Dispatches from the War: the trial of John Q Citizen

by Jon Rappoport

August 21, 2020

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John Q found himself in a small courtroom. The lighting was dim. He’d been brought there to stand trial for a minor offense. He was trying to remember what it was. Not wearing his mask? Not keeping his distance? Breaking curfew? The judge was sitting behind a table on an elevated platform.

The judge began speaking—

You think you’ve been arrested because of some little item. You’re wrong. What we’re talking about here is reality. The picture frame and your place in the picture. Your life is INSIDE. That’s the deal. Whether you agreed to the terms is beside the point.

Once you’re inside the picture, you’re expected to take on all the duties of a law-abiding citizen. That’s your ID package. No exceptions. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, you follow them. You’re supposed to get a haircut and a shave, that’s what you do. You’re supposed to wear a suit, you wear a suit. You’re supposed to fall in line, you get in line and wait. If one day the crap hits the fan and everything goes blooey, you wait for orders.

Some days are sunny, sometimes it rains. You have other dreams, you ignore them. You’re carved down into a shape. You assume that shape. You live according to what that shape is supposed to do. You’re a CITIZEN. You aren’t anything else.

This is a one-time offer. Today we fine you. If you show up here again, we stick you in jail. You and all other citizens put together are a PATTERN. We don’t expect you to understand it, we just expect you to do your part.

What else do you think this IS? Stop testing the limits. The limits aren’t going to move. Everybody starts out thinking he’s a foreigner to reality. He’s taking a look-see. He’s checking out the situation. But that’s not the way it is. We’re here to make sure everyone gets the message. Once you’re in, you’re in.

We’re not interested in speculation. We’re interested in facts. We make the facts. Somebody has to. You didn’t wear a mask. We don’t care about the mask. Can’t you see that? We only care about the rule. Tomorrow we say don’t wear a mask. Then that’s the rule.

You’re shaved down and carved down to be a citizen who follows orders. That’s why you’re HERE—Earth, reality, America, whatever you want to call it. You don’t understand reality. We do. That’s the difference between you and us.

We thrive because you’re powerless. We want you to forget about power. You’re up against a whole lot of good citizens who believe they’re powerless. Get it? That’s their religion. It makes perfect sense to them.

Remember the Old Testament story of Joseph? During the seven-year famine, he was chief advisor to the Pharaoh. He sold back, to the people, part of the wheat he had already collected from them. Then finally, he distributed one more pile, in return for the people selling THEMSELVES to the Pharaoh. There is nothing new about our current arrangement.

What kind of show did you think we were running? I’m not just a petty bureaucrat. We know there is power. We know the individual secretly has power. We work to keep that fact away from him. We want to make him forget, to feel shame and guilt.

When we see he’s convinced he’s lost and we’ve won, we feel our own juice. We want to see him defeated. That’s our goal. That’s why we run things the way we do. Every citizen who gives up is a feather in our cap.

This is our movie, we’re the producers, and you’re in crowd scenes. That’s it. We don’t want you sticking out from the crowd or wandering off. Virus, no virus, epidemic, no epidemic, do you think we care about any of that? We only care about BEHAVIOR.

People above us in the pecking order wrote the script, and then other people sold it, and now we’re producing it. On a day to day basis. It’s our job and our calling. As long as you pretend you have no power, as long as you do whatever you need to do, in order to keep pretending, we’re good. We sell amnesia, and you’re the customer.

We don’t care whether you’re rich or poor, whether you work at some menial job, or you’re a high-brow, as long as you toe the line. You can salute whoever and whatever you want to—the flag, the country, the president, God, it doesn’t matter, as long as you stay in your place.

At some point in life, everyone gets a glimpse of the fact that reality is elastic. It’s invented. Our job is to make sure everyone shoves that moment down into his memory and below his memory into the dark and forgets about it.

If he bows down to Something he thinks is telling him that he can’t change reality, that it isn’t up to him, all the better. If he worships doom, all the better. If he believes he’s coming to a rational conclusion that reality is permanently fixed in place, all the better. If he believes inventing new reality is a sin, good. If he thinks real rebellion is impossible, good.

We want realists. A realist is a person who says, “What can I do? Nothing.” That person is a little fleck of gold in our account.

We’ve studied enough history to know the evidence is ABUNDANT: pushed down inside the individual is enormous creative power to invent new reality. We also know his hostile, vicious, rabid denial of that fact is a chronic disease. Have you ever thought about—

John Q Citizen clears his throat and says, “How much do I owe, Your Honor?”

“Two thousand dollars.”

“Where do I pay?”

“The clerk’s office down the hall.”

His eyes dull, Citizen turns and walks out of the court room.

As he’s about to place his hand on the knob of the door to the clerk’s office, a spontaneous question forms in his mind. He’s asked himself this question before, but never with such immediate clarity.

“What am I?”

He feels an explosion at the back of his head.

Suddenly, he looks around…makes up his mind, and then walks toward the entrance of the building.

He feels light on his feet. Alive.

However, before he can walk outside, he notices the scene around him has reshaped itself. He’s no longer in a courthouse. It’s a theater. He has a ticket in his hand.

He sees a door. He goes over and opens it. Moves inside, into warm darkness.

“Is this a good idea?” “Why did I do it?”

He can already feel a merging sensation. Electromagnetic fields are humming, even before the movie starts.

The theater is filled with people. John Q takes his seat. Crystal clear thoughts move through his head.

“Don’t forget where I came from. Don’t forget this is just a movie. Don’t fall asleep. The movie creates nostalgia for a place that doesn’t exist. Don’t surrender. I’m here to find out why the movie has power.”

The lights dim.

On the big screen, against a gray background, the large blue word REALITY slowly forms.

Suddenly, he’s looking at a huge pasture filled with flowers. The sky is a shocking blue. He can feel a breeze on his arms and face.

He thinks, “This is a hypnotic weapon.”

Now, the pasture fades away and he’s standing on an empty city street at night. It’s drizzling. He hears sirens in the distance. A disheveled beggar approaches and holds out his trembling hand. He waits, then moves on.

John Q looks at the wet shining pavement and snaps his fingers, to change it into a lawn. Nothing happens.

He’s shocked.

He waves his hand at a building. It doesn’t disappear.


He reaches into his pocket and feels a wallet. He walks over to a streetlight and opens it. There’s his picture on a plastic ID card. His name is under the picture, followed by a number code. On the reverse side of the card, below a plastic strip, is a thumbprint.

There are other cards in the wallet, and a small amount of paper money. He looks at the ID card again. There’s an address.

He remembers the address. He remembers a small cottage at the edge of an industrial town. There’s a pickup parked in the driveway.

It’s his truck. He knows it. But how can that be?

He walks toward larger buildings in the distance.

Three men in uniforms turn a corner and come up to him. Behind them emerges a short man in a business suit. He nods at John Q and holds out his hand.

John pulls out his wallet and give it to him. The man looks at the ID card, at John Q, at the card again.

“You were reported missing,” he says.

“Missing from what?” John Q says.

“Your home. Your job. What are doing here? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” John Q says. “I was…taking a short trip. I’m just out for some air.”

“In this part of the city? That’s not smart. We’ll take you home. Our car is right over there.”

One car sits on a side street. In large red letters printed on the trunk is the word Concern.

John walks with the men to the car.

Waves he’s never felt before are emanating from it.

Mentally, he tries to back up from them. For a moment, he’s in a haze.

He looks at the short man in the suit. The man is smiling.

Suddenly, the smile is transcendent. Tears fill John Q’s eyes.

John thinks, “They built this so I would be lost and they could find me. I’m supposed to be rescued. I’ve never been rescued before. I never knew what it meant.”

He hears faint music.

It grows louder. As he nears the car, he realizes he’s listening to a chorus and an orchestra. The rising theme is Victory.

One of the uniformed men opens the car door.

John nods at him.

“My pleasure, sir,” the uniformed man says.

The music fades away.

The scene shifts.

John Q is standing next to the pickup in his driveway alongside his cottage.

He’s home.

Think, he tells himself. What’s going on?

He recognizes his mind has sections. The first part registers this new reality.

The second part of his mind sees problems and solves them.

He was never aware of these two sectors of his mind before.

Where did they come from?

Now, as he walks into his cottage and instantly remembers the rooms and the objects in these rooms, a separate accompanying sensation of Familiarity, slightly out of phase, grows stronger.

He realizes, without knowing how, that he’s supposed to feel tremendous relief. This is what’s expected of him.

It’s expected of everyone. They live with one another through the Familiar. They share it like bread.

They keep coming back to it. The Familiar.

It’s built in. It’s invented through…it’s stamped on every object in this space…

…In order to suggest he’s been here before. To suggest he belongs here.

As he looks around the cottage, he notices a third sector of his mind. He struggles to identify it.

It’s the start of a different kind of perception.


He keeps staring at the cottage and he sees space.

He sees pure space that…

…Has been placed here. For him.

And at that moment, there is a small explosion behind his head.

And John Q is sitting in the theater again.

The movie is playing on the screen. All around him, in the seats, people are sitting with their eyes closed.

John feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns. It’s an usher.

“Sir,” he says. “Please follow me.”

He leads John up the aisle into the lobby, which is empty.

An office door opens and a young woman steps out. She strides briskly over to John.

“You woke up and came back,” she says. She gives him a tight smile. “So we’re refunding your money. It’s our policy.”

She drops a check in John’s hand.

“What happened in there?” John says. “What happened?”

She shrugs.

“Only you would know that. You must have done something to interrupt the transmission.”

“And the rest of those people?”

She looks at her watch. “They’re probably into their fifth month by now. It’s typically a time of conflict. They rebel. Well, some of them do. They rearrange systems. They replace leaders. They promote new ideals.”

“I had such a strong feeling I’d been there before.”

She smiles. “Apparently it wasn’t strong enough. You’re back here.”

“How do you do it?” John says.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “That’s proprietary information. Did you meet your family?”

“No. But I was in a cottage. It was…home.”

She nods.

“If you hadn’t escaped, you would have been subjected to stronger bonding pulses. Do you have a family here?”

John starts to answer and realizes he doesn’t know.

She looks into John’s eyes.

“Go out to the street,” she says. “Walk around. Take a nice long walk for an hour. You’ll reorient. It’ll come back to you.”

“Why do you do it?” John says.

“Do what?”


“Oh,” she says. “Why does a travel agent book a vacation for a client? We’re in that business.”

John turns toward the exit. The sun is shining outside. People are walking past the doors.

He takes a deep breath and leaves the theater.

The street is surging with crowds. The noise is thunderous.

He notices he’s carrying a rolled up sheet of paper in his hand.

He opens it.

It’s a non-disclosure agreement. It has his signature on it.

“If you return from your movie experience, you will not reveal or discuss, under penalty of law, anything about its nature, substance, or duration…”

He looks at the sheet of paper…

Makes up his mind…

…And it bursts into flames.

He looks behind him. The theater has vanished.

In its place sits a small stone building. Engraved over the door in gold letters: BOARD OF EDUCATION.

The door opens and young man walks out holding a large plastic bag. He comes up to John. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a thin envelope and hands it to John.

“It’s a mask,” the young man says. “Did you watch the news? We’re all supposed to wear them and hide behind them.”

He walks away.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

18 comments on “Dispatches from the War: the trial of John Q Citizen

  1. Opie Poik says:

    The Vaccine From Hell
    They want to make us into an H. R. Giger painting

    Oh, oh . . . a “world-renowned EXPERT”, working for the E.U., says the bug – which DEFINITELY EXISTS – is an engineered bioweapon . . . so, an effective vaccine is unlikely (but we do need one, ”cause THERE IS A BUG, ya hear?!): https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/renowned-eu-scientist-covid-19-was-engineered-china-lab-effective-vaccine-unlikely
    Must be true, then.

    Bill Gates fears freedom, as it will hinder injection: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bill-gates-the-worst-of-the-pandemic-is-yet-to-come-and-freedom-played-a-part-in-the-disappointing-us-response-2020-08-20?fbclid=IwAR1Mt0zxpCVeXQeU6e8TeU3i5WjRuCf0HFl8ApcqE8t8Yj8GKqIXc4AbUQE

    Fauci: “You Cannot Force Someone To Take A Vaccine”

    Sweden’s Senior Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous” https://summit.news/2020/08/20/swedens-senior-epidemiologist-wearing-face-masks-is-very-dangerous/

  2. Lance says:

    Very nicely written. Where were you “educated”? I don’t see any information on this in your bio above.

    I was “educated” in the secular liberal humanistic public education system in America. For a long time I believed in the values and traditions taught in the western secular liberal humanistic public education system. I even worked at the high school I graduated from for a short time.

    It was then I began to really notice that something was not “right”, and by this I mean not right in the sense of “righteousness” according to God’s authority. I put up some paraphrased proverbs on a bulletin board in the room where I worked and the next day I was told to take them down or I would be fired. I took them down. I was offered a coaching position on the football team at this school where I played football. I went in to talk to the head coach, who was my coach when I played, and I was told point blank by this coach to keep my religious beliefs to myself.

    Since then I’ve been under constant physical and mental attack by the “system” because I have voiced my understandings regarding the true faith. This involves various electronic “patented” technologies, both overt and covert, which is why I got rid of my cell phone many years ago, and why I don’t use “smart” devices.

    Anyway, over time I’ve come to understand that the secular liberal humanistic public education system is designed to teach values and traditions that are opposed to what is “right” according to God’s righteousness. Instead, students are taught to “obey” the “authorities”, political, religious, and academic (especially the scientific community) even if they know that these activities are NOT right!

    The “citizens” are threatened with the “rule of law” if they do not “obey” the “authorities”, or now today the “scientific experts” if they do not comply with the wearing of masks, social distancing, vaccinations, etc., etc., etc.! Jesus opposed the religious and political values and teachings of the “authorities” of his day because they believed they were “righteous” in what they were doing. Their descendants, political, religious, and academic are still around doing what THEY think is right in their own eyes today! Those educated in their “system” will naturally “comply” and blindly go along with whatever they’re ordered to do.

    I’ve worn a mask a couple times, but no more. Its obvious where this is headed. Non-compliance will not be tolerated under their “rule of law”!

  3. kevin says:

    Must see interview of a Spanish doctor from a Madrid hospital on mainstream TV in Spain. English subtitles:


    He exposes the entire narrative. If only we had more like him.

  4. kevin says:

    Brilliant post, Mr. Rappoport.

  5. Deuce says:

    Please find somebody to make this into a short film. Its so poignant. Thank you

  6. Alyn says:

    Don’t tread on me!

  7. ak in vt says:

    Albeit, this is from a perspective that “covid” is real, it is still quite an interesting detailed study I have been following since March. Fantastic graphs that should be eye openers, many testimonies from doctors, immunologists, virologists, political scientists, etc…

    The entire website is against the measures that have been taken and future ones that may be taken. For those who believe this is a “one thing” disease, it is a starter to open their eyes to possibilities different from what everyone else is telling them.


    Again, fantastic site that lends a lot of credence to skeptics (or, dare I say, “those who cannot be lead easily”).


    AK in VT

  8. Larry C says:

    Excellent site, AK in VT…There are an ever-growing number of very intelligent people that – like Jon – are using logic, and hence THE FACTS, to deflate the Fear Porn Balloons that are being released to keep us permanently paralyzed with fear, panic and indecision. (Round-The-Clock anxiety, actually impairs our immune systems – never mind a putative virus, or the Totally Crushed Economy that awaits us when our “saviors” finally sound the All Clear.)


  9. JB says:

    What’s sad is that, in a town a few miles away (the county seat), they are trying to make wearing masks mandatory. There was a protest there, though, and I think they delayed the vote. Hopefully, it won’t go through. They want to fine people for not wearing them in the borough, even outside.

  10. lamberth says:

    A “vaccine” being developed in the inner bowels of the insidious Medical Swamp called BigPharma.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  11. Alexander says:

    Remember Jon’s AIDS Inc book? Substitute “AIDS” “HIV” with “Coronavirus”, “Covid-19”, and you get the same bullshit the powers-that-be medical cartel is pushing. smh

    Slim disease? Wasting away disease? Malnutrition, hunger. Solution: Eat clean foods, health restored. Goes against the medical cartel’s plans of making money with drugs through their pharma cartel’s arm.

    Drugs causing wasting away, causing induced-suppressed appetite, causing starvation, malnutrition, etc? Too bad, it’s good for you. Drug all the drugs and you’ll get better. Let’s try this drug… it’s new, but expensive… yes, medical cartels make billions from drugs through their pharma cartels, even if it’s all a con job, they don’t care. Money is their god, and lies is their game.

    Pollution making you sick? Too bad, here’s the drug to help you FEEL better. Makes you feels worse? Too bad, here’s another drug, go on, I care about your well-being, (out of fake face, behind is glee for lots of money, ooh la la), here, take this to suppress effects of that drug I gave you before, go on, it’ll makie you feels goooood.

    Etc etc etc…

    It’s all bullshit con games by the medical and pharma cartels.

    Try Colloidal Silver, proven to kill over 650 PLUS germs, etc including viruses, fungus, etc. Stops recording more than 650+ germs after 1948 by the FDA. Why? To stop trying to prove Colloidal Silver actually works. FDA is tied to medical and pharma cartel, just like CDC and WHO, etc. Nothing more than con men trying to justify their existence by shilling shit and claiming it is good FOR YOU. Notice, they don’t take the stuff, do they? Go look. Spy on them, see what they actually do for themselves and THEIR FAMILIES. Do they give the same shit to themselves or they lives on high nutrients, raw foods, healthy regimen WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY recommending their standard shit for the rest of us? Hypocrite, much?

    Proofreading AIDS Inc, fixing typos, etc.

    Wish I could make money faster, but I refuse to do anything unethical. (sighs)

  12. Alexander says:

    A thought occurs.

    What kind of psychopath, or some kind of narcissist-sociopath, would boldly invents a fake label to covers various symptoms that they claims is caused by a virus, whatever it might be, HIV, AIDS, Coronavirus, Covid-19, or whatever, what kind of mentality would create fake virus/whatever just to cause untold misery and panic and fear in millions, billions, of people, and ruins their lives in many ways?

    We know the true causes is

    * malnutrition, (war-induced starvation, forced starvation, not enough high nutrient foods),
    * chemical drugs, ingesting too much drugs, (antibiotics, painkillers, recreational drugs, street-drugs, etc),
    * pollution from chemicals such as fertilisers, poisonious pesticides, etc…
    * vaccines are both poisonous chemicals AND pollution, bits of metals, plastics, whatever, who knows what.

    But these psychotic cartels are pushing their kinds of “solutions”, when the truth is, they CAUSED all these problems in millions of ways, destroying entire communities in the process.

    And they claims to care for our health. What bald-faced liars! What outrageous arrogance!

    These psychopaths, these narcissist-sociopaths, must be gizzy with glee every day, waking up with happiness, that they holds the POWER over the rest of us, fascistic forcing THEIR view on the rest of us, ignoring our rebuttals, shutting us down, yet the TRUTH leaks out in a million ways, a billion ways, and we ALL know the TRUTH.

    Yet these scumbags are in POWER, and the rest of us try to get by as best we can and not fall into their hands, but stay free and try to do our bit to spread the TRUTH as best as we can.

    These low men must be truly dire, empty, soul-less, inhuman, for what they already done and willingly doing to the world in their insane drive to profits off our misery.

    Is there no end to these insane morons?

    When will sanity be regarded highly, instead of deluded insane on pedestal worshiped by the mainstream media cult?

    Insanity must be contagious, it surely creeps downwards every time these insane gets up top, it spreads like a virus, it spreads like their favored imaginary Covid-19 virus, infecting and poisoning and rotting putrescent throughout the world of high medical & pharma cartel ranks. LOL.

    Remember this? It sure fits them, doesn’t it?

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20 KJB

    This is what they do, twstign things around, to suit their own agendas, and it’s all about the MONEY, that’s why they do this, even though what they do is causing untold HARM to billions of people around the world.

    Incredible. Astonishing. Power corrupts absolutely.

    No wonder the LEFT wingers are all insane. They craved power, utter power, and money, and they don’t care that their actions caused billions of misery, sickness, and deaths, all over the world.

    They have to be inhuman, or nonhuman. Alien? Reptilian? Who and WHAT these people are who orchestrates all these problems in our lives that we don’t need at all? WHO ARE THEY?

    Sick men, that’s who they are. SICK. Sick in their empty souls, sick in their minds, sick in their spirits. Sick because they craves death and destruction of everyone? WHo knows what goes on in their evil hearts.

    When will we rise up and beat these bullies down, no matter the cost? To win our freedom back? To be rid of these pestilence preying on us and sucking out our money?


  13. Al says:

    Wakey, Wakey folks…….


    More on the search engines… not sure about go-ogle.

    Nothing about vaccines, masks dadada ; )

    • Piksil says:


      Whaddya think?
      I suspect the only reason Communist News Network covered this is so they can gleefully report a tragic ‘2nd Wave’ in the near future in Wuhan, possibly showing again how well the draconian lockdowns work. Before the rest of the world predictably experiences a ‘second wave’.

      Or, could it be that they’re pointing out the success of the lockdown in China, and let people elsewhere reflect that their country can’t have pool parties? Here in the US, it’s ALL Trump’s fault, right? Grandpa Joe and Cameltoe Harris (sp? I can’t remember how to spell her name, guess I’d better learn by Nov.) surely wouldn’t have let that happen!

      Or, maybe they’re just looking to report some good news from such an unfortunate country as China? Especially in these difficult times. It’s good to see there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a water park!! Woohoo!

      I find it interestingly in that CNN ‘report’ that China, host to the outbreak of the ‘virus’, experienced only 84,000 ‘cases’ nationwide. That really shows the effectiveness of their lockdowns, considering the worst virus known in the history of the world ‘started’ there, and spread rapidly before the Chinese health experts even knew what they were dealing with (the worst virus EVER in the history of the world). Yup, they welded doors shut, closed highways, and locked down a population of 60 million, out of a total population of 1.393 billion. (Funny that they didn’t mention ‘covid death’ numbers.) As a comparison, Illinois (US) has a population of 12.67 million (2019), but 218,000 ‘cases’. (Over 2 1/2 times the ‘cases’ with just over 1/4 the population.) I guess Illinois would do best to emulate China.
      I’m sure that’s coming.

  14. zdb says:

    Imagine a path theough and out of this control trap. Something not so dramatic nor improbable as armed rebellion.

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