China “epidemic” cases with no coronavirus—What??

by Jon Rappoport

February 10, 2020

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During 30 years of investigating “epidemics,” I’ve looked for causes that have nothing to do with the latest and greatest virus.

In other words, what else could be causing the symptoms of the illness?

In the current “coronavirus epidemic,” the one condition that has been emphasized is: pneumonia.

Standard medical texts will tell you that viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause pneumonia. Add to that, heavily polluted toxic air (as in Wuhan and other Chinese cities). Add in extreme malnutrition. YOU DON’T NEED A CORONAVIRUS TO EXPLAIN CASES OF PNEUMONIA IN CHINA.

All right. So how many deaths from pneumonia occurred in China well before the “appearance of the coronavirus?”

Estimates vary. Here is one, based on an analysis of studies: 2.8 million to 17 million deaths per year. Source: “Pneumonia Incidence and Mortality in Mainland China: Systematic Review of Chinese and English Literature, 1985-2008” (PLoS one, 2010).

Notice the dates—1985-2008, long before the supposed coronavirus showed up. Before 5G technology, before a biowar research lab ramped up in Wuhan.

2.8 million to 17 million deaths. No need for a mysterious virus.

The wide variance in these death numbers is the result of trying to integrate Chinese language and English language studies, the huge expanse of territory in China, the huge population, and possible attempts, within China, to conceal true statistics.

What does all this tell us? It tells us that now, there is a gigantic pool of people with pneumonia, in China, who can be falsely labeled “deaths from the coronavirus.”

And that’s not all. There are other categories of illness that can be merged with pneumonia, in the rush to diagnose people with the coronavirus. I’m talking about “lower lung infections” and “influenza.” The mortality numbers leap even higher.

You might rightly ask, “So why hasn’t pneumonia, all by itself, been labeled an epidemic in China in past years? Why hasn’t the World Health Organization, at the very least, declared a state of emergency for China based on pneumonia?”

You can bet your bottom dollar that, if the “coronavirus epidemic” was said to reach 2 million deaths in China, the entire planet would be locked down tight, and no one anywhere would leave home. Both atheists and end-times prophets would be shouting that the extinction of all human life was upon us. Persons in high places would be meeting and saying the only solution was to nuke Earth and start over.

Let’s consider, for a moment, how easy it would be to label pneumonia outside China with the coronavirus tag. As in, “the virus is spreading everywhere.” Here is a quote: “[Globally] About 200 million cases of viral community-acquired pneumonia occur every year—100 million in children and 100 million in adults.” Lancet, volume 377, ISSUE 9773, P1264-1275, April 09, 2011.

But wait, you say. Pneumonia is only called “coronavirus” if the patient is tested and the virus is discovered. Otherwise, it’s just ordinary pneumonia. —Sorry, it’s not that simple.

First of all, in the pressure of an announced epidemic, all sorts of people who have elevated temperature and general flu-like symptoms will be called coronavirus cases. Metrics people will use computer models to estimate numbers of cases. And even when the most widely used diagnostic tests are done—those tests have serious flaws.

An antibody test, at best, only indicates the patient has come in contact with the virus. It says nothing about whether he is going to become ill. In fact, before 1984, a positive-reading antibody test was generally taken to mean the patient was in good shape. His immune system had defeated the germ in question. But then, after 1984, the science was turned on its head—and a positive test was falsely taken to mean the patient was ill or would soon become ill.

The so-called PCR test (which has many procedural problems and requires expert technicians who will not make mistakes) takes a tiny, tiny sample of what might be a virus from a patient, and blows it up many, many times so it can be observed. However, in order for this virus to actually cause illness, millions and millions of virus particles must be present in the patient’s body. The PCR test says nothing reliable about quantity of virus in a person.

Therefore, even when these tests are done on suspected cases of the coronavirus, they do not result in accurate knowledge about illness and disease.

If you’re beginning to think it’s easy to declare an epidemic and broadcast propaganda about it, you’re right. Take a conventional set of symptoms present in people all over the world, claim a new virus is causing them, and you’re off and running. You can report 500 or 1000 deaths from this virus and people will believe whatever you say or do next. They won’t realize that this set of symptoms has been present in millions and millions of people, for decades or centuries, without the new virus. They won’t realize millions of people have already died without the “new virus.”

Global epidemics solely based on germ-pronouncements, without environmental investigations (contaminated water supplies, open sewage, hunger, starvation, poverty, toxic chemicals, etc.), are industries. They’re business ventures. They’re operations launched to control populations and force them to take vaccines. They’re launched and sustained by professional liars, who’ve refined the old skills of snake oil salesmen through the use of “science,” in order to hypnotize the unwary. And when the vaccine of the moment—as in the Swine Flu epidemic duds of 1976 and 2009—turns out to be quite damaging, the snake oil pros say, “Well, every vaccine can cause rare problems, but all in all, they curb pandemics. We must inject them.”

If you automatically buy that one, you believe pigs can jump over the moon on the backs of cows.

Highly educated people do tend to believe pigs can jump over the moon, when it comes to so-called epidemics. They think, “I admire complex issues. Epidemics and viruses are very complex, and only the well-trained and sophisticated professionals can assess them. Therefore, these pros know what they’re doing. I reject THE SIMPLE.”

But THE SIMPLE is what these people need to know about. Otherwise, it’s still pigs, the moon, cows, and jumping.

“But…but…but this situation in China is NEW and UNPRECEDENTED, as of 2019. It’s never happened before. And the lockdowns and the quarantines…So there must be a new explanation, the coronavirus.”

If necessary, read this article again. The pneumonia-situation is not new. And the lockdowns and quarantines were theatrically laid on AFTER the blaring trumpet announcements of the “epidemic.”

It’s still over the moon.

Addendum: If, as some are claiming, the number of people dying in Wuhan, or other Chinese cities, is suddenly escalating at a furious pace—if this is really true—then look to the environment first: the production of far more polluted air, or the presence of a poisonous chemical.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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42 comments on “China “epidemic” cases with no coronavirus—What??

  1. Benjamin Martin says:

    Fine article. I might add that before all the shutdowns there was what might be termed a ‘grace’ period whereupon people travelling out of China continued to do so as normal. If this virus is so virulent as the media makes out, that you can get it by all but looking at someone, and, moreover, it has an incubation period of two weeks etc, then presumably a decent proportion of the tens of thousands of Chinese travellers during that grace period would have passed it on; it would have proceeded to infect exponentially and would by now be totally out of control (if the numbers of those infected in China be taken as a guide).

  2. James says:

    Weeks before the outbreak, 5G went online in Whuhan.
    5G causes flu like symptoms.
    My guess, China’s faking it while sending the real virus out to the world.

    • Low Voltage says:

      I have an even simpler viewpoint on the “epidemic.” If there were any truth to it, they wouldn’t tell us about it. If they actually had a vaccine that worked, they wouldn’t give it to us. Do you realize who we’re talking about here?

      • James says:

        You can spin this incident in many ways.

        1) The 2%ters will have their vaccine fix then Population control.

        2) The mandatory vaccine is either the mark of the beast or precursor to it.

        3) Every one dies.

    • Diana Peterlin says:

      Yes, thank you James.

      JR, I was expecting you to include 5G in Wuhan in your precious analysis. Love your work so so much. Your heart is the best.

  3. Corruptico says:

    “…They’re business ventures. They’re operations launched to control populations and force them to take vaccines,”

    Best theory I’ve seen to date. Nailed it!

    Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome (population) CAPS

  4. Charles M McCullough says:

    Excellent, thanks for posting this. I’ve been on the fence about this coronavirus all along. I had read somewhere that it didn’t follow normal paths for contamination rates. That leads me to be suspect to this virus scare. I’ve been thinking lately that this virus scare could be a way to institute forced inoculations and flu shots on we the people.

    • Marike Keuning Muhi says:

      Especially when the (Swedish) authorities cancelled the diagnosing, it probably is just one more way to force people into receiving this mark to control us humans.

  5. Rick says:

    Given Rappoport’s analysis– which seems valid to me– are we justified in calling the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic a “hoax”? I think so.

    Given this excellent overview that answers the questions I had in my own mind as this news item kept growing- such as “how many people die from regular flu each year”– in effect– given “perspective”… the number of comments here is paltry though I’ve seen Rappoport linked on many other sides and forums. Maybe we here can start doing double-time and spread links to this page.

    I think I’ll start spreading it to the cruise ships first. And NPR. Maybe Associated Press. Possibly Trump– who should point everyone to it on his Twitter page.

    The website seems invested in the hoax as does which makes me throw up my hands and give up reading them.

    Thank you Jon for your expert insight here. Saved ME a lot of grief at least. I like to spread the only joke I know about coronavirus right now: “Don’t worry about coronavirus– it was made in China so won’t last long”. Ha ha”.

  6. Steve says:

    For me, reading Corona virus news articles has become a comically entertaining past time. The boldness of the male bovine excrement is astounding. It’s like a very bad Netflix movie. Here’s my summary, interpolations, and predictions for the “corona virus”.

    Corona virus is a bioweapon, engineered by evil, reptilian aliens from Zeta Reticuli in a lab on the dark side of the moon. This virus weapon was then transferred, via the super secret space program, to the Chinese. The Chinese then released it on their own population, first in Wuhan, then other places. The Chinese, per instructions from the reptilian aliens, have since passed the weapon to the Russians, who in turn, have shipped it to US east coast via submarine. The virus weapon will then be delivered across the US via chemtrails, causing country wide outbreaks. This alien engineered bug will soon mutate into a second form which attacks computers, networks, and, gasp, cell phones! Those evil bastards.
    In short, we are doomed and you will not be able to even post your progressing demise on social media. The horrors! Our only hope is that the government will soon ensure that a new miracle, savior vaccine and antivirus software will be produced and save the world. Should they fail in this endeavor, the planet Earth will become a giant Corona virus and move on to infect nearby solar systems, then the galaxy, and eventually, the universe. Lights out! Game Over!

    Blatantly inane but no more so than 99.99% of the corona virus news found on numerous and varied media sources. Here, on Mr. Rappoport’s blog you will find facts and truth regarding the matter.

    • Fiora says:

      Steve, FINALLY!!! I’ve been looking for the explanation that includes “chemtrails” disbursing this terrible killer disease to as many US citizens as possible!
      You win the best description award.

  7. Wanda Ballard says:

    ALL Vaccines are full of Poisonous, Man Made Chemicals, Along with…you name it…it is probably in there. Some of the many diseases that Vaccines cause are, from the Flu often turning into Pneumonia, Autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Allergies, Ear Infections, Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Personality Disorders, Bipolar, Attention Deficit Disorder. And the List goes on, and on….. . . . .
    Vaccines also cause many diseases in our Animal Companions. “Vaccines Do NOT Prevent Disease” they only CAUSE disease.

  8. Cynthia M Silveri says:

    Jon, Thank you again! I was thinking about toxic air too…the idea of poison gas but NOT an accident. Also, your post about the pneumonia incidence rate literature review! Telling.

    I am not a scientist, but I was also wondering about tuberculosis…it kinda looks similar to pneumonia, but interesting to note that when looking at a side by side comparison of the two illnesses, smoking (read air pollution…) is only listed in the TB column: (rather simplistic comparison)

  9. stephen langley says:

    Brilliant… on every level of your analysis, Jon! …thanx again & again!

  10. Elsa says:

    It’s getting more and more frightening and not because of a virus but because of how act to prevent freedom:
    “…Police ‘wearing hazmat suits’ will be able to HANDCUFF suspected coronavirus patients and force them back into quarantine…”

    May I ask what is the test exactly they use ‘on the spot’ to decide you have to end up in quarantine and what’s the test more sophisticated to use to prove the case? Is it still the old PCR or they found something more working one?

    I hope human right lawyers will be involved soon.

    Comments are also heavily moderated on everywhere, they give way only those which help generate more panic talking about bio weapon or talking about that this one is the BIG and so on while regularly removing comments questioning the fatality outside China or comments what questioned the seriousness of their new pandemic based on common sense.

    Is there a way to anyone demand to prove on the spot that one really have corona virus infection and result is not due to their good-for-nothing-false-results test? A way to prevent them to grab you and put you in quarantine and your family, too? (A bit of terrified, I should travel – not to China – but most likely shall throw out 1000+£ out of the window as afraid them rather than risking a quarantine and let our pets behind. … Just like nice old days in socialism…)

    1-2 weeks ago there was news here that GP (doctors) were instructed if anyone arrives with symptoms of corona virus infection, find a room and lock the person till further note. LOCK!
    When death cases outside China is only 2-3? Madness.

  11. BingoBoingo says:

    Corona viruses in general are the sort that, alongside rhinoviruses, produce the common cold. The novelty of this one having a higher incidence of pneumonia indeed seems to suggest little about the virus itself beyond that.

    The big paradigm shift here seems to be in the tools for tracking reaching such a sopistication that a particularly nasty sort of cold virus is turning into a panic. This can have great effects for social engineers to push desired agendas by amplifying the perception of crisis.

  12. viper says:

    I agree Charles….you know I’ve never had a flew shot in my life, I’m 66 years old….rarely get sick(that noise is me knocking on wood!) I work out 5 days a week, eat right and I also believe that having all the childhood “diseases” has something to do with our immune systems. And thanks Jon for all the insight you bring to us. No vaccines in this house….

  13. Brian says:

    Love you Jon, and the work. But from the point the W.H.O. declared it, and forced nations to declare it…all signatory nations are under W.H.O./U.N. ‘medical martial LAW’. ‘THEY’…don’t care if it’s real or not, if it ‘works’ or not. They are going ahead with it.
    Too many negate the Creator in Heaven and his word.
    “Now that they have done this, there is nothing they can imagine that will be unattainable. Let us go down there and confuse their language…”
    The true God in Heaven admitted with the knowledge the fallen angels have given man, if there were NOT a true Father and God in Heaven….nothing could stop this evil.
    Too many put faith in vain men…vain reasonings…imperfect human understanding and reasoning! The error of Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, etc
    The same word in Revalations 17 speaks of this….how these men, when ‘doing’ these things…these evil deadly things…’reason’ they are doing it for themselves…according to ‘their’ smarts and plans and schemes and agendas…but that they are actually executing ‘HIS’ plan and purpose. And we all know and can see…there’s plenty of devine justice to be handed all around in this beligerant ignorant thankless spineless ungrateful unrepentant prefered blind and ignorant, prideful and boastful inconsiderate apathetic swanky smart ass debased degraded ‘world’.
    This was done before the flood. Again after the flood. And they do it all again here at the end.
    Know this at least, and consider….every single time any one of us out here says “Nah! They ‘wouldn’t’ do that! They ‘could not/can not’ do that!”…like true Satanists and Luciferians…everything backwards and upsidedown….’THEY!’….laugh and cackle and smile from ear to ear with their shit eating cannibal pedo grins saying “Oh YESSSSSS! WE CAN DO IT! EE CAN DO ‘WORSE’! WATCH, LET US DO MORE, LET US GRIND THIS INTO YOU!”…
    This thing is novel. Programmable. Upgradable. They WANT everyone to have and get. They don’t care how many ‘reject’ it and drop dead. It’s those who remain. So they can turn on the 5G and 6G and 7G…and upgrade the ‘virus CODE’ with new instructions…and really start having some fun….making their demonic ‘new world!’.

  14. Rey says:

    Interesting, and insightful as always, but do you just dismiss reports like the following as BS and hystaria, or could it be we simply don’t know what’s really going on in China, and is not polution, or big pharma wanting to sell the next snake oil vaccine?

    • Dee says:

      I tried in so many ways to replicate the readings that CCN provided (from a random Twitter person no less) and I couldn’t. Until they explain the steps, I would take it with a grain of probably-Photoshopped salt.

    • Elsa says:

      Earlier Mr Rappoport wrote about crematoriums in the area burning the normal, household’ litter and about the smog it generated and protests about the smog as it caused lung problems. No need to look for dead bodies in my opinion when there is smog there. And don’t forget many got rid off their pets (dead bodies) also the meat market what should be closed now (organic litter). Don’t forget the news that 70.000 ducks died due to quarantine as no one fed them. Just on a single farm.
      They probably have many-many dead bodies to burn and to make photos about smog to scare us – but not humans.

  15. anon says:

    I think AMA=American Medical Association?
    the corona virus is in the 1996 AMA dictionary…it states it’s a common cold…thanks Max for all you are doing for humanity…you are a blessing to all…namaste…

  16. anon says:
    Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Microwave Illness?

    That article also shas a photo of the relevant page of the AMA dictionary where it states that coronaviruses aka the common cold

  17. tinfoilhattt says:

    Have always found your stuff interesting and thought-provoking, Jon.

    3 Questions:

    The economic cost to China of putting on a show such as this must be staggering-what can possibly be the justification for this?

    What about the cruise ship infection numbers?

    Are these being falsified to keep the narrative going and if so, what do the Japanese have to gain by this?

  18. Jamie says:

    Thank-you for this article! As it was my first thought was that this is pneumonia, as air pollution is definitely implicit in causing pneumonia so it fits with what we know about the massive air pollution in China and especially in the city of Wuhan, additionally I thought the pictures of bodies laying in the streets where either staged using actors to look like people dropping dead from this virus or they were people actually dropping dead due to the rollout of 5G in Wuhan. I am also concerned that the videos of the Chinese government sending out workers to spray some kind of poison in smoke form will likely be the cause more death and future illnesses like MS,Bronchitis,Lung Cancers etc. What a nightmare for the Chinese people who have/had one of the oldest and unique societies on earth. I highly recommend everyone read Dr Sircus, Dr Mercola, Bill Sardi and LivOn Labs websites. Vitamin C and Baking Soda are incredibly important to prevent and fight illnesses per all the information I have read, via the websites I just mentioned above.

  19. anon says:

    The coronavirus will be a convenient scapegoat for the coming global financial collapse and baked-in-the-cake US hyperinflation. It may even be used as a legal way of reneging on contractual obligations.

  20. Pft says:

    That study was for children under 5 years although there were a couple of references to incidence data for over 65 and all ages expressed as percentage or incidence in age-years. I could not locate the numbers you provide in the linked paper. Maybe calculated?

    Good point on the validity of tests. Rushed to market I expect they are overly sensitive and not specific, like early and maybe current HIV tests. Lots of false positives but no way to prove it.

    Of course, having antibodies does not mean the infection is cleared, just that the virus is being recognized and an attack of some level is taking place or had taken place. In fact with this virus its cellular immunity that is most important to clear the virus and if that fails patients die even if they have antibodies

    I did see China is no longer treating a patient as confirmed if they test positive but has no symptoms. This should help them keep the cfr up as patients will lie about mild symptoms to avoid quarantine

    Then again, it could be as you suggest, that there is no new virus at all. How would we know. Science today is as controlled as it was in Galileos day. Just a different religion and priests doing the controlling. Those who deny are heretics (denialist) and burned as witches

    The motive behind the fraud, if thats what it is would be related to exercising control over populations and perhaps reducing population, along with good old disaster capitalism

    Nobody mentions the global companies set up in Biolake of Wuhan, well positioned to take advantage of this

  21. Not-a-Number says:

    But it’s also way beyond vaccine industry as the economy and global supply lines are being shut down. Controlled economic demolition and subsequent announcement of Special Drawing Rights (world currency), control zones, etc. New World Order..

  22. Rtp says:

    “if this is really true—then look to the environment first: the production of far more polluted air, or the presence of a poisonous chemical.”

    Yes. Or, even more likely, from the medical treatments that people are being given (if they weren’t sick before the doctors got a hold of them they will be soon afterwards).

  23. Not-a-Number says:

    “If, as some are claiming, the number of people dying in Wuhan, or other Chinese cities, is suddenly escalating at a furious pace—if this is really true—then look to the environment first: the production of far more polluted air, or the presence of a poisonous chemical.”

    It’s been noted by measurements that it’s way down because of lockdown, no production, transportation, etc.

  24. anon says:

    It’s a big hoax.
    Look at this thread:
    Comment from Mr Fusion:
    “It is true that communications out of Wuhan have been largely cut off, but elsewhere are still working. Mrs. Fusion is in regular communication with friends and relatives in China via WeChat, one of the major Chinese social media platforms, and it still works. She only gets the official numbers though. She says that in Hunan province, which adjacent to Wuhan’s province Hubei, there have been 800 cases reported but only one death so far. Hunan has one of the best healthcare systems in China. So quality of care matt”

    Comment from NaturalWisdom:
    Is Jim Stone misreading the data? Surely there are millions more Chinese using the Internet at the same time as their counterparts in government.

    Comment from Mr Fusion:
    I don’t know. All I know is my wife sits on the couch every evening doing WeChat with people in China

  25. Peter says:

    Govern Ment = Control Mind it had controlled my mind that Corona Virus was real, Thanks for this other explanation.

  26. David S says:

    And now I’d like to direct your attention to a 2010 “Scenario” commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation:

    Please read the section “Lock Step” starting on page 18. Is this the script for the current “pandemic d’jour”? And if so, the the time line allows a peek into the future. It seems that there will have to be a technology that can track everything and communicate with everything for total surveillance. Oh wait, doesn’t 5G and the internet of things help out here…?

  27. Dr. Nerk The Berk says:

    Pneumonia? Doesn’t seem like it to me. No signs of sweating or hard breathing.

  28. James says:

    THINK THE UNTHINKABLE: China Faced A Domestic Disaster Months Ago If Something Wasn’t Done…

    Xi has claimed the current outbreak will be good for China’s economy. Think about that.

    • James says:

      It looks like by the evidence, that it is very possible that the Chinese leaders decided to pull the plug on their own population, slim their ranks, and pretend it was only an epidemic that killed off people.

      After all, dead men tell no tales.

      They are old people, who needs them.

      The good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

      The end justifies the means.

      •Has this government at any time in the past killed off millions of its own people to maintain its power? Yes.

      •Has this government ever run prison camps against dissidents and killed them on a wholesale basis? Yes.

      •Has this government exercised human rights abuses, exercised bias against religious groups? Yes.

      •Has this government operated a abortion campaign to kill off citizens? Yes.

      •Has this government used prisoners to sell their organs for profit? Yes.

      Has this government pursued weapons of mass destruction and shared them with other communist nations? Yes.

      •Has this government carried on a massive spy campaign against free nations and stolen biological weapons? Yes.

      •Has this government been gathering up citizens without charges and those citizens go missing? Yes.

      •Has this government lied to the public and the rest of the world about the true death numbers on the Coronavirus outbreak? Yes.

      •Has this government shoved sick people into the same large rooms and simply let them die without medical help? Yes.

      •Has this government been burning dead bodies for several weeks? Yes.

      •Has this government sent their own citizens to western nations to steal the Coronavirus and bring it back to Wuhan, where the outbreak took place? Yes.

  29. Marilynn says:

    TPTB never let a good “crisis” go to waste. You can likely add to the list of whys, gathering up dissidents/protesters, stop an ongoing protest, thin out the growing elderly population, coercion of some kind with other governments, to set new precedents, etc. There’s always multiple reasons.

  30. Emily says:

    How does pollution or 5G explain the spread – in particular the cruise ship that seems to be like a Petri dish?

  31. Nicola says:

    Good article! I think it’s not only pollution which kills the Chinese. It is the government which wants to get rid of dissidents. I wonder if these poor people are in the official statistics as well. And whether the West has taken over the Chinese statistics, they are usually heavily massaged!

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