COVID: Jim West expands his research on pollution (not the virus)

by Jon Rappoport

May 19, 2020

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Jim West has been doing original and groundbreaking research on the destructive effects of air pollution for more than 20 years.

In a half-sane world, he would have won many awards and honors, and received extensive funding.

Jim continues to update his huge analysis of epicenters of the “epidemic,” vis-à-vis pollution. Here are several key quotes from an overview he has just written:

“It [his analysis] reveals that COVID-19 epicenters occur only in areas of extremely high air pollution and more specifically, toxic fracked fuel exhaust. Examples are Wuhan, Milan, Madrid, the Tri-State Region (NY/NJ/CT), Louisiana, Denver, etc.”

“The incidence table is suggesting that the big pandemic trigger [not the virus] is likely a recent global change in refinery protocols for fracked fuel (fuel derived from fracked shale oil rather than from traditional crude oil). Fuels could be natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, etc….”

“Hydrogen cyanide has been suggested [as a polluting poison]. Cyanide is routinely dumped into the environment by refineries. It is generated by their converters (‘crackers’), where heavy fracked oil and traditional crude oil is converted into lighter products like gasoline and kerosene.”

“Cyanide is a highly toxic gas. The symptoms are similar, if not the same, as COVID-19 disease, i.e., respiratory symptoms and hypoxia (low oxygen), conforming with Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s clinical observations of the COVID-19 symptoms, reported on YouTube, i.e., hypoxia, shortness of breath.”

“Refineries are recently requesting that their release limits for cyanide be raised tremendously, and these requests are being granted by government agencies with little obstacle and no public awareness. This is an old scandal which has recently become much more serious.”

To access Jim West’s ongoing and detailed analysis of pollution in “COVID-19” epicenters:

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24 comments on “COVID: Jim West expands his research on pollution (not the virus)

  1. Pisces says:

    If Tesla’s work weren’t destroyed and kept from the public and IF the knowledge of how to tap into the infinite amount of energy that’s called the vacuum energy before it reaches the material world technologically IS not censored, we would be living in harmony with nature without having to pollute anything just to stupidly get the energy after it reached the material world, which is the source of so much pollution today, and to the part that you won’t like, we all support and be part of all the pollution by using their products and to make the long story short, J.P. Morgan got Tesla’s work destroyed and swept the knowledge of free energy under the rug, because these rich men would lose control all the monopolies that depend on power of any kind and they monetary system will become obsolete. Tesla’s work was destroyed just to keep the rich men who control humanity rich. Humanity isn’t free and you can’t disprove that with a polished argument.


      The essence of Tesla was his discovery that positive charge accumulates in the atmosphere and that this charge can be tapped if you have a connection to the earth, a negative charge. According to [Aaron Dover], mankind is already HARVESTING ELECTRICTY from POWER LINES– unbelievable as it may sound– using Tesla’s idea. Here’s an early plan to harvest atmospheric power [image]

      The way I interpret [Aaron Dover], and [Tesla] is that that early method of collection is theoretically possible but not as practical and industrial sized as this: [image]

      Those are, in the [Aaron Dover] analysis, not “transmission towers” as “they” tell us. Rather, they are atmospheric voltage collectors! Wow! Furthermore, “they” go to such an extent to HIDE THE TRUTH from us that they have constructed PHONY HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS, FAKE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS and FAKE COAL and GAS BURNING ELECTRIC GENERATOR PLANTS– to hide the truth about where electricity is coming from.

      There is a real world but everything “they” are telling us about how it works and how it is– is fake. Yet “they’re” hiding it in “plain sight”! All we have to do is RE INTERPRET what we’re seeing.

      We already have CLEAN power, so the question is– why are they refining the dirty cyanide-ridden fracking oil? The gasoline products created must be used only for cars and trucks, I think, not for jet airplanes, ships and power plants.

      Given we’re in the middle of this covid nonsense, I don’t want to leave before connecting the dots on that a bit. Jon’s next post– here in this blog– is about Jim West’s theory that covid deaths are from CYANIDE released from fracking-oil-refinery-pollution. It’s a neat explanation– that ties lots of loose ends together. The virus myth is a cover story for those fracking-refineries. Why do we need refineries though? If jets, ships and power plants don’t use refined-oil-product, as I suggest, then what is it used for? JUST CARS and TRUCKS? and PLASTIC PRODUCTS? If so, then we can make electric cars (here’s where covid-19 renegade Elon Musk comes in) and make most oil-based=products out of HEMP again. Who INSISTS that we use refined-oil? ROCKEFELLER? And it turns out Rockefeller Foundation is pushing vaccines. Okay, enough of that for now. Just mind-boggling.


      • Natalie says:

        What if modern cars and trucks don’t use much gas either?

        This could be the start of WWIII. At some point soon the world will start using the alternative source of energy (real or fake) thus causing collapse of oil-exporting countries (much of Middle-East plus Russia and some Asian nations). Misery usually produces a “strong leader” (typically backed by Western money) who we need to take down because of threat to global peace of prosperity. I hear they’re planning to bring production back to the US from China since everything ca automated this days and there’s no need for cheap labor anymore. So we’ll get several big regions screwed by us and the fifth column within trying to destroy what’s left of the Republic. Maybe I’m too paranoid but they’ve been pretty open about one world government, money and religion, and the only way to do it is convince the people the current system of nation doesn’t work by some sort of calamity (it could be something else like famine or the real pandemic).

    • Anna-Susanna says:

      And who are the rich men? The Goldman-Saxes, Warburgs, Abramovitchs etc.

  2. Jim S Smith says:

    How interesting!

    I was not aware of the increases in allowances for the releases of Cyanide! I learned extensively about Cyanide gases while receiving my NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical)-defense training in the military. We classed it as a “blood toxin”, because it binds up the Hemoglobin – causing it to be unable to absorb Oxygen. When this happens, the resulting Hypoxia may also give way to a condition called Cyanosis (this is where the skin of the victim turns something of a bluish color, usually most noticeable in the color of the lips, around the eyes, etc).

    This is also how “Cyanide” became the name of this class of substances: “The resulting coloration of the affected areas”.

    Another note about Cyanide gases:

    Our Chem-Bio Protective masks were equipped with activated charcoal filters to try to filter out these and other noxious substances. When they were exposed to Cyanides, we had to change out the filters as soon as they were brought to us, because Cyanide gases saturate the charcoal filters, and render them no longer usable!

    So THIS article, and the drawn conclusions make absolute sense, where it comes to this sham “COVID” pandemic!

    I hope my little bit of info helps others understand what’s going on too. My old NBC-training is slowly coming back to me.

    Would like to hear from some other vets who have also received NBC-defense training on this subject, too! This current situation is where we can shine.

  3. Ed says:

    Quick and sad update from Spain. We’re enjoying good weather here, but just when some people were beginning to relax and realize they could leave the house without a mask and not die, you guessed it: wearing a mask will be mandatory in 24 hours.

    Just a week ago the government said this law would be really complicated to pass… but here it is, just three pages of nonsense without any solid reason.

    My old relatives are terribly afraid of breaking any law (Franco’s 40 year old dictatorship is still fresh in their minds), and it’s difficult for them to breathe this way. This law is really sadistic: in the sun, 35 degrees Celsius, humidity in the 80% or so… go figure. They do not even specify WHAT KIND OF MASK (?!), so you wear a scarf around your mouth and be a “good citizen”, which is what whey require from you: just blind compliance.

    You mention Madrid in your article, I live right by the sea (outskirts of Barcelona). The air is clean and fresh these days, it does not make any sense to torture people this way. Whatever they say, forced vaccination will be next, no doubt.

    Thanks again, Jon. I’ll go take a walk and enjoy my last day of “freedom” here: I did not have a mask until now, but being surrounded by faceless zombies will be a hard pill to swallow for me.

      Maybe the next step there is to research cyanide gas detectors similar to how they detect natural gas leaks in neighbourhoods serviced by that. Maybe the govn’t is expecting a cyanide gas release from a refinery downwind from you. Possibly looks at wind-patterns and weather forecasts for wind, vis-a-vis refineries and Jim West’s list of countries that refine fracked oil.

    • Natalie says:

      Our state requires “facial coverings”. Now what religion often pushes facial coverings on its members, particularly women? Also masks are symbols of secret societies (see Eyes Wide Shut). It’s all a ritual, like the all-seeing eye they push everywhere.

  4. Jean Wilson says:

    This site gives wonderful graphics and heaps of information on the weather each day. Check out the “air quality” graphic in each country.;96;2&l=pm25

      This is one of the best weather maps I’ve ever seen. The drop down menu for pollutants includes Carbon Monoxide, dust, Ozone, and more but— but not Hydrogen Cyanide. I suspect that if they have airborne ships that can moniter all those in realtime as seen, that they ALSO monitor cyanide without showing non-paying viewers like us. I’ll see if I can email them and “upgrade” my viewing status to get cyanide… and see what they say.

      I don’t have google earth but anyone who uses that can likely find refineries all over the world. Hard to say if it’s off-the-shelf by now or if we have to go hunt for them by ourselves. Might be a worthwhile project for someone more in that groove than me. Just a thought. Combine the fracking refinery locations, given by Jim West, as pointed to by Jon Rappoport, and then look at prevailing wind patterns. By now all this could be done by high school students– but they cancelled all classes and even before cancellation, made them do common core rather than independent-teacher-guided-learning. Maybe no hope in younger people… not sure yet. I’m “up in years” so I have limited everything now– have to be careful what I put energy and time into.

  5. Piksil says:

    Great article Jon!

    Guess the stage really is set for “Plandemic II, the Sequel”. (With states re-opening, a FEW businesses restarting, and summertime drawing near, energy demands will increase, resulting in more toxic belching by both industry and consumers.) Perfect environment for growing a virus….

      As I noted above, I think our next step would be to measure cyanide gas in the air with a gas detector. The virus is supposed to be mitigated with warmer weather so I don’t see how how “they” can claim the virus is going to be responsible for a summer resurgence. I’m hearing more about an autumn resurgence.

      Every country has environment agencies that can be surveyed for cyanide-in-the-air measurements so we can work along with Jim West on his theory and actually Jon Rappoport’s original idea that pollution was at the heart of this covid crisis. I still think 5G might be doing it too, as Jim West agrees on that point, but with 5G as a co-factor in the cyanide poisoning.

      • Piksil says:

        Autumn makes sense, there’s maybe a surplus of refined fracked product at this time.

        Agree with 5G as a co-factor. Very interesting article.
        My phone shows 5G now, even inside the house, which is recent (since the plandemic). Not sure when it was installed or converted to 5G, as I’ve had limited travels since the first week of January.

  6. Mein Dingus says:

    Excellent cause-effect proposition here. Take a look at the Wuhan skyline, would you breathe that air (an live)? Add another co-factor to the equation – souped up virus , hydrogen cyanide, and 5G – explains Italian troubles if you view the Jim West expose. People are dying from what can be confirmed to be a multifaceted attack.

  7. trishwriter says:

    Thank you, Jon, for spreading some light in this dark world. I appreciate the work of Jim West, and your writing about it. I looked his work up on the Internet, but could only find what you’ve written, at least on the first page of results. I think that’s called a clue.

  8. michael burns says:

    Deep Inside the Wild World of China’s Fracking Boom

  9. Madness says:

    I have just one problem with this theory. Unless it was deliberately dumped in New York, by the time these hypoxia cases appeared New York was under lockdown what means a very lowered level of gas as no traffic or hardly any.

    5G is much more a possible culprit and these days there is a big silence about it. And not even just the 5G, in Germany 4G LTE killed many birds. Hypoxia caused by frequencies – long before 5G – was documented.

  10. JohnQPublic says:

    This is the third link to air pollution to the COVID1984 virus.

    An article by Stephanie Seneff proposes the infections and deaths are related to the use of aerosolized glyphosate used on GMO corn to make biodiesel. See the article here:

    A doctor, Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD, proposes that the COVID19(84) virus is really a passenger virus on the mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is a cause of 1.5 to 1.7 million deaths worldwide every year. Read it here:

    • Piksil says:

      Thanks for the Jennifer Margulis link. Dr. Seneff makes a compelling presentation. I have been following her work for some time now, and a white paper from her and Anthony Samsel is supposed to be out ‘shortly’. (It’s supposed to really expose glyphosate as a huge co-factor in most modern disease conditions. Anthony Samsel was privy to glyphosate pre-approval studies, which were sort of swept under the rug.)
      Glyphosate may be one of the few things more destructive than this covid plandemic!

  11. Low Voltage says:

    The only problem I have with this story that some of the world’s richest and most powerful people live in NYC. I find it hard to believe that they would tolerate such pollution in their precious lungs. I understand that the pollution congregates in a two or three burrows, but it’s the air: It blows around.

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