Was the Vegas shooter a patsy?

Was the Vegas shooter a patsy?

How did he get all those weapons into his hotel suite?

by Jon Rappoport

October 5, 2017

Daily Mail: “…Jill Sneider of the ATF said that no less than 12 of the rifles found in the room had bump-stock modifications.”

“In total, there were 23 firearms in the hotel room, including an AK-47, an AR-15-type gun, and a handgun.”

That’s a lot of weight. That’s a lot of steel. How did Stephen Paddock, the purported Vegas shooter, get all those weapons into his Mandalay Hotel suite?

Are we supposed to believe no red flags went up? No alarms were triggered?

He had no help? No help from the inside?

On top of that, why did he take all those weapons into the suite? He certainly wasn’t going to use all of them.

It’s easy to say, “He did all that because he was crazy, and there is no way to analyze crazy.” If investigations proceeded on that premise, they wouldn’t be investigations.

Confronted with this pile of weaponry in a suite, after a mass shooting, it would be reasonable to ask, “Did the accused shooter actually bring all these guns in himself?” And further: “Was this some kind of set-up, carried out to forward a “take the guns away from everybody” agenda?

Yes, that would open the door to a very murky area—constructing an alternative time line of events leading up to the shooting. Nevertheless, a true investigation would explore this area. Although police and FBI aren’t talking about it, you can bet a few officers are at least looking into the possibility that Paddock had help bringing all that weaponry into his suite.

Are we to assume the Mandalay Hotel security system is a sieve? They just wave everyone through without a flicker of doubt, with millions of dollars on the premises and millions more being bet in real time in the casino? It’s just a party?

Pit bosses on the floor and eyes in the sky can spot a cheater who is counting cards at a blackjack table, but no one is able to notice a well-known high stakes gambler (Paddock) dragging many suitcases through the premises up into his suite? Really?

The aftermath of the concert shooting has turned into an ideal opportunity for gun control and a stepped up Surveillance State. The presence of so many guns in Paddock’s suite makes a perfect photo op for these agendas.

As more background emerges on Stephen Paddock, we discover he isn’t just a burrito-eating retiree living outside Vegas. According to the press, he’s a millionaire real estate investor. He has many options in life. But he makes a plan to end that life. He surely knows that’s what is going to happen. He wants it to happen. He launches an operation over the course of months to bring about his death.

Yes, it’s possible. And the Valium he’s taking could push him over the edge, because it can cause aggression in some people. Nevertheless, we’re supposed to believe, without explanation, that his impulse for destruction and self-destruction was far more than just a moment’s snap decision. It was embedded in a carefully wrought design. Paddock laid out a sequence of events that would culminate in his “suicide by cop.” We’re supposed to take that as an article of faith.

Or…was this operation something else entirely? Was, for example Paddock, as a gun enthusiast, profiled and targeted and used by a team intent on carrying out the concert shooting?

Was he a patsy?

Was he a Lee Oswald, a Sirhan Sirhan, a James Earl Ray?

The use of patsies varies. The set-ups can be complex. There is more than just one possible pattern. For example, in the case of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, Tim McVeigh, to the degree he may have been involved, was only used to get a Ryder Truck to the curb outside the Murrah Federal Building on the morning of April 19th.

We are assured there was an ANFO bomb in the truck (ammonium nitrate plus fuel oil). Seven or eight barrels were linked up to go off at once. Of course, making that happen would take a considerable degree of expertise—beyond McVeigh’s skill. The explosions in the barrels must be simultaneous; otherwise, you’re left with no force and fertilizer all over the street.

Still further, it turns out that, even with a simultaneous ignition, the force and direction of the blast were insufficient to cause the degree and profile of the damage sustained by the Murrah Building. That bomb was a diversion and a distraction.

One alternative explanation: as the bomb in the Ryder truck went off, pillars of the building—which had previously been wired with explosives—were triggered. Those explosives caused the actual damage.

But McVeigh, the “Ryder truck man,” became the face of the crime. He was the “lone bomber.”

The patsy.

The public is taught to believe sophistication in the use of patsies is impossible.

The public is wrong.

The role of Stephen Paddock in the concert shooting cannot be accepted blindly as the press details it.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “Was the Vegas shooter a patsy?

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks for asking the questions that the fake news media ignore.

    • Kelly Alexander says:

      YES!!!!! I’m convinced Paddock was a patsy. Reports from police scanners here in Vegas where I live were reporting multiple shooters. Folks in attendance at the concert reported that a woman was moving through the crowd 45 minutes before the shooting started, yelling,
      “You’re all going to die tonight”.
      Every time a motive of a shooter is unexplained or non-existent is confirmation of a cover up/ set up/ patsy…..John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, McVeigh etc.

      God Bless you Jon for the work you do!!!!

  2. Leon says:

    Addressing your Oklahoma bombing situation. I have always wondered, what sole source incriminating document(s) could had been in that federal building that was so important to incinerate, as to bring down the whole building along with the innocent bystanders. The same could be asked about the twin towers. Some of the surviving employees, fortunate to not be present during these horrific events, would likely have some clues to reopen an investigation. I always suspected that Hillary and Bill, who were from the neighboring state, may have had incriminating documents held in the Oklahoma federal building.

    I took a red eye flight to Toronto two days prior to the twin tower event. I had two flight change -overs to eventually get to Toronto early in the Monday morning. At both change-over terminals, there were massive rows of brand new metal detectors along the lower corridors. It seemed peculiar that at leaset 30 new units at each location would be strategically and conviently in reserve two days before the event. Does anyone out there have access to public domain records showing more airports across the US having purchased/received/deployed new metal detectors days prior to the twin tower event? Just seems suspicious to me along with the many other pieces of contradictory evidence.

    What type of sole source documents could had been in the world trade center to justify incinerating the buildings along with the innocent occupants?

    Could the Los Vegas shooting been just a clever distraction for a Ocean’s Eleven event that has not yet been uncovered?

    Come on people. What are the possibilities?

    • susan eldridge says:

      Yep .. precisely . Check this out and see who had the motive . Follow the money …

      https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zNqxUuyHFzc

    • Joyce says:

      Really appreciate his remarks about McVeigh being a patsy. Seeing a letter addressed to Obama by a Jesse Trentadue regarding Obama’s appointing Eric Holder, Jr. as Attorney General and protesting because Holder blocked the investigation of his brother Kenneth Trentadue. The time of his death made me think it had to be connected to the OKC and sent me digging deeply on line because that name had never been mentioned in the MSM during the furor over OKC. In the files on OKC, found Eric Holder, Jr. was on the federal payroll prior to the OKC, in a special office created just for him and was appointed to investigate the death of Kenneth Trentadue, who allegedly hung himself with bed sheets while under federal detention in Oklahoma/ Family said no way it was suicide. When first digging found video of Eric Holder interviewing medical examiner who did post mortem on remains of Kenneth Trentadue. Found warden of prison had graciously offered to cremate the body for free and ship his ashes to the family. Wise mother
      declined the offer and she and his wife assisted the medical examiner in removing all the concealing make up they had put on him – saying it was so thick they had to scrape it off with dull knives. Google the name & prepare to view remains that appear to have been tortured, not a suicide. The medical examiner told Eric Holder (not realizing that he was the fox guarding the hen house) that this was a homicide, not a suicide, but with what the federal government was saying, he couldn’t put as cause of death so he had put unable to determine the exact cause of death. Also found an allegation that Eric Holder, Jr. had signed papers authorizing the release of the materials allegedly used by McVeigh to be released to him. McVeigh and Nichols said they had planned to use those materials at night – when the building would have been empty. A week or two later went back to site searching for an answer not found in earlier digging. Found the video of Holder interviewing the medical examiner and the allegation of Eric Holder, Jr. signing papers authorizing the release of the materials to McVeigh had been removed and no answer to my question, so tried typing “To whom, or what agency, was the papers signed by Eric Holder, Jr. authorizing the release of materials to Timothy McVeigh go?” The answer returned to my question was “the FBI”. Those old enough to remember that event won’t need to be reminded there were 3 undetonated ones inside the ruins and 3 FBI agents fingerprints were on found on them!

  3. Reblogged this on Right Wing Conservative Jew's News, Conservative Politics News Site and commented:
    Apparently the Las Vegas police agencies are bumpkins who have yet to figure out or reveal any results from searching: laptop; emails; texts; calls made; calls received; voice mails, etc. Because what it would take there, is any active housewife, soccer mom, business exec, or 10 year old with a cellphone. In the meantime, they are using some “extremely precise measurements,” to figure their shit out….

  4. Alan Reid says:

    Why was Paddock listed with the dead? Who thought including him in the death toll?

    59 killed and Paddock shot himself is the play all over.. so why list his suicide as one of the toll killed?

    • Joyce says:

      Seem to recall one mention made that one of the policemen on the scene of paddocks suite allegedly remarked that he had viewed many bodies and it looked like Paddock had been dead a few day already when they entered the suite after the LV shooting! Wondering if that policeman is still alive, since several of the survivors have died accidental deaths, and it seems to be concentrated among those reporting shots coming from more areas – even shooters inside the panicking audience!

  5. Everything hidden is being pushed to the surface during this world healing crisis, a.k.a. Revelations, for us to bring to correction. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/illuminati-card-game-predicted-vegas-massacre-did-j-a-have-foreknowledge/

  6. truth1 says:

    Watch how logic exposes this, for those that respect logic. Few do. The accused’s brother said there was nothing to indicate his brother had any of these leanings he accuse of. I better words, there is no legitimate pattern identifiable. No Evidence support the accusations. FACT!

    Further, were the man clever enough to sneak all those weapons and ammo up there with without being detected, then he is very clear. Too clever. It was not possible alone. But lets cast logical aside just a second or two and say he did do it, though what motivated him can not possibly be discerned. Did he, smart as he is, imagine that he was going to have all the time in the world to use all those guns and weapons? If he thought so, then he really was insane.

    No my friends, there is nothing about any of this that follows any reasonable pattern of sincerity. The accused is innocent. Now he might have been mind control programmed, or just hypnotized enough to go along. But not by or on his own will. The pattern is totally consistent with a setup and then thrown under the bus to join that very large group of fellow famous patsies. He is now in the Patsy Hall of Fame.

    The CIA strikes again! And with the population perfectly intellectually subdued and anesthetized, they will have no problem, sooner or later, in declaring martial law and separating supposed enemies of the state (people with brains and insight) and making them labor slaves in camps till they wear thin and die, or executed directly, or die in a bogus war (I can not help it. I am an optimist) or . . . I’m not sure there is another “or.” It certainly bodes nothing good. I’ll let you all decide that.

    • “Watch how logic exposes this, for those that respect logic. Few do. The accused’s brother said there was nothing to indicate his brother had any of these leanings he accuse of. I better words, there is no legitimate pattern identifiable. No Evidence support the accusations. FACT!”

      Fact? His brother is the last person to know what he is doing…now that closer to a fact.
      Do you have family?
      I am constantly surprised by what family do, like my wife’s brother….the guy is pure psychopath.
      A psychopath is the slickest SOB you can talk to, he/she will charm the shirt right off your back. A lot of them are really likable people. Family ill throw you under the bus quicker than anyone.

      So were your logic T1…

      • R. Flance says:

        The guy was set-up either completely or with the help of mental control. Michael burns wants to believe the media and I understand, it’s tough to admit that you too have been played for a fool for many years the ego doesn’t want to go there but it is the reality in which we live. But don’t hinder those who want to know the truth and live their lives as real and true as possible. Go ahead and live a lie if that’s what’s right for you but don’t down others who seek truth.

        • I don’t want to believe the media…I don’t even tune in to what they have to say…what they have to say is lies.

          Now what if there’s two operation going on here…hm. Sin city; it’s not hard to find a patsy.

    • Joyce says:

      Love your logic which resonates with truth. Perhaps if someone went back and asked the the hotel employees working the hotel the day before and the night of, if they recall anyone purported to be making deliveries going to that suite and particularly if the maid from 3 days before and the day of the LV shooting recall if his suite had a do not disturb sign outside the door, considering that policeman’s remark about Paddock’s remains!

  7. Lizard Breath says:

    TheLonePatsyScenario, we see the same pattern over and over. When will we see and understand, that one guy couldn’t have pulled this off?

    This looks like a military/political operation to me. It’s textbook, going back to JFK, thru 911, etc. These guys have been successful at fooling the people, so they keep doing it. One day, TheAmericanPeople are going to get wise, to the “wise” guys, who are not so wise, they are just plain evil. We must realize our “representatives” do not represent us, but have been bought, either bribed or blackmailed.

    This means the whole system is corrupted, top to bottom. Restore integrity? Possibly, but how? When justice breaks down by criminal conduct, we are left with chaos, and outrageous acts, likely culminating in civil war.

    What else can we expect, after making war all over the world, it has finally come home to us, and it ain’t pretty what we are about to endure.

  8. Theodore says:

    ref this from Buck:


    ref this reply from flyinggabriel:


    ref this video:

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zodiGpCdBzQ

    My reply…

    Between the 42 and 44 sec mark, I do hear what seem to be two ricochets (in the concert event pit).

    Parallel to this… eye-witness reports are coming in saying that more than one type of full-auto gun fire SOUNDS were occurring simultaneously.

    So, how to account for just the two (so few) ricochets in the video vs the ostensibly overwhelming number of full-auto rounds being shot (ostensibly causing the associated full-auto SOUND)?

    I’m hypothesizing that there were additional multiple shooters “on the ground” — and, much closer to the venue, using semi-auto (NOT full-auto) rifles carrying out sniper operations on the crowd.

    This hypothesis is attempt to account for what Buck is saying AND hearing SO FEW ricochet SOUNDS in the many cellphone videos taken by the eye-witnesses AND for accounting for actual deaths and injuries due to gun shots. I’m mean, the number of ricochet SOUNDS from “a sustained rain of full-auto bullets” should be frequently heard (my conjecture).

    My hypothesis is as follows…

    Let’s say that the “full-auto gun fire” SOUND was coming form various SOUND SPEAKERS positioned (pre-staged!) throughout the area and NOT coming from real rounds from (mechanical) machine guns. Just various “full-auto gun fire” SOUND being played by a “techno DJ”! If so, then that would provide a great cover for the snipers who were doing the killing — using the “one trigger-pull, one bullet” tactic.

    The SOUND of full-auto gun fire, NOT real full-auto bullets: This SOUND used as camouflage (to further ‘hide’ were the sniper rounds are coming from) while simultaneously doubling as a simple but very effective disorientation ‘weapon’ against the victims.

    Definitely need to know the ballistics of those wounded by bullets. But the Feds will probably keep that info close to the vest, no?

    And, I hope the SOUND of “full auto” was not being played through the City of Las Vegas’s EXISTING “Intellistreets” INFRASTRUCTURE, but that the jerks at least took the time to stage their own one-off speaker system. If the former, then talk about rubbing our faces in it…

    The following article is from Nov 2013…


    “The wireless, LED lighting, computer-operated lights are not only capable of illuminating streets, THEY CAN ALSO PLAY MUSIC, interact with pedestrians and are equipped with video screens, which can display police alerts, weather alerts and traffic information. The high tech lights can also stream live video of activity in the surrounding area.” (emphasis added)

    Yeah,… THEY CAN ALSO PLAY MUSIC (sounds of full-auto)

    https://intellistreets.com/Intellistreets%20Catalog.pdf, see page-4. It shows Las Vegas as one of their references.

    This hypothesis implies Paddock and Paddock’s hotel room was staged!

    The evidence is pointing to multiple SOUNDS of full-auto, AND, the evidence is also pointing to SO FEW loud and distinct ricochet SOUNDS from the eye-witness’ video in the concert pit. Need a hypothesis to account for both.

    Within the context of this hypothesis, it looks like the “Techno sound DJs” overlooked having to also play the ‘sustained-rain’ of ricochet SOUNDS in the concert pit, or, deemed it to ‘too much effort’ to stage the speakers for that, or, deemed it too challenging to make the ricochet SOUND sound ‘authentic’?! Hey, using a directed-energy acoustic ‘Voice of God’ weapon, you could beam in the ‘sustained-rain’ of ricochet SOUNDS, no? They didn’t think of that or have access to that weapon?

    Here’s an article Infowars did in Nov 2013 on the “Intellistreets” technology installed in the “street lights and street furniture” in Vegas…

    Las Vegas Installs “Intellistreets” Light Fixtures Capable Of Recording Conversations

    by Mikael Thalen

    November 9, 2013

    here’s the quote…

    “The Las Vegas setup surrounding City Hall includes such features as emergency notification flashers, PLAYABLE MUSIC AND A SOUND ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM, all controlled from an Ipad. (emphasis added)

    “‘Actually, there’s a server that’s housed by the company that’s providing this product and we’re communicating with just a wireless, wi-fi connection,’ Neil Rohleder of the Public Works Department told My News 3.”


    • “Let’s say that the “full-auto gun fire” SOUND was coming form various SOUND SPEAKERS positioned (pre-staged!) throughout the area and NOT coming from real rounds from (mechanical) machine guns. Just various “full-auto gun fire” SOUND being played by a “techno DJ”! If so, then that would provide a great cover for the snipers who were doing the killing — using the “one trigger-pull, one bullet” tactic.” -Theo

      Classic playbook diversion tactics, chaos is your freind, and an extra man on the field if it’s your operation…seems clear to me.
      Erik Prince would know about this stuff, he does it all the time, the evil prick.

      It’s amazing what they get people to do on an overdose of Hyoscine (deadly nightshade)…Scopolamine.

      Unqualified shooters need expert back-up to make sure the operation is a success. Sirhan Sirhan fired a gun, someone made sure their was a kill shot.

  9. Sam Nejad says:

    Jon, you forgot to mention the loads of ammunition. I recall the police said 1,500 rounds.
    Then there’s the weight of the cases to carry the guns & ammo. They’re not lightweight travel bags.
    We are talking about a ton (literally) of guns, ammo, & cases.
    And no one noticed a thing.
    Does that casino hotel have room service? Do they leave you alone to do what you like in a luxury penthouse suite for days on end? No cleaners? No bed sheets & bathroom towels seen to? No fridge contents renewed? NOTHING!
    Oh, they even let him mount video surveillance along the corridor. That’s cute.

    Officialdom doesn’t think the population is stupid. They KNOW the population is stupid. And they’re right.

    Not long to go now Jon. Glad when it’s all over.

    Regards, Sam

  10. henry says:

    He used cash to buy things to protect his privacy. Clearly he was planning this for a long time. If we just ban cash then we will all be safer.

    Am I seeing another motive to pick Paddock as the killer?

    The victims were country music fans but Paddock rented a room overlooking the LOLLAPALOOZA festival so young American adults who think it might be okay that Paddock killed Trump supporters, they might be forced to take action if they thought that they were also targets.

  11. Eliza says:

    He was either a patsy, in on it, or he was on a suicidal mission. I’m still not convinced he did it. My brother’s friend who was there said the shots came from the 4th floor.

  12. barn moose says:

    live Paddock = “suspect” | dead Paddock = “perpetrator”

  13. miguelhud says:

    It strikes me that when a person is caught in possession of more drugs than would be considered for personal use there is an automatic assumption the person is dealing drugs. Why would one man have so many firearms in his hotel room? Why wouldn’t there be a reason to think he is dealing arms?
    It is the same principle, same thought process. Drug deals go south and the dealer winds up dead. Could this be a scenario where Paddock thought he was meeting a client to deal drugs, but the client had other ideas and set Paddock up as a patsy?

  14. Thank you for the article. I did a Gematria Study on Vegas and quote you on my blog – https://gematriacodes.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/las-vegas-massacre-gematria-study/

  15. Ellie Lantz says:

    If the shooter was an Antifa fan and they were using him as a patsy they would have scrubbed his internet profile before the event, which apparently has been done. It’s almost too obvious. His brother who did not even know his dead brother’s girlfriend’s name a couple days ago is now spending great lengths of time trying to convince the media that his brother acted alone. He’s not very good at it either. Usually when some murderer gets discovered the family hides out trying to avoid the media but this guy suddenly seems to think it vitally important to convince media that his brother acted alone! VERY strange behavior.

  16. From Quebec says:

    Of course he was a patsy. Of course this was just another False Flag,

    How many more such events will it take before everybody see throu it?

    The Shadow government and the Deep State have no imagination whatsoever, always the same bullshit over and over again. They really think you are all idiots.

    It is a good thing that alternative sites like yours, Jon, and others like infowars exist.

    Tthe people are much more smarter t than they are. The proof? Read all the comments on those sites.

    I think it is time for the Shadow government and the Deep State to leave the table and get out of the game. They are losing so badly, and the people are starting to win bigly.

  17. Spiritof42 says:

    Candidate Trump was pretty strong about his support for gun rights. Maybe too strong. It would not surprise me if he supports legislation for gun restrictions.

  18. the postman says:

    “How did he get all those weapons into his hotel suite?”

    Maybe this might help…

    According to retired Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer (interviewed on Fox News), Paddock’s room mate, Marilou Danley was actually an EMPLOYEE of Mandalay Bay hotel!

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=dJV6yGrTJhw

  19. Snarkles Sweet Roll Candy says:

    He took a bunch of viagra and some energy drinks. He walked right past everyone with shooting platforms, 1000s of rounds, extra magazines, and spare barrels to swap out when the firing barrel turns red hot.
    There were also tongs and asbestos gloves to handle the red hot barrel during the swap out.
    He is a super shooter and didn’t miss at all even without any military training.
    Could a highly trained SEAL get the same results in perfect conditions? Maybe.
    Das Radio reported that the companies that make these “bump stocks” are enjoying record sales.
    Mommygov is on the case and will make everything better because government loves us and only exists to be our mommy.
    Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

  20. The Outlaw says:

    Ya wanna fix this Jon? Lets go here. I’ve been here for 12 years with much pullback and pain. Enjoy:

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM

  21. Since we know that our government repeatedly lies to us, why would we not assume that are lying about this too?

  22. Truth Shall Win Again says:

    One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.

    Delamer Duverus

  23. Looking back at Operations Northwoods/Rex84:

    in combination with CIA mind control techniques:

    as well as the educational/state overthrow agenda:
    (Great! GREAT! 4 part podcast by the way. Very dense. very informative. I highly recommend this to all of you friends here

    and the FBI claiming to expect more “lone-wolf” attacks:

    (this wasn’t the first time I heard of it. I actually remember hearing about this years before that when they were doing “active shooter drills” all over Denver.

    What I’m seeing is a pattern of psychopathy and this pattern is reinforced by the major media people ingest daily. It is a hypnotic trance induced by 60/120hz, bad water, bad food, bad school, bad parenting etc etc…

    I keep reflecting on this path, this clearly Bolshevik path, and I’m really seeing that what Mark Passio has been saying about these dark occultists is absolutely credible. However, just like nearly every other single truth speaker, he refuses to call a spade a spade.

    These so called “jewish” elite, it all goes back to them. I used to think it was the british crown but it really seems to point to one group, even most of their average card carrying members.
    They are demons and they are behind all of this. I’m at the point now where I consider them to be the aliens from the movie They Live. That is who Carpenter was talking about.

    Anyway, I’m tired. this is a pathetically incoherent thought.

    The US government has shown its hand repeatedly throughout history, and they have the capabilities (God knows how much more by now) to fully send out manchurians. none of these events were operated by lone individuals acting upon their own agency.
    I’m stating I now fully believe all of these major events were planned from the shadows with handlers.

  24. From Quebec says:

    Has anyone seen the dead body of Paddock? I am wondering.

    The police told us that they killed him, or that he killed himself, whatever. Should we believe these cops?

    Maybe Paddock was not even in the the room on Sunday night Maybe he did not use his room since a few days, . Maybe they had already killed him; Who knows?

    After all, he only ordered food in his room on September 27, where did he eat the rest of the time?

    So so many unanswered questions

  25. Terri says:

    Thanks to everyone asking so many questions and seeking as well as providing answers. It is fabulous to witness the collaboration!

  26. questions lead to the truth says:

    Fast and Furious operative that needed to be liquidated? ISIS triples down and says he is Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki” — the American.
    Dingle Barry Soetoro let all kinds of his mudslime comrades infiltrate the bestest government money can buy so maybe he had some help from within.
    Multi-Millionaire with two airplanes and a gun buying, gambling habit just snaps? Riiiight. I saw it on teevee.

  27. From Quebec says:

    Jon Rappoport on the alex Jones show today

    Alex Jones (4th HOUR Commercial Free) Thursday 10/5/17: Jon Rappoport

    Start listening at: 10:01

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=DQTU5R5iRqM

  28. buddhabob says:

    good questions all. Far more insightful than hanging out on the Jone’s site with the crazies imo

  29. Harold Smith says:

    Let’s assume Paddock was the sole shooter. What was the point of bringing so many guns to the hotel room? He can only fire one gun at a time, but because of barrel heating, he might need to alternate between two different rapid-fire rifles and have one more for a spare. And then he might have a scoped .308 or .300 magnum sniper rifle of some kind. That’s a total of four rifles.

    And he might want a pistol or two for short range encounters, e.g., if he tries to escape. That’s a total of six guns.

    But he needs 23? That’s ridiculous. And what good was the ammonium nitrate doing in his car? Perhaps all the extra guns and ammonium nitrate were just props?

  30. Jeff Norman says:

    “How did Stephen Paddock, the purported Vegas shooter, get all those weapons into his Mandalay Hotel suite?” Put guns inside luggage, put luggage on a luggage cart, rolled cart into elevator and then to room. It happens constantly. Not the least bit suspicious.

  31. Ghzsd says:

    Another strange thing is why the shooting stopped after 10 minutes. I doubt paddock even knew of the events planned that night. Motive? George Soros plot to get guns out of our hands? Who knows, but paddock makes NO sense at all.

  32. Theodore says:

    Fleshing out my theory on there being multiple shooters — both human and human-operated drones carrying long rifles…


  33. Ken Cybulska says:

    Re: Vegas Shooter -UR asking the wrong Qs: What was he HIGH ON?? Why no Official Toxicology Report? Was it the same thing that happened to me? […]

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