The enormous fallacy in all of this is the assumption of causality where none has been proven.

    Why isolate any particular virus in teh first place?

    Why do you think they always conveniently fail to mention the other postulates: the ones that involve TESTING to establish pathogenicity?

  33. Paul says:

    “…open the windows
    and let the fresh air in;
    and then we’ll be living
    in a far better world.”

    “Let the sunshine,
    let the sunshine in,
    the sunshine in”

    Aquarius (The 5th Dimension)


    They claim that there have been 38 million cases worldwide so far. That is a lot a bodies from which to potentially isolate the virus. If they have not done so yet, then it clearly doesn’t exist.

  35. Benjamin Martin says:


  36. Joshua Michael says:

    Jon, I sent you an email with a recent study whereby a very substantial claim to both isolation and purification has been made.

    For the rest who want to read the study, you can find it in Riddel et al, “The effect of temperature on persistence of SARS‑CoV‑2 on common surfaces,” Virol. J. (2020) 17:145 DOI: 10.1186/s12985-020-01418-7

    Ignore the crap in that paper, the only part that is of interest is the subtitle VIRUS ISOLATE on page 2. The mention of pelleting via ultracentrifugation is the isolate purification process.

    But here’s the problem: pelleting via ultracentrifugation is the identical process used to generate purified “gold standard” exosome isolates (see

    There remains no evidence that the “virus” identified by scientists is anything other than a cellular exosome, a crucial component of a normal, healthy, functioning immune system.

    What exactly is the ‘vaccine’ going to target in our bodies, hmm?

    • lamberth says:

      IMO, the vaccine’s target is exactly what you imply, our 𝗻𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗹 immune system. To weaken it, perhaps even destroy it.
      The recipient will then entirely rely on frequent vaccinations just to stay alive.
      It will be a BigPharma business worth many billions of $$$$ annually.

      Just my opinion, by putting one and one together.

  37. Elaine M Overturff says:

    I agree that these people need to go to prison. If they did not want to follow the standards that are actually set then they should not be scientists. Any dumb ass doctor and scientist who has play along with this nonsense should be stripped of their credentials. The one’s that amended the peer reviewed articles on masks and anything else that had to do with the deception should also be losing their credentials forever.

  38. gavin says:

    And this gem from the same study- “Before public release of virus sequences from cases of 2019-nCoV, we relied on social media reports announcing detection of a SARS-like virus. We thus assumed that a SARS-related CoV is involved in the outbreak”
    Social media reports?? Assumed was like SARS?? is this the basis for the entire PCR test still in use today?
    Can anyone tell me if this test that Drosten created is the same one that the WHO recommended for use worldwide?

  39. Rachel says:

    I stumbled across an article today about a woman who kept getting different covids until the worst one finally killed her during one of her chemotherapy treatments.

    Now, you could read this and assume the virus is changing (they do mutate, after all) or far more logically they isolated different opportunistic pathogens that ended up taking over after she had been sick for years (and passed away at 89).

  40. Béla Bartók says:

    Yes, the test was designed before they had a real sequence of a real virus (and probably this is the case with most viruses). This has been already commented by researchers.

    One of these researchers was Stefan Lanka, who back in June published a couple of article about Covid and its PCR test. And he also accused Christian Drosten, adviser of the German government and designer of the Covid PCR test, of committing Crimes against Humanity. I don’t know if he accused him formally, because in the newsletter where he told this it is not clear, and I can’t read German.

    Drosten is listed among the authors of the document quoted by Jon.

    Then, recently, a group of lawyers commanded by Reiner Fuellmich announced that they are going to file a lawsuit against WHO and Drosten, accusing them also of Crimes against Humanity and making an analogy with the Nuremberg trials. I don’t know the link between Lanka and Fuellmich (and ACU, the commission of which he takes parts). Most probably they are connected, or at least Fuellmich read Lanka’s articles (that’s for sure).

    I don’t know who the plaintiffs are or who are paying the lawyers. And who helps ACU financially.



  41. Paul says:

    “And, oh yes, prosecute these researchers who devised a test for the virus they never found.

    Prosecute them for crimes against humanity, and send them to prison.”

    “History will record the faces
    of the Public Expertise
    as some of the most
    sinful, egregious, epic failures
    in the history of public policy.

    They have killed people
    with their lack of understanding
    & their lack of caring…
    etc, etc…
    etc, etc…
    etc, etc…



    ~ Dr. Scott Atlas

    (on Laura Ingraham show, 1/2 hr. in)

  42. Don Parker says:

    Okay… so what are millions of people dying off Also, it would be nice if your were using up to date info for your “proof.” Which at this point in time is highly suspect. And no, you may not add my email address to your subscriber list.

    • Madness says:

      Where? Who?
      “With the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, “Doctors for the Truth” stated that Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth….

      “A world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.”

      “This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse,” was stressed at the end of the meeting. Doctors agreed that:

      Coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths.
      Figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols.
      The confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.
      The disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them.
      “There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “On the one hand, the electromagnetic contamination of fi5v-ghee, and on the other, the influence of influenza vaccination. There is an interaction and empowerment, which must be investigated”.

      Angel Luis Valdepeñas underlined at the end of the meeting:

      “We must tell our governments that they NEVER OCCUR to compel us to vaccinate, or even recommend it, for the slightest sense of prudence. …”

      • Lyn P says:

        Thank you Madness for your multiple reasoned responses to the under- or wrongly-informed. We can hope that they are seeking and open to actual facts (they never seem to have any of their own) and right-setting.

  43. Jomsvikings says:

    Interesting post and very informative.

    But I’m still confused on whether or not a “real” virus exists? In fact, it’s getting so perplexing and stressful, I can’t sleep at night! One day I conclude it’s all fake – a big hoax, but the next day I believe it’s a real virus that’s been hyped-up & overblown like crazy to a achieve a global vaccination program. And these thoughts repeat it’s self changing almost everyday.

    In fact, I’m obsessed with researching everything I can find on both sides of the aisle. I watch & enjoy all your reports on YouTube and, btw, you gave a fantastic interview a month or so ago on Coast to Coast with George.

    Here’s my confusion, though, in a nutshell:

    -We have Dr.Judy Mikovits who says she worked with Fauci years ago and the virus was created in a lab to help develope vaccines for SARS-related coronaviruses.

    -Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan said the virus was also created – more specifically in the Wuhan lab.

    -Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a world-renowned microbiologist and one of the most cited researchers in German history, states it’s nothing more than a circulating coronavirus that’s less potent than the seasonal flu and poses little threat to healthy people under 70. He also says any vaccine will be ineffective and potentially dangerous:

    -Prof Jean-Francois Toussaint, a sports Epidemiologist from the University of Paris, says the virus has been circulating all over Europe last summer as well as at the World Military games in Wuhan last October. He said conditions were just right in Europe & the U.S. this past spring for the virus to explode:

    -Dr Sunetra Gupta, professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford, said it’s similar to the seasonal flu and she’s pushing hard for the UK to pursue a strategy of herd immunity:

    These are just a few of scientists that I’ve follow-up on. There are more on both sides, but I particularly selected Bhakdi, Toussaint & Gupta – as they’re mainstream, highly credentialed & renowned in their respected fields of expertise.

    See how perplexing this is?!? They all can’t be right. There has to be a right answer – it’s either a real, existing virus OR whole thing is a hoax…I’m going CRAZY trying to figure this out!

    Any thoughts anyone?

    • Madness says:

      Yes. Globalists always had a kind of controlled opposition. It is a kind of way-out to them if things don’t go the way they planned.
      If common people were able to recognize that virology is a scam, imagine what would happened with all the doctors who administered those poisonous vaccines. They never ever would dare to admit that, they must insist till a level to the original tale about viruses.

      Go back to the beginning to understand, it will help a lot and very interesting in my opinion. In this book there are many-many real history records from the beginning, the story of the present medicine showed through vaccinations, crimes of 200 years:

      Also if you can watch the Bollinger’s series about The Truth about Vaccines – there you find some docs speak openly and honestly. If viruses would exist and would work on the way they stated and taught to us, vaccines should have worked. But they are just didn’t. It is and WAS always all about the money and power to them.

    • Kolo says:

      Any thoughts?
      The world is full of lying psychopaths

    • Piksil says:

      “but I particularly selected (…) – as they’re mainstream, highly credentialed & renowned in their respected fields of expertise.”

      They are well funded.
      Gupta is part of the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’. Well funded, and numerous connections to The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution.

      See Alison McDowel, at wrenchinthegears (dot) com.

    • Lyn P says:

      And to add (crudely) to Madness’ reply, once you see from 30,000 feet that all the “viral science” is just a massive bubble of techno-speak test tube laboratory jibberish, with no IN VIVO application except toxic “vaccines” and by-products, you can’t un-see that.
      Dr. Judy has excellent points but she resides in this virology-lab world thus I find her most key contribution to the discussion is about how deceptive research practices that Faux-chi was definitely involved with covered up vaccine harm data.

  44. Karina says:

    The test is useless for Covid and no one should get tested.
    There’s something in the test.
    When someone gets tested by Swab, Prick, or
    Blood test, these tests all contain hydrogel/Quantum Dot, NanoSynBio’s.

    Upon entry into your blood system they:

    Assemble and swarm together.
    They fuse to blood cells, organs and tissue.
    They crawl, travel and spread throughout your body where they multiply.
    They change your DNA adding strands and editing your human DNA.
    They rewire your body and it begins to become robotic.
    They cross the blood brain barrier.
    Once in the brain this nano-glue takes over your brain.
    You become you own computer AI interface.
    AI slowly reduces your human brain capacity and elevates AI until the point where AI does all your thinking. You are no longer a human in your mind and body.
    As will all predators, it finally kills you.

    These NanoSynBio particles do several things:

    According to proclaimed Mad Scientist Dr. James Giordano they are a neuroweapon. He is a a neurologist and policy-maker with truly terrifying credentials.

    I found this on

  45. lamberth says:

    Great article Jon, thank you.
    Your perseverance in exposing this fraud is greatly admired.

  46. Henry Barth says:

    We have deposited information on the SARS-CoV-2 USA-WA1/2020 viral strain described here into the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository (https://www.beiresources.orgExternal Link) reagent resources (American Type Culture Collection, https://www.atcc.orgExternal Link) and the World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses, University of Texas Medical Branch ( Link), to serve as the SARS-CoV-2 reference strain for the United States.
    The SARS-CoV-2 fourth passage virus has been sequenced and maintains a nucleotide sequence identical to that of the original clinical strain from the United States. These deposits make this virus strain available to the domestic and international public health, academic, and pharmaceutical sectors for basic research, diagnostic development, antiviral testing, and vaccine development. We hope broad access will expedite countermeasure development and testing and enable a better understanding of the transmissibility and pathogenesis of this novel emerging virus.

  47. Anton says:

    Not trying to be smart but how does one explain the bodies?

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