Your time is now (if you take it)

Your time is now (if you take it)

by Jon Rappoport

November 20, 2017

When I write about The Individual, I’m not referring to some abstract concept. I’m writing about you.

This is what is all about.

From the beginning, 16 years ago, I launched an examination of fake news at deeper and deeper levels. And when I came to the bottom line, it was you.

Your power and freedom.

This is why I spent years putting together my three Matrix mega-collections. For the expanded power, freedom, and the creative capacity of the individual. This is why I included dozens of imagination exercises—so individuals could climb out of consensus reality and reclaim their power at greater and higher levels.

This is a positive revolution staged inside the mind, soul, and psyche of the individual—not the group, not the collective.

The primary op waged against the individual is distraction—making the events of this world seem so chaotic and embroiling that all he can do is crawl into a hole and stay there and hope things improve…

It is an illusion, a grand illusion—because at any moment the individual can pick up the threads of his deepest desires and launch an enterprise to make those desires into fact in the world. This is the opposite of what the controllers are aiming for. They want the individual to shrink down inside the illusion and depend on this leader or that leader or this program or that program.

The controllers want to be the source of all energy.

This is the most ridiculous notion ever foisted on the individual, who has unlimited energy at his beck and call. Energy within himself. He has the inherent capacity to imagine and create and invent energy.

This, too, is the aim of those imagination exercises I include in Exit From The Matrix and Power Outside The Matrix.

The light at the end of the tunnel is you.

The basic aim of elite propaganda is to derail you from seeing and experiencing that fact.

The controllers are in the process of building a universal collective Victim, which they hope will include everyone on Earth. This is their ideal.

In my writing, when I highlight and analyze and explain some particular facet of their plan, it is always with the assumption that you can use that knowledge to turn things around—you can build your own vision of your life and future and launch it, thereby strengthening your independent creative position and realizing the fulfillment of your dreams…

The REAL world, beyond the FAKE world, is many, many individuals launching their own visions and enterprises, closest to their most profound desires.

In other words, the REAL world is multi-dimensional and anti-hypnotic and individual.

It is not uniform. It is not one system.

I continue to work in this direction.

Because I know the bottom line is you.

Some months are better than others. More people respond and move their personal enterprises in new and thrilling directions. Some months, less people respond. But it doesn’t matter. The objective remains the same. There is no group victory without the individual. The “world situation” isn’t finally solved by the group. The group, in the best sense, would exist to liberate the individual.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

As I keep saying, The Individual is the wild card in the deck. He isn’t covered by any algorithm or plan.

The technocrats’ wet dream is corralling eight billion individuals under one roof. They’re stage magicians with a bag of tricks.

But the individual is superior, unique, and a creative force of unlimited potential.

That’s you.

As we near the end of another calendar year, I welcome you to nomorefakenews…and all I will be doing to expose and cast aside the operations designed to conceal the individual and his power from himself.

My best to your best,

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

13 comments on “Your time is now (if you take it)



    There’s a cat living in the cramped steel culvert by my road.

    Canned kittens mew as I walk by…


    The chemical cold, can you hear it?

    Snow and ice, sky and trees; even the cat, all made by the same painters hand.

    Winter is a frigit, and darkly muted hell here

    They make the weather right in this spot.


    My door whistles from the winter wind.

    This existential wreck I’ve become…

    this cold heart

    this runaway artist

    “today! I say…” again, for  the umpteenth time.

    But Dominique’s son left for China today,

    and she still drew a sketch anyway.

    I like Dominique.


    A lady in electric pink, with a cloud on her head.


    The dog fussed and paces back and breaks my focus,

    and a fidget, and I realize ‘Fuck, I’m back home.”

    …and another drink of cold joe.


    I miss my life…

    the other one, the one I had, before I woke here;

    not this one, the other one, were I make grand things and feel grand things, and speak…

    and my pen is divinely blessed, and the ink flows and falls from that gentle nib, onto a page white as the outside around that cat


    A long sentence of no color, no adjectives…no smell but forgotten life falling out of an opened closet door.


    It seems your rise early.

    Think your thoughts and place them in an electric envelope, and I believe your speaking to me. 


    “Are you talking to me”


    I promised myself I wouldn’t come here anymore, it’s part of the problem.

    Or maybe I’m part of the problem.

    You the mystical messenger, me the revenant in this Bardo.

    Illusion and grand illusion.

    The whole thing is a joke, and, you and me sitting in the audience surrounded by this…pretentious laughter.

    And french nonsense.


    Ah, the fake light, cracks through and splitting the slats, in my window blind.

    It’s still early…”Maybe today.”

  2. Phil says:

    Hi Jon,

    I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in the service of ‘freeing the individual’.
    It’s not an easy endeavor……… it seems that there are so many questions and levels to ‘individual freedom’. Even for those that are beginning to ‘wake up’ the challenge of ‘complete freedom’ probably seems inconceivable.


  3. Colton Comer says:

    The Best ideas I have come across for liberating the individual have come from Jon Rappoport, and the best physical manifestation that helps allow this freedom is, in my opinion, Earthships! Self sustainable housing. I wish to free myself from the ‘rent a plywood box’ epidemic. Why pay for heat or cold? Why pay for water? Why not grow our own food and quit wasting our energy to buy energy to maintain these boxes? EARTHSHIP. Look it up!

    • arcadia11 says:

      if you want to build a sustainable home you can do it without engaging with and flowing power to the controlled opposition
      that is ‘earthship’. this is a un program. it is not grassroots.

      they are planning for their future. not ours. the un is behind the devastation of our lives and the planet. they are offering a home ‘alternative’ to that.

      don’t take the bait. if you are a real person.

      if you are a troll – you are wasting your time here.

    • Larry says:

      Earth ships are not quite my cup of tea, but I’ve always found them very intriguing. (Actor Dennis Weaver was a strong proponent of this building method, by the way.) Enter “earthships” over at and browse *images* and *videos* at the top of the page for eye-opening examples. Contrary to Arcadia11’s assertions, since the impetus behind the earthship design was personal autonomy, I rather doubt that the UN is behind the earthship movement.

      Also check out for remarkable home building methodologies …

      • arcadia11 says:

        GoinG Green: A HAnDBooK oF SUSTAinABLe HoUSinG PrACTiCeS
        first published in nairobi in 2012 by un-HAbiTAT.
        copyright © united nations Human Settlements Programme 2012
        All rights reserved
        united nations Human Settlements Programme (un-HAbiTAT)
        P. o. box 30030, 00100 nairobi gPo kenYA
        Tel: 254-020-7623120 (central office)
        ISBN: 978-92-1-132487-7

        1.1 Purpose of the handbook 6
        1.2 Structure of the handbook 6
        1.3 Sustainable housing: why is it important? 7
        1.4 Taking a comprehensive approach to sustainable housing 8
        1.5 Environmental sustainability 9
        1.6 Social sustainability 12
        1.7 Economic sustainability 13
        1.8 Cultural sustainability 14
        1.9 Institutional sustainability 15
        1.10 Vulnerable and special needs groups 16
        1.11 Scaling up sustainable housing practices 19
        CHAPTER 2: sustainable design 26
        2.1 Settlement planning and urban design 28
        2.2 Introduction to building 35
        2.3 Building in different climate zones 37
        CHAPTER 3: sustainable construction materials 45
        3.1 Wood and straw construction 47
        3.1.1 Timber 47
        3.1.2 Bamboo 48
        3.1.3 Straw-bale 50
        3.2 Earth and stone construction 51
        3.2.1 Cob 52
        3.2.2 Rammed earth 53
        3.2.3 Adobe 53
        3.2.4 Compressed earth blocks (CEBs); stabilized soil blocks (SSB) 54
        3.2.5 Interlocking bricks, issb blocks 54
        3.3 Ways of using concrete in a more sustainable manner 55
        3.3.1 Concrete 55
        3.3.2 Ferro-cement construction 56
        3.3.3 Lime-pozzolana cement, CP 40 56
        3.3.4 Replacing ingredients in concrete 57
        3.4 Recycled materials 57
        3.4.1 Fine concrete blocks and high density steam cured blocks 58
        3.4.2 Earthship 58
        3.4.3 Earth bag construction 59
        3.4.4 Papercrete 60
        3.4.5 Bottles 60
        3.4.6 Other waste products 60
        CHAPTER 4: sustainable construction technologies 69
        4.1 Environmental retrofitting 72
        4.2 Green roofs 72
        4.4 Saving water in housing 76

      • arcadia11 says:

        yikes! i don’t seem to be receiving the comments in my inbox anymore. can that be easily fixed? i would greatly appreciate it. sorry for the trouble.

        best, peggy

  4. Thank you Jon, this was just what I needed today. My husband and I are selling our house, leaving our jobs and going off travelling, blogging and vlogging. We may get a boat to live on when we come back to UK, and may spend part of time in UK part abroad, but we will see what happens. Main thing is to cut loose from current lives, getting rid of stuff, ignoring the doubters and our own fears and just being free. Thank you.

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  6. Jon Abrahamson (Abe) says:

    Jon I want you to know how much you’ve inspired me to do things.
    Semper Fi! Death before dishonor.

  7. Sam Nelson says:

    Never give up on us…

  8. Larry says:


  9. Greg C. says:

    The title, “Your time is now” can be explored in another way – the only real experience each one of us has is in the present. Notice how the powers that be are always focusing on either the past or the future, when they deign to notice the individual. Where and when were you born, how much did you make last year, what is your projected retirement benefit and when will you take it …. Always looking back or looking forward, part of the illusion, the magician’s misdirection. So each of us begins to think that we are our past, or our destiny is locked in, and we just wait for it to happen.

    Here’s a quote from Moshe Feldenkrais:
    “You can, at any time of your life, rewire yourself.”

    Check out his bio online – what a dynamic, imaginative person! Engineer, physicist, martial artist, healer, educator, his activities knew no boundaries. The book “Feldenkrais Illustrated” is a compilation of his best quotes, arranged and sketched in such a way so they can be assimilated through a direct experience rather than a lot of reading and cogitating.

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