False flag in Vegas shooting?

False flag in Vegas?

by Jon Rappoport

October 3, 2017

False flags always target the psychological state of mind of the public. Mind control is the goal.

To boil it down, a false flag is an operation staged to blame someone for a crime, someone who didn’t commit the crime.

Why? Because by blaming that person or group, and by convincing many others to blame that person or group, you achieve an important objective.

Simplistic over-exaggerated version: “Last night, a homeless man was found shot dead in an alley. The gun was found next to his body. The Mayor’s fingerprints were on the [planted] gun. The Mayor was arrested at his office. The election nears. The Mayor’s opponent now appears to have a clear path to victory…”

Less simplistic version: “…the worst mass shooting in US history. Stephen Paddock, 64, has been named as the Las Vegas shooter. He is dead. He killed 58 people at a concert and wounded 515 others. In the Congress, calls are rising for new gun control laws…”

But, as it turns out, the evidence suggests there were multiple shooters in the Mandalay Hotel. Paddock may or may not have been one of them. The overall operation was designed to invoke widespread horror and fear, and usher in new restrictions on gun ownership…

The other possible shooters in the hotel would have been professionals, tasked with killing as many people as possible at the country music concert.

Gun control would not be the only agenda in this false flag.

Heavily militarized police all over this country would be another agenda.

Putting a significant dent in the economy would be another—if attendance at public events and in crowded public places diminishes.

Such a reduction in attendance could even affect political forums and other gatherings where free speech and the right to assemble are vital. (We’ve already seen significant disruptions of these events.)

Invoking fear and passivity in the population is another basic agenda. This leads to the attitude: “Let the authorities handle everything.”

We could see new, more outrageous violations of Constitutional search and seizure principles, all in the name of “the need for security.”

As in the aftermath of Sandy Hook (archive here), there may be new calls for psychiatric screening of the population, including young children, in order to “spot criminals before they commit crimes.” This is sheer madness, because no so-called mental disorder is based on any defining lab test, and many of the prescribed drugs (SSRI antidepressants) push people over the edge into committing violence. —More violence, more calls for psychiatric screening, more drugs, more violence: an escalating scenario and repeating cycle, leading to tighter Control from above.

When was the last time you saw a major false flag exposed by the mainstream press, and then admitted to by the actual perpetrators, who then explained their true objectives?


False flags are, over the long term, essential to maintaining and expanding the status quo: power is collected and increased at the top, and then exerted downward.

Note: All prior analyses I’ve made about the duration of the shooting, and numbers of people killed and injured, are subject to change. Why? Because as yet, we have no accurate reports on how many of the 515 people injured were actually shot versus trampled or hurt in some other fashion. Also, police reports that are emerging differ on the duration of the shooting. The NY Times is talking about roughly 7 minutes. Newsweek suggests the duration is longer.

Nevertheless, the background of the purported shooter, Stephen Paddock, gives no indication of any competence with auto weapons, gives no indication he could have dealt with the problems and challenges of using such a weapon—and on top of that, his state of mind at the time, as an non-professional, would have been unstable, to say the least.

Any reasonable law-enforcement group investigating this mass shooting would certainly keep its options open, regarding other perpetrators. But that is not what is happening here. The books are closed on this case. There is no going back.

The desired result has been achieved. One shooter, mass killings. End of story. Objective achieved.

That rush to judgment and “closure” is also a prime feature of the false flag. It has to be.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

168 comments on “False flag in Vegas shooting?

  1. Administrator says:

    Forget about the question mark. Ample videotapes on which is proven there are at least 2 AR’s shooting. None of which was patsy Paddock operating. What a mess and what an agenda.

    • Theodore says:

      more than one shooter, yes. but, what type of machine guns were used? AR-15s? are you sure? what makes you say AR-15?

    • scot says:

      the high rate of fire is NOT consistent with an AR/M16, it is with a belt fed weapon , M249, M240 or Mk48. The sounds on vids are for sure 2 different machine guns going at same time. long burst. A AK AR or any other mag fed weapon is NOT a machine gun, they are rifles, meant for both auto and single fire. machine guns are meant as support weapons to keep enemy pinned down till someone can get them, or if a mass of people are charging a fixed position then a machine gun is the weapon of choice. Can you do theses thing with an AK or M16 type yes but rate of fire is limited and accuracy is affected as well.

      • Argentwind says:

        M249 SAW.

      • Bruce Hayden says:

        The saavy in Nam carries extra rifle barrel. A few minutes of steady fire and the M-16 (AR-15) gets too hot to handle. Am I lyin?

        • Bruce Hayden says:

          The AR-15 does not put out a thump, thump sound. The AR is out of the equation. […]

          • scot says:

            agreed, and the sound of sustained fire does not sound like a 30rd mag

          • Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:


          • Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

            Right on, killer.

          • Tom says:

            The sound of gunfire could have been played through strategically placed sound system speakers and if necessary, ‘hologrammed’ from suspected source locations using applied acoustical physics.

            Were any actual bullets found on the festival grounds?

            I wonder if any part of it at all was real. Doesn’t seem like it.

            Bogus maximus.

          • Theodore says:

            ref: “Were any actual bullets found on the festival grounds?” Good question. And, also, speaking of any actual bullets found on the festival [astroturf],… in the concert pit videos, i see NO flashes coming of off the alleged ‘many bullets’ ricocheting off the astroturf.


            And, I hope the SOUND of “full auto” was not being played through the City of Las Vegas’s EXISTING “Intellistreets” INFRASTRUCTURE, but that the jerks at least took the time to stage their own one-off speaker system. If the former, then talk about rubbing our faces in it…

            The following article is from Nov 2013…


            “The wireless, LED lighting, computer-operated lights are not only capable of illuminating streets, THEY CAN ALSO PLAY MUSIC, interact with pedestrians and are equipped with video screens, which can display police alerts, weather alerts and traffic information. The high tech lights can also stream live video of activity in the surrounding area.” (emphasis added)

            Yeah,… THEY CAN ALSO PLAY MUSIC (a recording of full-auto machine gun SOUNDS)

            https://intellistreets.com/Intellistreets%20Catalog.pdf, see page-4. It shows Las Vegas as one of their references.

            This hypothesis implies Paddock and Paddock’s hotel room was staged!

            The evidence is pointing to multiple SOUNDS of full-auto, AND, the evidence is also pointing to SO FEW loud and distinct ricochet SOUNDS from the eye-witness’ video in the concert pit. I believe there is currently NO eye-witness testimony — from those in the concert pit — about ‘many, many’ loud and disturbing wizzing-by of bulets.

            Within the context of this hypothesis, it looks like the “Techno sound DJs” overlooked having to also play the ‘sustained-rain’ of ricochet SOUNDS in the concert pit, or, deemed it to ‘too much effort’ to stage the speakers for that, or, deemed it too challenging to make the ricochet SOUND sound ‘authentic’?! Hey, using a directed-energy acoustic ‘Voice of God’ weapon, you could beam in the ‘sustained-rain’ of ricochet SOUNDS, no? They didn’t think of that or have access to that weapon? BUT, then I guess, even if you did that, it still would not give you the ricochet SPARKS.

            Here’s an article Infowars did in Nov 2013 on the “Intellistreets” technology installed in the “street lights and street furniture” in Vegas…

            Las Vegas Installs “Intellistreets” Light Fixtures Capable Of Recording Conversations

            by Mikael Thalen

            November 9, 2013

            here’s the quote…

            “The Las Vegas setup surrounding City Hall includes such features as emergency notification flashers, PLAYABLE MUSIC AND A SOUND ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM, all controlled from an Ipad. (emphasis added)

            “‘Actually, there’s a server that’s housed by the company that’s providing this product and we’re communicating with just a wireless, wi-fi connection,’ Neil Rohleder of the Public Works Department told My News 3.”


          • Theodore says:


            ref this from Buck:


            ref this reply from flyinggabriel:


            ref this video:

            https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zodiGpCdBzQ

            My reply…

            Between the 42 and 44 sec mark, I do hear what seem to be two ricochets (in the concert event pit).

            Parallel to this… eye-witness reports are coming in saying that more than one type of full-auto gun fire SOUNDS were occurring simultaneously.

            So, how to account for just the two (so few!) ricochets in the video vs the ostensibly overwhelming number of full-auto rounds being shot (ostensibly causing the associated full-auto SOUND)?

            I’m hypothesizing that there were additional multiple shooters “on the ground” — and, much closer to the venue, using semi-auto (NOT full-auto) rifles carrying out sniper operations on the crowd.

            This hypothesis is attempt to account for what Buck is saying AND hearing SO FEW ricochet SOUNDS in the many cellphone videos taken by the eye-witnesses AND for accounting for actual deaths and injuries due to gun shots. I’m mean, the number of ricochet SOUNDS from “a sustained rain of full-auto bullets” should be frequently heard (my conjecture).

        • Argentwind says:

          On the M-60, they usually carried at least one spare or two. Changing the barrel on an M-16 is an armorer’s job- not done in the field.

          • Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

            Gotcha General Admiral Hayden. Not to be mean, what would a 5 star General Admiral know about rifle stocks and a simple pair of issue gloves?

      • Bruce Hayden says:

        Squad support. […]

      • Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

        100 rounds in 20 seconds. You don’t need a belt, Scot or maybe you do, of Jameson; the smoke from the peat doesn’t come in contact with the malt in Irish whiskey allows you to “see” clearly.

        The rates of fire of an AK-47, M-14, and M-60 are between 600 and 750 rounds a minute. The lone gun-man, Stephen “Lee Harvey” Paddock, fired a large (.30) caliber rifle/machine-gun, full-auto intermittently, for around 4 minutes. A banana “clip” magazine holds 30 rounds. In no more than 20 seconds “Lee” fired 90 bullets on target and that time includes loading the 2nd and 3rd banana “clips” of each 3-clip unit. In 1 minute our boy fired at least 270 rounds. In the much less than the 4 minutes he fired all 900 rounds of 30 magazines, on target. About 600 people were killed or wounded. Some bullets missed people on the way down but ricocheted off the pavement and killed or wounded people on the way back up and out. Some other bullets went through the 1st victim and struck a 2nd person. So, “Lee Harvey” missed with more than 300 shots but still hit close to 600 people. Do the math, the numbers add up. Paddock was the lone gun-man.

        • dgkcpa1 says:

          Baloney. The man was 64 years old, a multimillionaire, had a girlfriend, a nice home, and at least one plane. Why would he want to shoot at a crowd 300 feet below him and 1200 ft away? What’s in it for him? Have you even been in a 30 story building?

          Of course, before he could shoot anybody, he would have to lug up all those guns and all that ammo to his hotel room, without anyone noticing. Sure. And of course, after going to all this effort, he kills himself. Or did he? My guess is he was dead before the shooting started.

          Do your math again, nothing adds up here.

          • David Crowe says:

            Go to one of those busy Vegas casino hotels and stand in the lobby for a while. People are lugging around huge boxes all the time. What’s in them? Musical instruments? Trade show booth, samples and giveaways? All kinds of things. As long as he had a good story for why the boxes were heavy, I’m sure he could get a bellboy to take them upstairs for him.

          • Theodore says:

            As a well-known regular vip high-spending gambler of the hotel…

            What kind of lying ‘justification’, prey tell, could he tell the vip staff (that tends to him)?

            – it is not like he is Saudi Prince with his wives and harrem and servants in toe.

            – it is not like he is ‘the coach’ of the Auburn University Marching Band

            just asking.

    • Argentwind says:

      Not ARs, one maybe but the other is a squad support weapon like an M249 SAW or similar.

    • Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

      Sorry, Administrator, The hotel had a concave shape like a parabolic antennae. While Paddock was shooting down at the concert the muzzle flashes and gun-shot echoes bounced down off of the windows to the right of the 32nd floor room and some of the echo and reflection then bounced down toward to the 4th floor where they then reflected to the concert area. Check out parabolic antennae and do the math – trigonometry, actually.

      • jim says:

        Sorry dude it was probably a recording of machingun fire anyway and paddock was already most likely dead in the room with the pre assorted rifles for the cameras when they got there, this is complete fake bullshit.

    • Donald JT says:

      “ample videotape” that no one has ever seen.
      a second shooter with no shell casings found.


    • jim says:

      You have to consider Jon’s point on infowars yesterday and that is there is no ricochets and no bullets whizzing by and there no dirt clods flying and i mean nothing just a bunch of people running scared, with all the independent video i didn’t see one dead person and and not one person falling as a result of being shot, this is a complete false flag.
      Just look at Mr. Cronk or should we call him crock of shit explaining how his friend was shot 3 times and he was helping him to hide out till the shooting stopped and then they had put their fingers in the holes in his chest but hes fine, give me a break, no one gets shot 3 times in chest and takes say 20 to 30 mins to get to hospital and survives its just improbable, oh and then the next day is all chipper and flush normal color skin smiling laughing no tubes or vital sign machines on him but he’s just fine. This is a crock of shit in the biggest way.
      Oh how about the shirt crock has on with not one drop of blood on it but thats not all, he also
      said another guy died in his arms well he must have gone and washed up cause hes as clean as
      the wind driven snow but later as he’s the all star in other interviews he’s now not wearing any
      shirt they probably told him to lose the shirt and make it more believable, but last and certainly
      not least he has a smile on just for pleasing affect during his interview.
      People please try to find some critical thinking skills please our country depends on it.

    • Mike Ash says:

      More importantly than the shooters are those with Motive means and Opportunity to pull this crime off. here is the full monte on that.

      https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zNqxUuyHFzc

  2. David Crowe says:

    Gee, the people who arrange these false flags are incompetent. Despite all the ‘faked’ massacres with guns in the US, the country still has just about the laxest gun regulations in the world. Well, all I can say, is that I hope it works these time, and sensible regulations are invoked. Including the banning of assault rifles, high capacity magazines, silencers, and any weapon that can be easily converted into automatic mode.

    • paschnn1 says:

      The head of state to Russia warned us about allowing this co-opted “government” to disarm us.
      basically stating that once the Bolshevik Jews had taken away their means to defend themselves, the real “slaughter fest” began;

      http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=aAgapc7NpOg

      Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave a rather chilling history as well as documentation from stationed/visiting representatives of the time.

      • Terri says:

        Paschn1, The bolshevik revolution could never have taken place if the people were armed. They expected the Romanoff’s to take care of them and protect them, a sad day and “coincidentally”, the anniversary just occurred the day of the shooting of this terrible time for Russia, that has taken nearly a hundred years for them to heal from.

        Thank God many have learned from the past, and have declared never again.

        • Argentwind says:

          After the Revolution, the Reds told the White Russians and Cossacks if you will just come and register your guns with the government, you can keep them. The few that were stupid enough to comply were shot.

    • Terri says:

      David, you and the rest who promote this agenda, are un american and a traitor to our republic by seeking more police state. This is not the answer. No one will ever allow their guns to be taken, and that is what is keeping useless people like you alive in this country still.

      Show some gratitude, get some balls and stop whining for big brother to take care of you. you are a disgrace, and so is anyone else who agrees with you,to freedom and everything worthy of having.

      Thank God evil hillary is not in office or your dystopian orwellian nightmare would be coming true. Why not move to australia or somewhere without guns and total gun control if its too much for you to live here?

      The evidence is clear that one person could never accomplish this, anyone who is familiar with guns knows this.

      • Argentwind says:


      • Dan says:

        No, please don’t send him down here to Australia. We don’t want any more gun control nuts down here. I can tell you flat out – we’re a perfect example of how gun control is a complete failure.

        We had Port Arthur in 96, which itself has many signs of being a government run false flag operation. In response to that event, the government came in, took the guns, and things have gone downhill since.

        Since then, there is mountains of evidence that criminal gangs here have had no trouble obtaining the semi automatic/automatic weapons that were banned here. Hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons have been smuggled into this country since the ban.

        On top of that, knife murders have also gone up significantly in most Australian states after the gun ban. People didn’t stop killing each other, the method of murder simply changed.

        And as for actual shooting attacks, government can count it as a miracle they can still claim we’ve not had a mass shooting since Port Arthur, although if we used the US definition of mass shooting we would have had two mass shootings since then.

        On the other hand, we’ve had an average of 20 drive by shootings per month every month since 2011 in just the state of NSW alone.
        These are mostly committed by the Lebanese Muslim gangs. The only reason government has been able to keep a lid on this is due to the lack of fatalities – its mostly Muslim gang members conducting terror tactics on rival gangs or businesses who don’t pay protection. General attack is just spray and pray before speeding off, leading to a lot of property damage and many non fatal injuries, but few fatalities,

        Meanwhile the state of Victoria was seeing an average of one gun death every 9 days in 2015.

        Also can’t help but notice that these Muslim gangs only started gaining a foothold in this country right after the gun ban was enacted. These gangs had almost no presence prior to the late 90’s.
        They started showing up in the late 90’s and became well established in the early 2000’s. The beginning of their rise coincides almost perfectly with the end period of the governments gun confiscation program.

        So take this as a warning America. Don’t be like us. Do not let them take your guns.

      • NatureTribes says:

        Actualy the ‘terri’ post above is nonsense, using fake tough wording to then lay on female tactic ‘follower’ psy ops, ‘bad hillary good trump’ angle when ‘trump’ is a cabal con the same as clinton, then, also using the ‘gawd’ angle. Both ‘govt’ and ‘gawd’ are anti-freedom psy ops that’s why the cabal made them. trump will have no problem stepping aside from his ‘act’ when told to, how about they unleash attacks, as cons put on bogus ‘arrest govt’ ‘show’ same time staging bogus ‘revolution’ bs and ‘just have states now’ bs – which they already seeded ie ‘calif succession’ bs –and It will be the same cabal continuing calling themselves ‘states’ ‘cities’ as they already do as they all cover up their destruction by their chemtrails ‘morgellons’ ‘transhumanism’. Remember their ‘govt’ con goes back to the abhramic and vatican ‘religions’ cons which then became ‘govt’ ‘state’ ‘republic’ con ‘schools’ con ‘media’ con and every other con which people fail to see for what they are and get rid of. As for guns, guns aren’t ‘stopping’ anything because people don’t use them. — The ‘amen’ reply, ‘amen’ is a psy op, double down on the ‘gawd’ angle, so is the word ‘gawd’ and everything connected to their monotheist suicide con. Remember the tribe are millions including on the web. How many people do you know get on the web and yell ‘amen’ in caps. Seeing or hearing the word ‘amen’ should feel as if a slash to your soul, because it is. That cabal-made word twisted from one of the greatest original egyptians Amenhotep, and slapped into the cabal’s she-male ‘jezus’ ‘turn cheek’ slavery suicide con. By egypt I mean true original egypt which were the greatest societies ever to have lived, same true of original rome and original greece, not scum ‘alexander’ greece but original greece, before each was subverted and twisted to filth by the tribe, now finished off in fraud ‘wars’.
        Realize most of what you see and hear is mind twisting to weaken you for destruction. The vatican/judea/jeezus cons, the existence of those today at all should make your blood boil to the degree you want it all to be gone. The tribe ‘media’ pretend those are still ‘big’ but they aren’t, even counting islam, another tribe con, they are less than a third of all people. Two thirds of us know it’s all garbage, yet all these centuries and millinea later it still exists, and so-called ‘govt’ that came from that, and all the terror since then to now. Inquistions anyone. Bolsheviks anyone. I wrote a core comment on this and more important – what we can do to make real action under John’s article Sept. 30th “What if football were cancelled” which I suggest you find. ‘religion’ ‘republic’ ‘states’, why continue to suicide. Do the opposite.

        • NatureTribes says:

          – correction, the comment I posted and suggest you find and copy with more facts, links, notes you can use on what we can do to get to real freedom is actually under Jon’s article “What if football were cancelled” Sept. 28th.


        • duckandcover says:

          Say huh? Say what????

    • Thomas says:

      Have you actually read any of Jon’s analyses on this “shooting”?

    • scot says:

      I will send you my address, for when these guns become illegal you can be the first one to Knock on my door to remove them from my home.

      lol good luck…

    • Argentwind says:

      Oh really? Just like in Mexico where there is only one official gun shop but the guns are all over the place for anybody that has the $ and wants one. Like that you mean?
      The have shops churning out AR-15s, imports for the cartels from China and North Korea of full auto AKMs, etc. You need to go look at Switzerland if you want to see an armed (by law) country.
      Your rant is pure Bolshevik in it’s character. This is after all, the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia is it not comrade?

    • Theus Isded says:

      David ask yourself, did the 18th Amendment work well? Do bans in general produce the intended results (well, maybe that depends on who’s intended results they are)? More control over people is not the answer.

      • David Crowe says:

        I’m not American, I don’t know about the 18th amendment (prohibition)? But I can say that no other civilized country has the same problem with gun murders as the United States. So yes, bans clearly work. Japan, where guns are very difficult to obtain, has only a handful of gun deaths every year. And no, they don’t have a higher murder rate with other weapons.

        • Mike Ash says:

          Every genocide that has ever happen took place directly after those murdered were disarmed. Do some historical homework. Start with Russia and china where hundreds of millions of people were disarmed and then slaughtered by their governments.

        • Theus Isded says:

          Yes, prohibition is correct. Fail. Maybe you should consider the reason the problem is worse in the US is something other than people with guns. Yes, ‘muricans own more guns than any other country, but one study found just 3% of gun owners own half of the guns in the country, and 78% own zero. According to wikipedia 22% of Canadians also own guns but gun violence doesn’t compare with their neighbor to the south.


          At this point in the US implosion a gun ban like in Japan would not work. Here is a interesting excerpt from an older article about gun control in Japan that pretty much describes what would bring about a very violent public response if the fed.gov tried to enact such control:

          “III. A Police State

          Illegal gun possession, like illegal drug possession, is a consensual offense. There is no victim to complain to the police. Accordingly, in order to find illegal guns, the Japanese police are given broad search and seizure powers. The basic firearms law permits a policeman to search a person’s belongings if the officer judges there is ‘sufficient suspicion that a person is carrying a fire-arm, a sword or a knife’ or if he judges that a person ‘is likely to endanger life or body of other persons judging reasonably from his abnormal behavior or any other surrounding circumstances’. ”


          Yes, you might say, “but if they just banned this, or if they just banned that well maybe”. Well no, it will not work. Period. The kettle is reaching a boil.

        • Argentwind says:

          And you would be wrong.

        • Argentwind says:

          No, they don’t.. Recall the guy in Japan a couple years back who killed some 19 people with a couple of knives?

        • Tom says:

          “no other civilized country has the same problem with gun murders as the United States”

          Pure balderdash.

    • jim says:

      Go admit yourself to the insane asylum fool, you can’t have our country, you can’t have our guns and you can’t have our f–ken freedom dumb s–t

  3. truth1 says:

    The video I saw showed a crowd running, that seemed fairly spread out, not bunched together. Further, based previous false flags, was there blood and bodies that were taped or photographed? you can fake blood and you can cover people with sheets so that they can not be identified. Do we have a list of victims? People will say you can fake something this big. But I got Manchester under my belt. You can fake anything. Will we ever see some shots of victims, uncovered? With so many injuries, surely ambulances and maybe bought in extra medical help would have kept the place busy for many hours. Any footage of that? If there is not, then this is totally fake.

    I’m already very suspicious. Could you hire a crowd? Hollywood does. Soros does. 58 victims, so they say. Easy! 500? Says who? Show me the evidence. I have not seen it and I got the feeling I am never going to see it and neither are any you. We’ll see. I suspect there will be far less evidence in this event, compared to previous ones. No footage? Easier coverup. The Media: “you’ll just have to take our word for it. We would not lie to you!” Famous last words.

    • Chaz Brittanica says:

      It might have been a false flag but victims are real. My niece was shot and is in the hospital. And my wife’s friend was killed by a gunshot to the head. They say they saw lasers on peoples heads, granted it’s a festival and could have been part of that. Nonetheless, the victims are real. But he official narrative is questionable.

      • Aron says:

        While I saw video early on that gave me doubts about the event, I am now convinced this is a real tragedy. Who did it or what the motives were is another story.

        Eye-witness first responder prononces 20 people dead:
        https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=SrNnI-ycpU4

        Bullet skipping off of ground (45 seconds):
        https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=d5gcTryeEP8

        Names of Canadian victims released:

        • Nobodys Fool says:

          I am not necessarily refuting what is presented in the above videos but to me there is still nothing conclusive there – a list of alleged casualties and a person claiming they pronounced 20 people dead could have easily been faked. I was most interested in the one that said it showed a bullet hitting the ground (because I am questioning the entire event and some witnesses claim there were no bullets hitting the ground). What the video shows is what looks like a clear plastic cup taking an odd/sudden bounce amidst a lot of people running past it. It does indeed look like it might have been struck by a bullet, yet at the same time if that was a bullet coming from an automatic weapon it seems impossible that ALL the people in the video running past the cup didn’t get shot. Could someone have kicked the cup or could someone have kicked a small pebble into the cup as they were running? It is interesting though, and with all the litter, cups, and water bottles on the ground, it would be interesting to see if anyone can find any more videos like this one that show a cup or bottle appearing to get shot. It’s also very interesting that out of all the amateur videos of this event popping up online I have yet to see one that definitively shows someone “getting hit” or “going down” as a result of a gunshot. Given the number of casualties and the number of people taking photos and videos, you would think there would at least be one. But there isn’t. Strange.

      • EJ says:

        So what are you doing bloging??? Why aren’t you comforting your people??

      • Argentwind says:

        Why did I then see almost this exact same post on the ‘net after the Orlando mess?

    • Tom says:

      Yep, the whole thing was fake, indeed.

  4. Spiritof42 says:

    False flag was the first thought that came to mind. I automatically assume the official narrative is false. It smells too much like a military operation.

    This writer has personally investigated many of them. Many turn out to be staged events.

  5. Ah, today, after so many recent false flags, what really constitutes as a false flag today? To orchestrate a huge false flag that moves entire nations, costs huge amounts of money, takes huge amounts of time, involves more people than is possible to completely control. But I think today, in light of events like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, etc. patterns can illustrate that smaller events, pre-defined by their own histories can sere just as well or better. Take any event, and politicize it. Take another event and push an agenda of control, i.e. gun control, homeland security, take another event, a natural disaster, push the failings of health care and lack of insurance support. Things happen, organized groups spin it to their agendas… why is this so hard to see? Anyone from a toddler to a despotic tyrant can manipulate events in this manner.

    Why does the public get it’s news so “piecemeal”? I mentioned before about after the fact plausible denial.. but, facts have really nothing to do with it. Where can the truth be found? That’s a difficult question, but logistics can point the observer in a direction. Vegas shooter: Logistics: What mental state? Did he have the experience to handle rapid fire, rapid reload tactics? How accurate are assault weapons at 400yds? How fast did the media start compiling evidence and suggesting motive? How fast before other entities claimed responsibility? How many old meme labels have been used to shape public opinion? The list goes on.

    Does it really matter? There were no specific targets if you consider the logistic aspects first. Could this be called terrorism? Sure. Same as any aberrant act of senseless violence. Can senseless violence be explained? No. That’s why those acts are often used for fueling agendas. Too many unexplained elements, so making explanations up is easier and more effective. That’s what’s going on.

    For a population that hasn’t put much significance in family, education or human compassion, it’s easy to sway them with propaganda style media coverage. For a population that can’t read with comprehension or cognition, it’s easy to establish false flag rhetoric. For a population led by fear and greed, … it’s easy to think only from an egocentric perspective and believe everything is happening to them personally, that all world events are the worst ever in history. That’s how patterns are ignored, how truly significant historical events are minimized, how logic and truth are decimated with a slick use of words.

    Why did the Vegas shooting happen? As the saying goes, shit happens. But attach other agendas to it and it becomes something else. BUT, if there were multiple shooters, if this was a foreign act of terrorism, if the event happened because of a manipulative corruption in a dark governing entity, … well then, the public will never know those truths. The planet continues to rotate, the climate continues to change, and people continue to surrender their minds to shiny smart gadgets.

  6. Tom says:

    Clearly stated with proper caution. Nice, timely analysis. Thank you very much.

  7. elliottjab says:

    Most likely … Too, too many loose ends to pull – whole thing unravels fast … Next – it will be announced it was a massive drill for people & first responders alike…

  8. jandvig says:

    Sadly, the majority of our culture is so socially trained and conditioned to believe what the “authority” says is true. internet and sites as yours, Jon, are already labeled as conspiracy theory and inaccurate, and so those in power are free to create any story that suits the agenda.
    What is a sane-minded individual to do?
    When enough individual beings are unwilling to believe the lies, will we have the power to transcend the insanity of a corrupt society? through our actions of fearlessness, good will and love, will we overcome the mighty darkness? Taking action from a place of inner knowing and putting out real knowledge for those who have “ears to hear” ??? Thank God we do have that option.

  9. Vicky says:

    False flag, OMG!!! In that case I hope that the victims might also be false and … only the “shooter” was real? I really don’t understand what happen to victims in “false flags”. Do you?

    • CS says:

      False flags, as Jon states, are operations carried out, while assigning blame to someone who has done nothing. They can actually have real victims. It is just the patsy they use to blame that is false.

      • Theodore says:


      • scot says:

        very true, you need to spread the fear to many people, and real victims are needed. They sell the plot to those not there and scare the shit out of those to dumb to see the lies being told as the real or official narrative

      • IMNAHA says:

        Thank You. Just as 9-11 was a FF event, several thousand were murdered, a measure of the compassion our leaders and their “friend” really have for American citizens..

        • Tom says:

          Yes but it seems that at some time after 911 these serial perps realized that they could fake it just as well without actually killing anyone. That explains a lot of the false flags since 911.

      • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

    • Larry says:

      The victims are real in a False Flag attack.
      They are dead or wounded. The Official Narrative that is eventually trotted out to explain the attack (as pronounced by mainstream media – the mouthpiece of The Globalists) is a clever fabrication, a lie to further the agendas of the globalists/deep state/illumaniti/rothschilds/whomever – an agenda that quite likely does not include you and me in The New World Order.

      Whoever these guys are, this is THEIR WORLD, not ours. We’re dealing with a level of arrogance, entitlement and avarice that is almost impossible to fathom for us ordinary folk …a bottomless hubris that blinds these idiots to the consequences of their actions….quite simply THEY WANT IT ALL.

      There is a very real possibility that their endless lust for power and control will take down this lovely little blue-water marble – and all species (including the human race) with it. If that thought ever enters their minds they probably console themselves with the thought of their deep underground shelters stocked with enough provisions to last decades, should things really go south on the surface.


      The good news is that life will go on in a Universe that is doubtless teeming with an unimaginable multiplicity of life.

      The bad news is that it rather looks like we won’t be around to shake our groove thangs at the Galactic Party ….unless we wrest control from these idiots, that is.

      Weapon of choice: THE IMAGINATION!

      • Sprayandpay says:

        Something they want taken away. Glue us to smartphones and kill the PC industry will do just that. Since XP the PC industry has shrunken and everything is now app based. To me this is a PC industry.

        https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=HyQpdvO8Fio

        and you could find most of these in stores at the time. Now PC industry is the latest first person shooter game. No wonder everyone is so tight about guns now. I wonder why………………………….:p..

        There’s a small but growing group reviving dumbphones that are not connected 24/7. 🙂

        When you use your PC now you don’t get full screen anymore. There is always a black border shrinking your programs if you use an older OS on your desktop. A lot of Mom’s hidden object games no longer allow full screen. You get 2/3rds at best. It looks more like a tablet sized screen and same on VLC media player.

    • Sprayandpay says:

      They get beamed up by Scotty.

    • Bruce Hayden says:

      It’s called a lifetime pension. Like the passengers on the planes that supposedly went down. Enjoy your tax money.

    • Tom says:

      Victims and shooter were all actors. Nobody died.

  10. NobodysaysBOO says:

    israelie news papers where out with this before it happened like BBC on 911.
    anybody SPOT any HEBES DANCING?

    OJ was in town?

    ar’s would have MELTED barrels if fired this long.

    maybe the aim is to do a race war like the golf bum’s on steroids, the zionist will not live is a place with blacks.

  11. Prescott says:

    One shooter, that’s always the key. For the narrative to work groups of people can never be responsible for the atrocities, only individuals.

    • Theodore says:


    • Thomas says:

      Unless they are called Islamists!

    • Aron says:

      That’s right, that’s what they’ll tell you. The police and intelligence agencies cannot predict or prevent a lone-wolf attack. As Jon states, this is where pre-crime laws comes into effect. Take away you guns. Take away your privacy. Take away your freedoms. That’s how the lone-wolf attacks will be solved! Where do I sign up? NOT!

  12. From Quebec says:

    Michael Savage interviews the neighbor of the shooter
    https://www.youtube.com /watch?time_continue=283&v=EZeiunoX7bY

    Also this article on infowars:

    “It’s gotta be a set-up,” says former Marine

    1911 great Comments on this article.

  13. Mike Ash says:

    Paddock is actually crisis actor Gene Rosen from the Sandy Hook Hoax. Hopefully this link will open. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10209805882133018&set=gm.2059737817615713&type=3&theater&ifg=1

  14. Theodore says:

    Was this a kinetic direct attack on ‘Trump supporters’?

  15. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Sadly, bigger and more blatant as time goes on.

  16. Nerbelwefer says:

    A 64 year old with no military training was shooting 2.5 people per second from almost five football fields away in the dark?
    Maybe it was an Italian Carcano rifle converted to auto fire? (sarc)
    Obviously electing Trump meant absolutely nothing other than the person who will be blamed for the collapse and chaos.
    The lamestream presstitutes will never reveal any false flag because they are part of the psy op.
    Also false flags are now legal as part of the NDAA courtesy of Comrade Barry Soetoro aka Obama.

  17. tomlewis20 says:

    Bottom line. This stuff could never be perpetrated if the public was not as dumb as a box of rocks.

  18. lexicon devil says:

    A machine gun is a belt fed weapon that fires rifle rounds. It is usually a crewed (2 man) weapon with one man firing and another feeding the belt of ammunition.
    A submachine gun is a hand held weapon that fires pistol rounds at a high rate of fire and they can be automatic.
    A false flag means that the person(s) being blamed for an event are not responsible and another person(s) is actually behind the event.
    The term false flag doesn’t mean that the event in question never happened but it is possible that the event could be totally staged and didn’t happen the way it is portrayed.

    • nwqfk says:

      Then there is ‘full auto’ rifles (now termed “assault rifles”) that the military / law enforcement / Security firms (G4s Wackenhut Vegas?) posses.

      • Argentwind says:

        You try firing that many rounds through an AR platform in that time frame, you will get a melted gas tube and a burned out barrel. They aren’t designed for, nor will they stand up under that. This isn’t Hollyweird- that is real life stuff.

  19. christianthomas1 says:

    A very possibly correct analysis of the motive, and warning of the shooting, was apparently posted on 4chan on 9/11 of this year, saying that the aim is to get full body scanners into all casinos in Nevada. From there it can go countrywide. It is essentially a money making scheme with a happy secondary outcome of fulfilling the control agenda.

    The gun control element in these shootings has always been a first line red herring. There is no way they can remove your guns; and anyway, what do you have to match theirs? It’s all the other things they can do once they have your acquiescence – as Sophia Smallstorm so sophisticatedly points out at the end of her analysis of Sandy Hook and as Jon mentions above.


    • Sprayandpay says:

      If I didn’t know any better I’d say this was a death eater attack killing innocent muggles and everyone nearby obliviated (memory modified) to the events. But your a CONSPIRACY THEORIST! (Which the CIA coined the term).

  20. I’ve been thinking about the term, “rush to judgment,” a book by Mark Lane re the JFK coup no less. WHY… are they in such a rush to tie up the loose ends and tuck it away in part of the neo cortex reserved for “WARNING: UNKNOWN.” The answer of course is mind control.

    I watch a lot of movies in order to try to find the origins of cultural “glitches” like word viruses; when were certain phrases or manners of speech introduced. The ‘like’ virus is one such case. When did everyone and their mother begin to insert ‘like’ every three words? “Well, I was like, why? And she was, like, I don’t know etc etc etc.” The best I can come up with there is the “valley girl” meme dating back to the late seventies. But my point is where and why is everyone in such a “rush to judgment?” Where and when (and HOW) was that introduced?

    We are all traumatized by vicious acts of violence. Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news on 9/11/2001. So why not look at it? Get people to slow down somehow. I don’t know how. But if people could just take a few steps back and say “wait a minute…” maybe they would soon come up with “like, WTF?”

    Because this is it. They are not going to stop the violence. And the only thing that’s keeping us from total slavery is gun ownership.

  21. From Quebec says:

    At 4:58 he captures a shooter on the lower floor, not the 32nd floor

    Vegas Shooting Taxi Driver’s Video ! Must Watch B4 Well You Know , The Take Down !
    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=fEf7HObspB0

  22. From Quebec says:

    There is no doubt in my mind, that this was orchestrated.

    WHY?: Because, they do not know how to get rid of Trump . Nothing is coming out of the Mueller investigation. No reason to kick him out, impeachment has no bone in this case, and killing him would be too obvious. He is throwing sticks and stones in their NWO agenda that they want so desperately, and desperate people do desperate things!

    WHO:? The Shadow government an the Deep State.

    WHAT? are they doing They are trying to start a Civil war in this country, but first, they have to take the guns from the people. Once this is done, Martial law will be installed and it will be game over.

    WHEN: As soon as possible/

    But, it will not work, because people have woken up and will fight to the end and win against these monsters.

    • Argentwind says:

      Blood sacrifice to the dark ones; just like Waco, TWA Flight 800, OK City, MANY others.

    • NatureTribes says:

      Quebec — ‘trump’ is a con. The article is good though there are many psyops goals in what they do, the ‘take the guns’ psy ops is mainly to 1) keep dupes sitting as ‘republihuns’ ‘democts’ ‘nra’ who are all the same cabal finish their false ‘opposition’ act so people don’t strike first before they do their big strike 2) dupes assume if they have guns they can always ‘fight’ which soon won’t be the case 3) distract from the hundreds of millions ummugrents they swarmed through the airports while lying – ‘popul 360million’ when it’s over 760 Million and still swarming, this while handing them ‘jobs’ and trillions ‘free monee’ — so their allegience is to cabal ‘govt’ who now have all that as an oppression ‘army’ 4) keeping dupes focused on ‘guns’ distracts from their real weapons including chemtrails and ‘smart grid’ and mass terror robots and drones which guns make no difference against. I wrote more facts on that in another comment under another article as I mentioned in my comment above. They will take the guns because you did not use them or stop them while mentally able. You will lose your mental ability, that is the trick.
      — The phrase ‘civil war’, the word ‘civil’ is one of many of their bogus words, used over and over so dupes focus ‘down’ instead of consider ‘war’ on ‘govt’ ‘state’, taking back our water, power they stole with their bogus ‘laws’ and ‘cities’ and ‘corporations’ and the lands they stole with their bogus ‘depressions’ and other terror over thousands of years. They use their words such as ‘civil’ to keep you a nobody your own mind, only a ‘civ’. Stop using cabal words – ‘authorities’ ‘officials’ — ‘civil’ ‘civilian’ ‘civilized’ ‘citizen’ all of these are garbage. Here are accurate labels – ‘govt’ terrorist parasites, and true freedom people. Those are the only two ‘groups that exist. Parasites and ‘paytriots’ are the same, such as kristians/kathleks may not seem to be parasites but they are, anyone who supports ‘govt’ ‘state’ supports all the cabal terror regardless what phony ‘side’ they pretend to be on. Anyone who supports ‘state’ supports – fraud ‘money’, mass breeding parasites millions of ‘freed’ child rapists mass murder ‘wars’ and the destruction of true freedom people.
      –argentwind– No one was ‘shot’, it is a fraud, also they aren’t just ‘crisis actors’ most are in the tribe. The fraud flags go back to ‘waco’, yes even waco. Most important is to see Why they have and are doing this. To oppress all this time until they do their big strike which will disable any ability to fight them. A problem with ‘truthers’ is becoming stuck ‘watching’ – over 90% of those doing ‘false flag’ videos etc are in the tribe, putting out mass competing half truth to keep truthers sitting so they fail to make physical action in real life before the hammer falls. Most of my time is focused off the web, in real life, using paper notes with info and links to inform others. Get going doing something. Last, the ‘blood sacrifices’ are the masses of children we don’t see. So far most people seems fine with all the child rape so maybe people don’t give a rip about that either. The cabal has everyone’s dna and they make can make people from it. Isn’t that something. ‘trump’ is a con. Ignore ‘wa dc’, focus where you live.


      • From Quebec says:

        ‘trump’ is a con.(NatureTribes)

        WOW! Some people are so screwed up they cannot tell Good from Evil.

        • NatureTribes says:

          Still pumping the ‘trump’ con, the tribe ‘gawd n ‘govt’ angles, this so dupes fail to grow up, be their own leader, make their own tribes, and direct themselves to real freeom. All people need to do is see who is showing them how to be free, and who has the agenda to keep them under the boot of ‘turn cheek’, ‘tax’ robbery and chemtrails ‘govt”state’. There are over 9 million in the tribe including on the web. People can see my first comment above for more. Nature anarchism is true freedom.


          • Argentwind says:

            Ahem, there is NOTHING at all free in the material state- this is the world of Rex Mundi, the “king of the world” and lord of material creation. You can type all you like, but this is still true. as long as we are physical humans existing in the matter/energy universe, we are subject to it’s “laws” and bound by the rules of same.

          • NatureTribes says:

            The distraction jabber from ‘argentwind’ is example of what I said in other comment, there are over 9 million in the tribe, including on the web, using myriad tactics to oppress and distract from your abilities and strength – strength you have if you use it. ‘argentwind’ yammers ‘obey’ and ‘laws’ – notice that, ‘obey’ – while I tell you that You are able to make rules and force and forge the future yourself, using Natural law, the only true law. You don’t see comments such as mine very often, copy and re-read them. Ignore those telling you ‘obey’ as they work to keep you weak and ‘obedient’ for their terror. Find your spine and get going –


        • NatureTribes says:

          I’ll add to my reply, people can copy my comments to re-read. Another suggestion, sift through ten or twenty of Jon’s articles, go through pick out some of his tougher sentences, pargraphs, positions, copy paste them to a word doc so you can reread them in a group. In my commenting, which is limited now compared to what I’ve done in the past, only doing some comments under a few articles here recently, my goal is to inform others and move people off the web into real life doing, because that is the only way to freedom. Checking in on Jon’s site/articles or similar things once a week for a mental push is fine, otherwise 99% of focus should be off the web because that is the only way to freedom, making action where we live.


  23. Dave says:

    Holy cow, I just watched a video from a taxi driver, driving in front of Mandalay Bay resort, and you could clearly see flashes of gunfire synchronized with the sound of a heavy machine gun, at a window that was only a few floors up, though the taxi driver stated 10th floor. The flashes are obscured by a tree branch after a few seconds. At 4:57 the cabbie says “it seems like it’s coming from up there” as he points his camera at the lower floors of Mandalay Bay. Then you see the what looks like muzzle flashes and the rat-a-tat-tat sound of a machine gun.

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=WNiRr763gJA

    • truth1 says:

      Fascinating. Read the next line with a heavy Valley Girl accent. owww my gaad, its like, totally fake.

      So the cellphone is the way the way they are revealing it now. Apart from the acting, I don’t see that anything happened. They fire blank rounds, uses some strobe lights and no serious footage. I exaggerate only a little. Another pathetic attempt to mislead the idiots. I’m sure it will work, too. Amoebas got more brains than most people now. WW3 can’t be far away.

  24. wally says:

    Some confusion here. A Machine gun is a fully automatic weapon that fires RIFLE ammo. A submachine gun is a fully auto weapon that fires PISTOL ammo. A machine gun can be a shoulder fired weapon (M-16/AK-47/FAL/M-14) or a tripod based weapon (M-60/SAW/M2 50 cal). How the weapon is held while firing makes no difference, they are all machine guns and sub guns.

    • scot says:

      There is a big difference, a machine gun is belt fed and no magazine, yes a M249 SAW can shoot M16 mags and has 200 round belt fed mag. It is the rate of fire the makes the difference. One only gets so many shots in mag based weapon , also accuracy is a big factor with a sub or full auto rifle

  25. AlexanderH says:

    Hillary and Obama are responsible for Vegas. THEY have called for “Resistance” to the Democratic process and the duly elected President. and Paddock answered their call.
    You do not murder People you support or even empathize with.
    Paddock was ANTIFA.DEMOCRAT who hated White People who supported Trump
    Paddock was instigated by Hillary’s and Obama’s REFUSAL to accept the election and their calls to “RESIST”. This horror was caused by Hillary and Obama.

    • Sprayandpay says:

      During Obama we were having false flags every 2 months it seemed. We actually went a whole year under Trump without any kind of shooting news worthy.

    • From Quebec says:

      Alexander, I do not know , but the caller on the Savage Nation who was a neighbor of Paddock, said that he saw him wearing a Trump T-shirt.and that he was a Trump supporter.

      I have posted the video here before, so here it is again:

      Michael Savage interviews the neighbor of the shooter

      https://www.youtube.com /watch?time_continue=283&v=EZeiunoX7bY

    • From Quebec says:

      I do not know, Alexander,but, according to the caller on the savage nation show yesterday, who was a neighbor of Paddock, he said that Paddock was a Trump supporter and that he was wearing Trump shirt.

      I posted the link here before, but here it is again: Listen to the video on the article:

      “It’s gotta be a set-up,” says former Marine

    • NatureTribes says:

      – alexandr- There is no ‘duly-elected’ anyone, the ‘constitutions’ are a con, and the tribe dictates who ‘wins’ that’s why they made ‘govt’. ‘trump’ was put in by the cabal because they they didn’t want any chance of sparking the sheep before the cabal does their big thing. As for ‘paddock’ that’s a bogus name to go with their fraud flag, as for ‘democrat’ in yelling caps, ‘govt’, ‘parties’ it’s all same 90% of ‘govt’ ‘state’ ‘city’, all ‘systems’ you slave to and throw your children under were made by and are run by the cabal. As for ‘followers’ of any bogus ‘side’ people who ‘support’ any ‘party’ are non-thinking terrorists to be used against thinking people who want real freedom. The yelling ‘antifa’ in all caps, there is no such thing as ‘antifa’. All these so-called ‘groups’ from bogus ‘kkk nazees’ to ‘peta’ to ‘blm’ all of them are bogus fronts of the tribe. They make phony ‘groups’ put a few dupe faces in front to then transmit images over ‘tv’ and ‘smart fones’ as if there’s some ‘group’ ‘doing something’, all this to distract and subvert everyone. Bogus ‘antifa’ nonsense is to confuse dupes yet another step back from basic right nature anarchism and self-chosen tribes and freedom action. They make ‘groups’ so you fail to meet others like yourself make tribes and actions yourself because you think the situation is ‘too big’. That is the poison of cabal ‘tv’ ‘radeeo’ and 99% of ‘web”mass media’. That’s why they put scum ‘fones’ in every parasite’s hand, to distract, steer, threaten and otherwise dictate to you. There is no such thing as ‘newz’. The cabal are anarchists, in a tribe, they don’t want you to know that’s the secret, they want total terror depop before you figure that out, and if you continue sitting they will get it. The only ‘group’ that makes any difference is the tribe You make. Read that fifty times. Turn off the crap and do something in real life to earn your freedom while you are able.


  26. Sprayandpay says:

    The calls for gun controls are fake. Trump is actually right now in Porto Rico dealing with the disaster and physically helping people get their lives back together. No President not even Bush has done as much and during the election when the flooding happened Obama nor Hillary showed up but Trump flew over and physically helped rebuild getting his hands dirty and using tools. The MSM media only shows the same recycled few photos of Trump over and over again to cover things up.

    As for Katrina Bush was told by the Mayor of Houston during Katrina “We don’t need any help!” even after people were dying in the Super Dome and he believed the messages instead of investigating if they were true.
    That mayor is now in jail for something else. I saw briefly in the news but it was downplayed of course since that mayor is a stout Democrat. :p

    • Jive Ass Honky (Cracka) says:

      The Puerto Rico mayor is a big time Hillary bot. I got a good laugh out of her crying on camera about the mean ol’ Trump while standing in front of pallets of water, food and other supplies.
      Maybe she thought mommygov would fly the pallets out to the people on unicorns?
      It will be distributed only if she is on camera as the supplies go out and if they can find some union truckers who are willing to get off their ass and drive them where they need to go.

  27. peter says:

    GSR Stubs can easily determine if Paddock was the shooter. Anytime someone fires a gun, there is gun powder residue left on their hands and on their clothing. This residue can of course be washed off. But since the shooter is dead, that is unlikely.

  28. Bruce says:

    N.0.W., US Bin UKRAINED; And By the $ame PNAC-Attackers. This $erial Poppy Bush PUTSCH in BigMo since JFK, will stop at no atrocity (think ~ 3,000 of their fellow Amerikans in the towers and Pentagon, jist to get at Hussein). Better give back what they themselves believe they deserve, N.0.W. that We, the People KNOW ! :


  29. Jive Ass Honky (Cracka) says:

    What if the weapons were Fast and Furious weapons? Mexico really isn’t that far from Nevada.
    Maybe the girlfriend was a mudslime sleeper who flipped Patsy Paddock?
    What happened to the story of Antifa agitprop found in the room, flushed down the memory hole?

  30. Aron says:

    The comment section from another Las Vegas commentary video (https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=9OzcNR-Ao00) includes someone with the Youtube name David Kendall who made the following statements:
    – Here I offer expert testimony. I have personally put hundreds of thousands of rounds through the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.
    – The weapon used in this attack was the M249 SAW.
    – SAW is a single operator weapon.
    – No other possibilities with any currently mass produced available weapons and no modified weapon would have sustained the consistency and rate of fire.

    Here is a video of someone shooting a M249 SAW https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=dCoFvH8zQYI

    I don’t draw any conclusions from this right now. Just presenting some evidence that may or may not be relevant.

    • scot says:

      no doubt A M249 and maybe M240, rates of fire don’t jive with any magazine based weapon, even the 200 round mag for an AR-15 or a drum say in an AK-47

  31. Grundig says:

    Das Radio is reporting that the girlfriend is now a person of interest.
    Paddock also sent tens of thousands of dollars to the Phillippines.
    Payment for the weapons?
    All machine guns in America have been frozen since 1986 and the going rate for a machine gun is $20-25,000.
    Pisslam is the oldest religion in the Phillippines.

    • Argentwind says:

      Insert the term “legal” in the above. You can buy anything you like if you have the cash and contacts. Check the black market in Mexico for AKs and similar.

  32. truth1 says:

    A three ring circus. did you all remember your popcorn before you sat at the computer?

  33. Alan Agnew says:

    Worse. Another theory is that we saw an FBI arms deal to terrorists go bad. Theory is here for you all to view


    image here http://i.magaimg.net/img/1ivn.png

    So, the FBI royally screwed up and is covering it up? It is up for you all to check into it.

  34. Theodore says:

    Headline: “Vegas Is Only the Beginning: This [was] Antifa Along with MS-13 and ISIS Sympathizers”

    “Yesterday, I received intelligence information that Antifa had joined forces with ISIS and MS-13 (the hit men of the Drug Cartels who are in business with the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS). I was told, what I had predicted months ago about a coming series of ‘Tet Offensive’ style of attacks were to take place inside of the United States.”


  35. From Quebec says:


    Hotel Guest Next Door To Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’
    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=0zygjGyqraw

  36. starman3000m says:

    Threat to Las Vegas was divulged in May 2017. Article by Las Vegas Reporter:
    ‘Credible’ Islamic State Propaganda Video Features Short Clip of Las Vegas Strip
    By Rachel Crosby Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Posted on May 23, 2017 – 5:42 pm
    “A legitimate Islamic State group propaganda video posted on social media last week features brief footage of the Las Vegas Strip while calling for lone-wolf terrorist attacks, and Las Vegas police are treating it as a credible threat.”
    Entire article at

    Also posted in May by Police Magazine:

  37. Jon

    At this stage, I am draw to crisis actors. Was there a concert? If so, why wasn’t it widely promoted? Can we see evidence of its promotion, any promotion prior? Who performed there? Are they known?

    In the brief synopses that occasional pass my desk, none of these questions have been answered. I smell a fix up and that seems to be the current “way”.

    So, they now intend to pronounce everyone as mad? It’s a dangerous gamble if the “masses” take it seriously, but they won’t. They’ll snooze in their perennial deep sleep.


  38. Bruce Hayden says:

    Dude was dead before he hit the door. Work backwards from there. Your search will be much more fruitful.

  39. Duffy says:

    Does this smell like Mossad to you?

  40. Endgame says:

    Given the multiple shooter theory is there anyone out there that can give a definitive answer to how they would have escaped? Air vents? The security guard that was shot outside the hotel room was in on the whole thing and “took one for the team”? There’s cameras all over the place in a high-end hotel like MB. It may be too early to release any of the security footage but if it shows any form of tampering the theories will rage.

  41. Ton Nuiten says:

    Reblogged this on Tinthor's Blog and commented:
    Stephen C. Paddock: a false flag event. Goal of this event: the ushering in of laws of restriction hun ownership.

  42. truth1 says:

    No fake evidence this time. With nothing to see that would give it away as fake, we will be left with nothing to accuse with. But in my court. No evidence means the event was a lie. I demand evidence for anything suggested in my court. No evidence? I issue serious fine and penalties. I is tha hangin judge.

  43. Peter says:

    well, for me… I was online and seeing a lot of it and the thing that got me is that “58 DEAD” came up some 7 hours later, YET EVERY IMAGE I saw at 2:45amCDT there WAS NO BLOOD on anyone. In one photo there are 5-6 citizens carrying a body, no blood on carrying people, NO BLOOD on the shooting victim, no blood on the victim on the ground in front of the medical units, no blood or Concern on the medic’s in the photos & several police just kind of standing around. In another photo 4 police are ALL LOOKING AROUND SCARED BEHIND A POLICE CAR… while 3 unprotected people just are standing there! in the same photo. One guy is using a cellphone & 3 to 5 ft from the police car??? yet it just stinks & I was a photo editor of 6 newspapers & even did a 3 yr stint as a LASD officer…. like the writer Jon say, still investigating!

  44. Bill Brown says:

    Not a false flag, but the guy had been working with Hillary and Obama for months on a plan to take out country music fans. Hillary has become deranged since losing the election, and is trying to wipe out deplorables.

    Also, his girlfriend is a Muslim from the Philippines who brainwashed him so that he became their willing stooge. Sad

  45. scot says:

    Could this shooting been done in NV as a payback to the events that happened at the BUNDY RANCH in 2014?

  46. Ron Jeka says:

    Former neighbor of Paddock and US Marine does not buy he was shooter “No way! No how.”

    “Michael Savage interviews the neighbor of the shooter”

    Savage interviews him in link below.

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=EZeiunoX7bY

  47. Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

    Sorry, Administrator, The hotel had a concave shape like a parabolic antennae. While Paddock was shooting down at the concert the muzzle flashes and gun-shot echoes bounced down off of the windows to the right of the 32nd floor room and some of the echo and reflection then bounced down toward to the 4th floor where they then reflected to the concert area. Check out parabolic antennae and do the math – trigonometry, actually.

    • Mike Ash says:

      let me deepen the scenario for you now that me and all my conspiracy buff friends have investigated the crap out of this. How about this scenario. There were no shooters. there no shots fired. All the machine gun noise was fed through the concert sound system and I have seen dozens of witnesses who recorded it all screaming its all fake the gun shot sound is all coming from the stage. and while laughing it off and screaming “cmon pussy shoot me” for several minutes while panning the crown looking for anyone injured and there was nobody. This is an elaborate hoax. In NONE of the 32nd floor video footage is there any muzzle flash seen. Really automatic fire at night and no muzzle flash. on the 12th floor what is seen is a strobe light. All these people are saying 2nd shooter on the 12th floor. I guess no one noticed the glass wasn’t broken in that window with the strobe light. Oh and the Shooter Stephen whatever. His real name is Gene Rosen. ring a bell? Maybe you remember the crises actor from Sandy Hook. then there is the same old crisis actress nurse from one of the other more recent fake shooting sprees. And gosh when 600 people get shot where is all the footage of hundreds of ambulances? How about the huge human interest stories of the trauma centers being totally over run and over whelmed with victims/ I guess those trauma doctors have gotten really good because this is massive overwhelming casualties right? Or was it no casualties except for some trampling injuries when people ran from the fake machine gun noise coming through the concert sound system. You can see no end of this footage and boots on the ground live witness footage as it happened on the facebook page “Exposing the Rothschilds” I post your stuff their all the time. Its a closed group so tell em Mike Ash sent ya and the admin will fast flow you in. Hey I especially like the part about how the shooter managed to blow his head off with his jacket half on while lying on his back and the blood flow pumped uphill out of his mouth over the top of his head and onto the floor. you gotta love that part. And of course nospatter or blood on his clothes. then there is the missing tattoo. The pics of the shooter in the bar show a tattoo of the number 13 on the Addams apple part of the neck that magically disappeared like all the brass in the death shot showing his very clean tattooless neck. Hmmm. So much more. like how he got 800 pounds of military hardware past metal detectors and scores of security guards to the 32nd floor and somehow no one noticed anything. Pretty sly dude. then there is the unreported fact of 3 other shooters in 3 other casinos simultaneously not reported by anyone in the MSM but its all over youtube with live video. Those attacks were fake also. Then there is the fact that on 15 sept craigs list advertised for crisis actors for Mandalay. Then there is the fact that also Crowds for Hire was also hired by Mandalay. It gets better. recently the CEO of Mandalay made a massive donation to CAIR. Ya know the Obama terrorist cell in the USA. All kinda convenient timewise. Our crew found and figured all this out in less than 2 days. Let me know your thoughts

  48. Eochaidh OghaChruithne says:

    The rates of fire of an AK-47, M-14, and M-60 are between 600 and 750 rounds a minute. The lone gun-man, Stephen “Lee Harvey” Paddock, fired a large (.30) caliber rifle/machine-gun, full-auto intermittently, for around 4 minutes. A banana “clip” magazine holds 30 rounds. In no more than 20 seconds “Lee” fired 90 bullets on target and that time includes loading the 2nd and 3rd banana “clips” of each 3-clip unit. In 1 minute our boy fired at least 270 rounds. In the much less than the 4 minutes he fired all 900 rounds of 30 magazines, on target. About 600 people were killed or wounded. Some bullets missed people on the way down but ricocheted off the pavement and killed or wounded people on the way back up and out. Some other bullets went through the 1st victim and struck a 2nd person. So, “Lee Harvey” missed with more than 300 shots but still hit close to 600 people. Do the math, the numbers add up. Paddock was the lone gun-man.

  49. Tom says:

    False flag. No on-site triage center for 515 people? No ambulances coming and going all week?

    No one even got shot in this one. Paddock was an actor too.

  50. Theodore says:

    Fleshing out my theory on there being multiple shooters — both human and human-operated drones carrying long rifles…


  51. elantoh says:

    Jon, the David Icke website published your article verbatum with no credit:

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