COVID vaccine clinical trials doomed to fail; fatal design flaw; NY Times opinion piece exposes all three major clinical trials

Or do the vaccine manufacturers have a devious trick up their sleeves?

by Jon Rappoport

September 24, 2020

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Peter Doshi, associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps Research professor of molecular medicine, have written a devastating NY Times opinion piece about the ongoing COVID vaccine clinical trials.

They expose the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

September 22, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

“If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?”

“The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.”

“But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.”

“According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.”

“To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.”

This means these clinical trials are dead in the water.

The trials are designed to show effectiveness in preventing mild cases of COVID, which nobody should care about, because mild cases naturally run their course and cause no harm. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A VACCINE THAT PREVENTS MILD CASES.

The leading vaccine clinical trials are useless, irrelevant, misleading, and deceptive.

Now let’s go deeper. Read the next section from the Times piece, and then I’ll make comments.

“The Moderna and AstraZeneca studies will involve about 30,000 participants each; Pfizer’s will have 44,000. Half the participants will receive two doses of vaccines separated by three or four weeks, and the other half will receive saltwater placebo shots. The final determination of efficacy will occur after 150 to 160 participants develop Covid-19…”

Here’s how it works. The vaccine companies are looking for a total of 150 mild COVID cases to occur, combined, in the two groups— those receiving the placebo and those receiving the vaccine. How would that happen? The researchers believe “the coronavirus is spreading everywhere” and it will pounce on some of the volunteers in the clinical trial.

Let’s say that, during the trial, 100 people receiving the placebo develop mild COVID-19, and only 50 people receiving the vaccine develop mild COVID.

The vaccine companies would say, “We just proved the vaccine is 50% effective in preventing COVID, and that’s all we need to do, in order to win emergency authorization from the FDA. Release the vaccine. Inject the world.”

The irrelevant outcomes for 150 people equal “let’s shoot up seven billion people.” That’s staggering.

But it gets even worse. The magic number of 150 COVID cases? How is a COVID case defined? The authors of the Times piece have the answer:

“In the Moderna and Pfizer trials, even a mild case of Covid-19 — for instance, a cough plus a positive lab test — would qualify and muddy the results. AstraZeneca is slightly more stringent but would still count mild symptoms like a cough plus fever as a case.”

But wait. The NY Times itself recently published an article stating that up to 90% of US COVID cases could very well be false positives—in other words, not cases at all. Why? Because the diagnostic PCR test, as it is performed by many labs, is too sensitive. It registers “positive for COVID” when it shouldn’t.

So, in these vaccine clinical trials, the whole process of determining that “150 people developed COVID-19” is completely unreliable, useless, absurd, and nonsensical.

Other than that, the clinical trials are perfect. Yes, perfectly ridiculous.

There is much more in the Times opinion piece, but I’ll leave it there.

“So the magic number is 150? That’s the number that will decide the immediate fate of the planet?”

“Of course.”

“And these 150 people, who you say develop COVID-19…you really can’t confirm that because the definition of a COVID case is so vague and the PCR test is so unreliable.”


“And come to think of it, the people receiving the vaccine in the clinical trials could develop symptoms indistinguishable from COVID-19, as a result of the effects of the vaccine.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But you’re very confident in the success of the vaccine.”



“I have to be confident. If we’re exposed as incompetent frauds, our bottom line will take a huge hit.”

“Thank you, sir. And that’s tonight’s news. Make sure you take the vaccine, everyone. It’s vital. This is Fred J Clown, for CBS-NBC-ABC-CNN-FOX-PBS-AP-Reuters and all official news sources East, West, North, and South. The News, brought to you by Venom-X-2, a medicine that has only 463 adverse effects. Ask your doctor if Venom is right for you.”


Now I’m going to go over the vital information again, but this time I’m going to show you how…

The vaccine companies can use the fatal flaw in their protocol design to…

Actually win approval of their COVID vaccine.

Stick with me. This is big.

Only 150 people are needed to make the major clinical trials of a COVID vaccine look like a success.

Out of 30,000 volunteers in a trial, researchers are waiting for 150 people to “come down with COVID-19.” MILD cases. They assume this will happen because they believe the coronavirus is everywhere, and it’ll infect their volunteers.

Of course, their definition of a mild case of COVID-19 is meaningless. Cough plus fever, and a positive PCR test. The test spits out false positives like a rigged slot machine, and the visible symptoms could result from flu, polluted air, or too many candy bars.

Nevertheless, the researchers are waiting for a total of 150 people to “catch a mild case of COVID.” When that number is reached, everything stops.

Now comes the big moment. How many of those 150 COVID cases occurred in the group that received the vaccine, and how many in the group that received the placebo shot of salt water?

Let’s say only 50 COVID cases occurred in the vaccine group, and 100 in the placebo group. The researchers pop champagne corks. They say, “Look, the vaccine is 50% effective at preventing COVID, and that’s all we need to win emergency authorization from the FDA.”

BUT suppose 70 cases occurred in the vaccine group and 80 in the placebo group? No good. No good at all. No way to call the vaccine effective.

Now comes the “reshaping of the data.”


The researchers say, “Wait. Thirty of the COVID cases in the vaccine group were REALLY just adverse reactions to the vaccine. They weren’t cases of COVID. You see, the vaccine can cause symptoms that are indistinguishable from mild COVID. Cough, fever, chills. ACTUALLY, there were only 40 cases of COVID in the vaccine group. Half as many as in the placebo group. The vaccine IS 50% effective. We don’t really need to wait until we have a total of 150 COVID cases. We’re good. We’re golden. We can get emergency authorization from the FDA right now to shoot up everybody in America!”

Vaccine manufacturers HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG that they could pull this trick.

Why leave things to chance?

Why risk a few hundred billion dollars of profit on a random distribution of mild COVID cases among the volunteers in their clinical trials?

There is yet a further devious twist. The New York Times article I just analyzed torpedoed the vaccine manufacturers for designing their trial protocols to prevent MILD cases of COVID. Why?

Because no one needs a vaccine that can do that. Mild cases are not a problem or a threat. They cure themselves quickly. No vaccine is necessary in the first place.

BUT the definition of a mild COVID case is EXACTLY what the vaccine manufacturers needed. It enabled them to hatch a plan, to make sure they didn’t fail.

They could pawn off a MILD case of COVID on a vaccine reaction. They could fake that without causing ripples. The FDA would say, “The vaccine reactions aren’t serious. All right, no problem. We’ll approve this vaccine for emergency use.”

However…If the manufacturers designed their clinical trial protocol to prevent serious cases of COVID, they would be waiting to see 150 cases of really sick people to occur. That might never happen.

If it did happen, and the manufacturers had to pull their devious switcheroo trick and blame the vaccine for some of these SERIOUS cases…

They would have to tell the FDA that their vaccine was causing life-threatening pneumonia; and the FDA, under a lot of scrutiny these days, would find it very difficult to overlook that.

FDA: “We can’t approve this vaccine. It could cause a few million cases of dire pneumonia…”

The vaccine companies didn’t make a titanic stupid mistake in their protocol design. In gearing the protocol to prevent MILD COVID cases, they did what they did on purpose. It allows them to “reshape their data” and win FDA approval for their vaccine.

These companies have no intention of failing, starting over, and spending a year recruiting 30,000 new volunteers. They want success and money now. They want to win the race.

And they could win, if the truth isn’t known and shared widely.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

76 comments on “COVID vaccine clinical trials doomed to fail; fatal design flaw; NY Times opinion piece exposes all three major clinical trials

  1. From Elsewhere says:

    This can also go to courts?

    • Mac says:

      There probably isn’t basis to file against a clinical trial. If govt were dictating people take what’s being tested, maybe, though they haven’t yet. Instead they’ve been chattering vaccine non-stop probably to hedge into it, which as there’s been no real opposition from most people once they dictate mandatory they’ll have the lever of influence. So as to courts there isn’t standing (position to sue) since there’s no dictate or injury yet. As an aside it’s odd that despite all the govt and mass of system that exists now, somehow they missed making courts or law for lawsuits against oncoming or impending things, to stop something before it’s done or written as law, such as mandate vax jabs.
      In any case on injury after the fact, recent article of Jon’s read as if govt is setting up ‘separate’ court for that. So on that, depends, judges vary, and don’t know what compensation would be so difficult to assume outcome. That was a sort of open question so intuited both ways, if meant now or later what use court may be. Short form, courts probably doubtful solution though who knows.

    • Espen says:

      At least for AstraZeneka the placebo in trials is not even saline solution (saltwater) but MenACWY, a vaccine against meningitis. As fever is among many of the “side-effects” of this vaccine it will certaintly produce many clinical symptoms resembling Covid-19 and combined with a positive rt-PCR qualify for the infection. Voila!

  2. carol says:

    Your video you did on this was taken down for violating term of service, so very glad I can share it this way. Excellent article and video.

  3. Joz Lee says:

    “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

    ***IF MASKS WORK, WHY THE 6 ft?
    IF 6 ft works why the masks?
    IF both work, why the lockdowns?
    If all 3 work, WHY THE VACCINES?
    IF the vaccine is safe, why the ”NO LIABILITY’ CLAUSE?

    • jim burney says:

      Joz, I love your comment.
      I’ll share if you don’t mind.

    • za ka lu says:

      spot on joz–

      why joz? answer; ‘they’ are liars. ‘they’ are lying to us.

      Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      —-Lord Acton

    • JAM says:

      Excellent points. I’ve been thinking the same thing. It reminds me of the Tom Cruise line in a A Few Good Men. “Why the two orders?” I’ve also wondered, why yell at someone for not wearing a mask if you’re wearing a mask? I’ve heard “because my mask protects others from me, not me from others”. That’s like saying an open window only let’s air out but not in. Complete nonsense.

    • Janko says:

      This is the one question to ask?? why covid-19,was never discovered in the test,also by Kochs Postulates,which is extremely important, also why in 2010 Rockefeller Foundation,in 54 pages document described current events(scenarious for the future of technology and international development) on page 18 is LOCSTEP,Curfew.Quarantee,strict Goverments and using COMMON COLD as a dangerous virus.. Covid-19 is a communist platform,call Strategic Inteligence,to destroy depopulate most of the world, by a few,also

  4. Hank says:

    Jon is correct but even more: we know many drug trials barely beat a placebo once or twice to get approval and bad results are never reported thus make a harmless vaccine (there are none as a poison such as aluminum/mercury must be used to get an immune response from the body)so just another ineffective one like the flu vaccine and make $$$$Billions and as Jon has correctly stated cut the cycles in the PCR test and the cases drop overnite.

    • Aluminum and mercury is the old scientific paradigm and recycled vaccines.

      PEG (polyethylene glycol, aka…anti-freeze and its variety of other aliases) molecules are the modern antagonist, especially in the mRNA vaccines, which take two doses. The PEG molecule with secret chewy center is the new gene drive.

      70% of American as of 1990-1999 carry PEG antibodies…the modern percentage is far, far greater as PEG is in everything…there are so many versions of this dangerous toxin, one cannot keep up with it.

      It is state of the art, carrying everything from mRNA, to prodrugs, to minature electronics and smart nanoparticles.

      New nanoparticle vaccines have their own specially prepared version of this hydrophilic polymer.

      Anyway why would you washout the study first, it’s the stardard protocol? And this alone should give credence to the poisinous nature of their snakeoil theories.

      Placebo ‘is’ the body’s natural immunity…if you eliminate the many that will never, ever need a vaccine? What are you left with?… Placebos are natural healers, as Nocebos make themselves sick.

      You will never hear of a Nocebo washout. Because it is a mind virus.




      “Here is yet another way to do medical studies that guarantee a waterfall of lies will spread out far and wide. Another way to make the studies look good when they aren’t.

      Let’s say you went into a school to see if it was a good place for your child to acquire a real education. And you were shown overall performance records of the students on standardized tests, and these records looked quite impressive.

      Upon inquiring a little further, though, you came across an interesting point. The head of the school believed that some students just didn’t perform well on tests-and so he had excused them from taking any exams.

      Shocked, you said to him, “Your performance records are a sham. They don’t reflect the truth. You’ve stacked the deck.”

      And he replied, “Not at all. I’ve merely kept statistics on those pupils who have the ability to take tests. That’s the important population. The others shouldn’t be tested at all. In this venue, they don’t count.”

      Keep that analogy in mind as we proceed.

      I want to alert you to a staggering medical practice in clinical trials of psychiatric drugs.

      It’s called “placebo washout.” — Jon Rappoport 2012

  5. Sue says:

    Deceiving the public has always worked before.

    And now, it has gotten to the point where the power players are testing for degree of public resistance ahead of the release of this latest abomination. Using fear tactics and intimidation, they’ve managed to achieve majority compliance in mask wearing, shutting down businesses,, and turning neighbors into enthusiastic volunteer brownshirts.

    They’ve worked diligently at dumbing down the general population with insidious poisoning (vaccines, drugs, fluoride, pesticides, etc) and a steady stream of indoctrination via the “education” system.

    In 1986, while researching in medical journals, I came across a pneumococcal vaccine ‘clinical study.

    In short, after reading in the NEJM that more of the vaccine recipients suffered pneumonia, bronchitis, and secondary infections than the placebo group, and declaring a euphemistic “impaired immune response,” it was reported just 3 days later in major media that this same vaccine was highly effective and strongly recommended. No amount of warning could dissuade the majority from believing the press release, or seeing through the deliberate inculcation.

  6. Charlie says:

    It’s all like a really bad soap opera on Netflixs or Amazon. Just need Barnabas Collins to show up (or is that Fauci?)

  7. Opie Poik says:

    I’m going to die when this criminal tsunami of lies finally comes my way, ’cause I’m going to assault the .gov thug, and I’m no tough guy:

    This is so clearly not about a disease, but submission. The players and cheerleaders aren’t wearing masks, and the .gov thug is making more physical contact than if they were having sex.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

    The wolf is at the door. No one here but us chickens?

    • RegretLeft says:

      I have often seen that Solzhenitsyn quote – worth reading once a week – thanks. He is referencing and was himself from a Russian urban setting. Less well known is that the Russian rural peasantry often fought like maniacs against Stalin’s stooges in the collectivization drive in the early 1930s – guns had long been unavailable to them – but they actually fought with proverbial pitchforks and rakes, etc.

      Indeed those stooges were “uncertain whether [they] would return alive” and they planned their attacks with care. The peasants lost but they did “boldly set up” ambushes and not trivial numbers of stooges were killed.

      Logan OH – is just a few miles from Columbus – suburbs. Easy prey – Covid goons would think twice (I hope) about doing that in southern OH. Schools are closed in the county today after “threats”. The woman was charged with criminal trespass after refusing to leave school grounds (for not wearing a mask).

      4,500 supportive comments on a local site. That’s easy… if you were that fat guy watching passively 10 feet away would you have (a) not been wearing a mask to start with or (b) torn it off and said arrest me too!.

      We all may be tested in the months ahead.

    • Are you a coward? why did you allow this? why do you watch this? That rent a cop would have been tits up upon his back, along with anyone who tried to protect him If I had seen that…why did everyone sit and watch.

      Are Americans cowards now?
      Do you all realize we are in a war for your soul?

      They are only as powerful as you let them be, stand up or forever lives on your knees as a slave.

      BTW…god hates cowards

      And I ain’t no chicken, I’m Belfast Catholic raised in the trenches long ago and use to that kind of normal, but we fight back, us IRA we put fear back in their lap, you have to take it to them as individuals, you have to disturb their peace and quiet and their sleep and that smarmy arrogance of their power.

      We Irish brought an empire to its knees with bombings and scare tactics in the financial districts of London and assassinations of their worst.

      That cop would not have made it home and a week later…and you will have to make a bloody mess of the enemy so it drives fear into the hearts of their brown shirt troops. You will have to get tough and get and give a black eye and fat lip, a bloody nose…it puts the fire back in belly.

      Or do you prefer to walk timidly, crying naked into a ditch…

      Fear kills the mind, and terror cowers the heart, and that door swings both ways mate…I would bring war to any that treated mine like that.

      But you see they don’t pick on me, they pick on women.

      I would be ashamed of myself if I was present at that and did not help her…

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      …and all we have to do is take off the stupid masks.

    • Liv 4ever says:

      Video looks fake

    • GenEarly says:

      Mr. Colt invented the Great Equalizer. We may very well die, but no one gets off this Mud Ball alive anyway, and the cost to Tyrants must be not only High but excessively high to deter them.

    • Janko says:

      Now they are using medical tyrany,genocide.terror,to achieve massive depopulation, they already have plan, for each country,check the deagle report

  8. blue horizons says:

    Remember, WEF’s Great Reset Fourth Industrial Revolution for global Technocracy demands continuous tracking in real time. It’s the China model of an active denial system capable of shutting down ALL forms of activism and dissent.

    Catherine Austin Fitts underscored this problem in a discussion with attorney Mary Holland on a Solari report.

    We’re fixating on vaccines while the powers that be get ready to spring mandatory tracking programs on us. Mandatory vaccines, relocations, etc. are easier to force upon us under the duress of active denial systems and forced quarantine.

    Topol, head of Scripps Research Institute, is a prominent proponent of AI medicine, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing, imo. In a public WebMD podcast he said he would like to see 100 million smart covid tracking devices on Americans (link).


    The fake data company Surgisphere (public spokesperson was a literal porn actress, science writer was a science fiction writer, etc.) behind the ‘study’ Lancet was forced to retract tagged Topol in their Press Release in early spring regarding their bogus claim they had given hospitals Covid AI Triage software programs. Note that Topol was quick to retweet that Lancet study attacking hydrochloroquine. Because he wants Big Tech gathering data for Brave New AI World?

    In May, Surgisphere and IBM cohosted an AI Cardiology conference. Is IBM one of the big hidden hands pressuring the Lancet editorial board to print fraudulent studies to keep covid hysteria going? A Lancet foundation receives funding from the Gates Foundation. Very cozy bedfellows.

    Please be discerning about doctors seemingly bearing gifts of criticism against the Establishment they dutifully serve. Also goes for Dr. Zubin Damania aka zdogg who recently criticized Technocracy in medicine. One day Damania had Dr Paul Offit on his show and they laughed and snickered at a couple outside the studio on a sidewalk holding a sign about their baby dying from a vaccination. Cruel and callous, esp. for physicians.

    Caveat emptor specious and seductive Matrix side shows.

    • MaidinAmerica says:

      IBM is Gates too. I believe Microsoft was an off shoot. Scam Gates’ mother was on board of IBM, while Hollerith machine was in use in Nazi Germany, also used as a tracking device for Jews and dissidents. All the same SOP

  9. Big Tim says:

    There are different types, strains, of Covid? How can there be a “mild form” and a “serious type”? Crazy me, I have thought there was one form ( if there is any form at all) and the difference is the patient, not the virus ( if there is a virus). So if a vaccine was being developed to prevent serious illness and death it would have to be tested on those subject to serious illness and death, wouldn’t it, and testing it on those extremely unlikely to suffer ill effects is a waste of time, right, except for the druggies? Of course they won’t test any vaccine on elderly or immune compromised because they might kill them.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      @ Big Tim

      Yes, there are different strains for Sars-Cov-2 ( not Covid as you wrote– that is the name of the claimed new “illness”) and one of them will be purified and injected in HEALTHY volunteers starting January. Next week will be announced the entire operation and till January will be a lot of work to do re. purification of the chosen strain. If you need further details let me know but anyway next week will be announced ( probably Thursday) .

      • JJ says:

        @Mos Craciun
        “there are different strains for Sars-Cov-2…
        one of them will be purified and injected in HEALTHY volunteers starting January”.
        Assumption upon assumption. They still haven’t isolated jack sh@t and never will. There is no reason to even try. Imbeciles will just believe as they always do. The talk about “strains” and “purification” has same value as debating if superman is stronger than batman or what color of clothes is santa wearing today. We all know it’s red right?

    • Mos Craciun says:

      @ Big Tim

      At this stage , please read this :

    • Janko says:

      Covid is a platform for a total horrible enslavement communist’s type for the whole world,not a virus

  10. LOGIC says:

    A vaccine will prevent the mild cases from turning into severe deadly cases for the vulnerable populations.

  11. Markos says:

    As I understand, people (men and women) circum to disease and die as a result of more than one vector (different causes) … there is no ‘one germ”, “one frequency” etc.

    Genocide can be so easily disguised.

    It follows, I believe, that “vaccines” or “5G/radio interferometry” or “fear/paralysis” can be targeted and fine-tuned, not only en-masse, but at specific individuals.

    Therefore ‘the troublesome’ can be matched to any number of tags/ID’s, often embraced and picked-off (murdered) over time or instantly.

    The achilles heal of the so-called ‘adversary’ is the belief in extrapolation – no imagination! There is only one (creation).

  12. Big Tim says:

    It also appears that a Covid vaccine testing effective in younger persons, persons not susceptable to ill effects anyway, may not be effective for those needing an effective vaccine, and maybe harmful.
    “Our finding that influenza-related mortality among the very elderly did not decline after 1980 might be explained by this group’s failure to respond vigorously to the vaccine. This possibility is supported by an immunologic study that found that antibody responses following influenza vaccination decline sharply after age 65 years32 and a clinical trial involving subjects 60 years or older that found that the efficacy of influenza vaccine in preventing influenza illness was lower in people older than 70 years.”

  13. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Jack Benny and George Burns were best friends. Jack’s wife was a health hypochondriac They men went to breakfast and had bacon, eggs, and toast with butter, but Jack felt guilty.

    George, being George, said he had a great aunt who was warned off eggs…the doctor said they would kill her. But she loved eggs and ate them every morning until she was 95. George said, “…and sure enough, she died.”

    Time to laugh at ourselves and throw some more pies at Bill.

  14. MIchael says:


    So many facets to this and I understand why it’s daunting to cover them all.

    – no testing for older patients or patients with co-morbidities – what do we learn from testing the healthy?

    – no safety – sweating events under the rug

    – drug interactions – interactions with prior flu shots or other common vaccines or medications

    – length of safety data – two weeks? less?

  15. abcd says:

    dont know how much longer i can stand seeing people walking outside on mostly empty sidewalks and in parks wearing a muzzle. no one around me gets any fresh air

  16. Brian James says:

    Sep 18, 2020 Season 2, Episode 2 of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as he interviews life coach and internet comedian J. P. Sears. The two had a lively and thought-provoking conversation that centered on several themes relevant to the COVID crisis including censorship and the CHD lawsuit against Facebook, keeping a healthy attitude, the toll of the coronavirus, and much more!

  17. Kuno says:

    Don’t worry, mild adverse reactions during the trial is not relevant when there are already serious adverse reactions occurring. It’s already quite clear this stuff isn’t safe.

  18. sean ryan says:

    To be dependent is a loss of independence.
    To remain dependent means a loss of independence, forever.

    Where you have dependence, you cannot have independence.

    There is growing profit, and power, in growing dependency.

    I don’t fear the supposed “covid-19” one bit.

    I used to suffer from chronic pneumonia.
    Once to twice, every single year.
    I used to have to rely on the medical and pharmaceutical industries for antibiotics and antivirals for that chronic pneumonia.

    Then I started steam inhalation with Eucalyptus and/or Tea Tree oil.
    Both have demonstrated strong antibiotic and antiviral properties.

    Recovery time was reduced to 24-48 hrs, compared to 7-10 days with antibiotics.
    Plus, no more chronic condition. I haven’t gotten pneumonia for over 6 years since starting those inhalation treatments.

    Natural compounds, like those found in Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils, account for the active compounds of upwards of some 70% of all pharmaceuticals (only pharmaceuticals are missing other natural active components).

    I don’t need Big Pharma.
    I don’t need Big Medicine.

    Haven’t been to a Doctor in almost 20 years.
    And have never felt better.

    People are dependent largely because they allow themselves to be.

    People can only break free of mental and physical slavery when they act upon themselves to do so.

    Big daddy government isn’t gonna help you.
    Neither are the billionaires that control the corporations.

    Time to take independence back.

  19. hhi says:

    Time for us to do the dividing and ruling.

    Let us draw a line in the sand – are you with Terrain or Germ Theory?

    Are you a Bechampion ?

    Only Bechampions can cut The Gordian Knot while it is exposed in the reset.

    Bechampions unite and light.

  20. Galahad says:

    It would be a surprise if the trial was actually compared to a placebo.

    I thought they rigged the question of safety by measuring them against other toxic vaccines

  21. Low Voltage says:

    To you 5G guys, the major cell carriers in America are in still the process of transitioning from 4G GSM to LTE.

  22. Truth1 says:

    my only regret is that there is no plague that kills off stupid gullible people. What a wonderful world it would be. or on the kills off @$$ kissers Brown nosers, and sychophants. It would be complete and utter joy. The ultimate Utopia. Alas, I am confronted and plagued by harsh reality. Anyone got a vaccine for that? Recreational drugs do not count. and neither does sex.

    • ak in vt says:

      Hey Truth1,

      What happens when someone labels you one of those you’d like to see disappear?

      Remember, you will be judged in the same way you judge others, only they have a different point of view.

      Even the ranting and raving bullies at these antifa and black lives matters riots are people who can change — almost impossible, though, for many.

      I understand the frustration — I feel it myself.


      AK in VT

      • Truth1 says:

        Well, AK, its like this. I am already lebeled and have few of the rights that most people have cause of my website and activitied. And if I lose my life, it will only be for a short time and then I will be back, but this time with God fully activates and ready to rock the house. But it is God, himself, who has secured the irradication of all stupid people. Stupidity is not an accident or something we have no control over. God gave us an incredigble mind that deduces patterns and and serves out intellect, unless we chose to shut off the help from the macroprocessing half of the brain. and I don’t believe that most people can change. God built into out brains, a strong resistance to change, to keep us on course. It can be altered but only with strong impulses and solid logic and reason. No logic or seeking answers, then no change in the previous default programming. But have no fear, Satan is going to get rid of the idiots for us ( he is such a sweet heart, isn’t he?) and any who lose their lives for obeying God, will be restored to life. Quite literally, our lives depend on caring what goes on around us and why. It cases us to think and solve. Stupid people won’t do this. they are too lazy to strain their brains. God did not give us a brain for no reason.

    • JJ says:

      I suggest dividing world between covidians and non-covidians. All non-covidians could live in comfort in Canada. Add to this no ADL censorship, super tough immigration laws and natural law. I am dreaming of the place devoid of ignorant imbeciles where there are no hate-speech (censorship) laws, no idiot charlatans (doctors) and o Rockefeller mafia destroying every thing that’s good in life.

  23. tripletail says:

    There is no virus. So what’s the point of this article? A vaccine is already baked into this psyop. Only the sheeple will take the vaccine. The only remaining question is: How many sheeple will be biologically compromised or killed by the vaccine?

    • za ka lu says:

      there is no virus. Agree tripletail.

      what’s the point of this article?–agree—not one word written by guys like rappaport have STOPPED any of these transgressions

      viruses are not contagious. Orthodox Industrialized Science has lied to us all for our entire lives and beyond.

      we are lied to. “They’ are Liars. ‘They’ are lying to us. “They are Liars. ‘They are lying to us…

      end compliance, there is NO valid enforceable agreement!

      • JJ says:

        @za ka lu
        100% correct. We’ve been lied to our entire lives. And yes, non-compliance is the best way. The only question is what proportion of the population is ready and have some balls to do this.

        • za ka lu says:

          looks to me it’s coming down to what I do myself, and maybe strength in numbers comes out of my acting.

          to wait for ‘masses’ to ‘have some balls’ results from evidence in, well, waiting…

          be strong, know they are fiction, as is the LEGAL PERSON –‘they’ have duped us into answering to/playing the role of “Their’ fictional PERSON!–

          Do Not be the LEGAL PERSON ie;
          JOHN DOE SMITH—

          “their’ entire scam is COMMERCIAL Fiction!

          The PERSON is an COMMERCIAL FICTION, absconding living into fiction.

          a man is john doe with a family association, and the SYSTEM has no power or privity into our private estate when we stand as we really are in name, not in NAME.

          man; john doe

          artificial commercial fiction PERSON; JOHN DOE SMITH.

          Notify the Secretary of State of estate claimed–
          estate of john doe is now beneficiary.

    • Janko says:

      Exactly,newer been proven in test and Kochs Postulates,reading 2010 Rockefeller Foundation 54 pages report.they say very clearly,that bthey will use a COMMON COLD as a deadly virus

  24. Alan says:

    In response to the part two, another possible trick they can use: I’ve heard that some of the PCR profiles, in an attempt (pretense) to be specific, include exclusion criteria. Because the “COVID RNA” being detected are not unique and can test positive for other coronaviruses such as common flu, they include tests for DNA/RNA purportedly for those viruses, and call the result negative if those DNA/RNA are found.

    If those PCR profiles are used, then the vaccine can simply inject those DNA/RNA in order to avoid COVID positives for the real-vaccine group.

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