Murder by lockdown: details from a dozen countries

Make that 13, plus one city, New York

by Jon Rappoport

July 1, 2020

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The reference here is a stunning May 23 article by John Pospichal, “Questions for lockdown apologists,” posted at

(This is part-4 in the series, “Killing Old People”. For part-3, click here.)

Pospichal examined overall mortality numbers for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England and Wales, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ecuador, and New York City.

Supported by charts, here are excerpts from his article:

“We now have mortality data for the first few months of 2020 for many countries, and, as you might expect, there were steep increases associated with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in each one.”

“Surprisingly, however, these increases did not begin before the lockdowns were imposed, but after. Moreover, in almost every case, they began immediately after. Often, mortality numbers were on a downward trend before suddenly reversing course after lockdowns were decreed.”

“This is an astonishing finding…”

“You will notice that only after each country (or city) was locked down did the increases begin. Moreover, they began immediately, and in nearly every case, precipitously.”

“All this leads us to the following questions, which we pose to all those who continue to defend the use of lockdowns as an effective means to prevent excess deaths.”

“Q: Why was there no significant increase in overall mortality, in any country we have good data for, before the start of lockdowns?”

“Q: Why does a precise and exact correlation exist between the start of lockdowns and significant rises in overall mortality?”

“Q: How is it that governments in every country imposed lockdowns at precisely the same time relative to the future precipitous rise in their populations’ overall mortality rate?”

“Q: How is it, moreover, that this moment in time [i.e., the imposition of lockdowns] happened to fall immediately before that precipitous rise?”

“Q: If health authorities vastly underestimated the prevalence of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, why did the virus nevertheless wait until lockdowns were imposed to suddenly start killing at levels which exceeded normal deaths?”

—To that last question, I would respond: No virus would wait. We’re not talking about a virus at all. We’re talking about the sudden effects of the lockdowns.

And those sudden death-effects would come crashing down, first, and immediately, on the most vulnerable people in these countries:

The elderly, who were already ill for years.




Especially in nursing homes; but also in hospitals, and in their homes.

This is the true face of “COVID.”

This is how the case numbers and the death numbers are being propped up all over the world, to yield the impression of a virus on the loose.

Without those huge numbers, the whole vicious charade of a pandemic would be exposed and rejected at once.

The lockdowns are a method of killing.

The governors and mayors and presidents and prime ministers who imposed the lockdowns—and behind them, the planners of “COVID”— have been killing old people.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

60 comments on “Murder by lockdown: details from a dozen countries

  1. Piksil says:

    A (to all the Q’s): It’s the ‘virus’. It’s smart. It’s very smart.

    Only Fauci and Gates are smarter.

    It’s been on the news.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Very soon,

      There may end up being smarter viruses?

      Just wondering what to make of the idea that “their” nanobot “viruses” will some day decide these billionaire pieces-of-trash will no longer be needed? – Give the technology too much “free will”, and let’s see what really happens!

      – ( Just like from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”? )

  2. JV says:

    Not to mention how many people are hypochondriacs and “imagined” themselves into sickness.
    And, the governors, mayors and Presidents, etc. had no choice in the matter. I watched how AMLO, Mexico’s President, resisted. He said it was a hoax.
    Within days, he was turned around. I don’t know how they did it, other than piling on in the media how “stupid”, etc, he was. But, it worked.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Behind the scenes extortion” works like a charm!

    • Rachel says:

      With all the predictive programming from the 2012 Olympics surrounding Boris Johnson, I was surprised when he said he was refusing to lock down his country. What was that about?

      • Brendan says:

        Come on Rachel, why are you listening to oratory and rhetoric. Words mean nothing. Action is the only thing that matters.

      • kevin says:

        Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro and a few others aren’t globalist puppets but they reluctantly went along after much arm twisting. Bolsonaro has resisted the most of these three.

    • kevin says:

      And AMLO was one of the first leaders to ease lockdown and allow entry to international travelers from all countries.

  3. R.C says:

    How is it they are allowed to exist with what they are doing? If they’re killing old people, why haven’t they killed each other? Gates is old. Fauci is ancient old. Hmmmm.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      There’s a difference (in THEIR minds) between “us” and “them”.

      “They” are the ones with all the flowing money, and all the bureaucrats in their back pockets.

    Jon, what role do the other causes– like pollution, 5G, cyanide from fracking plants, and mixing in a wide variety of other deaths under the covid label, ventilators, and other things have in relation to the lockdown killings? You used to say that there is no SINGLE cause, but now this lockdown-oldster-killing seems to be at least your number-one cause.

  5. Leanna Reece says:

    The lockdowns killed my 99-year-old grandmother. She thrived on human contact and was accustomed to seeing multiple family members daily.

    Then came the fear, so she avoided watching the Tell A Vision.

    Then came the isolation. I called her daily to remind her of how much she was loved, missed, and help alleviate the boredom.

    Eventually she succumbed. I heard it her voice that she was giving up. She hung in there for a couple of months… but eventually she just gave up.

    Loneliness and lack of human contact killed her.

    It killed her.

    The illegal lockdowns killed my grandmother.

    People NEED people!

    • Alexander says:

      Condolences. (sighs)

      The authoritarians has a lot to answer for, they are inhuman narcissist-sociopaths, insanely hellbent on destroying everyone around themselves while baldly blaming US for not daring to take them down and stop them in their tracks, look at the way they blatantly display their satanic symbols, etc, as though to say, “YOU CANNOT TOUCH US, WE’RE THE UNTOUCHABLES, WE DO EVIL THINGS WITH IMPUNITY.”

      (sighs) I’m glad my nanna didn’t see all this shits going on in these past few years.

      I believe one thing, “they” hates Jesus so much, they hates and twists His word, and seeks to destroy Christianity, because they KNOW they are murderers, and pretends to be doing good and yet are evil continually. There is no TRUTH in these narcissist-sociopaths, they are like their father, Satan, once known as Lucifer, who they thinks will saves them… even though lucifer/satan HATES ALL mankind, even these useful idiots doing his work, killing, destroying, twisting unwary trusting good people into evil people.

      Wise people observes and avoids these fools.

      Get off the medical drugs, they only masked the symptoms. Buy only good foods, full of minerals is the answer, satisfying the body’s hunger. Good clean distilled water is the answer, which also helps flushes out the toxins in the body. Colloidal silver is also good, the stuff kills over 650+ germs, and makes you so healthy.

      Our job is to not listen to negative stuff, and only listen to good stuff, just be wise and aware of the negative stuff and avoids them at all costs, for they (negative people) will never makes your life better, despite their claims to the contrary. Evidence shows their true agendas when they “pretends” to help, yet their “helping” are so destructive. They are best avoided at all costs.

      This is common sense.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      My heart-felt condolences to you and yours!

      It seems I may have lost a few older friends this way too.

      This whole “COVID”-scam is about personal isolation from the start. If the globalistas can successfully get us all to “self-isolate”, then that means the utter breakdown of the social human species. Just see what effect this is having on many of the remaining families.

      This is a top-down imposed destruction of humanity!

    • John Phillips says:

      I am so sorry to hear this story.

    • Ralph A. Dee says:

      That’s just wrong. No good person deserves to die alone. I’m so sorry.

  6. Opie Poik says:

    Dr Vincent Coleman’s banished video from yesterday on the elderly patients coronavirus holocaust has resurfaced – for now:

  7. Madness says:

    Tomorrow is the day when the high court will hear Simon Dolan’s case who dared to start a campaign and collect support via Crowdjustice to challenge the lockdown in the UK.
    I know that many of you lives in the US or other countries but please cross your fingers as Dolan’s case if he wins can be a precedent.
    Thank you.

    There are another case, it is deeper than Dolan’s, they wish to challenge the government on the base of lack of proper isolation of the virus and to make the Coronavirus act 2020 null and void – also on Crowdjustice.

    Follow them if you think. In a way or another if we do nothing, nothing good can come out.

  8. Takis says:

    And as if Covid is not enough, here is what *they* (“scientists”) are preparing for launching onto the world next. Should Covid-19 not *do the trick*, guess what?… We now have a *new* strain of swine flu virus G4 H1N1 going around…Oh… and OF COURSE is yet another *CHINA* virus *gift*. Enjoy!

    PS: Why the G4? Shouldn’t that be G5?… or 5G perhaps?…

  9. Jim S Smith says:


    We still have the other part of the “death equation”: The denial of life-preserving therapies that were needed by many people on continuing care.

    HOW MANY of these folks died as a result of these hospitals being shut down to them, all in favor of getting the big payouts for treating “COVID-19” patients instead? ? ?

    HOW ABOUT those who suffered such things like heart-attacks and/or strokes – who were unable to be admitted to the ER (unless they were to also be diagnosed “COVID-19”-positive)? ? ?

    What we all saw, was a textbook-example of what “Obamacare” was about: “Rationed healthcare, and cutting off the elderly!”

    More of Bill Gates’ “Death-Panels”? ? ?

  10. Tim Lundeen says:

    And of course Rancourt’s paper, All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response

  11. Jer says:

    Their time is coming to an end and they know it. WWG1WGA.

    Tribunals and indictments are going to show the ppl that are still asleep the TRUTH.

    They had to let this play out so ppl could see

  12. Kia Kaha says:

    From Swiss Propaganda Watch

    Facts about Covid-19

    8) Percentage of Covid-19 deaths in care homes
    and other sad statistics

    We have spent Earth’s Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal in this Great Cycle of Life, talking about death, dying, sickness, degrading and destroying life on Earth.

    I was checking on the weather catastrophes…face masks and COVID stats everywhere.

  13. From Elsewhere says:

    It is sad to know how true you are, Jon. At the same time, the truth is spreading too slow among people. Only a few voices speak, to be silenced or overwhelmed fast by garbage. One recent study brings more light: News-Medical.Net: Stanford’s Nobel Laureate develops a prediction model for SARS-CoV-2.

    The lockdowns were not necessary (=criminal), says Nobel laureate, Dr. Levitt.

  14. Joe says:

    From the president down to governors mayors should be charged with crimes against humanity

  15. Rachel says:

    As much as I wish that was true, Jer, you’ve been played. Even if some tribunal were to start favoring victories against all this evil, they would have no way of enforcing anything. Take these examples: Bill Gates had already been charged with Crimea against humanity from India, and what has that done? Nothing. Or how about Iran asking Interpol to serve an arrest warrant against Trump for who he helped kill last January?

    Even when one organization speaks out for what’s right, it is always only symbolic and nothing changes.

    As much as I wanted to believe Trump was on the side of the good guys, he has just been playing both sides. He would have, at the very least, not hired people like Fauci after he promised to drain the swamp.

    • kevin says:

      I agree with you about Trump but, to be fair, he didn’t hire Fauci. Fauci has been director of NIAID since 1984.


    I agree. Psychological stress is a big factor of respiratory tract inflammations (usually combined with cold and dry air).

    And it is because fear, anger, depression, etc. produce nervousness and tension in the body, and also there are physiologic changes like released adrenaline. I don’t know exactly the biologic specificities, but tension and nervousness irritate or inflame the respiratory tract. Again, usually in combination with some previous irritation produced by the cooling of the body, or with some pre-existing respiratory inflammation or condition. And I guess old people are more fragile and vulnerable to stress.

    What is my source? Only my experience. But I also read some things which kind-of agree with what I am saying (from “alternative”, non-official doctors).

    It would be interesting to investigate about the 400 staff of nursing homes who allegedly died.

    How did they die? How old were they? Etc.

    • Rachel says:

      Your experience should be enough for this. But I will frame it a little differently and end up with (nearly) the same conclusion: Stress does kill. People who are homeless or nearly so have a much higher death rate. And while you might argue it’s literally because they are homeless, it has more to do with low income, which is the primary cause of stress. This is my direct source (the first that came from my Google search):

  17. Truth-Hurts says:

    sadly, the media throughout the world has done the dirty job of the devils who run this world using money printing!
    please do this test for me in your own household — not even my family believes that the testing and death rates are fake! Even my friends who live abroad are sacred more than us in this country. The oligarchs figured it out long back –if you control all levers of communication to people –it is very easy to cage the people just like animals. be it hitler, mao , stalin — they were able to brainwash most of the public that what they were doing was the right thing to do for the country!
    thought rothschilds are the Devils –but gates is now beaten them in his efforts to depopulate the world!
    Africans and Indians knew this was coming since evil gates has been mutilating kids with polio vaccine and sterilizing young girls for decades!

    • Rachel says:

      The Rockefellers are believed to be the front for the Rosthchilds in the US, and even if they weren’t, they are equally as bad. With that said, I am surprised you don’t know this fact: Bill Gates senior was the lawyer for the Rockefellers. So Gates junior is just the new face of the same devil’s set out to destroy humanity.

      • kevin says:

        Thanks for the info on Bill Gates Sr. In case you don’t know, be sure to check out the photo of recipients from the Andrew Carnegie Medals of Philanthropy event in 2001. Rockefeller, Gates Sr., Soros, Fauci, and many others in the picture. All of them members of the CFR/globalist cabal.

  18. John Phillips says:

    Burundian President Nkurunziza Dies Suddenly After Expelling WHO for false Pandemic. The sudden death comes as a surprise as he had been recently evaluated as being in good overall health. But the Controversy has emerged in the AFrican country as local pundits have suggested that his death could have been the consequence of POISONING. Less than a month ago The Burundian Government ordered the expulsion of experts from the World Health Organization responsible for ADVISING on the FALSE PANDEMIC COVID19 .

    Some of us seem to been on the outside of this hoax but most are either dupes or willing conspirators. Is this how mass-hypnosis works? Has the world been hypnotized by the concept of a killer virus?

    Consider what we’re not considering by being force-fed covid and covid dilemma’s every day. I like to refer to amazing materials and physics. One of my faves is the jet fuel hoax, demonstrated with no-fuel RC jet turbine 1/5 scale models like this one… It’s the kind of stuff I’d rather be peeling back the layers of mystery on…



    As you know, another co-factor suspected by some people is flu vaccines. I think you wrote and article about old people in Italy taken vaccines some weeks before the “Covid death peak”. (Well, in the north of Italy there is also the air pollution and asbestos, the whole combo).

    In this video (in Spanish), the guy talks about the correlation between flu vaccines and “Covid deaths” in Spain.

    I just watched the first hour, but basically he says that, as you know, most deaths are from nursing homes (in some places, he mentions like 75% are from nursing homes).

    And he says that, for example, in one facility there are 100 people, of which 25 died. So, from those 25, 23 got the vaccine, and from the other 75, 72 didn’t get the vaccine. And he mentions four or five cases like this. So there is a high correlation.

    And he asks people to investigate other facilities, to see if the same correlation is present.

    Also, he says that it is be very notable the fact that this phenomenon happens mostly in nursing homes. And in these places the vaccine was not absolutely mandatory, but highly suggested (most people got the shot, like 90 %). So, if it is not the “virus” that supposedly is in the vaccine, it is about the adjutant or the toxicity in general.

    This is what the guy says.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      This is an attempt to distract attention from the crimes and murders which were committed and continue to take place in nursing homes and hospitals around the planet.

      There is no correlation between prior vaccine and the “virus ghost”. And this because the virus ghost is not lethal . The fact that someone had the vaccine last year and then , after being murdered this year , is labelled “Covid19 death” is forced correlation .

      “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” ( after that , therefore because of that ) means forcing causality based on chronological succesion . And the conclusion is false, of course !

      • HUH?
        IgnoranceIsStrenghth wrote “And he says that, for example, in one facility there are 100 people, of which 25 died. So, from those 25, 23 got the vaccine, and from the other 75, 72 didn’t get the vaccine. And he mentions four or five cases like this. So there is a high correlation.”

        Rick says… Let’s take that step by step. 25/100 died. Of the 25, 23 got vaxed. After that– the vax… therefore… because of that– the vax. Hey Mos, are you anti or pro vax. Which is it? Answer elegantly please. Pro or anti. Thanks.

        • Mos Craciun says:

          My comment was not about vax — pro or anti. It was about the fact that crimes and murders and asassinations which were committed and continue to take place in nursing homes and hospitals around the planet. They took place ( in BIG numbers — although one is too many , but so many…) over a relative short period of time ( 3-4 months).

          The toxic effect of vax is seen on medium or long term . The lethal effect of vax is seen ( no doubt about that) on very long term. And , more important, the lenght of time for the effect to be visible varies with age, gender and, of course, the level of immune system. You don’t have two identical individuals , to get the vax in the same day and become sick or die in the same week .

          Should I be more explicit ?

          In a nursing home , somewhere , 100 people get vegetable soup at supper, in one particular evening , then the next evening, and so on. After 3-4 days , they start to “die” , and CDC is counting them as “corona” victims. Now , someone comes and says that the soup is at fault , because they died after eating it. They don’t die simultaneosly , but in segments of 5-6 a day , depending on the needs of CDC for the graphs.

          Rick, these people WERE MURDERED , not by neglect , but on purpose, planned and premeditated , in order to give credibility to corona-ghost ! And let me just say that what is going on now in USA pales compared with what takes place in China or Russian Fed. And wait to see numbers in South America and of course Africa. You ain’t seen anything yet !

          In the death camps in Poland , during the second world war , people selected to be killed in gas chambers died because of Ziklon B and not because the reasons written on the death certificates.And yes, some of them were vaccinated years before….

          And so, my dear Rick , we are talking here about mass murders in hospitals and nursing homes , all together being crimes against humanity , by the book, by the criminal code, by the international law . All over a short period of time ( several months) and around the planet. It has nothing to do with corona-ghost or vax, or 5G or other exotic “motif” .

          There is no precedent in the history of mankind for the magnitude of shamelessness and lawlessness seen now. Of course, murders in hospitals were always taking place , all over the “civilized occident” and in the colonies , and victims served as guinea pigs for the pharmaco-bussiness . On short — utilitarism was always the foundation .And of course , the bodies of “corona victims” are depleted of organs ( because are healthy organs)and experiments( pre-clinical studies , not clinical trials — trust me, I know) are done on their bodies still alive in the ICU . Those are lethal, deadly preclinical studies which are mandatory to be done on animals.

          It was always as such .However these are unprecedented times in terms of magnitude !

          There are many who try these days to promote their agendas , although with plenty of merits ( anti-vax, anti-5G , anti-pollution , etc.). But the scary-tale story about corona ghost has nothing to do with it !

          Rick , was my answer elegant as you wanted ? Thanks .


          The guy said (the video was deleted by YT) that the vaccines were a “necessary but not sufficient” factor. That is, other factors are needed, like being “immune-vulnerable”. Basically being physically fragile like some of the people in nursing homes.

          Also he mentioned that only one flu vaccine was associated, not all (I don’t remember the name).

          Anyway, the correlation must be confirmed with more cases.

          And also, the correlation could only mean that vaccinated people get positive PCR tests (as some people commented). And these people, once diagnosed/labeled, then automatically enter in the cascade of hysteria-craziness-drugs-death.

  21. MaidinAmerica says:

    What?? Trump is promoting GAVI???! w/ billion$ of tax dollar$.

      • Rachel says:

        Thanks for the links. Watching them made me feel ill. But we already knew all this considering things like the fact that the US purchased millions of syringes that have the option of coming with a chip (see: ).

        I have to also point out that Trump is to the point of no return in showing his true colors. As these videos point of, Gavi was founded by the Gates and WHO among others so defunding the WHO never mattered.

        Lastly, I say this: If I am feeling ill from just the idea of this, and many old people the world over have died due to the psychology of the lockdowns, what is going to happen if they force that vaccine in me? Could the fear of getting it destroy me faster than even the vaccine would?

        • FEAR
          Yeah, I’d say fear can wreck you. Thats why Churchill and Rooooooosefelt.. said “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”. Fear is what the demons feed off if you want to go that far. Listen to Coast to Coast. I would say lighten up, find places to laugh, drink beer, and listen to your fave music. I’m over fear since I started encouraging nightmares using valarian from the health food store. Nothing can beat the crazy brain-delivered nightmares I’ve seen and felt. I keep telling my wife– when she complains– what did you think, we were in heaven? I simply doubled my intake of High Life beer and listen to local talk radio and visit here.

          • FEAR ADDENDUM
            Fear is useful. There’s a book written called “Fear”. It’s useful in various situations. But in Covid, the fear the media is pushing is overblown. So be sure to choose your fear. I fear a lot of things– and its RATIONAL. Fearing covid is IRRATIONAL fear.

  22. Walking Dead says:

    Marshall Law coming to your home town soon.

      Given police backing off ANTIFA and mayors and govs letting things go, and the Pantygons’s betrayal of Trump, do you think the guys in charge of Marshmellow law will do anything? I don’t think so, myself. Show me the money baby. I’ll believe it when I see it. Ha.

  23. Viiktoria says:

    The branch covidian 4 pillars of faith A DOOMSDAY, psychotic, paranoid, mentally disturbed, SUICIDE CULT.

  24. Viktoria says:


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