Crackdown lockdown downtown: fiddling case numbers while Rome burns

by Jon Rappoport

April 22, 2020

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In today’s episode of CDC/WHO holds the world hostage and builds a new wing on its mystical temple of lying science, while trance-induced billions stare at their TV sets for the latest fabrications, we begin here—

Author Michael Fumento sets off an explosion in his recent article on the failure of epidemic models: “’The … crisis we face is unparalleled in modern times,’ said the World Health Organization’s assistant director, while its director general proclaimed it ‘likely the greatest peacetime challenge that the United Nations and its agencies have ever faced.’ This was based on a CDC computer model projection predicting as many as 1.4 million deaths from just two countries.”

“So when did they say this about COVID-19? Trick question: It was actually about the Ebola virus in Liberia and Sierra Leone five years ago, and the ultimate death toll was under 8,000.”


Well, look, the CDC and WHO have to stay in business, right? They can’t allow a fallow period of no pandemics. They HAVE TO predict dire consequences. Otherwise, some people might start questioning their budgets. It’s a fight for bureaucratic survival, and if millions or billions of people have to lose their jobs and income and freedom in the process, so be it.

Here is a key paragraph from the CDC’s latest brain-twisting definition of a COVID case. As you’ll see, it allows the counting of cases where no confirmatory diagnostic test has been done on a patient at all. Have to inflate those numbers, right? How else can an agency justify its existence?

“As of April 14, 2020, CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths…A confirmed case or death is defined by meeting confirmatory laboratory evidence for COVID-19. A probable case or death is defined by i) meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19; or ii) meeting presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence; or iii) meeting vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID19.”

If you spend too long trying to decipher the meaning of every phrase and term in that definition, you might find yourself in the labyrinth of a psych ward. But it IS obvious that a COVID case without a confirming diagnostic test is being welcomed on board. “Sure, why not, join the party.”

Meanwhile, out front, on television, and quietly in the Oval Office, petty bureaucrat, numbers massager, and interim president of the United States of Crackdown Lockdown, Anthony Fauci, can switch case numbers up and down and sideways. He can shovel it high and deep to his heart’s content. All in all, his job is keeping the public health gravy train moving, while covering the caboose (ass) of that train.

Fauci, New England Journal of Medicine, February 28, 2020, “Navigating the Uncharted”:

“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)…”

In case there is any doubt, those “pandemic influenza seasons” of 1957 and 1968 did NOT result in any lockdowns. People went outdoors. They mingled. They sat in stadiums. They went to their jobs.

Fauci, March 30, 2020, Reason Magazine: “Jake Tapper asked Fauci how many COVID-19 cases the United States can expect to see, ‘To be honest with you, we don’t really have any firm idea,’ Fauci said. ‘There are things called models. And when someone creates a model, they put in various assumptions. And the model is only as good and as accurate as your assumptions…Looking at what we’re seeing now,’ Fauci said, ‘we’re going to have millions of cases’ in the United States, and it is reasonable to expect ‘between 100,000 and 200,000’ deaths. But he cautioned that ‘I just don’t think that we really need to make a projection, when it’s such a moving target, that you can so easily be wrong and mislead people.’ Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House’s COVID-19 task force, yesterday cited similar but somewhat less alarming estimates, saying ‘between 80,000 and 160,000, maybe even potentially 200,000 people,’ could be killed by COVID-19 in the United States.”

Uh huh. Right. Sure. Bad flu season. Really bad flu season. Millions of cases. Between 80,000 and 200,000 thousand dead in the US. Depends on the definition of a COVID case and how jacked up the numbers are. Depends on which computer model and projection is used.

Depends on whether the talking heads decide it’s a day for tough love or just plain tough. Either way, some version of fiction is going to run like sewer water out of their mouths.

It’s Christmas and birthday and Thanksgiving all rolled into one for the CDC and WHO. They’ve finally gotten what they wanted, all through the parade of AIDS, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu, Zika, and the terrorist smallpox scare:


And as I’ve said from the beginning, the key moment was the Chinese Regime locking down 50 million people overnight. That was the signal and the model and the “breakthrough.” “They did it, so we can do it, too.”

All hype, all theater, all the time.






The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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93 comments on “Crackdown lockdown downtown: fiddling case numbers while Rome burns

  1. Eluard says:

    “If you spend too long trying to decipher the meaning of every phrase and term in that definition, you might find yourself in the labyrinth of a psych ward.”

    And that’s exactly how they want it. They create a language that no one can really deciper — because it actually means nothing and there’s no substance behind it. These Archon messengers have been giving us these non-life words and images for hundreds of years. How do we make our brothers and sisters see–what they don’t want to see. Just keep pulling the bandaid off, sometimes gently, sometimes suddenly!!

  2. Brett Morgen says:

    Another outstanding article, Jon, you are knocking it out the park every day.

    God Bless you. Yourself and Owen Benjamin of all people are the only 2 people on the planet that is actually calling out this hoax. It’s sad that my whole family is so spiritually dead that they have to wear satan masks to leave the house but I’ve comes to terms with the fact that I’ve already buried them. Same with my brothers and sisters, they strap masks to their kids faces and engage in this humiliation ritual.

    Keep up the good work Jon, you are truly one of saviors of humanity.

    • Eluard says:

      No, there are many others–David Icke in a major way, Max Igan, Jason Goodman, Dana Ashile, just to name a few… I don’t like Owen Benjamin, always got a really negative vibe from the guy, but if you get value from him, okay. See David Icke’s London Real inteview. It’s wonderful:

      • Anabel says:

        No David Icke is a fear mongering misinformer .
        Anyone who disempowers you, trys to incite violence or makes you feel afraid or feeds you half truths with lies is a propagandist.

        • Eluard says:

          I didn’t hear any of that stuff at all. Listen to the last 40 minutes of that interview and tell me, is he inciting fear or urging courage? Is he promoting violence or telling people NOT to acquiesce when they put up 5G everywhere or try to mandate vaccines and months long lockdowns? I hear him trying to wake and shake people out of slumber. Not acquiescing can be done in myriad Non-violent manners.

        • Ben says:

          What? His website is packed with info relevant to this and he is even offering a free week to access a massive data source. I fear for his life but he has been at this for 30 years. He worked at the BBC as a sports presenter before pursuing this and as a kid I remember watching him. I can only thank him for his work and for being so brave and acting as an example. These are going to become very hard times and if you think violence is not going to feature in this power grab then you are living in lala land.

          • deep says:

            I’m aware of Icke’s work. I was reading his books back before it was cool lol. However, the problem is he does half-assed research and throws the bad in with genuine, without citation or evidence, and upon scholarly cross reference many of his claims don’t hold water. That said, yes I do agree he is dong a good job covering the corona hoax. If it weren’t for the hoards of NeoNazi’s that flock to him now that he has joined the bandwagon attacks on ‘Israel’, maybe people would take him more seriously.

            See, the more one goes on about ‘The Rothschilds’ the less respect I have these days. What hard evidence is there that these people are involved in practically everything? Which Rothschild? The only ones ever specifically named are those that lived in the 1800’s – are they still alive then? Is there any documentation showing they are involved in much today?

            I mean especially after the Panama Papers leaked, you’d expect to find their names all over the place, but nope, nada.

            Is it more likely that the largest commercial hub (Israel) of the entire northern hemisphere, that was first a BRITISH providence(Icke conveniently ignores that fact) in the early 1900’s, just decided to take over the world, or is it more likely that they’re being used as a satellite for the existing powers to keep their petro dollar and trade routes? This is common sense. But it’s not to most.

            Much of what gets parroted in the conspiracy world is black propaganda dreamed up by their own governments so that people take their eyes off the obvious conspirators. I.e. their own traitorous officials.

            Who enforces the plutocracy? Who is a revolving door between corporation and civil office? Who has enforced the medical mafia? Who’s State chartered schools and universities push this junk science? Who makes contracts with media to push their propaganda? Who gives monopoly (or looks the other way) to tech and utility companies? The government.

            And yes, I agree there are a few major powers at the top of the pyramid, but the system was BUILT for them. The feudal system never went away, they just made it slightly less obvious and threw a few crumbs.

            However the whole thing isn’t the work of just a handful of shady conspirators; it was build top down, just like this, from day one, with people’s blessing.

            Especially in England & America, where from the East Indian Company in the former to Native American land seizures in the latter, the corruption has been ongoing since the formation of the nations.

            I’m talking robbing, poisoning, rigging markets (look up Gould’s gold market rigging lol), murder, land grabs, the selling of snake-oils, utter corruption, blending of public and private moneys, exclusive contracts, railroad monopoly sanctioned by government, bribes, payouts, etc; all with who’s blessing? You guessed it: The government.

            These corporations have the protections of the various constitutions, statutes, and other positive laws. Why? Because it was built that way.

            The thing is, we’ve entered into a more obvious, technology based criminal enterprise known as ‘government’. Where the plutocrats ran out of natives to rob, so they now eat their own, because we’re no really longer useful.

            If you want to get familiar with the true history of the States, with actual documented evidence in the form of court cases, government committees, statutes, etc, start here:

    • Plamen says:

      I observe children now they are really bemused by their parent unreasonable request to keep a distance or even worse wear a mask. Young children instinctively know what is wrong or right. Sadly after they go through the brain mincing machine called education, they will lose their abilities.

      • Robert says:

        Well said. The entire system is be renovated, like an old house, comfortable, but no work needed. Everyone who can think critically can see the long-term, down the vacant lane: it’s been psychodrama, and will end up, psychotic. We must focus on helping and teaching children. Even if parents are lost in the words of the state, we can see sunlight in the meadow–walk towards it. Over and over, we hear: “go to your room.” But now, it’s the adults in the corner with the dunce cap.

        • Eluard says:

          Love that last line, Robert. “Teach your parents Well.”

          • Pete says:

            Did you listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young as well?
            Lord have mercy, showing you age?
            Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”
            If they told you, you would cry.

      • Lena says:

        Small children know instinctively. I agree. Today my 2y old kid was trying to get down a sign that tells you can’t sit on the grass in the park. I didn’t stop him, my little rebel. Hey, he’s right. What to do when you are not allowed to play in the playgarden.

    • Robert says:

      Agreed, Rappoport is a major voice of the People, and Owen Benjamin, but please add: David Icke, Miles Mathis, as well as Henry Makow, Michael Hoffman to the list.

    • Yves says:

      Sad but don’t bury them. Give them the good explanations, again and again. I agree with you about the Jon’s great good work. Best regards, Yves

    • Terry says:

      May I be facetious for a moment: If he is hitting it out of the park; the game is being played before no fans!!

  3. Piksil says:

    Dr Andrew Kaufman, MD, video posted 4/21/20 to YouTube, titled “Evidence that Viruses Cause Disease or The Rooster in the River of Rats”
    He didn’t go through the CDC verbiage, but has analyzed the published papers (and their reference papers), and concludes that the papers show or prove nothing. During his presentation he even says the papers should be censured.
    Of course, we knew this already, that this is all a hoax. But, here’s an MD pointing the proverbial finger at medical research rumor mongering.

  4. Brian M. Stanton says:

    Models are the 21st Century version of crystal balls, and they are about as accurate. Some professor at some small university may have a near perfect US Covid-19 Case/Death projection model hanging in his office. Next year when they reopen the school and he shows this model to his colleagues he will be hailed as a genius. He will publish papers, perhaps a book and a signing tour. NBC news will interview him. He may even go on the lecture circuit. And when the next virus comes around he will be trotted out as an expert. He will be asked his opinion but this time he will be completely wrong. Why! Because even a stopped clock is right twice a day. He got lucky. He threw the right dart at the right dartboard. The human desire for safety and security must not be allowed to crush our need for freedom. Remember, most “experts” are really propaganda experts. Their real area of expertise is making you Think they are experts. They are bureaucrats, consultants and hired guns. No better than the people who used to wear the pointed hats and wave their hands over crystal balls.

    • Sam says:

      A relative gave a definition of “expert”: An “ex” is a has-been, and a “spurt/spert” is a drip under pressure.

      Many “experts” out there in the big, bad world, yet some of them don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

    • Mike Place says:


    • A Little Help says:

      Your discontent seems to come from the fact that you are faced with so many rules to choose from. Physical man often limits himself tp that which he can find in books. Rather than look through the words of others, look inside yourself

      What you need will not found outside of you. It comes from within you.

  5. Hélios says:

    Hello everyone. I just watched a video about Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. Was it predictive programming ?

    “2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony a Ritual for the COVID-19 Media Spellcraft & 5G”

    • Wow, I just sat through that entire video– and recommend it to others… about 15 minutes. I would have to say that this ends the Olympics… because for the Olympic Committee to have allow this to be their opening signifies their involvement and take-over.

      Back in 2012, I was still playing piano nightly at Golden Buddha Restaurant in Phoenix and during my breaks, I recall seeing this on the big screen TV behind the bar wondering “what in the world is this?… “. Well, now I know.

    • Robert Peyton Dodds (Bob) says:

      The 2012 Olympic ceremony corona part starts with the announced narrative of commemorating their PHS. Then it does seem to go off into targeting children with airborne pathogen, very strange stuff for a PHS commemorative.

  6. Hélios says:

    Another one : “White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic Take Off the Masks It’s not what it seems!!”

  7. The Watchman says:

    Good article, Jon. Linked as usual @

  8. The Watchman says:

    Also the new propaganda is already out – THE SECOND WAVE WILL BE MUCH WORSE!!!!!! I guess the first wave fatalities haven’t lived up to expectations; so we need a second wave to keep everyone in line.

    • Piksil says:

      It’s advertising for the vaccine–‘the only “cure”‘!.

      I bet there will be properly socially distanced lines, as long as the lines for toilet paper, to get infected. I mean injected. With ‘the cure’.

    • Piksil says:

      And as Jon has written (more than once) especially regarding the 2009 H1N1 hoax, and the numbers weren’t there: “tell a bigger lie”.
      So it will be worse. Hopefully, just in their numbers…

  9. Neo-Paradigm says:

    According to CDC, the 1968 flu pandemic killed 1 million people worldwide and 100 million in the US. Everyone went about their business. The world didn’t stop.

  10. Jim S Smith says:

    Created petition on

    Please sign, and spread the word!

    For God, and Nation,

    – Jim S.

  11. From Quebec says:

    The wake-up call.

    Americans AND PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD could do more BY mobilizING people, TO get THE message out THAT THEY WILL NOT OBEY THE LOCKDOWN AND THE TYRANY OF THE the World Health Organization


    • Mark says:

      Protests all around the world.
      Encouraging as a start.
      Let’s see if “The Donald” will step up and remove Fauci and show us he is part of our legion.

      P.S. You asked in yesterdays post if I remembered when he was called the Comeback Kid? I do. 6th time is the charm.
      I also remember how he used “imminent domain” to steal land for his casinos.That was a character revealing move on his part.

    • Tom says:

      The people have the power. Unfortunately, the sane people are now few and the insane-scared-shitless-by-the-media-because-they-read-only-the-mass-media people are now many. It is now the people against the people. The lie has gone rounds and rounds around the world and the truth is only getting out of bed.

  12. From Quebec says:

    ‘The people will not allow you guys to do this for very long’
    Kelen McBreen | – APRIL 22, 2020

  13. From Quebec says:

    Watch: Mother Arrested At Playground, Bundy & Neighbors Protest Outside Arresting Officer’s Home
    Viral footage of an Idaho mother being arrested at a public playground sparked protests outside the arresting officer’s home with outspoken patriot Ammon Bundy leading the bunch.

    Sara Walton Brady, a mother of two, was arrested by Meridian police on Tuesday after she violated the city’s ban against using playground equipment by taking her children to a local public park where other families were also gathered.

    When asked to leave the park for “trespassing,” Sara protested, argued she wasn’t trespassing and was arrested.

    As the officer walked Brady to his patrol car, the woman behind the camera can be heard yelling, “Her kids are here! Her kids are here? What is going to happen? Who’s got her kids?”

    Sara’s children were allegedly left at the park when she was apprehended.

    A second video shows the mother being escorted to a police vehicle as other parents gathered at the park voiced their opposition to the arrest.

    “As a person, does this make sense to you? As a person — not as a police officer, as a person — does this make sense to YOU?” one woman asked.

    Another woman pointed out that the arresting officers didn’t have any masks or gloves on and were physically touching her.

    The footage went viral online and sparked an impromptu protest outside the Meridian City Hall hours later.

    Watch footage of the protest below:

    After Sara was released from jail, she attended the City Hall rally and spoke to the people.

    “I didn’t wake up today thinking I’m taking my kids to the park to get arrested, but when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!” she told the crowd. “We have a duty to stand up to the tyranny or we’re gonna lose out Republic.”


    • Jim S Smith says:

      I live within eight miles of there, but no car to get me there.

      The IDAHO FREEDOM FOUNDATION was supposed to get me contact info with the others.

      . . . STILL WAITING! . . .

      • A Little Help says:

        You needn’t wait for your freedom. You already have it within you and around you, in front of you, and behind you. You lived before you came into this manifestation, you will live after you leave it, and NOW while you are in it.

        You are free now, you just don’t believe you are.

        • Jim S Smith says:


          I know you believe you are trying to help, but I have this and myself handled.

          Thank you anyway.

          Plus, being of the Heart and Soul of a Dragon, Freedom I willingly fight for, because THAT is what one must do, not just “have faith”.

          – Jim S.

      • Eluard says:

        Don’t wait for Freedom to arrive, Jim 😉

        Hitch a ride!

  14. Jim S Smith says:

    Quotes from:

    Speaking to the officers and the citizens gathered outside the home, Bundy declared, “The people will not allow you guys to do this for very long. You will not go into parks and arrest people. You will not go into parks and arrest mothers, or you will not go anywhere and arrest us for exercing(sic) our rights.”

    “We will not set by idle while you guys arrest people in parks, or in churches or in their places of work,” he continued. “We will not allow that to happen. It cannot happen. We will not go back to where we came from in this country. We will not go back to that and that’s what is happening here, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.”


    “We” have already allowed far too much to happen in this nation of ours! It’s time to put an abrupt STOP to all this nonsense! “Talk” gets us nowhere!

    OMG! WHAT has happened to the people of this nation? ? ?

    Is the psyop THAT damned successful?

    Now, it’s looking like we “may” have conditional relief, but not for long. The globalists are ramping things up, as we speak, for a “second wave”. (In other words, MORE BS coming our way!)

    Our Nation is on its death-bed, dying of the cancer of authoritarianism, while the people are paying attention to the plastic flowers instead!

    Plus, more of these “milquetoast patriots” not putting up any real struggle, thinking that “words” will win the day! HOW PATHETIC! ! !

    And Alex and company, STILL focusing on “China”.

    China is ONLY a cog in the “machine”, folks! It’s another distraction, on top of another distraction! ! !

    • DC73 says:

      Jim, please stop calling people idiots. If you’ve got a plan of action that you want to enact, go for it. But sitting behind your computer/phone chastising everyone else for not doing what you deem necessary is the height of hypocrisy and irony. What’s pathetic, in my opinion, is someone who is unwilling to lead from the front, and then admonishes everyone else for doing the same.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        I call them as I see them.

        Just being honest and observant.

        As for doing, have you seen my new petition on

        If not, WHY not?

        Proves I’m doing something substantive, do you think?

  15. hopeless says:

    “terrible second wave” and protesters dropping dead from covid are being pushed hard by the MSM

    • A Little Help says:

      You came into this life to be joyful. A creator. Your life is not meant to be lived in fear.

      Understand: You have no cause to be hopeless, unless that is what you desire.

  16. scott macneilage says:

    END GAME: Bill Gates/Microsoft holds a patent on a biometric social credit system that creates cryptocurrency in your account if you are a good boy or girl. 5G is the link to each chipped individual. This is the new currency system to be put in place. BELIEVE IT. This is the future unless you get off your phones and get into the streets.

  17. Jim S Smith says:

    BEWARE: The AP is already doing “damage control” with a VERY weak argument!

    “Video misrepresents journalists’ comments in White House briefing room”

    Plus, my own comments on a YouTube video of this subject – plus the link to my petition on the House website – was DELETED before it ever appeared in the “comments” section!

    YouTube AND the others are working feverishly to SQUASH any mention of this “Hot-Mike” moment. This is HOT!

    – Jim S.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Nice anagram, anyway!

      “Anoroc” – HAR-HAR.


      YouTube discussion going very lively! The programmed-idiots are out in full force.

      Included a link to the CDC’s Mar 24th memo on coding for COVID-deaths in one of my replies. Let’s see if any of the idiots will even read it?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Just checked it our.

      A LOT of documentation, and more research than I actually have time for.

      This link needs to go up everywhere!

  18. Jim S Smith says:

    Some idiot on the YouTube channel even tried to say: “The first pandemic since 1918!”

    Guess it must have been from a millennial, OR someone sadly lacking in any real depth of history?

  19. A LIttle Help says:

    Please remember: no one can harm you unless you think they can. You manifest the things you don’t want to happen because you believe they can happen. When we come here and talk about the lockdown, the lockdown is the subject we think about and so it manifests.

    We attract what we think about. Science is showing that thought is very much like a magnet. Be careful of what you think about. Especially when it’s something you don’t’ want to happen.

    Right now, we all need this forum, liek a hammer needs an anvil. And when ew no longer need it, then things will change. Maybe not right away, but it will change.

    Someone said that law of numbers defeats law of attraction. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are more powerful thn you give yourself credit for. No one can harm you unless you want them to. The numbers do not matter. You are a creating being,, no manipulation by others will ever be stronger than that. If someone hurts you, ask yourself what did I put out there to be hurt?

    • Eluard says:

      Obviously you’ve read your Neville Goddard. So have I. And I agree with much of what you say. But there’s nothing wrong with looking at and discussing what “appears” to be happening out there. Not to obsess over it, which I don’t think posters here do, but to look at what you would call the reflection. Then, yes, we should start to envision another reality, i.e., “manifesting” as you would say, another one. Speaking of a hammer, you’re beginning to sound a bit like one, A Little Help. Easy, brother…

      • A Little Help says:

        I had not heard of that man.

        Often what we cannot quite accept, we attempt to fit it into what we are already familiar with. For the future, remember: What you seek is inside you already. You needn’t look at what is outside you. In fact, what you give your attention to can come into conflict with what you most desire.

        Each person will hear things differently, following a different path, and you will hear this, receiving it because it was meant for you.

        • Eluard says:

          Thank you Teacher, for telling me “what I cannot accept.” Now you have a hammer–all you’re missing is a mirror. But, here it is. Oh, this was meant for YOU, if you hear it.

    • Walkingdead says:

      ALH, So if I think that I want all evil people to be removed from this planet, am I getting rid of evil or drawing it to me? Am I saying I don’t want evil people on this planet, so this draws evil to me?

      Do I need to think that I want all good people on earth? What thoughts will get the evil out of my life, cause I really, really, want it out, and everything I have tried so far hasn’t worked.

      • Plamen says:

        There is no good without evil, no white without black, no up without down, etc. When you think in terms of duality, you create friction and conflict. Think of it all as a whole.

        • walkingdead says:

          Ok, so I have 1/2 evil and 1/2 good. If the good can’t kill or destroy the evil, because that would be evil, and the evil can kill and destroy the good, because they are evil, doesn’t that make the evil always win?

          • walkingdead says:

            Seems like it would make more evil people than good people. Perhaps that is why we are out of proportion these days, it is no longer 1/2 evil and 1/2 good. More like 80% evil and 20% good.

          • Plamen says:

            Why do you want to destroy?

      • says:


        > What thoughts will get the evil out of my life, cause I really, really, want it out, and everything I have tried so far hasn’t worked.

        • walkingdead says:

          qq, very interesting stuff there. Looks like I have more reading and research to do.

          Plamen, I have read about the wrong doing’s of the medical field and didn’t believe it was that bad, until it all happened to me. People have committed suicide for some of these wrong doing’s being done to them. These Doctor’s retire rich and wealthy, while their patients suffer for the rest of their life. What was done to me should never happen to anybody, but it does everyday. Yes I want to destroy and get rid of these evil people, so that they will stop hurting others, otherwise they just keep doing it and getting away with it. Not just Doctors. Lawyers won’t help, laws are set up against you. News media won’t help, can’t have the people know how bad their university hospital is. Government agency’s won’t help, who do you think made the laws to work against you.

          I will eventually get over what they have done to me, but it is tough when you have a constant disability reminding you of what other humans are capable of doing to you for the sake of a buck.

          Twenty years searching for truth, and I finally found it. The truth is, I will die never knowing it.

  20. lamberth says:

    Yes, it’s the language used that allows them to manipulate the numbers.
    But at the same time, it also gives away their game.
    Take New Zealand as just one example.
    Here’s an extract from the information the government puppets provide regarding Alert Level 3 which we will be moving to on Tuesday (down from Level 4).

    ## QUOTE ##
    At Alert Level 3 we will need to be even more vigilant. All of us will need to unite against COVID-19 by sticking to the rules.

    Limiting our interactions with others is our best defence against COVID-19. Under Alert Level 3 we must continue to stay in our household bubbles whenever we are not at work, school, buying the groceries or exercising.

    People must stay within their immediate household bubble, but can expand this to reconnect with close family / whānau, or bring in caregivers, or support isolated people. It’s important to protect your bubble once it’s been extended. Keep your bubble exclusive and only include people where it will keep you and them safe and well. If anyone within your bubble feels unwell, they self-isolate from everyone else within your bubble.
    ## END QUOTE ##

    Doesn’t this kind of language make your hair stand on end?
    Send rivers of repulsion down your spine?
    And this is the ???????????????????????????? that people lap up in front of their TV sets or with their head buried in the daily “news” paper or tabloid.
    There’s lot’s more of this kind of drivel on this page where I pulled this extract from but I ???????????? to stop reading.

    And then I haven’t even talked about the inflated, manipulated death statistics that are being attributed to this fake COVID-19 “virus”.
    What is the language here?
    That the death is “???????????????????????? ???????? COVID-19”.
    In other words, it doesn’t say the person actually died ???????????????? COVID-19.

    This is how the people are being fooled, and it’s right there in their faces. And they’re failing to see the con.
    Eyes Wide Shut.

    No TV & “news” paper
    No Fear
    No Virus
    I AM Free

    You can bring a candle into a pitch dark room, full of evil, and instantly that darkness flees. The room is illuminated.
    But you can’t do the opposite.

    Thanks Jon, for all you do.
    You are a beacon of light and hope.

  21. Jim S Smith says:

    Another link to highlight the fakery called COVID-19 deaths:

    WHEN is it going to get through to people? ? ?

    The entire world suffers unimaginable turmoil and despair, over baseless “theories”, questionable “beliefs”, and outright “exaggerations”, and is even ADMITTED more than dozens of times by the various “experts” in THEIR OWN WORDS – as the prime excuse to virtually shut-down the entire world’s affairs! ! !

    This whole pandemic panic is THE most pernicious, but MOST successful campaign of lies and terror in the WHOLE OF MODERN HUMAN HISTORY! There is absolutely NO parallel nor equivalent “event” with so destructive a power and effect that I can possibly ever remember in my living part of this history, let alone ANYTHING I have ever learned of in the study of history!

    This system of globalism is undoubtedly the global parasite that is growing upon the soon-to-be remains of the corpse of humanity!

    To ALL these political cheer-leaders: “So that’s how freedom dies: With a thunderous applause!”

    – Jim S.

  22. Sassa Mamakos says:

    Like Jon said in his audio report of “the creation of a false pandemic”, “this is economic warfare against the population. The technocratic world is a world of control made to look pleasant, made to look comfortable, made to look much improved over the dark world, as long as people behave”.

    Its all a badly executed theatrical play – my mother is now a trucker doing reefer and we see that at truck stops: the straws are out uncovered lol, the atms are uncovered, but everyone must stay 6 ft apart. If we were to “catch” a disease that easy we’d be all dead by now. Thank God nature doesnt work this way. I received a letter today from the local government encouraging people t report those who dont comply with the social distancing, so here’s the snitch mentality they promote and given bullying is already a problem in the US, ppl will be more and more inclined to take pics of the “offenders” and report them maybe for financial reward. I already had a psycho grampa run his mouth at me becuz i stood next to him at the grocery. I said “dont believe in the germ theory”. Morons and retards.

    I was sent this vid of Russian vids who spoke at a Greek show, by an american guy. Russian vids shows Fauci laughing and also hugging other ppl. He also included vids of nurses throwing parties inside hospitals.

    Also many ppl, esp the patriot crazies think this is a war against their US from China. Far from that. Or those who insist that its some lab virus out there free roaming *eye roll*. Its what Jon described: they try to level out the economies. Its why they hit Italy so hard cuz Italy got away with the austerity measures, (see the fake ecomonic crisis of Greece). At least some states protest, as opposed to Europe. In Greece if you stepped out during the holy week esp Saturday and Easter Sunday (orthodox), youd get fined 5,000 euros.

  23. From Quebec says:

    Lawyer files lawsuit against the state of Michigan – APRIL 21, 2020



    • Jim S Smith says:

      Just wish InfoWars would get off the “it’s China” bandwagon.

      “Millie” helped expose the first live example of the world fakery (the pre-news of the COVID conferences).

      And then several other YouTube channels did the same with the Apr 12, 2020 broadcast from CNN.

      China is ONLY A COG in the “global machine”, NOT the cause.

      – Jim S.

  24. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Well, Home Despot is lock-step into the CV nuttiness. A lot of the parking lot is cordoned off so that you cannot get as close to the store. They have to make room for the line of social distancing masked zombies who want to shop at their store. They have plexiglass “cages” surrounding the couple of cashiers who they still employ.

    The Nextdoor mask-watchers are in full-force, getting all riled up about anyone they see who is maskless in public. I suspect they will soon demand that dogs and cats wear masks outdoors. They imagine that the virus is everywhere and it’s going to kill anyone in range of a maskless human. They seem quite convinced of that.

    So, we are to believe that:
    A virus is not alive.
    A virus Is so small it requires an electron microscope to see.
    A virus can be stopped by humans wearing a face mask.
    A virus lives within six feet of any human not wearing a face mask.
    A virus is only RNA.
    A virus cannot jump species.
    A virus can jump species.
    A virus cannot live without a host.
    A virus is spread in the air.
    A virus is spread by touching any object in the universe.
    A virus is spread by your shoe.
    A virus magically knows that it is only allowed within six feet of humans.
    A virus magically knows that it is only allowed within thirteen feet of humans.
    A virus can’t be spread beyond six feet of humans.
    A virus can’t be spread beyond thirteen feet of humans.
    A virus obeys all rules from the CDC.
    A virus obeys all rules from Bill Gates.
    A virus obeys all rules from Anthony Fauci.
    A virus can live on surfaces for three days.
    A virus can live on surfaces for three weeks.
    A virus can be killed with hand sanitizers.
    A virus can be spread unless you wash your hands repeatedly.
    A virus requires a test to prove it exists.
    A virus doesn’t require a test to prove it exists.
    A virus can be cured by an antimalarial drug.
    A virus developed by a software giant will prevent the spread of it.
    A virus can infect someone and they never know it.
    A virus can kill someone so fast they cannot escape its death rays.
    A virus is selective and it kills old people who have multiple chronic diseases.
    A virus is not selective and it kills anyone who gets within six feet of another living human.
    A virus is not alive.

    If a virus can replicate by the bazillions and cause disease, but how does it know when to stop replicating? Magic?

    I conclude that viruses have many magical properties, many of which are known to scientists at the CDC, the medical cartel, and the WHO, to mention a few.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      When the body’s immune system catches up to it, and then destroys it.

      The wonderful invention called the “Immune System”. Does what A.I. has still yet to learn well – that is to learn, and to adapt.

  25. BDBinc says:

    China was their starting lockup country as the UN knew the Chinese would not protest a quarantine (military) lockup.

    China is now 90% open for business while we are in jail. China knocked out small businesses ( good for corporate monopolies).

    Since this whole operation COVID19 is pseudoscience and based on misinformation it begs the FIRST question Is there even a ” covid19 ” virus?

    What proof have we been given?

    None the whole thing is based on a fake computer model , lies and pseudoscience .People( esp sick, dying and elderly people) normally die in the influenza season.Why not hijack the normal deaths create a boogeyman that doesn’t even exist ” COVID19″.

    Its the next step in terrorism the invisible enemy that in this case doesn’t even exist. Right after the govts started the war on vilified gas = plant food =C02 carbon dioxide.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “COVID-19” WAS called ncov-2019 Wuhan Strain – before the WHO decided, politically, to change its name to what it is today. – This was to distance from the fact on where this specific virus strain came from, a BSL-4 Biological Research Lab.

      There are probably thousands of such labs around the world, with ten declared in the USA. (This, not including any undeclared labs.)

      • BDBinc says:

        Thats what the media and govt has told you Jim.

        The oligarchy want to put on a war with China where USA looses.Thats why there is anti china sentiment being seeded.

        The (corona contaminated) CDC PCR tests do not differentiate between “common cold” corona or the 2002 globally spread sars-corona.

  26. Judi R says:

    On the bright side: how well will the facial recognition surveillance work with all those masks people are wearing? Not too well, I think.

  27. April W. says:

    I’m new here. But I’ve read every blog. The question I have is why? Isn’t it better and easier to have us go about our mundane little lives oblivious? Spending money, paying taxes, not complaining. I understand about the World Bank, but still can someone explain it to me like the newbie I am? For the record I am not political but lean democrat. I really just think all government sucks and there’s so much we don’t know and will never know.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That’s the headache of the thing: Most politicians really don’t know what or why they are doing, save for a few, but simply “follow the leader” – whether it be the stronger-willed of their party, or the big money-masters hiding in the shadows behind them.

    • Plamen says:

      Every system requires a regular reset to preserve itself.

      Some call it a flu.

  28. hhi says:

    Let’s cut the Gordian Knot.

    We know that viruses are exosomes.

    Exosomes would dessicate in a split second if exposed to the environment.

    Therefore exogenous viruses are an impossibility.

  29. D says:

    Hey guys, if you haven’t heard about the book Virus Mania it is a game changer. It goes into the history of viruses and a little about the germ theory of disease. Here’s a pdf link to the book that you can also buy online…

    That website is great in general to study the history of all the diseases, viruses and the germ theory of disease.

    I also highly recommend Dr. Kaufman’s videos on YouTube about his opinion on viruses and the germ theory of disease as well as Dawn Lester and David Parker. Dawn Lester and David Parker studied the history of all this stuff and wrote a book titled What Really Makes You ILL.

    Please help spread this truth!!! Peace and Love y’all!!!

  30. Anabel says:

    What you should be asking is show me the new corona virus and prove it (alone) caused disease ” COVID19″ and death.

    None of the sick and death were tested for influenza or other known respiratory diseases.

    And maybe don’t take the media, govts or any corrupt paid off experts word alone for it.

    “Media says a lab in China” yeah right the ultimate Chinese whisper.

  31. Larry says:

    “Fauci said, ‘we’re going to have millions of cases’ in the United States, and it is reasonable to expect ‘between 100,000 and 200,000’ deaths. But he cautioned that ‘I just don’t think that we really need to make a projection, when it’s such a moving target, that you can so easily be wrong and mislead people.’ ”

    Well, there you have it…he cares…FAUCI REALLY CARES!!!

    [sorry, I just can’t hold ’em back……*SOB*????????????????]

  32. Robert Peyton Dodds (Bob) says:

    If we come across the notion of covid-19 ruining the porphyrin caging of iron inside of red cells, releasing toxic iron that burns the lungs, then we run across chloroquine protecting that porphyrin, and EDTA chelating iron along with other metals or just donating blood, and turmeric/curcumin being some help regulating iron for the non-menstruating persons.

    There is an alt theory, where in fact a modern lifestyle without early morning sun hitting retina, vitamin A retinol attacks porphyrin! This is a 5G theory, since non-natural EMF and artificial light make that worse. Here is a quote from Dr Jack Kruse, MD:

    Covid-19 comes down to sun for D, and C, C and D and sun, being the best way to combat the virus, better than chloroquine and better than malpractice drug coma terminator machine without real treatment. On Patreon Dr Kruse gets into C and D and porphyrin, the way people already have something attacking porphyrin before covid-19 if they miss the opportunity of early morning sun to set circadian clocks. “Free retinol(Vitamin A) destroys all photoreceptors…all heme proteins, porphyrin!” That process mimics covid-19 or vice versa.

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