Television wartime messaging: for the love of unity

by Jon Rappoport

May 20, 2020

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In today’s episode of COVID fakery on rye and hold the apocalypse, we begin with a bevy of quotes from Edward Bernays (1891-1995), the acknowledged father of modern public relations, aka propaganda. I include his statements as a warm-up backgrounder—

“This is an age of mass production. In the mass production of materials a broad technique has been developed and applied to their distribution. In this age, too, there must be a technique for the mass distribution of ideas.” (1928)

“The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest.” (1947)

“It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man.” (date unknown)

“When I came back to the United States, I decided that if you could use propaganda for war, you could certainly use it for peace. And ‘propaganda’ got to be a bad word because of the Germans using it, so what I did was to try and find some other words. So we found the words ‘counsel on public relations’.” (date unknown)

“When Napoleon said, ‘Circumstance? I make circumstance‚’ he expressed very nearly the spirit of the public relations counsel’s work.” (1923)

“Domination to-day is not a product of armies or navies or wealth or policies. It is a domination based on the one hand upon accomplished unity, and on the other hand upon the fact that opposition is generally characterized by a high degree of disunity.” (1923)

“The public relations counsel, therefore, is a creator of news for whatever medium he chooses to transmit ideas. It is his duty to create news no matter what the medium which broadcasts this news.” (1923)

“The only difference between ‘propaganda’ and ‘education,’ really, is in the point of view. The advocacy of what we believe in is education. The advocacy of what we don’t believe in is propaganda.” (1923)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.” (1928)

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” (1928)

“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway. But men do not need to be actually gathered together in a public meeting or in a street riot, to be subject to the influences of mass psychology. Because man is by nature gregarious he feels himself to be member of a herd, even when he is alone in his room with the curtains drawn. His mind retains the patterns which have been stamped on it by the group influences.” (1928)

The news heads and the talk show heads and the sports heads and the advertisers and bureaucrats and politicians and public health flacks and celebrities are assuring television viewers, with no shame: We’re all in this together. Over and over. Night and day. On every channel.

This was the strategy during older wars. No time for disagreement or dissent; there must be a unified response and effort; otherwise, we could lose.

We’re all in this together means: fall in line.

If that’s share and care and love, it’s robot love.

Advertisers, despite their studies and their sophistication and their wall-to-wall profiling of consumers, still believe in the first principle of propaganda: repetition.

Get the name of your product and company out there and don’t stop. Do it a thousand times, a million times. As long as you have money to pay for ads, do it.

Look at the insurance company commercials. Progressive, State Farm, Liberty, Geico. The little vignettes they lay on are really the occasion for pasting their company name on the screen. Make these 30-second stories friendly and funny and crazy, but the money shot is the company name.

Pandemic ads and messages follow the same rule. In this case, it’s TOGETHERNESS. UNITY. Pounded on and on.

Why? If cooperation and love and togetherness are basic human impulses, why do people need to be reminded of that 24 hours a day, on television?

Does a husband who loves his wife need to see his face and his wife’s face on a screen, on every channel, without let-up, along with a message urging him to adore her?

On the other hand, a person who’s been thrown out of a job, who can’t find work, who sees his government checks fading down to zero…he needs pacification. That’s a tough sell. That sell-job requires a whole lot of repetition…

…In order to produce SHAME in him, if he feels cheated and exiled and screwed. The repetition of togetherness and fake love informs him that the collective citizenry isn’t on his side. It tells him his righteous anger has no place in the relentlessly upbeat messaging of “unity.” It keeps him feeling isolated.

Now we’re getting down to it. Don’t let the people who are economically devastated believe they can find each other. Shut them out. Pump them full of television public service ads that paint an “uplifting” picture from which they’re excluded.

They may be devastated, but television tells them they aren’t on the team if they give their own concerns first priority. If they do, they’re non-persons.

After all, when they sit at home watching TV, do they see a cropped video of another unemployed worker sitting in a dark room saying, “THIS IS CRAZY. I WANT TO WORK. I NEED FOOD. MY BOSS CLOSED HIS COMPANY. HE’S BANKRUPT. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

Are they offered that kind of unity? Togetherness?

“Hi. I’m an NFL cornerback. I’ve made thirty million during my career. Here I am at home with my kids. We’re playing games on the floor. I’m enjoying my family. We’ll get through this. All of us. Stay safe. Use the time to bring your family closer together.”

Major news outlets are under strict orders to keep “disturbing human interest stories” off the front page and away from their broadcasts. This is also part and parcel of the wartime effort.

It would have to be, since economic devastation is what this fake pandemic is actually all about. No one in the mainstream will let that cat out of the bag. It would be more than a mistake. It would be a confession. It would be suicide.


Propagandists know that a one-two punch of fear and then assurance works. Scare them with the virus, comfort them with togetherness.

But still, it’s a tough sell. It has legs for a while, but then the natives become restless, especially in the hinterlands. People who aren’t jammed together in big cities, who live in open spaces, tend to develop immunity to lies. Coiffed press hookers on television dispensing so-called news carry less punch. Farmers know if they can’t plant their crops on time, with workers side by side, they’ll go broke.

Generally speaking, people who don’t see other people who are sick, and don’t hear ambulance sirens, start wondering what’s happening.

Protests begin. Protests expand.

The fake night of obedience turns into the real day of rebellion.

It turns out that a story about an invisible virus isn’t quite the same as a line of enemy tanks approaching. All promoted wars are not equal.

Fauci knows this. Birx knows this. Bill Gates knows this. Mayors and governors know this. The CDC and WHO know this. They don’t really care whether you survive, but they know you care. So, for them, it’s a race against time. How long can they keep the lid on? How long can their preposterous messaging work?

Stage magic is an odd game. The performer has to run his tricks quickly, so people don’t have the luxury of sitting back and thinking about how he is fooling them. However, the public health magicians and the politician magicians and the news magicians are hemmed in—they’re basically one-trick ponies. Virus, virus, virus=together, together, together.

It looks good, but it wears out.

It’s wearing out now.

I’ll close this piece with a few more gems from Edward Bernays—to urge you to keep your eye on the ball. The real ball.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it?” (1928)

“A single factory, potentially capable of supplying a whole continent with its particular product, cannot afford to wait until the public asks for its product; it must maintain constant touch, through advertising and propaganda, with the vast public in order to assure itself the continuous demand which alone will make its costly plant profitable. This entails a vastly more complex system of distribution than formerly.” (1928)

“No serious sociologist any longer believes that the voice of the people expresses any divine or specially wise and lofty idea. The voice of the people expresses the mind of the people, and that mind is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion. It is composed of inherited prejudices and symbols and clichés and verbal formulas supplied to them by the leaders.” (1928)

“Propaganda is of no use to the politician unless he has something to say which the public, consciously or unconsciously, wants to hear.” (1928)

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

55 comments on “Television wartime messaging: for the love of unity

  1. Tony says:

    Here in the UK, windows across the land are adorned with drawings and posters of rainbows, which kids are being encouraged to create as a symbol of hope.

    To quote one source: “It’s bringing families together at home to create a rainbow, making people smile if they are spotted in windows. It’s bringing our wonderful school and even the world together.

    It’s become so widespread that it’s now drawn criticism from the LGBT crowd. Seems like some don’t want to see their rainbow message of hope — carefully cultivated over decades — subsumed by the new kid on the block and their own message of hope. (Also known as ‘We’re all in it together — just stay the fuck off my message of unity and love.’)

    We’re practically bursting at the seams here with harmony and kinship.

    “From the moment of birth, when the stone-age baby confronts the twentieth-century mother, the baby is subjected to these forces of violence, called love, as its mother and father have been, and their parents and their parents before them. These forces are mainly concerned with destroying most of its potentialities. This enterprise is on the whole successful.”

    — R. D. Laing

  2. Toddb says:

    Just in case anybody thinks propaganda is illegal, Congress made sure it is NOT, since 2012.
    Because I think this way, my entire family treats me as a nutter, especially when I indicated my displeasure at this virus fraud.
    They may not buy completely into the charade, but just in case…

    • Erika says:

      You are not a nutter. MANY of us are seeing it too- this is the REAL reason for “social distancing”.
      I have friends and aquaintances who have forbbidden me to speak about the actual facts because they get too upset.
      They don’t want to let anything like pesky individual rights get in the way of their delusion of “unity”.

      Stay strong my friend..don’t let the herd get you down.

    • Natalie says:

      When CIA was created, it was given power to change any story in the media.

  3. DarL says:

    Wow, this is great. I think I am going to print it and then frame it!

    • DarL says:

      Going to add to this, however, it is OT:
      Going over health tidbits I keep in a file. Does anyone remember back in 1987 when Tryptophan was taken off the market? Well, Tryptophan has a patent #5185157 issued to use to treat and cure EMS, the very deadly flu-like condition that promted the FDA to take tryptophan off market in 1987. Guess, what came out almost simultaneously with taking this off market….Prozac.

      People who take anti-depressants and add other Rx’s and OTC are suseptible to Serotonin Syndrome. If you have never heard of it look it up. Even adding Mucinex to your daily anti-depressant can cause this. This is too much serotonin. It can cause many flu-like symptoms and can be fatal. Many/Most doctors don’t know about it.

      the reason I bring this to attention is because many elderly are being put on anti-depressants for anxiety instead of giving them sedatives or other natural things to calm them down. I was wondering with sooo many people taking them if some of the symptoms weren’t similar to why they say people have corona virus.

      Just a thought…from someone cleaning out a drawer.

      It was used to treat EMS (Eosinophilia-myalgia Syndrome). It is a rare deadly FLU_-LIKE condition

  4. Carlis says:

    Yes! Yes! Thank you.

    I wrote to my local news station, which I must watch constantly because I am a full-time caregiver for my dad who watches. I told them I was fed up with their constant “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.’ Propaganda. They air this constantly, and then the evening CBS news says it again, and again.

    Anything repeated over and over has a hidden, hypnotic, purpose. Now I hear this propaganda on other TV stations, and in other media. It is an obvious mind control agenda, and now I understand why. You explain it very well.

    Thank you again.

    • Kevin says:

      My career is medical massage / structural intigrated alignment .
      This is coupled with nutrition.

      We had a meeting this past saturday on new government protocols to ensure ‘health safety’.

      I was obviously the black sheep. I said nothing but only observed the creatures around me.

      I’ve noticed the changes in society over the last 15 years or so, but this covid19 deal has really put the automotons in overdrive .

      I don’t know these people. I don’t WANT to know these people.
      In fact, I have no emotion to them at all.

      It’s been bad enough for me just meandering thru American society the last 10 years and I’ve been satisfied in my approach to avoiding ‘the humans’, but now it’s everywhere.

      I told a colleague of mine that I’d like to live in the deep Amazon forest of South America. He agreed.

      • trishwriter says:

        Last week, my SoCal acupuncturist told me that I need to wear a mask during treatment. Okay, so I need to cover my face and deprive myself of oxygen during a treatment to get energy flowing through my body?!? “They’re mandated in L.A.,” she told me, as if I didn’t know that, and as if that made a difference (Garcetti has deemed it; it must be so!). She told me that all acupuncturists in California are now required to deprive folks of oxygen during treatment. I only have one more appointment that I’ve paid for, and then I’m gone from these sham Rockefeller medicine voodoo doctors.

      • joseph coretti says:

        i would love to live in the amazon away from this craziness couse this whole virus thing is nothing but a scam i just can not deal whit all these stupid people anymore

      • Piksil says:

        Medical here too, RN for 35+ years. The changes in medicine in that time has been astounding. Some has been good, but some has been…??WTF?? There are a few “old school” doctors and other associated health care practioners left, but it seems that most now practice business instead of medicine. (Seems more so since the rigged financial crisis of ’08, just my observation.)
        Societal changes, yeah, especially since the ‘smart’ phone, and ‘reality’ TV…very few today seem aware of what’s going on, and are happy to just go along doing what they’re told. Some even look up once in a while. Not many. ‘Social distancing’ from them is not such a bad idea maybe. (Maybe social isolation would be a better phrase to use regarding the zombies.)
        Amazon forest sounds good, but doesn’t Bezos own that? (Just kidding!)

    • seashell says:

      Same thing here Carlis. Caregiving and an onslaught of tripe on every station.

  5. Greg C. says:

    The herd instinct is a vulnerability just begging to be exploited by clever people like Napoleon and Bernays. They had the curiosity to find out how it works, while the masses remained uninterested in such matters. People like Jon are rare – they are curious about such things, but not the bent to exploit people. Jon is like a voice crying in the wilderness, but soon many people will be driven into the wilderness as they ask, “How did this happen? How did my career or business just disappear for no apparent reason?” They will become curious.

  6. Rachel says:

    Always great work.

    I was talking to a lady at my work yesterday as she was buying lense wipes. Due to inflation, instead of the usual $10, they were now nearly $11. Although she didn’t see the bigger picture or understand the why, she noted how awful it is for the price to be increasing when so many people are out of work. The message will not work when it is completely off from one’s day to day experiences.

    I want to note a few other observations. The store I work at hired many people because of the increase in sales back in March. Nearly everyone hired has quit. While it is indeed a thankless job where you are abused by everyone from customers to employees, my need for work has been such that I will not quit. Why, when circumstances are so sure, do more people not just deal with it? I have been homeless and hungry before, and this is certainly better than that. Perhaps my standards are just too low for myself, as I do also believe people shouldn’t have to face daily abuse as well. I suppose it also shows how I see there is no together in any of this-I have to take care of myself and my husband, and I am well aware we are on our own.

  7. Neo-Paradigm says:

    Edward Bernays convinced women that smoking is chic and sophisticated. He convinced Americans that rat poison is medicine and cities and towns across the USA have been adding fluoride to drinking water ever since. The ADA and CDC are now using the 75th anniversary of this public health fiasco to rev up the propaganda machine and repeat over and over again the mantra that fluoridation is safe and effective.
    Fluoridation proves that you can convince the public of anything, even adding poison to their own drinking water.

  8. Pisces says:

    Those who are governing the governments are obsessed with controlling the world and they think they are above and more important than ‘normal’ people, they see us as “useless eaters” but their illusion of ‘power’ depends on people they think they own and their ‘power’ is decreasing because more and more people are starting to wake up and see the errors and crimes committed by some branches of the governments. Almost no one were aware of the flawed and ego-driven system few decades ago, but thanks to people like Jon Rappoport, the knowledge of fakery in the system was planted and embedded in people’s minds, because they dared to ask questions and investigate the problems of mainstream narratives, instead of blindly believe what they’re told by the status quo. There’s NO doubt that Jon influenced many, many people around the world to have a healthy mind of their own.
    Jon, thank you for what you do and that level of coherence in your work is hard to find anywhere else these days. Keep it up! 🙂

    P.S. I just found this video on YT that looks like it’s recorded in late 80’s, where you talk about the myth of HIV. Can you explain to new readers what you meant by the “mark” and give us a hint through your article or in some way?

    • MaryCK says:

      Awesome talk by Jon from the 80’s. The majority of his points sounded like he could be referring to Covid scam 2020. He talked about un-brainwashing the self from central themes that invoke terror. My guess on “the mark” which he referred to as taking the HIV test, meant that those who tested “positive” would then be obligated to take the meds out of dutiful conformity. The meds would kill them rather than the purported virus. Covid test positive and probably also negative results would set up the person to take the vaccine, which then could lead to…ruh roh. He also mentioned that chronically ill people who would eventually go on to good health have several qualities in common; they are relentless, tough-minded, independent, and trust their own thinking. Word.

  9. Kevin says:

    I find satisfaction in that I am beyond my ‘prime years’.
    I am satisfied that I lived my youth in the countryside and forested region in a far different time , with obvious better social norms , and basically better people.

    I look forward with wonder and great curiosity as to the next phase of my soul – evolution.

    The planet is changing and homo sapiens is changing , and homo sapiens is reacting .

    Homo sapiens has done a marvelous job in destruction….in a collective sense.

  10. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Masked Pod Sheeple

    Hush, hush my sweet darling
    The syringes of obedience march our way
    As those rambunctious little starlings
    Sing to the break of this spring day.
    I went to the market to get some curd
    Where once I communed with WE THE PEOPLE,
    And though I did not hear a sane word
    I smiled at those masked pod sheeple.

    And as lockdown Earth
    Rises to new levels of insanity
    The high angels did give birth
    To a more noble form of humanity,
    That hides NOT behind the masks of ignorance
    Haunted by the merchants of the viral protoplasm
    Paying its state mandated penance,
    While worshiping the new face of fascism.

    The evil enforcers of doom have spoken
    We must surrender our precious freedom
    While all our fondest dreams are broken
    By the bliss of our new ‘heroic’ serfdom.
    What a deal don’t you think?
    A world with only six feet of play
    And the people didn’t even blink
    When everything was taken away.

    What will become of officialdom’s heathen
    As time ticks on to the morrow
    And the rose has past her season
    Amid the approaching winter sorrows.
    Time to spread our wings
    And fly south for the winter
    As the winter winds howl and sting
    And all our hopes are splintered.

    For when you finally get that knock
    Do not attempt to run away
    For the new normal does mock
    Even your imagination at play.
    You must learn how to conform
    To the new rules of madness
    And dutifully mourn
    The lost blossom of our sweet sadness.

    Flee! Flee! the mortal storm
    That hungers for your pound of flesh and bone
    For Shylockdown entombs the forlorn
    By their hearths in their cozy little homes.
    Here you must live in fear and loathing
    What choice have we
    With the imminence of our viral betrothing
    In the land of the once brave and free.

    Such is life on this sweet earth
    Where mankind for eons imprisoned
    Witness to love’s bloody temporal birth
    While tending his mortal incisions.
    Time to greet reality’s brand new day
    And ride those restaurant bumper tables
    That keep the other diners away
    Mere ghosts of freedom’s once great fable.

    • zakalu says:

      “What a deal don’t you think?….
      And the people didn’t even blink
      When everything was taken away.”

  11. TkA says:

    Robot love. Fantastic description!

  12. Greg C. says:

    Bumper sticker: “We’re all in deep shit together!”

  13. Kevin says:

    There was an episode in my life spanking several years that led me to exploring evil. Not in the religious sense but in the mind of people.

    Erich Fromm and Scott Peck were highlights in my research.

    ” Modern man still is anxious and tempted to surrender his freedom to dictators of all kinds, or to lose it by transforming himself into a small cog in the machine, well fed, and well clothed, yet not a free man but an automaton.”
    — Erich Fromm

    ” The essence of totalitarian government, and perhaps the nature of every bureaucracy, is to make functionaries and mere cogs in the administrative machinery out of men, and thus to dehumanize them.”
    — Hannah Arendt

    ” Nothing is more common than the idea that we, the people living in the Western world of the twentieth century, are eminently sane. Even the fact that a great number of individuals in our midst suffer from more or less severe forms of mental illness produces little doubt with respect to the general standard of our mental health. We are sure that by introducing better methods of mental hygiene we shall improve still further the state of our mental health, and as far as individual mental disturbances are concerned, we look at them as strictly individual incidents, perhaps with some amazement that so many of these incidents should occur in a culture which is supposedly so sane.”
    — Erich Fromm

    • zakalu says:

      yes Kevin nice post. We’re bred to think what we are taught is proven fact, unquestionably true, making us imagine we are certainly ‘in the know’, when all along this taught ‘knowledge’ is detrimental deception. Imprisoned in artificial, usurped.

  14. Eluard says:

    From birth to death in this world they are whispering in our ears and now in our minds, probably, directly. Icke was right, Hicks was right, Rappoport is right. We’ve been controlled since the beginning.

    But they’re also right in saying WE have the true Power–inside us. If we’d only take the leap and believe in it, find it, access it–and Use it. We are not alone in this, both in the seen and in the unseen. We have friends and allies. Listen only to love and creativity. Don’t give up.

  15. Erika says:

    I am in Washington state…this is now personal
    It is amazing to me the harms that have been done to humanity under the rubric of “for the greater good”.

    My father was a dogooder virtue signalling “liberal” who treated his wife and kids violently and abusively while “saving” the less fortunate.

    It was very confusing to be lectured about the government’s upholding of our “freedoms” which dad supported while in action “freedom” meant whatever he allowed…and it still does..Whatever promotes HIS greater good…Dad created his own reality- gaslighting was his forte.

    You become what you work for, and he worked for the federal government.
    My father was a little blustering hamhanded fascist thug.

    It has always confused the heck out of me but i definitely see it now.
    This Particular “crisis” and all the violations of our rights have been brought in under the guise of “the greater good”…

    The governor in WA has mandated door to door testing.
    If you refuse you will be locked under house arrest in perpetuity and not able to go out for anything.

    Implicit in the allowing testing (medical rape) and vaccination (medical murder)
    is the the affirmation that the STATE owns my body..not me.

    Why would i refuse?
    Trust is earned not given blindly.
    I have no reason to trust the medical establishment which nearly killed me several times as an infant.

    In addition
    Most of the tests are wildly inaccurate and give false positives
    there could be anything on the swab..infectious agents
    they could be harvesting my DNA for a later date to plant on something implicating me in a crime.

    America’s first mistake happened in not completing the revolutionary’s second mistake happened in letting the federal government suspend constitutional amendment rights under suppose gaslight “emergencies”

    If my husband consents to be tested and tests negative, but i refuse, there is a good chance that they can remove me from my home by force and under the assumption that i am “virus positive” place me in a quarantine facility.
    IF he does not consent, we will both be locked in our homes indefinitely (by force)

    So there we go.
    I did not think i would see this in my lifetime.

  16. Natalie says:

    I avoid MSM but unfortunately I can still encounter this crap on YT even on my subs. We’re all united against invisible invaders… really? Then why do we socially distance ourselves from even our family in case they have cooties? Doesn’t seem like unity to me.

    I fully expect an alien invasion or an Antichrist televised event next, people are that dumb.

    • Lyn P says:

      These next phase psy-ops are certainly options, more frightening perhaps are the suggested real next events of mass power outage, internet outage, EMF surge, etc.

  17. Larry C says:

    ““This is an age of mass production. In the mass production of materials a broad technique has been developed and applied to their distribution. In this age, too, there must be a technique for the mass distribution of ideas.” (1928)

    Check out the date stamp of that quote – almost 100 years ago.

    Engineering Consent has been with us for a long time.

    • zakalu says:

      yes Larry C, ‘fake’ consent has been around a long time indeed, how about divine right of kings BS–long time indeed–

      Engineered consent, implied consent, tacit consent is all FRAUDULENT! INFORMED Consent is the ONLY valid form of consenting, reached through a valid true and correct meeting of the minds WITH CLEAN HANDS at arms length, where ALL intentions, terms, conditions etc are made TRANSPARENT, negotiations of which are only held after a valid offer was tendered by a transparent party! This is CRUCIAL! Why do men and women meet performances to terms and conditions to party/ies (ie; gov’t) of which are HIDDEN and UNKNOWN? There is NO CONSENSUAL AGREEMENT! There is NO COMPELLED PERFORMANCE!!

      DO NOT OBEY! Tell them NO!!! Notify Cease and desist or be instantly compelled to ALL demands of this private estate for unknown party/ies (gov’t) transgressions without privity!!!

      Does TRUTH MATTER? To comply to terms I have never truthfully negotiated, let alone agreed to, is to be without Clean Hands, regardless of coercion or intimidation. It is to be COMPROMISED in mind, body AND spirit!

      Does Truth matter in this world? Does truth matter to YOU?

      Do Not be their Glossa symbolic LEGAL PERSON, LEGAL NAME (FIRST, MIDDLE LAST ie; JOHN DOE SMITH); this is NOT YOUR NAME!! It is THEIR NAME!!! Their fraudulently created without consent of the true and correct namesake ‘fiction’ joinder to RAPE YOU!!! DO NOT show gov’t issued identification! DO NOT BE the ARTIFICIAL PERSON in their usurping SYSTEM scheme!

      Please people, act accordingly; what have you agreed to and what have you NOT?

  18. Laura says:

    Such desperately needed perspectives, Jon, thank you! Here’s hoping plenty of “on the fence” people read this and get the impetus they need to finally break free of their incessant programming.

    I have been instantly and permanently turned off and nauseated by the damned media’s “togetherness” messages from the very first one I was assaulted with on tv. Truly revolting. They’ve altered everything for this crusade of destruction they’re on, whole new ad campaigns, everything now centered around the “covid crisis.” They’re in this for the long haul. Apart and keeping quiet about what’s going on is the best “unity” there is, we’re constantly told. Join “hands” from your little snap chat square and laugh and smile as you blither “covid” confirming nonsense to each other. Get a bit weepy when you talk about the heroes, the first responders and the grocery clerks risking their lives to serve ours. ???????? “Stay safe” (controlled) is the universal greeting of today.
    To hell with their complicity!????

    On a sinking ship having had fatal leaks deliberately created by psychopaths, sure, the “herd” is going down together. So, sing Kumbaya everyone! “Isn’t it cozy?” say the vile psychopaths as they sail away on their luxury lifeboats, leaving everyone else to drown. Unless faked for publicity, they don’t isolate or wear masks & gloves or suffer in any way or get vaccines or anything else they so enjoy inflicting on all the “peasants.” Their time of reckoning will come, and how I would love to nibble on popcorn and witness that. Animal abusers too (including those now using caged animals for “covid” vaccines) will no longer be enjoying themselves by putting innocents through hell, once judgment day arrives.

    • Ann says:

      Did you see that there is a zoo in Germany where they are going to have to kill the animals because they can’t feed them anymore? That’s not getting any airplay. And I’m sure it’s not the only zoo in the same position. Rare animals they’re going to kill because the zoos are closed and not bringing in any money!! Where are all the liberals now? Why aren’t they saying anything about this? Where’s Grim Greta now?

      • Laura says:

        Hadn’t heard that, but not surprised, just very much saddened. Shows what most zoos are all about, which some of us have known all along. I’m sure their head honchos have made tons of $$$ off those animals and could well afford to feed and care for them for as long as it takes for this SHAMdemic to die out. I’d also bet those same people have promoted and given validity to the “covid crisis.” Justice to them all.

  19. Pft says:

    It seems to work very well. Today they have Total Information Awareness with internet and Social Media to measure Social Temperature instantly and adjust propaganda accordingly.

    Our Democracy which was on life support for 20 years is pretty much over except for the fat lady coming out to sing the final tune. Operation End Times going as planned. Warp speed ahead to Brave New World/1984 dystopia. Fiction is the New Reality. Hollywood must have scripted this.

    Ignorance truly is bliss. This is the common mans preferred state.

  20. Siouxma says:

    Bernays- cousin of ol’ Sig Freud- Utopian- Tavistock’s foot into the Door of America. Vax their babies into oblivion. Talmud says we can do whatever we want to the dumb Goy cows… the huge Elephant in the room.

  21. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    perhaps you know this :
    ” (…) In writing the majority opinion, Chief Justice Patience Roggensack put into the record that:

    “Rule-making exists precisely to ensure that kind of controlling, subjective judgement asserted by one unelected official, Palm, is not imposed in Wisconsin,” (…) ”

    Oligarchical centralization will be stopped by individual liberty , liberty to simply say : no .

    Pierre from Bordeaux
    (Thank you , Joaquin)

    • Laura says:

      Thanks a lot for that link; what great news, for the more conservative states anyways. I wonder if California’s Supreme Court would ever do what is only right, despite the politics here. I sent an email (contact form) linking them to that article, for whatever good that might do.

      • Rachel says:

        Oregon had the emergency rules like stay-at-home, closed businesses, etc. thrown out yesterday morning and reinstated around dinner. It seems “emergencies” are good enough to screw any laws or any sense of human dignity.

        • Laura says:

          It’s the supreme court in Oregon that’s the problem; from a Daily Mail article:

          “Oregon’s Baker County Circuit Judge Matthew Shirtcliff ruled that the social distancing directives Oregon’s governor Kate Brown had issued were not valid, in a case brought by ten churches against the ‘unconstitutional’ emergency directives.

          Judge Shirtcliff ruled that the democratic law maker, Brown, had failed to have the emergency measures approved by the state’s legislature within 28 days deeming them void.

          However after an appeal from Brown to ‘safeguard Oregonians’ the supreme court halted the ruling and reinstated the orders imposed by the governor later the same day.”

          Seems unethical political hacks make up the “supreme court” up there. You can expect that sort of thing from most of the democrat dictatorship states.

  22. Mark says:

    The country has been divided as has the world.
    The “HEALTH DENIERS” continually tell us that we cant survive unless we take “their cure”. They expect us to live under the thumb of the psychotic elite from 2 to 5 years until a cure is found…
    Half the U.S. suffers from the DTs…
    The other half suffers from Nancys (I LOSE P).
    Thanks Jon for everything you do. I hope to purchase your material as soon as the “master” in my area allows me to make a living.
    If anything this has inspired many to reignite the exercise of their rights. (Defend against any enemy foreign or domestic)
    Good luck to all.

    • Erika says:

      Good for you turning their jingoistic tendencies back on them!
      I think i will use thart if i can…turn the tables on these twits and return the favor of namecalling.

      Pretty sure i am not alone in noticing that things that pretend to be “science” are thinly veiled authoritarian political agendas.

      Like “Climate Change”
      IF you disagree you are a “climate denier”, “Science denier”
      and the most telling word that is always a red flag for me CONSENSUS (tpeople using this phrase simply don’t understand how science works)

      Then of course there is “anti-vaxxer” and “Vaccine Skeptic” and the fact touted that a “consensus of MD’s agree that vaccines are safe”
      (MDs are NOT scientists, and their income depends in part on vaccines)

      I am sure there are a host of other phrases that are used to shut down dissent, drown out thinking with shouted namecalling..

      Apparently authorities have degenerated to the tactics of the schoolyard bully where they simply call names or beat the sh*t out of you and take your stuff..

  23. BDBinc says:

    Well there is no doubt the universe is one.
    There is no doubt humanity is one.

    Its a bit like how they routinely manipulate and use a truth so no one can argue.
    Like the climate changes so they use a truth do and make it a lie to work for their agenda they just add ” man made”.
    You are one ( but we are making you afraid , disconnecting , dividing and physically separating you 2m apart ).

    To push an idea using non sequiturs like “we are going to socially distance you and tell you about your unity” .
    We are one, humanity is one and has been driven apart by fear in many people’s minds… by a collective ego( tyrannical Shadow govt)harnessed by control freaks that were( are?) about to have their non working inhuman heartless systems collapse .

  24. Elite destroyer says:

    Thanks Jon sir

  25. Rachel says:

    I am very wary tonight. All this talk of messages makes this a fitting article for my fear.

    Today, it seems to me, the narrative from the msm is changing. Today I saw a story on that the CDC has changed its stance on the virus-it seems it is no longer transmittable via surfaces, so no more need to wash your groceries.

    Then on the national Fox radio notes (I stopped listening to NPR at the start of this-finally seeing them for what they are; and at least Fox carries C2C, which is how I learned of Job), they mentioned “positive signs of an economy in recovery” because things like driving is increasing (it only takes two brain cells to know driving is up because the official lockdowns are “ending”). But then they proceed to note how last month over 10% of people ran out of food and went hungry last month (how very odd my phone wanted to suggest hunting instead of hungry), and about a quarter didn’t pay rent.

    This is a major shift, and I hope I was not the only one who noticed. But whatever this means and where ever this turns, it will not be good.

    • Rachel says:

      C2C had a legit show 5/20/20 discussing most of the realities we are facing and what is really going on-things we discuss here to save our sanity. But I have to note how disappointing it was to listen to Noory dismiss so many truths, constantly arguing as the devil’s advocate. The devil indeed is running the opposition. In the end, what caught me off guard was him ending the show with a reading of “The Tell-Tale Heart.” I wonder what that was about… Why he/someone chose that and what they were really trying to say.

    • Larry C says:

      “…so no more need to wash your groceries…”

      I use the *spin* setting on the ‘ol Maytag. ????

  26. From Elsewhere says:

    Their hold on people is weakening, their ”audience” is reduced so much so that they are now desperate. Sponsored by a few, lost for many, those representing the media are agonizing – Tv stations, newspapers, magazines, radio. People chose other sources of information, where the main source is now „peers”, either online, through social media or groups, or word of mouth, in the shops, gathering places, like NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. Thus, the lockdown, making people return forcibly to them, to Tv and „official” sources of information, rather than peers.

    Jon, thank you for your persistence, too. It is important to spread the truth, peer to peer, parents, friends, strangers in shops, parks or wherever we meet them. The truth is the weakness of propaganda. We need to repeat the truth more than they repeat their official lies.

  27. lamberth says:

    Thanks Jon, this is one of your best pieces yet, that goes to the heart of this “pandemic”.
    And this heart is not some deadly virus.
    No, the heart is the propaganda that started the whole thing and that keeps it alive.

    Kill the Propaganda.
    Kill the Fear.
    What virus?

  28. Julie MacDonald says:

    Thank you for this! What an amazing description of so much of what I have been feeling but could not articulate. The robot love is sickening.

  29. Ame says:

    As long as authentic, brave and creative journalists, like yourself, repeatedly out the demons, more of us can rise above the fake fear and find courage to determine our own actions. Is there time? I
    am not sure. Jon, thank you for helping us not feel alone and isolated during what is the worst event I can imagine.

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