CIA Memories, Part Four—Conclusion

by Jon Rappoport

July 18, 2019

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As I mentioned in earlier installments of this series, a patient presently confined to the Sleight Center psychiatric facility believes he is the current director of the CIA. He also believes he is living in the year 2053. He is writing CIA memos to “his own top people.”

Dear All,

I have now changed my title. I am still the director of the CIA, but I am The Director in Exile. The Agency itself, in 2053, has dissolved into a trillion-dollar wounded dragon. It is thrashing around, trying to feel its own shape, and failing.

If we control the world but cannot control ourselves, then what is the sitrep?

If you build a house and let it go its own way, it eventually decays and falls into terminal disrepair. I do not believe that is the fate of Earth, but I know we have done great harm. Nevertheless, we continue to play our games.

We exist, as an Agency, in our own space and time. We thrash, and we float.

Our principal task, mind control, has encountered unexpected resistance from many quarters. To cite just one case, the disappearing of nations into easier-to-manage larger regions (our agenda) has given birth to hundreds of counter-outbreaks of decentralization. Our own vaunted map makers have fallen hopelessly behind in their efforts to compile and maintain a planetary picture. Our favored propaganda term, “citizen of the world,” has been rendered meaningless.

My new psychiatrist turns out to be an infiltrator from Free New England, which has broken off relations with Washington. He is trying to enlist me in “the movement.” It’s not my cup of tea.

Freedom is still an idea that energizes me, even after all this time. I’m not sure I know what it looks like. But it must be centered on the individual.

For a century, we have treated the world as a mere caricature we could manipulate at will. But it turns out we are the caricature.

Before I was confined to this facility, I was working on a secret draft of surrender. We would, as an ancient president once stated, “break up the CIA into a million pieces.”

I leave it to you to imagine the domino effect.

Of course, we would have to protect our agents. I was also working out a plan for that massive operation.

I am of the opinion that, if the specific CIA had never been created, something very much like it would have come into being. Another organization with our goals and operations would have emerged. It was embedded in the psychology of humans. I think that fact and that day have passed into oblivion. We may not have experienced the very worst our species has to offer, but we have come close enough to taste defeat and turn away. We’ve begun to stir from our trance and rise a short distance above our base impulses.

So, after all this time, I find myself making a plea for sanity.

While confined to a psychiatric institution.

—The “director’s” memo cuts off at this point. Or perhaps he ended it there. A year later, he was gone; escaped from the facility.

Myths, legends, and no doubt, intentional cover stories have proliferated around him. Some people actually believe he was the director of the CIA. We have the usual reports of sightings across the country. One wild story is interesting: he is now living in an undisclosed location in Chicago, from which he secretly advises the president. The president, according to the tale, is indeed plotting the break-up of the CIA. But this is only one aspect of his agenda; he intends to split the entire federal government into much smaller units, each of which will act independently as decentralized organizations. Their exact roles are, thus far, unclear. Supposedly, the trigger for the revolution will be the return of 40 trillion dollars, which have been stolen from national budgets over the past century. The money will be placed in the hands of several thousand local community “leadership groups,” who will use it to finance “projects of benefit to the people.” This account gains some credibility, owing to the mood of the nation; small communities are emerging across the land. They are aiming for self-sufficiency. Recent discoveries in energy technology, beyond the reach of traditional energy companies, have made it possible to power local enterprises in any environment, at shockingly low costs. The desire for freedom beyond the reach of central government is deepening. Along with these thousands of new communities, we are seeing the rise of private currencies. Recent reports of “defecting police units and military groups” are adding fuel to the fire.

One night not long ago, a man appeared as a last-minute guest on a small Web radio show. Here is an excerpt from his remarks:

“I am the Director in Exile of the CIA, an organization which hopefully will soon take its last collective breath, and then disappear below the waves of a new epoch. As you might suppose, I am on the move. Certain people want to ask me certain questions I’m not prepared to answer at this time. I’ve seen my path, I’ve chosen it, I’ve stepped on to it, and I’m walking it. The air is cleaner for me these days. This “place” we live in has been described in thousands of myths down through the centuries. I see it as one dimension among others. It has its charms, as does any popular stage play. We tend to be far too serious when we should be light-hearted, and light-hearted when we should be serious. My experience as the director has taught me that humans can be trained to commit almost any action, thinking it is for the greater good. The CIA is an awesome center of deception. Our people are taught to lie as the first order of business. Once we fasten on to a piece of data, we lie about it. Reflexively. Domination is our goal. Shaping the minds of the population is our prime strategy. We are admired teachers who inevitably give students the wrong answers to their questions. For us, truth is what a silver bullet is to the werewolf. Extinction. The size and scope of our organization has been underestimated. With our global connections to major corporations, banks, foundations, secret societies, governments, criminal groups, and organized religions, we are a behemoth. As I’ve written, we have lost our way. We no longer have control over many of our own operations. My chief assistant once jokingly remarked to me, “We’re so big, we cover so much ground, we must be run from some extraterrestrial center.” For a century, we’ve proceeded from the assumption that all reality is invented. Therefore, we took the lead in inventing it for billions of people. Each one of them was capable of birthing his own reality, but he had abdicated the job and the joy of being an Artist. That cleared the ground for us, and we moved in…”

Since that night, on the radio, the director has not been heard from.

But since that night, by my own count, 274 men have “stepped forward,” in one fashion or another, while maintaining their anonymity, to claim they are the Director. They each have stories to tell, most of which are interesting and contain details of damning truth about past CIA operations. This leads me to believe that at least some of these men are current or former employees of the Agency.

Thus, a trickle grows toward a Niagara of exposure…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

8 comments on “CIA Memories, Part Four—Conclusion


    Interesting to note, as a sidebar to this; in addition to all the many, many stories. And there were 274 of them — some of the craziest ideas humans have come with for this singular secret organization.

    One story, stood out in particular. Strangely he was a quite austere kind of man. Dark eyes and the warmth of the room was dropped a number of degrees in his presence. Calculating, he was sincere and bit trite in his presentation. But, it could be told that it bore his honesty in his offerings. When asked why he came forward, he said, ” Two-hundred and seventy-four stories are not enough..there should be a real story.”, which shocked the interviewers.

    He had old personal scars that were unusual shapes on his body upon his physical and psychological pre-examination before the interview. All 274 had these procedures before their interviews.

    He (Director of the CIA) was one of those men that capture your attention immediately when they speak — cause your constant attentiveness to every word. There is an inherent power behind his words. He was well dressed and meticulous in his gestures, his inflections and mannerisms. He spoke for a number of long periods, resting between these for a few moments to clear his head and gather his new thoughts.. This is really an excerpt from a rather long summation of many verifiable facts he told. The interview extolls some 450 pages — there were three stenographers present.

    ” […] A warrior against other warriors, who’s nature was to fight the good fight silently behind the scenes as cold-warriors who owned a nation and its satellites, throw hand grenades up and down main streets of every democratic town on this shrinking globe. A nation bound and determined to bring on the apocalypse. In one form or another. And all those hired hands, with no more pre-requisite than a greedy psychopathic nature.

    The old-schoolers would roll in their graves at what the company has become. A shadow nation, that counters every single act performed by anyone anywhere. A separate country with a separate GDP that shadows the real one. By estimates that somewhere in the range of 45% of actual GDP. Mountains and mountains of money. Money wasn’t the reason. It was a means to end, really. There has to be a propriety, a truer nature, inspired by God or some higher purpose. This is very much us and devil, I speaking matter-of-factly here.

    One act of defence in the business of a nation causes the eruption of hundreds of copy-cats. Our constant dilemma. Fighting this fight, was like holding sand in your hands — conversations with the mad and fringe dwelling animals; reality players, that would bring us all to Gehenna.

    We had got hold of mathematical supermen in the early days; the beginnings of AI have shown machines with advanced algorithms that could have a very short Bull run on Wall Street like no other. Hundreds of millions in a few hours was nothing. Rogue players jumped on board. In fact, the crash of 2008 was one such run that caused such a fallout and collateral damage that we were scrambling to control the leaks. It was a world on a verge. And money wasn’t the only thing it was used for; corporate espionage; AI whispered insanities to despots and butchers. It fucked with their cars and house lights, their bank accounts and children’s grades in school. Their wives’ hair appointments, and nail polishing excursions. And their many mistresses.

    Anyone we didn’t like, we simply used the markets to induce a permanent exit strategy. And there are many rogue nations, run by tinpots that do the most outrageous things as pastimes.

    China will never admit to 150 million exterminated during Mao’s genocide; fifteen million a year for the first four years. Beating to death; torture, starvation, chemicals, they had huge grinders next to rivers grinding the bodies into fish food. Are you starting to get a clearer picture of the real world?

    And really in a lot of ways, it was the beginning of all this… In-house, terminations were at a premium for us.

    5G is, a have too, you know. Otherwise the black hats get the upper hand. Do you know what kind of revenge they wish to extoll on an innocent American populace? You know they have been crucifying white South African farmers?

    Some contractors learned about our talents and tried their bit. Some pretty big hedge funds capitalized immensely on the money game — immensely not a proper word here — more like players with a stacked deck. And now the whole thing is corrupted beyond belief — not that it hasn’t always been…but this different. That kind of intelligence getting out is, unimaginable in the wrong hands. There was some hard to take damage to smaller corporations that had been our allies and had given us shelter during some very rough early days — that we had too cut loose. We couldn’t protect everyone.

    But I am wandering off-topic…

    There were dark forces in the world back then, very-dark-forces. And it has gotten worse I believe. People who ate babies for breakfast, and I mean that literally. We had to make some very tough choices that always ended wrongly, but we stopped lunatics from blowing the world up into bite-size pieces. And most of them were northern European types…do you know what I am talking about here? We will never receive the gratitude for that…it was so easy for the average citizen to sleep at night. Quietly ignorant of lizards in back alleys in east Germany or some Arab village in the desert. While the good shepherd watches the flock all night. While all around them the steady creep of dark souls willing to do anything to gain traction in their personal cause — everybody wants to rule the world. Or own it, or destroy it because they hate life. Do you know how many misanthropes we personally extinguished, that had enough deadly virus or bomb material in their possession to kill the world in a week. To be an agent in those days was like being one of the cast members in Dante’s Inferno. The numbers of young lads who I personally knew; assigned to operations — gave their life under torture or assassination to the American cause, and can never ever be formally remembered. For every star on that wall of the dead, there are ten thousand more who wanted justice and were contractors we placed at arms reach to protect their innocence and anonymity.

    Hell for breakfast is not a good diet, the life expectancy of a field agent in those days was less than that of an ant’s chance in a hail storm. Do I sound bitter?

    Mob rule is a terrible thing as history has proven, it takes a long time to get it to wake and rise, but when it does — there were some 40,000 public executions in France during the reign of terror in the five years following July 1789. The monarchy and all its funky players even down to the court jesters and pee-pot holders had their heads separated from their bodies. The mob’s a vicious animal, an unjust thing that craves insatiable revenge when it gets going. And the topper is, most of them don’t make their own bed.

    We will always have a need for the CIA, its the thing between you and the real world. And, the real world you don’t want to see it. It is made up of bastards who would literally boil you in oil as political opposition.”

    End of excerpt.

    • Greg C. says:


      The real world is a construct – necessarily so, since that is how the mind works. It doesn’t take in impartial facts and observations, but it is always paying attention to whatever it thinks is important, and ignoring the rest. We see little slivers of the total picture. And the little sliver we choose to carry with us influences everything we think and do. It colors the emotions, gives us hope or creates despair.

      I think it has been about 10 years since I first started to allow myself to see other little slivers that were disturbingly different from my accustomed mental partition. And because the effect was quite deep and profound, I mistakenly believed that somehow, that made it more real. And believing that it was more real made it inescapable. That is also, by the way, how religious belief works – you convince yourself of a supreme belief that overrides all others, and that becomes metaphysically real, and an obligation, a duty for you to devote your mental energies to.

      Even after we sort out facts from lies the best we can, we are still left with constructing our picture of reality, which does not have to mirror what is “out there.” Nor do we have to choose the sliver that has the most emotion, positive or negative, attached to it. To be truly human, we should be able to inject more of our own invention and imagination than we take in. Just use enough of “reality” as a framework for what we want to see exist. To use an analogy, we are not mere video cameras – we are production studios with writers, directors, actors, prop men, continuity people, etc. Going out and pointing the camera of your mind only at what you see other people are up to is to neglect most of your power.

      We can all take a few lessons from the CIA – not to do evil things, but to create good things. We are not under obligation to be “truthful” meaning to only relate what can be backed with evidence. We can project what we intend to bring into existence, and it becomes real as we influence those around us. Why should only the bad guys have access to this power?

      • Nice to hear from you, Greg. I like our chats. Hope you have been doing well, I know you have been about a great change in your life
        “The real world is a construct – necessarily so since that is how the mind works.” –Greg

        …Might you reconsider what you state so firmly here Greg? The mind you will find is a multi-dimensional thing not limited to the temporal, the immediate or even a place. And that is not how it works…that is how you have been taught that it works.

        “We can all take a few lessons from the CIA – not to do evil things, but to create good things.”

        It too bad you state such ignorance because I listen to what you say. and without prejudice — Greg you don’t know what you are talking about! You think you do. You think the CIA is evil? lol

        Your rest your head easily by the sacrifice of the silent. While we hack out a conversation…men and women bare witness to the most hellish of characters practicing on the world stage with their “[…]production studios with writers, directors, actors, prop men, continuity people, etc.”. Should I explain the etcetera in your statement?

        This ongoing “Active Measures” program that has been ramped up and now is a co-operative tag team match with Russia and China, and much influence from other dastardly world players that has continued even after the fall of the Soviet Union. Which BTW, never fell (but another conversation. At least the portent one… And has now gained legs and wings as the new Internet has enabled much mis/disinformation to circulate. The algorithms that circulate the net and rewrite or interfere with what is written…

        You might see it as people online finding their own voice. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are a few good voices and more arriving every day. There are many more shady players and organizations well funded and piping out their mantra of freedom of speech while undermining the spirit of a nation and free world. And true censorship? The censorship using dis/misinformation as the blunt object is ongoing while those actors split hairs on what is online censorship.

        Democracy and the Christian world is under dire threat by vapid soulless creatures bound on world domination and a globalist socialist future. The war is on for the largest country on the planet and its billions of citizens. The war is on for the creation of a new paradigm — I fight for that to be democratic and individual and free and not full of conspiratorial lies.

        “I think it has been about 10 years since I first started to allow myself to see other little slivers that were disturbingly different from my accustomed mental partition. —- Greg

        You speak of paradigmatic versus the exit to liminal thinking, which I am quite aware of, more than you will know — you need to step your game up a notch if you are going to keep up Greg.

        “Just use enough of “reality” as a framework for what we want to see exist.” — Greg

        I was wondering how long it would take for you to get to this point — that being said, there is a much deeper and more profound reality than you might believe Greg. One needs to be walled up for a while to really see the potential and the reality of that…

        Have you read Jung’s “Man and his Symbols” — are you familiar with the term Noosphere? There is a shadow side to all reality that is gaining an upper hand and leading us to hellish chaos. New thought forms must be created that are beneficial, rather than occult driven mind viruses.

        I am sure you understand a bit, about what that background noise is to reality, it’s subliminal, beneath audible sound and light. It can be felt more than smelled or seen. But it exists, and it is a power to be had, an unfathomable source when you know how to ride it.

        It opens up some interesting paranormal concepts when understood fully — things like telepathy and telekinesis, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

        Now this modern paradigmatic view of most is sensory blindness to what I speak, you glide over it like you are familiar, but your not. Let me put it this way — you touched on it as a musician.

        And so I say again, you do not know what you are talking about. Did you buy Jon’s website?


        Precisely, this double entendre of yours is the real and would entail another few hundred words for me to decipher.

        • Greg C. says:

          Michael, you think that using “lol” as a comment is a constructive way to engage in conversation? Try an imagination exercise – pretend you are actually standing in front of me as you write, rather than typing at a screen. Think of how to be civil. Think of conversation as a game with rules, and the rules are such that if you disparage other people, you won’t be invited to continue playing.

          • Michael Burns says:

            You are offended by “lol”? Let me get this straight, you are offended by an acronym?

            You don’t think I was civil?

            I will not be invited to play? (Laughing out loud)

            Okay…I’ll remember that you realize you were the one that commented on what I wrote in reply to Jon’s piece?
            You might re-read your contentious reply to that…Greg your pretentious and condescending replay to something I wrote to Jon Rappoport is what started this. I was not speaking to you initially.

            “Conversation as a game with rules…”

            Do you inform everyone of “your” rules when you speak, or listen to them speak. Does conversation always have rules for you?
            Why would I want to imagine standing in front of you in a conversation over the Internet? What would that make any difference to what I said in the text?

  2. Ultrawoman says:

    I’m glad you’re up & running again!

  3. Greg C. says:

    A short addendum to my last comment… of course, conversation has rules. The rules are what enable conversation to continue in a productive direction. Any adult knows this.

    In these times, new rules have emerged that lead only to chaos. The rules are, cast the other person in a bad light, take offense, or pretend that they have done the same. These rules lead to chaos because they are rooted in untruth.

    Yes, everyone engages with other people by a set of rules, either good or bad. All encounters are exchanges of ourselves. Good rules ensure a fair exchange, bad rules attempt to devalue the other other person’s words.

    • Michael Burns says:

      The conversation has no rules! To put rules on conversation sets the groundwork for censorship, antagonism, proper speech and ultimately the freedom of it…it imperils freedom of individuals to say what is on their mind.

      Is my talk nasty to you Greg, does it violate the rules ‘you’ have constructed for conversation?

      “The rules are what enable [the] conversation to continue in a productive direction.” — Greg

      That is as blind a statement as one could make. Rules of conversation, neither enable or disable conversation in its product, as is apparent in this meaningless discourse of ye and me Greg. Productivity might assure that some smidgen of an agreed-on truth passes between us in the sending of messages in a digital envelope.

      But the productive direction is not the aim of conversation anyway Greg. And depending on what is the definition of what is productive might give an inkling into what we both agree on/ are in cahoots with/ are rigidly opposed to in each other. Productivity is not the point of conversation. The conversation is both bad and good; productive and nonconstructive. Conversation is thoughts and ideas transferred between minds. It can be collaborative and seeking a similar end while speaking about the same subject. But even within that collaboration as a context, rules are never spoken of or implied, enforced or suggested. We just speak freely. I correct myself, clarity is a rule, more of a necessity, it services comprehension of the matter spoken of.

      “Any adult knows this.” …ah well there ya go. I am not an adult, that’s the problem. I rage against that fucking label. Adults are not authorities because they are adults. It’s exactly what the gist of this conversation is about. I am much better than that definition. I am beyond it.

      Now I understand, you are a teacher –correct me if I am wrong — and training has corrupted your mind with your sense of authority and adult expertise in how you are spoken to — you are familiar with your students’ abeyance to be listened to by you.. when actually you haven’t a clue what you are talking about. You need to think about it more!

      “Good rules ensure a fair exchange, bad rules attempt to devalue the other person’s words.” — Greg

      Are you implying that I might have bad rules? And that your rules are better rules — GOOD RULES!

      You are speaking to me. I am impressed with no rules for that engagement, I just reply in my best way, without concern with your emotions and feelings in this matter…and force no rules on you. In fact, confrontation is fertile ground that new ideas are born on and confrontation ensures success in the right information. What you aim for is ‘rightspeak’, thought control enforced by your rules, this is mind control, Greg.

      I might ask you if a spat or a fight is a conversation; and is it productive? An ongoing argument; a lecture, an order or a declaration?

      Or is a conversation, talk; exchange of sentiments; observations; opinions, and ideas, is it an informal discussion of any and all of the former without prejudice.

      I would hazard a guess that you are a free speech advocate, and so believe in the right for all to speak freely without… “rules of conversation”

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