Would the government let Jesus cure cancer?

by Jon Rappoport

February 12, 2019

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In the 1990s, I watched a federal trial in a Los Angeles courtroom. The defendant was charged with selling medical drugs without a license to practice medicine.

The defendant was prepared to argue that a) the substance he was selling was naturally produced in the body and b) it was effective.

The prosecution moved to exclude such testimony, on the grounds that it was irrelevant.

The judge agreed. Therefore, the trial was nasty, brutish, and short. The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to prison for several years.

This is how the federal bureaucracy operates. “Do you have a government-issued license to heal? No? You’re a criminal. End of story.”

I believe that if Jesus of Nazareth were walking the Earth today, in the United States, he would be arrested on the same grounds.

This would be particularly so if he were curing cancer.

Imagine this extreme case: In a stadium packed with 50,000 people who have been diagnosed with cancer, Jesus of Nazareth waves his hand and cures all of them in a few seconds.

Now he is threatening the profits of many companies, to say nothing of the power of the government, which backs the chemo-radiation-surgery monopoly to the hilt.

So he is arrested. He is put on trial. He opts to defend himself without an attorney. He tells the court that curing cancer is no crime.

The prosecuting attorney objects. “Your Honor,” he says, “whether or not this man has cured cancer is beside the point. He has no license to practice medicine. That is why we are here today. We are simply establishing that a) he was practicing medicine and b) he has no government-issued license. That is the scope of this proceeding.”

The judge agrees. The verdict is issued. Guilty.

Of course, on another front, the major media, who depend for their existence on pharmaceutical advertising, take the ball and run with it. The networks and major newspapers seek out “experts,” who emphatically state that what Jesus of Nazareth “performed” in the stadium was mere hypnotism. It was placebo effect. Whatever sudden “remissions” may have occurred are just temporary. Tragically, the cancers will return.

Not only that, these 50,000 people have effectively been sidetracked and diverted from seeking “real care from real doctors.” With chemo, with radiation, with surgery, they would have stood a chance of surviving and living long normal lives.

Other media pundits send up this flag: “Many of those present in the stadium were clinging bitterly to their religion. They refuse to accept science. They are living in the past. They favor superstition over real medical care. In fact, they are threatening the whole basis of healthcare, since other confused and deluded Americans may now turn away from doctors and seek snake-oil salesmen and preachers for healing.”

From the highest perches of political power in this country, the word quietly goes out to the media: don’t follow up on those people who were in the stadium; don’t try to track them; don’t compile statistics on their survival rates; move on to other stories (distractions); let this whole madness die down.

But among the citizenry, an awareness spreads: the government is controlling healing through its issuance of licenses. That’s how the government is essentially protecting one form of “healing” and enabling it to become an all-encompassing cartel.

What would be the alternative to licenses?


Contracts are agreements entered into by consenting adults, who assume responsibility for the outcomes. In the case of healing, a contract would specify that people have a right to be wrong.

Let’s say two consenting adults, Jim and Frank, agree to allow Frank to treat Jim for his arthritis with water from a well on Frank’s land.

The two men acknowledge that no liability will be attached to the outcome. In other words, whether Jim gets better or gets worse, no one is going file a suit. No one is going to go to the government for redress of wrongs.

The well water may be wonderful or it may be completely useless. Both men understand and acknowledge that. But they assert a right to try the treatment, because they are free.

Immediately people say, “This is ridiculous. Water can’t cure arthritis. Frank is cheating Jim. Jim is a victim. He needs to see a doctor. He needs to go on arthritis drugs.”

No, Jim doesn’t have to do anything. He is free.

To put it another way, Jim has the right to be right or wrong. It’s his decision, which is beyond the scope of any authority.

If government tries to remove that right from all of us, it is essentially saying it knows what is correct, it knows what is true, it knows what we need and require, and it’s going to give it to us even if it has to shove it down our throats. Does that sound like freedom to you?

If Jesus of Nazareth lived in the United States today, and if he went around curing cancer, he would be arrested. He wouldn’t be charged with blasphemy or treason. He would be charged with something much simpler and more mundane: practicing medicine without a license.

And he would be convicted and sentenced.

Because the government, in its throne of corruption, in its partnership with corporations, wants to monopolize proprietary and illegal interests.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “Would the government let Jesus cure cancer?

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

    • TPR says:

      After Jesus healed the 50,000 cancer patients in the stadium, no doubt He warned them about “Big Govt./Big Pharma Babylon”:

      “…For your merchants [are] the great men of the earth, for by [their] sorcery [=orig. Grk: PHARMAKEIA**] all the nations were deceived…” (Revelation 18:23)

      The New Testament in the Bible was written in Greek (26 of the 27 “books”). The original Greek word “Pharmakeia” (English: Pharmacy) was used three times, translated twice as Sorcery & once as Witchcraft. If that isn’t enough to make one’s hair stand on end, I don’t know what would be. 😉

      **Strong’s word number #5331: pharmakeia (pronounced far-mak-i’-ah)
      from 5332; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively): sorcery, witchcraft.

      Thayer’s Greek Lexicon: pharmakeia:
      1) the use or the administering of drugs.
      2) poisoning.
      3) sorcery, magical arts
      , often found in connection with idolatry*** and fostered by it.
      4) metaphorically the deceptions and seductions of idolatry.

      Part of Speech: noun feminine.
      Relation: from #G5332.

      ***”Idolatry” > Too much love & mental dependence on Big Pharma!

    • Jim-Linda Morehouse says:

      Jesus is coming back,,to reign and rule and there will not be a problem.Come soon Lord Jesus

  2. Kuroneko says:

    Jesus would have his work cut out for him if he came back today.

  3. paschn5167 says:

    Certainly, If he “cleared” it with AIPAC…. and had all his vaccinations in order….

    • Erika says:

      the real power has always set up and used the Jewish people as a scapegoat and they as well as all of us have paid a horrific price for it.
      Don’t look at the puppet but the pupeteer.

  4. This just proves how crazy society has become, i e that all is about the elite and their money!

  5. madraallta says:

    They would have executed him again! Almost immediately. The moment he claimed to be the son of God the churches would claim he isn’t ”licensed ” to preach and would themselves have him strung up!

  6. Tim says:

    Jesus would deny it. ‘I didn’t cure any one. It is the power of the Almighty working. I simply told people what others have experienced.’

    ‘And, I didn’t charge anything for it.’

    ‘Also, since what I did is not recognized as medicine in your jurisdiction, then clearly I was not practicing medicine.’

    • Erika says:

      My thoughts too…as long as no federal reserve notes changed hands, the government has NO recourse. If freely given as a gift., there would be NOTHING agents could do except perhaps assasinate him..

  7. “Immediately people say, ‘This is ridiculous. Water can’t cure arthritis. Frank is cheating Jim. Jim is a victim. He needs to see a doctor. He needs to go on arthritis drugs’.”

    One never knows. Not that water can actually CURE arthritis, but one possible contributor to arthritis could be that the patient is dehydrated, and needs more water or fluids in general. The joints need to be hydrated, so water couldn’t hurt.

  8. The Watchman says:

    Great article. Jon. Linked as usual in today’s post at


  9. It would be interesting to use the interpretation of the word “medicine”. When exactly are you practising medicine? Considering the way the word (and phrase) are use this applies only to conventional medicine and maybe to generally acknowledged other therapies. But is it practising medicine if you recommend a book? If you tell someone that vitamin C is good for colds? If you explain the lack of efficacy of vaccines? I wouldn’t think so.
    If my friend has troubles and I listen and give some advice then I’m not practising psychology. If I recommend chamomile tea to sleep I’m not practising herbalism. Sometimes you need to be creative to beat the system.

  10. B. R. in Oregon says:

    Excellent. This is basically what was done to Jesus by the religious leaders (Jews) of the day. He did good on the Sabbath and told the truth because He was the Truth but did not have a “license” to act and preach issued by the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Scribes. Ergo, they whipped up the wimpy Roman rulers to collude in crucifying Him.

  11. From Quebec says:

    Your Honor,” he says, “whether or not this man has cured cancer is beside the point. He has no license to practice medicine.

    This is almost as stupid as saying: This guy who was waking in front of a house on fire saw a little boy screaming from a window and got him out of the house before the firefighters arrived is guilty because he did not have a license to act as a firefighter, he needed a certification as an emergency medical technician

  12. Sean says:

    How to make contracts and certifications replace licensing. Interests me. Anybody have any info on this approach?

  13. From Quebec says:

    whether or not this man has cured cancer is beside the point. He has no license to practice medicine.

    This is almost as stupid as saying: This guy who was walking in front of a house on fire saw a little boy screaming from a window and got him out before the firefighters arrived is guilty because he did not have a license to act as a firefighter he needed a certification as an emergency medical technician

  14. truth1 says:

    Jon, Jesus would never make it to court. He would be “suicided” long before then. And contracts are a great idea, too, and they would probably nuillify the contract as not having real substance or since the said contract to be treated is still a “practice medicine, if not said, at least implied. Its hard to win against evil.

  15. Jon

    […] the synchronicity of your articles [with mine] is just mind boggling.

    One moot point. Somewhere in “gospels” (Matthew, from memory) it says “for Jesus was a Nazarene”. From that some lesser educated folks have “joined the dots” wrongly.

    Nazarenes were one of the many Essenes’ sects, so Nazareth doesn’t really come into play here. And for good reason, as I state in my latest article:


    “Before I discuss validity of the crucifixion in more depth, I need to make a few more associated observations. Presumption Mary Magdalene was never called Miriam suggests she was prominent Roman offspring. Could this mean the Joseph of Aramithea had taken a Roman Philistine wife? Was she of royal lineage (hence selecting Mary as the given name for her daughter)? I am compelled to believe that she would have been extremely important for Joseph to be on first name terms with Pontius Pilate, Roman Governor of Judea. Turning to Inherent sources once more, I am informed that a royal marriage was brokered between Barabbas (Jesus’ father) and another Mary. If, as some scholars like to posit, Jesus was a family member of the Piso emperor class, that lineage could only have come via his mother (as his father was a Jewish royal). Should this prove sufficiently correct, it would explain why the Catholic Church gives the Madonna such bloated “eternal” status against puny “dead” Jesus on the cross. Congregations from all over the globe flock to touch her miracle working effigies.

    Presuming a marriage had been brokered between “Mary” (euphemistically known as mother of Jesus) and Matthias Joseph (father of Josephus who “gave birth to” and was literal Jesus), contemporary politics would have been revolutionised (endorsing the Pharisees’ political intrigue). In conjunction, the undeniably hard to resolve question is “why did the Pharisees back clemency in favour of Barabbas (father of Jesus)?” unless there is more to solving the puzzle than meets the obvious eye. Does this suggest that Jesus was a recalcitrant heir (hinted at in the Prodigal Son parable)? If Matthias Joseph was an integral part of the establishment, then Josephus almost certainly defied the wishes of the father. Failure of his preaching tour in the Nazareth region highlights the discontentment. Nazareth, at the time, was a hub for the well-to-do and privileged classes, so naturally political preferences erred towards hard-line right-wing philosophies. One can but presume that Matthias Joseph, as the bastion of civilised society and honoured revolutionary, had strong ties to religious order (i.e. the Pharisees). Josephus was comparatively Bohemian (again implied in the Prodigal Son parable).”

    Jesus receives a brief mention in this topical essay too:


    “Was mankind to evolve, the true purpose of atoms would become common knowledge and for good reason. Notably study of these universal catalysers is crucial if all illnesses are to be neutralised without the need of medicine or operational accoutrements. But is a globalism free of greedy corporate healthcare practical? Perhaps ruling powers would do well to refer to supposed extra-terrestrial entities commonly called “Grey Beings” and related accounts that claim each can “see” a body’s auric field (collective quantum resonance). In doing so, technicians are somehow able to massage cures cancelling infected areas simply by using their extremities (is this what Jesus meant by “the laying on of hands”?). Our sciences must come to terms with the phenomenon somehow if humanity is to progress. Thankfully, in a very minor way, Barbara Brennan has begun the investigative tour and can already demonstrate some pragmatic effects with her adaptation of Reiki techniques.”


  16. Thomas says:

    Jon, it’s even sillier than the example you gave. According to the law, it would be illegal for me, as a holistic health coach, to tell someone that drinking some water could help with dehydration. This is because the law says that only doctors and drugs can cure disease. Water, then by definition, becomes a drug, and I am not licensed to prescribe drugs. Therefore I would be violating the law.

  17. Feli Popescu says:

    Research the phenomenon Bruno Gröning – there is a documentary which has been made available last month on YouTube. He was a German man who was speaking to thousands of people in the 1950s and then the blind could see and the paralyzed could walk. He was persecuted and charged with healing without a medical license!

  18. Luckee1 says:

    Thank you Jon! I just discussed on TFR, Monday, how the government has laws against the cure for cancer. I merely read the National Cancer Act of 1937. This is a brilliant follow up piece for that. And, the best part of it, is the call to action. Again, than you!

  19. Tim says:

    Hypnotherapists have been able to fend off the medical mafia, so Jesus would probably be able to also.

    • PJ London says:

      ‘Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington are states that require mandatory licensure or registration.’
      Or they just call it something else and regulate that :
      ‘There are also a number of states with laws defining the practice of psychology or practice of counselling (which may require a license) that refer to terms such as “hypnosis” or “hypnotherapy.” It is unclear what the intent of such references are (for example, if hypnosis is listed as just one of many things that a psychologist may do – but that others may do as well – similar to coaching, research, interviewing, evaluating aptitudes and interests, consulting in legal decision making, vocational counselling, creative arts, and stress management)’
      If you charge a fee do you not have to obtain a business licence?
      Do you not have to describe the ‘product’ that you are offering?
      Do you not have to have liability insurance?
      Good luck with opening in any jurisdiction as a fee charging Hypnotherapist without getting permission.
      You can’t even offer them tea or lemonade before or after.

  20. Mooeing says:

    The certification process has become a license to lie and a license to be ingnorant. I just had a conversation about MMR vaccine safety and the pro vaxers keep saying but my expert said its safe. Even when the insert has listed as a possible adverse reaction seizures and brain damage and even measles itself.

  21. PJ London says:

    In Africa they have Sangomas, it was estimated in 2013 that there are 200,000 practitioners in the country, and that 80 per cent of black South Africans will seek a sangoma as their first point of call.
    “A sangoma is not a witch – a sangoma is pure and does good.”

    “People due to their lack of knowledge think witch doctors, witches and sangomas are all the same thing and they are not.”

    The healers undertake an intense training process, learning dance, washing in the blood of sacrificed animals and using Muti, medicines with spiritual significance.

    You pay your money and you get your dance and ‘Muti’.
    Funnily enough, the cure rate is better than western medicine.

  22. Nick says:

    Jon, this is playing out in Denmark right now. There is a guy who has a Christian ministry and who goes around healing people. The authorities want to charge him with practicing medicine without a license:

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