To Dr. Scott Atlas: Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump’s life

To Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus advisor

by Jon Rappoport

October 3, 2020

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If media reports are correct, the president is receiving 2 experimental drugs: the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, and the antiviral, Remdesivir.

Aside from their individual adverse effects…


You know the adverse effects of Remdesivir, Scott. They’re more than worrisome. Acute kidney injury, for example. And this drug has only emergency authorization, and it’s explicitly for patients who are SEVERE COVID cases. Trump is not a severe case. What’s going on? Why are the Walter Reed doctors piling on?

The other drug, Regeneron, the antibody cocktail, synthesized versions of mouse and human antibodies, is still in clinical trials. There is NO authorization for its use.

In past trials of antibody drugs, highly increased infection has occurred. Very dangerous.

And pray these doctors don’t suddenly opt for a ventilator. They could do that, if Trump’s condition worsens, because of the effects of the DRUGS. They will call those effects “serious COVID decline.”

In a large New York study of COVID patients in Trump’s age group, 97 percent of the patients receiving ventilator treatment died. Ventilator treatment, as you know, involves heavy and prolonged sedation.

The president is in a very dangerous situation.

Every damn doctor who has any ethics at all should be screaming bloody murder right now. This is not supposition. Would you prescribe a patient not one, but two highly experimental drugs, each of which has very damaging effects? Would you prescribe them TOGETHER? EVER? Especially when the patient is not close to being seriously ill? Especially when the drugs’ combined effects have never been studied?


They’re going after the president as if he’s hanging on to life by a thread and they have to throw everything they’ve got at him.

Who is watching over the president’s life? Are these doctors trying to kill him?


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

95 comments on “To Dr. Scott Atlas: Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump’s life

  1. Piksil says:

    Relax everyone!

    New info, on the news.

    Prez is being treated for AIDS, not ‘Covid’.

    He will be fine after his treatment. You know, the standardized treatment that they give everyone with AIDS.

    Whew! He is safe, we are safe.


    Sarcasm off.
    Hope Dr Atlas reads your post. Stronger hope that he’s not receiving these ‘treatments’ at all. If he is, and survives, he could be our first GMO prez.

  2. Kerry says:

    The hidden hand can’t lose with this one. If Trump survives…their drugs are good! If he dies…problem solved (for his opponents).

    I am seeing another JFK in plain sight with the hordes cheering for his death like they’re watching the gladiator coliseum back in Rome.

    I think Trump is done like dinner.

    • Farsighted says:

      My thoughts, exactly. I’m very disappointed Trump let himself fall into this trap instead of demanding that he be allowed to take HCQ as he reportedly did a few months ago prophylactically.

  3. Opie Poik says:

    Deep State Hospital Corp. is treating Trump as though he were in dire straits, because the Deep State is in dire straits. This will be Trump’s “back-and-to-the-left” Dealy Plaza moment. Too bad he’s allowing it. These bastards can’t win without cheating. Here comes the 80 million man/300 million gun posse. The whole world’s watching.

    Grandpa retired doctor, where were you when they assassinated Trump, the deep state’s speed bump? Full speed ahead, depopulation agenda! Oh, right, there won’t be any inquisitive grandchildren.

    • Opie Poik says:

      What if they “cure” Trump with all of the poison/nanotech/GMO/whatever they want to force us to take, thereby averting a pro-Trump rampage which would ensue, were he assassinated; and then, Trump HELPS them to push the vax agenda?

      Gosh. it’d be a nice vacation, right about now, to return to an episode of Leave It To Beaver, written and directed by Norman Rockwell.

      • Sonia H. says:

        Trump was never our friend. He is not going to start being one now. Exactly what is going on here, with Trump and his “COVID infection”, I don’t know – but I doubt we are getting the whole story.

        • Di says:

          Sonia H are you in the country illegally?
          What has Trump done to you? Is the wall bothering you? Maybe you have friends in other nations that want to come to their racist nation? HUH?
          Why are you so harsh on the President?

    • Farsighted says:

      +1 for prose, Polk.

  4. bleak says:

    Where has Dr Atlas been anyway? I thought fauxci was done but nothing from Atlas? He seems to be derelict in his duties.

    Or is all this part of the “plan”? Doomsday bombers from Raven Rock were activated and pilots are wearing ‘reaper drone over China’ patches. No, I’m not qanoning; it’s a plausible hypothetical.

  5. Low Voltage says:

    The Greatest Show on Earth!

    You said so yourself, these guys get paid big bucks to write movie scripts like these and play them out on the TV news. Orwell wrote about the whole process more than 70 years ago.

    • Eli35 says:

      Ah — is this the part in the plot where they help Trump fake his own death so he can retire to a private island to play golf without ever having to lose the election or face all the law suits everyone wants to bring against him? It would have to read as though he actually died . . . then the surprise twist would come as we see him in a Hawaiian shirt sipping a fruit drink with his golf cart behind him.

  6. goat says:

    Yeah, this is what I was afraid might happen. That is this is likely a coup.

  7. Paul says:

    Excellent Jon.

    I don’t know how to do it, but would someone send Jon’s Atlas article to Prez’s kids, to forewarn them, so they can apply counter pressure, with these FACTS.

    • Patricia Knudsen says:

      I just emailed Jon re getting this to his kids

    • Eliot Lee says:

      Seeing how they haven’t been able to isolate the virus according to Koch’s Postulate, they’ve may have brewed up some cocktail for MSUltra scenarios. If that is the case and he is turned into a Zombie like Biden, who would wiling get a vaccine? Let’s call them for what they are, injections with no government oversight.

      • Larry C says:

        Excellent point, Eliot Lee…if President Trump is zombified or worse passes on, there goes their Holy Crusade to Stick a Needle in Each and Everyone of Us!

  8. D. Smith says:

    Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you that we’re barely into fall, facing the biggest election of our time, coming off the disastrous (for Biden) debate – – – and now ALL OF A SUDDEN everyone is coming down with corona??? Color me skeptical but I’m just a bit wary because this is all just too convenient for the democraps, doncha think? I think this is the only card the dimocraps had left to play so they’re going to try to do it up big.

  9. entagor says:

    A chinese research paper from April that had been withdrawn reported testicular cell damage in mice from remsdesivir. There were scary before/after images of damaged sperm. My first thought was that vax supporters could submit bogus research long enough to be destroy the reputation of remseivir, and then withdraw the paper to push people to vaccines. On the other hand if the research was authentic, the test should be easily reproducible in mice. There is no excuse not to re run the same experiments
    A preliminary study on the reproductive toxicity of GS-5734 on male mice

    The pdf may be downloaded, no use of this copyrighted paper without permission

  10. entagor says:

    I should have added this from Chris Masterjohn, who has written many good articles at Weston Price

  11. David says:

    When I read that Remdesivir was being touted I knew something dirty was afoot.

    • Piksil says:

      Faux-chee’s payoff? Bump their stock value?

      $9.00 to produce, $2000 billed to ‘govt’ insurance, $3000 to private insurance.

      Trump’s on Medicare, right?

  12. TJ says:

    I’m not sure I even trust the reports are accurate tbh. These people are always lying and playing games.

  13. Amanda says:

    fwiw- I was watching Line in the Sand on brandnewtube, and one of the commenters noted that Trump had previously talked about getting the flu shot. So I looked it up and found this:

    Trump, May 14: I never lost anybody to the flu. Look, I’ve had people having the flu. I said, “Hey, how are you doing with the flu?” They had the flu. I never had the flu. You know, the first thing they did, they want to give me a flu shot. I never had the flu. And I come to the White House, “Sir, we have to give you a flu shot.” I said, “Why?” And I took it. I don’t know if I should have. Who knows? Three times now. I’ve taken three flu shots, but anyway. …

    And I remember when this whole psyop got started, Dr. Buttar suspected the flu vaccine might have played a role somehow and he wanted to find out how many of the people with covid got the flu shot.

    And there’s this:
    Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies)

  14. Cal says:

    When this was first reported that Trump and his wife were virus positive, I knew this was highly suspect and a lie.
    I am wondering if we will ever see Trump and Melania again.
    Highly suspect……

  15. Virus Hoax says:

    Tweet to Dr Scott Atlas that the error rate for the covid tests are unknown. The FDA approved the use under emergency authorization which waives independant efficacy testing. Therefore the efficacy rate is unknown, it could be zero. And every positive could be false. There is no science to know one way of the other.

    • Larry C says:

      To Virus Hoax:

      “The FDA approved the use under emergency authorization which waives independant efficacy testing.”

      It’s interesting how that works: The very act of declaring an “emergency authorization” lends further weight to waiving efficacy testing…at least in the minds of the Fake News Audience…consequences be damned. If it’s an EMERGENCY, then the COVID Pandemic must be REAL by definition.

      Clever lads…

  16. BDBinc says:

    I believe this is a false flag op to promote the BIG LIE covid.
    Here we all know the reference-less pcr test is meaningless.
    How can anyone have something that doesn’t exist.
    Drs lie all the time they probably didn’t give him anything as he doesn’t have ” covid” as covid doesn’t exist.

  17. ken says:

    He took the Test which indicates he is not quite the genius he claims he is.

    Never, ever voluntarily take the test.

    And on the other hand, this could be a Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro publicity stunt. For his sake,,, I hope so.

  18. Ivan Zunic says:

    Dear Jon, dear all,
    This is really not to sound cynical:

    Everyone is responsible for his own treatment. I would expect this from POTUS first. Especially after all what happened/happens and that information excess.

    If he is to be killed this way then…

    Sorry, I really don’t want to be cynical!!

    Best to all from Germany

  19. Larry C says:

    “The FDA approved the use under emergency authorization which waives independant efficacy testing.”

    It’s interesting how that works: The very act of declaring an “emergency authorization” lends further weight to waiving efficacy testing…at least in the minds of the Fake News Audience…consequences be damned. If it’s an EMERGENCY, then the COVID Pandemic must be REAL by definition.

    Clever lads…

  20. Mark Weatherly says:

    Okay. Everybody take a deep breathe, exhale and repeat if necessary. To everyone on this blog-site, does any conspiracy-related comments have any concrete evidence to support their assertions? I haven’t seen any, but it you have fact-based evidence, then I would welcome such. You’re spewing spurious speculative words. Nothing of this kind of thinking has been proven accurate. But, by all means, continue or start researching this. Like Sgt. Joe Friday, the primary character stated, on Dragnet the t.v. show of earlier years “Just the facts mam.”

    • D. Smith says:

      You would have to look up the side-effects of the 2 drugs they said Trump was placed on while at Walter Reed. I cannot come close to spelling them, but you obviously can do the research. Those drugs are dangerous, and worse yet, untested for this “disease”.

      Take a step back and look at the whole thing from a non-political view. Just do the research on the medicine and then we can talk.

      All kinds of things are “reported” – – – that doesn’t make them true (such as that Trump has just very recently become short of breath – since he’s been hospitalized). Actually, we don’t even know for certain that he’s actually getting those drugs, maybe that part is all a scam, too. In these situations I’d rather trust no one. Most people are “getting over this” by simply staying at home for a couple of days and resting. That’s the story being told by most.

    • Sue says:

      Jon is right. They should NOT be experimenting on the President. We have plenty of evidence that the tests are total garbage, some have been found to be “contaminated”

      Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be …

      And some have returned positive results from a goat, a papaya, and motor oil.

      In addition, IF the President has “the virus,” he should not be experimented on. This “cocktail” is still in the experimental stages, and here’s a result from one of Regeneron’s previous experiments:

      Regeneron Discloses Two Deaths from its Bispecific Antibody RGN1979

      • MmeGermane says:

        The biospace article discusses a different “therapeutic” made by the same company, Regereron, used on lymphoma patients.

        The president’s kidney functioning will be monitored. Dialysis would have to be turned to rather than a ventilator, if “fighting” this with two barrels, two experimentals, proves to damage his kidneys for awhile.

        Giving him two serious drugs was poor judgement, but he won’t be given more at least, treatments over.( Let’s hope that he is getting some intravenous C to detoxify.)

        But commentators are so right about producing ballfields of ventilators- if we build them they will come- hurting helpless people around the world for months now.

  21. Amanda says:

    FWIW- Paul Craig Roberts added two sentences to Jon’s article and it got posted here:

    Interesting that this is the FIRST TIME Ron Unz posted anything from Rappoport on this corona scam. Unz was pushing the fear porn just like the MSM. He latched onto the “it’s a bioweapon” BS and refused to listen to anyone else. When I tried to post the two CA doctors from Bakersfield who said that their data showed that covid was “similar to the flu” he refused to let my comment go through. He also ignored all the citizen journalists who were filming the empty hospitals and calling out the BS.

    That said, I’m glad Rappoport is finally getting posted over there.

  22. Don says:

    Yep. He should be receiving HCQ instead. Assassination in plain site? Is Pence in on it?

    • Karen Bracken says:

      Pence is part of the deep state and have been worried about him for many years, even before he became President Trump’s pick for VP. I was very disappointed with that choice. Pence was involved with PEPFAR when he was a Senator and that is why he assigned big Pharma whores, Birx and Fauci to head up the COVID scamdemic.

      • Mary Ellen Barry says:

        Pence, as part of the task force, was also in charge of speaking with all the Governors, at least during the early “flatten the curve” and “oops we need 30 more days” deception. During the task force press conferences, Trump often turned to Pence and said, “Mike you talked with all the Governors…..” I often wonder what Pence said to them and if he “nudged” them towards all the lockdown restrictions and nursing home directives….

  23. Pam says:

    While reports are alarming the fact that these treatments are only used for serious cases may be a clue the whole thing is more covid theater. Trump has consistently talked tough, saying what we want to hear while doing the opposite behind the scenes. A recent example is when he cut funding to WHO he gave almost $1 billion to Gate’s nonprofit, GAVI which gave it to WHO. Trump provided cover for Federal Reserve meetings, threatening tariffs against China every time. Rothschild agent, Wilbur Ross, bailed Trump out of financial trouble years ago and is now Secretary of Commerce. Trump’s their guy. I’d suggest Trump is controlled opposition to keep conservatives pacified; thinking we have a champion in the White House. Would a true Constitutional conservative initiate Operation Warp Speed, involve the military to disburse it to the masses and buy 300 million vaccines, enough to inject all of us? If there were no resistance to Fauci and Co, we might get suspicious of the government cramming this down our throats. Do you see the game, a skeptical president is won over to the wisdom of Fauci and Gate’s prescription for us.

    • Joe Shmuk says:

      Incisive thinking Pam. Only time will tell whether it’s a Trump reality gambit or, scenario #2: VP Pence destroys Harris in debate, one way or another Trump can’t continue and the next President of the US – to quell the insanity – is family man Pence. There is also a 3rd scenario: simultaneous with Trump’s covid-call, America launched two of its 16 doomsday bombers, potentially to connect with the nuclear-armed submarine fleet in case of an EMP attack (Electro-Magnetic Pulse). There’s probably a 4th, 5th and 6th scenario: the 3 P’s (Pissants Parasites and Predators) are endlessly creative. They are also dispiritingly transparent, stupid and psychopathic.

      • Pam says:

        Hadn’t heard the 3P’s before;) so true. They’re master’s of misdirection, keeping people stirred up and confused.

  24. MrJAMES GATHINGS says:

    I fear for our President, What gone on? He is not critcal ill just a
    light feeble ” What gone on “

  25. D. Smith says:

    This is some good sounding news. Just came to my inbox a little bit ago, but I’m in the Mountain Time Zone and the article was written (most likely) in the Eastern Time zone, which is 2 hours ahead of us.

    Here’s the link:

  26. Siouxma says:

    Jon- someone posted this on FREEREPUBLIC, and moderator Jim Robinson pulled the whole thing damning the messenger.

    Your message is spot on for Dr.Atlas to step up and protect his patient or show himself as a coward or traitor. Then we will have another assassination like Garfield’s Death by Doctors’ maltreatment.
    No wonder DJT tweeted this is the “PLAGUE”. The killer drugs are making him get worse and that’s the real PLAGUE.

    • Piksil says:

      Censorship is rampant, and worsening each day it seems.

      If Trump tweeted this is the “PLAGUE”, then I don’t believe a word of it.

      Very early on in this play, former StL Cardinal centerfielder Jim Edmonds was ‘hospitalized’ with reported ‘Covid-19. It was all over the local news with clips of him wearing a mask, an IV pole in the background, saying: “this is no joke”.
      Sadly, he had tested ‘positive for covid’, and pneumonia.

      I didn’t buy it for a minute, although his hair was messed up….thankfully he recovered, and I’m sure the videographer removed the IV pole. I assume he recovered from the pneumonia, but hey, that doesn’t get headlines…he’s a ‘covid survivor’!!

      ‘This’ is not real. Never purified and isolated, no new symptoms unique to ‘it’, non-diagnostic test used to identify ‘it’, exaggerated numbers of cases and deaths, etc etc.

      Luckily, Jim Edmonds, Tom Hanks, Boris Johnson, and Prince Charles ‘survived’ medical treatment (real treatment? I doubt it. Acting.) Garfield’s treatment surely hastened his death.

      But we still have his cartoons ????

      Update: Trump is better already! Those doctors are awesome! Best ever. Many great doctors doing wonderful things at Walter Reed. Gonna get more doctors, really wonderful, smart people approved at warp speed. No need for residency. If they can write a prescription, and wear a lab coat with a stethoscope around their neck, they’re doctors!
      8:35 PM CDT…news update. He’s thanking everyone for ‘bi-partisan support of the American people….’ He acted subdued, like he just got out of time-out. My guess is someone had a talk with the prez, and it wasn’t doctors.

      Buy Resdemivir stock Monday morning.

      • Truth-Hurts says:

        did not even read yours but wrote similar post — resdemivir would now be the standard care ….and insurance would be asked to cover ….big pharma & fauxi and gang make billions in exchange for opening the economy…till the vaccine is ready to go…there will be another false flag for vaccine planned…..
        In exchange for all this …Trump will be given a 2nd term….Period!
        One thing I missed out — not as money smart as you are –buying resdemicir stock…Brilliant!!

  27. Karen Bracken says:

    The agencies in our government will do ANYTHING to get rid of any President that bucks the system. And they did just that with John F. Kennedy. We all need to pray President Trump makes it out of this place alive. I am not feeling good about this at all. Again, they will do ANYTHING and everyone has their price.

    • herbert l smith says:

      Billionaires don’t buck the system, people who buck the system don’t get there own network TV shows.

      I can’t believe so many people here just buy into this bukkshit.

  28. sam quentin says:

    “The president is in a very dangerous situation.”

    No, the U.S. is.

    Trump is merely a shill of the Elite that control the deadly U.S. medical industry (along with every other industry).

    First they ensured Trump would lead his followers to accepting mandatory facemasks…..

    Now they’re ensuring Trump will lead his followers to accepting mandatory vaccines.

    2016, Trump v Hillary was a lose-lose situation.
    2020, Trump v Biden will be the exact same.

    “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”
    -Edward Bernays- Propaganda (1928)

  29. Not So Free says:

    Is this another asassination attempt?

  30. Larry says:

    Never seen so many comments on your blog, Jon!

    Time for some conspiracy hypotheses:

    1) he’s being assassinated
    2) he’s faking his own death
    3) it’s all a publicity stunt, he’ll ‘pull through’ before a monumental landslide victory, America, farck yeah!
    4) he has absolutely no idea and his medical care is standard

    Of all those, I find the last the most tragic by far.

  31. Rose B says:

    Considering Trump’s previous well-publicized comments about various remedies for COVID, it’s certainly possible that he insisted on some of the drug routine he’s reportedly being given. Or he might be being manipulated– he’s certainly not the brightest bulb on the wire.

  32. Marb says:

    What if the supposed administered cocktail as reported by the MSM is disinformation?… I’m with Sam Quentin, Trump is a shill, RepublicRats Demoplicans both have the same Masters, Trump has always worn a metaphorical Mask , achieving precisely Zero of the vaunted anti-imperialist agenda , dog whistled throughout the 2016 Campaign trail… Lies all Lies…just like Obama… i have an unprovable theory that trump has simply been reprising his role as an actor.. blackmailed into running for president by explicit material evidence of his sexual misdeeds with underage girls in connection with Epstein , the Lolita express , and Epstein’s Island…. the Establishment DemocRats thought their candidate would be a shoo in, forget about the cooked up Russian Dossier smokescreen , why would the NSA and other secret Deep State actors,not have the dirt on Trump.. and every other Senator and Congress Person for that matter?… sound implausible?

  33. Eli35 says:

    LOL Paul. I think you got it right!

  34. Saul A. Lye says:
    Just in case we forget that great work ofart, The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, there it is.

  35. jg says:

    I think people are going off the deep end with this. The pres of the US has the best of the best drs. Rekax peooke. STOP WITH ALL THE DRAMA. It’s not like they were hired by Pelosi! ????

  36. Jt Kong says:

    Trump in danger? I think it doubtful that Trump is actually taking the anti- viral cocktail. The more relevant issue, which you touched on in your last post, is why is Trump faking getting a fake virus on the eve of a fake election?

    • Jock says:

      Spot on. If we can have a fake virus, I’m expecting fake vaccines and treatments. Based on fake tests. How gullible humans are.

    • mdskeptic says:

      It all smells fake. I’ve taken care of lots of PCR Positive “”Covid”” this year. Seldom have I even heard of, let alone treated actual connubial bliss positives. We are all being scammed.

    • mdskeptic says:

      What I really want to know is, How is Melania ?

  37. Pft says:

    Trumps going along with the con job. I doubt he is taking anything. He touted HCQ and said he was taking it prophylactically. Not sure if he went off. He basically has a cold and assuming the symptoms are real and has control over his treatment as does any patient.
    His touting the antibody treatment developed with 450m from Barda is a ploy to get fast approval and take credit for its development. Sucking up to Gilead also helps him. Reinforcing the virus as a real threat helps market his vaccine

    People are so easy to fool, lol

  38. Vicki says:

    Was a Trump fan for a bit, even knowing that no politician can be trusted. When the initial 2-week lockdown went into effect, I was shocked, but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought, no one person can know everything. If his advisors came to him and said that a weaponized virus had escaped from a lab in Wuhan, and they needed 2 weeks to figure out what it was, of course it is possible that he believed it and took their advice.

    But everything that he has done after those 2 weeks were over, as far as I’m concerned, he’s joined the Deep State, if he wasn’t part of it to begin with. I know many people, including many of my friends, are coming up with every possible scenario to convince themselves that Trump is playing the ultimate chess game. I get it. They don’t have anywhere else to turn in this filthy corrupt government. But there are just no more excuses left. Trump’s behavior during this plandemic is pure tyranny. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Piksil says:


      All presidents (since Kennedy? Eisenhower? Washington?) have been (s)elected for a reason.

      And, I don’t think you’re wrong. But, there have been a few governors just as tyrannical as Trump, maybe more so.

  39. Hélios says:

    Trump’s speech from hospital, he feels well :

  40. Siouxma says:

    O retract my whole comment as I don’t know enough to say the mean things I did. Dr. Atlas is not DJT’S personal physician but is supposed to be a trusted adviser. I listened to DJT on his tweet from Walter Reed and he definitely is not severely I’ll. Praying for a good outcome all the way around.

  41. arjan says:

    Trust the plan. WWG1WGA

    • Hélios says:

      Exactly ! As we know there is no coronavirus at all, Trump can’t be ill. So doctors can’t give him some harmful drugs. There is another reason we don’t know yet. But we’ll know it.

  42. Jock says:

    I think it’s safe to assume they’ve been secretly testing both drugs individually and together long before the your president has received it.

    It’s a smoking gun, they’ve just been caught secretly testing and deploying unlicensed unapproved drugs. Probably tested on military and other willing subjects.

  43. herbert l smith says:

    Trump gets the Rona 33 days before the election? And Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack and the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened too.

  44. Kjell Holmsten says:

    Mr. President participates in the Freemasons’ game, he is a Freemason himself. Thought you were smarter?

  45. tripletail says:

    You’re all being played. And so easily. That Jon believes this mini-psyop is troubling. Trump can readily be classified as a Freemason/Jesuit and likely crypto-Jew. The evidence is out there. Do the research.

    Doing date diff math between 10.2 and 11.3, we get 33. This is just another component of the ongoing psyop. The Jews, Jesuits and Freemasons use the Gematria ciphers in absolutely everything they do. Learn to speak their mathematical language. And never get fooled again.

  46. David Ferro says:

    Regeneron Polyclonal antibodies are transcription terminators without discretion of healthy cells. Remdesivir, “causes the RNA-dependent RNA polymerases to pause, but its predominant effect (as in Ebola) is to induce an irreversible chain termination. Unlike with many other chain terminators, this is not mediated by preventing addition of the immediately subsequent nucleotide, but is instead delayed, occurring after five additional bases have been added to the growing RNA chain.[109] For the RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase of MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1, and SARS-CoV-2 arrest of RNA synthesis occurs after incorporation of three additional nucleotides.[110][106] Hence, remdesivir is classified as a direct-acting antiviral agent that works as a delayed chain terminator.[104][106]” This toxic drug is no different than an AIDS drug and is a DNA/RNA chain terminator, meaning it is so toxic it stops all cells from replicating, including good healthy cells. After a while on this toxic soup, it may/will terminate the patient.

  47. Stan Sylvester says:

    Profession wrestling has nothing on politics. Democrat, Republican, good guy, bad guy. This is just the new twist in the ongoing script. How will it end? Tune in, that’s all. No matter, it will help usher in the New World Order unless we reach a significant number of asleep people.

  48. Norcaine says:

    It is over.

    The moment Trump was admitted to Walter Reed, it is over.

    He surrendered.

  49. Arby says:

    I don’t worship the State and its symbols. That’s the same State as Jehovah God will soon destroy, not because it’s virtuous. And I sure as hell don’t worship presidents (gangsters). Nor do I pray for them. Pray for my enemies? No. I’ll pray for my enemies if, and only if, there’s a chance they might come to their senses. That’s not the blood-spilling terrorist Donald Trump.

  50. Craig Silver says:

    Jon, should we believe any of this nonsense. Trump is a smart man. How could he believe in this fake virus at all. Why would he feel fine yet take unknown experimental drugs? Don junior said he has never really seen his Father sick “He doesn’t even get the flu”. Why are the Trumps supposedly allowing swab sticks rammed up their nose every day, fake test after test scared to death they might get a fake virus. I thought Trump was an awakened person or does he live the same illusion the masses live. Is he a deceiving propaganda King or deceived himself?? I’m Confused???

  51. Hélios says:

    Please, look carefully at the Trump speech’s vid supposed to happen in Walter Reed hospital. Look especially at the table and the flags moving up and down with the camera adjusting. And listen to the slight noise of “engine”. Some people in France and in US say in comments Trump is not in hospital at all but in a boat, yacht or in a plane.

    Please, Jon, tell us what you think about this.

    • mdskeptic says:

      Astute observation. It certainly looks like the video field of view is slowly oscillating in a vertical plane like a ship in a seaway. He looks a little seasick. But I knew he was never a yachtsman after he flipped the “Trump Princess” from Kashoggi to Al Walid in less than 3 years. He has always been captured. It’s all on us now.

    • BDBinc says:

      Does it matter?
      its propaganda, the devils in the details.
      Hes not got “covid” the whole story is another fake news.

      The best ad and marketing campaign for “covid” yet.

  52. enlightentls says:

    I don’t know what is going on with Trump’s treatment. It makes no sense at all to me.

    Does anyone have any information on the “steroid drug” he was just administered, as of the news today?

    Steroid drugs are known to inhibit the immune system. I have never heard of one that enhances immune response. When used correctly they are given to people with severe allergies and auto-immune conditions where the immune system will not turn off.

    Many steroid drugs come with a warning that taking them will make one more susceptible to colds and the flu. Taking immune-suppressants such as steroids can worsen illnesses such as Covid, the flu and the common cold.

    I’m not writing this because I’m in the Trump camp. I’m an independent. However, I would not like to see a sitting US president administered the wrong medications. A steroid could in fact make his condition more severe.

    If anyone has more information or a different take on this, please let me know. Thanks.

  53. TruthFreedom says:

    What I find very questionable is the fact that his security people allowed this to happen along with Trump falling for it! He’s a highly intelligent person … this whole convid thing is obviously a HUGE hoax. Initially, Trump implied that this virus was bogus and was not wearing a mask, etc. Maybe, something else is happening or this is a cover for something else. Not very long ago he made an announcement that we may not see him for a while. I don’t know — just have trouble believing that he would be placed in a circumstance where he is totally vulnerable to those whose intentions are not in his best interest.

  54. Tim says:

    See this before it’s removed: Crimes against humanity

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