Damn! Will the Zombie Virus Apocalypse never come?

by Jon Rappoport

March 2, 2020

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I write this piece for those who ordinarily have their heads on straight, when it comes to understanding the basics of HEALTH—but now, because of the “coronavirus epidemic,” are drifting back into the medical model: FIXATION ON GERMS.

A correct reading of suppressed medical history reveals that the hypothesis of “one disease, one germ” is a modern con, moving down a blind alley at midnight. And when you add “one vaccine” to the formula, you get an even greater degree of lunacy.

But you also get a trillion-dollar commercial success.

I don’t care how many contemporary molecular biologists are working in labs, amplifying invisible slivers of who knows what molecules into view, and calling them viruses; it’s a con. This also applies to biowar biologists trying to create super-germs. They’re all working in the dark vis-à-vis the natural processes of the body, which are far more complex and far more protective of health than these scientists know—unless the body is interfered with by direct poisons or gross mechanical destruction.

The history of human health shows that upgrades in public sanitation, hygiene, and improved nutrition have done more for people than all the “germ-fighting” pharmaceutical interventions ever invented laid end to end.

But THAT is not a trillion-dollar commercial success.

Even when tissue samples are taken from the body, properly separated through centrifuge, and then observed under an electron microscope, by the most competent and honest researchers, you still get dead pictures of dead particles. As researcher Karma Singh has pointed out, you don’t know, from those pictures, what such particles do or don’t do when they’re alive and integrated in the body. You can’t infer that they cause disease. The whole operation of the Virus Hunters is one brassy late-night infomercial tap dancing in the long, long history of humans on this planet.

You want germs? No one knows how many there are. From various estimates, we could be talking about thousands of trillions to the thousandth power. Maybe more. If an infinitesimal fraction of the critters caused serious disease, we’d not only all be dead, we’d be dead on dead on dead.

To begin to understand how overblown all these modern epidemic duds are, let’s go to the animals. Farm animals. Pigs. A headline blares: A MILLION PIGS SLAUGHTERED. African Swine Fever Virus was discovered, and in order to stop the contagion, death was rained down on the pigs. On the farm. On the giant factory farm. So a question arises:

Do you seriously think humans sat down next to each of the million pigs and tested him/her for the Virus? Drew a blood or tissue sample?

Twenty pigs tested positive and they killed the rest as matter of course. They always do.

But wait. What are the conditions on this massive million-pig factory farm? Let’s see. Pigs living in their own urine and feces, crowded next to one another, nose to butt, sprayed with toxic chemicals, eating chemical-laced feed—under high stress, never living the kind of existence they were designed for. Think they’re going to get sick? Think some kind of minimally reliable test might find a virus or two living and replicating in their bodies? Do you seriously think those viruses matter, contrasted against the OBVIOUS immunosuppressive ENVIRONMENT?

As the number one germ hunter of all time, Louis Pasteur, was reported to have confessed on his deathbed: it’s not the germ, it’s the terrain—meaning, it’s the body and its strength and vitality and resiliency—THAT should be the real focus of the healing profession. Building up health.

One problem. There’s no money in it.


A final note for now: When I’m told that published studies reveal the coronavirus is actually an engineered bioweapon, from a lab, I repeat the assertion I’ve been making in this ongoing series of articles:

The researchers are using indirect methods of virus detection (PCR, antibody tests), and as a result, they have no idea what they’re discovering. It could be fragments of random DNA or RNA, cellular debris, germs that live quite comfortably in the body and never cause harm—and THEN, when the researchers assemble the genetic sequences of these unknown tiny objects and publish them; SO WHAT? And when other people come along and read these sequences and claim there are peculiarities which suggest bio-engineering has taken place, the whole mess of gibberish escalates to a higher level of absurdity. Yes, it has always been the case that biowar scientists in labs are maniacs fiddling and diddling with mixtures of chemicals and germs; and yes, they should all be stopped; but to say that NOW, these loons have precisely located the new coronavirus and are precisely altering it to produce an unstoppable force—that’s really quite a fantastical leap, and it’s a leap that leads into believing, all over again, that “one germ, one disease” is the pattern of the human body. The body deserves more credit than that.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “Damn! Will the Zombie Virus Apocalypse never come?

  1. lamberth says:

    Thanks again Jon.
    What (almost) makes me laugh watching this virus propaganda, is the pictures they show of this supposedly deadly virus.
    That picture could represent absolutely ????????????????????????????????. We have no way of knowing.
    I compare it with the Climate Change hoax where they show pictures of a piece of iceberg breaking off, or even just a water dripping icicle. As if that proofs ????????????????????????????????. It’s just garbage that is meant to play on people’s emotions.
    So it is with these virus pictures.
    The propaganda is just relentless.

    • Alan says:

      Perhaps the pictures are of real coronavirus, harmless virus properly isolated (years or decades ago) and photographed, but has nothing to do with causing disease.

      So far, Koch’s postulates have not been satisfied for any viral disease.

    • cynthia silveri says:

      This! ☝????Jon you are the best. Thanks again for all you do.

    • za ka lu says:

      simple critical thought and application of logic would agree lamberth—so much conflicting info, which is always present in false flag type operations, or any operation of the ‘system’ of exploitation… ‘operations’ of which are entirely without my valid informed consent—–

  2. patriot666 says:


    Keep up the good honest reporting! I think that you and David Icke are the only two voices in the wilderness that are speaking up and questioning this hoax and hype of a so called virus called my corona. More people die per day choking on popsicle sticks or common cold or car accidents but that never gets media attention, now does it? I find this whole corona stinks to high heaven and a false flag op by the NWO, CCP Chinese and bankers to loot and enslave the planet.

  3. za ka lu says:

    well stated. would the elite propagate a lie to this magnitude? yes without a doubt in my mind, as that is the ‘world’ we live in now (and for all recorded history really), lies on top of lies, deceit for maximum exploitation and domination—all info ever told has been ‘filtered’ (to put it kindly) throughout my entire life, so there is no logic to accepting what ‘media’ or ‘leaders’ or ‘dark web’ agents say—

  4. Patrick Donnelly says:

    I strongly agree with you, JR.

    But where does that leave, say, smallpox?

    Nutrition has massively improved. Fat people live longer than thin people, correct? This is a reason why “fashion” dictates we should all be thin or muscular. Fats explain why women live longer than men, as they typically carry more fat. Fat acts as a store of energy but also of fat soluble chemicals such as Vitamin E etc.

    If TPTB were genuine, we would have death weights to establish that obesity is a cause of premature death, instead, we have rising longevity except in USA and UK….

    • Plamen says:

      Nutrition today is even worse. There are four major food groups that people should not eat at all but in fact are staples for most – milk, sugar, grains and alcohol.

    • BS Detector says:

      The way smallpox went is absolutely consistent with the hypothesis of this article. The only thing vaccination had to do with its eradication was failing in an epic way in Leicester, England, which spurred on the sanitation improvements (terrain improvements) that rendered the virus as weak as it really was and led to the ultimate eradication of the disease. Only when other places implemented similar sanitation measures and people were better fed, did they also eradicate smallpox.

      The almost forgotten history told in Dissolving Illusions, by Humphries and Bystrianyk (sp?) is fascinating and really eye-opening. I recommend that anybody who wants to know the true story about the eradication of deadly diseases read it.

    • Rtp says:

      Smallpox (like all so-called vaccine preventable diseases) was just renamed (things like monkeypox, severe chickenpox, cowpox etc). Doctors typically refuse to dx a condition in a vaccinated patient and what is more, before a vaccine comes along, we rarely require a lab test but afterwards, we make diagnosing that much harder. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

      It is not caused by a virus, it is not contagious and with sensible care there is no way of dying from it (panic or getting dirt into the wounds could be dangerous).

      All epidermis rashes are the same – no matter whether they are called measles, pox, hand foot and mouth, roseola, or whatever.

      They are caused by a separation (“touch”) trauma – either touching something that the mind perceives as dangerous or not touching something/someone that the mind perceives as necessary for our survival.

      And of course you don’t believe me but that’s ok.

      Look at all photos of rashes.

      Rashes are *focused*.

      I repeat. Rashes are *focused*.

      That is everything. Rashes being focused tells us that it must be caused by the mind – it cannot be something that spreads through the bloodstream.

      The rash appears where the sub-conscious mind associates the touch trauma. So a breastfeeding child missing their mother will develop a rash (in the healing phase) on their mouth and hands.

      A child that misses embracing their father will have rashes (in the healing phase) behind their knees and inside their elbows.

      It is so obvious. Focused rashes = mind caused. There is no other sensible possibility. Any doctor with an open mind in history could have seen it.

  5. middleway says:

    The human microbiome is made up of many categories of bacteria, fungus and viruses. Their presence is required for proper bio-function, energy exchange, cell respiration and waste elimination in all living organisms. Without this symbiotic relationship all forms of life would begin to decline and ultimately cease. This relationship occurred over millions of years of microbiological evolution. It forms the backbone of life and is critical for the proper functioning of the innate immune systems and their ability to respond. In a healthy uncompromised organism, viruses would not pose a catastrophic threat.
    Corporate science continues its frenzied drive to create as many new immune-suppressive products as they can envision. All these products and/or biochemical processes impact and compromise the immune system to varying degrees. When synergistic combinations of these are considered, honest inquiry morphs into a horrific nightmare. And no, they rarely test the synergistic effects of combinations.
    As one example, the Zika “virus”. Zika is normally found in undeveloped third world countries where sanitation and proper hygiene are nearly nonexistent. If tested for Zika the majority of these populations are found to test positive, but do not exhibit symptoms or illness. Most of these undeveloped third world countries have historically been the proving grounds for western corporations to “test or trial” their pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and chemical compounds. One of the media logos for Zika was pictures of new born children afflicted with anencephaly.
    There have been several clustered outbreaks of anencephaly in the United States. Sanitation and hygiene were not found to be contributing factors. It was officially stated that a few, but not the majority, of mothers tested positive for Zika. What was found to be common with all subjects was the presence of high-levels of the agricultural herbicide glyphosate in the environment and water supply. This scenario was also proven to be in play when a large anencephaly event occurred in a vast agricultural area in Brazil. Jon reported extensively on this along with Barbara Peterson. Was it Zika virus? Was it glyphosate? Was it a combination of both? One is left to conclude that the advent Zika virus was used as a cover for acute glyphosate exposure; then it magically disappeared from the media.
    Is it Coronavirus? Is it 5G? Is it air pollution? Is it a combination of all three; Or is the Coronavirus a cover for for the synergistic effects of 5G combined with industrial pollution. Or is it possible that the coronavirus pandemic will be used as a cover for a far more sinister global event.
    Immunity and viruses aside, I continue to watch and wait to see if the globalist elites are using the coronavirus outbreak as a dry trial run for evaluation or if their intention is to parlay their opportunity, bring out the shackles and begin implementing the foundational and economic structures for their one world governance utopia. King Nimrod would be so proud…

    • Plamen says:

      Your post is confusing. Do you accept that there are invasive agents called viruses or not?

      • middleway says:

        I possibly attempted to cover too much in a short reply. For that overreach, I apologize.
        Yes, I accept that many species of viruses exist, but only become “invasive agents” or virulent when the biological terrain (immune function) has been compromised and/or destroyed.
        This is a vast and complex subject that is not conducive to quick answers. I recommend you begin with a book “Bechamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology” by Ethel D. Hume and R.B. Pearson – published by Caterpillar.Ink. Also “Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience through the New Biology” by Sayer Ji. I recently finished reading a preview copy of Sayer’s new book and it is a game changer in its challenge of the conventional profit and agenda driven medical and scientific paradigm. If you possess the genuine interest and will, these two books will provide you with the foundation to explore further.

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you for sharing your interesting information and knowledge while using your intelligence, wisdom and critical thinking abilities.

  6. Redeye says:

    Would all scientists lie on purpose? No. Could they see the same shadows on cave wall? Perhaps.

    Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, cheesologists wanted to see how their emmentals and edams REALLY look like. They got a brand new CHEESOSCOPE, with instructions:
    1. Cut a micrometer-thick slice of cheese
    2. Prepare the sample. Toxic chemical bath, freezing, dehydration
    3. Shoot the sample with high-power heat gun
    4. Reflected heat produces the best resolution, the most true, the most accurate image of cheese

    A lot of pictures were made, a lot of cheese fried in laboratories. Scientists were happy like children at Christmastime. Everybody got grants and Nobel prizes. Finally they understood how cheese REALLY looks like.

    Please tell me, that was just a bedtime story?


  7. Rick says:

    Let’s start publishing advisories in comments sections of forums we visit– repeating the discovery that CoViD is actually 5G radiation sickness… and propose 5G shelter methods– such as buying protective emf fabric & clothing on Amazon, pointing to articles that show 5G hotspots, and coldspots to re-locate to… & the other tech that should have been used– optic fibre on that “last mile”.

  8. HeyJude says:

    Absolutely. When I visit other blogs, I ask “90K ‘confirmed’ cases – how were they confirmed? what methodology? what tests? Do you think there are already 90K test kits in the world?” BUT WAIT, there must have been a number of negatives, so make that 200K test kits…BUT WAIT some people are being tested 2-3 times, so make that 500K test kits…REALLY? All around the world?

  9. D. Smith says:

    No. The “apocalypse” will never come because there isn’t one.

    As far as I can see, this whole corona virus thing is a hoax, beginning to end. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a TEST. The gubmints of China, the USA (and probably several other countries to numerous to name) are in the business of testing the people to see how truly gullible they are. Of course, the best time to do this is during the winter months when people are “used” to having all these “germs” circulating, right?

    People will believe anything if it’s told enough ways to make it sound scary – even deadly. Not saying there isn’t something going around, but whatever it is it’s probably not anywhere near as bad as the CDC, et al, would like you to believe.

    But they MUST make sure how many “followers” they have and what could be easier than scaring the pants off everyone?

  10. NC says:

    I support Pleomorphism. For those who don’t know, at the time of Louis Pasteur, there was a contemporary scientist, Antoine Bechamp who basically disagreed with Pasteur that the microorganisms were responsible for diseases. He said that the “state of the body” was the deciding factor. Poor body state (caused primarily by lifestyle) caused organisms to “morph” into so-called pathogenic forms. Supposedly, on his deathbed, Pasteur said of Bechamp “Il a raison” (he’s right)…
    Pleomorphism has been demonstrated by Royal Rife and Gaston Naessens, and others, but mainstream medicine makes huge profits on the IDEA of monomorphisim, so no one looks at the possibility that the state of the body is an important factor. That is, unless one is coming from an open mind. People who are aware of how the body works, and take care of it, rarely, if ever, fall ill.
    I follow what Albert Einstein suggested…question everything!

    • rian says:

      Another good point…brings me to a doctor (can’t remember who right now), but I thought his answer was interesting when asked what he would do if he had a cancer diagnosis….his answer was not what to do/take, but what not to be around/avoid. Such things that block endocrine system, emf, toxins, etc….

      the reason it resonated with me is the body can heal itself in a prime state…but environmental factors, processed food, toxic pharma/etc make it vulnerable.

      Goes against what’s engrained in our thought pattern of “take things to cure, hide symptoms.”

  11. BS Detector says:

    Pasteur’s final realization was so correct! Most microbes are our ALLIES, and health comes of a healthy terrain.

    Few are aware that the Xavante tribe in S. America was infected with 3 strains of polio viruses at over 90% rates, and were free of paralytic disease (poliomyelitis), but poliomyelitis WAS observed in American servicemen in the area – who were most likely eating lots of food from back home that was produced on farms that used DDT, which kills insects by paralysis.
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1932461/pdf/ajhg00547-0066.pdf (pp. 122 and 128 of the PDF)

    The researchers, strictly equating disease with “germs”, could not figure it out. But people are BEGINNING to. And I see a revolution coming!

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you for sharing your interesting information on polio! Makes a lot of sense and sounds accurate to me!

    • Debbie says:

      I read that the recent escalation of “gluten intolerance” within the past decade or so is actually an intolerance to GMO wheat. The insecticide within the GMO kills the insects by GI hemorrhaging.

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