Jon Rappoport: major Coronavirus announcement to my readers

by Jon Rappoport

April 2, 2020

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Update: something is blocking the link to my new audio series: Just after we sent out the link to my new audio series, THE CREATION OF A FALSE EPIDEMIC, we saw the link to those audios was loading very slowly. Readers wrote me saying the link wouldn’t work at all. Something is blocking the link. We’re trying to unblock it. Keep checking the link. I’m still here, giving you the very best information I can on the false pandemic, in every way I can. Thank you for your support!

Update-2: A version is now available at YouTube at the following link: click here.

Exposing the scam, I’ve just completed three audio presentations about COVID-19.

They are available at the following link: click here.

With the cooperation of and Catherine Austin Fitts, we’re making these presentations available to you, and to people around the world.



Readers have been asking how they can help. Listen to the presentation, send out the link to others.

Exposing the COVID-19 covert operation is more important every passing day.

As always, thank you for your support!


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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128 comments on “Jon Rappoport: major Coronavirus announcement to my readers

  1. MorningStar says:

    Another ‘Word-up’:

    The Council Of State Governments,
    COVID-19 State Executive Orders:

  2. tony bonn says:

    as critical as I am of this source’s fear porn and fraudulent treatment of the fake coronavirus epidemic, a very prestigious source in germany has started asking the questions jon was asking over a month ago.

  3. deep says:

    Thanks John.

    Not sure if you’ve seen this yet. The CDC is now lumping in PNEUMONIA or ASTHMA deaths as ‘COVID19’ deaths if someone tests positive with their bologna false-positive PCR tests. No autopsy required, blame it on the corona.

    “If COVID–19 played a role in the death, this condition should be specified on the death certificate. In many cases, it is likely that it will be the UCOD, as it can lead to various lifethreatening conditions, such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). In these cases, COVID–19 should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I with the other conditions to which it gave rise listed on the lines above it.

    Generally, it is best to avoid abbreviations and acronyms, but COVID–19 is unambiguous, so it is acceptable to report on the death certificate.

    In some cases, survival from COVID–19 can be complicated by
    pre-existing chronic conditions, especially those that result in diminished lung capacity, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma. These medical conditions do not cause COVID–19, but can increase the risk of contracting a respiratory infection and death, so these conditions should be reported in Part II and not in Part I.”

  4. Google, Firefox and Start Page won’t open it.

    • Dee Mac says:

      I’m using chrome and have the same problem with listening or downloading the 3 episodes.

      I persevered for a while and finally managed to get episode 1 and 3 downloaded…but nothing I’m doing will give access to episode 2 🙁

      I think your links are heavily being messed with Jon … but then again go figure!
      Suppress the truth at all costs 🙁

    • Kuru says:

      Same here. Safari let me in.

    • From Quebec says:

      I am in Quebec and it work for me, But it did not work THE FIRST TIME SO i tried AGAIN AND AGAIN AND I GOT IT GOING.



    • Stephen Smith says:

      I used the ‘Download’ button and got all three files in less than one minute, using Chrome.

    • CinthEmm says:

      Use Brave.

  5. audio presentations about not working….

  6. Alex says:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”—Edward Bernays, Propaganda

  7. Brett Morgen says:

    Jon, you are the only rational voice in this evil hoax being perpetrated on very weak minded and submissive people.

    Please keep up the good work, we are all lost without your voice. You are literally one of the most important voice in the world right now.

  8. The Watchman says:

    Wasn’t aware of these. Have always liked Catherine Austin Fitts’ work!
    Will definitely link these @
    however at the moment I can’t get into this with the link provided. Anyone else having a problem. Has it already been blocked?????

  9. hi Jon
    thanks for all your work
    unfortunately the solari site takes ages to load, in my case it doesn’t load.

  10. za ka lu says:

    link is broken, unreachable

    msg states took too long to respond, but msg appeared instantly–

    This site can’t be took too long to respond.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    • Honk says:

      Za ka lu, so glad you’re still around! Wanted to thank you (at least I think it was you) for the link:

      Am enjoying the the hell out of it—especially the parts that talk about our “esteemed founding fathers” and how this whole “nation” was established. The guy who writes it is also hilarious.

      Sometimes we have to look back to where we came from to know where we’re going. Much like Jon’s writing I’m constantly slack-jawed with disbelief at the goings on that occur out of public view. So thanks!

    • BlizzardDay says:

      Keep trying it comes and goes. Try different browsers.

    • WHO nose says:

      Same thing here.

  11. bewildered_beauty says:

    The 2nd one is not working for listening or download. Just FYI. Great stuff, though!!

  12. [Message to Rick: Please only list your name as “Rick in Phoenix AZ” not as “Rick in Phoenix AZ– Piano teacher at Guitar Center who closed THEMSELVE down!?”. The latter is too long. Thank you]

    “Not one disease…” is what I’m listening to now and he’s making the point that there is no “it” as a disease. It’s useful to listen to his steady authoritative voice on this… it DOES come through better. Thanks Jon! I like the reference term “CORONA UMBRELLA” or “CoV Umbrella”.

    I was working on this point this morning before the audo– from the numbers point of view… and I’ve been compiling as EZ-to-read list of Jon’s articles on Corona going back to early Jan. 2020.

    THE NUMBERS SHOW CORONA is an UMBRELLA term for many causes…
    I’m thinking about the total deaths per day in the U.S.– with a population of some 327 million — and from what I’ve seen, 7,000 deaths per day. With INCREASING estimates of CORONA death– should we not look at TOTAL DEATHS as well? It’s probably not possible to report on deaths every day in an up-to-date fashion but if it were, then how do we know THEY are not simply LABELLING some OTHER deaths as CORONA deaths… with the TOTAL being stable? The way MSM NEWS is reporting it, they make it appear to be 7,000 deaths from routine causes PLUS 100 or whatever more deaths per day due to CORONA for a total of 7,100. What Jon is arguing is that they are saying there are 6,900 regular deaths + 100 Corona deaths… then maybe 6,000 deaths to get 1,000 Corona deaths. The TOTAL must be known before any POSSIBLE understanding of CORONA deaths can be made.

    Jon points out no autopsys were done. We don’t know why they dropped. I confess that I let that news pass by me. I thought it might be CRISIS ACTORS, then I though 5G and oxygen deprivation. But Jon makes a good point. We don’t know.

    PEOPLE IN PANIC because they believe deaths reported are due to Corona Virus….
    Jon points out… can’t assume that. In regards to that, I looked up the CDC website myself and found this…

    In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot
    be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances
    are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it
    is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as
    “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should
    use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19
    infection was likely. However, please note that testing for
    COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.

    Rick says… Mainstream news (FOX CORONA DEATH COUNTER) does NOT say “probable” or “presumed”… or that testing was NOT done before labelled CORONA.

    An accurate count of the number of deaths due to COVID–19
    infection, which depends in part on proper death certification,
    is critical to ongoing public health surveillance and response.
    When a death is due to COVID–19, it is likely the UCOD and
    thus, it should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I of
    the death certificate

    Rick says… UCOD is Underlying Cause of Death. So CDC says if COVID is involved, then it’s “LIKELY?” that it’s the UCOD? How can they say that? Maybe there were pre existing conditions– and a COVID symptom pushed them over the edge. Wouldn’t you say the PEC… preexisting condition was the UNDERlying cause? And the COVID was the “last straw”? or whatever the medical term is for “last straw”. None of these curves are made known in any news reports.

  13. za ka lu says:

    ‘they’ no longer really care what we know, what investigations uncover etc.

    I wish everyone was open to this info exposing the falsities of this plannedemic (and the entire SYSTEM), but the people I meet are hostile to this info—truly Plato’s Cave—

    Knowledge is only power with action—and hu-man-ity takes no assertive action to sever joinder, only continues compliance, fulfilling the demands and orders of the embezzlers perps.

    Hu-man-ity seeks remedy from the perpetrator—insane

    • Greg C. says:

      Right, you don’t have to look hard to find good information exposing this hoax. It’s in the open, they can’t quash it (though the DDOS attack to prevent people downloading Jon’s audio shows someone is trying). They are relying on the fear porn and people’s subsequent impulse to listen to an authority figure rather than to think through the facts and arrive at the inescapable conclusion.

      • za ka lu says:

        well said Greg, “…people’s subsequent impulse to listen to an authority figure rather than to think through the facts and arrive at the inescapable conclusion”.

        Critical thinking bread out of man, hue-man is dependent upon the ‘save me’ ideology.

        I will Never Obey these perps, there is no agreement to compel performance.

        hue definition;
        -a color or shade.
        “verdigris is greenish-yellow in hue”
        -in law ‘colorable’, not authentic

        -character or aspect, not in entirety.
        “men of all political hues submerged their feuds”

  14. Earl says:

    The audio loaded for me, I was able to download the file.

    If anyone still can’t do it today I’ll upload them to me site for a mirror.

    I used brave browser, just lmk in a reply here.

  15. Earl says:

    Here I uploaded all the files to a mirror using mega. You don’t have to download an app just click open in browser and download.!MmgTmDBa!4sh3zi6ulrLrV6D8aM-xlQ

    Also wanted to say that Germ Theory is a hoax! Read more about it at my site..

  16. TkA says:

    Jon, could you please make a transcription of the salient points? Either that site is overwhelmed by visitors, or somebody does not want it to work. Both scenarios are GOOD!

    • tony bonn says:

      the audios are largely a compendium of his last 3 or so articles – just go down the list of articles on his home page. admittedly the 3 audio contains a larger elaboration of the political motives and end game of the psychopaths than appears in the recent articles.

  17. Piksil says:

    Well done, thank you for this!

  18. DSKlausler says:

    BRAVE loads it instantly.

  19. LuLu says:

    Anytime i try to tell people this is baloney, they look at me like i got lobsters crawling out of my ears. i hate playing along to this BS. Thank you Jon for doing what you do, and being real!

  20. Pisces says:

    Thank you, Jon and Catherine, for making these presentations available for everyone. I listened carefully from slightly sceptical “view” (which I always do when I research) and really think about what you talk about in these presentations, and I couldn’t find any information that I disagree with, because everything you say makes sense. Even though I knew what this “pandemic” is about, you made me see it in more detailed perspective of why this is happening. Thank you very much, Jon! Keep up the great work.

  21. Caroline says:

    The Solari site finally loaded! There’s an option to read online or download. I’m will make it easier to share. Thank you, Thank You, Jon! Now let’s get to work!

  22. tony bonn says:

    if the 3d part of the series did not disabuse anyone of the delusion that trump is a good guy, then he is a total vegetable and co-conspirator with the totalitarian state. trump has endorsed whole heartedly the destruction of the economy to herald the brave new world. Q-Anon is a superb psychological warfare operation to delude mush brains into accepting the economic and social destruction. “We need to accept these inconveniences because super trump is crafting this hyper brilliant plan to take out the evil geniuses.”

    • tony bonn says:

      and this headline just posted: Fauci Says Lockdown Will Continue Until There Are No “New Cases” Of COVID-19

      LMAO – martial law is permanent. the plutocrats never in their wildest dreams expected this to be so easy. There will never be a day when a covid-19 case is not discovered.

      • za ka lu says:

        either man takes a stand NOW and does not comply, or obeys to become eternal hu-man slave—

        There is no other choice really–

        The only way to ‘win’ ‘their’ game is Not to Play.

      • The A.P.L.M. demands the immediate non-stop ridicule and insulting of Foochi, including funny pictures using CGI. The Plutocrats have no idea what the power of RIDICULE and HUMOR can be. Foochi will be laughed at in the OUR history books… because the WINNERS, us, will write that history. Rick Potvin- wannabe standup comic and piano player, and occasional drunk… initiator of the American People’s Liberation Movement.

    • Greg C. says:

      Trump is a brilliant problem solver, but his commitment to personal liberty is wishy-washy. So the Deep State is exploiting this weakness. His focus is on things like getting masks and ventilators and money distributed. He just can’t fathom that this is not a distribution problem at all. It’s a truth problem. I had hope when he spoke at his last rally, calling this circus a hoax, but then that hope faded when he walked that remark back the next day.

      • tony bonn says:

        it’s a classic disarming and demoralizing technique. “Oh yes I agree with you —- NOT”. The fundamental problem is that people are looking for a messiah or some deus ex machina to do the work which they are too lazy to do. It is the complete, thorough, and abject admission of impotence.

        Trump’s commitment to personal liberty is not wishy-washy. It is boldly contemptuous. He and his co-president have just ordered you to permanent lockdown. These goons will take me out with a bullet – I will not submit. I know it is hokey, but give me liberty or give me death. I do not want to live in this morbid totalitarian police state.

        • za ka lu says:

          agreed tony.

          will we as man stand in trust of our direct connection to un-corrupted ineffable power of creation, or will we acquiesce to intimidation and coercion of the malicious impostor of artificial rule?

          simple really.

          I stand for Liberty of spirit, mind And body without concession.

    • From Quebec says:



      • tony bonn says:

        he and his co-president have double handedly killed it using fake voodoo science. the economy is mortally wounded in part because it never properly healed from the 2008-12 depression.

        whether I hate or love trump is immaterial. I observe actions – not his words. he has proven himself to be a totalitarian dictator who can’t spend enough to bail out his wall street friends who have received trillions so far with more to come. and main street is left holding the massive tax bill

  23. Phil says:

    Jon, I love your articles!

    One question: If the Chinese are diagnosing all pulmonary cases as Covid-19 based on CT scans, wouldn’t they be reporting a much larger number of deaths attributed to the Coronavirus rather than the relatively paltry number of 3,300+ deaths?

  24. Michele Wolf says:


    I haven’t seen this mentioned somewhere however has anyone wondered why in the hell are they using Chloroquine and ZPak with great success more specifically I’m referring to ZPak as that is used for bacterial infection… Perhaps because many, most of all of the people having viral precipitation is actually caused by bacterial infection.

    • tony bonn says:

      yes – success with zpak, as you suggest, indicates bacterial infection. and these success cases may well be from people who also test positive for coronavirus. but remember: testing positive on the pcr test is a complete and total nothing burger. infection and disease are two different things. but in the cases of viruses, infection is a complete absurdity as infections are always endogenously produced – you can’t catch or be infected by a virus unless by so-called vaccination. and just because you have viral fragments does not mean that you will get sick – it could very well indicate that you were sick in the past. viruses are essential to human life and are the body’s response to toxic build-up. it the body trying to heal itself.

    • From what I understand from my expert testimony as a piano player and instructor, both are toxic to the human anatomy and have lots of dangerous side effects. The one upside is that it stimulates the cells temporarily so that the illusion of relief from a malady is achieved.

      Laura Ingraham on FOX says she took Chloroquin numerous times but I don’t believer her because she never said that they HYDROXY chloroquin was LESS harmful… and you would have expected she would have told her viewers that.

      None of those chemicals are any good in my opinion and totally unneccssary anyway since germs are misunderstood. Germ theory has as many Germ Theory Denialists. I’m one of them. I’m not sure Jon is… he’s not quite there… but I think I can get him there.

      Rick Potvin, piano guy and leader of the one-man American People’s Liberation Movement, fighting for the opening of bars and restaurants in Phoenix IMMEDIATELY. And for real in person piano lessons like I had two weeks ago.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Your last line, you are right.

    • Rtp says:

      You need to read either Stefan Lanka or me on why antibiotics *appear* to work. There is your answer.

      Think about if you have a cold but you go out drinking. You actually feel better – for a few hours. But you pay for it in the morning.

      When the body is in a healing phase (ie feeling sick) then poisons can potentially make us feel (temporarily) better because the body goes out of the healing phase.

      This is why people end up taking one round of antibiotics after another. They feel better but they never actually heal.

      • Rtp says:

        I should say, antibiotics “work” on supposedly viral infections too. So that tells us that our understanding of them is completely wrong.

  25. Aron says:

    Shared! Deepest thanks Jon.

  26. Mike Ellwood says:

    I have found that the download link works better than the “listen to” link. It takes a while to become established, but it does work eventually, at least it did for me.

  27. Erika says:

    The Federal Government here in the states just lost a land mark Vaccine case in DEcember 30 2019.
    It makes me wonder if that is what the hysteria is really about.
    Check it out:

    The Pharma medical cartel is ENORMOUS- we are talking at least 20% of the total economy.

    I am telling you that IF this all comes out, the medical cartel may be witnessing it’s last days- that is why the desperation.

    • tony bonn says:

      no doubt vaccines are part of the fake pandemic and hysteria, but the real is control – obey your talking head; obey your government; obey your employer; obey, obey, obey.

      be afwaid; be vewy afwaid – until the government thinks for you and tells you what to do.

    • Wow, Erika… fantastic find. How did you find that? What is YOUR background that you can resonate that little link into this blog? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY RICK to all of Jon’s readers. It’s a quick read.

      Erika is RIGHT– THIS might have been the MOTIVE for the CORONA HOAX!!!! Absolutely terrific.

      Note that Robert F. Kennedy Jr…. got this done. ROBERT! Way to go, dude! Geez, carries on Jack’s tradition. Fantastic. It’s like JFK heroism all over again, with RFK jr. The PEOPLE squeak through a tiny opening like this and absolutely CRUSH and potential SMASH and DESTROY the current CORONA VIRUS HOAX. Robert. F. Kennedy. Jr. …

      Because Corona Virus is leading to FORCED vax and this piece DESTROYS that even as a possibility. BOOM! By comprehending what Erika posted with implications and background, we have a coming WIPEOUT and very likely INCARCERATION of ALL participants in this NEW WORLD ORDER CORONA CRAP.

      Erika is very likely right. By this loss, their side decided they had to do something BIG BIG BIG… and it’s funny– THEY OVERSHOT their little tiny runway… and now we’re going to create youtube laugh tracks to accompany their stupid vengeful idiocy.

      NOW… TRUMP… calling on TRUMP… cancel the shutdowns IMMEDIATELY… I, RIck Potvin, a piano teacher… DEMAND it… I am the leader of the APLM… American People’s Liberation Movement. You WILL TWEET by the time I wake up tomorrow– that it was ALL A MISTAKE.

      • Erika says:

        No credit to me, all credit goes to the people who brought the case and won it Robert Kennedy Jt and Del Bigtree.

        I found the link because i was looking for info about the CDC taking donations from Pharma through a foundation, knew about “HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020” initiative written back in 2010 after the Swine Fly pandemic hoax..they wanted at least 90% compliancen for the flu vaccine by 2020 which didn’t happen- so now we have this pandemic. (vaccination rates were around 37% for flu last fall)

        CHINA took over the UN and the WHO to subvert them.
        ALL this screaming about “climate change” for Europe and the US while Chjina is exempt from the climate agreements?
        While the WHO IGNORED a real existential threat a possible new pandemic?..

        Flooding Europe with “climate refugees”?
        Whose game was this to weaken western democratic republics?

        This is much bigger than we think.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Thanks for this link!

    • tony bonn says:

      does anyone know the plaintiff and defendant and the jurisdiction trying the case?

      Case 1:18-cv-03215-JMF Document 18 Filed 07/09/18

      as good as the news is, the article was awful for leaving out this critical information. I apologize if it is there – I read in a hurry often.

    • Madness says:

      You are the best ever. It explains everything. Please people distribute this info. Those who affected the richest ever able to influence governments, media. In Hungary the army already took over energy sector, businesses, everything – even if you wake up you have no chance.

    • Madness says:

      PLEASE DISTRIBUTE IT AS IT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. THE QUEEN OF UK (ONE OF THE BIGGEST SHARE HOLDERS BUT STILL SHE HAS AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF TRUST) we did our best to share the info – but I think this is the big cannon, please Jon go after it, and please rest of ours share, share, share.

  28. Mick says:

    Absolutely amazing work. Jon is one of the very few people in the world truly knowing how this cynical ploy works.

  29. Will G says:

    I had difficulty opening “Listen to the interviews, but the
    “Download the interview” worked fine.

  30. Elize says:

    I have just opened the link and it worked ok. So no it’s not broken. It is a S L O W connection though.

    Jon is talking much what he has written about here folks.
    If you’ve been here since Day 1 that is.

  31. middleway says:

    Well done Jon! I cannot think of a more finial piece to a long and illustrious career. Thank you for your steadfast years of effort and dedication. I do hope to reminisce with you on the other-side. Now,… on with the carnival of chaos…

    • Alex says:

      You mention Jon’s final piece, is he done with his reporting? please clarify.

      I have not yet gotten the 3 tapes to download. will use another browser.

  32. Peter says:

    HERE WE GO!!!


    The UN and the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION is behind this BLACK OPERATION. We now know why all the countries are doing the same procedure as they all belong to the UN, excluding the VATICAN and excluding a handful of little countries. Our top dirty politicians must have known about this global coup.

  33. joodyboody says:

    Thank you for reminding us of our own personal power at the end of your truth bomb! Know that you are greatly appreciated.

    • za ka lu says:

      what is personal power of imagination if we are physically enslaved? Imagination is fantastic quality but has been hijacked.

      Now more than ever, only our imagination as physical action to Not Obey ‘creates’ freedom from the Usurper Beast, all else is ‘make believe’.

  34. lamberth says:

    Thank you so much Jon for all you do.
    And thank you Catherine Austin Fitts for your support.

    I’m going to sign off every future post with these lines.
    Turning off the TV would be a very good start.

    No Fear.
    No Virus.

  35. Laura says:

    Thank you Jon, will listen, will share.

  36. Aloha Jon, Thank you so very very much, you are a blessing and a deep inspiration, a catalyst for conscious love and creativity
    and truth and justice, and to hear your voice is a pleasure to
    the ears. I was on the school newspaper for three years at
    Glendale High, we had a really great teacher, Virginia Seiler, who
    taught us to be truthful and to ask the appropriate questions, and
    would say that you are up there with the great journalists ever, such as Mark Twain…

    …and I appreciate your kindness and deeply witty sense of humour.

    “Create your own entertainment.”—Henry David Thoreau

  37. May Hem says:

    i was able to download the three interviews OK. looking forward to hearing them and will comment after that.

    many thanks jon and catherine.

  38. Woods says:


    date of the article on that website is April 1

  39. Gary Orlando says:

    I was able to download all 3

  40. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Thanks, Jon. I listened to all three podcasts. I had some difficulty getting them to play at times. What you described is exactly what I have been telling people about what is happening.

    Thank you for bringing up Patrick Wood’s “Technocracy Rising”. I read it right after I saw his interview that was posted on YouTube in 2015. It should be required reading for everyone on this planet, it’s that revealing.

    I had the privilege of tutoring a very intelligent Cambodian woman who had been interned in a Pol Pot camp during the war. I asked her questions about her experience and some things will be with me forever. They had only one outfit to wear the entire time they were imprisoned, and they had lice and mosquitoes and other biting insects to deal with, but if they scratched, they were punished. If they spoke with someone they were punished. At night, guards were placed outside that could hear if they spoke and what they said. For that, they were punished. Punishment might involve being hung from your ankles and being dunked headfirst into a vat of filthy burins. Why do I mention this? Because when I learned of the surveillance, misnamed “smart” technology that is being implemented, I knew that this meant we slaves will be punished for tiny insignificant infractions, subject to the whim of the controllers.

    Little by little, inch by inch. If we do not stop it now, we never will. If they thugs succeed with implementing 5G, they win. The lives of billions are at stake, and the entranced are busily obeying commands for hand washing and social distancing.

    This is almost the only place where there are others who understand what is happening. We need a plan to be in control of our destiny. Organization is power, and we are isolating because the abusers have successfully convinced the victims to abandon their support system in exchange for false protection. Stockholm syndrome.

    Jon, how did Jack True wake people up from their trance?

    • za ka lu says:


      “Little by little, inch by inch. If we do not stop it now, we never will…. The lives of billions are at stake, and the entranced are busily obeying commands for hand washing and social distancing”.

      Yes, either man stands Now and says NO I Will Not Obey, or man is erased. All past generation’s struggles, hopes and dreams for their progeny are forever forsaken.

      • BoogeymanSlayer says:

        Thank you. Exactly what Patrick Wood stared in Technocracy Rising. If it reaches the tipping point, it’s game over. I am going to finish my second listening of part 3.

    • Alex says:

      can someone please share links to who is Jack True? thank you.

  41. Susan Remer says:

    Am listening now – Excellent!

    The Lone Gunman goes Medical…

  42. Peter says:



  43. lamberth says:

    I downloaded all three parts without any issue.
    Thanks so much Jon & Catherine!

  44. Sean says:

    Thamks Jon. Sending it out.

  45. Susan Remer says:

    JUst finished all three parts – That was worth the three hour investment of time as now I can stop listening to and reading all the other former “trusted sources” who are still operating on these false paradigms. Thanks for that!
    Jon, you brought up “Brave New World” that was published in 1932. I read it way back when and then again recently, and found it not very well written compared with 1984. There is no explanation for the separate Reservation where the “Savages” were allowed to live far away from Decent Society. It is alluded that this is where the Christians were sequestered without any of the fabulous technological advances- they gave birth the natural way. EWWW.
    It must be that only a very few will resist the Technocracy and they will be put into some FEMA-type camp.

  46. After listeing to AZ gov Doochy in a town hall tonight, I, as leader of Arizona People’s Liberation Movement, call for his, Doochy’s, immediate intentional consistent mispelling of his name, and his legal impeachment. Furthermore, I call for all CGI experts to make caricatures of him and post them on the net, findable by search engine so that he will forever be seen as the complete imbecile he turned out to be.

  47. From Quebec says:


    HAVE A Twitter ACCOUNT .

  48. Honk says:

    Ok, now herr Gates is saying we’ll need certificates saying we’ve recovered from covert 19 in order to travel. Take a look at this minute long video of him splainin’ it (does he look deranged or just drunk?).

  49. From Quebec says:

    According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.Mar 5, 2018

  50. Sue J Love says:

    Jon, Thank you! My husband Rick and I listened to all three of them. The third one was especially good, and it was very confirming. I appreciate you keeping us informed.

  51. truthseeker123 says:

    The reason there are so many CovID 19 deaths is the definition from the CDC. It uses the word, “assumed.” This isn’t a definite term.
    See how the CDC classifies it.

    “It is important to emphasize that Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate
    for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Other terminology, e.g.,
    SARS-CoV-2, can be used as long as it is clear that it indicates the 2019 coronavirus strain, but we would prefer use of WHO’s
    standard terminology, e.g., COVID-19. Specification of the causal pathway leading to death in Part I of the certificate is also
    important. For example, in cases when COVID-19 causes pneumonia and fatal respiratory distress, both pneumonia and
    respiratory distress should be included along with COVID-19 in Part I”

    To find this pdf, search CDC Guidance for Certifying CovID Deaths

  52. Laura says:

    Just finished the last episode and especially appreciated the last ten minutes or so where you talked about us retaining our individuality, freedom and creativity, that they cannot take those away from us if we don’t let them. More and more we have to “immunize” ourselves against this insane world. I was thinking earlier today, “How dare those friggin goons think they can take MY life away, as I want to live it, and force all sorts of ADDITIONAL restrictions and demands and procedures and surveillance on me that I do not want?!” If the vast majority of people would realize this, and LIVE it, “they” (the Bill Gates and cronies of the world) wouldn’t stand a chance at succeeding with their insane, tyrannical plans. Far more people need to understand this and rise up against what’s happening here; get back into life as you define it, don’t let them do this to you! The fools and snitches who welcome all of this “control” are the only ones who deserve to experience it…no one else does. Thank you for what you’re doing, Jon.

    • Invisible Man says:

      Yes Laura, I agree with all that, but the reason they don’t resist is they don’t realize THERE SIMPLY IS NO PANDEMIC!

      They don’t realize dozens of experts – virologists, clinicians, pandemic experts – have spoken out against the notion we’re in the grip of a crisis. Or if they do realize, their fear is too strong to really pay attention.

      They don’t realize, as well, that there are alternative medical paradigms in existence that strongly challenge the infectious germ model, that are not simply New Age woo, but authentically scientific theories. The German New Medicine model being the most authoritative and credible.

      They don’t realize the statistics don’t add up. The overall mortality rates by country are either the same, slightly higher, or slightly lower than previous years. There’s no real increase! It appears cases of pneumonia, flu, or God knows what else are being relabelled Coronavirus without any justification.

      Whether you believe mainstream medicine (the chorus of dozens of experts) or the more radical GNM critique (I favour the latter), it’s obvious that there’s no real evidence of a severe pandemic at all!

  53. CinthEmm says:


    Thank you a million times! This is phenomenal audio. You have done it again! I shared this widely last night.

    So grateful for you!

  54. Gary Orlando says:

    An important piece of this lie ,and I know John has talked about it , but it needs to be spoken about in a bigger way ,is the media without the media this wouldn’t go anywhere

  55. Richard A Kean says:

    The blocking was evident yesterday, but each download eventually went to completion without errors. Get the IT Mob in there, they’ll figure it out 🙂

    I REALLY LIKE hearing you read your work John. Your voice and delivery cadence are mesmerizing! Much better than “Read Aloud, A Text To Speech Voice Reader” I use with Brave Browser on your Blog

  56. Rick says:

    Sister’s neighbor in Michigan had a brother who died of Cancer and was in hospice. They were waiting for man to be released so he can be buried and were told by hospital that they’d have to wait because being tested for Covid 19. The family was furious as to why they’d be testing the dead and turning away so many from being tested at hospitals. The family warned the hospital that the paperwork should not read he died of Coronavirus or else they were going to file a complaint. Something really dubious is going on here.

  57. Protestant says:

    News today in Britain:

    1) A British citizen reporter was thrown into prison for 3 months, after walking around the public areas of a local hospital and posting the video of how empty it was online. Violent knife criminals get less time than that, and often nothing but a slap on the wrist.

    2) The government are planning to issue “Immunity Passports”: a certificate of Coronavirus Testing, without which no one will be allowed to go back to work. Just like the “Internal Passports” of Russia & China, without which citizens were forbidden to move or even travel from the countryside to a city, or far from their own local area. And since such things can be easily forged nowadays, it seems the next step will be microchips in the hand or forehead.

    3)”Coronavirus testing kits headed to the UK found to be contaminated with COVID-19″

  58. Fred2 says:

    New York Times article

    For Autocrats, and Others, Coronavirus Is a Chance to Grab Even More Power

  59. From Quebec says:




    i am starting to think that maybe you are a never trumper. I hope i am wrong.

  60. From Else says:

    Just a glimpse into the future: flu vaccine efficiency is 60% at its best, according to CDC, here –

    That is 40% inefficient for general population, while for 65+ people its efficiency is 31% at best… What will corona vaccine efficiency be, in order to be “marketable”?

    Unfortunately, many patients are sickened inside hospitals, where the virus population, the concentration of disease is peaking. Wake up, world!

  61. Valerie says:

    SARS-CoV circulated whole population in 2002–2003 so everyone probably has the SARS-corona rna.
    There is no way in the current test used for it they are able to differentiate sars-cov19 from the many sub types of SARS-corona .
    The dubious tests will just come up as positive for SARS corona .Noting the inaccuracy around testing and multiple fake positives and fake negative

  62. Anon says:

    SARS-CoV circulated whole population in 2002–2003 so everyone probably has the SARS-corona rna.
    There is no way in the current test used for it they are able to differentiate sars-cov19 from the many sub types of SARS-corona .
    The dubious tests will just come up as positive for SARS corona .Noting the inaccuracy around testing and multiple fake positives and fake negative

  63. Brian Wright says:

    Jon and Catherine, you are giants in the cause of Independence of consciousness and “the soul’s right to breathe.” Thank you a million times. I’m getting something going in Michigan to get back to work/play/gather/worship as they choose, by “no later than April 6, 2020. We shall win!

  64. From Quebec says:


    Those “puny little ants” outnumber us a hundred to one.

    And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of LIVE.



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