Soylent Green is people; COVID-19 is old people

by Jon Rappoport

June 26, 2020

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In the 1973 film, a NY police detective discovers the vastly overcrowded, poverty–stricken population of the city—who are being sustained on processed government food, called Soylent—are now eating humans who have died. That’s what Soylent Green is made of.

As I covered in my article (and spoke about) two days ago, open-source press reports reveal the “excess mortality” of 2020 is largely the result of elderly people dying in nursing homes.

(This is part-2 in the series, “Killing Old People”. For part-3, click here. For part-1, click here.)

This has nothing to do with a virus.

It has to do with patients who are ALREADY on a long downward health slide—then hit with the terror of an arbitrary and fake COVID-19 diagnosis, and then isolated and shut off from family and friends—in facilities where gross neglect and indifference are all too often the “standard of care.”

Death is the direct result.

The managers of pandemic information tell the big lie. They spin tales about “the virus” having a greater impact on the elderly.

No, the STORY about a virus has the impact. The terror has the deadly impact. The isolation has the deadly impact.

To an astounding extent, COVID-19 is a NURSING HOME DISASTER.

Mass murder by cruelty.

Memo to financial investigators: Calculate how much money government and private insurers are saving, because they don’t have to keep paying for the long-term care of all the old people who are dying premature deaths in nursing homes. The money number will be staggering.

Tony Fauci knows the con. He knows COVID-19 is old people. But he’s busy giving advice to the NFL and Major League Baseball about how to play their seasons, while people are dying from the fear he promotes. Fauci has no shred of shame. He’s a mouthpiece turned out by Bill Gates and David Rockefeller.

Evil permeates the COVID operation. The elderly in nursing homes are the primary target. Getting them to die earlier is the tactic, in order to pump up the fake COVID mortality numbers.

Without those phony numbers, the whole “pandemic” would be exposed in an hour.

I’ve said there were two key events in the foisting of the whole vicious COVID fiction—the Chinese regime locking down 50 million citizens overnight for no good medical reason, giving the green light to the World Health Organization and the CDC to “follow the new model”; and the Bill Gates-financed computer projection of deaths, put together by Neil Ferguson, who lied through his teeth when he claimed half a million people could die in the UK and two million in the US—thus supplying the final “rationale” for the lockdowns.

The third key event was and is the sustained attack on the elderly in nursing homes.

Kill these people with terror and isolation, and make the death numbers escalate.

Here are the open-source press reports I included in my article two days ago. There is an additional report at the end.

As of May 22, Forbes reports that, “…in the 43 states that currently report such figures, an astounding 42% of all COVID-19 deaths have taken place in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.”

Washington Post, May 18: “The World Health Organization said half of Europe’s covid-19 deaths occurred in such facilities.”

Headline of same Post article: “Canada’s nursing home crisis: 81 percent of coronavirus deaths [in the country] are in long-term care facilities.”

The Guardian, May 16: “About 90% of the 3,700 people who have died from coronavirus in Sweden were over 70, and half were living in care homes, according to a study from Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare at the end of April.”

“Spain—The country was shocked at the end of March when the defence minister revealed that soldiers drafted in to disinfect residential homes had found some elderly people abandoned and dead in their beds.”

“…the regional governments of Madrid and Catalonia have been publishing their own figures on people who have died in care homes from the virus, or while exhibiting symptoms consistent with it.” [AKA, absurd eyeball diagnosis]

“In Madrid, the total for Covid, or suspected Covid, deaths since 8 March stood at 5,886 on Thursday. In Catalonia, it was 3,375. Between them, care home deaths in the two regions account for more than a third of all the coronavirus deaths in the country.”

And there was a great deal of early warning on the subject, if anyone from public health agencies wanted to pay attention—The Guardian, 13 April: “About half of all Covid-19 deaths appear to be happening in care homes in some European countries…Snapshot data from varying official sources shows that in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium between 42% and 57% of deaths from the virus have been happening in homes, according to the report by academics based at the London School of Economics (LSE).”

These nursing home figures only give a partial picture. Consider the HUGE NUMBER of elderly, already ill people who are basically in the same situation at home—terrified by COVID propaganda, locked down, isolated; and then die—and also those who manage to make it to a hospital, where they are put on breathing ventilators, heavily sedated, and killed.

The Hill, undated (late April 2020), reporting on “data…gathered at Northwell Health, New York state’s largest hospital system. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examines 5,700 patients hospitalized with coronavirus infections in the New York City region, with final outcomes recorded for 2,634 patients. The average patient age was 63 years old… For the next oldest age group, ages 66 years and older, patients receiving mechanical ventilation recorded a 97.2 percent mortality rate.”

COVID is old people. Pushed into death.













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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

91 comments on “Soylent Green is people; COVID-19 is old people

  1. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    “go back to mommy’s basement , and start blogging some more about ‘science’ , you schmuck ” .
    Thank you …


    • Pierre, you must be a really nice guy!!

        My question to Jon is– why approve Pierre’s post? I don’t understand. I run forums myself. I would not have approved it for appearance on this show. Unless…

        Unless Jon wants to treat us to some of the negatory feedback he’s getting. Most comments here are very interesting and helpful and expand on Jon’s points. I can imagine however that there are some– many?– that are not helpful. It appears that “science” is the issue here. But what is “science”? Is there a science to the virus? Of course there is. And the science of Pasteur vs. Beauchamp might be a place to start. So… Pierre. Are you familiar with the germ vs. terrain theory?

        • Pierre says:

          Hi ,



          I take this opportunity to point out this fundamental text in my opinion :
          ‘The abolition of man’ by C.S.Lewis

          • yerba buena says:

            I just watched Jons’ new video and Pierre you
            are right, that was a key line, and very funny,
            about blogging some more about ‘science’, which
            Jon repeated a couple of times. Another line
            which gave me the laughing giggles was at the end, to wit:
            “Well, then, Mr. Fauci, I’m afraid we’re not going to follow your advice.” “What, sir? How
            can we not?” “It’s pretty easy, actually…
            first of all, we dump your ass…in the grass
            and we leave you behind.”
            Thanks again, Jon, for your inestimable wit and wisdom, and thank you, Pierre for highlighting a worthy portion of a great video. Merci, beaucoup and j’nai sais qua.
            au revoir,

    • Mike says:

      Why so much hate?

  2. CSFurious says:

    This is why you will hear non-stop in a news cycle that someone young has just died. For example, the 17-year-old that recently died in Florida. First, they do not state anything about any preexisting conditions. Second, there are only 22 million people who live in Florida and this is only the second death in that “age bracket”.

    • Thomas says:

      Thirdly there will be no proof that the death was caused by COVID-19.



      In addition to nursing homes, countless people in NYC hospitals who tested negative were sedated & placed on vents to die. There’s irrefutable evidence that people suffering from nothing more than anxiety/panic attacks were sentenced to death.

      No wonder Cuomo issued executive order granting hospitals IMMUNITY from MALPRACTICE LITIGATION during epidemic.

      No doubt these atrocious acts are being committed in other Blue states.

      • Rachel says:

        Be wary of getting to stuck into the blue/red dichotomy. It is still a construct crafted by those who run the Matrix. They want you to feel and believe that further keeping you under their control.

  3. Patricia says:

    Re: Pierra. Negative sad sack.

    Thank you Jon for another well attributed and excellent article. Here is Canada “they” introduced the Right to Die form ever so conveniently a couple years ago. It heralds “the easy way out” once you’re stuck in a hospital taking up a bed space.

    After a major operation I stayed in one of these care homes – called a “manor.” It was top of the line price wise and I hoped that would ensure my safety. I hadn’t really considered emotional safety. I went there for a month to recover because I’d lost weight; I’m fairly tall and was down to 105 #. It was supposed to be respite care. I was on a catheter all the time, forced into that because it was post op protocol I think. Nurses were questionable in their ability to fit same. Anyway, first thing the lady who comes into my room says: you’ll be going down to the dining room for dinner at whatever time. She was insistent. I was upset. I was there for respite care, not to socialize at a dinner table.

    Long story short… This lady wouldn’t leave me alone about going to dinner so I asked my son to speak to her, but also called the manager. The female manager showed up a couple of weeks later and said in a condescending tone, now we don’t always feel ourselves after an operation, do we? The lack of respect towards me is part of why I hope I’ll never have to go into “a home” again.

    In addition, I hadn’t been able to wash my hair for a long time and this home had a hairdressing salon. I politely asked for help to get there in my wheelchair after I made an appointment. A very nice lady came to take me downstairs in the elevator and she parked me in a line-up of people wearing outdoor clothing. I said, excuse me, is this for the hairdresser? She replied, oh, I thought you were going on the bus tour. (This is Canada where, duh, it’s very cold in winter).

    I found the lead up to the beauty salon quite funny, but my observation is that staff treated most residents as if they have Alzheimer’s and that is so wrong. It’s also demeaning and very uncomfortable to deal with on a daily basis.

    My demographic literally built this country and my impression is that the sooner “they” dispense with us the better. I’ve contributed to the economy in this province over 50 years, mostly in the fields of law and mental health and I was a journalist early on. My mother didn’t lose her marbles in the end and hopefully I won’t either. In another medical adventure I saved my own life by putting the medication into flower vases in my room. But that’s another story.

    • Doreen says:

      Grateful you made it Patricia, and thank you for sharing.

    • ZiiNon says:

      Thank you for sharing.

      I had the great honor of getting to spend a lot of my childhood visiting my mother at her place of work in nursing homes. She would do her rounds and I would go do my rounds. I’d visit any of the residents who would welcome me. I am so grateful I had those opportunities

      What I’m seeing and reading in your story above, and many others is sickening. One thing that I lean into, is my faith in God and Christ. I pray they make things right and be the just God and hold proper judgement of those who mistreat our elders.

      I love and value every aspect of life and aging. Wish every person would slow down to consider the ramifications of what they’re doing. For one day, we will be the elderly and just may have to rely on others for care. I pray it’s done at home.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      Beautifully written…thanks! I visited an old priest for several years in a nursing home. One thing I learned fast…the more visitors a patient gets, the better the attention After a lifetime as a sweet, unselfish Christian he had only 2 regular visitors. He wasn’t box office.

  4. Ronny says:

    Jon, thank you for your very insightful and enlightened perspective, always. Now watch, we will begin to see reports of spikes of infections in young people.

    • Lyn P says:

      This is definitely a predictive theory that’s been around a while – shutting down again once school starts due to illness in students, which they’ll blame on CV but will actually be due to Five-Gee EMF or gosh knows what other toxins imposed.

  5. Truth-Hurts says:

    remember –obamacare had death panels for old folks to save $$$$…..evil gates was the biggest proponent of death panels! fortunately, US voters did not want any part of that…so…
    Plan B — Covid…same end result– NO questions asked!

      A deciding factor for many seniors when moving to a care home is whether it’s profit centered or not. As I read Jon’s piece today, it did occur to me that the problem is profit in this instance of late-life care. Your death-panel recollection is important in this regard because death-panels would only occur if the owners are attempting to maximize profit. With a non-profit, this seems to be less likely. A senior center should be, I think- though I’m no expert- set up as a foundation or charity or so called five oh one see three. Here’s an example of a non-profit senior care website that refers people to non-profit care residences.

  6. Doreen says:

    Gary Null Ph D. and James Corbett

    23:45 mins Norwegian virologist, Birger Sorenson, reignited debate about the possible origin of the deadly coronavirus in a new peer review paper. Sorensen claimed the novel coronavirus is not natural in origin.

    The authors found the coronaviruses spike protein contains sequences that appear to be artificially inserted, along with other startling evidence.

    Sorenson said the Chinese pointed to them first. Chinese paper was withdrawn.

    What really surprised Sorenson is that the virus had been doctored to bind to humans.

    Chinese paper before withdrawal

      There is no virus. There is no spike protein. There are no artificial sequences. There are no “jumping jack” viruses that are “transmissable”. The entire idea of a virus as a disease-causing agent is phony. We know this if we look at the EXOSOME THEORY and the earlier idea talked about here that debunks Pasteur’s GERM THEORY and looks rather at Beauchamp’s TERRAIN THEORY. James Corbett is a DEEP PLANT in my opinion. He develops intricate explanations that SEEM to counter-act the official MSM narrative, but as on his 9/11 theories, he creates FALSE alternative explanations. He’s fun to listen to I have to admit though.

      The Virus Idea is a front– a mind control thought-form that is being used to hide exactly what JON RAPPAPORT said– the toxins in the environment. The further along we go into this fake-pandemic, the wider the VARIETY OF SYMPTOMS they SAY constitute “covid” which is technically SARS COV2… a SYNDROME– which is NOT A VIRUS… it’s a SYNDROME… and like AIDS, they can add add anything to that syndrome that they want and thus manipulate the numbers any way they want. SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Causes are 5G or 5G + vaccinations or POLLUTION (Jon’s favorite)– or specifically pollution from looser fracking petrochemical refinery plants releasing hydrogen CYANIDE– a deadly poison– covered earlier by Jon- or lately, covered by Jon, the killing of people using VENTILATORS (they don’t work because people don’t need PRESSURIZED oxygen– it’s just that their hemoglobin is not carrying oxygen)– or lately– the deprivation of seniors in CARE HOMES– Nursing home deaths where people are dying anyway– so it’s easy to “accelerate” that and attribute any number of things to “covid virus” via TESTING THAT SHOWS FALSE POSITIVES and does not show any virus because there IS no virus. WHEW! This is getting complicated. I need to start taking GINKO BILOBA again.

      • glenn field says:

        It is not always nefarious intent to create a phony virus out of thin air. We cannot witness the formation of illness in living organism, at the microscopic level, in real time. So the alternative is to remove cell tissue, microorganisms, and genetic particles and test them outside the body. And that does produce results that won’t be accurately reflected in a real living organism. Those findings of a designer virus is real but it was only be proven in a lab. What happens with a virus on a real living person will produce different results then the lab results. Many virologists and doctors acknowledge this fact but they can only tell us their laboratory findings.

        • Rachel says:

          Not always nefarious to create a virus out of thin air? In what instance would it be beneficial or good to create a virus or the existence of one?

          And even if I agreed there might be some positive reason, as Jon has shown (and does a fantastic job of it in the video posted by Pierre) that the entire point of this “virus” was an elaborate scam to do everything from taking away freedom and money to outright murder with no consequences. So please, help me understand what I am missing.

    • Sonia H. says:

      Just because 2 things exist in the same place at the same time – in this case a collection of symptoms we call “flu” + the presence of a certain virus – in NO WAY proves that one somehow “caused” the other. I am not buying that there’s these things called viruses that just originally fell from the sky on poor innocent people’s heads (compliments of an Evil God) and made them sick, and then continued replicating until the present day. Right…

        Good point! I had forgotten all about that. Nobody does any proper cross-examination type interviewing on tv or radio or even in internet alt-news– or even in the forums but THAT is a crucial point– “Correlation does not prove causality”. So the illiteracy of the population at large along with the willingness of authorities to go along with the hoax has led to where we are. Here’s a nice little reference for causality/causation. It’s very very tricky. The question to ask virus-believers is “Are you sure that it is the carona virus causing the SARS-covid symptoms?”… and “how do you know that?”.

        Proving Causality with t-test/regression – Cross Validated

        In any study, but especially in an observational study, evidence for causality is increased by including relevant covariates, giving a scientifically plausible causal path, replicating results and so on. However, even in the best experimental design, you don’t prove causality.


    Jon wrote ” Memo to financial investigators: Calculate how much money government and private insurers are saving, because they don’t have to keep paying for the long-term care of all the old people who are dying premature deaths in nursing homes. The money number will be staggering.”

    Rick says “But a lot of old age homes are run by for-profit companies. They don’t have to PRO-ACTIVELY cause premature death. All they have to do is PASSIVELY not take any extraordinary measures and death happens. I’m no expert but would it not be safer to live in a non-profit home? Or send relatives there?

    Jon “Evil permeates the COVID operation. The elderly in nursing homes are the primary target. Getting them to die earlier is the tactic, in order to pump up the fake COVID mortality numbers. Without those phony numbers, the whole “pandemic” would be exposed in an hour.”

    Rick: I’m in Arizona, one of the 22 states the MSM has pointed to where covid (SARS-CV2–admittedly a SYNDROME by name)… and there are a LOT of older people who retired here and a LOT of senior residences. So that might explain how Fauci/CDC found it EASY to pin a higher CASE NUMBER on our state at this time. But again, they would not have to “GET them to die”. They would merely have to EASE UP on care a bit. For example, my piano concerts at the homes I played at, that CHEERED PEOPLE UP, have all been cancelled. There is no LAW that says that they MUST hire a piano player to entertain their residents, though I think that might be a good idea. Just kidding.

    Jon “[They] Kill these people with terror and isolation, and make the death numbers escalate.”

    Rick: That’s not “killing people”IMO. They simply have to let them WATCH TV on their own volition. If no family SUES them for breach of contract in terms of VISITATION RIGHTS, then they’re home free. A lot of seniors are simply not able to get up to speed on the hoax but it’s not illegal, apparently, to keep people ignorant. So it’s not “killing”. It’s passive allowance of faster death. I don’t know if there’s a word for that. I agree with your feelings but disagree with the terminology.

    Jon: COVID is old people. Pushed into death.

    Rick: We should start putting the actual word SYNDROME back into it like AIDS was a syndrome and SARS-1 was a SYNDROME. We have here SARS COV2… rather than COVID. At least we could use COVID-S… because there is no “corona virus” because there is no “virus”… it’s actually a SYNDROME due to what you, Jon, pointed to earlier– multiple causes like toxic air, toxic foods, and hydrogen cyanide from fracking refineries with looser regulations and of course, my fave, 5G. Or 5G with vax. But add in senior care homes where older folks are drugged, vaccinated, possibly now masked? and depressed from this psyop and no visits and voila. Syndrome. Severe Acute Respiratory SYNDROME. SARS-COV2. (pronounced Saarz-Kove-two) or why not SARS2, to distinguish it from SARS1, Fauci’s earlier trial run?

    • Rachel says:

      Non-profits are good in theory, but in many cases they have become fronts for the rich to simply gain more money. Therefore, it might not end up as a safer option in the long run.

      I re-read Jon’s piece above today and it struck me that he’s more importantly correct here than I thought at first. He says… ” COVID is old people. Pushed into death.” “Kill these people with terror and isolation, and make the death numbers escalate.”The elderly in nursing homes are the primary target. Getting them to die earlier is the tactic, in order to pump up the fake COVID mortality numbers. Without those phony numbers, the whole “pandemic” would be exposed in an hour.”

      This could very well be true and the reason I’m now saying that is because in this latest “spike”, Arizona and Florida were targeted. Some say it’s because they’re typically Republican states. But maybe its because there are lots of elderly in care homes in those sun-belt states!

      I read that a few days ago and it seemed flippant but today after the “spike” or “surge” being promoted and targeting ARizona where I am, Maybe Jon is LITERALLY correct. And so how would we GET the routine death rates for these places, by county or by home and then the NEW death rates? I’m not sure. It’s not my business but if we were to END the pandemic in an hour, we would NEED those stats! Wow. Incredible when I think about it a bit more.

  8. Pisces says:

    My heart goes out to those elderly people who died of sorrow.

    This comment is going to be weird, but I’m going to post it anyway.

    A human heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Much larger than the field of the brain, both electrically and magnetically. Therefore how you feel always affect how you think. If you feel sad you’ll think negative thoughts, if you feel happy you’ll think positive thoughts. Your heart rules your head. That electromagnetic field of your heart, the energy that radiates out from your heart is so powerful that it can have an impact on your health, whether the result can be positive or negative. That’s why it’s important for us to learn how to manage our own emotions. Control the connection of your heart and your mind. The result of a coherent heart will be a coherent mind. A strong mind is sourced by a strong heart. The same goes to fear.
    Realize that YOU are in control of the energy of your heart, even when they try to attack you using fear to try to make you weak. The density of the field of your heart is high when it’s in a coherent state, like when you feel love (towards people, animals, etc.) for example. They always try to “dim” the density of your heart with their scare tactics to manipulate you to do what they want you to do and what they want is to distract you with fear so you can’t think clearly (about what’s really going on). Don’t let them manipulate your emotions, you are in control of your emotions, not them. And you have nothing to fear, because no matter what they say or do to you, your spirit (the real you) is unbreakable. You have nothing to fear… NOTHING! 🙂

    • Kia Kaha says:

      I posted my comment before I read yours. Oh wow! What a surprise for me! Synchronicity, in sync. I love it when this happens.

      We call ourselves “weird” and as John Trudell says, “crazy”, when really, we’re so far ahead, so far out in front.

    • Greg C. says:

      I’m finding out how true that is, Pisces. Every time I go out, I check my emotional pulse, “clear the fear.” Christians would say, “Put on the whole armor of God.” I don’t think in those terms – it’s more like I get in touch with my Iroquois ancestral spirits.

      • Hayden Redwood says:

        According to Keeley, among the indigenous peoples of the Americas, only 13% did not engage in wars with their neighbors at least once per year. The natives’ pre-Columbian ancient practice of using human scalps as trophies is well documented. Iroquois routinely slowly tortured to death captured enemy warriors (see Captives in American Indian Wars for details)

        Sounds like Iroquois treatment of other humans not to good. Humans are humans and we need to stop identifying with the external reference point we I are not our society or culture you are individual being. All this talk of I’m Irish I’m catholic I’m Christian I’m English I’m white I’m black I’m this and that is all illusions the fake self mind makes you think this is so real and it not.

        • Greg C. says:

          If you don’t acknowledge your own capacity to do evil, then how can you be good? The majority of “good” people are simply too afraid of their potential for evil. Thus they can’t comprehend a good God who kills and torments. Or nature, if you prefer, which consists of creatures eating other creatures.

          A person is truly good who has the capacity to do unspeakable violence, but who wisely restrains it unless called upon to use it. Read C.S. Lewis’ “Out of the Silent Planet” and his description of the hero’s hand-to-hand combat against his evil opponent.

          Our woke culture seeps into everything these days. Everything has to be pure and all history has to be judged by current cultural standards. Shallow, naive.

          • Hayden Redwood says:

            Stop blaming whites for all the racist stuff then that’s my point no one looks at history properly always blaming white man. Humans are like ants bigger powerful colonies always take over smaller weaker colonies.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you pisces. What you wrote made me feel better.

    • Patricia says:

      Pisces, I don’t think what you wrote is weird at all. It’s beautiful and an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Kia Kaha says:

    John Trudell:
    The great lie is that it is civilization. It’s not civilized. It has been, literally, the most blood thirsty, brutalizing system ever imposed on this planet. That is not civilization. That’s the great lie – is that it represents civilization. That’s the great lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that’s truly what civilization is, then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.

    We have lying dormant in us a genetic memory and in that genetic memory there is knowledge, there’s knowledge in that genetic memory, alright, that goes back to the ancient, to the beginning for us. Alright. And in this genetic memory there was a time when we were all tribes. Every human being lived within a tribe. Every human being recognized this reality, that the Earth was the Mother and the Sun and the Sky was the Father, Father Sky, Mother Earth, recognized that our totality as human beings, alright, our relationship was to that.

    In a calm and collective ancestral mind, not a one of our ancestors went for the new show. Nobody. They wouldn’t buy the tickets. So the show was going to die, so the show decided rather than it die, it would make our ancestors die until they accepted the show.

    This is what happened. It happened to all of us. The Indian tribes here. Trust me, it happened to the tribes of Europe. It started happening to them 3,000 years before it happened to us, so by the time the tribes of Europe arrived here, they had it down. They were very efficient. They could do in a couple hundred years what it took …..

    The History of the World: Every Year

    In order for this predatory system, this disease, to work, we must not be able to use our minds in a clear and coherent manner, because if we use our minds in a clear coherent manner, we will not accept the unacceptable. But it’s a disease. It travels through the mind, through the generations.

    ~ John Trudell, Native American, Activist and Poet

    John Trudell on Mined Minds and The Great Lie

    John Trudell – Mining of Human Spirit (audio) – 2001

    Being mind through logic and emotions.
    Erasing ancestral, genetic, DNA memory. (inspiration, intuition)
    He was so far out ahead, so far out in front.

    • Hayden Redwood says:

      Native indians also went through stages of civilisation. Cahokia is one spot where indians experimented with civilisation it didn’t work tribes surrounding the city would war with these cahokia. Mounds found with human scarifices

      Again humans are humans and we need to stop romanticism of culture and history or people and stop putting them up on pedastal making them sound like real enlighten being, when stomach goes empty humans soon show there true side total primitive animal instinct survival mode.

      • Kia Kaha says:

        I’m willing to bet that his legacy is by far more brilliant, as a man who has made historically bold, courageous and profound contributions during the course of his lifetime towards encouraging humanity’s recovery than your comment.

        • Hayden Redwood says:

          Really will his works be remembered in a million years time when everything on earth will have been grinder to dust. Even the legacy of the so called elites is futile nature will grind them to dust when the whole universe grinds to a halt or when our own star will explode and destroy all earth’s past. Where is there legacy then for both the good and the bad.

        • Hayden Redwood says:

          My point is we all humans blood red on the inside, why all the mis identifications with cultures and society’s. We all do it daily constantly mind playing tricks. Again when stomach goes hungary and you have no food and it’s complete survival all this enlighten talk goes right out the door as stomach needs filling.

          • Rachel says:

            Although I agree with all enlightenment going out the window when hunger takes over (basic survival), you make even your own argument moot by dismissing everything in a million years. Basically, if nothing matters now because it won’t matter then, whatever side you’re on is irrelevant. Therefore, as human beings in the now, we must decide what is important, and typically humanity creates a heirarchy, like Maslow’s, to order the importance.

        • Hayden Redwood says:

          Not mocking Johns work.

          • Hayden Redwood says:

            Bullshit Rachel any hierarchy is a machine and destroy the real individual And importance rely on one’s narrative that is projected out good or bad. Even nature don’t care what type of tyranny runs the place weather dominating male primates animals controlling there mates to humans Even everything now in society is nothingness it empty.

            Humans no different to Ant. More powerful bigger Ant colonys will always invade the smaller weaker ones this is true for human being as well. When some native americans got horses and guns they quickly swoop down on there neighbor tribes and took there land.
            Again nature is in control you are not your body born gets old and dies mass extinctions you have no control over these moments do you.

          • Hayden Redwood says:

            Humans should be above primitive hierarchy stuctures of the animal plane of existence but we not cause humans are animals eat sleep fight mate poo fart just like them so why the human ego centric philosophy everywhere always based on the human soul spirit what about other animals do they get to go to higher planes cause most animals seem to do less evils than humans.

          • Hayden Redwood says:

            Rachel even now nothing matters that’s why the world is the way it is….it don’t care who what where when is in control good or bad. And then alot of the time decisions are based on the environment of external. Obviously we all make different decisions according to our indoctrination and beliefs etc. Or like computer it can only make decisions from the data it has. If one has limited data ignorance then decision making is full of errors ignorance.

  10. Larry C says:

    Jon, apropos to the above, is your interview with Minnesota State Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen, from April 12, 2020. I am still incredibly upset by what Dr. Jensen had to say. Click below.

    • Rachel says:

      I went back and read that article and realized there is an important fact we’ve been leaving out regarding the payouts (that I myself hadn’t caught until today).

      Under Trump, anyone with the the virus would receive Medicaid funds payed by the government. A Medicaid for all, which Jimmy Dore goes on about a lot via YouTube. So not only is the payment higher, the payment is guaranteed GOVERNMENT payout, not simply insurance payout.

      What businesses wouldn’t cook their books with this incentive when you are just that-a business-designed around the concept of profit? (And while many hospitals are “non-profit,” we all see how that had turned into a con in itself, often exemplified by globalists like Soros.)

  11. Billy Hill says:

    I would love to know the previous year average deaths per day to compare the present death rates to the previous for any locale.
    Why not collect each state’ numbers to compare pre covid to present deaths per day. If you remove the old people in assisted living from the numbers you then are left with something closer to reality to either fear or get angry about. Without anyone doing the investigative work they will get away with their murder or plan.
    Having numbers would go a long away towards getting enough interest or to file charges.

    • Siouxma says:

      Billy Hill-
      Before I retired six years ago, I worked for hospitals analyzing patient data for demographic and mkt share analysis, etc. During the Swine flu scamdemic in 2009-2010, right before passage of Obamacare, I was awakened to the Lying Liars who Lie at the WHO and CDC. Overall annual deaths were no different in my home state of Michigan or the US despite being told by Fauci’s Crew that it was going to be Armageddon with new deaths by the millions due to Swine flu- Never happened, and CDCs own numbers showed no spike in mortality during 2009-2010 or for that matter ever…until 2020.
      Michigan Dept. Of Community Health publishes weekly mortality numbers overall and due to “covid19”- In late March and all through April 2020, the deaths spiked hugely compared with the same months in 2019– 80-90% in the Detroit-Flint-Saginaw area counties of SE Michigan – a massive Culling on the face of it, mainly old and poor people, and about evenly split between Whites and Blacks. What I do not know at this point is whether these are people who might have still died sometime in 2020, so need a whole year of data to compare. Being frightened to death is a reality. What little trust I had in hospitals and doctors is gone and they will never get it back again after this crime against humanity. So I am prepared to die for that decision.
      To Jon’s Soylent Green reference, with the culling of millions of cattle, pigs, and chickens due to covid, and last year with the engineered flooding, all to stop Global Warming, would anybody be surprised to find out that Granny and Gramps are now featured on the BK menu?? As Hillary once famously uttered- At this point, what difference does it make?

        Good post, Siouxma. YOU might be interested in looking at retirement residence data, if its even available, since most are private for-profit firms. It takes a certain mind set to really look at the NUMBERS to make conclusions. But banks do that already. For example, if any of my bank trasnactions is “out of line with my norm”, they notify me. CERTAINLY the SAME statistical software can be applied to death counts, organ harvesting, and covid testing. What do you think? Are you familiar with any stat programs that can organize that data and reveal patterns like the banks do with money transactions?

        • Siouxma says:

          I am an Excel queen! Give me a gigantic database, and I will find the pearls…the needles hidden in the haystack.
          I was reading about Florida may get shut down again. I lived there for 30 years before moving back to Michigan for family reasons and worked for several hospitals. All the patient data was publicly available, a statistician’s dream as long as you didn’t drill down too far and find out medical records and coding and billing intricate ies.
          At any rate Florida is claiming less than 3,000 covid deaths with 20 million people and Michigan with 10 million people is reporting up to 6,000 deaths. Blue states led by NYC and Detroit active participants in rushing everyone onto ventilators and imminent death. I can’t explain how putting asymptomatic hospital patients into nursing homes killed anyone. A smoke screen perhaps to deny needed emergency care resulting in death due to pre-existing health problems in the old folks. Haven’t heard anything more about the young black man who was discharged from the U of Michigan Psyc ward with a known history of mental issues and who tested positive for ‘covid’ with no symptoms into a nursing home where he proceeded to beat up old people and bragged about it on Instagram or Facebook. Our SJW Attorney too busy to do anything other than tweet about her own lawlessness.

      You’re definitely onto something there BH. I cited the old TV detective series NUMBERS earlier in Jon’s blog. I also know STATISTICS is complicated. You can’t just wave a wand and count things. You have to qualify, pick your population sample, study it “longitudanally” (over time) and know something about the statistics analysis. PLUS… you would be an expert in GRAPHS. Too many statistians do NOT use graphs. Graphs– pictorial representations of numbers– are an essential feature of human comprehension. It’s all quite deep. But at the same time, it’s simple. It’s simply complicated that is. Once you realize that, nobody will accept, for example, CNN’s daily numbers scare tactics. Statistical analysis is a whole NEW LEVEL of NUMERACY. To really “get it”, I really think we should watch “Numbers”… an entertaining TV show but enlightening.

  12. Billy Hill says:

    genetic memory sounds like vaccine talk
    not meaning to offend you but I don’t buy genetic memory

    • Hayden Redwood says:

      It’s real cause cats hiss like snakes when they have not even seen one. Cats hiss to replicate snake cause most animals scared of this sound, we don’t have snakes in nzl but my cats hiss all the time at each other without ever seeing snakes. Genetic memory works well for survival of species. It is speculated that all these past life experiences people have is actually gene memory from our ancestors stored in the gene matrix. The world is a matrix afterall. It helps organisms adapt

      You see it in the body you have traits gene memory from your ancestors blue eyes brown hair red hair tall short etc etc

    • Kia Kaha says:

      Consider this…. In the formation of you, there is a memory of what your mother and father, grandparents, aunties and uncles looked like physically and in character, with certain inclinations and tendencies. “You’re so much like your father and great grandfather.” You inherited the memory of certain qualities. “You have your mother’s eyes.” “Your great great grandfather was a builder, an entrepreneur too.” “You’re a natural artist. It comes easy to you.” In the transhuman agenda, they want to justify, put a positive spin on a very destructive force, on tinkering around with and doing away with all of that memory and replace it with something else.

    • Madness says:

      It’s real, just like Hayden wrote, I also experienced it, funny as with cats, too. Easy to observe more generations. Cats who are related but never met and lived together show the exact same habits, small individual behavior’ patterns unique to their great granny. They had no way to see it and learn it but they (some) somehow know it and repeat it.
      As humans… I don’t know how others feel, I have some small obsession I can’t explain unless I was originated from a certain area, certain group very far from Europe where those things were natural and part of the life, not a clear memory but a very strong feeling, instinct ‘I came from there, I understand why they did this or that, everything is so familiar and feels like home’. Sorry. 🙂

      As Jon’s article, nothing new only the numbers, I mean for those who never believed in an engineered or bat related * virus it was clear from the beginning they were killing the elderly. And not only in care homes, another way was the lockdown, to scare them and to close them, of course only for their ‘protection’ they were cut off from family, friends, their small happy things, from proper fresh food, fresh air, medical care, mentally and physically alone and fragile.

      And elderly is just the beginning of killing. As hospitals didn’t care anyone if not Covid, many will die due to late diagnosis, treatment, surgery. And because of fear, too. Would you go to a doctor in these days after reading about the 20th miraculously works for covid drug? Because I wouldn’t.

      Criminals. When we start to treat them accordingly?

      * as of mutating viruses, bat and snake tales. Many people live with pets, I can’t imagine a better environment for a virus to mutate. But somehow never happens. Then how people are able to fall for these tales? Bat = vampires, ancient fear, of course they chose poor bats. People are so stupid, a lot of them.

      • Rachel says:

        I hadn’t given much thought to why they picked a bat, but I bet you’re right. Just like the “Corona” virus. After all the failed pandemics, this would come out on top. Tptb seem to have a habit of using symbolism.

  13. Not So Free says:

    Soylent Green is people.
    So that’s what they’re doing with the bodies.
    So much for fast food.
    *Yes. That was sarcasm.*

  14. Hayden Redwood says:

    Native americans just like the rest of us humans we all humans and we all make mistakes and they also tribal Warren amongst each other like most of us. No one is a perfect and no cultures are perfect they all fight and war lol romanticism of history can be a problem.

    • Greg C. says:

      Yeah, get over it. Go ahead and be human, learn to fight, damn it. Those who can’t fight will be dominated by bullies and tyrants. Better free than “perfect.”

  15. Pft says:

    To get the nursing homes to go along they have been bailed out with billions. A lump sum plus 2500 per total bed even though they only lost 2.5% of their residences due to COVID (although the COVID numbers likely are overstated by medical examiners who never saw the body).

    Frankly we cant be sure they even died of COVID as many were denied hospital care for their other diseases because they were presumed to have COVID.

    In China of the 60’s the old who could no longer work or care for themselves were allegedly sent to a Happy Home where they were never seen again.

    Seems our new God is Lucifer , or maybe the Gates-Theil-Fink Trinity.

      If I were a psychopath and had zero empathy, I might consider the old age homes as good targets for covid numbers harvesting, now that I start ruminating on it after a few beers. Normally, I entertain oldsters and make friends, learn their favorite tunes and play them on the piano. But I can see the other point of view too. How much effort should be made to PROLONG the lives of those who are increasingly unable to care for themselves… and especially whose personal finances have run out. Uh oh.

      Jon cites Soylent Green which is quite amazing because I just took it for granted, in high school, that that sci fi horror book on my English Lit. reading list was par for the course. Little did I realize that even in that high school in 1973, was PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING going on. I was simply “educated” to view the future in a dystopic fashion. I thought it was cool to read those kinds of books. I don’t think so anymore. Eating what’s left of dead humans certainly seems possible, if we think about it strictly from a “meat body” perspective. After all, the famous account of the Donner Family made that clear. Cannibalism was introduced to me in Popeye cartoons when the black African natives would capture him and boil him in a large cast iron pot– until he remembered to pop open his spinach can.

      Cannibalism is one thing. But harvesting the bank accounts of oldsters in the homes is another cleaner way to go, again, if I start thinking like a psychopath. If I were a psychopath, I would look old Mr. Smith in the eyes and say “Mr. Smith, you’ve run out of money”. And I would wait for the horror of that to strike him, like I was writing a script for an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Then I would stand up and tower over him. I would look down and say “You KNOW what that means”. Mr. Smith would look up at me with sad eyes. Nothing more need be said.


      They didn’t die of CV19, as it doesn’t exist. Scientific method was never used to isolate/purify/identify a new virus.

      CDC sent letter to doctors stating that any death SUSPECTED of being related to covid should be reported as CV19 (No testing necessary).

      CDC also assigned special ICD code allowing CV19 death rate to be manipulated.

      CV19 test is meaningless.

      No coincidence that CV19 symptoms are extremely similar to flu & pneumonia.

      In order to legitimize pandemic, hospitals/nursing homes in NYC were heavily sedating countless patients who tested negative for CV19 & placing them on vents to die.

      No wonder Cuomo issued Executive Order granting hospitals IMMUNITY from malpractice litigation during epidemic.

      No doubt that other Blue states are committing these same atrocious acts.

  16. Hayden Redwood says:

    Humans are humans and we need to stop identifying with the external reference point we I are not human it dust we are not our society its dust or culture its dust you are more than this being. All this talk of I’m Irish, I’m catholic, I’m Christian, I’m English, I’m white, I’m black, I’m this and that is all illusions the fake self mind makes you think this is so real and it not thus creating division from the mind.

      Hayden, that kind of thinking only occurs in a higher mental space or possible higher chakra. None of use can easily “get there” without DMT, LSD, pot, meditation, binaural beats, drumming, fasting, isochronic tones, or at least, in my case, 3 X 32 oz beers. If you want to help us, tell us how YOU “get there” to escape the “illusions” the “fake mind” that helps me fix my roof, mow the lawn and fix my house plumbing and pay for it all, creates. In other words, I think you’re being too dismissive of normal consciousness. OH, I forgot– MUSHROOMS! Check out the history of Santa Clause and reason he dresses in red with white dots. Definitely something going on there.

      • Hayden Redwood says:

        I’m actually a drummer and I smoke pot lol, and ive taken mushrooms few times as well Being aware of the play is main thing. We all just actors but the mind constantly playing tricks on people on who they think they are.

      • Hayden Redwood says:

        And yes I already know about Santa and it’s connections to ancients drug use very funny indeed but has it done anything humans body matrix still wars fights mates eats sleeps fart poo like rest of animals do we have not changed just primitive chimps dressed up nicely that’s all, cause when food runs out and stomach goes hungary then watch out for the human cannabilism….especially if the cataclysm wipes out our food chain.

        • Madness says:

          We are truly not all the same. You are right on many points. I am probably a looser but need or not I think, HOPE still many of us have limits even if hungry. And even animals also do have limits. But yes, I very well can imagine that that rioting zombie looking mob, already an army of the globalists even if they are too brainwashed to notice, to kill us for food or simply just for pleasure. And yes, it’s very zombie like how people betrayed their elderly, a lot of them. And such a mistake! Elderly people have true wisdom. They are who still can teach and we would need it badly.
          We have to try to fight back, they took away our freedom and openly killing us quickly or slowly. And even those who cowardly keep their silence thinking that it’s ‘just’ the elderly… those who are able to kill thousands of ‘could have been his own granny’ are able and going to kill everyone else, as many as they wish. I mean who will stop them?

          The biggest problem we have no real, honest leaders, all are puppets of the global mafia.

          In these days I so often think of S. King, Under the Dome and The Stand, not because of the virus, because of how some order will emerge from the chaos. If. And a very big chaos if we can’t stop them.

          And their wet dream the technocrat world won’t work. It can’t, we are too fragile to endure those frequencies and those mad mummies on the top, too fragile too. They could dream that they are the children of Lucifer or I don’t know what, but they are just a bunch of very dangerous flesh and blood psychopaths unable to think straight. Yes they are cunning but still mental, sick people who want to rule everyone else. We can’t survive their planned NWO but the planet as whole can’t either. No animals? No plants? No food then. Their GM stuff already is such a failure, playing with frequencies will be the next. Animals and even plants can’t survive it long, trees become inflammable, slower growing, more illness. Birds and bugs are dying. How they wish to survive if the planet is dead? They are mad and unpredictable, plus went too far. They won’t stop, they can’t.
          I think our only hope if they start to kill each other on the top. And they will because that’s who they are.

          • Rachel says:

            Madness, you summed up so much of the problem. I find myself wondering, when the average person has gone extinct, will those public people we call our leaders then start to fall? Recently I was listening to an old Coast to Coast, and one guest briefly mentioned that those who publicly attend the Bilderberg conference are still puppets groomed by their masters. Will those who sold humanity finally discover what it means to be human?

            I have started to wonder how could society be saved? Perhaps this isn’t the first time society has fallen like it has. Perhaps the stories of the floods were actually more accurate. It does seem we have passed a point of no return, where man’s only salvation would basically be a giant reset.

  17. Lucillius Jr. says:

    I recommend watching Jon’s video from Alex Jones that is linked in his article. The first half is largely about the same contents as this blog post, but the second half is an imaginative “what if” scenario, which Jon excels at, whereby he shows how Trump could have derailed this whole covid hoax back a few months ago. I always oddly feel optimistic after reading or hearing Jon, because he’s so easily dismantles the narrative. But back in the real world, history’s biggest psy op grinds on, seemingly unstoppable….

    • Greg C. says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump has deliberately betrayed us. At his last rally before the shutdown, he correctly called the pandemic a hoax, but the next day he walked it back, and then he was totally on board. Let’s face it, no politician is going to come to our rescue. We have to step up front and put ourselves on the line to stop this bizarre novel clampdown on our freedom to breathe freely, to associate freely, to do business or go to work. It’s not over – the second economic/social wave is about to break upon us as we speak in many states. Millions more Africans will die slowly of starvation. Those dying in nursing homes or hospice will die alone.

      We need to be the real “Antifa” – genuine anti-fascists. We need to be the ones shaming the enforcers. We can make them sweat if we just refuse to wear the mask of compliance.

      I went to the dentist today without a mask, ignored the signs. No one said anything, everyone was super-nice. Turns out the dentist was a ex-marine who also thought it was a hoax. He pointed out that the virus can’t survive over 90 degrees, yet Arizona and Texas are supposedly hot-spots. In a way, he put me to shame. He told me stories of real heroes in battle as he filled my tooth. Stories of courage. Made me realize that courage has to be cultivated – it doesn’t just show up.

      Saturday I will do an experiment – visit 25 stores without a mask until I experience actual disapproval and get kicked out and learn to enjoy the fight on the front lines. I’m going to get in touch with my inner Clint Eastwood. The time is now – tyranny is in the open, and we have the luxury of being able to oppose it without danger of physical harm. That window of opportunity won’t stay open forever.

        I’m with you on that. I intentionally walk by anyone trying to hand me a mask or trying to talk to me in muffled tones from behind a mask. I light up and say hello only to to ANTIMASKERS with Hi, and nod of the head. I point to 6 ft. markers in store line ups and look at the guy or gal behind me, point to it and say “don’t worry about that, it’s a hoax”. There a number of little social-maneuvres I’m having to learn to navigate my way through the maskardation of American life. And you’re right- the SPIKE was promoted this past week & the talking heads are doubling down on their idiotic commentary. So I’m doubling up on my tactics too.

        Lately, I’ve practised staring at key people, like the masked Fry’s grocery store manager. I just stare. He caught my stare this morning and looked away first. I think there’s a dominance game involved in staring, so the psychologists say.

        LANYARD TACTIC with NO MASK graphic
        I always wear a lanyard around my neck now. The card hanging from it makes me look like an employee or someone officially on the job. When I breeze by masktards at the entrance to places, it causes them pause. If I develop any rappore with anyone, I hand them a copy. It’s a notice that I’m exempt from masking up according to American Disabilities Act and HIPPA laws and any infringement on my rights will put them at risk of a $75,000 fine.

        I’m in the process of assembling good bits from Jon’s blog here, my own writing and various quotes and graphics I’ve assembled on this hoax. I make trips to the local UPS copy shop and run trial copies and have handed several out with people I have rappor with.

        I’m in the process of assembling a new forum where I expand on all kinds of topics here…

        3A AUTO SHOP
        I was in for a regular fluid and filter change and inspection to my favorite auto shop. They offer a courtesy ride home if you leave your car for the morning. The owner asked me to mask up. I cancelled the appointment and asked him how long this policy will last. He said two weeks. I took my keys back and said I’ll see you in two weeks. On the way out, I looked back at him and strongly shouted “live free or die!”. All he kept saying was “I understand”. In my sales training, they always told me to say “I understand” when you have tough customers. Next time he says that I’ll say “do you?… what do you understand exactly? That masks are a hoax?”

  18. Truth1 says:

    Ah,the brave or depraved new world. What a nice society we have become. This is what low IQ Rockefeller mandated schools get us. We turn our kids over to monsters who then make our kids monsters. Maybe we deserve it. It is said, what we sow, we harvest come fall.

    • Greg C. says:

      Actually the problem is they turn the kids into snowflakes. And we don’t deserve it – there is no such thing as collective guilt. Each person individually reaps what he sows. If he sows nothing from himself, he will be a hired hand on the plantation.

  19. The Truth says:

    OMG! The mindless kool aid drinking Trumpsters on here ???? You people just don’t live in reality. Fake this. Fake that. Mind boggling reading from the mindless. Unreal.

      Bacteria and fungii exist and can travel around a bit but viruses are not alive, and are more properly called exosomes. No corona virus has ever been seen under a microscope. The cartoon figure they show you is just that– a cartoon. Viruses-as-exosomes are not contagious. They are responses to toxins in the body which then expels them with typical flu symptoms. Other symptoms being added to what is really a “syndrome” include the types of symptoms one would expect from pollution, 5G, hydrogen cyanide, and gmo foods and possibly other pollutants.

      We here, including Jon, are FAR FAR beyond the Trumpsters. Trumpsters don’t know the half of it. Trump himself is reacting in a very weak manner to this hoax. So calling us Trumpsters actually underestimates what you’re seeing here. We are what we wish Trumpsters WOULD be. AT least Trump isn’t wearing a mask. THAT might be a signal that he IS on board with us as much as he can be at this time.

      • Rachel says:

        I debated whether or not I should even acknowledge this post, but after Rick did a good job with a lot of it, I figured I would follow up.

        If “The Truth” were to actually use their brain and comprehensively read the article and posts, they would see we are certainly not “Trumpeters”-a lot of discussion revolves around what we wish he would do given his position. Time has only shown Trump seems to have been bought despite many of his original promises, which had he followed through on, would likely have gotten us out of most of this mess.

        Additionally, calling yourself “The Truth” without even considering opposing views points shows everyone just how little knowledge you actually have (of which you’ve explained none of). All we know currently is what you’re against, which is seems, ironically, is the truth.

  20. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Jon with these new set of symptoms everyone will need to be tested and Seniors already scared to death are going to be further tormented. This is a Holocaust. I hope you can call attention to this in your column:

    Everyone now needs to take note of how ridiculous this has become and how transparently fake it is. With this new set of so-called symptoms of COVID-19 we all may have the virus.
    Take note. The three new symptoms are:
    1 Runny Nose – Congestion
    2 Nausea
    3. Diarrhea
    (Note these are symptoms of the common flu or cold)
    New symptoms from the Chinese are (and more than likely to become symptoms for us):
    1. Stroke
    2. Dizziness
    3. Headache and altered mental state
    When are the American people going to be insulted by the level of fakery that implies that we are beyond stupid. This has to be a breaking point for those who wondered if this was real. It is a fraud of the highest order. It also means that if thy mandate testing for anyone suspected of having the virus that we all must be tested. What is an altered mental state? How vague is that? What if you have a favorable altered state as in seeing through the scam of all this?

    • Madness says:

      The last are all symptoms of radiation poisoning, stoke, dizziness, altered brain function, brain-fog. Encourage people to check, well documented and easy to understand why. You don’t even need 5G, lower frequencies can do the job, too.

      It is because the first effect even after a short time that it messes with red blood cells, documented with smart meters, documented with cell phones. Red blood cells start to change shape, oxygen deprivation and start to knot, the blood become very thick, Rouleaux blood. If you have several tiny thrombosis that can cause organ damage eg. stroke, damage in other organs. Pneumonia lung cells die due to thrombosis and / or lack of oxygen, after that bacteria will appear as dead tissue should be discharge. If too much, you die during the process.

      Check this link for proof and distribute to help people to wake up as small animals also dying nowadays due to stroke.

      Frequencies can be a bit difficult to understand like “i have a cell for years, why now?’ – 1. because we have more radiating stuff around now and they can act together influencing, make stronger the effect. Plus they can change the frequency if they wish. It is a very well researched field by the army. It was hidden just for us.

  21. L Bridges says:

    Thank you for telling us the truth this is the most informative articles I have seen written.

  22. Alexander says:

    (chuckles) Why worry? It probably won’t happen.

  23. Aron says:

    In Ontario care homes they actually hired illegal migrants to care for our elder. None of these people had any training, they were in legal limbo and thus willing to do anything the authorities told them to do, and frankly did not have that much compassion for our elderly based on the reports of abuse that came out a month ago provided by our military who conducted a detailed investigation.

    This whole affair has been the crime of the century in the west. I’m so livid and now add on the masking and coming vaccine.

  24. Aloysius says:

    So, what you’re saying is there is no COVID virus, it is all an invention. What is really happening here is a conspiracy of worldwide governments using this cover story to legally kill off all the old people so they don’t have to fork out trillions of dollars in pension payments.
    There is a huge problem in China after the one-child policy leaving the government stranded with millions of old people they now have to look after, so it’s reasonable to think they came up with a new method of easing that burden.
    In turn, other governments have jumped on the bandwagon and are using this ‘COVID’ conspiracy as a means to legally remove a huge financial burden.
    Since I’m one of these old people, I’m guessing my days are numbered. Good to be told the truth, and now I can face my end of days with a clear conscience and the knowledge my government wants me dead.
    I guess with the overpopulation of the world, and ever-reducing resources, it’s probable an answer to climate change as well. Fewer people, less problems.
    Perhaps the Soylent Green solution is the way to go, andwe should only be allowed to live until age 65. And be a republican!

  25. Low Voltage says:

    Nursing Homes Shocked at ‘Insanely Wrong’ CMS Data on COVID-19

  26. billy says:

    This is not an accident or unplanned “false flag”. The psychopaths who run this country had this planned out to a T.

    “A 2013 paper by Anthony H. Cordesman of the Washington think tank

    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) frankly

    presented the increasing longevity of ordinary Americans as an

    immense crisis for US imperialism.”The US does not face any foreign

    threat as serious as its failure to come to grips with “the rise in

    the cost of federal entitlement spending,” Cordesman wrote, “saying

    the debt crisis was driven almost exclusively by the rise in

    federal spending on major health care programs, Social Security, and

    the cost of net interest on the debt.” His best way to solve

    problem. get rid of old people.
    quote s from article Social counterrevolution and the decline in US

    life expectancy – World Socialist Web Site

    Cordesman bemoans that as the population grows older, seniors are

    sapping vital resources as they seek treatment for dementia, heart

    disease, and cancer. By implication, something must be done to rein

    this in, especially if the United States is to address Cordesman’s

    main priority “maintaining the current exorbitant spending on wars

    and the US military.
    so your parents /grandparents etc are expendable. And “plandemic”

    fits the bill perfectly!

    My Q is when will the 90% or more people wake up and
    realize they are being killed (GMO, Glyphosate, poisoned water, “Chemtrails, the “Medical” system itself, etc, etc).

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