Free states: radical decentralization; the war for hearts and minds

Dedicated to my friend and compatriot of many years, Robert Scott Bell

by Jon Rappoport

June 16, 2020

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It all starts with the IDEA of the germ. Once people buy the idea and the story, everything follows. The planners build the story of the germ for a hundred years, so it transmits fear, and then one day they use it to spring the trap.

Fake pandemic. Real slavery.

The truth is, we’re far stronger than any germ or any tale about a germ.

Dozing off thinking about the tale and the trap and what it’s brought to our door, I had a dream. Went something like this—

“South Carolina is happy to report the stunning success of our new treatment law. As you know, three years ago, we certified a bill allowing ANY healing method to be practiced on consenting adults, for any condition, so long as that method was not overtly destructive. The result? A flood of practitioners and patients moving to our state. Our economy has nearly tripled in size. We are awash in new prosperity…”

New York: “Curfews must be more drastic. Only protesters and rioters will be permitted on streets after 2PM. We are issuing four color codes. Green, blue, yellow, and gray. They tell you when you may appear in public to pick up your food for the month at our government-dispensing canned goods centers. State income taxes are hereby raised to forty percent of gross earnings. All churches are permanently closed. Stop moving to South Carolina. If you do, you can never come back…”

“Nevada is announcing a new form of state money. Anyone who moves here will automatically be given four thousand dollars in casino chips, and a free hotel room for seven weeks. Masks and social distancing are forbidden. Vaccination is entirely voluntary. Anyone forcing a vaccine on another will be buried up to his neck in the desert, his face smeared with honey…”

Oregon: “The marijuana state is now entirely collective. No more private residences. Everyone must live in a commune of at least 60 persons. In each commune, the profits from growing pot will be equally divided among all members. No guns are permitted in the state. To achieve our goal of the cleanest air in the nation, cars are allowed on roads only between the hours of 7-9AM and 4-6PM. Trucks loaded with weed may move product at all hours. Come live with us.”

Maryland: “Our state is run by a consortium of mega-corporations and intelligence agencies. Everyone works for these organizations. There are no small businesses. Move here. You’ll be guaranteed a job after four weeks of training. Housing included. Stop fighting the Man. We are the Man. Free vaccinations.”

California: “Have you always yearned to be a Communist? Come to Cal. We’ve got Stasi, KGB, real-time satellite surveillance covering every inch of the state, as well as free Snitch Training. Unlimited immigration from all countries. We care. We have zero unemployment. Everyone works for the government. Are you wanted for offenses in other states or nations? No background checks. Warning: selling off-the-books black market items without paying sales tax is punishable by death.”

Idaho: “Free market economy. Make and sell just about anything. No state taxes. Gun rights guaranteed. All property is private. No welfare. Our cops only care about two offenses—encroaching on another’s freedom, and selling overtly harmful products. Public education is canceled. Only home and small community schooling are allowed. Want to make your own way? Idaho is the place for you.”

Illinois: “We are now a monarchy. As the hub for all street drugs distributed throughout the US and Canada, our king is chosen by the Sinaloa Cartel. Our police forces are gangs. We have disbanded our court systems. Personal and business protection is for sale. If you want to ‘live the life,’ move to Illinois. Free ballet lessons.”

Wyoming: “It took a long revolution to expel the former state government. In our free market economy, two prominent industries have emerged—hydrogen-powered car manufacturing/refitting, and water turbines for energy production. Our sales are soaring. Through state taxes agreed upon in a recent state referendum, we are financing research into several suppressed methods of energy innovation. Every citizen must own a gun, and must receive training in how to use it. Don’t move here expecting a free ride. Career criminals from other states—don’t even think about it. We’ll find you and root you out.”

New Jersey: “Our new state motto is ‘Graft, Gossip, and Waste Management.’ Our highway tolls are the highest in the nation. We are on permanent lockdown. If you want to pretend you’re important and have no credentials of any kind, move here and join us. The southern half of the state is being built out as one giant hospital complex, to treat and house those from the northern half. Free health coverage. Wear a badge of honor for each medical or psychiatric diagnosis.”

Massachusetts: “Aside from hospitals and Harvard global money laundering, our largest industry is selling rewrites of history to colleges. The American Revolution never happened. John Adams was an ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer. Thoreau was a petty criminal, fishing without a license. Plymouth Rock was once a popular form of cocaine trafficked along the east coast…”

Within two generations, New York and California turn into patchwork quilts of sparsely populated farm land and urban hell holes.

A declared woo-woo pandemic in one state is nothing more than a joke in another.

Enforced and fake togetherness dissolves like sugar in water.

—As I started to wake up, I wondered, is this a good dream or a bad dream? A voice said, “Decentralization of power is good, but you can’t control how it works out. If you could, YOU’D be the central power.”

I fell back asleep.

I was standing on a street corner in a city. In the distance, buildings were burning. A crowd marched toward me, broadcasting waves of fear.

They stopped moving. A platform rose up and a speaker in a mask fiddled with a mic stand. Silence.

“This is our place,” he said. Calm voice. “Just remember, it’s free.”

He looked over at me. He lifted his mask for a second, then put it back.

It was Mao Zedong. Chairman Mao. He told the quiet crowd, “I’ve got money. Rockefeller money. You understand, right? We’re going to start over. We’ve got important friends. We’ll use them and keep them safe for a while. In the new Republic, everything is free. You work for it, but it’s free. You don’t get ahead on your own. That’s over. You’re my troops. We’re burning down the northeastern United States and taking the land.”


“It’s freedom,” he said. “Forget all your old causes. Forget why you came here. It doesn’t matter anymore. We’re new. We’re finally getting justice. You know what justice is? Rice. Growing rice. That’s all. Everyone works. Everyone bends over and works, from the lowliest drug addict to a fat old Congresswoman, to the President, everyone works the soil, and admits their guilt. Their sins. After six generations, their descendants can be raised up. They’ll be clean. No taint left. That’s the new world. That’s what you’ve been fighting for. No more privilege.”

Suddenly, I was standing outside my house in the dark night.

There was somebody out there. I couldn’t see who he was.

He spoke. “Don’t let them take everything away. You have no idea how many of us there are. We’re not going to let this happen.”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

43 comments on “Free states: radical decentralization; the war for hearts and minds

  1. Boy says:

    What’s up with the reports out of Canada that Ebola variants have been shipped to China? (Wuhan lab)

    • michael burns says:

      Yes indeed…there is a strong case for espionage here and the Thousand Talents Program could possibly be involved in this as their ongoing recruitment of Western-educated and experienced lab scientists especially those who are prestigious Universities in the West.

      Xiangguo, her husband Cheng, George Lieber and the PRC officer who was a lab tech, the University Florida profs and student, the list is getting larger, with the Chinese Thousand Talents program throwing millions at these losers, the money and their expertise…
      I believe they think they are bulletproof. Are they?

      Xiangguo Qiu hs a strong connection to many Chinese labs…

      “But a shift took place in Qiu’s research work. Ever since2006, she has been studying powerful viruses—Ebola most of all—at the NML. Both of the viruses that were surreptitiously shipped from the NML to China were studied by Qiu in 2014 (as well as other viruses, includingMachupo, Junin, Rift Valley Fever,
      Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, and Hendra). But she paid [the] greatest attention to Ebolaforthe entirely legitimate aim of developing effective prophylaxis and treatment for the infected.”

      “Qiu’s [Dr. Xiangguo Qiu] research has not only been conducted on behalf of Canada and China. In 2018, she collaborated with three scientists from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Maryland, studying post-exposure immunotherapy for two Ebola viruses and Marburg virus in monkeys. Those activities were part of a study supported by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency.”

      “Qiu made at least five trips over the academic year 2017-18 alone to the above-mentioned Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was certified for BSL4 in January 2017. In August 2017, the National Health Commission of China approved research activities involving the Ebola, Nipah, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses at the Wuhan facility, and in March 2019, the Chinese published their tour de force.”

      • Madness says:

        There is absolutely no proof for the existence of any Ebola virus. I realized it when the last “epidemic” happened – that was the time I start to read Jon’s blog.

        I was very interested in Ebola, I even read a documentary-like book about it many years ago and a kind of believed it, later it turned out it was written for request, supported.

        The New Your Times uploaded a video about the epidemic (that was – let’s say – a kind of official), check yourself, ‘Dying at the hospital door’ – watch the crisis actors, watch how the so called dying guy is well hydrated and not ill looking at all. Watch the father a bit later putting the money in his back pocket.

        That was the point when I started to doubt the whole tale. Besides, knowing that our leaders just cowards, no way they ever would let in anyone with Ebola. The Ebola according to the documentary book – liquefies your organs and your survival chance is only 4-5 % or so. At least that was the info. Also it had very visible symptoms like bleeding with your eyes, pores.

        The whole Ebola legend started with Marburg (a similar virus but less lethal) and started in Germany in a lab in Marburg but Africa.

        – Those who watched the news back then understood, that the first infected never was found.
        – That people blame the Red Cross and their needles because of “infection”
        – That authorities had to put boards on the streets like “Ebola is real”
        – That the locals reported about poisons in their wells or as Jon wrote back then – other environmental poisoning.
        – That you can find only 1-2 photos (real, electron microscope looking photos), or rather one and mirrored to look a bit different, the rest are Photoshop, art work. But how that is possible, if humanity has such a lethal virus many labs worldwide should research it and there should be many-many photos about the isolated virus.

        Ebola is a BIG LIE to scare the hell out of you, just like rabies by the way… (Rabies, read this!!:

        They constantly lie about viruses to us to keep up the fear and push their poisons stuffs while in reality there are symptoms what could have been caused by many different things, labelled as one illness, virus. Rabies is the inflammation of the brain, also can be caused many different things including serious dehydration, worms, poisoning. But better if you read the link)

        • michael burns says:

          “Pop Quiz time boys and girls…
          The one who solves this goes to the head of the class, with a big gold star on their lapel…
          What do Ebola, COVID, Dr. Gary Kobinger, Xiangguo Qiu, Dr. Matthews Gilmore and Konan Michel Yao, the WHO’s (Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards and finally, Streptococcus pneumoniae all have in common?”

        • Rachel says:

          @Madness, I, too, have read that book, The Hot Zone. And Jon discussed viruses on his last visit on C2C. He mentioned how viruses are too prone to mutations, so even if you find one that is destructive, it will likely mutate quickly and stop working.

          And indeed this is also mentioned in The Hot Zone-Ebola, supposedly as deadly as you mentioned, is a terrible virus from an evolutionary standpoint-it kills the people it infects so quickly that it cannot sustain itself and continue to pass on to continue its survival.

          Therefore, once again, viruses do not stand up to be what they typically are supposed to be.

          • Madness says:

            But Rachel it is still not an explanation why they are unable to properly isolate one.
            Besides they are unable to infect with them, they tried it with the polio and HIV.

            On my part I think the exosome explanation is the best. Our cells make those viruses to help us. Dr Kaufmann is right, BJ here (sorry I think that was the initials he used) also right. Youtube: Viral misconceptions.

            And one more thing. As long as their virus legend is alive, we can be blackmailed anytime using fear. But when the legend die they never ever can use it to any agendas. Vaccinations are also end forever.

            And every proof, every believable, fit to common sense, fit to experience proof shows that the virus legend in that form they told us is a big fat LIE.

            The rabies vaccine is one of the deadliest, they made harm millions of animals using it, using us and the fear to be able to do it.
            I think it was Patricia Jordan who wrote that distemper (very-very similar to rabies) is man made disease.

            So I am sorry, I don’t believe that version either you wrote about Ebola. There is no proof for its existence just like there is no proof for the existence of covid. There is no proof the existence of measles virus – as Dr. Stephan Lanka proved it, and won the case on the German High Court. Lies after lies after lies.

            But on my point of view, based on my own experience (still like to believe what I see), when we moved to the UK, there was a kind of legend about that when you spent here 2-3 weeks (not earlier, not later) you’ll be very sick with flu like symptoms, high fever and so.
            And it is true, it is happening at least happened to us all. But the reason is not a virus. First I spent here 5 days or so, went back to my country, have a little disturbance in my stomach (the water and old water pipes and fluoride), but that was all. When we moved we all went to very ill exactly after 3 weeks or so.
            What’s the difference among other countries and the UK? First the allowed radiation level is 1000x higher than in any European countries, more rich country people have far more radiating stuff. The other is the fluoridated water. But anytime you are poisoned with radiation, fluoride or else, the body’s reaction is illness, flu-like symptoms.
            Another ‘local-special’ here we have flu-like symptoms rather often. But never or almost never a full-blown flu just part of it, when you feel that oh, my bones are aching, oh my throat is shore, will it be the flu? But no fever, no respiratory symptoms. But even if a full blown flu it keep coming back, 2-3 times, another thing I never seen before.

            I am sorry at this point I am 100% sure that it is nothing to do with viruses, that viruses in that form they told us don’t exists, exosomes what are existent. Everything I saw, experienced support this discovery.

            Or look around on the level of small pox and other poxes, look for photos, look for symptoms, you’ll realize that they are all very-very similar. Ask yourself if you have to be the tell the difference (as a doc) would you be able without fault? De-poisoning.

    • Moshe Sopher says:


      • Madness says:

        Very likely, as mad as they are and satanic they love the 9th month. Will it start at the 6th or at the 9th?

  2. JungianINTP says:

    Jon, re the “war for hearts and minds,” consider my take on why Whitey is so angry about the state of HIS civilization:


    Why Would White Guys Be Angry?

    Recent calculations about U.S.
    population trends have shown that 
    whites are to become a minority 
    within their own civilization by 
    2043, which fact ought to cause
    anger in white men—if not fight-
    ing-mad  rage in them. 

    “Why would conservatives be angry 
    at liberals and liberalism?”—leftists 
    often wonder and ask; especially after 
    some white guy breaks down and 
    begins shooting.

    It’s as if leftists are unaware, or 
    haven’t been in the U.S. these past 
    forty years of radical change—as if 
    they’re unaware of the rapid decline 
    in the quality of life for the progeny 
    of British and European whites who 
    conceived and built this nation;

    unaware of the breakdown of  
    families and morals and civil society; 

    unaware of the proliferation of
    mind-corrupting, family-destroying 
    music, pornography, feminism and
    Hollywood and TV bilge; 

    unaware of the FORCED integration 
    of black ghetto culture into white civil 
    society and its resulting destruction of 
    America’s public education, dumbing
    down every aspect of American society 
    to accommodate that anti-white 

    unaware of the vulture capitalists 
    who sell-out their country and 
    culture to increase the bottom line 
    by shipping jobs and technology to 
    Third World countries; 

    unaware of a revolving-door criminal 
    justice system for rapists, robbers, 
    murderers, child molesters, muggers, 
    druggies and white collar criminals
    (30 years of it, until conservatism
    had reduced that civilization-wrecking,
    Left-driven trend during the Nineties);

    unaware of the confiscatory taxation 
    that enslaves the productive to the 
    needs of the unproductive, driving 
    this nation towards bankruptcy by
    giving something-for-nothing Great
    Society “aid” to the poor; 

    unaware of undemocratic and 
    tyrannical Congress and courts, hell-
    bent on destroying white civil 
    society for the benefit of every 
    minority ethnic group now invading 
    America from the Third World, who 
    receive special financial aid and 
    legal protection for their efforts, 
    against whites’ best interests; 

    unaware of nation-destroying multi-
    culturalism, multi-racialism and
    multilingualism infecting every white

    unaware of the assassination of Mrs. 
    Randy Weaver, and the mass murder   
    of an entire church community by 
    Left-driven federal thugs in Waco
    (the Clinton White House had had
    a visceral hatred of anything right-
    wing—particularly of fundamentalist

    unaware of just how far from the 
    Founders’ America this federal 
    government has strayed in setting 
    up its Marxism-sympathizing and 
    minority-serving social engineering 

    unaware of just how fearful and 
    hateful the tax-paying and law-
    abiding majority of white citizens 
    has become towards its federal 

    unaware that the 1964 Civil
    Rights Act was passed on the heated
    promise that it would not lead to
    quotas and discrimination against
    white people (recall that Senator
    Henry “Scoop” Jackson had promised
    to eat his hat if it ever led to
    discrimination against white people); 

    and unaware that the Immigration Act 
    of 1965 was passed on the promise – 
    Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s and his
    supporters’ promise – that that  WOULD
    NOT be used to alter America’s racial 
    mix from its white majority to a non-
    white majority.

    Why wouldn’t white men be angry at the
    loss of their Western civilization to anti-
    white/anti-Western minority tribes?  


    • Pisces says:

      You have a deep personal problem with black people and you want all people who are reading your comment to look through your racist goggles and want them to see the black people as how you see them. About the previous comment, WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT WHY PEOPLE GO TO WAR and you assumed that I said that’s silly to argue about why humans go to war.. I meant that it’s silly to argue about the genetic differences between black and white people because it’s NOT important. You either might have misunderstood my first comment on the previous article or you just want to force your personal view about black people on everyone, because you’re emotionally disturbed about the other race, assuming all black people behave all the same. And you tried to diagnose me with some “mental disorder” just because I don’t agree with you. Hahaha get real! Only the idiots are emotionally manipulated easily to spread the hatred towards other people, and I have to say that they got you real good!
      Good boy, you’re being a good slave because hating the others based on their color of their skin is what globalists want you to do. You’re providing them good service by doing so. Good boy.

      • JungianINTP says:

        Yes, Pisces, ”LIBERALISM is a Mental Disease.” // Michael Savage had borrowed that idea from the title of one of my 1,000-plus essays—on the psychological ROOT CAUSES of our steep
        financial decline—borrowed by him to title one of his books. // Well, Pisces, I like being called, “boy,” by you while marching through my Seventies. I sorely miss being young!

        Once again, you do display BPD.

        A large population suffers that mental disorder—mostly among libertine liberals, such as yourself.


        • JungianINTP says:


          Genetic differences are the ROOT cause of all wars—personal and global.


        • Pisces says:

          Oooh, you think I’m a liberal just because I don’t have any problems with other races and you think you got me all figured out? I don’t care about political compartmentalization and I’m not bound by it. I don’t belong to a group of people who have all been taught to think as a group like religious people do.
          Trying to diagnose anyone with a “mental disorder” to try to win a silly argument is one of the most dumbest tactic I’ve ever seen. “You don’t want to accept my point of view, you have a disorder”… How convenient.
          That’s exactly how a whiny child or a childish adult with immature mentality would argue. Grow up, will ya? Haha..

    • bob klinck says:

      Hollywood has long been a propaganda mill, but in order to speak to people it has had to leave traces of earlier culture. These are frequently found in old movies. I think, for example, of the sign on the wall of the desert service station in the 1936 film “The Petrified Forest”: “Tipping is unAmerican”. Or the exchange in the general store in “Shane” (1952), where the purchase of a pair of work pants, two shirts and a belt for “two dollars and two bits” elicits a shocked look from Alan Ladd and the explanation by the storekeeper that life is getting expensive. Old movies are rich with such educative tidbits, which shed devastating light on where we have got to.

  3. Wormwood Worker says:

    “And the skyscrapers look like gravestones from out here…”

    -Acid Bath

  4. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Cute dreams…witty!
    I have faith the Creator baked into Creation the success of humility, affection, and common sense over arrogance and utopian visions.
    That is why Wellington had God with him, and Napoleon did not. The Lord grows quickly bored with architects of utopia. And when you bore God, beware!
    “The earth, bless her, is not a perfect circle!” John LeCarre

    • Bannor says:

      “humility, affection, and common sense”
      Now those are worth aspiring to! <3

    • Black Elk says:

      Interesting take. I’ve had an instinctual feeling of the same. What if we never bombed Japan? What if the Soviets won? Is it all good winning out over evil, or is it theater? Because for every instance of sheer good you can point to in history, there are just as many instances of bad perpetuated by those same people.

  5. This is you best column I have seen from you

  6. Pisces says:

    Decentralizing the governments and the monetary system is exactly the globalists don’t want, because they use money to control the resources and by controlling the resources they govern the nations, so if they lose control over the resources they’ll lose control over everything, especially if the independent businesses can become free from government control and are allowed to grow and compete with mega-corporations without being suppressed by having to pay unfair amount of taxes to the government, because that’s one of their methods to keep their control of the money supply, by limiting the “growth” of businesses they don’t own, and that’s just one small example. Can you imagine if the media, medicine, or everything is not controlled by the criminals, the elites, that are hiding behind the laws they made for us? They’re tightening their control over the money supply around the world using “covid-19” as a cover story to implement their UN Agenda 21 plan to centralize everything and maximize their power over us to the point where we are not even allowed to have freedom to think anymore. But will they succeed? I somehow doubt it..

    • JungianINTP says:

      Pisces, might you be a right-of-center conservative? // It would seems so. // There are conservatives who PSYCHOLOGICALLY straddle certain social/cultural issues (( moderates ))—and display BPD.


  7. Madness says:

    That was brilliant, don’t know when I laughed last time. Thank you.

  8. Hayden says:

    like always nothing be done no justice etc so why bother.
    I sure most of these conspiracy writers like David Icke, alex jones make good money from all there products bookswebsites etc make good money from all there half truths and maybe some truths in there. but most just causes stress cause once you realise you powerless to stop what happens then why bother better to carry on with ones life and not worry about the world all the time. EVERYTIME i visit sites like these its just dread and negative all the time which actually just brings me down world always bringing me down, well not anymore have just noticed im alot happier when im not visiting all these conspiracy site and listening to mainmedia crap, basically you can all get stuffed….sick of in justice and nothing been done like always which just makes you feel like oh well just do what ya gotta do and fuck the world.

    • Hayden says:

      here i am on crappy 28,000 dollars a year would love to see what David icke and Alex jones, David wilcocks who thinks he is edgar cayce. They make good money its a front cause all we they really care about is how to get money how to obtain it etc we are all like this under the spell slaves to the money construct.

      • Hayden says:

        As of today, David Wilcock Net Worth is $15 Million.

        yip sprout some crap half truths etc and become millionare. where is this so called great awakening of 2012 that all these people talked about just like y2k, covid, sars etc they actually full of it using fancy words to make themselves sound so enlighten …when really they just rying to get money like all of us rats.

    • za ka lu says:

      can’t really argue hayden.

      what will STOP IT?

      likewise, reporting on things DOES NOTHING to actually stop the deprivacious incroachments against non consent.

      • Rachel says:

        Both sides are controlled, so indeed it is hard to escape. I believe that is the point of Jon’s Matrix series-how to escape the walls and reach our individual potential, to be free from the Matrix.

        I do agree, though, that I am happier when avoiding many of the constructs of typical daily life. I also wish I could be wealthy to have more time to explore my personal truths, but money often changes people, and I might be happier where I am now.

  9. Low Voltage says:

    Outside the street’s on fire in a real death waltz
    Between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy
    And the poets down here
    Don’t write nothing at all
    They just stand back and let it all be
    And in the quick of the night they reach for their moment
    And try to make an honest stand
    But they wind up wounded, not even dead
    Tonight in Jungleland

    Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run (1975)

  10. tripletail says:

    Paid trolls now rule this site. No worries, Jon, you knew it was inevitable. Nothing new under the sun.:)

  11. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    I’m reading this (thanks Ian R Crane) :

    Have a look …

    With my esteem ,
    Pierre from Bordeaux

  12. lamberth says:

    I was going to move to Illinois, until I saw the free ballet lessons.

    Another brilliant piece Jon, as good as the one the day before.

  13. Sean Garrisson says:

    I listened to your THoA today, again. That was a really good ending in this article. Ive been enjoying, Magic series, Power series and Universes Without end.

  14. scooter says:

    Wow, Jon
    This one seems to have lit a powder keg under some folks. I loved the article, implying prevalence of States Rights. My previous post has been removed after being accepted and replied to. It may have triggered something in bigots both black and white. I can only take responsibility for my own words. But someone didn’t like the picture of cooperation I was drawing of my home State, Mississippi. It was a message of Love and Hope. Perhaps someone feels they know my State better than I, or maybe i’m not allowed such sentiment, being white. If this is the case, then this post will be disallowed too. It would be a shame. I’ll be watching.

    • Rachel says:

      I read your earlier post, so not all is lost. Your words still echo. As another person said, trolls are starting to fill this site, which might well be true.

  15. BDBinc says:

    And the primary slavery is that of the conditioned mind as master.
    Without people being in this state of anxious and fearful brain washed they would not be obeying or need a daddy State to tell them what to do think and feel.
    Know thyself as important (if not more) as ever.
    Ironically the only escape is in, where your being lies .

  16. Black Elk says:

    To see CNN so blatantly turn the dials from “stay inside, the virus and just breathing will kill you. Do not socialize, destroy your mental health.” to “GET ANGRY AND GET OUTDOORS. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU PROTEST. WE WILL TOPPLE THE WHITE MIND VIRUS” in a matter of a couple of weeks was the turning point for me. My only question is, which faction wants this virus and who profits when everyone is unemployed? What is the end game if people can’t even work and pay taxes?

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