The coronavirus vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

by Jon Rappoport

February 27, 2020

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This article is based on the research of Annie Logical. Her far-reaching, many-branched piece, “Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing,” can be found at

In prior pieces (see here and here), I documented two of the experimental technologies that may be unleashed on the public, in the rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

DNA vaccines inject synthesized genes. The recipient’s genetic makeup is altered PERMANENTLY in unknown ways. RNA vaccines carry the potential to trigger autoimmune reactions: the body attacks aspects of itself.

As if that weren’t enough, there is another element deployed in DNA vaccines. It’s called electroporation.

An online dictionary provides a definition: “the action or process of introducing DNA or chromosomes into bacteria or other cells [including human cells] using a pulse of electricity to briefly open the pores in the cell membranes.”

A pioneer in this field is Dr. David Weiner. He is the co-founder of a San Diego company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

NBC San Diego, January 25, 2020: “A San Diego biotech company just received a $9 million grant to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals received a grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).”

If Inovio wins a license to sell their version of a DNA coronavirus vaccine, electroporation will undoubtedly be brought along as part of the technology.

Here is an excerpt from an article, “What you always needed to know about electroporation DNA vaccines,” published in the journal, Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, November 1, 2012: “…the cell membrane also needs to be in a permeabilized [“opened”] state in order to allow passage of the DNA molecule…[Electric] Pulses may be optimized to achieve either a greater degree of permeability of the cell membrane (for passive diffusion of drugs), or a greater degree of electrophoretic effect. As mentioned below, there are various ways to go about this, but generally a series of short high voltage pulses (e.g., 8 pulses of 0.1 ms at 1,000 V/cm voltage to electrode distance) is used for drug delivery, and a combination involving long low voltage pulses is used for DNA transfer [into human cells] (e.g., 1 pulse of 0.1 ms, 800 V/cm and 1 long pulse of 400 ms 80 V/cm).”

In a nutshell, this means that human cells, whose membranes are “too tight” to allow DNA to be injected into them, will be “opened up” by electric pulses, in order to deliver the new type of vaccine.

Apparently, it doesn’t occur to the researchers that human cells may be as “tight” as they are for a reason; and forcing them open with electric pulses, in order to inject DNA, could have unforeseen effects.

Electroporation isn’t the same kind of invasive action as, say, cutting into flesh to remove a bullet, during emergency surgery. The DNA vaccines, along with electric pulses, would be given to healthy people.

But as long as we think of ourselves as guinea pigs, willing to sit still for all sorts of medical experiments, what difference does it make? Genetic-altering vaccines, the body attacking itself, electroporation—if we surrender to the experts, and their assurances, I’m sure everything will be all right.


“Here’s what we’re doing. It’s quite innovative. You see, with electric pulses, we briefly open up cells and inject DNA, synthesized genetic material, into them. Ordinarily, the cells would reject such an intrusion, but we get around that. Once the genetic material is inside cells, it mimics a virus, and the immune system responds, as if this were an actual viral disease. That’s the vaccine effect. It’s wonderful. Safe. Nothing dangerous could happen…”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

32 comments on “The coronavirus vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

  1. lamberth says:

    You almost have to start wondering whether the engineered (IMO) species called Homo Sapiens (wise man) is an ongoing project, it never stopped. In fact, not just Homo Sapiens, but the entire planet.
    TransHumanism is in fact TransPlanetism.
    A covert Manhattan Project of global (cosmic?) scale, millennia old.
    And extremely profitable if you’re “in the club”.

  2. Larry C says:

    Time to take a breather with a Virus Called the Blues…

  3. Simon says:

    We are careering into human experimentation at an exponential rate with zero oversight from governmental agencies (except to rubber stamp whatever big pharma presents). It seems nothing was learnt from Thalidomide and Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium. Will it have to be inter-generational birth defects on a massive scale before any lessons are learnt?

  4. Katharina says:


    I’m reading your posts since many years….
    Thank you for your fantastic work

  5. Low Voltage says:

    There’s a big problem with the 5G story. The US has been actively bullying other countries into NOT buying Huawei’s 5G technology, and no US company has been able to develop its own yet.

    So…Why wouldn’t the US point the finger at the Huawei technology as something harmful and sinister instead of embracing the virus story? And…if 5G is so harmful, why would China want to poison its own people? It would make more sense if they tested it out on their Muslim population that we accuse them of putting in concentration camps. Better yet, try it out for a year in one neighborhood before you tell anyone it’s working. Right?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in favor of wireless data technology, but it seems like small potatoes compared to GMO foods and vaccines. Unless you’re saying that the 5G is just a means of getting people to take a vaccine? Once again, why would China develop its country and provide the best of almost everything possible for its population just to poison it with 5G and vaccines? China actually tries to make its cities look beautiful. New American cities are as ugly as half the people that live in them.

    Sorry, I’m just not on board with the 5G problem yet, but I would expect it to cause cancer and neurological problems after long periods of exposure.

    • Plamen says:

      China has already a history of killing their own people in the millions. In communism, the end goal justifies the means.

    • Dhen Phu says:

      If you would put some time into getting into the Asian way of thinking, you would see it is not so far-fetched to have a completely different strategy in warfare than the West. In the East, in Budo (way of the warrior), it is perfectly reasonable and honourable to defeat your adversary by dying yourself. This is reflected in many techniques that even surface in things you certainly must know, e.g. the ‘sacrificial throw’ in Judo, where you throw yourself in order to drag your opponent with you, hoping for the best outcome and the element of surprise, to come out on top.

      In the Chinese culture, for several decennia now, a similar insight has given birth to what is known as ‘total warfare’ and ‘unrestricted warfare’. It is condensed in the book of two important generals, which you can easily find online if you know what to look for. Yes, probably in your own stores, which is the culmination of the method, ironically.

      The point of winning the world, is not how it has been attempted – and always failed – by numerous historic generals, ranging from Alexander the Great over Napoleon, Gengis Kahn, Talin or Hitler. The point is to make yourself as large as possible, suffering away in slavery to make the world dependent on your ultimately cheap products, so the economic laws and teachings of Adam Smith kick in: countries will unmantle their own means of productions, in favor of cheap import goods. After a long enough time of suffering (mostly by the population, not by the leaders), you ‘harvest’ the invested power, and pull away the support. This makes the economies of the dependent countries collapse, and has them in a chatch-22 situation: even if they realize their mistake and want to take production back in their own hands, it is now too late, because they will not be able to muster the necessary materials, time and knowledge to do so. By these means, you can retract and harvest all the invested time and effort into a total warfare move.

      The element of surprise also lies in the fact that it does not even look like warfare. It looks like trade, a medical mishap, a coincidence which the attacking country seems to suffer the most from. In reality, it is the most patient and successful strategy ever devised, yet never applied.

      The ‘5G problem’ as you put it, is just a little wheel of the machine. It is there to heighten the stream of intelligence and possibly provide backdoors for cyber attacks, shrouded in confusion about radiation sickness etc. But no harm done. Even if Chinese 5G does not break through, the death with a thousand needles will not be stopped, since there are many other ways to obtain the same result.

      You just keep on focusing on the petty stuff, while Chinese will soon emerge from its sacrificial throw. The world will be wondering what happened, but by then it will be too late, and only the people alive now might have a slight idea of what went on. The history books will not only be written by the victors, they will be in Chinese.

    • L says:

      Maybe 5G provides electropulses from the article above and/or controls the DNA delivered by vaccine.

  6. Annielogical says:

    Thank you for sharing my research. My YT vids are also view-able under the name Logical Annie

  7. gordon burns says:

    Hi Jon. Love your posts.

    A thought for you.

    What if the Chinese decided to collapse the US market by shutting down all exports to the just-in – time market knowing that they could quickly recover.

    The US will enter a new Depression and their aggressive military will be severely, financially constrained. This appears to be happening. Do you think it just chance or a well-considered strategy?

  8. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    I don’t get 2 things:
    Why would anybody trust the CDC. Here in Georgia (USA) that joint in Atlanta looks too bad…Dr. Cunningham’s death just for openers.
    AND why doesn’t the media talk about building our immune systems and say “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” ? Which is true both spiritually, mentally, AND biologically.

    An awful air inversion killed thousands in London in 1952. The govt. was more honest about the cause…the cheapest coal was kept home for the people, the good clean coal paid WWII debt to banks.
    Lies have gotten more Byzantine all the time….

  9. Redeye says:

    About electroporation. Large electric fields seems to be required. Not something a person would encounter in everyday life. Perhaps there are easier ways to punch holes in people?

    Me thinking, maybe “microwave electroporation” and found this:

    They claim microwaves do the drilling with less effort. Isn’t microwave shower exactly what we receive from 3G, 4G, 5G and what not? For free.

  10. Eli Hernandez says:

    Jon, can you explain more about the molecular markers that the experts claim to use in detecting new viruses? Another question. Ive been hunting for alternative information inregards to the source of the spanish flu. Do you know any books or articles that explain the origin of that pandemic?

  11. Maverick says:

    This coronavirus really does make me nervous. The virus itself doesnt i think it is a bunch of rubbish but what worries me is how it is being sensationalised in the media especially here in the UK. I dont even think it is real there are too many things that dont add up, but everyone around shows no critical thinking and in the comment section you see huge swathes of people demanding rights to be taken away, they are already begging for vaccines and shutdowns of everything and forced quarantines. The begging for vaccines already and for the governments to shut everything down scares the living hell out of me because the media have already whipped up such hysteria that when the vaccine inevitably comes out people will be gagging for it and i know where this will go. It is so obvious that it makes me sick to my stomach, this is gonna be a pretty nasty vaccine and because everyone is clamouring for it i feel it will be mandated and if you do not take it there will be punishments……like taking away benefits and rights etc and i am on a low income. I also know what is going to happen after said forced vaccinations, everyone will get sick and many more will die and they are going to say ‘super spreaders are people that have refused said vaccines and they are killing people’ Statements like this could end up with healthy people being lynched because people are so scared of this fake virus they have gotten people going crazy here so critical thinkers will be in trouble either which way. They would force a vaccine on you if you refuse they will show the whole world you havent had it and it will be reported maybe even named and shamed antivaccinators causing deaths. Next step will be, not taking vaccines or talking bad about vaccines in a prison sentence, they are already discussing laws that there could be sentences for people who dare to question vaccines.

    These new vaccines will kill and kill a lot but then will be said that the killings will be done by the unvaccinated and stupid people (which 98% of the population are) will believe it……we will be destroyed one way or another, this virus fitsperfectly into shutting down and shutting up people and forcing their will onto us, this is bad really bad!!

    • Dhen Phu says:

      yes. What you say is indeed part of the plan. The only country which will make their own vaccines, is in fact China. They will serve a different purpose than the western vaccines.

      All other countries will be decimated by the Bill and Melinda Gates efforts, who are in turn pawn players of a much higher godly syndicate.

      Bill Gates, betraying his own people, has no other choice, because he is controlled by the ring of the powerful, through the means which have now only slightly been discovered by the Epstein case.

      The first western mRNA vaccines will just give inflammations after 4 years, cancer after 8, long enough time for the Corona crisis to be forgotten and to be overshadowed by wars to come. The second round will also sterilize the thinning population, except in China.

      China will be victorious and occupy most of Africa, which will be nearly emptied of human population by that time. This way, the most important natural resources will be in Chinese hands, war production can surge and the West will bow to the dragon at last.

      The servant will turn out to be the master. By the time western people realize this, they will have no pen and paper to write on. It will disappear in history, which will be written in Chinese.

  12. ReluctantWarrior says:

    This is dangerous and unprecedented. It reminds me of how computer viruses were unleashed so that they could generate business for the Virus Checking Companies. What is being lost in all this is that the healthy and robust human immune system is designed to fight off almost any threat. What we should be doing is educating people how to boost their immune function.

  13. Plamen says:

    This is all result of the fact the fundamental principles of medicine today are totally wrong. It is dominated by the male, masculine principle of might-makes-right.

    Masculine medicine sees the body as a soldier on a battlefield. Not gentle, masculine medicine does not see the body as able to care for itself. As in cowboy movies, it is always riding to the rescue. It is the body versus the hostile world, or even against itself. The body becomes a battlefield that needs the intervention of medical violence. It is life-taking, instead of life-giving. It uses antibiotics to kill off “invading” microorganisms. It violates the body with knives. It uses powerful drugs that violently manipulate the body’s chemistry. It does not give the body what it needs to heal itself. It does not trust the body’s wisdom, certain that it is clever and powerful enough to manipulate the body into health. It operates from the victim principle.

  14. el gallinazo says:

    In other words, Jon, our Overlords functionally become a malevolent DNA virus.

  15. Genevieve says:

    Read the book never be sick again by raymond Francis and immunization reality behind the myth by walrne James
    Take good care of yourself plenty of fluid and sleep,take vitc,d,zinc,wash your hands check priestly family chiropractic a natural flu shot.remember think with logic is it true the new vaccine is going to protect you,remember the virus mutake.check the additives and chemical such as mercury and formaldehyde etc.think positive one day at a time be happy.

  16. Genevieve says:

    Government love fear,stand up for your right no force vaccination.what next if you let it not be a sheep use your common sense,think for yourself treat people as you wanted to be treated.knowledge is power.ignorance is not bliss.aloha

  17. Erika says:

    I’ve used electroporation in genetic research long ago. WE were using virus fragments to immortalize cells.

    Pretty sure you cannot open the cell membrane “gates” to transport genetic fragments into them by beaming these kind of E&M frequencies at them.

    When we were doing it we were shocking the media the cells were in with direct DC microcurrent.

    By comparison, beaming wifi at cells vs electroporating them is analogical to the difference between you listening to the radio and and sticking your finger in a light socket.

  18. Prof Electron says:

    Once again big pharma positions itself for big profits and suppresses the old cure for virtually every pathogen – colloidial silver. Nano-silver particles, when in touch with any single celled pathogen, kills its ability to respirate. The only trick for corona virus is to be sure it gets into your lungs, etc — probably a simple vaporizer would do it. I have cured everything from skin cancer to the flu with it. But of course it cannot be patented, so no big pharma support. For background, see — this guy has done a great job of collecting data on it.

  19. private1 says:

    Thank You, Jon…again…ad infinitum, in perpetuity.

  20. Bert says:

    Yes the Corona virus vaccine is evil, sinister and diabolical. It’s being pushed by the likes of that evil man Bill Gates and his crony billionaires and trillionaires who want to depopulate the world down to 500 billion to control those that are left.

    Remember the Ebola crises in Africa a while back that killed 10,000.00 people so they vaccinated everyone else and now they are all sterile. Zero population growth here.

    The whole idea behind the new world order is to implant a small micro chip in your right hand or forehead that has all of your personal data and replaces your drivers license, debit card, credit card, SS#, banking info and medical records. The micro chip implant will enable the Govt to identify all those who have not been vaccinated.

    Failure to receive the micro chip will shut down your bank account that will prevent you from obtaining funds and not allow you to buy or sell anything. Think this is farfetched? look up 5G Forced vaccinations

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