Vegas shooting: real vs. fake

Vegas shooting: real vs. fake

by Jon Rappoport

October 6, 2017

These are a few observations leading to a hypothesis.

First, there is a video, taken at ground level, of a man going from victim to victim lying on the ground at the concert. He is checking their pulses, asking if they’re all right, calling for medical help. Notice the color of the blood on the ground and on the victims. It is a quite bright red. Would real bloodstains on the ground be that color, or would they be darker?

Next, there is the matter of how Stephen Paddock, the accused shooter, brought 23 weapons and ammo into the Mandalay Hotel and up to his suite.

He was a well-known high-stakes gambler. Hotel personnel surely knew him. They knew he lived in the Vegas area. Yet there he is with a number of suitcases—or over the course of a few days, he appears in the lobby with another suitcase or two each time.

These hotels are security-conscious to the max. No suspicion was aroused? And Paddock risked exposure to take weapons he would never use up to his suite?

Did Paddock bring in the weapons through another hotel entrance with the help of staff? Was this part of the operation an inside job?

Did he actually bring in all these weapons? Or was his hotel suite staged as a prop by others? Was it set up as a showcase for gun-control advocates who, after the fact, would push for new restrictive laws?

The photos of the hotel suite—when were they taken? In the immediate aftermath of the shooting? Where are the hundreds or thousands of shell casings that would have been ejected from the weapon(s)? The photos of the floor show very little brass. My understanding is these casings would have been quite hot. Where are all the burn marks on the carpet and furniture and walls?

This whole “hotel suite” scenario is very murky and needs much more investigation.

There are cell-phone videos taken at ground level at the concert, while you can hear automatic gunfire. A reader brings up an interesting point. Many of these shots would miss human targets. Instead, they would hit solid objects and either remain embedded or bounce. Where are the loud sounds, on the videos, of ricochets—not just a few sounds, but many.

Now here is a hypothesis. Obviously, it applies to more than just the Vegas shooting. In SOME of these events, we see a MIX of fake and real happenings. There are real victims and fake victims. This confusion and conflation of the fake and the real stimulate different and opposing lines of independent investigation.

Some say all the victims are fake. Others say all the victims are real. Both viewpoints tend to generalize from a few sets of facts.

The result? This is perfect for those who are actually behind the operation in the shadows, who want to engender false trails and dead ends and “unsolvable” anomalies.

And conflict among independent researchers who, after all, are the only real threat to the party line.

“Look, here is a group of obvious crisis actors. They’re fakes. Therefore, the whole event is a fake.”

“Here are real victims. Therefore, the whole event is real. There was nothing fake about it.”

Then, on top of this, the mainstream press, in its usual fashion, cherry picks the most far-out “conspiracy theories,” presents them, and says: “Look how ridiculous ALL these people are who question the official investigation.” Another generalization. A way to discredit all independent researchers.

When you think about it, the hypothesis I’m presenting is not strange at all. What do major media news broadcasts do? They mix real facts and fake facts. This is SOP. They mix and stir and derive bizarre conclusions that mislead the public.

“Real or fake” is not always the correct formulation, although that is what many people want to decide. “It must be black or white, yes or no, this or that.” We’re looking at a trap, we’re looking at many minds disposed to function in this fashion.

In certain cases, it can be “real and fake.”

And when it is, and when it’s intentional, it confuses people and they throw up their hands and walk away.

Which is the desired effect.

“Was the whole thing real or fake? I have to know.”

It was both.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

139 comments on “Vegas shooting: real vs. fake

  1. David Crowe says:

    You lost me with your innuendo. Hotels are high security? Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Thousands of people in the lobby, slot machines jangling, lights flashing. People with huge boxes with who knows what? Musical equipment? Trade show equipment? Guns? Who would ever know.

  2. Stephen C Paddock registration tail number:

    Click “registration” to see history of ownership/registration. Is VALANT LLC a spook “defense/intelligence” operation? Could Paddock be holding weapons intended for antifa-type violence as we saw in Kiev 2013-2014? The FAA registry database is scrubbed of this information.

  3. I want the truth says:

    To find out if it was fake, we need to find facebook profiles of victims. Second, look at obituaries. There should be lots now. Don’t see any listed at las vegas newspaper.

    • 1mmf27 says:

      It’s both.
      Didn’t you get the authors point?

    • macmic6 says:

      I know a victim personally. She was shot in her upper left arm and was very lucky to not lose it. She did lose 2 inches of bone and has a plate and screws brushing it together plus a big incision held together with staples. She is the girlfriend of a cousin.

  4. Abe says:

    I was talking to a friend about this last night. From the picture of that hammer, it appeared to be a 12 ounce hammer. I’m a 30 commercial high rise carpenter. I know that hammer would of taken forever. Years ago I remodeled a jewelry store. We took a display window out to the dumpster. It was hefty to say the least. To make it not take up so much space in the dumpster I started beating it with an 8# sledge hammer. I had hit it well over a dozen times before I got it to shatter. This was 30 years ago when I was in my 30’s, and strong as a bull! I’m Paddocks age now.

    Even Charles Whitman drew suspicions dragging his foot locker to the top of the Texas Tower back in 1966, and was just out of the Marines and 25 years old. I think It would be unusual for Paddock to drag in 4 or 5 foot lockers. Those fire arms wouldn’t fit in a suit case unless he had them broken down. This I’d think would only be 2 guns per suit case. Then there’s the 2 – 3000 rounds, mags, plus clothing for his weeks stay. Yet not one picture showing him at the casino. I think this would of been tough for Jack LaLanne.

    I think this was a Deep State act of terrorism for some political agenda. Revolution? Country music would be a majority of Trump supporters.

    • Abe:
      There are more ways to skin a cat than with a twelve oz hammer….

      “Country music would be a majority of Trump supporters.”
      How did you come to that conclusion?

      “Then there’s the 2 – 3000 rounds,…”
      What 2-3000 rounds are you talking about?

      Why deep state state? Why not a corporation? Why not individuals. What facts do you have that it was deep state?

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Yes, Michael Burns. It’s possibles that the Deep State was not a partner in this crime. Former CIA agent Robt. David Steele says definitively that Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, two Zionists, were the perps. He says that they are in the business of manufacturing security equipment such as we are plagued with at airports these days (well I knew Chertoff was. Why was he head of Fatherland Security? heh, I mean, Homeland Security, of course).. And just think of the money they could make if bus stations and train stations were forced to put people through detectors; why they could make billions.

        Adelson owns a lot of hotels on the Strip in Vegas. He could’ve easily manipulated security if Mandalay Bay is one of his. Is Bellagio one of his, as well?

      • Abe says:

        There are more ways to skin a cat than with a twelve oz hammer….
        The presstitutes said that was what the hammer was for. What do you think it was for? The forward assist?

        “Country music would be a majority of Trump supporters.”
        How did you come to that conclusion?
        Look at the USA county how they voted map. Most the blue’s were in the cities on the coast. When was the last time you’ve been to the ghetto and heard Jones, Haggard, or Gill blaring?

        “Then there’s the 2 – 3000 rounds,…”
        What 2-3000 rounds are you talking about?
        Silver rounds. What do you think? Even shooting fish in a barrel with a shot gun you wont get 100% hits. Spray and pray in Vietnam you probably get 1 hit out of 200 shots. I figured if who ever it was was lucky, because they were fish in a barrel had about a 25% hits.

        Why deep state state? Why not a corporation? (Military Industrial Complex, Banks) Why not individuals.
        What do you think the Deep State is? You forgot Presidents, Congress, Supreme Court, and the alphabet agencies. In fact maybe you should check out Judicial Watch since they’re going after the government side of the Deep State.

        And you called me a shill! LMFAO!! You sound like Hillary! “With a dust cloth?” I got a tip for you Hill.
        Не трахайтесь с русскими!!!

        • The presstitutes said there was a hammer, so… you believe them…not use to thinking on your own are you… hm.

          “Country music would be a majority of Trump supporters.”

          You realize there are at any given time, millions of visitors are visiting Las Vegas; for instance in August of this year they had 28.5 million visitors. That’s down from last year at this time, by 0.9% Abe. But you, you dumb fuck wouldn’t know that… cause the presstitutes didn’t tell you that, they told you there was a hammer. That would put roughly 1 million visitors from outside the state, possibly outside the country, in Vegas on that day Abe. Do you know how many a million is Abe?

          I wonder how many were from outside the country, who like listening to country music; I wonder how many were from Canada. Vegas is a popular resort around these parts, really popular, because its cheap to get there and you can go over a long week-end. Canadians don’t vote for Trump, but they sure do like country music Abe. That the only thing that plays around Abe. People from out of the country visting Vegas, are not Trump supporters, or voters. I wonder how many of them took in the show Abe. 

          Now I know that might be a bit of stretch to assume Abe…But I am sure I’m lot closer than you are to a truth… Your pushin an agenda, and looking at a fucking voting map, you wanna see something burn Abe.

          The most that was reported as far as gun rounds was 1600 in the trunk of the car, not in the room. In a trunk in a car. Shell casings are the one thing missing in this little conundrum Abe. 

  5. Abe says:

    30 year commercial

  6. MrDuncmck says:

    Keep an eye on the clueless vampires (MSM) present democrat party.They know how to utilize a crisis.The clueless.not the deep state. live in a twisted reality where salad dressing can be contrived into a social weapon..So much social engineering has backfired on the serfs that now maybe? a two teared backfire may put humpty dumptys head back on (MSM).or? nothing can be believed (zero credibility in everything)…thats a winning proposition in itself in the big picture of mind control. i think your hypothesis caries a lot of water jon.thanks!!

  7. Dana Doran says:

    The 4chan conspiracy is interesting…..a “fast & furious” type sting aimed at ISIS with Paddock as the arms dealer (brother let that slip), discovered by IS— instead of buying the guns (and explosives) let him gamble all weekend then held him captive in the room, shot up the concert and then killed the patsy and escaped as security personnel.

  8. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    It’s certainly possible that this was a mix of fake & real. Looking beyond the Vegas shooting, I think the cabal is pushing for a revolution and if they manage to nullify the 2nd amendment, that’s what they’re going to get.

  9. Deb says:

    Adding a pinch of truth makes the concocted more palatable, more easily assimilated, and more deadly.

  10. don wleklinski says:

    replacing OR with AND as a starting point is a good idea in general

  11. Ton Nuiten says:

    Reblogged this on Tinthor's Blog and commented:
    Some will say the news reports of the mass shooting in Las Vegas was “white” or “real.” Others, however, will say it was “black” or “fake news.” Now, what is it? Well, could it be that it was “white” mingled with “black”? With other words: are the official news reports of the mass shooting partly true (“white”) and false (“black”), partly a lie and partly truth? Well, read on …

  12. barn moose says:

    real + 1 provably false (persistent) claim = false. You can’t be just a little bit pregnant.

    • barn moose says:

      “Do you solemnly (swear/affirm) that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (so help you God/under pains and penalties of perjury)?”

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      barn moose—But there’s such a thing as a gray area. Penumbra I believe it’s called. Let’s take pregnancy: there’s such a thing as an hysterical pregnancy, whereupon the woman believes she’s pregnant to the tune of growing a baby bump, etc. Then there’s a fallopian tube pregnancy, wherein the fetus has no chance of survival . . . well, you see what I’m saying, right? Not everything is black & white. On the witness stand: Prosecutor: “Are you pregnant?” Defendant: “Yes, No. I’m not sure.” Prosecutor: “You can’t be a little bit pregnant, can you Ms. White?” Ms. White: “You don’t understand.” “And just what do I not understand, Ms. White!” Tears well up and spill over. “My baby is still inside me but she’s dead.”

  13. the postman says:

    “It is a quite bright red. Would real bloodstains on the ground be that color, or would they be darker?”

    It depends on a number of factors, one being the lighting itself.

    “Did Paddock bring in the weapons through another hotel entrance with the help of staff?”

    If you read your blog comments you’d see in Yesterday’s blog post that I had left a comment that Fox News reported that PADDOCK’S ROOM MATE MARILOU DANLEY IS AN EMPLOYEE OF THE MANDALAY BAY HOTEL!!!

    See: /watch?v=dJV6yGrTJhw

    “Many of these shots would miss human targets. Instead, they would hit solid objects and either remain embedded or bounce.”

    I’ve seen two videos where trash on the pavement was affected by bullet strikes. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the really good one as YouTube took it down by the next day and I was unable to find it again. However, commonly seen video footage shows this happening as well. See this video: /watch?v=JxQtCjQMKec.

    “Now here is a hypothesis. Obviously, it applies to more than just the Vegas shooting. In SOME of these events, we see a MIX of fake and real happenings. There are real victims and fake victims.”

    The mix is this: REAL people were shot and killed for a FAKE reason. Regardless, it’s still a false flag. It’s absurd to think that every false flag must have actors. People tend to forget that everybody is an actor whenever they’re lying. So, is a guy lying because he’s an actor or is he acting because he’s a liar? There’s a difference and we can’t necessarily distinguish it. Just because Eric Paddock seems to put on a great acting performance doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s lying as a result of his purportedly acting a part. He could very well be “acting” simply because he has something to hide and he’s lying to cover it up. Sometimes, those who act aren’t actually paid to do so…

    “When you think about it, the hypothesis I’m presenting is not strange at all.”

    No. It’s strange alright. It’s strange if only because there’s just no reason why the perpetrators of this conspiracy would care that real people had died. In fact, because they knew good and well that the concert attendees were Republican Trump supporters, in their mind that was all the more reason for them to do this. Why? Obviously, the Democrats don’t mind seeing a reduction in the number of Republicans in the next election (though a reduction of 60 isn’t much help) but more importantly, keep in mind that the larger goal here is to either directly ban guns or incite civil war, thus leading to the banning of guns… If the direct banning of guns fails, they hope to at least be able to push Trump supporters to the point of responding in kind. That is, to push them so that they commit a similar or even more heinous act of terror murdering possibly hundreds of people who likely voted in the 2016 election in support of Hillary. Instant civil war. Just add blood.

    • the postman says:

      I managed to find footage of the other cup being struck by a bullet; although, from a different person’s phone camera. This footage isn’t as good as the original but it’ll do. /watch?v=NrOYBcKpThM

    • You are talking right out of your ass….

      “[…]because they knew good and well that the concert attendees were Republican Trump supporters, […]”

      Your building a case on fallacies, your extrapolating from your own hypothesis.

      “[…]to push Trump supporters to the point of responding in kind […]”

      What? How da fuck did you get here without injecting your own feelings.

      “That is, to push them so that they commit a similar or even more heinous act of terror murdering possibly hundreds of people who likely voted in the 2016 election in support of Hillary.”

      This sounds more like revenge for that delusion running through your head…you are eriously fucked up Postman.

      Your a troll.

      • the postman says:

        “Your building a case on fallacies, your extrapolating from your own hypothesis.”

        Like it isn’t obvious that someone knew that the crowd was going to be mostly Republican supporters? Duhh!

        “What? How da fuck did you get here without injecting your own feelings.”

        You mean, like you just did?

        “This sounds more like revenge for that delusion running through your head…you are eriously fucked up Postman.”

        Then why not enlighten us on the error of my logic rather than resort to acting like an infant? Is it because you can’t?

        • “Like it isn’t obvious that someone knew that the crowd was going to be mostly Republican supporters? Duhh!”

          “Duhh!”…I’m duhh…lol.

          *Michael talking to himself “What fucking knuckle dragger”*

          Why would that even be the case asshole…why not something else like… Its country music so…everybody will be in plaid and cowboy hats…they’ll be fiddle music and I hate fiddle music.

          Or its country music that means they are all church goers…

          Country music concert!, they’ll all be bullriders…or mormons or anything else. And we/I as the perpetraters of this crime hate plaid and cowboy hats, and anybody that rides a bull gotta be a fuckin retard.

          You shit for brains brought your own agenda, because that’s the axe your grindin of late.

          ‘Enlighten us’ you think there is other people here, postman who agree with what you say? You want me to enlighten you about what I think. What I think is they shot the wrong people if there was that many shot at all. Way too much confusion to get a real fact, too many of you guys, burping out an opinion.

          I would waste time talking to an arsehole like you about what I think about this…American clusterfuck, I would waste time explaining the finer points with someone who I doubt could find his own dick in the dark for his own foibles.

          “Injecting my own feelings.”…I’m reacting to the absurdity of what you wrote, it astounds me.

          “In fact, because they knew good and well that the concert attendees were Republican Trump supporters, in their mind that was all the more reason for them to do this.”

          ‘In Fact’…IN FACT,  you present this as a fact…” […],in their mind that was all […]” now you’re in their mind, you’re a mind reader postman. “Why? Obviously the Democrats don’t mind seeing a reduction […]” Now you give me a reason for why they shot all those people from something you read from their minds. And further more you have concluded that they will retaliate in kind, in similar way or a more heinous crime killing even more of the people who voted for Hillary.

          So now you’re seeing into the future…and you say “duhh” to me WTF.

          My question to you is..”How do you think with that much shit in your head?”

          Do you wake up and it all pops in there by itself. Or is it backing up because you been constipate most of your life.

          Try not do any thinking from now on Postman…you could hurt yourself, seriously, leave that heavy lifting to people who are accustomed to such tasks Postman.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Michael Burns—I know, I know. I react, too, at times. Someone the other day (no names) was bugging me about my ancestors, and why didn’t they do this or do that. I mean, what kind of rubbish is that?!! But in the immortal words of the once famous Rodney King: “Why can’t we all just get along?” Let’s try to be civil. Let’s rise above the murk and the mire.

            Sweet dreams, darllin’. (Oh, I guess it’s 3 AM across the pond).

          • Sunshine2 says:

            I’ve noticed “someone the other day (no names)” commenter sorely lacks empathy and humility. Two traits needed for getting along.

          • Terri says:

            Marilyn, you know why i brought up your ancestors, its because you brought them up first. As if how long you can trace your bloodlines means anything. I asked a legitimate question, if you are so proud of your ancestors, what have they done? If they have contributed in a meaningful way, you would not be so angry about someone questioning what you say.

            Why cant we all get along? Because you and michael are very rude and sanctimonious to many people.
            If you truly want to be civil, then act civil, instead of disrespecting others left and right and using this blog as therapy for all of your anger issues.

            You offer no solutions and continue to be negative, judgmental and arrogant. You have theories about things which are incorrect, which you use to justify your lack of action and then criticize others who are actually doing something to make a positive change.

            You both should think for a minute before defiling and attacking legitimate honest discourse between people on this blog. You are old, bitter bullies who like to try to tear down other people instead of building yourselves up so you can feel good about yourselves.

            How about follow your own advice, and if you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Otherwise you are nothing but a hypocrite. Everyone has a right to their thoughts and opinions, and the idea of commenting is to share and learn. Perhaps you should be something other than a blight and have some respect for others.

            This is the last time i will be communicating with either one of you. I have more important things to do than this. The fact that some comments and questions upset you and you hold grudges like this is seriously lame and a sign of an unbalanced person who needs help.
            We differ in opinions and lets just leave it at that.

            At the very least, have some respect for Jon and his blog and stop littering his beautiful domain with vile words and unfounded accusations.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Terri, forget the Valium that I suggested for your diatribe against my ancestors. For the love of God, get help. (Incidentally, you always see yourself in others. All the lies you just spewed about me are a total reflection of who YOU are.) I wish you well, dear. Blessings.

          • the postman says:

            We’re still waiting to hear your theory, infant. It’s easy to talk shit about everyone else’s and not provide anything as a replacement. Chicken shit much?

          • Terri says:

            Postman, i just wanted to apologize for the way you have been treated. michael likes to go off on people, he does it all the time, i suppose its free therapy or something. Marilyn either wished she could have been a cheerleader, or she is reliving her glory days as a cheerleader a long long long time ago by cheering him on….

            I for one am very grateful for Jon’s generosity in providing this blog for all of us to share ideas and provide support for each other in these very challenging times. i hope you wont be deterred or allow yourself to feel bad because of what was said.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Terri, I’ve been mulling over the notion of suing you for libel. You have defamed my character repeatedly in this blog and I wonder if you think a lawyer cannot find your true identity? If that’s what you think, you are dead wrong. One more crack from you and I’ll see an attorney. Think I won’t? Try me.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Postman, I never urge Michael on. Once in a while I might agree with Michael but not when he’s rude. I am never rude to anyone, ever. Terri has been spreading lies about me and I’ve had it up to here. Now she’s apple polishing to Jon, trying to gain favor with him. She’s as transparent as Saran Wrap and I’m going to sue her if she doesn’t stop defaming my character, and I do mean immediately.

          • Sunshine2 says:

            Lol. Now I want to chime in about Terri. She (he?) has been an ongoing negative roll model for awhile now. Thank you for that Terri. Now, although she likes to think of herself as the niceness moderator of this comments section, she is not. She is neither nice, nor the moderator.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Sunshine2—Your moniker suits. So glad you picked up on that which was obvious to me, as well. God bless you, my friend.

      • elliottjab says:

        Well – Michael – “Postman” … Ya know?
        Your own comments open many doors & windows – and also shut a few.

        BS, badly contrived/planned ‘event’, from the top down.

    • momelisse says:

      ““It is a quite bright red. Would real bloodstains on the ground be that color, or would they be darker?”
      It depends on a number of factors, one being the lighting itself.”

      Thank you. He almost lost me by starting off with this… YES! Real bloodstains could be that color for some time and spilled wound blood color depends on a number of factors.
      (I’m a blood banker/transfusion scientist)

      I applaud your entire comment; logical and well expressed.

  14. elliottjab says:

    If nothing else – and there’s endless supply of ‘else’ it seems – the ‘shooting’ pretty much proves of the deep, mindless, evil hucksters, turning our Country inside out & upside down.

    With an alphabet soup of ‘agencies’ NOT working for our safety – but blackly against.

    Fake everything. Blood begins drying to brown within minutes of exiting a body; absence of shell casings: a ‘witness’ relating someone walking thru the crowd ‘spraying’ ammo – she was hiding – didn’t see – just heard – a cop with her? No weapon? She says the ‘shooting stopped – cop gets up – walks out?

    Cut! Print!

    Paddock, as mentioned earlier by Abe, a 12 oz. Hammer? And no one below gets hurt with heavy glass hurtling down 32 floors.

    The guy staying right next to Paddock heard nothing. He did say a security guard was killed.

    Another one. Apparently one associated with Mandalay. Not the one being chased (?) by two other guards at Belagio… Shot by them. Killed by them; per ‘witnesses’…

    No interviews of the performers, stage hands, etc. Or did I miss those?

    The guy who ‘painfully’ stood to shake Trumps hand – how’s it work to be released from a hospital with shredded calf muscles from high power ammo. An complain of pain he did when he was interviewed by FOX. Negligence on part of the hospital.

    ‘That’s a Wrap!!!!’ …

    • Theus Isded says:

      There is this 10 minute video on LiveLeak:

      Like the video Jon links to this one is surreal. Very little panic, traffic still passing right through the line of fire (including a double deck bus – a huge target), a few pedestrians outside the venue that seem completely unaware, the constant yelling to “keep your head down” as they pass in front of the camera (to avoid facial recognition or to avoid gunfire?). No flashes can be seen from the building from this vantage point. You also get some perspective on the distance this fire was covering.

      Then the climax as a guy comes walking quietly out of the shadows and as he approaches the camera he suddenly seems to know it’s his moment to shine and says he needs 911. Of course they find blood, and pull up his shirt but show only hint at a wound on his left side away from the camera. They tell him he’s been shot and he exclaims “I was?” Really strange video to watch. You be the judge.

      • elliottjab says:

        Most likely same conclusion U’ve come to – the “cowboy” in upper left appears to be waiting on a signal to get the herd going… Gets it – he turns
        em loose – they go in various levels of ‘panic’… Poor show at best. Like all the other past set ups…

        Thanks for the link… J

  15. Theodore says:

    There is fight over and for the Las Vegas Massacre narrative! May the righteous American citizen-journalists and citizen Patriots win the fight and battle over this — in the InfoWar! Fight with righteous anger!

    • Bingo! Theo wins the cupie doll.

      Thats the real subplot, that’s the post operation at work here; get as many stories going as possible, muddy the waters, get idiots injecting their own alternative facts. Instead of sticking to what is known.

      Illogical fools involved to the point it was the arch plan of flat-earthers who want only cats to be legitimate pets.

      Get the bed bugs involved, so they may inject their personal agendas into and create other scenarios within scenarios.

      The whole thing is turning into Pizzagate.

      Score one for the creators of the Matrix, they won this round I’m afraid. Now it’s just a matter of repeating the same ole same ole.

  16. Daniel Noël says:

    Of course. After all, the masterpiece of false flags, 9/11, was partly real. Discerning analysts differ on the amount of obfuscation, but none of them doubts the Twin Towers’ controlled demolition.


  17. From Quebec says:


    Gunman was in the hotel on September 25


    Laura Loomer ✔@LauraLoomer
    EXCLUSIVE PICS: LV Shooter’s car; @FBI note inside @MandalayBay valet center proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date.

    As we reported earlier, despite officials asserting they have yet to recover any information that suggests Paddock’s rampage was politically motivated, a former Trump campaign official claims that Paddock made an ISIS tape and that authorities are not releasing the fact that the shooting was a terrorist attack.

    Laura Loomer ✔@LauraLoomer
    Law enforcement and @FBI misled the public about #Paddock’s check in date and also provided public & media w/ wrong license plate number.

  18. nanabaakan says:

    The Elephant in the Room, Las Vegas Event 10-01-2017 /2sntcEBMFxM

    There is also the need in these type of situations to pull all the evidence together into one whole picture. The western mind tends to think linearly, and decide it is either this way or that way. When in actuality, it is typically all of the above in most cases. If we take a moment to see how almost all scenarios could have taken place, we can see a much broader agenda and the purpose of it, rather than focusing on one agenda and running with that. We have to be ever aware that the entities who run the world, are not limited to one agenda, purpose or even narrative. It is very strategic and it understands that as situations contain their own variables, the narrative has to change with each situation or point of view or perspective.

    The first thing folks say is it’s about gun control, however, they fail to realize that if it were truly about gun control, all the government would have to do is round up all the guns. Instead, these events cause more folks to buy more guns and the guns and ammunition fly off the shelves within hours or days after these events.

    Confusion mounts surrounding the details of the events, which is exactly why the details tend to contradict each other. Multiple stories serve the purpose of keeping the masses chasing its tail, each one trying to be the one to solve the mystery and have the one answer that fits all. They just don’t realize that it’s all of the above.

    Meanwhile, distrust is fomented between all parties for or against the narrative. No one knows what to believe, and those who are fervent about their positions are willing to fight tooth and nail to have their position be the last word on it. But they are still looking at it in a linear fashion, and the people who plan these events know full well that everything is a circle.

    Fear, is the most immediate outcome of these events, but it is not the main goal. Shaking up the masses can be done with a scary movie of end times or the grid being blasted by solar flares. The masses have been terrorized for so long that it is no longer gain worthy to keep that scenario going. And nowadays with Conspiracy sleuths on the case, before long the entire story unravels. Which just gives them even more incentive to create a new one.

    Before long another Distraction is produced to give the MSM more fodder for their “fake news” which has been “fake” for decades and exposed as such for just as long. However to hear government officials parrot the line of fake news seems to make it more believable, and remember, Obama spoke in Germany about fake news, long before they gave that “meme” to Trump. And Hillary blasted the Alt-Right in some of her campaign speeches. The agenda was in the works long before “Trump” came into office, but he makes the perfect fall guy for the agenda.

    The Alternative Media scrambles to pull the pieces together as well, but since it too has the linear way of looking at things, the alternative perspectives get into the battle field of wanting to prove their point is more relevant than the other.

    I typically do not even watch MSM news, but nowadays, YouTube has the long list of them in my suggested videos, I actually have to take the time to find alternative points of view and they are becoming more and more like needles in a haystack. I can barely find some of my favorites so I know that my subscribers will have just as difficult of a time finding mine.

    Again I say, the alternative news has to use a broader brush, even broader than they are now using and realize, it’s all of the above.

    The Civil War in this country was fomented by folks who sponsored both sides, that is what a Civil War really is about. There are bad guys and good guys on both sides. But to have a Civil War, both sides have to be armed and extremely dangerous. In order to do so, and especially if the manufacturers have no sides, they are armed with the same weapons. In other words, they are shooting and killing each other with weapons provided by the same manufacturers. The color of money does not change.

    Folks may appear to be fighting for the “greater good” but that greater good is only in the eyes of the beholder. And if money is good and control is good, well by any means necessary even if it involves complicity and collusion.

    When we fully examine the Divide & Conquer strategy we get a bit closer to what this Las Vegas and many other conflicts around the world are about. If you destabilize the masses among themselves, they will be so overwhelmed by confusion and thinking linearly, they feel they have to “pick a side” they will totally miss the point that they are being divided. For centuries in human history, this has been the underlying agenda for control and dominance. Political parties, identity politics, religion and sexual preferences are simply smoke screens for the real agenda, and that is to keep the masses squabbling over the crumbs while the entities in charge get the lion share of the whole pie.

    Even with the issue of Puerto Rico disruption of distribution of supplies. San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is supported by Hillary Clinton, Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello Supported by Trump. Divide and conquer leads once again to destabilization and the masses hurt and confused, don’t know which way to go. It is so dangerous and truly an opportune time for the government to get even more control via the auspices of “humanitarian efforts”.

    I can’t help but notice the many similarities between these so-called “staged” events and the so-called perpetrators who are responsible for them and for the most part deceased and therefore cannot defend themselves. But those who have made it to a court of law are obviously compromise in some way and in some instances, are not even the ones whom the MSM claimed were the original perpetrators. But it is very interesting and quite a tell-tale sign when the similarities are lined up. In fact, I was kind of tickled when I saw the connection between just these two, Stephen Paddock and Steve Stephens. Beyond the name, did we get the whole disgruntled gambler in there? Mr. Paddock allegedly killed a bunch of innocents and Steve Stephens killed a kindly old man. The outrage is enough to certainly steer the sights of the masses from the real culprit. Correct?

    Then we have a tie in with Adam Lanza. How could such an old man, seemingly a bit of a boozer, have the strength and know how to kill so many folks and from such a distance and with such high power weaponry? Comparing that to the story of Adam Lanza, a quiet withdrawn young man barely over 120 lbs being able to wield such high powered weaponry as well, and of course, they both had to be mentally unbalanced. If you ask me, it’s the script writer who needs mental health assistance along with the folks who believe this. It is unfortunate that folks become so distracted that they can’t see “the forest for the trees.”

    The largest mass shooting in American History. Personally, they said this about what happened at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, but they tend to forget a couple of other events.. Las Vegas Is Only the Deadliest Shooting in US History Because They Don’t Count Black Lives. The link to the events recounted in the historical record is in the blog post below as well. Today, it is needed to continue the blame game and keep the natives restless as they rewrite history for the umteenth time. The MSM shudders at alternative news outlets calling them “fake news” while they are knee deep in propaganda.

    The Irony More Gun Control for Civilians/More Militarization of the Police
    Is very striking as an outcome for these situations. Unless Mr. Paddock was an octopus, how would one man shoot or need to have available 42 guns?

    So let’s look at the big Elephant in the room. The idea that gun control will stop gun violence is quite laughable. Even with the law stating……..

    It is quite apparent that if anyone in the Shadow Government wants to create a scenario of terror they will simply find a patsy and give him all the guns “he” or “they” need to pull it off. It really doesn’t matter how many gun laws are enacted. They can all be ignored, circumvented or colluded with. And who has access to these weapons? The big elephant in the room.

    As long as the big Elephant in the room has access to these weapons, no amount of gun laws, codes, regulations, etc, will keep those guns out of the hands of those who will terrorize the masses with them. The US government is one of the biggest if not the biggest gun salesman in the world, and they have destabilized countries to prove it.

    The US is notorious for selling and giving guns to so-called rebels/terrorists in conflicts as well as arming the prevailing governments against the so-called rebels/terrorist. They sell their weapons to both sides of the conflict. Gun manufacturers know exactly who they are selling these high powered automatic weapons to, US governmental agencies with the authority to purchase them.

    What they do with them after purchasing them can be seen in these mass shootings where people who are seemingly in capable of tying their shoes without falling over are performing feats like super soldiers. And the baby elephant in the room? Who are these super soldiers? And who trains them?

    We can scrap back and forth for days and days, watch a ton of videos and read another ton of articles, but the bottom line is, only the US government and its many intelligent and law enforcement agencies can pull off these events as they have full and unfettered access to all the resources needed to make it happen. As we squabble among ourselves as to what the real narrative is about these attacks, they are planning the next one. In essence even the attack itself, is a distraction from the real deal.

    • mindym66 says:

      Damnit man…I believe you just broke it the f-ck down with The Absolute Truth, my friend. I hope you are on other sites helping to wake the sleeping Masses or have a blog like Mr. Rappaport’s here. Well done.

      • nanabaakan says:

        @mindym66, thanks for your comment. I have a YouTube Channel that is being constantly demonetized but you can go there and check out my other videos/thoughts. I am also on,,,,,, blogspot and right here on wordpress. If you search “nana baakan” you should see my stuff.
        Doing my best to keep the lights on, LOL.
        Thanks again, blessings, NB

      • nanabaakan says:

        @mindym66, […] I don’t know, I listed the other places you could find me, but instead I will just say I have a blog here on wordpress, that I just started making more active and a YouTube channel, along with google’s blogger. You can also search for “nana baakan” or “nana baakan agyiriwah” and locate my posts as well.
        Thanks for your comment , much appreciated. Doing all I can to keep the lights on. the fact that YouTube is demonetizing my little channel is a sign I must be ruffling some feathers and hopefully waking up some folks, thanks again, blessings, Nana Baakan

    • Alex says:

      I think you have it close to 90% deconstructed as to what it is that they are doing. I always find interesting the “reaction” of law enforcement in these cases. In Vegas it was No Reaction if it takes them 62-72 min to react.

  19. Greg says:

    Oh but the Holocaust wasn’t fake or stage..That was all real. ya sure! But don’t everyone comment and put that topic under the microscope like this Vegas staged event.

  20. Code*black says:

    If you are reading this please realize it’s time to set your differences aside and be strong for others.. And learn we are all American..
    Do realize if you haven’t now!
    Our nation has been compromised by foreign forces..
    This is the resistance
    #prayfor those that are in need.

  21. elliottjab says:

    The Vid – my, how convenient & efficient! Jerking arms, heads, slapping faces… Disgusting display of unprofessional CRIME SCENE evidence destruction & crisis actor abuse…

  22. Sally Swift says:

    From Alexandra Bruce’s

    I believe it possible that the
    truth of the Las Vegas false flag
    operation might actually resist
    the complete obfuscation by
    the Mainstream Media seen in
    previous similar events, due to
    the ubiquity of cell phones and
    social media.

    The Las Vegas Shooting will
    be a test of the MSM’s ability
    to wage psychological warfare,
    let alone to stay relevant in an
    environment where the systems
    used to track the public are now
    being used by the public to track
    the system.

    However, I was contacted by a
    retired military intelligence
    veteran who advised me to lay
    off writing about these Las Vegas
    eyewitness accounts, for my
    own safety.

    So for now, I’ll simply ask who
    benefits from the organized horror
    that was perpetrated in Las Vegas?

    Those who envision the TSA as a
    growth industry benefit. Those
    who want to put Rapiscan machines
    in hotels, grocery stores and
    everywhere else one could imagine
    – they benefit.

    Security Theater benefits.

    TruthStreamMedia knocks it out
    of the park once again with this

    • Abe says:

      Naked body scanners are being readied to go mobile and scan you on the street, at football games and any other event where masses of people are congregated, according to a leaked paper written by Dutch authorities. JANUARY 8, 2010

      • Theodore says:

        They keep winning. As long as the ‘electronic spider web’ keeps getting built, they keep winning. They have no desire of realizing their dreams by hiring human Pinkertons to doe the ‘security checks’ — too expensive.

        Moore’s law, silicon, software, algorithms, Big Data, robots, 5g over satellite, the Internet of Things…

  23. From Quebec says:

    Everybody here must watch this video including Jon.

    This guy, debunks minute by minute what really happened.
    His proof are undeniable,
    His logic is perfect.

    I think this guy really nailed it.

    It is a long video, but worth watching. to the very last minute.


    What do you think of this video?

    • Code*black says:

      This video Isn’t in the link. I can’t review this video.

    • Terri says:

      Have you noticed that links to you tube now ad a space between the home page and the /watch so it only takes you to the home page of you tube unless you take the space out manually.

    • Abe says:

      I listened to the police scanner. A cop reported shots from gate #7. Although it’s not marked gate #7 is stage right. Check it out on google earth. That sliding cattle gate has a big gap in the corner where some one could shoot and if he was back even a few inches would conceal most of his muzzle flash.

      I didn’t believe that 32nd floor bit off the bat. I never seen any flashes from that corner of the building. The picture of the hammer the guy used to break the 2 windows was a joke. All the 2 broken windows on the 32nd floor proves is there’s 2 broken windows on the 32nd floor. If they were even broken during the event. From the videos the jagged glass would refract something different than the rest of the building.

      I don’t get the bit with the security guard.

      G’day aye.

      • Keep talkin your shit paid troll.
        What now there’s no hammer! It was a joke.
        I told ya to stop leave the heavy lifting to those that know how to do it…
        You don’t have fact one…loser.

        Jagged glass?…On highrise, you can’t even get your background information correct about yourself. Thought you were a high rise expert or something and know about glass.
        Be careful now you are talkin to an expert.

        • Marilyn Guinnane says:

          Michael Burns—Windows in casino/hotels are fitted with sensors seeing as people who have gambled their life savings away sometimes want to jump. If that window had been broken early on, security would have been all over that room like a dog on a bone. This is looking more and more like the hotel mgmt. was in on the conspiracy. It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

  24. Larry says:

    “Now here is a hypothesis. Obviously, it applies to more than just the Vegas shooting. In SOME of these events, we see a MIX of fake and real happenings. There are real victims and fake victims. This confusion and conflation of the fake and the real stimulate different and opposing lines of independent investigation.”

    Now *that* is an intriguing thought.

    By the way, modern Acoustic Analysis must be light years ahead of where it was when JFK was assassinated over a half century ago.

    That might be a fruitful avenue for exploration.

  25. elliottjab says:

    Reblogged this on elliottjab and commented:
    The comments on this are not just thought provoking – but many are truth to the core…

  26. I want the truth says:

    Paddocks plane connected to intelligency agency. Oswald was patsy. He used to work for intelligency ageny. Probably why he went to ussr. I see parallels here.

  27. fully automatic pez dispenser says:

    Didn’t the girlfriend work for the Mandalay Bay? Also you hear from MiniTru that 22,000 people were at the concert when that area near the Mandalay Bay couldn’t hold that amount of people.
    That 22,000 number is the amount of tickets sold not the amount in attendance.
    The wizards of smart think they can fool all of the people all of the time and this is not the case.
    There is always an upside and the silver lining in this case is that the inbred elite scum have painted themselves into a corner. The next false flag will have to be on a huge scale.
    Now that comrade Soros has partnered with the NFL union maybe a blimp will blow up over the Alphabits Tidybowl 3Com sports arena like that old 70s movie Black Sunday.

  28. deep state front pages says:

    Sorry I don’t do Youtube.

  29. Teresa says:

    On the subject of ‘the color of blood…’
    Don’t go by what is shown in the movies! And yet, most of us are only familiar with the blood we’ve seen in the movies. (Conditioning + the Law of Repetition)

    As a prior film make-up artist, I did a lot of research on the subject of ‘special effects.’

    Fresh blood flows out as a dark red, but, outside of the body (like on the ground), is more bright/orange-red. As time passes, it turns to a darker, wine-red. By the way, the texture of blood is like Karo Syrup and is hard to duplicate for color film. Chocolate syrup had always been used in black and white productions, because the texture was perfect and it didn’t matter that it was dark brown. But it still gave the impression that blood was dark. Sometimes you will see an old color film where they still used chocolate syrup for blood, and it looks it!

  30. Jon

    Nothing I have seen thus far corroborates the concert [in question] or the shooting [in question]. All the evidence [offered that I’m aware of/scrutinised] is “circumstantial”. Therefore it ISN’T evidence.

    I read in the comments about the concert couldn’t hold the numbers specified. I find no evidence the concert was promoted. How did they round up those numbers? By “word of mouth”? Did attendees pay to get in or was it “freebie”?


  31. Patrick Hair says:

    That might have been me Jon.

    I’ve been pointing out on several YouTube videos and facebook posts that with machine gun fire at night and at a distance without infra-red or thermal imaging technology, there would be more MISSES than hits. So with 22,000 – 30,000 people there should be hundreds if not thousands of videos of bullets hitting pavement. Which would make sparks too—easily seen at night. Someone else’s comment that I read also adroitly pointed out that crises actors, that most likely are bereft of human emotion to take a job like this to begin with, do a piss poor job of recreating actual human emotion when they are acting. They don’t look real or sound real when relating their experience. They don’t have the tension and stress and sadness of death and trauma in their eyes and facial muscles. In the “spy” world there are certain “tells” that give away everything. For instance, human beings cannot fake “blushing”. If you compliment a girl and she blushes, she liked it even if she exclaims that she did not like it. Because while some people can fake laugh and even fake cry, you can’t fake a blush. And you can’t fake (not very well anyway) exposure to death and trauma.

    Even experienced soldiers have to be dragged away from dead friends so they don’t get hit. People who lose their spouses/partners would sit and sob and hug them at the risk of dying themselves and not care if they do die. Because they just lost everything. Where’s the crying, screaming, and sobbing that has no comfort? Remember the old Mini-Series for TV “Jesus of Nazareth” ? Towards the end when mother Mary sees her child Jesus expire? She sobs uncontrollably that no one can comfort. She can hardly breathe. Now that’s some convincing acting ! That’s what it sounds like when facing such trauma and loss. And we do not see or hear that in the shooting videos or in the victim interviews.

    My take is 2 military belt fed M240B Machine guns and one fully automatic AK-47 firing blanks There were many eyewitnesses on the ground on video saying they didn’t see any casualties or property damage.

    You can be sure that those people will NOT be interviewed or broadcasted.

    • CPP says:

      First you say crisis actors are terrible at acting:

      “crises actors…do a piss poor job of recreating actual human emotion when they are acting.”

      Then you cite an acting performance in a movie…

      “Remember the old Mini-Series for TV “Jesus of Nazareth” ? …Now that’s some convincing acting !”

      …as an example of real life behavior:

      “That’s what it sounds like when facing such trauma and loss.”

      And you complain that this superior acting performance, in an entirely different context, is not what is seen in videos/interviews of people in a real life situation, and therefore those videos do not depict real life behavior.

      Oh what logic.

      I don’t know what videos you’re referring to that supposedly show not real behavior, not even good or decent acting, but “piss poor” acting.

      I see an interview like this and see no acting, let alone bad acting:

      “Canadian Couple is ‘Thankful’ After Vegas Attack” (Associated Press) /watch?v=qz7H075dhpc

      Here’s a story on them:

      You would have to be remarkably cynical and predisposed to such a view to see this as acting, and even then would have to consider it exceptional acting, which, per your characterization, crisis actors are incapable of (which is probably generally true).

    • CPP says:

      Regarding misses and bullets hitting the ground, there is this account: /watch?v=GFDmssPATQU

      Make of it what you will, but I think your estimation that so many videos should clearly show bullets hitting the ground is grossly overstated (because people would happen to get that on video while being shot at, right?).

      None of this is to say I simply accept the official version, with Paddock as the single shooter from location given, etc.

      • Patrick Hair says:

        I was comparing a good acting scene by ?Vanessa Redgrave?? crying over her dead son “Jesus” with bad crises actors. There’s nothing illogical about that. Unless you’re lumping all acting performances as the same thing. They are different. And some are much better than others. I am remarkably cynical. My older brother worked (works) in the pentagon for 44 years. His office funded some odd things. And my first “wow, how did YOU know that” was in the 7th grade. Considering the unlikelihood of being hit (586/22,000-30,000), there would be plenty of people in a safe enough position to document the event. And with misses outnumbering hits from an automatic weapon at night and at a distance, there should be plenty of video of the property being torn up . Today everyone has a cell phone or iPad. But I don’t see that. If I were there and was not being shot at directly, I’d be documenting it. Yes, they would get that on video because it would be common. Way more common then dead and wounded. People filmed WW2 and Vietnam under fire, and it’s much easier today.

        • CPP says:

          The illogic comes in when you equate a film acting performance (even a good one) to what you think real life behavior should look like, and say that if it doesn’t look that way it must be the bad acting of crisis actors. It’s fallacious reasoning.

          An on-screen performance meant to express as much raw emotion as possible vs. people being filmed/interviewed during and after a traumatic event in various stages of shock and grief and with various ways of processing it are night and day by comparison. Not to mention interviewers stopping and cutting out parts where the interviewees become more emotional (as in the first vid I linked to) — essentially the opposite of what a movie director would do.

          It’s easy to contrast bad acting with great acting, but you can’t just map that comparison onto crisis acting vs. real response. Acting (which can be judged on how “good” it is) vs. real (which can’t) is much less straightforward to compare than acting vs. acting. The bad crisis acting you speak of should look distinctly off-key or forced, even to those not looking for it, to even begin to question the person(s) authenticity (assuming that’s all you have to go on regarding the person(s)).

          “People filmed WW2 and Vietnam under fire, and it’s much easier today.” Yes, but they knew they were going into battle, planned filming into it, and these wars lasted years. Smartphones now, yes, but in the context of a few minutes of a surprise attack on unprepared civilians. You might as well ask why a bunch of North African migrants didn’t take selfies in the water after their boat capsized in the Mediterranean, given that you got such good footage on your scuba diving trip.

          How would people know if they were in a safe position without knowing exactly where the firing was originating, where it would be aimed next, how many assailants there were, if they were on the move, what the ammunition being fired could traverse, etc.? You wouldn’t know you were safe unless you were too far from the action to capture bullets hitting the ground (much of which was turf, not pavement) on camera, especially with a large crowd obscuring any view of the ground. And the overriding response of anyone who felt they were in harm’s way would be to save themselves and others (as in the accounts of survivors), not video record a hail of bullets. You wouldn’t be documenting jack shit, Ken Burns.

          Never mind that firing may have originated from different vantage points and even ground level, and not only or mostly from an elevated angle where misses would be hitting the ground in close proximity to the crowd. There’s zero reason to believe there were only automatics firing blanks.

          Cynicism is just an inversion of naiveté; both involve looking through colored lenses, so both can and do get in the way of perceiving truth. Now if you want to and can elaborate on any of that odd Pentagon funding, given what a monetary black hole it is, I’m all ears.

  32. Patrick Hair says:

    I also feel that the hotel staff was in on it at some level. That’s how people brought all those guns in. They knew it was a drill so did nothing to stop it. If you or I walked into a casino with even ONE handgun hidden in our jacket or blazer we’d get caught.

  33. SFWhite says:

    This is what has been revealed to date about Stephen Paddock:

    Floating memes bio: Shooter’s “just-a-guy” Leftist-Rightwing White-hating White Supremacist w/Asian girlfriend dead-broke multimillionaire who made his millions playing video poker in casinos where “the house always wins” Antifa-sympathizing ISIS soldier friendly misanthropic fallguy gun-runner with a brain tumor who acted alone with help from others to kill all Conservative Trump voters & people-of-color to start Civil War enslave us & turn USA over to NWO for Military/Industrial Complex/NRA to sell us guns snuffed by CIA/ShadowGov who really didn’t shoot anyone because it was a false flag in cahoots with Democrats to end 2nd Amendment & take all our guns.

  34. xcalvinx says:

    Casings might have ejected out of the building if the shooter was leaning out the broken windows to shoot downwards. But to me it sounds like 2 guns in some of the videos on youtube, never thought about the possibility of a recording being used.

    Still not buying this 64 year old Uncle Fester looking chump was able to pull this off. Didnt exactly look like he hit the gym and I would think this would take quite a bit of energy. The scouting of other locations (e.g. Chicago) is puzzling – how would he get all his guns and ammo out there – drive a mini van or u-haul?

    Supposedly he took a lot of cruises with his girlfriend (the aussie citizen with 2 ssn’s and 2 husbands at the same time who worked for the hotel – WTH?). Maybe others on those cruises could describe conversations with him.

  35. I want the truth says:

    To find out if these people really did die, we need to find funeral notices. I looked at several fb profiles and i couldnt find any funeral notices. Strange…Anyone find any?

  36. Alex says:

    Listen to the fire sequence between 0:55 and 1:00 min.

    Two shooters did this at minimum.

  37. Theodore says:

    Has any body — who still reads news in newspaper form — seen any obituary notices in their local newspaper surrounding ‘the Vegas massacre’? If so, please take a screen capture.

    I am not vouching for the videos below — but the person who put these videos together is trying to find out if there is any documented evidence out there of real deaths. A worthy line of research.

    Las Vegas Massacre – The Search For ANY Evidence of Real Deaths – Part 1

    Vegas Massacre – The Search For ANY Evidence of Real Deaths – Part 2

    • barn moose says:

      Theodore, replying here to your comment in another thread:

      (because there is no “Reply” button on that comment available to me – don’t know why.)

      “I’m hypothesizing that there were additional multiple shooters ‘on the ground’…”

      Have you seen the clip in this video (beginning at 1m50s)? /AxTj4y4Bwyw?t=1m50s

      I searched but haven’t seen it linked here so far…

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Theodore, I don’t know how matters work with regard to morgues. But most people carry ID that says who to notify in case of emergency. Is it possible that families claimed their deceased loved ones, brought them home so that the death notice was in their local papers? I don’t know, just asking.

  38. Puddy Dunne says:

    Where’s the Brass? Answer: in the balls of cabal who expect us to believe the boy who cried “lone wolf” My vote is FAKE!

  39. From Quebec says:

    Here are all the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

    On this site, you have the pictures of the dead people, their age, the City and the State

    • Theodore says:

      Thanks Q!

      • From Quebec says:

        Amazing is it not? . In some case they even tell you where they were working.

        I believe they were victims, I also believe that the video I have posted yesterday, shows clearly that the shouting came from behind the stage, not from the Mandela hotel..

        The guy in the video, takes a Don Lemon CNN video and debunks it minute by minute in slow motion and it is really impeccable.


  40. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Jon, you were right on the money. Both fake and real. Personally I place a lot of credence in what Robt. David Steele says, and here’s a new post: /watch?v=BdplTd1sNR8

    • From Quebec says:

      Great video Marilyn!

      I always liked Robert. David Steele, He is a frequent guest on Infowars. He knows what he is talking about.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Quebec: Here’s another really good one: /watch?v=Oa2MyPLRJFs

        • From Quebec says:

          Marilyn, did you mean this video?
          youtube: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE LIVE FROM MANDALAY BAY – 3 SHOOTERS CONFIRMED (That is the one I just watched)
          I ask you because the link you posted showed many videos.

          Anyway, the one that I have watched, is the continuation and confirmation of his first video. that I have posted at: (October 7, 2017 at 5:37 pm)

          This guy made a new video, he is now in Las Vegas, He said yesterday that he would go to see . the crime scene. He did and it is good reporting. Must see.

  41. C.A. Patin says:

    Your exactly right Jon. I’ve been saying that’s what they’re spinning all along. Its a combination. That’s what makes it a perfect psyop.

  42. CPP says:

    I see nothing wrong with the blood color. For the most part they aren’t “stains” yet. You can see brighter parts on the ground where it’s thicker and still wet, next to areas that are a bit darker that have partially dried. What is shown in this video does not appear fake, sadly.

    That said, I applaud the theoretical nuance you’re bringing to this, exposing the illogic of saying it has to be either this or that, and how that leads to confusion/division and benefits the official narrative.

    Orchestrating some kind of massacre or attack, then throwing in some footage or evidence that appears to indicate fakery and/or crisis acting, and then having disinfo operatives/channels and credulous followers hype up that evidence as indicating an entirely fake, stage-crafted event, is a good way to widen the perceived gulf between “thorough government investigations” and “conspiracy theories” that you mentioned in the article “Multiple shooters: not the first time.”

    And like you said, these more “far-out” theories are ideal fodder for the media to cast all challenges to their narrative as ridiculous and/or offensive, especially when the media is interviewing survivors who appear very much genuine. They used 9/11 “no planes” theories this way.

    A high bar should be set for what is viewed as evidence of fakery. And if there looks to be strong evidence of it, one cannot, as you point out, extrapolate a wholly fake event from it, but only add it to the evidence that other players were involved beyond (and maybe instead of) those named by officialdom.

    It is better to start from the point that what is depicted to have happened, did happen, and then investigate the veracity of that using substantive, least-subjective evidence. Starting and ending with a fishing expedition for (or even a presumption of) fake victims / fake events is counterproductive. Those who are looking to find fakery / crisis acting as their primary angle of analysis can easily begin to see it everywhere, regardless of what a more objective viewer would see, or what evidence there actually is for it without an injected presupposition.

    Care is especially important here because the effort to uncover and expose the truth of these events is poisoned by the “it’s fake, nobody died, they’re all actors” narrative that has come to be at-the-ready following any of these attacks. It’s a great way to tarnish those questioning the official versions as callous, insensitive, paranoid-delusional, and generally disgusting. There is nothing much more, dare I say deplorable, than accusing real victims/survivors/family of acting.

    That sort of tarnishing was applied liberally in the case of Sandy Hook, and I’ve begun to wonder whether that may have been a primary objective of that event (or fake event) — to implant the “nobody died” meme among those questioning the official narrative, and get the general public to be disgusted by the “conspiracy theorists” who were advancing it, then associate said disgust with 9/11 truthers and anyone opposing official narratives on anything. The meme was thus planted and primed to be carried forth to future events, however real, and continue to serve its purpose to confuse, discredit, divide and conquer.

    P.S. I also think psy-ops occultists know there’s a certain attraction to the idea of death being fake, as it fulfills an unconscious desire to deny mortality — something which appears to have become a strong undercurrent in Western society (think transhumanism etc.).

  43. Jon when you can, I have listed what are the most crucial parts of the entire event

    Read for instance also “Why I’m Sticking to “Mandalay Windows Were Not Smashed by Paddock””

    and why there is no Jesus Campos.

    Cheers KJ – final frontier of information warfare (Not an In-Q-Tel / Libertad Product)

  44. Larry says:

    Dane Wigington had an interesting observation in the first five or six minutes on Saturday’s video


    (Looks like the jig is up.) /watch?v=AKhoNpjkZfw

  45. Theodore says:

    ‘Lamestream’ sources putting out the following… maybe in all their reporting of these new ‘understandings,’ they’ll slip-up an inadvertently let out a nugget of truth that can be followed up on by the real journalists, the citizen-journalists (note: not to imply that there no agents posing as citizen-journalists out there, that the realm of citizen-journalists has not been infiltrated to some extent)

    New details about note found in Vegas shooter’s hotel room…

    Still no clear motive…


    WYNN: Either demented or sending message…

    Target Practice in Desert Days Before Massacre…

    Prostitute: He enjoyed violent rape fantasies…

    Boasted about bank-robber father…

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Theodore—It’s hard to believe anything “found” (read: planted) in Paddock’s room is real.

      • Theodore says:

        Roger that. But i was not talking about that. I was talking about stories written by the ‘Lamestream’ media.

        • Marilyn Guinnane says:

          Theodore: “Roger that”. Airline jargon, or military. Which? 😉 With regard to the reason you asked me the question, I’m sorry, I don’t know. I need my coffee; maybe that’ll shake the cobwebs out of my head. Over & out ~

  46. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Jordan Sather’s latest video is riddled with hope in that Donald Trump is going to come through for us, and soon.

    Also, go to, scroll down to where it says Headline News, scroll a bit further down and there are two earth shaking bits of information. One is that Stephen Paddock had the number 13 tattoo’d on his neck. The dead man in the Mandolay Bay suite photo that is purportedly Paddock has no tattoo. There are photos provided. Here is the other important article:

    • Abe says:

      William Mount on his screwtube channel was saying his eyes were the wrong color to. I’m color blind so I couldn’t really say. I seen that faked picture too. That wasn’t Stevie in the picture which is what I expected.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Abe, someone else commented on some blog, somewhere, exactly what you just said, that the eye color was off. I wonder who they whacked to take Paddock’s place? And don’t we all wonder just what part was Paddock’s in this grisly play.

        • Abe says:

          I’m wondering if they going to Loretta Fuddy Paddock? (fake death and move out of the country) If there even was a Stephen Paddock? I’m starting to think this whole Paddock thing is miss direction to make people look up, instead of down. The media is totally ignoring the “Active Shooter” at gate #7 early on the police scanner tape. Plus it sounds like there were several drive bys going on at other casinos at the same time. That $100,000.00 he wired should of set off a
          “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR). 10 grand or more is to set off a SAR to keep us safe! One could live quite well, off a 100 grand in the Philippines. I didn’t want to leave 10 years ago when I was there.

  47. josiepeterson22 says:

    Las Vegas=Sandy Hook=false flag.

  48. Abe says:

    Things happen at the 3:12 mark with a few single shots. Mandalay Bay is in the background during most of these 3:12 before the shooting starts. No flashes from the 32nd floor. I would assume if the window was to be broken, it would be just before the shooting and you would see glass falling.

    Las Vegas Shooting First Actual Shots /watch?v=QCrNsC0mTBg

  49. Deneen Tomayko says:

    I haven’t read far. Yes to your first question. The blood in that video is exactly what fresh blood looks like.

  50. Trish says:


  51. Steve Grage says:

    You don’t employ crisis actors if the event is real. A staged event will employ crisis actors as has been done in the past. There is no shooting, bombing, car, or truck victims. The modus operandus of the perps is not to actually kill anyone. Las Vegas appears more of the same. I have not seen one shooting victim, evidence of bullets, etc. Plus, pouring blood on a crisis actor with no wound doesn’t sell a wound to me.

  52. Theodore says:

    Fleshing out my theory on there being multiple shooters — both human and human-operated drones carrying long rifles…

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