COVID: Did they actually discover a new coronavirus? The question won’t go away.

by Jon Rappoport

August 17, 2020

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Recently, I’ve offered important evidence AGAINST the claim that researchers have discovered SARS-CoV-2, the new COVID-19 pandemic virus.

No large-scale electron microscope study has been done with, say, 1000 pandemic patients lined up; with tissue samples taken from all of them; with those samples carefully handled; with relevant material photographed under an electron microscope; with the particles in the photos examined to see if all of them are of the same unique virus, and have never been seen before.

Of course, researchers would argue against such a study, because they never perform it. They don’t want to. They’re afraid the results would make it clear they’re involved in enormous fraud.

“Well, we thought we had a new virus, but it turns out the particles in the photos are of all sorts of material. Different viruses, genetic fragments, cellular debris, exosomes, and so on. Back to the drawing board…”

If there existed a truly honest editor at a prestigious medical journal, this is what he would write, in an effort to get at the TRUTH. You know, the supposed goal of science—

“I must confess, after reflection and conversation, we here at the Journal don’t know how researchers discover a new virus. They make pronouncements, but what are they actually DOING in their labs?”

“You see, the steps they take, the procedures they engage in, are never captured on film, step by step. No truly independent observers are there as witnesses. It’s as if the lab is a holy of holies, and only loyal initiates are allowed in. This is an intolerable situation.”

“This mystery must be penetrated. For example, official researchers say they are working out the genetic sequence of a new virus, but what does that mean? What sample are they are starting out with and using? Do they already have a truly purified specimen of the new virus? If so, where did they get it, and how? They grew it in a culture of cells? Really? And they purified it from that culture? We refuse to accept these unexamined claims at face value.”

“Therefore, we’re opening our pages to an ongoing discussion and debate on the questions, HOW ARE RESEARCHERS ACTUALLY DISCOVERING A NEW VIRUS? HOW SHOULD THEY? We will accept submissions from many quarters. Not just the usual experts. We aim to break up the chokehold and monopoly of opinion on this vital subject.”

In the realm of so-called science, there is a veritable army of self-styled experts in charge, who say, “Of course we know what we’re doing when we discover a new virus.” And that, they think, is enough.

It isn’t.

It especially isn’t, when the issue is a claim of a global viral pandemic; and repressive containment measures are being imposed, which are destroying countless jobs and businesses and lives. All because of a story about a new virus.

We’ve heard the phrase, “the science is settled.” But settled for whom? Time and again, it turns out the purveyors of pseudoscience have a political or commercial agenda that is driving their assertions. They posture, they scoff at critics. They refuse to step forward and engage in honest and prolonged debate. They censor counter-arguments.

In the past 35 years, during the purported epidemics called AIDS, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Mad Cow, Swine Flu, Zika, once official researchers announced they had found the cause, there has never been a truly PROPER large-scale study launched to confirm or deny those hypotheses about causation.

Over the past six months, a few readers have contacted me with references to COVID studies that show an electron microscope photo here, a photo there, along with the researchers’ statements that the new coronavirus has, in fact, been isolated and proven to exist. That’s not proof. That’s not what I’m talking about AT ALL.

If a drug company announced that six people, who had taken a new drug, showed major improvement in their illness-condition, would that constitute proof of anything? Would that be sufficient evidence for licensing the drug, as safe and effective, for widespread public use?

When I say LARGE-SCALE STUDY, that’s exactly what I mean. And one such study isn’t enough. Other studies must be done as well, to verify or disprove the finding of the first set of researchers. All the researchers must be free of conflicts of interest.

This is called the scientific method.

Let me break it down a little further, since nobody in the conventional scientific community will. Let’s say you do the large-scale electron microscope study I outlined above. And you find that, in 80 of the 1000 photos, you do see many, many particles of the same unique coronavirus, and you’ve never seen that virus before.

What conclusions would you draw? You would say, “Well, first of all, we don’t have PROOF of anything resembling a pandemic. Looks like a dud. Maybe…could be…eight percent of the 1000 people who have this list of GENERAL FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS might be suffering from a new viral condition. MAYBE. If we’ve already made projections of how many people will contract this new disease, we’ll need to provisionally cut down those numbers by 92 percent. Hmm, no, that doesn’t sound at all like a global pandemic. Now we need to look at the 920 people who also have these flu-like symptoms, but show no signs of having a new virus, and compare them with the 80 people and see what we can discover. Let’s dig into this. Is it possible the 80 people have a new virus, but it isn’t actually causing any illness? How many of the 80 are already suffering from serious health conditions that have nothing to do with this purported virus? How many have been treated for years with toxic drugs? How many have lung conditions stemming from heavily polluted air? We need to make a list of possible reasons these 80 people are sick and look at those causes. Let’s go back and examine the electron microscope photos again. Are we actually seeing many particles of the same new virus from all 80 of the patients…? Do we have any CDC or WHO researchers on board? They always find a new virus…”

An approach like that would start to make some sense. More large studies would definitely be needed.

Of course, there wouldn’t be any MONEY in this. There wouldn’t be an opportunity for massive top-down CONTROL in this. You couldn’t wreck a global economy on this basis and try to usher in a new political system for planet Earth. You couldn’t convince seven billion people to take a destructive vaccine.

But you would be putting your feet on a road that resembles something called science.

And yet, in an era which is said to be characterized by science, you would be, guess what? An extreme outlier.


That seems to be a contradiction.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

52 comments on “COVID: Did they actually discover a new coronavirus? The question won’t go away.

  1. ldiez says:

    I look forward to your reaction of this video by a Spanish nun. I found it most interesting. She is also a doctor. I think that many will not bother to watch, yet she is rational/reasonable/logical. No rhetoric/high dialectic. It does not appear to be disinfo. I hope you will watch it – subtitles are well done. I watched it with the sound muted.

    • mdskeptic says:

      The former doctor is quite eloquent about the confluence of irregularities accompanying the WHO announcement of pandemic H1N1 in 2009. I had almost forgotten about the contaminated Baxter Pharma vaccines which preceded the pandemic redefinition and declaration and got minimal media exposure back then. 2020 is a repeat of the same orchestrated panic but only a little slicker with more snake oil salesmen hyping the show. You’d think more people would have noticed the scam immediately but alas the people are fearful, numb and weak. Thanks Jon and to all who contribute ideas here. It’s very simple. Like the doctor / Nun said: ‘make up your mind and take a firm stand’.

  2. Sam says:

    dear Jon,

    Maybe they don’t want someone to detect the virus? So that no one finds out how to treat it or how to get rid of it,

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Jon wrote ” Did they actually discover a new [deadly] coronavirus? The question won’t go away….Now we need to look at the 920 people who also have these flu-like symptoms, but show no signs of having a new virus, and compare them with the 80 people and see what we can discover…. Is it possible the 80 people have a new virus, but it isn’t actually causing any illness? How many of the 80 are already suffering from serious health conditions that have nothing to do with this purported virus? How many have been treated for years with toxic drugs? How many have lung conditions stemming from heavily polluted air? We need to make a list of possible reasons these 80 people are sick and look at those causes.”

      NO, IT DOES NOT.
      Rick says… I think the question of the existence of a virus SHOULD go away– we do not need to know, right now, if they discovered a new virus or not. It’s an unwinnable debate. I would suggest that what DOES matter are SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS and how to ALLEVIATE THEM (not neccessarily cure or prevent). The symptoms being featured are “dry cough”– which isn’t typical of “general flu”– “fever” and “shortage of oxygen”. What does NOT cure “shortness of breath & lower oxygen” is “pressurized oxygen with ventilators”, pushed by President Dunce— er… Trump. What CAN “alleviate” “shortness of breath” are those OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS sold to seniors as-seen-on-TV. A NEW oxygen increase ALLEVIATOR I discovered for myself is the supplement GSH3 with selenium. It turns out that selenium gets destroyed by fertilizers in the soil and we have a shortage of it in the diet. It’s instrumental in lung lining and capacity. When I tried it a year ago or so, I NOTICED INCREASED EASE OF BREATHING… not that I thought I had trouble breathing– I do not– but the swiftness and SMOOTHNESS of airflow in and out of my lungs SEEMED noticeably better! I was amazed.

      In the single case where we see the SYMPTOM of “shortness of breath” or “hypoxia”, it is INTERESTING to consider causation. Could it be the imaginary virus? Hardly. Could it be air pollution? Yes maybe. Could it be 5G? I personally think so. Could it lack of selenium in the soil along WITH pollution? Yup. Does it matter what it is? Yes, in the longer term but right NOW, we need to END THE LOCKDOWNS, and open the economy and schools. And to do that, we can depend on “reasonable precaution” but “not excessive non-traditional precaution” like FACE MUZZLES… and oxygen concentrators, HCQ+Azithromycin+Zinc, those “nebulizers” that asthmatics use and now– supplements that increase selenium apparently!

      • Invisible Man says:

        I disagree with this completely. It DOES matter, right now and any time, whether the virus even exists or not. Disprove the virus and their whole house of cards come tumbling down. You have to strike at the root of the sham, otherwise the lockdown will end but just come roaring back whenever they want, and with more severe restrictions.

        The question of the existence of the virus – or indeed of any virus – should NOT go away, on the contrary, viral theory is the whole basis of the medical mafia’s power over all our lives. Without viral theory – already soundly disproven by the likes of Stefan Lanka and Ryke Geerd Hamer – elites cannot demand our compliance.

        • tony bonn says:

          the root of the scam is the idea that viruses are infectious or pathogenic. they are not. it doesn’t matter whether you can or cannot find one. people need viruses to survive – you always have them. the body has a library of about 300,000 cell specific viruses. i am sure that they have not all been discovered. the obsession with viruses is a scam, fraud, and deceit. you may as well be concerned about having red and white blood cells.

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          I agree that the striking at the root via Lanka and Hamer is important– but it completely ignores the “new symptoms” that are being promoted like “shortness of breath” that people with pre-existing conditions cannot tolerate. My point is that instead of “arguing” with retro-amateur-virologists over the entire existence of a virus, we should rather focus on alleviating “shortness of breath”, for example with KNOWN therapies like OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS and SELENIUM SUPPLEMENTS. If we inquire as to SYMPTOMS, we’ll have traction. If we argue about the cause of the symptoms being a virus or something else, we’ll spin our wheels. Symptoms ARE showing up, I think, due to, as Jon says, POLLUTION and as I keep pointing out– 5G installations and other EM radiation toxicity from wifi.

          Take the case of HydrOxyChlorQuin+Azithromycin+Zinc or HCQ++. How did HCQ++ come to be a “thing” in the first place in our entire Covid-scheme-of-things? It must have been used successfully to deal with SYMPTOMS. What symptoms was it alleviating? It was notorious for relieving lupus, arthritis and malaria. Those, it seems to me, are the result of over-acidity biology. Malaria is tapeworm-parasite for example which, like a lot of parasties and bacteria, survive only in acidic and ANAEROBIC environments. Maybe HCQ++ alkalizes and adds free oxygen to the body, thus alleviating symptoms. If we spend most of our time “striking at the root”, we’ll fail to keep the metal-to-the-pedal on HCQ-relieving-symptoms… as President Dunce… er– Trump has done lately.

          What do all of those have in common? They all enhance oxygen in the bloodstream. A lot of toxicity from bad bacteria are caused by ANEROBIC bacterias which O2 effectively destroys. POLLUTION in covid-ground-zero-Wuhan as Jon keeps pointing out, has severe pollution which cuts oxygen down likely below OSHA standards of some 19%, thereby increasing liklihood that bad bacteria takes hold. Wuhan was also ground zero for the introduction of thousands of 5G 60GH-oxygen-resonant-hemoglobin-destroying radiation poisoning which the aforementioned oxgyen enhancers would have alleviated.

          If we’re suffocating from lack of oxygen, we need emergency measures to alleviate that aspect of things. Shutting down 5G is just as important as replacing obsolete virus theory. Cleaning up O2-lowering pollution and upgrading our banning of refinery-producing-CYANIDE from President Dunce er– Trump’s fracking-enthusiasm are paramount. The VIRUS DEBATE is a CANARD that, as Jon pointed out earlier, an umbrella for MULTIPLE CAUSES for disease. The SYMPTOMS of disease are the FRONT LINE of our battle. The CAUSES are important but secondary. Immediate alleviation of symptoms, then prevention of the causes, in that order, is logical.

          • Karl Pomeroy says:

            Rick Potvin, I’m also in Arizona. Pretty hot lately!

            I disagree with some of your points. It’s important to know whether a COVID virus exists. Some doctors say they’ve never seen a COVID case. I don’t know of anyone who knows anyone who has had COVID. So does the illness exist? Or is it just fake statistics? If exposed as fake, the fraud would end, along with masks and social distancing.

            About symptoms like difficulty breathing, yes, there are other causes that should be identified. 5G radiation suppresses oxygen absorption in the blood, mimicking altitude sickness. Sulfites and preservatives cause apnea, which is much like Cheyne-Stokes breathing experienced by mountaineers due to dehydration at altitude. Pollution and chemtrails also contribute.

            The remedies for these do not include masks or social distancing. The remedies include avoiding radiation by living far from cell towers, shielding the home, or wearing EMF clothing; eating fresh garden and organic produce; drinking lots of water; and living away from polluted areas.

            The lockdowns and mask mandates do not contribute to health and need to stop. If it can’t be proven a COVID virus exists, exposing that fact would help end the fraud.

          • tony bonn says:

            your strategy is very sound. someone else has posted on this site about his VA experiences in which a very similar strategy was used “back in the day.”

            treat the symptom.

          • Alessandro says:

            I am new to the bad vibes on 5g technology. My service provider just sent an email extolling the virtues of 5g and advised all the stories of CV19 and 5G were ill founded. What evidence supports your assertions above so I can look at this in more depth.

            Also if Trump is a Dunce what is Biden, apart from a hermit?

          • Madness says:

            No, sorry. The virus legend must die. As long as it lives they can use it again and again, like hyper-super engineered mother of all killers something to generate that level of fear that people unable to think due to panic.

            I love the example of rabies and ‘debunked’ by Millicent Morgan, an ancient fear, a fortune to the Big Pharma and suffering of billion animals who have to endure their poisonous vaccine. People love their pet but never question the necessity of that jab. Fear. The illness is so terrible they don’t even think about it. And the reality? Brain inflammation due to different things. More causes, one label.

            Now we have one label again but very different causes. In a simplified way: 2 groups. First has flu (respiratory) symptoms, runny nose shore throat and so. Relabeled as Covid. Second is like a ‘blood’ disease, hypoxia, thrombosis, inflamed vessels, labelled as Covid – that’s the radiation, the NEW mix of it. Usual respiratory symptoms like runny nose are missing or very weak.

            They promised a second wave, my guess is that they will solve it with radiation but what people will see is more sick, more death. To prevent panic and more draconian laws AND prevent more death people must be aware of the REAL cause. And it’s tricky because of the complexity of EMF, 5G as works together with even street lights. They can’t see the tower or antenna? Then it was not the cause. False. You can’t see implemented in a manhole, light and so.

            Radiation messing with red blood cells (oxygen carrier) is well documented, you even watch the video how the blood become thick, how the cells knot. (In real time you see the PROCESS) and that’s something they never was able to present with viruses, to let us see the process under microscope.

            Then which cause is more likely? Where you can see the culprit (measure) in action or where you can’t?

            As the sacred-three for cure.
            Rick as far as I know HCQ is kinin. We used it to lower the fever, nothing more. The second ‘-cillin’ is antibiotic, when your cells die that generate inflammation and bacteria appears. If the process is too harsh you can die, helps to make it smooth. That’s the normal way to cure pneumonia and other inflammations. The third is zinc. Helps cell regeneration.

            The very first that people should fight against is radiation, it messes with the Earth own (healthy) frequency and that messing start pandemics. (The Invisible Rainbow) But they will believe and fight against it only when the virus legend is dead and they are able to ‘look around’ that what else…

            Your sacred 3 won’t help in a case of serious organ damage beyond repair. We have to ‘kill’ the cause of it. Young recover faster (faster cell regeneration), elderly is screwed.

            Here they basically murdered many elderly (according to a lawyer testimony) as denied antibiotics if suspected Covid telling that it’s useless. The biggest lie ever! Secondary ‘infections’, eg the lung inflammation, pneumonia always have a high number of bacteria, the treatment is giving antibiotics.

          • Alan says:

            Those hypoxia symptoms are plain easy to treat, once you get the virus scare and the iatrogenically deadly treatments out of the way.

          • glenn says:

            Your approach is the best way to tackle this problem. The issue is that too many people are not at the point of listening. They want a singular cause that they can attack so they never have to worry. In this case it is deadly viruses out there. We are only addressing whether the virus exists or not so people can move on to the real solutions.

          • Invisible Man says:

            “The VIRUS DEBATE is a CANARD that, as Jon pointed out earlier, an umbrella for MULTIPLE CAUSES for disease. The SYMPTOMS of disease are the FRONT LINE of our battle. The CAUSES are important but secondary. Immediate alleviation of symptoms, then prevention of the causes, in that order, is logical.”

            Sorry, but your assertion here is not convincing. The virus debate is NOT a canard, and we must not stop pressing this point. It’s especially not a canard because the scientific evidence is already there in abundance. You’re creating a false dichotomy where we have to focus either on symptoms or causes, but we can actually do both. There is no reason to prioritize treatment of symptoms over the understanding of causes, since not everybody’s mind works the same way and different people are more receptive to different dimensions of the issue. We don’t prioritize one or the other, we tackle both.

    • Larry C says:

      Sam, If no virus was presumed, there would be no reason to look for a treatment…and we wouldn’t be witnessing the Collapse of the World Economy.

      • tony bonn says:

        people are completely backassward on viruses. there is no reason to get rid of a virus because there are no harmful viruses. it’s confusion of cause and coincidence.

    • Madness says:

      No new virus. Radiation is the cause, even no more causes – to Jon. I’ll explain. I spent the past months to understand radiation, I didn’t understand it because of its complexity and I guess that’s the same with others.

      Simplified: We are electrical, to lift your finger your brain send electric impulses, for your heart to beat, also. The Earth has a frequency, if you close people away from it like a Faraday cage or being at the space you have to provide that frequency with a tool or they go sick and mad and after a time die.
      But different frequencies have different effects and with the more and more tech around emitting radiation we are sitting in an EMF soup, the body tries to endure and work normally but can’t. It’s such a burden that can’t self-heal, can’t fight with diseases. It even FORTIFIES the effect of SMOG or other poisons around. Co-poisonings. This is why we have so many cancer among other illnesses. Your body produces cancer cells all the time but also Kills them. But when it have to fight so hard even to keep up your heart to beat normally it can’t self-heal.

      This is why the death much higher in elderly population now 1.they can’t renew their cells so fast if damaged, 2. with age we have more underlying conditions and radiation makes it much worse.

      And something is wrong again, at least where I live. As I am EMF sensitive I am the canary, there is some disturbance again, since two weeks or so and getting worse. I can see it on animals, too. Cats sleep far more than usual, every day (way of regeneration), garden was full with birds, there are far less or less active. Sounds nut? Sorry. They are messing with us again, I guess here comes the second wave.

      • Eric says:

        can we put together a league of electrohypersensitives like yourself as some squadron of x-men like saviors to have some united voice informing on the general status of various places as they are experienced through your super powers? please!

        • Madness says:

          Sorry, I really don’t know how. On my part I try to mention this in comments (not only here but on big news sites) but there is a strong propaganda to protect the newly launched tech. (5G, satellites) with many trolls.

          And it is a bit like the vaccine issue, many don’t make the connection. It is not even that I am so much of a hypersensitive, it is that based on experience, knowing my own issues I understood that what makes them worse or better.
          I think every people (or almost) feels the harmful effects just don’t know the reason or suspect something else as the reason.

          With an example if I may as among the family we’ve just discussed it and was unable even to persuade my own adult child. My husband is not a hypersensitive. But has some problem you could blame on ageing. A bad knee often swollen and more and more issue of moving (stiff joints). He tried to drink Borax what worked till some point but only if he drank it regularly. If he stopped the problems were back and quickly. When my kittens injured (with such a nice ‘Covid’ symptoms and almost died) I insisted to implement EMF shielding at once in a rush. And that changed everything. My husband knee miraculously started to heal, stiff joint became far better. Nowadays if he goes out like driving a couple of hours and part of the story we have many-many new antennas around highways his symptoms are back at once.

          Already there are groups to make awareness about it, for example this international one and you can find linked documents, studies and so – AND AS MANY SHOULD SIGN IT AS POSSIBLE:

          But to persuade people – I think the way is to suggest to try. If you know anyone with “weird” symptoms and no exact, sure reason:
          – insomnia
          – headache
          – ringing in the ears
          – nausea, vertigo
          or any other condition like arthritis, etc. – suggest them to SHIELD. TRY it to know the difference. Only the experience that how much quicker they heal, their problems become mild or disappear can persuade them. When they experience the difference just ones, they will believe it.

          My hypersensitivity: As I know what and how I feel when shielded and when I am exposed, I am sure about the reason – radiation. The present problem is that we changed on nothing. The house is the same, everything is the same but after a couple of peaceful months my symptoms are slowly coming back, mild enough but slowly coming back. I think there is only one explanation and that’s the change in the EMF. (More satellites, or more switched on? More 4-5G?) Part of the problem that no perfect shielding (we couldn’t make it), what we could do was lowering the exposure, less radiation inside the house. Before the shielding I could see (my laptop), all of the WI-FI around, 6-10 in times (neighbours) now I can see only one (detached house) and even that one is more weak. So I guess now there is more radiation in the outside environment and due to this more can reach us inside.

          That how harmful (to everyone whether you feel it or not yet):

          Or Debra Davis’ Australian presentation, Youtube will help.
          It’s such a problem by the way that I just read that this is the new treatment for children with autism (but for them the shielding must be prefect, no cheating at all, means more layers like walls are shielded plus they sleep in EMF protective tents inside and absolutely no things around emitting any radiation. According to the article it works.)






  4. Janet says:

    “Well, first of all, we don’t have PROOF of anything resembling a pandemic.”
    Says it all.
    Taking that Even further … WE DON’T HAVE PROOF OF ANYTHING at all.
    Science will NEVER “prove” Truth because Truth cannot be proven. It is ALL a make-believe.
    That’s the truest and most honest idea we can uphold.
    Those of us that re-member our Source understand that.

    Jon, your work is admirable and honest, and I applaud you for what you do. But it’s falling on deaf ears. Only those who “know” can hear. Things must play out as they will.

    Our place in the cosmos has shifted. Some can handle the energy, some cannot. Some will see “upside down” and some will see “right side up”

    Only those with a Single eye will discern the insanity and move on. Listen to your heart – serve as your intuition informs – and trust in the Source of this Life.

  5. Kia Kaha says:

    One Way To Scrap Social Distancing

  6. Dr. E. Black says:

    I just ordered your book AIDS Inc. here in The Netherlands via
    It will arrive in 2-3 weeks it says. Hope you get your royalties.

    When you look at “AIDS” then and “COVID-19”, “COVID” will be a much more scandal and terroristic approach to destruction and fraud then AIDS was.
    I think AIDS was an TestBed for COVID-19, just like they use to TestBed country by country how far they can push it.

    Keep up the good work !

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”

  7. Hayden says:

    There must be doctors out there who have money to get together and perform this study/testing.

    me personally broke and not a doctor.

    • Pft says:

      Then they report they cant find anything or fund something else and are shouted down as being incompetent, and nobody will publish them, they get labelled as fake news and maybe lose their license if they don’t go away and be quiet. Wakefield’ed and Mikovits’ed Nothing to gain by going against the establishment. Maybe 30 years later after they are dead and buried someone might look back and say -hey, these guys were right.

    • mdskeptic says:

      Sad to say most doctors with the money to perform such a study prefer to ride the gravy train and will not call for such a study. The call must come from Everyman.

    • Karl Pomeroy says:

      Doctors who expose the COVID hoax have been ostracized. They have to be willing to give up their careers. A similar situation exists in physics. Those who challenge the status quo must tread carefully. Prominent astronomers, such as Geoffrey Burbidge, former Director of Kitt Peak, have been fired or denied access to telescopes for seeking new explanations. Science today is a catastrophe.

  8. Anthony Zappia says:

    Hi Jon, what are we to make of the electron microscope photos that are being presented like this one:

  9. Steve Stars says:

    Jon and Friends,
    I personally want to thank both Jon and David Rasnick for discussing these questions about “Corona virus,” specifically CoV-2 the COVID0-19 “culprit” when they were guests on our radio show.
    Here is a link to the podcast,if you want to listen.

    We have been covering this issue from the start with high skepticism from the beginning, but went though a horrific loss of one of the owners of the station due to what they say was “COVID-19”. I highly suspect that even though he had broken some ribs before all this happened, our friend and station owner was probably systematically killed by ongoing ventilation and intense COVID “treatments” for a horrific period of about four weeks.
    I really appreciate both Jon and “Raz” bringing their expertise to our show, especially at this time when we were hurting and are bothered by so many questions. Like HIV/AIDS, these things are never what they appear to be, and the “treatments” are DANGEROUS. We are still investigating.
    Thanks so much Jon and Dave.
    Pressing on with clarity thanks to you.

  10. Jen says:

    Can somebody correct me, but didn’t China come up with the gene sequence to identify the “virus”? And all the scientists accepted it without any testing, right? Or am I mis-remembering?

    • Madness says:

      No, you remember well. They gave a sequence. They also gave 1-2 electron-microscope photos (at least the site stated it was the isolated virus) but it was the same problem, they looked as exosomes, not many host. (Look for that Dr Andrew Kaufman video (conference) where he show photos about both claimed virus and exosomes to compare.)

      And they used x-ray to identify the covid infection and it is official. I saw it in an official document what was sent to hospital workers to update them how to identify the illness.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you! I was pretty sure, but for some reason it’s hard for me to find older news articles. I have often thought it would be great to have an archive system to save them, but I haven’t figured out a way yet.

        I’ll look for the Dr. Kaufman video. Thanks again.

      • tony bonn says:

        it’s a fraud. viruses are not pathogenic. it is the other way around. so you found a virus. bfd.

        viruses do not identify illness.

  11. Aron says:

    A few gaps in my understanding of this all. So, genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 has apparently been done–I believe I have the scientific report filed somewhere and apparently it has been patented as well. In addition, sequencing has apparently been carried out for a whole array of supposed mutations from independent labs. I struggle putting these pieces together into the larger puzzle. Does anyone have any thoughts? The simplest explanation that I can think of is that all of this is true but has no relation to the fake Covid-19 disease.

    • Madness says:

      Again, look for Dr. Andrew Kaufman videos, he has a website, and some video still are on the youtoube. He debunked most of part of it and explained it rather well.
      One of them is ‘the Rooster in the River of Rats’. The other was an appx. 1 hour video conference type but many version (shorter) also were uploaded.

      He told – among others – that the genetic match of the sequence there and in an other place was only 87% or so (while both were claimed as part of a covid virus), but between you and a chimpanzee the generic match is 97% (if I recall well, above 90)

      Anyway, look for his videos he explains it very well (how they ‘cheated’ or falsely demanded a full isolation)

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Basically correct I think, though I’m a piano teacher, not a virologist. I gather that exosomes, natural cell cleaning entities that all of us create, have been mistaken, on purpose, for contagious viruses. Biologists can sequence those correctly but incorrectly assign them functions. The true function is when exosomes do their toxicity-clearing-jobs, we get “symptoms”. The imaginary “covid19 virus” is being blamed for those real-toxicity-clearing-symptoms– and being framed for “causing” the symptoms, as a travelling-killer rather than being recognized as an “beneficial immune function effect” of the natural-cleaning-process.

      I suppose its a bit like mistaking the school janitor for a burgler. The medical community would say that the janitor enters the school after everyone is gone home and goes into every room of the building– and leaves before the staff return. These traits are exactly how a burgler works. In fact the Janitor is seen leaving the school through the back door with cans he’s put stuff in– just like a burgler might. As well, it can be seen that there are janitors in every school so the burgler must be travelling around to hit on every school– when in fact each school has its own janitor.

      • Piksil says:

        And, very important, the janitor’s key will only unlock the door to the school where employed. Not a different school, not a zoo, not a dog kennel. Microzyma/viruses/exosomes contain genetic material that can only work with the host, not in another person or species.

    • Aron says:

      Thank you Madness and Rick. It’s helpful to get some clarity every once in a while on a sticking point and I didn’t think I’d be disappointed here.

  12. Juliano says:

    A great influence on my life has been Thomas Szasz. if it wasn’t for me finding his book many years ago (I was attracted to its very intriguing cover of a human profile made up of sea life) titled The Myth of Mental Illness. Finding this reading it and inspiring more research saved me from falling into the evil clutches of doctors and shrinks wanting to ‘treat’ you if you had any psychological distress, ALWAYS with drugs of course. So I dodged all that
    Well Szasz used the term to describe the power oppressing us the Pharmacracy. And as, I hope, more and more GLOBALLY are starting to understand now, that this Pharmacracy is not satisfied with just targeting those who are deemed not fit to cope with the Pharmacracy, including millions of children labeled with ‘ADHD’ etc, no, it is exposing its corruption to threaten EVERYONE—all the ‘slaves of it–under a medical/big pharma tyranny!! Looking for some Szasz quote about the Pharmacracy got me finding this video which I am currently watching and will link here, and has inspired me to re-read his book The Manufacture of madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement. Thomas Szasz on Psychiatry and Religion

  13. Madness says:

    Dr Andrew Kaufman’s videos:

    The Rooster in the river of Rats (How they cheat, examine ‘viruses’)

    A sort version about sequencing WITH PHOTOS about virus vs exosomes:

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