Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity

by Jon Rappoport

April 23, 2020

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“Where are the kids?”

“They went out for a walk.”

“Call the drone patrol.”

Night in the city. Empty streets. A few masked pod people, wearing holstered spray bottles of disinfectants, wander subway platforms looking for the monster COVID…

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume a unique and new virus, COVID-19, was actually discovered.

I don’t agree it was, but let’s take a quick jaunt into the fun house with the CDC/WHO loons, whose logic went the way of the dodo bird many moons ago. They eat the fear they provoke. That’s all they’ve got.

How about an obvious strategy: make people immune as quickly as possible. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no self-isolation. Expose everyone to the virus.

Naturally. Not via a vaccine.

In the old days, parents would hold parties for their children at the house of a child who had developed measles. Let the kiddies get the red spots and be done with it. Make them immune. Of course, this accrued zero profit to pharma. Therefore, the idea had to be discredited, and abandoned as too dangerous. Must have a vaccine.

Ah, but COVID-19 is another story, right. It’s deadly.


Read my previous articles on Italy, for example. Their National Institute of Health, reviewing patient records carefully, determined that the overwhelming percentage of people dying who “had the virus,” weren’t dying FROM the virus, but from prior serious medical conditions. Their average age? 79.5. This is called a clue.

If you take the conventional medical view—again, entering their world for a minute—epidemics reach a peak and then burn out and disappear. Unless you actually sustain them by keeping people away from the virus. Unless you keep them at a distance from each other.

Of course, if you really want to support complete medical insanity, you would declare national lockdowns every year when the flu arrives. In a recent typical year, Italy reports about five million cases of the flu. So isolate everyone and shut down the nation. Ditto for many other countries.

Bring the whole planet to a halt.

And at those brief periods when you’d want to open up civilization, you could switch your attention to, say, pneumonia, another universal disease, and claim it prevented you from letting people out of their houses. In which case, keep the planet locked down, force everyone to live at home forever, and ultimately kill off the whole population.

This brings us to the matter of the human immune system and the trillions to the trillionth power of viruses that roam and inhabit Earth. The immune system does quite well, on its own. If it didn’t, we’d all be dead, many times over.

Pharma’s strategy is: reject the natural immune system. Demand toxic vaccines to match every possible germ. Rig case numbers to make it appear the germs are winning, along every front. Saturate media with stories about medical conditions and train people to fear disease.

Pharma claims: there are many people whose immune systems are weak, and we must protect them by vaccinating everyone. Newsflash: a person with a weakened immune system is going to become sick, no matter how physicians intervene to prevent it. The names of germs don’t matter. The only answer is, try to strengthen weak immunity in natural, non-medical ways. Because, if you don’t, these people WILL become ill. Among the MANY reasons? Toxic medical treatments, for instance, will definitely make them ill. Do a little research on your own. Public health agencies, and even vaccine manufacturers, in their literature, admit that a contraindication for vaccination, is: weakened immune system. But this fact doesn’t stop them from vaccinating millions of people in Third World countries who are already immunocompromised to the edge of a cliff.

That’s another clue. It tells you something about the “humanity” of drug companies.

People in modern societies have a strange attitude about death. I would call it a selective attitude. On the one hand, they watch untold numbers of TV shows—both fact and fiction—that involve death. They know people die. They register mild reactions. But on the other hand, when public health agents broadcast three sentences about a virus and death, these same people fold up. They salute. They fall to their knees and plead for help. You could tell them that, according to the CDC, somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 people in the US die every year from the flu, and you could keep repeating that over and over until you’re blue in the face, and you’d get zero response. Nothing. But if a media flack for the CDC goes on television and says 50 people in China have died from a new virus, these no-reaction people would stop what they’re doing and go shop for extra water and flamethrowers. It’s magic. Bad magic. To use a highly technical term, it’s bullshit.

After a very large protest against the lockdowns in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the other day, a public health expert predicted a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, because the crowd ignored social distancing. I, on the other hand, predict a rise in the amount of crapola science and preposterous computer modeling.

“The kids went outside when we told them not to. What do we do?”

“We were going to let them out after three weeks. Let’s make it a month. That’ll teach them a lesson.”

“Good. Where can we publish our decision?”

“I suggest the New England Journal. I’m sure they’ll be interested, if we dress up the language.”

“A new computer model?”

“You bet.”

“Where will we find it?”

“You’re kidding, right? I have six on my laptop. For all occasions. Give me a minute. I’ll find the most frightening one.”

“Has the sun gone down yet? Can I climb out of my coffin? Can I change into my tuxedo and cape?”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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92 comments on “Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity

  1. From Elsewhere says:

    We know pharma pays luxurious “conferences” and direct commissions for many doctors prescribing the drugs and vaccines to people. Media is mostly silent about this, so are the authorities. Protests are rarely covered by the media. Here comes the leak of 25,000 emails and messages of WHO, institutions and foundations involved in the plot. It gets more and more interesting… We need to get back our freedom.

    • Philbert Desanex says:

      watch the latest Corbett Report video, the original source reporting this so-called leak of WHO documents has got a dubious history and this might be a form of ‘limited hang-out’ or ‘defamation-by-association’

      • Lyndsey peel says:

        you read my mind was just thinking i haven’t perused the corbett report narrative during this entire plandemic.

        thats today’s activities covered!

  2. butch says:

    There was a time I felt we were turning the corner towards a more informed society. Boy was I wrong!!! I have ZERO faith in the US population who with an incredible access to information instead relish in the parroting of morons and idiots and willfully comply with the insanity. Given whats soon to come, you are better off staying inside. Masked zombies fearful of everything….good luck!!!

    • Erika says:

      I know..what i am seeing with the people in the stores is close to INSANITY. They believe everything they hear on TV about this SHAMDEMIC.

      It has taken over 100 years of forced indoctrination in the public schools to make Americans into a servile, gullible puppets who trust their government (ludicrous) to have their best interests at heart.

      It makes me want to cry

      • I don’t believe that the mask wearers believe what they’re hearing on TV anymore. It started to look, to me, as though the mask wearers are part of what-we-could-call-the-left-wing-cult… I.e. They’ve “agreed” to do what they’re being told to do by their de-factor leaders in media, entertainment and other venues– to achieve a certain end– the overturn of the free market system in favor of something like OAC’s green world with no going-back-to-work and basic-minimum-income-for-all.

        Most of them a knowingly participating in a giant Saul Alinsky type of rules-for-radicals-coup-of-action-and-zero-reasonable-discussion-no-matter-what… inspired originally by Obama and his “change” banner a few years ago.

        I think they know that they’re using the excuse of a pandemic to get what they want politically. They believe they have to destroy the current situation to get their new situation. I think they believe they’re leading us to a new fairer-social-order-out-of-chaos.

        • lamberth says:

          It’s probably a bit of both.
          My experience is the same as what Erika described. Most people just blindly believe and then follow what they’re told.
          I usually try to start a conversation with a mask wearer often in a shop, just to elicit a response. It’s made it clear that they behave the way they do, because that is how they’re told to behave.

          They follow The Pied Piper, like children.
          As said before, it’s cattle herding at its best.
          Mind Control at its best.

          • Tim says:

            I’m amazed that everyone I know has fallen for this hoax, the TV presenters talk with absolute certainty about it being real and everyone believes them. I am enjoying watching newspapers in Australia go broke because their ad revenue have evaporated because of their incessant fear-driven and uncritical reporting. But what bothers me is I can’t talk about it to anyone I know and I can’t believe how brainwashed people that I had respected for their intelligence have become. It’s almost a case of what do they know that I don’t!! Why have they brought it into this hoax while I haven’t? Their minds are so made up and convinced that it is real, nothing will change their opinions. It doesn’t bode well for our future as a free society here in Australia, the powers must be amazed at how easily they have been able to control the masses. They’ve even shut down Anzac Day here tomorrow, ultimate insult to our diggers and the organisation representing them, the RSL, has folded under the pressure to protect all the old soldiers, of course. First time since the end of World War II there will be no Anzac Day service. Instead we’re all to march to the end of our driveways like good little sheeple and pay our respects at 6am tomorrow.

      • A Little Help says:

        It doesn’t have to affect you this way. If you knew that you could live a life enjoying exactly what you want when you want it, would you really still feel this way? Know that they are living out what they have invited into their experience. And you are living out what you have invited into yours. AAlow others to create in teh way they want. And you will have the focus faith to create what you want.

        • NC says:

          No one has “control” over their conditioning…like everything that has ever happened. According to the sages, the only real choice “we” (body-mind character) can make is to turn attention to the truth of being within, or to turn outwards to the world. There is the subject of destiny or karma also which can prevent one fro “having what you want when you want it” to take into account. Manifesting mind desires may seem to work at times and at other times not, because there are many variables operating over which there is no control…

      • elga konietzny says:

        Erika, me too, i see and cry, and being shunt, by my friends,,,,i just cannot bend my head, to insanity dressed
        in darkness.

    • Plamen says:

      Informed society is an oxymoron. Information overload silences the innate truth inside.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      Medical tattoos, tracking by chips and computers, forced medical treatments and experimenting with diagnoses….where is the outrage in the Jewish community of discourse? When will their energy and minds wake up? As a classical musician I had many Jewish friends and colleagues from the war… they would have jumped on this Gates character years ago….and his old man, too.

      • Sissi says:

        Yes, but some people I know in Australia say: “Well, I’ve got nothing to hide”. It makes me want to scream.

    • olrailbird says:

      Willful ignorance.

      The ordinary person does not want to know the truth. Knowing truth implies accepting responsibility for his situation and he would rather blame others.

  3. Pisces says:

    “…according to the CDC, somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 people in the US die every year from the flu…”. Even the number of 40,000 people that die every year labeled as flu deaths is questionable, because the cause of death could be something completely different from the flu and of course there are no statistics that show how many of these people who ‘died from the flu’ were vaccinated and how many of them are on medication and so on, because the treatments can actually kill people and are more dangerous than the flu itself and that’s a fact. I’m sure you already know thimerosal (mercury based preservative) is highly neurotoxic, whether it’s in the form of ethyl or methylmercury, and it’s one of many toxic ingredients that are in the flu shot and the reason why it is so toxic to the body is when the vaccine is injected directly into the blood stream, bypassing the body’s filtration system, the ingredients that are supposed to be flushed out from the body flows inside unfiltered and toxify everything, especially the organs, nervous system and blood vessels throughout the whole body, you already know that.. but, did you know that mercury, especially in the form of “colloidal mercury” can actually melt your brain? This could be the reason why and how vaccines cause autism and other serious damages, even death. Watch this clip to see how dangerous mercury is to biological beings. Mercury melts your brain:

    • Erika says:

      NON PANDEMIC Year 2017, APRIL
      the death rate from all causes PER DAY WAS 8600.

      they are lumping in all deaths into wuhan virus deaths. (i am calling it the WUHAN virus- because “Covid 19” is the name the pathological liars at the WHO gave it)

      Let’s take that as a ROUGH BASELINE

      8600 x (30+31+23) = 722,400.

      In other words normal death rate from all causes without the Shamdemic would be 722,400 people from all causes.

      • Pisces says:

        I agree. That’s what they do. They fabricate the causes of deaths and deceptively relate them to the numbers of deaths to make claims that people are dying from “new disease-causing virus” and make statistics out of the fantasy they made to make people feel that this “infectious, deadly virus” is real, even though that it has never been proven in the first place. So-called “covid-19” is just a theory.

    • marlene says:

      40,000 is the number they use because it’s apparently the magic number to get people to take the “flu” vaccine, which doesn’t cure the flu because no vaccine can. So I agree with you completely about the ingredients and damage vaccines cause because there’s no reason for them, other than Gates’ money and depopulation.

      • Pisces says:

        I also agree with you that vaccines can’t cure the flu. Injecting toxic substances, shocking and forcing the immune system to deal with these disgusting vaccine ingredients that don’t belong in the body won’t promote health and can never cure any diseases, because they’ll destroy the cells, DNA and bacteria etc. inside the body when injected, including gut bacteria that’s keeping your immune system healthy, and damage the kidneys etc. etc.. Vaccines are not immunizations as they’re called by the medical “experts”. The idea of vaccination is to expose the body to toxins in order to strengthen the immune system. I get the idea and we can get immunized to the natural occuring toxins by letting our immune system do its work.. but, injecting highly toxic substances directly into the blood stream is a completely different story. Vaccination is an outright attack on the body and one of the most biggest crimes against humanity, in my opinion.

    • Tim says:

      In Australia aged care homes are locked down. But when the lockdown ends only people who have had a flu jab will be able to visit their relatives at aged care homes. It’s outrageous that we are being emotionally blackmailed to get a jab if we want to visit our relatives.

      • Sissi says:

        Tim, I heard that a few weeks ago from a Naturopath, she is pissed off because her husband had bad side effects from the shot years ago, and now risks his own health if he wants to see his mum again. In Germany, Dr Schoening and others have formed a group, and they demand an investigation, and a total stop to all measures. Aerzte-fuer-Aufklaerung. Medical professionals and scientists in Australia should do the same, and help the public against this evil that is happening right now. It is evil, through and through. I wish I was some kind of medical professional, I would start something like that, but as just a normal citizen, I can’t even convince my neighbours.

  4. From Quebec says:

    If trump only knew what you and other brilliant and honest medical reporters knew, this hoak would HAVE BEING dead on arival







    • Erika says:

      Most “medical specialists” are mathematical illiterates and also cannot deploy logic at all. These are the people coming up with models built on false assumptions, flawed reasoning,etc

      I was watching local Seattlen newscast about revising the estimates (from their insane modles) again, and the people responsible for the modelling looked and spoke like they were affirmative action “diversity” hires.
      I wouldn’t trust these people with water balloons let alone real mathematics.

      Here is a video just for you:

      real reason for the Plandemic..

      • Jim S Smith says:

        It’s called “Social-Promotion” in the schools.

        Never mind the SAT, GMAT scores! We “gotta help the under-represented, no matter what”.

        “We reap, what we sow.”

        – Jim S.

  5. Dani says:

    Please…. let’s talk about what herd immunity IS.

    And let’s question everything, while we are at it. Germ theory, for one thing. It’s not actually the truth.

    We can shift from that into talking about terrain theory, which is the truth.

    But at this moment, I want to talk about herd immunity. We, the human population, are a sort of organism (the “body of humanity”) and the insanity of social distancing actually is another way in which man is interfering in the immune system of this body of humanity. Again, yes we have individual immune systems (some are stronger than others) — but we also have the immune system of the herd (all of us — or, where we go as one, we will all go).

    They are artificially separating our parts! They are dividing us! This is interfering in our herd immunity.

    Visualize, if you will, an army going into battle, with people on the front lines or tip of the spear — they get hardest hit. And the ones behind are protected. The ones at home hear about what is happening, and mount a strong defense and support.

    Viruses are not actually what we have been told. They are packets of information which we pass from person to person, throughout the “herd.” From the people on the front lines who come into contact with this invisible enemy first. The information is passed (and we do not even really understand what this IS…. so think of this as a metaphor please) — and the information is received and acted upon, by our individual immune systems. We go on alert, and we fire things up, and we are ready for the invisible enemy, and we know what to do.

    Herd immunity is information that is shared among the body of humanity — either as a whole, or in small, interdependent groupings such as a village, a county, a country.

    All of this is instinctive, on a level beneath our conscious awareness. But you know it is true…. there is a lot of information which passes between people in this way. Isit telepathy? Something like that. Why is it, do you think, that something like obesity is “contagious?” Ideas are contagious. Information is contagious, whether truthful or not. Can we be more aware of the process, as it is happening, to take more control of it and not be manipulated by people who do not have our best interests at heart?

    My question is: do we have to be in proximity to each other, in order to exchange this information? Or is it possible to exchange it in some other way, from a distance?

    All my instincts are telling me, that we need to be interacting in physical proximity with each other for very good reasons of health, and that this masking up and keeping far apart from each other is doing other types of damage that we don’t even realize.

    Microbes are not really understood. All of us are made of microbes. This is part of our biome, and don’t even get me started on how vaccines are false immunity and destroy our innate immune systems….. which are superior, as designed by our Creator.

    I would love for people to realize this, and stop being so scared.

    • Plamen says:

      The whole concept of immunity does not make sense. There is no fight between your system and microbes. We’re all one. See it as a dance. You go this way and the rest follows, you go the other and they follow too.

      Nothing is the prey of death. All is the prey of life.

      • Well now that goes a bit too far. Immunity occurs within the body as a form of ridding the body of toxins as I understand Germ theory denialism– otherwise known as polymorphic theory by Bechamp or German immune theory.

        The microbes are part of the immune system. Therein is the lie: Viruses are helpers, not killers. People get flu during flu season as part of a natural response in populations to seasonal changes in the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Might as well ditch the whole body of knowledge called Biology 101!

        THAT is the most inane, unscientific assessment I have ever read!

        AND, Science was not only my best subject throughout my school years, but also a life-long love and passion of mine. – I guess, by YOUR view, it was all a huge waste of time (and learning) ? ? ?

        • Plamen says:

          What you call “an immune system” is in fact different levels of toleration of toxins.

          If the level is high (false labeled as low immunity) it is because of lack of strength to resist.

          When it does resist, it has the energy to institute defensive action: vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea, fever, or any crisis of cleansing and healing.

          If tolerance for tobacco were never established, there would be no tobacco users. The same for alcohol, opium, arsenic, and other poisons. The repeated use of a poison gradually overcomes or decreases vital resistance (low immunity).

          Vaccines do not train the immune system they simply increase the toleration of toxins.

          • Plamen says:

            When you say the immune system fights pathogens, it is simply a projection of the mind.

            There is no a fight/conflict inside the body, it works through adaptation.

            The body is a very peaceful entity, it tries to avoid friction whenever possible.

  6. David Hyskell says:

    I was at the store talking to the clerk asking about what she thinks of reopening the economy. She exploded at me about how she knows people who work in hospitals and that people are “Dying every day!!!” and the kicker: “If we can just save 1 life by all of us staying at home, it’s worth it.”

    “You can go on making money the rest of your life after this thing passes.”

    I just nodded and accepted it, then asked her if she thinks the economy will open up soon. She seemed confident that it would. Just wanted to share an interaction from the ground. Thank you for everything you do Jon. My Dad and I get your newsletter and read every day, then spread them around to friends and family. We have encountered a lot of resistance to anyone deterring from the official narrative of CV19.

    • Greg C. says:

      Should have told her to stay home and not drive to work. If everyone stopped driving, there would be no traffic fatalities. If we can save just one life …

      • Jim S Smith says:

        And that’s how “the system” controllers want us to live: In constant fear of the “maybe’s, and what-if’s”.

      • Kate says:

        Exactly. The “if we can just save one life” is the latest virtue signaling propaganda tag line.

        Stop driving. Stop flying. Stop procreating.

        • James says:

          Close the abortion centers! Stop taking drugs with “side effects” that are potentially disabling or lethal, demand that fluoride be taken out of the water supplies, that chem-trails stop, etc, etc, etc! At least we know those things are real and deadly.

    • Erika says:

      I was at the hardware store trying to pick up some $200 of necessary supplies and got frustrated enough that i left the cart in the store loaded with things and walked out.

      Loaded up the cart and was searching for a few more items when i went down an aisle..a big line of people i negotiated around waiting for checkout, to get to the end so i could go down the next aisle(containing the cleaning product i was trying to get)..Unbeknownst to me they had blocked off the aisle and i could not turn in that direction: big banner reading “closed cleaning for covid 19”..

      So i turned in the other direction thinking i would go down another aisle..nope
      also blocked off -“cleaning for covid 19”

      They had me completely blocked in..(the other guy blocked in did not have a cart and simply jumped the barrier)

      So rather than renegotiate the line of people waiting, and making them move out of my way..i left the cart with goods in it right there.

      I was gobsmacked at how stupid this whole thing is. These people “cleaning” is going to do absolutely NOTHING..IT IS ALL SHOW.
      (having worked in sterile technique i know this)

      The checkout clerk at the other store i went to FULLY BOUGHT INTO THE PROPAGANDA..i told her i thought it was overblown and she asserted that it was very dangerous, you i just nodded my head and let it go.

      Sorry if that is too much info..but it truly is insane..this is a media driven panic; definitely a WAGE THE DOG scenario.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        The whole pandemic is a proven and admitted HOAX.

        Yet, try to show people the incontrovertible evidence, and they still would rather “believe” in the lie!

        The people, it seems, WANT to believe it is all true, no matter HOW MUCH proof from official sources you try to show them.

        “Nah, nah, nah, I’m not listening, nah, nah, nah, I’m not hearing you, nah, nah, nah, . . .”

        Jon has written extensively about this mass-Psychosis! Must have had some experience in Human Psychology 101? ? ?

        – Jim S.

      • CynthEmm says:

        Today, at a store I rarely frequent, all of the aisles were marked one way on the ground…you have to go back and forth down each aisle ONE WAY (so you don’t breathe on someone as you pass by apparently or some other nonsense) I didn’t notice this because I went in for only one thing so I made a beeline for that section of the store…halfway down the aisle an old woman loudly scolded and glared at me from behind her mask “you’re going the wrong way!” I mumbled a quick “sorry”…

        I wish I had said “what? Your mask doesn’t work unless I’m wearing one too?!

  7. Low Voltage says:

    “assume a unique and new virus, COVID-19” I made the same mistake. A virus alarmist corrected me on Twitter. COVID-19 is the disease. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus.

    One of my neighbors is a pod person. She wouldn’t visit my elderly mother for weeks out of fear of transmitting a virus she wasn’t sick from. Yesterday, she finally broke down, and they ran some errands together. I doubt the pod people can last much longer in isolation. This isn’t natural.

    If this is a cover for starting a new war, they better get it started ASAP.

    • Rtp says:

      If it is the pretext for starting a new war, can all of us people who think germ theory/vaccinations are nonsense stay out of it and let the morons kill each other?

  8. Sunshine says:

    Medical tyranny is evil. Look at all of the medical practices through time just to get an idea of the evils foisted up us. Consider blood letting. This was a common practice since just about the beginning of time. It stopped, or lost popularity, around the time hospital blood banks were established. In a way, blood letting and collection never stopped. In the Middle Ages royalty (whoever ruled villages back then) would administer this treatment, collecting the blood in glass jars. Now we collect it in blood banks. I often wonder what the blood was used for it the past? Why wasn’t it just thrown away? The logic was blood had somehow gone bad and needed to be drained out. Why then collect it? Now blood is considered good and can be used for transfusions. This flip happened sometime in the early 1900s.

    Now we are supposed to social distance, but it’s ok to risk your health and the health of your granny by going out to give blood.

    Recently a well known artist (well known in elite art / actor / political / tech / p o d e s t a circles) promoted a m i c r o s o f t product. The artist is known for hosting creepy elite rituals involving human blood. The promotional video has since been removed due to backlash from a more informed audience. it was only online for a couple of days before removed. Why choose this woman to be a spokesperson for that tech company? What’s the deal with blood rituals? What is really going on?

  9. Steiner says:

    If ritualistic tactics are being used to transform society one must inspect and analyze what the greatest weakness of the ritual is and how it would fail and become obvious to all participants. As the indoctrinated participant dons a mask, separates them self from the world, and kills their former mundane spirit, an opportunity can exist to interrupt the transcending to the new self and cancel all paths. As the old world has been destroyed, the path forward to the new self can be obliterated and seen as a mirage in the desert. There is no water there. The vacuum that is created can create the rebirth of the individual. A question can be asked and answered in one breadth. There is no spoon.

    Perhaps groups of people will dress up in pixie costumes and rush to grocery stores, grabbing a masked individual, holding them, ripping off their mask, and hugging them. Letting them scream out how they are going to be killed, going to get the WuWu Death Virus, somebody help, until they ultimately break down in tears and cry. As their old spirit is lowered in a casket while their new world fetus dies in the womb. After the crying and death of all spirits, the ritual participant will get a daisy. A symbol of spring and regrowth. A new self is born.

    Dear former ritual participant, you just lost your place in the 6 foot spacing, wait here/shelter inline, checkout line at the booger shielded cash register. What are you going to do now?

  10. za ka lu says:

    Jon wrote,
    ‘After a very large protest against the lockdowns in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the other day, a public health expert predicted a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, because the crowd ignored social distancing.

    Correct, ‘they’ control the narrative, just like with everything else, finance, politics, history… Can and do make any assertion come true by simply more fake data’—

    “Did going outside and protest spike the case numbers, ah why yes just like ‘we’ thought? Look, here is the ‘proof’! See? The latest ‘numbers’ prove it.”

    Everything we are told by ‘authorities’, not just about a virus but literally everything, is deceitful. Grains of fact absconded/distorted/corrupted in a sea of falsities.


    New Order out of created chaos.

    End Compliance Now. Severe all participation. Realize there is no joinder between ‘them’ and our private estate.

    Trust in what is trustworthy, natural order.

  11. JB says:

    Good job, Jon, as always.

    What’s sad is the fear that some people have. For example, there is this sports conspiracy blog that I read called Super Fraud. Right now, the author seems to think that he won’t reach 2021, and that this virus is worse than people think (he thinks that they are under-reporting the deaths related to the virus):

    Superfraud: We’re Six Weeks in, and It’s Increasingly Evident We’re Wile E. Coyote

  12. Moshe Sopher says:


    1. Social distancing with facial masking is a psychological ploy to disrupt social bonding by warping the innate instinct of the apex social animal – the human being.

    2.Social distancing, using the ruse of a “life threatening contagion” supported by fake news, scare mongering, medical martial law and arbitrary arrests and incarceration, creates suspicion, distrust and fear, and as a result humane feelings and human relationships get destroyed (by social distancing) using a fake virus as the weapon.

    3.Covid19 is wholly a psychological weapon created by the Globalists to capture power, to bring humanity to its knees and to gleefully preside over a broken socioeconomic world structure that will never ever be the same again even if curfew is largely or partially lifted.

    4.The damage to the collective human psyche has been done and humans no longer resemble social animals but a bunch of quivering creatures each aloof from the others and deliberately cut off from all economic and recreational activities to doubly damage the psychoemotional apparatus.

    5. The fabricated crisis is psychological at root and the solution is psychological.

    6. I am eagerly awaiting the moment when the mental perversion of the planners of this scam abates for them to recover some lost sanity and to free a beleaguered humanity.

    7. The abnormal brain waves of the elites that’ve peaked are bound to subside sooner or later making them relent and back off some distance..until the next rise in their abnormal brain patterns that’ll make them bare their fangs again…on-off, on-off, on-off..

    8. This oscillation of mental states from abnormal to less abnormal and back…ad infinitum…is common to all people but is far more pronounced in those with unnatural brain circuitry as it is the case with the Globalists and their lackeys.

    9. There’s light at the end of a dark tunnel..until the world is forced into another dark tunnel..

    10. I seriously hope the Globalists and their puppets disappear for good or are eliminated soon by patriots.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Looks like a fair observation.

      I have been psycho-analyzing the whole process, and its intended effects upon the human psychology.

      The whole point of this social-conditioning, serves many intended purposes, but the main effect – is the “feeling of isolation” that occurs or is experienced by the individual.

      This is how you break down human societies, so that they may be remolded or “refashioned”, and brought into the “global citizen” matrix. – Very much the same basic process in “programming the individual” to become a “Manchurian Candidate”: By breaking down the individual’s “personality” (harshly, I may say), and then rebuilding that individual into one or several fabricated personalities which the “programmer” can craft into anything he/she wants.

      See Dr. Ewen Cameron, and about his “experiments” in the early MK-ULTRA projects (funded by the CIA).

      Same basic idea!

      – Jim S.

  13. D says:

    I posted this in yesterday’s article but feel it’s so important I’m going to post again. Sorry and Thank you…

    Hey guys, if you haven’t heard about the book Virus Mania it is a game changer. It goes into the history of viruses and a little about the germ theory of disease. Here’s a pdf link to the book that you can also buy online…

    That website is great in general to study the history of all the diseases, viruses and the germ theory of disease.

    I also highly recommend Dr. Kaufman’s videos on YouTube about his opinion on viruses and the germ theory of disease as well as Dawn Lester and David Parker. Dawn Lester and David Parker studied the history of all this stuff and wrote a book titled What Really Makes You ILL.

    Please help spread this truth!!! Peace and Love y’all!!!

    • John C Smith says:

      As I clicked on that first hyperlink was hoping the PDF was back. No such luck. It was there a month or so ago when I decided after many years that I would get the book anyway. It arrived down under from Aussie 26 March the first day of our lock down in NZ. I doubt John Scudamore the owner of whale would have taken it down. Thence to the website in both Deutsch and English of one of the German authors Torsten Engelbrecht where parts of the book used to be available including the table of contents. Now just that 404 message.
      On the Deutsch version there is now a “Corona Fake News – Nein Danke” message which thus far is not on the English version. So there appears to be some hacking going on.
      On Monday (UK time)UK Column contributor the canny Scot David Scott late in the programme introduced the book as well as Peter Duesberg’s expose’ on the HIV/Aids racket. That is also exposed in Virus Mania first published 2007 and just as relevant and more so now.

  14. Robert says:

    Thank you, for Your service Jon.

    Another writer, living in the magical kingdom of NY State.


  15. bob klinck says:

    Mass hysteria is a real phenomenon against which conscious individuals will always be on guard. There is no rationality in a collective.

  16. eyeswideopen says:

    thanks for all that you share Jon. I’m not spending much online time researching as the manipulation is so overt and my attempts to wake people up are generally attacked. proof that many don’t want to analyze and are trapped in their basic fear needs as you coverd brilliantly or programmed fear beliefs.also the people commenting on your blog consistently offer new insights and new places to look (when i choose to do so). I take all with a pinch of salt though,I don’t think I will ever be able to embrace the people who believe POTUS is a saviour of sorts. That to me is a flawed way of thinking. To my eyes and ears he is clearly another puppet,is highly questionable on so many points and a need to seek a solution shouldn’t make you ignore the man is a fool and a open bigot. attaching to him just because he throws out mind control trigger word soundbites when it suits him should be questioned imho. You are offered 2 equally poor choices at an election for a mind control reason. would you like a kick in the bollocks or the teeth ? – neither thanks. love and light to all in their individual journeys on how to get through the time we are in

  17. Exhibit 1: “Bishop Stephen Cottrell heeded that we must not go back to normal once this is all over: “normal has not served us terribly well – normal has been killing the planet, normal has meant most of us were working far too many hours, making far too many unnecessary journeys.”

    Source: ‘God will bring some good out of the horror’ soon-to-be Archbishop of York on coronavirus.

    Ask yourself. Why would a supposed “man of God” make such a statement ?

    Exhibit 2: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong,

    Source: FATHER Of The 2°C Climate Target Admits Number Is Fabricated : ‘Two degrees is not a magical limit; it’s clearly a political goal’.

    If you doubt that the Strong ever said this then this quote does have a paper trail. I traced the source cited by Wikiquote to Google Books and recovered these two pages …

    Read more:

  18. Erika says:

    I am increasingly dismayed by the authoritarian tone of the medical moppets..most of whom have a very loose grasp of reasoning and are mathematically illiterate..i know i have worked research at research facilities and the experience led me to have no respect for the medical field…(as a hard scientist i find it chocking)

    Here is the thing to remember. Science, real science- is not done by consensus.
    REAL science does not give a damn about the letters after your name,your degrees, how many panels you have served on or institutions you have headed up, or how many papers you have written..etc

    It does not matter how AUTHORITATIVE one is on the subject.

    If one repeatedly fails to deploy sound reasoning, produce actual evidence (rater than numbers from models based on shaky illogical assumptions),and sound mathematics; then one’s opinions are worthless…and should be dismissed out of hand.

    Further, the more one has engaged in the above, the less one’s pronouncements should be given credence.

    • carlito says:

      Agreed whole heartily Erika! Take for example Oncologists. “Doctors” who study their entire lives and then prescribe radiation or Chemo for cancer patients who will most likely die a horrible death and be poisoned by their numbskull so called doctors. What they really need is an alkaline diet of raw vegetables,some baking soda and cleansing coffee enemas. That cancer is merely an overgrowth of fungus feasting on their acidic, junk and sugar filled bodies. Madness. But that’s the medical system for you. Just a bunch of idiots who think they know it all. Textboot learned robots. That Hippocratic oath is the zenith of hypocrisy! I don’t believe in Germ theory. Why would God make humanity burdened by germs? Does not pass the smell test. Virus Smirus. When I see people wearing masks, I see Sheeple.

  19. Eluard says:

    Thanks Jon, for keeping at this. You’ve got lots of fans out here who appreciate your relentlessness with this whole “thing.” Your humor helps a lot too.

    I was in an arboretum yesterday, beautiful trees and flowers bursting all around. At least half the people there wearing masks. I challenged a few — “Take off your masks and smell the flowers.” A few of those listened to my encouragement. I think I saw the flowers shaking their little heads.

  20. Low Voltage says:

    I tried for over a decade to convince friends and acquaintances that 9/11 was an inside job. Then I tried to explain the idiocy of global warming. I don’t have the enthusiasm to fight much longer on this one. I might as well be explaining to cows that they should be eating grass rather than the soy pellets their owner is feeding them.

  21. Anabel says:

    From what I have researched I do not think there is ” COVID19″ allegedly corona was known as the the common cold virus and then there was the talk of SARS-corona that spread the whole world in 2002.
    Can’t use a common cold virus to shut down the world had to give it a scarier name.Its a brand.
    Corona… oh the virus thought to be associated with the common cold.Terrifying.
    Social distancing burys us 6ft from each other.
    But on a positive note we are all in fact much closer than things appear in the mirror .
    And we are co creators so lets put out lots of our essence; knowing, love and being.No fear just courage and the possibility of people waking up to who they are.
    The reset can go the other way.

  22. Alba says:

    Could they be keeping us apart to calibrate us in some way?

  23. Jim S Smith says:


    Jon, shining bright as ever!

    Just wish folks like Mike Adams of “Natural Health News” would finally get a grip on this. For someone who calls himself “The Health Ranger”, he sure seems to know (or acknowledge) absolutely NOTHING about the Natural Immunity we all benefit from, each and every day. – I very rarely get so sick that I can not function for even s few days. I was always told to “suck it up and drive on”, and that’s what I always did.

    If you take proper care of your body (and your Mind and Spirit), there really is NO REASON to live a life filled with dread and fear. Our bodies are the most intelligent “systems” ever devised, and the most-adaptable to whatever surroundings we may find ourselves in.

    Still pressing on with the petition at:

    I humbly ask that everyone who really cherishes Freedom, Liberty, and the principle of Self-Governance – Please add your signature to the petition. – I would LOVE to see it reach close to a million signatures, if likely. – THAT would be the greatest feast for the eyes I could ever imagine so!

    – Jim S.

  24. Laura says:

    Loved reading every bit of this, Jon. Puts this whole evil charade and all of its producers, directors, cast and stupefied audience in their place…only they’re likely far too busy dealing with their asinine rules to notice.

    I’m a social distancer by nature, but THIS going on now is absolutely ridiculous! It’s all a giant SCAM to the worst and most evil degree, right up there with the animal vivisection as medical science sham.

    Science (err, pseudoscience) has become a religion largely due to the “animal sacrifice” habit that began in the Dark Ages. Never mind all of the horrible misinformation leading to serious harm and deaths, never mind the pure evil of it all…it is “SCIENCE!” The human quest for knowledge is sacred! And a quest needn’t be based in ethics or truth, now, must it?

    So on we go, with Gates and Fauci as co-Popes (or whatever) leading humanity on its grotesque path into a world of absurd, extreme germ phobia and an ever-so-caring medical dictatorship that will forevermore heroically soothe all of our cootie terrors with lots & lots of magical shots, and much more! In their lunatic dreams anyways.

    They can shove every last one of their Chinese swabs, needles, syringes, toxic cocktails, immunity cards, microchips, etc., etc., up their nether regions while they’re serving eternity in The Nether Region.

  25. lamberth says:

    (pseudo) Science & Technology is the new World Religion, the new priest class.

    Its feet to be kissed, wiped and worshiped without question.

    Where the human is trivialized as a weak, vulnerable, powerless creature that is in constant need of medical intervention to keep itself healthy and alive.

    Where the human is treated as a completely separate species from Mother Nature herself. That Mother Nature is out there to get us, to hurt us.

    Where we now even have to fear our own brothers & sisters, for they may “infect” us.

    It’s all upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out.

  26. Mos Craciun says:

    Insanity of social distancing — insane, indeed . But what about insanity of the so called ” antibody studies re. corona ” ?

  27. Jim S Smith says:


    On Brighteon:

    This whole situation, to include the proposed “vaccines” against this illusive “God-Gene”, seems right out of a surreal science fiction flick!

    Please watch!

    I have heard “rumblings” of this nature in the past several years, but HERE IT IS: Being discussed and “sold” to our government agencies (like the Pentagon in this example in the video).

    Where does it end? ? ?

    Sounds to me more like a “drug” to shut down any instance of the expression of “Free Will”, and any clear-headed thinking that these control-freaks deem as “dangerous”!

    – Jim S.

    • Natalie says:

      Good find. A few years ago I came across the text by Rudolph Steiner which had a following quote:

      “The time will come –and it may not be far off –when quite different tendencies will come up at a congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. ‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or asoul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and –you can be quite sure of it –a medicine will be found for this. . . . The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view,’ people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and spirit.“. . . the heirs of modern materialism will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy,’ that is, make its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic physicians will be asked to drive the souls out of humanity.”

      I thought it was far-fetched (and I didn’t know much about the vaccines then) but now it seems he was right on the money.

  28. A Little Help says:

    Nothing can harm you, unless you invite it into your thought. Pollution isn’t what causes disease. People are getting sick because they are thinking of sickness.

    What you give your thought to is what you WILL receive. There can be no other outcome. Thoughts are extrememly powerful attractors. The day before yesterday, when I thought of someone leaving an encouraging and complementary comment, I got one. When I thought of someone leaving a negative comment, I received one just yesterday. When I found a mess in my kitchen, I put my thoughts onto good things, plans and images and textures and sounds that pleased me greatly. And this morning the mess was gone.

    A higher dimension of thought is what you are. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY. You are the creator. There is no other one higher than you.

  29. A Little Help says:

    If a parrot can do this, do you really believe that you cannot?

  30. Vânea Mello Amaral says:

    Hi Jon and their followers!!

    I’m brasilian and always follow your Blog.

    The Brazilian philosopher, resident of Virginia-USA,Olavo de Carvalho, said the following:

    “This campaign to “protect us from the pandemic” is the largest and most sordid crime ever committed against the entire human species”.

    Excuse me for my english.

  31. lamberth says:

    The following dictate by our fascist overlords will signal to the world that the COVID-19 hoax is officially over.

    Everyone – meaning the global population – is required to go onto their balconies, front yards, whatever in as large as groups as possible.
    Then – on command – hug each other on-mass, the more the merrier.
    Anyone not in the hug fest is required to applaud and cheer the huggers.
    The global MSM will cover the event wall-to-wall, praising the victory of The System over The Virus. How the lock-down of our freedoms and quivering in fear in our bubbles saved us from oblivion.

    You know I’m right, it’s coming.
    We’ll go from social-distancing-on-command to a hug-fest-on-command.

    Fast forward to 2022.
    And then COUGHID-21 came around.
    Guess what comes next?

  32. David Hyskell says:

    My Dad wrote a letter this morning about CV19, I’d like to share it with all of you:

    I woke up today noticing that I was kind of down and not feeling all that well, that I was kind of depressed, and I asked myself what was causing this. Everything seemed to be going OK, I thought to myself. I seemed to have what I need, there wasn’t anything hanging over my head, any impending situation that I was being forced to deal with, my family members seemed to be OK, you know, the usual sort of things we worry about, did I pay that bill, was there enough money to take care of things, was the car OK, that sort of thing. Then it hit me.

    I was waking up and finding myself in a world that was surrounded by a cloud of darkness. A cloud that was hanging over everyone. People were walking around in a daze, people were afraid. It wasn’t a virus, it wasn’t a disease. It was a mental disease. Sure, we know that some people get sick with flu or pneumonia, and some of them even die, that this is an unfortunate reality that we must deal with.

    But it hit me that as I walk around in my daily life, such as going shopping, without a mask on, without wearing gloves, not sanitizing the handle of my shopping cart, that I in fact may be providing a service. Instead of being an object of derision or being perceived of as being callously indifferent to the safety of others, that I was instead offering my healthy body and healthy immune system in the service of mitigating the effects of the countless “germs” that might travel from person to person, or from person to shopping cart handle, back to person, and so on, by processing the various pathogens and causing them to mutate into less harmful forms.

    But we see people all around us suffering from a sort of mass delusion, like they did after 9/11. A mass delusion that is so entrenched, that you cannot challenge it with common sense without being accused of being a traitor or something. After 9/11, you could not offer any skepticism about how the facts of the official story didn’t seem to add up. You couldn’t go out on Friday night at the football game and stand in front of everyone and loudly announce that something was wrong with the story we were being told, that our response to it in the way of revenge and killing somehow was immoral. You would be roundly dealt with if you dared to do that.

    We feel so helpless, watching the world change around us and feeling that we are not able to do anything about it. Life has changed for everyone. And if offends me that a small group of master manipulators can pull off a few tricks and cause all this to happen in order to further an agenda, and watch as We the Sheeple buy into it, drinking the KoolAid so easily, even after we have realized that lies have been told before, by the very same people in positions of leadership, or the talking heads on TV, lies like Saddam Hussein having nukes, lies that have been exposed before, still yet we believe them now so quickly without any resistance.

    FDR said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Still yet, here we go again. Punch my ticket for this wild roller coaster ride, even with it’s dull dark overtones. Here we go again.


  33. Brad says:

    Yes I can remember as a kid girls having chicken pox parties to gain immunity protecting them and the baby(ies) they might carry later in life from the devastation this disease can cause in the first trimester of a pregnancy. How much this is true I have no idea but the practice did take place.

    Myself I had all the usual childhood illnesses, measles(2), chicken pox, mumps and the flu(2) and numerous colds. As an adult I have only had colds usually brought home by my kids attending school or off others with school age children. There’s nothing like a bad cold to make you appreciate your health. I have not had a cold in just about a decade now….touch wood.

    This current non event as a disease has been ramped up at the command of the pyramid cap to their minions in the world corporatocracy, nations being controlled corporations. The reason is for cover and distraction of the people while the fast track implementation of sustainable development/Technocray is begun. Their are two power groups in this world, the pyramid cap as predators using psychological warfare to real warfare and the people who on the very rare occasion band together and establish new rules of conduct to protect themselves from the predator class.

    This time if the predators manage to aggregate more centralized control under current and coming technologies the people may not be able to unite as an opposition and may forever become an under class preyed upon for any desire of the predators. In fact the whole human experiment may pass away as eugenics, trans humanism and scientism erase any connection with our natural beginnings in nature. A humanity without conscience other than self serving reasoning. moral relativity it is called, with no affinity to natural law as the natural behavioral check on current human actions that manifest as the world we live which gives impetus to the people to band together.

  34. Liz says:

    I’ve slowly buried viral theory. It’s liberating, actually. (Except when surrounded by television extras from hospital dramas and westerns.)

    If “The Flu” or “Coronaviruses” or “Non-specific cold viruses” can all be swept up into a positive Covid19 test, other conditions leading to excretion through the skin may also have similarities that are reduced to tests for “Measles” or the various “Herpes,” including “Chickenpox.” In other words, what if the similarities captured are involved in the messaging of the excretion pathway? For example, if we were to test someone with poison ivy rash for measles or chickenpox, would similar “viruses” be detected? We know that debilitating shingles has skyrocketed since the chickenpox vaccine was started. What if a good bout of any skin-affecting “virus reaction” in childhood primes that excretory pathway for efficiency? And what if the chickenpox vaccine interferes with that pathway, leading to disturbances in the force under the skin which cannot be dealt with normally?

    Another question for doomsday virologists: How can capturing “Covid19” in its present form for a vaccine help next year (playing along here for the point), if the corporate understanding of flu viruses has it that they are constantly mutating? For the record, I suspect the whole mutation business has been another bit of lipstick on the contagious pig when anomalies overwhelm corporate science.

    And for THAT matter, how long have they been using the same damned cell lines for most of the childhood mandated vaccines? Do they never “mutate?” Virologists talk about “wild” vs “vaccine” strains in polio, etc.: why bother with the one if the other is circulating? Good Jeebus, I don’t know how anyone keeps a straight face.

  35. David says:

    First, thank you Jon for your blog and reports. In all honesty, it’s the only thing that’s kept me sane during this time. Having an alternative to the norm you here daily on the news is comforting. In all honesty, I’m not sure what to believe. Your blogs make sense. The thing that throws me is by shutting down, the economy is a disaster so what could possibly be the advantage of them doing this and it not being true. Let’s take New York as an example. There are so many deaths that they are actually digging huge graves. This is not normal. This does not happen in so called normal times so why is it happening now if there is no real virus killing so many? I’m not looking to be “attacked” here, I’m simply trying to look at this from every angle. Trust me, I want to believe this is all BS BUT …

    • Sandman says:

      Uhh, maybe they are not ”actually digging mass graves” for dead bodies, but for public consumption?

  36. Anthony Zappia says:

    Jon, after reading this I’ve decided you are a treasure. The last line of your post left me in stitches.

  37. E. Vasseur says:

    I’ve read it was discovered from ancient frabric fragments humans back then not washing or never changing the few clothing they had wore the equivalent of antibactereal armour so saturated with filt was there outfits and skin.

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