SARS 2003: fraud, and the credibility of the World Health Organization

by Jon Rappoport

April 20, 2020

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History matters.

If the World Health Organization (WHO) deceived the world into fear and panic THEN, in 2003, why should you believe them NOW re COVID, when both instances involve epidemics?

As some readers will recall, in 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) put out a travel advisory—don’t go to Toronto. Toronto was “infected” with epidemic SARS. The loss of tourist income was significant. At the time, I was in touch with a Canadian activist who was trying to assemble a group of Toronto merchants and file a law suit against WHO for a few billion dollars, but it fell apart.

The Canadian Encyclopedia describes the wild scene in the country: “The outbreak led to the quarantine of thousands…and took an economic toll on Toronto. It also exposed the country’s ill-prepared health-care system…In late April 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an advisory against all non-essential travel to Toronto. Government officials and experts criticized the decision as being unnecessary…During the outbreak, thousands of Canadians were quarantined. Many voluntarily quarantined themselves in their homes. Airports in Toronto and Vancouver screened travellers for high fever. News coverage spiked with each wave of the outbreak in Toronto and right after the WHO travel advisory. Major Canadian newspapers would each publish up to 25 stories per day on SARS…”

You can see how the World Health Organization stimulated a panicked response with its travel advisory.

So SARS must have been a large outbreak, an epidemic of major proportions.

Canadian Encyclopedia: “In total, there were 438 probable cases of SARS in Canada, resulting in 44 deaths.”


What about the total number of SARS cases and deaths, worldwide? WHO states: “An epidemic of SARS affected 26 countries…Other countries/areas in which chains of human-to-human transmission occurred after early importation of cases were Toronto in Canada, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, and Hanoi in Viet Nam.”

Sounds quite serious.

The CDC: “During November 2002 through July 2003, a total of 8,098 people worldwide became sick with severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS] that was accompanied by either pneumonia or respiratory distress syndrome (probable cases), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of these, 774 died. By late July 2003, no new cases were being reported, and WHO declared the global outbreak to be over.”

I see. Across the entire planet, in this sweeping epidemic—8098 cases and 774 deaths. Out of 6.3 billion people.

CDC: “In the United States, only eight persons were laboratory-confirmed as SARS cases. There were no SARS-related deaths in the United States.”

The capper? Let’s go back to Canada. As the Canadian Encyclopedia states, a mere week or so after WHO declared the “epidemic” was over, “English rock band The Rolling Stones headlined a benefit concert in Toronto in response to the outbreak’s economic toll on the city. Informally called ‘SARSStock’ and ‘SARS-a-palooza,’ the concert took place on 30 July 2003. Estimated attendance at Downsview Park was 450,000 to 500,000 people.”

Right. And the residue of this “deadly virus”—with half a million people standing cheek to jowl—did…


History matters.

If you want to believe anything the World Health Organization is claiming now, in 2020, do so at your own peril.





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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

115 comments on “SARS 2003: fraud, and the credibility of the World Health Organization

  1. Peter says:

    Jon, Please

    There is NO time anymore to discuss how we were fooled. The enemy is rapidly RAPIDLY realizing plans to depopulate 90% of humanity.
    Are we going to discuss medical aspects for another 10 months ?
    or pretend that we are bloggers or book authors? hell no, we are all soldiers now in a damn obvious WAR AGAINST US!!!!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Still waiting for my local “freedom group” to get back to me!

      Willing to do something proactive and positive, but seems that some of these “pro-freedom” types are not interested in more help from truly concerned citizens!

      Hmmm, don’t suppose they are more of those “P-A-Y-triots”, now would they?

      – Jim S.

    • Brody Kin says:

      Peter, I share your sense of urgency. I saw a headline that went something this morning that said, ” some states may be able to open in 2 weeks” as if that were good news, and as if there is plenty of information now about the faking of numbers. How many more will be jobless at the end of this week. What is to be done?

    • DC73 says:


      What are you suggesting? While I don’t disagree with you, per we, I think discernment is necessary at this juncture. Sun Tzu told us quite aptly that, “Every Battle is Won or Lost Before it is Ever Fought.” What is the weapon being used in this battle? INFORMATION. An information war cannot be won bullets, anymore than native peoples could win wars against bullets with bows and arrows. Everything that “they” are doing, at the moment, is about subterfuge and building a narrative to garner our collective (and cosmically required) acceptance. They’ve announced their intentions plainly for all (willing) to see. They flaunt it in our faces. However, for the first time they’re doing more, they’ve moved from covert to overt as they believe that they have garnered enough acceptance from the collective will of humanity. However, this action (like all actions) comes with a proportionate REACTION. That reaction is coming from folks, worldwide, who are able to (perhaps for the first time) discern information and are calling, “BULLSHIT!” and truth-tellers like Jon are leading that charge.

      There may well be a time when other, more drastic, means are necessary (I pray that it won’t come to that). If that does come to pass, we’re going to need as many “awake” people as possible, wouldn’t you say? I can sense your fear, and again, don’t necessarily disagree. But, rushing off to (physically) fight now isn’t going to do anything productive, in my opinion. I’m not being pacified, I’m being logical and observing. I believe the enemy is trying to draw us out into a “pitched battle” to use military terms. They’re using all their tricks of discrediting, troll/bot armies, to try to quell the rise of information/light. If made an overt move with the lockdown, fully anticipating revolt, and nothing happened in the streets, it’s all happening in the virtual realm, the realm that is information — and when you look at what powers the virtual realm it is, fundamentally, LIGHT.

      • nick rasoi says:

        Hi Dc 73, In my opinion, THEY made a mistake this time Looking up the world population give some people time to reflect and learn a different version from the implied truth More and more people start waking up I see in the comment section some radical suggestions I am not implying anything but Timothy Mc Veigh and others where framed and we know the outcome We don.t have a Forum never have we play bay the rules They are not So the best scenario for us is to EDUCATE as many people as we can because will come handy The red dawn scenario is our best option They are monitoring and infiltrate our life for long time How you think they got so far ?I am 75 year old grew up in a communist country and we knew who the enemy was at 28 i cross the mined border to Freadom end up in U.S and wait to get my green card 5 years Lol i lkearn english and became a slave Sun Tzu was preaching to a well trained army So hurry up and wait the time will come God bless N

      • walkingdead says:

        DC73, Very well said and I couldn’t agree more.

    • Kelley Boyles says:

      Yes sir, I agree. Let’s stand up and quit whining

    • spiritsplice says:

      People have been saying this 90% depopulation stuff for 50 years now. They have had plenty of chances to do it and get away with it, long before we had an internet to expose them. Yet nothing. Instead, we see them helping to balloon the population of Africa, thereby doubling the population of the planet. At this point it is safe to say that it was a psy op to spread fear.

      • Greg C. says:

        I agree, let go of the fear and the doomsday scenarios. That just paralyzes. Look around for the opportunities in this crisis. There are plenty – maybe the end of the education system, for one. If they want their germ theory, then it follows that schools are germ factories and should not be reopened, ever! Many more parents will see the advantages to home “schooling”. I hate that word, let’s call it free learning. Schooling is where they spoon feed you a formula cooked up by unimaginative people. Of course, property owners would be all for getting rid of the burden of supporting these dinosaurs.

        • A Little Help says:

          Do we look at this as an opportunity to go forward to a better way, or back to slavery?

      • Laura says:

        I think you’re right; it’s more about populating the planet with ignorant people who are easily enslaved and will obey ANY dictate for a false sense of security. The goal would be to make life unbearable for a small minority with strong minds and desire for freedom, and good ethics, so that they’d all go insane and/or commit suicide and stop standing in the way of Gates and all of his demented cronies, even Hillary included regardless of how they tried to destroy Gates decades ago. None of these sickos should have even on iota of power over anyone. Yet look at what’s going on, all thanks to the billions of malleable fools. The ones in masks and gloves whenever they dare step outside.

    • Moshe Sopher says:


      1. Now, as millions of people realise that the coronahoax is a false flag and as mass protests against the lockdown gather steam across America and in other parts of the world, the Globalists, in all probability, will change tracks seeing their game exposed..

      2. Lockdowns could soon be lifted everywhere with several restrictions like physical distancing and wearing face masks in public retained in a battered world economy.

      * Instead, the elites could now settle for their more than 150 year old original plan of igniting World War 3 using puppet nations on both sides of the fence as a sureshot means to depopulate the world and impose authoritarian rule on the survivors.

      3. In the late 19th century, Globalist intellectual, Albert Pike, envisioned 3 world wars to usher in authoritarian rule in the world. Pike supposedly invented terms like Zionism, Nazism, Fascism and others to outline his plan for 3 world wars.

      4. Faithful to Pike’s dictates, the Globalists created 2 world wars in the 20th century, and, now, in the 21st century, in all likelihood, begin World War 3, shortly.

      * Deliberately created rock-bottom crude oil prices in the current lockdown period could be used to stockpile oil to be used by armies during WW3.

      5. Pike wanted World War 3 (as per the contents of his August 15, 1871 letter to fellow freemason, Giuseppe Mazzini of Italy that was withdrawn from public display in 1977 by the British Museum) to be a fight to the finish between the Political Zionists and Islamists with puppet nations supporting each side depending on which side they’ve been placed by the elites.

      6. Israel (Zionists) with backing from the West should fight the Islamic nations backed by Russia/China in the Middle East late 2020 or 2021 leading to the complete annihilation of both Israel as well as the Islamic nations…as plotted by Albert Pike.

      7. Interestingly, Dr Henry Kissinger, de facto chief spokesperson of the Globalists, said, in an interview to the New York Post, in Sept 2012…”there won’t be an Israel in 10 years..” but the outcry that followed his dire prediction forced Kissinger to nervously issue a denial.


      10 years from 2012 means the year 2022.

      Dot on.

      Israel was created in 1948 by British imperialism working under the Rothschilds for this very purpose…World War 3 leading to the complete destruction of Israel and the Islamic nations.

      * The 1917 Balfour Declaration was authored by British foreign secy Arthur Balfour and Lord Lionel Rothschild.

      * So, as the coronahoax falls apart under public scrutiny, the next move will definitely be World War 3 envisaged by Albert Pike in the late 19th century and Dr Henry Kissinger’s emphatic statement of 2012 regarding the destruction of Israel in 10 years.

      2022 is the watershed…

  2. Sean Garrison says:

    It stands to reason that since the WHO did it before, wanted to do it then, that they might would want to do it again, that they would do it and have done it again. Right now with this current plandemic. That they will continue to lie and deceive. Yes Im going to make a note to myself, WHO is criminally insane and plans to continue to be criminally insane and there are no know ways on planet earth to make it disappear for even 20 minutes. Impossible. Yes, duly noted.

    • Alan says:

      I am sure that in these times, God will send a prophet to tell His people the truth about those liars. If only the people listen to His messenger(s).

      • Plamen says:

        God doesn’t offer help unless you help yourself first!

        • Jim S Smith says:

          God only helps in “action”,
          And sits by for those who do nothing.

          So much for “hope”, when “hope” by itself, conveys no action, and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING. It is the “DO-ers” who win wars, and the hearts and minds.

          – Jim S.

          • AK in VT says:

            Actually, God says,”Behold the fowls of the air, for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not better than they? …. And why take you thought for clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow,; they do not toil, nor do they spin” And yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.”

            The key, my friends and fellow soldiers is to let them know that it doesn’t matter what they try to do to us. We are resilient so long as we don’t let them make us fear. Today has enough worries of its own: we do ont need to worry about tomorrow.

            I understand the “Matrix” as entangling us in its web of dependency upon them and their monetary and taxation systems.

            As Dennis the Menace once said, “I may be sitting on the outside, but I’m standing on the inside.”

            Your back can only be broken if you let them tell you hat it takes to break it.


            AK in VT

      • spiritsplice says:

        God doesn’t have prophets. Prophets are liars.

      • Moshe Sopher says:


        @ ALAN

        1. Prophets?

        You mean Profits, right? ????

        2. Meticulous historical research has shown that Abraham, David, Moses and other Jewish prophets and Jesus (founder of Christianity) and Muhammad (the creator of Islam) did not exist and all the events associated with them are fiction.

        3. Disregarding the question of their historicity, the teachings of these prophets have been exposed by reason and evidence as lies, fiction and pseudoscience.

        4. I wonder what concrete solution could a contemporary prophet offer in a world totally dominated by the diabolcal Globalists…a world in which all nations are on their side with not 1 nation on the side of truth.

        5. Militarily, a prophet would easily be defeated as 7G and even more advanced technologies exist deep in the Globalist controlled military-medical-industrial complex primarily in the US against which no prophet past, present or future can prevail..unless deluded religious nuts think that using magical powers a prophet can obliterate the Globalists.

        6. The age of religion is over.

        All religions are debunked by facts.

        These days only ill-educated, miseducated or mentally ill people are religious.

        7. Studies cogently demonstrate a positive correlation between irreligion and progress..the more irreligious a nation is the more advanced it is in education, R&D, infrastructure, life expectancy, egalitarian laws and the like.

        8. Expectedly, the high IQ nations of the West and East Asia are the most irreligious and the most advanced.

        9. If consciousness is stuff and its higher reaches are omnipotent then one can hope for a superior power of consciousness bearing down on Earth through the cosmic mind-matter matrix to thwart the Globalists by subsiding their brain waves of cruelty, murder, lies and arrogance and to reverse the current apocalyptic scenario in the world.

        10. All this is too fanciful for anything like this to occur.

        11. So, we just hope billions of people awaken forcing a withdrawal by the Globalists..this is feasible provided people arouse themselves from their self-imposed slumber.

        • A Little Help says:

          I have heard tell that God does not like religions.

        • Myles says:

          The Bible is a book of Astrology.
          Trying to ‘prove’ its character’s real is as ridiculous as trying to ‘preach’.
          Your understanding of ‘religion’ is rudimentary at best.

    • A Little Help says:

      In life, what you want to see is what you will see. But you have a power to change events. You are changing things right now. Often, we do a dance with each other, synchronicities. When we pull back, we can see where people are influencing each other.

      Try to think in terms of consciousness. The physical world grows out of cnsciousness. I don’t mean this to sound strange. It isn’t really all that strange. As you think, so will you see.

      When the one fish takes a bait, fisherman will tell you that that bait cannot be used. All the fish earn at once. The internet alone cannot explain the shift in opinion going on right now. BEcause it cannot explain the shift that happened four months ago.

  3. Nothere says:

    Encountered a book entitled:
    The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
    Naomi Klein

    – have not read the book,
    the title was enough.

    • Piksil says:

      Result of 9-11.

      Can be applied to any ‘disaster’, SARS-2003, Swine Flu 2009, Ebola, COVID-19, mass shootings….They are proud of their accomplishments

    • Brody Kin says:

      Naomi Klein is an operative of the “left” contingent of the NWO. Don’t waste your precious money on her book. There’s plenty of videos of her where you can get a quick idea of her ideological commitments.

      • Piksil says:


        Yes, definitely ‘left’, and NWO mouthpiece. But one can glean interesting tidbits if read ‘without blinders on’. As I said above, it applies to all ‘disasters’ that have essentially been false flags.

        I watched a video about 10 years ago (put out by ‘the left’) supposedly exposing how Al (GCW) Gore lost the 2000 (s)election….hacked voting machines! Ha! They’re all hacked now! I guess I was supposed to believe that the ‘right’ is the only one hacking (s)elections.

        Left/right fake paradigm. Fake conflict, keep the people divided.

        If you don’t look at both sides of a coin, you can’t tell if it’s two-headed.

        That being said, if anyone wants to buy a ‘like new’ copy of Shock Doctrine…….hardcover no less….????

        • spiritsplice says:

          Left/ right isnt fake. What is fake is the idea that there is a Right Wing in Western countries. This hasn’t been the case since WW 2 ended.

  4. Brian L says:

    Thanks Jon,

    Same in UK. The first grade pupil nail Ferguson was responsible for the Mad Cow disease ( CJD) debacle. He recommended killing 40 million livestock. He decimated the entire independent farming industry- all wrong! Do you think anyone is saying this today? He is the man to collapse any sector for the elites. The imperial college was funded by…. no points for guessing! Microsoft ????????.

  5. Pisces says:

    These “pandemics” are part of the Agenda 21, a plan to take over everything before 2030, and these earlier “pandemics” were experiments on how they can control us better and “covid-19” is part of the plan, it’s an adjusted experiment and an event to destroy the economy worldwide to make the nations weaker, so they can easily control them before they implement One World Government. Listen very carefully to hear this in detail:

    • Jim S Smith says:

      To some of us, this is old news, but still bears repeating, now more loudly than ever!

      – Jim S.

  6. From Elsewhere says:

    All secret services in different countries work for WHO? Once exposed, did the liars get prosecuted? How long will this last?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Been years, but I have seen many old doc’s like this!

      The Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon, Bush, etc – interests have been working hard for years to set up their “new system”.

      – Jim S.

    • Madness says:

      Yes, and a very good match to that what is happening. A must read, start with the 18. page, the planned Lock Step!
      Dana Ashlie highlighted the main points in a video. It was removed from Yout. with super speed. Those who haven’t read, READ and distribute to help to wake up people.

  7. Jim S Smith says:

    Mr. Trump is still playing the “We will open soon, but in steps” game, and NOBODY seems to be up in arms at the fact that this is all a delay tactic!

    OMG, People! ! !

    How much more undeserved punishment is it going to take?

    How many more unemployed must happen?

    How many more local businesses to be shuttered, permanently?

    How many more fake promises, deliberately to be broken?

    How many pundits, “professors”, fake scientists, and all sort of bureaucrats telling us “Accept the ‘New Normal’ ” is it going to take?


    Looks like too many people don’t really care about the rapid loss of their birthright freedoms and liberties! How tragic! All anyone wants to do, is “talk” and “make noises”!

    – ” A Tiger without fangs and claws, can truly said to be a helpless animal.

    A Tiger who refuses to use them, upon the call of necessity, is a pathetic creature, soon to be enslaved. ”

    The longer these lock-downs remain, the harder it will be to actually get back to “normal”. The longer the “pain”, the more the people will tolerate it!

    – Jim S.

    • Kelley Boyles says:

      I absolutely agree. It is up to us (WE THE PEOPLE)

      • As Jon pointed out earlier, we’re individuals trying to counter-act the brainwashing of masses by the State. By definition, individuals don’t work “in concert” very well.

        By definition, it’s not possible to counteract this situation. It would seem that we face a hopeless situation but at the same time… we saw the creation of the U.S.A. as a champion of the individual.

        I’m personally very calm about this whole thing– with periodic cycles of panic and uncertainty– but mostly calm. Because ultimately I learned that the virus is a part of the immune system. By definition there can’t be any such thing as a viable super-attack-virus-floating-around-in-the-air. It’s all in people’s imagination. It’s all psychology.

        The idea that was promoted in MSM this past week was that China designed a super-attack-virus-in-a-lab-in-Wuhan-with-money-invested-by-Fauci. Haha. That’s a good one. I used to read a LOT of science fiction and this story-line is really really good. Someday we’lll see a movie based on this.

        But it’s not reality. Because viruses don’t exist in the way that people say. Even 1100 radio’s Bill Bradey who is anti-Phoenix-shut-down… “believes” in the “virus-as-a-floating-in-the-air-attack-machine”. Ha ha. He’s a nice guy but by definition, it’s not true.

        “We-the-People” is actually millions-of-me’s… and if you think like ‘me’ as described above, then then maybe millions and millions of other “me’s” is, in fact, paradoxically, more powerful than any “we” can possibly hope to comprehend.

        Interesting eh? Me’s vs. WE’s. Haha.

        Note that Pense is talking about CONTACT TRACING. Hey… screw that. Anybody tries to trace my contact, and I’ll simply laugh at them. OR…. I could make a fake-list-of-contacts-kept-in-my-wallet that includes the likes of Bozo-the-Clown, Mickey-Mouse, Jack-the-Ripper and Socrates and Plato. Contact tracing my foot. What a complete TOTAL JACK ASS that Pense turned out to be.

        Well, I could go on but I’m reviewing my life’s records in boxes stored in my back yard having fun with that. I’m using my time off to prepare to write my memoires. I started putting my piano-lesson-course together again– a project that was rudely interrupted by this corona-cult.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          The only truly “lethal” virus I believe would be workable for killing off massive-millions of people overnight: “Is FROM within a needle.”

          Whereas “they” keep saying “game-changer”, they are right, if we are talking about forced sterilization and/or other population reduction means!

          I called this a “Big Push” about two months ago, the same time I was calling this “pandemic” HOGWASH. This pogrom IS a “Big Push” in the direction of securing globalism. This current administration was thought of as “A Nationalist’s Dream Team”. Oh Yea suckers – as G. Gordon Liddy would say of it!

          America has surely been Suckered.

          – Jim S.

  8. Sam says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Jon. Your site continues to be one of the best resources during this “crisis”.

  9. From Quebec says:

    i remember this well.

    i HAVE lost 3 friend at that time because I thought it was a hoax. They thought i was crazy .


    • Tom says:

      I was at university in Edinburgh at that time. A Chinese course mate went back to Guangzhou to visit his family for spring break, and turned off his mobile completely.

      No one knew when he was returning to Edinburgh from that SARS “epicentre”. I was sitting with his flatmates in their lounge and they were voicing their disapproval of his going back to GZ despite the epidemic. All of a sudden, without any prior notice, the guy just burst into the lounge like he owned the place, expecting to be welcomed back by everyone.

      The reaction? Apart from me, they all put their hands to their mouths and noses in shock at the sudden sight of him. I jumped up and rushed him out of the lounge and explained what his flatmates were saying about him.

      Then he got his punishment: banishment to MY flat for a week which was in the next block. You know, the Q-word.

      His flatmates did offer me a switch to his flat while he bunked down in mine. I refused the offer, because I figured if he could clear British customs, he should be fine, and also to prove to everyone else that there was no need to be scare so shitless by the powers that be.

    • Patricia says:

      Your comment is interesting, from the province of Quebec. I was in Toronto during the SARS crisis. I stayed at my best friend’s parent’s home in Brampton. We had a huge gathering. People from Guyana, India and other parts of the world. I had a great time. I didn’t get sick either and neither did my friend – and she was worried that she would. Where I live now, I might be living at the UN. I’ve always had a routine – wear a different pair of shoes outside and always washed my hands when I come inside. I think lifetime habits are very key to survival. I complained to my Granny when I was little, why do I have to wash the orange? She replied, because the people who picked the orange might not know that they should wash their hands after they use the toilet. That simple statement is something I’ve never forgotten. And I’m still here!

  10. From Quebec says:





    The Rush Limbaugh Show 4/19/20 | Rush Limbaugh April 19, 2020|


    • Yeah, you’re kind of right- Rush is delivering good commentary every day. I like how he says we HAVE to get back to work… this country can’t go on furloughed like it is.

      I make it point to listen to Rush every day at 10 am here in Phoenix… and off and on as I can through my day. My other reference point is 1100 am radio here in Phoenix with Bill Brady who is a critic of the Phoenix and Arizona shutdown.

      I had 35 students a week at a music store and miss that, now into my 4th week of “furlough”. What I know from teaching is that people require reference points in time– so that’s what I’m making efforts to provide MYSELF with, first. And I insist on cycles and points of reference with those around me. Rush’s show is one of those important ones.

  11. A Little Help says:

    Hi to everyone.

    Here is a very good lecture that may help to explain some of deeper truths that several people here have been saying. As I myself have said: Each of you has a power to communicate and influence and heal the body. The universe is not made of matter alone, but mostly of light and frequencies. This is not speculation.

    Evidence shows many people regrow teeth. Some doctors still believe that this is done by genes alone. However, it is done by the light frequencies in DNA, along with genes that code simply for the same general proteins anywhere in the body.

    People have regrown teeth without the use of drugs

    What that last video reveals is the confused but courageous way that many are trying to come to grips with a very natural phenonmenon, one that has been around for quite awhile.


    • ALH, that’s great news on regrowing teeth. I happened to have had a little more interesting experiences with the dental community than most people. What I discovered is that ALL of them are ADA people– American Dental Association… and they all have the SAME responses to anything I showed them. So there’s another 3 letter agency that should really end up in hell… the ADA.

      • trishwriter says:

        My teenage boys and I were all scheduled for a dental visit on April 5. A few days before, of course, we received a text saying that the ADA had closed down all dental offices for two weeks. I’m guessing they’re still closed. This coronahoax has messed up a lot of people’s dental and doctor appointments. But that’s okay, because we’re saving one theoretical old person’s life.

        • A Little Help says:

          Have you ever heard the story of the young woman who missed her train and met a handsome young man who informed her that no more trains were running. So he offered to take her out to dinner and spend the night with her in hotel room. The next morning, when she arrived at her grandmother’s, the old woman told her that that young man was a cad, there were trains running that night.

          Government and doctors are very much like that young man.

      • Greg C. says:

        Ironically, it’s the ADA that forced dentists to close down – so I can’t get my tooth filled until the ADA gives the all clear! The Anti-Dentite Association.

        • A Little Help says:

          That is a hidden blessing.

          Actually, according to courageous dentists and dental assistants, it is widely known that tooth enamel will regrow on its own. I know many people who have never seen a dentist, and they use baking soda and maybe some hydrogen peroxide for whitening, for many decades, in their seventies.

          You never have to fear anything. Fear is what sells products. Corporations and governments don’t want you to know that you have powers that can be unlocked.

    • tony bonn says:

      holy crap, I am going to have a little visit with my dentist when I go for my next teeth cleaning.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Is this EVEN when one has had all teeth surgically removed (to stay alive that is)? ? ?

      If so, I need in!

      – Jim S.

  12. A Little Help says:

    The following is a lecture with a man with a very unique story, one that everyone who fears nuclear war should find very interesting:

    Nuclear radiation is not dangerous in any real sense. Nuclear war is highly survivable.

    • Right on. I agree. More to the point: Nuclear bombs don’t exist. Nuclear power doesn’t exist. See

      Funny stuff in a morbid sense of funny.

      • A LIttle Help says:

        It’s not whether or not something exists.

        It’s whether or not you want it to exist.

    • tony bonn says:

      there is no such thing as nuclear bombs. according to the physicists I have read, the dimensions of the show case bombs are wholly inadequate to create nuclear fission, if in fact it is really possible at all.

      however, that is all beside the point here. but something to the point is that the nuclear bomb was another psyop of ww2 just as the moon landing was in the cold war.

      the detonations of “nuclear bombs”, including those “dropped” on japan, were conventional tnt.

      • Tony, not only are nuclear bombs non-existent but so are satellites. And rockets in space. And space. We’re living in a completely different field of reality than anything we’ve been taught!

        My favorite thing to watch are jets on flight paths over my house in Phoenix to and from Phoenix airport. The idea with jet turbine engines is that they don’t use fuel like we’ve been told. The wings can’t possibly carry the weight of the liquid fuel they say. The engines generate compressed air, and the exhaust is not hot. Once the vortex of a jet engine is started up, it’s virtually a perpetual motion machine. There is a hovering principle involved. Wild stuff.

        As well, Aaron Dover determined that power lines don’t transmit power. They COLLECT atmospheric voltage. The containers they tell us are transformers are actually batteries.

        NOTHING of what we think is operating as we’re told is doing so as we’re told. Even the “internal combustion engine” may be utilizing the nitrogen in air– not the gasoline.

        Furthermore, what we’re told are hydro electric generation plants are nothing of the sort. They’re simply mock-ups that generate nothing. You can look for yourself and see that there is no water gushing out the bottom of these “stations” as there should be IF the water WERE passing through turbines.

        Stars are not stars. Look at stars yourself through a zoom lens on a video camera. They shimmer different colours… at least some of them do. They’re not light years away. They’re artifacts of sombulesence… a shimmering seen through water. Space is water.

        Everything we think about reality is wrong. I still enjoy a good beer before a salad and dinner however. So THAT is real. My cat asking for attention is too. People I know personally are real. But beyond that, I’m not sure anymore.

        • Greg C. says:

          Truth is born out of your own direct experience. Beyond that, we can argue what stars are made of or not made of, but they are just ideas bouncing around. Living creatures, however, are on a different level entirely. And humans basically invent the world they live in. And also are taught to accept a model of the world that is conventional – that model is misnamed reality.

          What we are living through is a severe test of the model. Like HAL in 2001, it is turning against humans, shutting down all daily life functions in order to carry out its fact-finding and fact-preserving mission.

        • tony bonn says:

          just to add some fuel to the fire, I am a flat earther, so I agree with you about space, satellites, and anything related to nasa being a lie.

          I had not heard about the other points you make, which will lead to some interesting research I am sure.

          when Jane mentioned that water is not h20, I felt that I had been liberated.

        • A LIttle Help says:

          Not everything you think about reality may be wrong. Watch the video. I think you will find very interesting.

  13. Brother Theodore says:

    Do JB or RTP have any thoughts about Judy Mikovits’ views on viruses? She seems to be getting quite a lot of traction at the moment, and at least sounds wholly convinced of her position (gain of function, viruses engineered to cross species barrier or to survive as they wouldn’t otherwise). Some of her views seem laudable (anti-vax, stresses as immune suppressants, environmental factors), but is she simply confirming her own biases with retroviruses and XMRV?

    • Rtp says:

      I’m sure she is a lovely and principled lady but what she is saying is simply not possible.

      A self-replicating pathogen is not conceptually possible in the same way that a round square is not conceptually possible.

      If one did exist, then it would spell the immediate doom of every organism.

      In order to have a coherent model we need negative feedbacks. In the absence of such then you are continuously reliant on discontinuities (Deus ex Machina).

      The classic negative feedback is sheep (X) and wolves (Y).

      As sheep *exogenously* (that word is important) increase so do wolves *endogenously* (this word too is very important) because wolves have more to eat and therefore can sustain a larger population.

      But more wolves Y leads to less sheep X (because the sheep are being eaten by a greater number of wolves).

      So an *exogenous* increase in X leads to an *endogenous* increase in Y which in turn leads to an *endogenous* decrease in X (but still leaves the equilibrium level of X higher than before the exogenous increase). That is a negative feedback.

      Yes, you may need to spend some time to wrap your head around all that because the terms endogenous and exogenous are super-critical.

      In the germ theory model (anything that includes a self-replicating pathogen (even malaria “parasites”)) we do not have this.

      You have an immune system (presumably). An EXogenous increase in pathogens X would (presumably) lead to an ENDogenous decrease in immune cells (because they are being exhausted). This would in turn lead to an ENDogenous increase in pathogens (because there are now less immune cells fighting them off).

      So we have a positive feedback system. This does not help. At all. Indeed it is the opposite of help. It reinforces our conceptual impossibility.

      The only way to remedy this is with a discontinuity and say “well the immune system will just produce as many immune cells as necessary and wipe out all the pathogens at will”. This is not a model. It is a Deus ex Machina. And a Deus ex Machina makes the germ theory trivial. Basically, it would imply that we get exactly as sick as our bodies want us to. Of course, there would never be any reason for the body to risk invasion by microbes so we would obviously never get sick.

      In other words, the germ theory either can’t explain sickness or it can’t explain recovery.

      We have to reject completely the possibility of a self-replicating pathogen.

      • tony bonn says:

        be careful. pathogens can be non-replicating such as toxic metals and they would be characterized as accumulating (through some kind of bodily acquisition) until the point at which they cause symptoms. on the other hand, there are living pathogens such as molds, fungi, worms and other parasites which have the ability to live and thrive in the body and are also acquired by the body but they will cause disease symptoms without needing to acquire more externally.

        germ theory may be very unhelpful, but in the examples I cited, endogenous self-replicating pathogens do exist.

        • Rtp says:

          “there are living pathogens such as molds, fungi, worms”

          They simply do not and cannot replicate the way you think they do.

          They can only attack dead cells. So, whilst they can indeed replicate, it is not done as part of *pathogenesis*.

          Parasites have a whole of life cycle that exists outside as well as inside. The exception is the common understanding of malaria because malaria is a lie (it is just what Africans call flu).

          See my above proof.

          But for those who prefer experiments this is all easy to prove.

          Buy some milk. Leave it in the heat for a few days. Obviously the more people doing this experiment with you the better.

          Put some in your mouth and spit it out. See how you feel in a few hours.

          Wait a few days.

          Drink a sip. See how you feel in a few hours.

          Wait a few more days.

          Drink a cupful. See how you feel.

          Wait a few more days.

          Drink two cupfuls. See how you feel.

          Wait a few days.

          Drink a quart. See how you feel.

          Now, under the theory of a self-replicating pathogen you have *do not* have a continuous and differentiable function of feeling well/sick. What you have is a threshold. Under germ theory either the pathogens overwhelm your body or they don’t. So you have a threshold situation (ie not continuous and differentiable).

          Under my theory you do have a continuous and differentiable function of wellness/illness.

          In other words, under my theory the person rinsing their mouth out with it will feel less sick than the person drinking a sip who in turn will feel less sick than the guy having a cupful and so on.

          Under germ theory, each person in the experiment will feel perfectly fine up until a threshold (which may be different for each person) at which point they will feel very sick no matter how much more they imbibe. Drinking more might speed up the time before you feel sick but it won’t change your overall level of sickness.

          You can do this experiment if you like but I’m sure you all know the results.

          Of course it’s continuous and differentiable.

          The germ theory is complete bullshit.

          Here is another experiment:

          Take 4 splinters. Wash and disinfect two of them and put all four of them in separate fingers.

          Remove one clean one and one dirty one.

          Wait a week.

          See which fingers hurt the most. Under germ theory it doesn’t matter if the splinters are still in there, the sore fingers will be the clean fingers (one with a splinter, one without). Under my theory, the sore fingers will those that still have the splinters in them (with basically no difference in pain levels).

          You can of course repeat this experiment with many people. But, again, there is no need. You all know the results.

          The germ theory is bullshit.

          • tony bonn says:

            are you saying that molds, fungi, worms, and parasites are not pathogenic? ie – they do not cause harm or disease?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        And THAT completely throws away Biology 101.

        The body’s immune system does react instantly the moment a foreign substance or life form invades or gains entry. It takes a certain amount of time before the body is alerted to the presence of a foreign substance, and is able to biochemically identify it to produce the necessary anti-bodies for it.

        Viruses can not “self-replicate” by themselves. They rely on the host cell they invade to do it for them, by injecting their RNA to be incorporated by the host cell. The viral RNA is what gives instructions to the invaded (compromised) host cell on how to reproduce (IE: “clone”) from the original virus. – Learned this in Biology 101 many years ago.

        I know they don’t teach much good Biology in most of the schools these days, but that does not mean the original understanding of Biology that was taught then is total bunk either!

        “Germs” do not cause the original “dis-ease”, I can agree with. The “infection” by an “opportunistic pathogen” is part of the result of a compromised immune system (or “weakened”) by sub-optimum health. The “germs” may cause the symptoms to become visible, usually from mass tissue destruction, created toxins, etc – but the “germs” did not cause the original “dis-ease”.

        This is why infectious pathogens (IE: “opportunistic” infections) have very little effect on optimally-healthy creatures. By Nature’s design, “dis-eases” are weeded out by infections (the “dis-eased” and) weakened individuals are the ones who are attacked.

        Want to stand up well to these various “germs”? – Eat properly according to your own body’s Natural nutritional needs!

        – “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine, and Thy Medicine be Thy Food.”

        – Hippocrates (Hipparchus)

        – Jim S.

      • miville says:

        Rtp, what you explained is simple and at the same time full of information. If a honest teacher would explain that to a class of new medical students, he would create a revolution in allopathic medicine or he would simply be fired.

        150 years ago, Antoine Béchamp explained thoroughly why Louis Pasteur’s germ theory was faulty. How many medical doctors have heard of Béchamp?

        Negative feedback is a notion that does not seem to have any place in allopathic medicine. The disease care system in vogue in the Western world is a consequence of positive feedback that brings chaos, illusions, exponential increase of costs, and bankruptcy. This crisis is the best illustration of a system that is bankrupt at all levels.

        Rtp, the example you have used could be explained on Sesame Street and the kids would easily understand. However, the monolithic germ theory is so prevalent in the Western world that anyone attempting to challenge it publicly would risk to end up in a mental institution. The famous French comedian Coluche said: “It is dangerous to tell the truth on TV; too many people are watching.”

  14. A Little says:

    Here is the lecture referenced above:

  15. lamberth says:

    The only thing “novel” about this whole pandemic is the propaganda.
    It’s unprecedented, relentless, wall-to-wall, 24/7.

    And it’s all ????????????????!

    • Good thought there Lamberth– it’s novel propaganda. I’ve been ruminating on the idea of corona-cult lately. What we’re seeing the the maturation of the cult. There is a vast literature online about cults and deprogramming. I’ve been thinking about reviewing cult-deprogramming literature to see if I can begin to apply it to the situation.

      Today Trump is talking about labs and testing which only plays into the corona cult– so he’s not going to be of any help. Neither is Pence. ALL the official people are INTO the cult.

      Only millions-of-me’s-like-us are going to be able to counteract this onslaught of we’re-in-this-corona-cult-together rampage.

      YOU can change the world, one “me” at a time. Just start chatting to other “me’s” without being invasive or impolite. Personally I’m doing my best to IGNORE and NOT LOOK AT pod-people-wearing-masks because I think THEY are on a mission-to-scorch-the-earth-with-their-policies-and-methods-to-defeat-Trump.

      My personal activism is comfortable. I would call it a comfortable counter-coup. When I see someone withOUT a mask and gloves, I nod and smile. I might even start giving them a thumbs up.

      George Noori on Coast-To-Coast every nite at around 10 or 11 is promoting getting back to work immediately, like Rush. Bill Brady locally here in Phoenix is too.

      • Rtp says:

        Some thoughts on deprogramming people.

        Never ever moderate your position. Moderate tone, never position. If you get agreement from people on a minor issue, use that to bring them closer to truth on more important issues.

        To be clear, that is not the same as demanding purity or nothing. If you can get them to accept that the Hep B vaccine is not needed even if they still think the polio vaccine is good that is still a win. But under no circumstances should you pretend that the polio vaccine is one that actually works. If you are currently focusing on getting them to reject the Hep B vaccine just say “well actually there are some surprising things about polio you should know but they can wait”.

        When the programmed are being deprogrammed, the former will look for any sort of validation from the latter even if the latter is arguing against 90% of the former’s beliefs.

        Try and use logic rather than empirical data. Data is ok to use to illustrate the case, but rarely does it help in proving it.

    • tony bonn says:

      the only comparable event to this one was the rabid fever the cia press had in ousting Nixon. although I am no fan of his, he was removed by the cia and the press were in apopleptic frenzy day in and day out to remove him. same cia as today.

  16. Jim S Smith says:

    Hey, Jon,

    Perhaps it is time for someone to expose the “trope” about this Coronavirus supposedly damaging to men’s testes?

    Seems NO ONE else has come out about it (not even from most of the “alt-media”).

    I am quite sure that so-called “study” all but ruled out the role of cellphone/smartphone RF radiation, being that it is VERY common knowledge that being that men do not usually carry “handbags” to stow their wireless phones (as women usually do), but carry them in their trouser waist pockets when they are out and about. Not to mention that at least several international studies and research papers have already CLEARLY identified the role of repeated/long-term RF radiation exposure (from wireless phones) has a significant role in harming/damaging cells and even cellular DNA (which is especially important in the sperm cells generated in the testes – in CLOSE PROXIMITY TO WIRELESS PHONES CARRIED IN POCKETS!)

    Time to call BS on this little lie-of-a-“study”, don’t ya think? ? ?

    – Jim S.

    • Great point Jon. I call this crisis “corona5G” in one word because corona is COVERING for microwave illness.

      The girls are wearing the smart phone in their back pocket mostly, from what I’ve seen… and that’ll destroy their ovaries. The boys with phones in their pockets will lower sperms for sure from what I’ve read.

      If you can cite that study– about tests and corona, would appreciate. I’ll look for it too. It’s likely a really good ref point for correlating the corona cover for 5g.

      Wuhan was the origin of this– and had switched tens of thousands of 5G antenna on– coincidentally. I’d like to find the vids of the people dropping in the streets… now we know why– 60Mhz resonance with oxygen.. making it not-uptakable-by-hemoglobin.

      Jon was not so big on this connection at first, pointing to pollution and other causes in Wuhan but we really need to write the history on this as how the bat-disease covered up for the 5G antennas.

      And again, we have to remind ourselves that viruses are part of the immune system and that Beauchamp beats Pasteur… and that therefore a SUPER-virus cannot have been designed because if REGULAR viruses don’t float through the air and INFECT, then neither can a SUPER-virus.

      Another area we can rip open and find thousands of MAGGOTS is the INFECTIOUS DISEASE departments in gov and universities… because it now appears the “infectious disease” pros are nothing but “expletive deleted” cultists. We have to take our online torches and pitchforks and break into their comfy little online websites.

      • lamberth says:

        Agreed with your post. About this cult.

        A component of this cult’s (I call them The Cabal or The Money Men) armoury to which you are referring includes our educational system. Right from primary school up to (and especially) university level. The brain-washing happens right from childhood up into adulthood for as long as you’re in this “educational” system.
        It’s not education, it’s brainwashing. You don’t learn wisdom, all you learn is repetition in one particular subject.
        Everything is compartmentalized. This gives birth to “The Expert” in this or that field, just as we see now with this “virus” hoax.
        Trust “The Expert” to tell us what the problem is and then tell us what to think, what to say but especially how to react and behave.
        It’s Mind Control.

        Our society today is a direct result of this system.
        You reap what you sow.
        There is no “holistic” approach where logic, reason, imagination is given priority (such as Jon teaches).

        Science has been sent down a blind alley well (way!) over a hundred years ago by this cult. They infiltrated everything, starting with the monetary system of the target country or area, everything else follows from there, finance, education, politics, science, medicine, media, history, etc., etc.

        It is the Cult of Inversion, where all logic is turned upside-down, inside-out and back-to-front. That includes this nonsense about viruses.
        One of their most recognizable symbols is the inverted Hakenkreuz, an ancient symbol which you can still see in many places, in its original orientation.
        And no, when talking about this symbol, I’m not talking about Nazis in particular, although the Fascistic Modus Operandi is the same. The Nazis themselves were (are) nothing but pawns on the chessboard of this cabal.

        This cult is global, it cares not about national boundaries or states.
        And it is hell-bent on taking complete control over everything in, on and above this planet. The “on” includes us, Homo Sapiens, to be controlled, manipulated and herded like cattle (just as what is happening right now).
        This COVID-19 PsyOp False Flag is but another step in this process.
        It’s the nine/eleven False Flag on steroids.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Here is the one article from the Daily Mail where this “study” makes the claim, but I also noticed some disagreements by others and other institutions too.


        From there, it is a matter of searching for the older articles which name the international studies, concerning cellphone radiation hazards and exposures.

        Stay tuned. I will probably see about writing some of this down, as I get more details. Needless to say, the hazards from long-term/repeated exposure signals and RF radiation from wireless phones has been studied and evaluated. The WHO, of course, was all too dismissive, just as it was about concerns over 5G exposure!

        It never ends, denials, retributions, and all.

        – Jim S.

    • tony bonn says:

      laptops and cellular phones most emphatically contribute to male infertility. I recently bought a special laptop desk to protect against radiation. same for my phone.

      but no, coronavirus does not harm men’s reproductive apparatus. what a g-d crock.

    • Madness says:

      True, there’s a good scientific lecture about it by Dr Devra Davies (held on Melbourne University), for those who are not aware of the effects of cell phone, wireless radiation.

  17. Anabel says:

    Yes the real history we could learn from not the history written by the Oligarchy.
    Human history reads like a history of insanity.
    This fiction viral insanity just the same level of fascism as the Nazi era .

    Found a good link to some of the many pitfalls of PCR

    Like the man made climate scam this viral scam relys on people not being scientifically literate and not having a reasoning mind.

    • I’m glad you mentioned “reason”. That’s a good concept, that. Yup. Without “reason”, we’re in big trouble.

    • lamberth says:

      Well said.

      History as “taught” today is but one gigantic lie, from the Egyptian Giza pyramids to just about every war fought in the last 500 years.
      Where the villain is turned into the victim and the victim into the villain.

      All brought to use by the Cult of Inversion.
      Including this COVID-19 PsyOp False Flag.

  18. USA invades Israel says:

    Determine who it is you are doing business with; are they a government bureaucrat like a cop, public school teacher or administrator, or are they a welder or carpenter working for a small private outfit?

    If the former, charge all these types more than what you would the other class of person. Todays’ private worker usually has no pension to look forward to or any form of job security. Bureaucracy in the West is massive and represents the arm which will squeeze the life out of the average person.

    “Mr. Carpenter, the dishwasher will be $600 installed”.

    “Mr.Cop, the dishwasher will be $850 installed”.

    Claw that public money back.

    Find sympathetic insider bureaucrats and devise ways of sabotaging their operations internally. This requires creativity but large entities are sluggish and can not mount a defense against it. If Rome was destroyed from within, so can a bureaucracy be.

    And by the way, cops will follow ANY order they are given just so long as the pay and pension keep flowing. Expect no help from them. Always remember that! Find a way to cut that money supply off and the bureaucrats and politicians have no teeth. Pit bureaucrat against bureaucrat.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      We could all we wishful of that, but there are toadies within, and all sorts of cowards beside them.

      The toadies know what they are doing is criminal, and just simply don’t care – because of the very same mentality you described.

      The rest of them are cowards who will DO exactly as they are ordered (by the toadies and their powerful handlers), or “else”.

      Only way to completely “drain the swamp”: Rout ALL these devils out!

      – Jim S.

      • USA invades Israel says:

        Hi Jim, it is important to not be defeatist right out of the gate. Others have engaged in bureaucratic sabotage with success. They never announce it though nor how they went about it.

        I think grey area modes of thought are neccessary here. Take small victory after small victory and eventually they add up. Be relentless.

        A key point is the application of leverage on discovered leverage points. Finding cracks and chinks in the armor are the feasible domain of the small operator. Find them and pry them open.

        Another way to sway is through use of public relations stunts – carefully crafted ones for specific effect. Think dialectically about the outcome you want then create a stunt that provokes an anticipated and useable (to your objectives) reaction from authorities.

        Small groups of dedicated, committed individuals who agree on the paths necessary to take can have a huge effect.

        Bureaucrats will turn on each other fast given the right stimulus:

        I just heard a local government telling it’s two Universities that their funding is to be cut by 35% in order to offset economic losses prolonged by this inflated madness. The Universities say they have no way of making that loss up. The government says they’ll have to let staff go, or recoup by some other method. What we now see is a disgruntled party in this scenario and I think I know how it could be used to advantage.

  19. marlene says:

    VIDEO Newly Discovered footage from 2017 shows Dr fauci predict disease outbreak
    4/4/20 The Citadel

    Fauci said “the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease attack.”

    • tony bonn says:

      this find is outstanding – I haven’t watched it yet, but it is the smoking gun of a conspiracy. I have no confidence that trump understands that he has been under attack by this vile cabal. and he has one of its key front men right next to him making policy. there are days when I think that trump reports to fauci.

  20. marlene says:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr. Reveals the Extent of Vaccine Carnage and Corruption Caused by Bill Gates
    4/17/29 Shane Trejo

    • tony bonn says:

      for those who missed it another thread, bill gates is a woman and his wife is a man. I guess they are heterosexual but what a warped world they live in.

      also for those who missed it, ms gates’ personal doctor was caught on a recording stating that gates refused to allow her children to be vaccinated.

      gates is a nasty vile old woman who hates mankind and will do anything to destroy it. she is raging infantile bitch. and I guess I would be too if I were a fake man married to a fake woman.

  21. za ka lu says:

    funny the stones just did their tour which generated billions just before covid. Highest grossing tour ever surely was it not? Just sayin’, the stones are all knighted aren’t they?

  22. From Quebec says:

    Share this interview to help Infowars disseminate the crucial information
    The Alex Jones Show – APRIL 20, 2020


  23. Dragonslayer says:

    I keep thinking about the entire virus story and I am questioning everything. I asked myself if I could prove the existence of viruses if my life depended upon it, and I answered “no”. I realized how little I had been exposed to any proof, but I had heard stories about them since I was a kid. But proof? That’s something quite different.

    I recall my time in the military, helping with sick call and assisting doctors. If anyone was not feeling well and they couldn’t prove a bacterial infection, they were diagnosed off with a “It’s a virus and you’ll feel better soon” message. But not once, not ever, was there any testing or evidence that they had a virus.

    Well, I happen to not believe the CDC statistics about flu cases and deaths. I have asked countless people over the years if they know of someone who actually died from the flu, but I haven’t gotten an affirmative answer yet. I know of people who were damaged or died from the flu shot.

    Apparently, I am not the only one questioning the existence of viruses. I have been listening to Dr. Andrew Kaufman, for one, and his explanation for the confusion between exosomes and viruses makes sense.

    I have been studying solar weather for years and that includes solar cycles. I am aware that there are periods of quiet on the sun which produce changes in weather patterns, particularly in certain latitudes. There are many records of the difficulty in growing food crops during these times, because the low solar activity affects the cloud cover and floods and droughts are more common and more intense. In short, it seems that the weather patterns are more erratic and more extreme, and plants just cannot cope with those sudden changes. Hence, famines and starvation cause major stress for the people and they suffer malnutrition as well. Massive amounts of people starve to death. And, the Chinese as well as the Roman Catholic Church are quite aware of these changes, having kept meticulous records over the milleniums. Well, we just happen to be in a period of low solar activity and there is debate about whether we are already in a grand solar minimum, or just descending into one.

    I am posting a link that does hit upon the history of plagues and such as well as the history of the story of viruses.

    • A Little Help says:

      Why would the sun do that to you?

    • tony bonn says:

      the better diagnosis would be that the patient had a toxicity which incited a virus to appear to take care of the toxin. and yes, without testing, the doctor had no way of knowing if a virus were present or not. however, it is a reasonable educated guess that one or more were active. treating the root cause of the problem would require identifying the toxicity and its etiology. the virus is a side show.

  24. BDBinc says:

    And these crooks (CDC big pharma whores) also made money on selling corona contaminated (useless) tests.

  25. Jim S Smith says:

    Ant-biotic = “Against Life” (and against Nature),
    Pro-biotic = “Supports Life” (in accord WITH Nature).

    Know the difference, then you know more.

    Anti-Biotic = Big profits for “Big-Pharma”,
    Pro-Biotic = Much healthier living, “Big-Pharma” no like, because not very profitable!

    – Jim S.

    • tony bonn says:

      anti-biotics were most likely the cause of the polio epidemic in the mid 20th c. when they were new, doctors gave them out like candy and destroyed the body’s immune system. the vaccine which followed is one of the leading causes for the skyrocketing cancer incidence among baby boomers. its inventor was a complete quack and asshole.

      ed Haslam did a lot of research into the polio conspiracy for those who want to research more.

    • za ka lu says:

      relating to or resulting from living things, especially in their ecological relations.

  26. From Quebec says:

    Did President Trump Refer to the Coronavirus as a ‘Hoax’?
    Trump’s commentary on the new coronavirus came before the virus began killing patients in the U.S.

    What’s True
    During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying “this is their new hoax.” During the speech he also seemed to downplay the severity of the outbreak, comparing it to the common flu.

  27. Laura says:

    Thanks for this one Jon. Fool them once, shame on you (WHO et al); fool them a dozen or more times, shame on them! This latest one is a doozy, worst and most bizarre pandemic hoax of all time. I only hope we can recover from all of this and retain our constitutional liberties. Life will not be bearable for intelligent, self-respecting people in a Gates-fantasy world.

  28. za ka lu says:


    cancel tv subscriptions, satellite/dish, cable, streaming services—its pretty much all detrimental ‘illusion’ to ‘make a belief in’ anyway…

    End participation.

    after all that is what Howard Beale suggested, stop watching TV. (tell-lie-vision)

    tele- before vowels tel-, word-forming element meaning “far, far off, operating over distance” (also, since c. 1940, “television”), from Greek tele “far off, afar, at or to a distance,”

    **related to teleos (genitive telos) “end, goal, completion, result,” from PIE root *kwel- (2) “far” in space or time.

    • lamberth says:

      za ka lu,
      Stop watching TV and The Fear will go away.
      And with The Fear, The Virus will go away.

      Fear is the ultimate tool of control, always has been.
      If you want people to do what you want them to do, behave you want them to behave, perceive want you want them to perceive, then make them think they’re being attacked, putting them in a state of fear. Attacked by a Communist, by a terrorist or as is the case now, by a virus.
      All ????????????????.

  29. A Little Help says:

    Not al knowing happens in the brain. It happens more in the gut. There are more brain cells in the gut than in your head.

    You needn’t try to think your way out of problems. This goes with what RTP was saying about the school system and experts. People are trained to think in words, but that is rather futile.

    DNA for instance is only partly a code in language, it’s also a tuning of light that moves and shapes the body.

    You can legitimately “go with your gut.” You needn’t feel insecure or liable to error. Quite the contrary. Most life decisions are really made without much reason. In fact, reason can get in the way. The gut has a a way of knowing that is very powerful.

    In the face of the expert, follow your light.

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