Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC

by Jon Rappoport

July 2, 2020

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For this piece, we have to enter the official world (of the insane)—where everyone is quite sure a new coronavirus was discovered in China and the worthless diagnostic tests mean something and the case numbers are real and meaningful. Once we execute all those absurd maneuvers, we land square in the middle of yet another scandal—this time at our favorite US agency for scandals, the CDC.

The Atlantic, May 21, has the story, headlined, “How could the CDC make that mistake?”

I’ll give you the key quotes, and then comment on the stark inference The Atlantic somehow failed to grasp.

“We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus…The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral [PCR] and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.”

“Several states—including Pennsylvania, the site of one of the country’s largest outbreaks, as well as Texas, Georgia, and Vermont—are blending the data in the same way. Virginia likewise mixed viral and antibody test results until last week, but it reversed course and the governor apologized for the practice after it was covered by the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Atlantic. Maine similarly separated its data on Wednesday; Vermont authorities claimed they didn’t even know they were doing this.”

“’You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told us when we described what the CDC was doing. ‘How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess’.”

“The CDC stopped publishing anything resembling a complete database of daily [COVID] test results on February 29. When it resumed publishing test data last week [the middle of May]…”

First of all, the CDC’s basic mission is publishing disease statistics on an ongoing basis. Reporting partial data flies in the face of what they’re supposed to be all about.

But the big deal, of course, is combining results from two different tests—the PCR and the antibody—and placing them in one lump.

I’ve read the Atlantic article forwards, backwards, and sideways, and it appears the experts believe only PCR viral tests should be used to count the number of COVID cases.

So here is a takeaway I find nowhere in the Atlantic article: COMBINING THE TWO TESTS WILL VASTLY INFLATE THE NUMBER OF CASES.

I’m not talking about categories like “rate of infection” or “percentage.” I’m talking about plain numbers of cases.

Some PCR tests will indicate COVID and some antibody tests will indicate COVID, and adding them together will pump up the number of cases. You know, that big number they flash on TV screens a hundred times a day.

“Coronavirus cases jumped up again yesterday, and the grand total in the US is now…”

THAT number.

The number media and government and related con artists deploy to scare the people and justify lockdowns and use to stop reopening the economy.

The brass band circus with flying acrobats and elephants and clown numbers.

Therefore, I’m not characterizing what the CDC is doing as a mistake. They’ve managed to create the illusion that absolute case numbers are higher than they should be.

Somehow, these “mistakes” always seem to result in worse news, not better news. The “errors” are always on the high side rather than the low side.

Case in point: the computer prediction of COVID deaths in the UK and US made by that abject failure, Neil Ferguson, whose track record, going back to 2001, has been one horrendous lunatic exaggeration after another. His 2020 projections of 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US were directly used to justify lockdowns in many countries.

The CDC, back in 2009, stopped reporting the number of Swine Flu cases in the US—while still claiming that number was in the tens of thousands. I’ve written in great detail about the scandal, which was exposed by then-CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson. The CDC stopped counting cases, because the overwhelming percentage of tissue samples from patients was coming back from labs with no sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu. And yet, in a later retrospective “analysis,” the CDC claimed that, at the height of the “epidemic,” there were 22 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the US.

Going all the way back to 2003 and SARS, the CDC and other public health agencies around the world hyped the dangers to the sky; the final official death count, globally, when the dust cleared? 800.

There is a tradition of lying on the high side, blowing up figures in order to create the illusion of destruction.

CDC? Mistake? The agency is certainly incompetent. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

The only time they say there is no danger is when they’re lying about the effects of vaccines.

My headline for the Atlantic article would read: SO HOW MANY COVID CASES SHOULD WE SUBTRACT TO GET THE ACTUAL NUMBER?

And the first paragraph would go this way: “Just when governors are trying to reopen their economies, a gigantic case-counting deception at the CDC is taking the wind out of their sails. The millions of Americans suffering financial devastation could be pushed back into a hole. Who is screaming to high heaven about THAT on the nightly news? No one. Why not?”



* (video: “CDC Admits Mistakes in Covid Case Numbers,” 7/1/2020)



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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

69 comments on “Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC

  1. From Elsewhere says:

    Did anyone go to jail in 2009 or 2003 for the “errors” on the high side? Is anyone prosecuted now for those same “errors”? People ask for “Jail to liars” in their protests, like some of the governors, faucis and the like? Vindicated was one similar to cured…

  2. MDSkeptic says:

    It’s beyond propaganda. The CDC,the entire government and the MSM are all engaged in full fledged brainwashing. Judging by the covered faces on my neighborhood streets where no MD that I know has seen a symptomatic “case” in weeks, It’s working.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, massive brainwashing, without a doubt. And, yes, sadly it’s working where I am too (NJ)–people here believe everything the MSM says. It’s like intellectual curiosity and questioning has been socially engineered out of them. There’s absolutely NO critical thinking going on.

      • operator says:

        The brainwashing is working perfectly on planet wide scale, with some tiny exceptions.

      • Victor Alan Pate says:

        Damn well said!
        “intellectual curiosity and questioning has been socially engineered out of them”

      • Kathleen Donnelly says:

        Same in UK.. no critical thinking and you are ostracised if you question the figures.. but obviously something is radically wrong.

      • RegretLeft says:

        Suburban NJ Sat July 11 High School Field Semi-organized soccer game in progress (Hispanic men 20s, 30s) 20-30 spectators in bleachers -women, children. Town has posted dozens of signs (in English): remember social distance/wear masks. Result? – ZERO masks observed; no social distancing (spectators clustered into a small space (having a great time!))

        Critical thinking? Perhaps. perhaps just a bit of common sense and, as semi-guest-workers, not being plugged into “the matrix”

        (Hello Amanda)

  3. Jim S Smith says:

    And what was it about yelling “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater? ? ?

    Isn’t this COVID hoax the very same thing? Because of this “Boy who cried WOLF” syndrome, millions of human lives were disrupted and/or destroyed, and the possibility of millions, or even BILLIONS of people soon to see starvation. – Yet, no official calls for imprisonment of the real offenders!

    Also just caught on to one of the latest out of the UK: The COVID crisis has WIDENED wealth gap between the wealthy and the poor. Now, why does THAT not surprise? ? ?


    Seeing more people “masking up” these days. From this perspective, “humanity” is looking rather hopelessly lost in the fog of fear! – The globalists have won (the hearts and minds of the masses). – Yet another tragic day in the world filled with insanity.

    • Hayden says:

      Yes but people like Icke and wilcock been saying for years there will be great awakening of masses yeah right just like doomsday propaganda always end of the world well for these guys it’s always a great mass awakening 2012 was one and nothing changed lol both the same the world enders and the great awakenings that never happen lol

    • striketheroot says:

      PERHAPS this is why the elite have the opinions they do about the “unwashed masses” the “sheeple” the goyim, the (add your epithet here). Revolutions are not created from a consensus of the majority but action on the part of an active 10% – 15%. there will always a majority who wonder ” WHAT HAPPENED?”

    • Cee Dee says:

      Many don the mask due to retail outlets not allowing you to enter unless you do. That’s the only reason I and many wear one it’s to enter a store.

    • Phil says:

      Many don the mask due to retail outlets not allowing you to enter unless you do. That’s the only reason I and many wear one it’s to enter a store.

  4. za ka lu says:

    this helped me more fully realize we have always been occupied…guys show up, stick a flag in the ground and proclaim all is theirs to rule in the ‘name’ of _______.

    posited fiction carried out via violent physical, psychological coercion.

    — gov’t is an occupying force; forced to ‘need’ their issued ‘papers’ for any endeavor, travel, work, to hold, to use, to sell, to buy… to gain any semblance of our benefit goes through them, a hostile third party usurping infiltrator, all without consent, they never bother to seek consent, they tell us we consented…

    we have always been under occupation, now is updated version….the hostile occupiers wear local sheriff, state patrol, military, medical, suit and ties, gov’t uniforms etc., etc., and always have.

    i think of it like if a business sells; the new ‘mngmt’, at least at first, keeps the same logo and slogans, uses same buildings, machinery, cars etc—appears as nothing has changed, but it is different ‘behind the scenes’, and slowly instigated is new ‘business model policies’ as to not bring attention to the change-over while still achieving their goals over time

    —the new ‘policies’ in this case will come faster as much/most conditioning to ‘obey’ has already been accomplished.

    counties, states, countries, all branches of gov’t, medicine/science, info exchange ie; media, university/school, courts etc., etc., are businesses or something akin with possessors and controllers, profiteers in commerce.

    commerce is fictional realm…commercial fiction; we live our lives meeting detrimental, exploitative performances to fiction, an ‘artificial intelligence’.

    usa and likely many other ‘countries’ are now more overtly ‘under new mngmt’, not to the benefit of mankind and earth is my logically reasoned assumption.

    proof is in the pudding.

    and ps; there is no covid virus–


    • Joz Lee says:

      you write: proof is in the pudding……..

      and ps; there is no covid virus–! I say: just INFLATED NUMBERS BY CDC Imagine that!

      ‘da’ pudding is beginning to taste baaaaaad !

    • Skenny says:

      Excellent observations, ZKL.

      Have you seen I think you’d like it…

      So, I have a question:

      I’m assuming the majority of us here are hip to the truth about numerous things regarding the current deception foisted upon us. What’s the best way to educate everyone else (do we leave behind the ones that done have eyes to see?) that is struggling to see the truth? One idea I had – print out hundreds of copies of David Crowe’s paper. Flyers with bulleted COVID points, lies…

      How do you help a brainwashed person understand that disease is from bad lifestyle choices and not an outside entity looking to poison you ?

    • Alexander says:

      I say, “NO IMPLIED CONSENT”, to these narcissist-sociopath douchebag scum who thinks they have OUR implied consent against us.

      • za ka lu says:

        no informed consent…

        implied consent is to merely suggest consent, it is falsity, a trick.

        there is only informed consent, being apprised of the terms at a true and correct meeting of the minds, with clean hands at arms length; a meeting that can only be held after a true and correct offer was tendered by a transparent party.

        expressed consent, implied consent is all a guise, it is ‘their’ way of telling us they consent for us, which is fraud.

        all the system is fraud, there is no informed consent with anything to do with ‘them’.

        starts with realizing and acting on NOT ANSWERING to their fraudulently created LEGAL PERSON account, aka FIRST MIDDLE LAST NAME usually written in glossa text.

        do not fill the roll of the artificial PERSON, do not show ID, reclaim your private estate from the usurping villainous SYSTEM.

        there is no contract.

        • za ka lu says:

          we either truly consented, or we didn’t, no grey area here.

          and no one has consented to any of this. adhesion contracts are fraud, the SYSTEM is fictional and fraudulent. COMMERCE IS fiction and FRAUD. Glossa NAME is fraud.

          do not comply, be in good standing, you control your private estate.

          no one, especially commercial entity/fiction like cdc, who, state, un, country, county, medical facility, grocery store on and on, can tell you what to do with your own flesh and blood body and mind regardless of where you are! commerce is fiction, the SYSTEM is fictional, fiction has no true standing with flesh and blood.

          for medical facility to force wearing mask for example is absolute violation to any oath to properly respect and care for flesh and blood man. from where i stand, they are banned for life from ever being involved in health care again, zero tolerance.

          spirit/mind/flesh and blood body is the MOST sacred private property there is. also our true name is sacred private property that the state used without permission creating it’s decrepit LEGAL PERSON.

          first in time, best in law; our spirit-filled flesh and blood, mind and body (private soul/sole estate) ALL came before ANY agreement could ever have been negotiated or ‘consented’ to with ANY of the usurping SYSTEM.

          we are the only factual beneficiary to our life!

          ‘they’ are really nothing more than the re-up of ‘divine right of kings’ lie. i know without doubt i was not born into/as any other’s property.

          DO NOT fill the role of their wretched LEGAL PERSON is a absolute must, NOW.

      • za ka lu says:

        bingo alexander, they are fraud, there is no informed consent now or ever!!

  5. Lewis Papier says:

    So where do we go from here? Actually nowhere! “Medical Science” is now calling the shots. If Trump only read ALL of Jon’s blogs he could then declare he’s uncovered vast cases of FRAUD and demand investigations. But guess what? That ain’t gonna happen! He’s too afraid to push back against “medical science” nor does he have any true understanding of the nature of the fraud that has been going on FOR YEARS! Those of us who are appalled at what has been going on will probably have to continue to sit back aghast as the horror show marches on!

    • Eluard says:

      They say Trump doesn’t read and I believe it. I can’t see the man poring over Jon’s articles–or any other articles. He LISTENS and Watches, sometimes very well.

      Jon, it’s a shame you couldn’t have a one on one with the Donald. You’d convince him of this swiss cheese hoax in fifteen, twenty minutes tops!

    • Victor Alan Pate says:

      In my opinion, trump is garbage too. We need to stop waiting on corporate controlled politicians (even rich ones) to save us. Biden, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Regan, etc., all are openly beholden to the pharmaceutical industry and personal profit agendas. Time to look in the mirror and and find the courage to implement real honest, fair and good change!!!

  6. ken says:

    It’s simply amazing no one sues these despots for corruption and exceeding their authority. So are all the lieyers involved in this deception as well?

    • Lyn P says:

      There are some scattered victories – like in my state where the Gov Exec Order was just overturned, and backdated 3 months! This may bring an avalanche of lawsuits for remedy/recourse for major damage to businesses. On the flip side, however, major corporations, whose influence has only grown, are all-in on the psy-op and will continue limiting our rights under their own guises. Not to mention their alignment with general globalist trends.

    • jjtech says:

      And who is supposed to sue them? Can’t people simply do this? Get 100 000, some lawyers and go get them? Or you are waiting for SOMEONE to sue them? The thing is, the whole political/medical/banking/bio-tech system isn’t going anywhere unless someone makes it to. Sitting back and watching and moaning isn’t going to change anything. And there is no politician, no “moral authority” that will do the job for you. Get involved in anti-forced vaccination movement, open your business, refuse to follow their rules. It’s the only way to go.

    • Walking Dead says:

      “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” By Chris Hedges. The new normal.

  7. NikkiEagle says:

    The CDC lumps the numbers of “in-hospital deaths by pneumonia and influenza” reported quarterly into one category labelled “FLU DEATHS” and the minion-media hysterically shrieks about influenza lethality. Is it a surprise to think that they would lump “active virus” test numbers in with “dead virus” numbers and declare them all the same thing? Nope. No surprise at all. How this corrupt swamp of an agency has any credibility at all is beyond me.

  8. Pft says:

    That was 6 weeks ago. Are they still doing it? Also, they relaxed the definition of presumed cases to having cold symptoms and living in an area where there is an outbreak and I believe they add presumed to confirmed for total case counts

    Why anyone cares about cases when deaths are trending down and ICU/hospitalizations rates are stable/not excessive I dunno. Maybe a dumb virus

    And that 2020 quarter with bats on the back. Trolling us

  9. Erika says:

    Not everyone is buying the BS
    In other news (not well known)

    People who attended a party in New York City during lock down (hey if it is ok to riot, why not to have a party?)
    are point blank REFUSING to cooperate with “contact tracers”.
    they are being subpoenaed.

    Meanwhile in Texas where some of the men are still real men…
    even though the governor of Texas ,Abbott, was frightened into locking down again, the Lt governor of Texas (Dan Patrick) told Fauci to more or les go pound sand…we don’t want your advice, go away,

    PAM POPPER-is starting a pushback against this wole thing.
    Please go watch her latest video on youtube.

    She wants to push back and ASSERT our sovereignty over our own bodies and our children’s bodies against mandatory vaccination.
    This is a single issue we can all agree on.

    • Lyn P says:

      I put my greatest current hope in citizen resistance esp. on the tracing refusal front. As these efforts grow are municipalities going to subpoena thousands of people?? Fogettabout it. They may skew resources this way for a while, but its gotta fizzle then we’re back to fighting the A.I. front.

  10. Larry C says:

    “Case in point: the computer prediction of COVID deaths in the UK and US made by that abject failure, Neil Ferguson, whose track record, going back to 2001, has been one horrendous lunatic exaggeration after another. His 2020 projections of 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US were directly used to justify lockdowns in many countries.”

    So why would mainstream news with its vast resources endlessly trumpet the forecasts of this stupid son-of-a-bitch?

    The inference should be obvious by now: WE ARE BEING TAKEN DOWN, FOLKS…and the quickest way to do that is to shutter all businesses (AKA CRUSH THE ECONOMY) while we “Socially Isolate” like good little boys and girls under our beds while waiting for further instructions.

    It’s like a really scary movie where **we* are the cast members, but the damned thing never ends. One wonders what will happen in future episodes coming from Deep State Pictures…

    And where-the-hell is that popcorn?!?!?

  11. Joseph Gorgol says:

    I’m a little confused by the ultimate meaning of the antibody test results. If antibody tests do not determine whether or not you currently have Covid 19, couldn’t that reduce the number of positives? On the flip-side, if the antibody test comes up positive, that does not mean you currently have the virus, so that could artificially inflate the Covid19 count if officially included in the count, right? So which is it? How do we conclude that the antibody test definitively and artificially inflates the total count?

      You can’t defermine anything through logic anymore. Their goal is confusion. Stick by your self-aware principles. Spend a little bit of time trying to track their arguments but realize it’s hopeless because Anna Von Reitz has warned us that it’s a goal of certian methods of intel to confuse the enemy. Look at their attempt to throw confusion out there as their tactic. More on this in coming few days. It’s an intel tactic… it’s a

    • Lyn P says:

      It’s rather pointless getting in the weeds because we have a “virus” never isolated, tests never validated as well as often proven outright deceptive, and “antibodies” that may be the result of dozens of other things. The medical mafia wants everyone bewildered and bewitched by their b.s. “science” thus in a spell waiting to be let free. Forget that I say.

    • Madness says:

      The problem with the antibody test that it doesn’t work and never worked without fault, without a lot of false results.
      You can read about it like why is that:

      Under the present conditions, who would wish to be a false positive?

    • The True Nolan says:

      Hey Joseph! It is really important to keep our terms clear. You say, “If antibody tests do not determine whether or not you currently have Covid 19, couldn’t that reduce the number of positives?” From context, I think by “positives” you seem to mean “people who have been tested and found to actually have the Covid19 virus present”. So, yes, people who already have the antibodies could very well have been spared coming down with the virus, and thus lowering the number of people currently having the virus actually present in their body. Regardless of whether the “I-have-antibodies-and-am-now-resistant” members MIGHT have caught the virus, by adding their number to the “I-have-the-virus-in-my-system” group, the CDC will ALWAYS come up with a bigger number. Additionally, the coronavirus family is a big family of viruses, and any number of them may have triggered someone to have antibodies which test as positive. Have you ever caught a common cold? You may well test positive for Covid19 antibodies even if you lived on a desert island and have never been exposed to the Covid19 virus. You would be considered a “new case” of Covid19 by the CDC. After all, you tested positive for antibodies!

      How dangerous is Covid19? Based on current “official” sources, we have NO way of knowing. The numbers they are giving us are completely unreliable and have no scientific basis. We know that it is less than (for instance) the Spanish Flu of 1918 simply because we are not seeing a death on every block. How much less? Actual danger could be close to zero. We simply do not have reliable, large scale information.

  12. Not So Free says:

    Check out Dr. Vernon Campbell. He has many videos on youtube about covid, many of them deleted by youtube.

  13. hmmm says:

    off topic, but coin shortage? guess the cashless society is coming soon

  14. Victor Alan Pate says:

    Another point worth noting is that the egG Antibody test is basically worthless and the interpretation of a positive ( meaning that you have antibodies which makes you immune and unable to transmit the so-called virus) violates the basic concept of antibody theory. The very presence of egG Antibodies means that one is immune and unable to infect anyone else, yet the Premier Health website states, “Please note that testing positive for the IgG antibody does not necessarily imply immunity from COVID-19. Whatever the result, individuals should continue to follow federal, state, and local public health guidance for social distancing and other recommended behaviors during the pandemic.”
    This makes taking the test stupid and a waste of the $65.00 cost!!!

    • Madness says:

      ” ‘One of the most disconcerting discoveries in clinical medicine was the finding that children with congenital agammaglobulinaemia, who could make no antibody and had only insignificant traces of immunoglobulin in circulation, contracted measles in normal fashion, showed the usual sequence of symptoms and signs, and were subsequently immune. No measles anti-body was detectable in their serum (the water part of blood minus clotting factors and cells).[3]’ [2013 Jan] Melanie’s Marvelous Measles: Is the provaccine backlash rational or hysterical? by Suzanne Humphries, MD”


      “Neither of the “HIV-antibody” tests — the Elisa or the Western Blot — has ever been properly validated, which means that no one knows what their results mean. The tests are chemical reactions to antigens, which are substances that provoke an immune response. Many dozens of conditions can produce a positive result on these tests, including drug abuse, flu vaccinations, past infection with malaria, pregnancy, and liver disease. Nevertheless, physicians still use these worthless tests, assume that positive results mean HIV infection, and give their patients doom-diagnoses of “HIV-positive” or “AIDS”. ‘AIDS: A Death Cult’ by John Lauritsen”

      and there are some more…

  15. Aslor says:

    Jon, have you covered anywhere that viruses have never been proven to exist? At least not other than in plants, and there they are beneficial!

    • Madness says:

      I think he covered – a kind of.
      In connection with the AIDS, HIV he had more articles to prove that PCR didn’t work and shouldn’t be used for diagnoses (according to this inventor). He covered that the HIV virus never was properly isolated, and there was an interview if I recall well with the leader of an Astralian research group who also doubt the HIV causes AIDS legend. Eleni (and something Greek first name).
      Those articles still can be found in the archive here I guess.

      • Aslor says:

        The Australian group actually proved that there was no demonstrated connection between HIV and AIDS.
        The inventor of PCR test was had said that!!

    I believe tracers are targeting you for murder. Given the nursing home murders as well documented here and given the increase intensity of the lockdowns and covid numbers, tracing is going to be directed at “the rest of us”… which will result in those of us NOT in nursing homes dying at increasing rates through their usual subterfuge. A tracer by door-knock or by smart phone has targeted you for murder. I just came up with that. NEVER talk to “strangers” and the same thing goes for “tracers”. Tracers are killers. Treat them that way. Pence just yesterday sent 500 of them to Arizona– I had to think this through. I’m publishing here under my own name. I’m signalling my warning: Tracers are tracing for a kill. Be forewarned. We’re in science fiction land here. I’ve read PLENTY of sci fi. I’m a total conspiracy “nut”.

    • Alexander says:

      These tracers thinks they have our IMPLIED CONSENT, when in reality, we say to them, “NO IMPLIED CONSENT’ and this should stops them in their tracks, and if they don’t stop, then we are in the right in killing them by defending ourselves and our liberty against them, there, done!

        I’d like to look into that idea of no-implied-consent a bit further and print something out I can carry with me. Note that THE HILL, a well known Washington DC based publication, just published a story on how people in NY are being subpoena’d if they don’t cooperate then fined $2000/day if they don’t obey the subpoena. THAT, I think, marks the start of the murder-by-quarantine since all contactees are subject to 14 day quarantine. Quarantines might become places other than your own home. This whole thing is unreal. We’re into a new level here and I now think we need to regard it as alien-agenda driven as Anna Von Reitz is pointing to.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      No , we are not in science fiction land here, as you wrote — we are in criminal-pseudoscience reality planet here and will continue to be, for a while ( second “wave” , etc.).

      And again no – you are not a conspiracy “nut” , as you wrote . Your comment is very realistic and is valid all over the planet, not only in Arizona. Be certain , you are not the only one with such a perception of reality !

    • Madness says:

      While I can’t prove – but based on what I experienced – I think they use cell phones to make harm or even for killing. Social distancing – only you. I don’t know what is why they pick you up or not. Maybe a random software, maybe they already have the list of their “enemies”.
      I also think that it has something with the range of 4G LTE (or volte depending on which country you live).

      If someone knows how exactly it can cause asthma like symptoms and shortness of breath only after a couple of minutes chatting please explain. If it is phone-related, it was an iPhoneX I used when experienced this, and happened more times. But never before and never after I got rid off that cell and use cell only using 3G and not higher (again I am not sure just “experimenting”).

      Also a guess based on what I heard that maybe your home WIFI is also capable to cause extra harm. Never before but recently yes.

  17. Kuru says:

    WHO will expose this??? Isn’t it time??? Is there a true investigative journalist left???

    • Eluard says:

      How about Jon? Oh, you mean getting it into the MAINSTREAM… Del Bigtree has been exposing Some of it, he’s been talking about the Inflated #’s and many other lies surrounding the virahoax. The OBL, one big lie, that a virus was ever proved to exist, Del hasn’t got there yet. But he’s interviewing Kaufman very soon and maybe then he’ll fully crumble…

      But Bigtree’s not mainstream either. Who’ll print what he says — IF he says — “Covid’s never been properly purified and isolated… It’s all been a total — and complete — effing LIE…”

      No, they’ll vilify him. As they already do.

  18. Eluard says:

    I heard Del Bigtree say at the end of his show tonight that he’s going to be interviewing Andrew Kaufman. About time! I’ve been commenting that he must have Kaufman on his show or else he’s missing a huge piece of this. He should have Jon on as well, of course.

    I know Del seems to accept the virus “as a virus” but he does call Fauci and Co. out on their lies, deceptions, and general deceit. AND he is leading the charge against the vaccine death cult. AND his team Is SUING the NAID for full revelation of all ties they have to the patents on the covid vaccines currently in development. So Del does have a lot to offer.

    But yeah, he needs to shake off the idea that Fauci and Gates are merely corrupt reprobates and realize they’re not like US at all. I wonder if Kaufman will open that extra door in his mind to make him see this whole show has no foundation at all to it.

  19. Hélios says:

    Hello ! I wonder if European health institutes do the same. My answer would be “yes, certainly”.

    Thanks to Jon for all these revelations.

  20. Walking Dead says:

    It has been exposed. The sheeple have no brain cells left to comprehend it.

  21. Jean Carbonneau says:

    They are doing the same here in Maine. Combining both tests. What’s funny is the % of positives for both are dropping, even though they have increased the amount of testing by 300%. Here’s a link to show this. If you scroll down the page, you will eventually hit where the number of test being conducted, and indeed, they are combined.

  22. Occams says:

    When one stops equating all of this to a ‘flu’, and understands that this was created to hide the impending collapse of the US economy, THEN it all makes sense.

    I began warning almost a year ago that a ‘new 9/11’ was coming. It would be blamed on ‘why’ the US economy collapsed. I expected a ‘boom’ – but the ‘flu’ was absolutely brilliant. Seriously. The US got EVERYONE’S economy to collapse – starting with China – so the US maintained global financial hegemony.

    Everyone is being ‘compensated’ to go along with this lie; hospitals, doctors, nurses, MSM…only a very few speaking out what is really going on.

  23. Not So Free says:

    An interesting PDF from the CDC, ‘assuming’ it’s still there.

  24. JOAN DETWEILER says:

    This isn’t a surprise to those who were aware of the lies and manipulation during the first round. The real question is ‘SO WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT THIS? THE HEADS OF ALL AGENCIES NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, REMOVED, AND PUNISHED BY MORE THAN A SLAP ON THE WRIST.’

  25. Kevin R. Roberts says:

    Nurses have been duped into telling their patients the big lie that the hospital is slammed with COVID-19 patients. I was in hospital for 9 hours and saw only 1 doc in nurses station, nobody walking in the hallway, and an empty parking lot. I refuse to be stuck with Billy Gates vaccine.

  26. A friend of mine lives in Texas. She and her husband signed in with their name and contact information, at one of the COVID test sights.. They waited.. and waited.. finally after 2 hours of waiting to be tested, they got up and left. A few days later they received a phone call that they were ‘COVID positive’.

    Some testing.
    Some CDC.
    Some pandemic.



  27. Ralph A. Dee says:

    I’m not 100% convinced that Covid-19 is real. I just don’t see any evidence of a deadly pandemic that couldn’t be explained away by a severe flu season. My ex girlfriend has nurse friends who are being laid off. Multiple Urgent Care facilities near Syracuse are closing their doors. All the local hospitals in Albany, NY are pretty much ghost towns. It never added up.

    However, we all know “they” needed a good excuse to let the economy crash to the ground. It was heading that way anyhow and we all know it. The Ponzi scheme that is our money system is not sustainable….but it became critical after 2008. The evil ones needed something to blame it all on……Notice how all the carnage is being blamed on the novel “virus”, when in reality the carnage was caused by the Fed’s printing presses….and the tyrannical lockdowns!

  28. Tweety says:

    What the CDC is doing with the Case Counting, is exactly what Arthur Anderson did at Eron. Called cooking the Numbers up.

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