Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter?

Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter?

by Jon Rappoport

October 2, 2017

This is my second report on the tragic mass murder in Las Vegas on Sunday night (first report here).

I’m looking at a Getty image of two broken windows claimed to be on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where the shooter purportedly fired an automatic weapon(s) at concert goers. I count 10 intact windows going around a corner of the building between the two broken ones. These broken windows are from the same hotel room? That’s questionable, and worth checking. If the windows are from two adjacent rooms, it suggests the likelihood of more than one shooter.

Las Vegas police scanner audio on first call-out to the hotel records an officer emphatically saying the shots are coming from half-way up the hotel. The hotel has 43 stories. The 32nd floor is where police claim they found shooter Stephen Paddock’s dead body and his cache of weapons. Perhaps the police officer was estimating when he said “half-way up.” If not, he was seeing shots fired from lower in the hotel. That would suggest the possibility of multiple shooters on different floors. (Also, this video purports to show automatic weapon fire from lower than half way up).

The latest estimate: 58 dead, 515 injured. It’s expected that more dead and wounded will be reported. states: “…the shooting rampage that police have said lasted about four and a half minutes.”

515 wounded, 58 killed in four and a half minutes.

That would come out to an average of one person killed or injured every 2.1 seconds.

The question arises: how likely is it that one person, particularly Stephen Paddock, was the shooter, since according to his brother, Stephen was “not an avid gun guy at all…He has no military background or anything like that.”

I’ve still not seen a definitive statement about what kind of auto weapon(s) Paddock was supposedly using. One television commentator mentioned it would have been very, very expensive.

Initial reports of more than one shooter were quickly dismissed this morning.

The possibility of more than one (professional) shooter is real—and Paddock is not a candidate whose apparent lack of experience and background makes him an immediate choice…

These are questions, not conclusions, and they should remain open questions—in distinction to mainstream news, which has, as usual, gone along with blinders, taking dictation from law enforcement:

One shooter, dead, case closed.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

108 comments on “Las Vegas mass shooting: more than one shooter?

  1. […] even at 400 yds with an assault weapon automatic or semi, and the accuracy of such a weapon in question at that distance, it’s still a “shooting fish in a barrel” scenario. 22k people pressed together in a concert arena setting, he was bound to hit something, sometime, somewhere. As for the 500+ wounded/injured, it seems also logical that many of those were injured an a “panic stampede” nothing special there.
    Secondly, as with many of the past shooter events, information is given out piecemeal, which not only supports misinformation, or mixed messages, but helps with plausible denial after everything is said and done, and the legal aftermath ensues.
    As for the individual himself, so far, multiple weapons and ammunition, being able to handle the reloading of said weapons without prior weapon or military experience does raise questions. Going to outside sources for a personality profile is dubious at best. But again makes great media headlines, headlines geared more for profits and manipulation.
    Every agenda seeking entity is going to take advantage of this scenario, skewing it further out of perspective. So far, as a media consuming public, we have N.Korea, the NFL, Trumps twitter politics, the natural disaster fronts and now, this shooting incident. Going by past patterns… I wonder what’s really going on behind these smoke screens.

  2. rhinodigital says:

    Thanks for raising these questions. Cost of weapon(s) involved is a great question. Weapons like that don’t come cheap (and may not legal to obtain, so you might pay a black market premium to source them).

    • Michael Walls says:

      The alleged shooter was wealthy (owned two airplanes) and Arizona is famous for renegade weapons people. You can buy “surplus” parts online to convert an AR to full auto, or any decent “smith” could alter them. Also Google “Bump Fire” – a not-yet-illegal retrofit to replicate full auto action.

      • Deb says:

        Depends on what kind of planes he had…Some of the older ones are perfectly great are only going for $16k…while others are going for a average for used $55k…That is for a 4 seater prop..
        Now a brand new one…about $500k….
        Most never buy a new one, no need…Just saying~

        • flyinggabriel says:

          Even so, hangering and maintaing two of them isn’t cheap. Seems his lifestyle was pretty comfortable and well funded.

  3. elliottjab says:

    Yeah… BLOCKED venue exits
    AGITATED couple warning (escorted out)
    STAGE LITES turned on the crowd when shooting starts
    MANY WITNESSES say multiple shooters
    LEOs say gunman dead – 32nd floor of 43 floor hotel
    WITNESS OFFICER says fire coming from half way up (approx 10/floors below supposed suspects floor)
    TWO BROKEN WINDOWS – with no reports of glass coming down…same room?
    WAY more questions than viable, believable answers.

    • scot says:

      no reports from others on shooters floor hearing shots or broken glass, the area with concert is also the same place the TV show American Ninja Warrior is filmed

      • elliottjab says:

        Ahhh – I mentioned in another comment – what better place could be selected for hundreds of ‘crisis – actors’ – than Vegas…

        The longer this goes – the more loose end there are & your observations are excellent… TY scot.

        • scot says:

          I live in Vegas, so I know area well, the MB is my favorite casino and things don’t add up. This smells of a false flag operation. A police station is no more that a 5-8 minute walk from MB casino on S LV BLVD and Russell so a police response should have been very quick, also there must have been police at the concert for crowd and traffic control as well, there always is for events at this location also a few ambulances in case someone gets hurt .

          • Alan Reid says:

            Vegas casino has security. A fire alarm in his room would give him up first shot. Response time for those sorts of high end hotels is very good, i say the nest was out side at the bus stop, or behind it. A SMG a bag of clips, take and hold the bus stop and fire kitty corner on the venue. Perhaps a vehicle to book the area as well. The singer at the show said the shooting went on for 10 minutes or more and rounds were hitting the stage roof. I have not seen any SMG muzzle flash, but heard it clearly in the few video clips. locating the point of fire is going to be a tough one with out a good shot of the muzzle flashes.

  4. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Great reporting! Yep, to my mind’s eye it was a false flag event, dedicated to have the lefties scream for complete gun control. If there was one shooter, and if it was the Paddock guy as is claimed, he was most likely mind-controlled. They are programmed to suicide after a “mission”.

    Rhinodigital has a pertinent point, as well.

  5. TR says:

    My brother’s girlfriend was hiding under clothes in a shop within Planet Hollywood (2.3 miles away), and she was hearing gun fire around 11:48pm. Jake Owens (musician) said the gunfire lasted 7-10 minutes, while according to the timeline, the shooting was first reported at 10:08pm… meaning it basically stopped at Mandalay Bay at 10:18pm.

    My brother’s girlfriend started hearing gun fire 11:20pm, and it continued until 11:48pm. She was hiding under clothes until roughly 2:30am.

    I figured I would share a personal account, although second hand, detailing the potential of multiple shooters and locations.

  6. Tim carmegie says:

    More like 2 people per second, not the other way around!

  7. Tim carmegie says:

    Proof of this hoax lies in the lack o photographic evidence that any shooting happened at all. Just do a Google search for images of Mandalay bay shooting. No blood, no casualties, no urgency, people loafing around, chilling, taking selfies, no bullet holes, bloody clothes, … Looking at the first 59 images, you could not come to the conclusion that they are documenting the worst mass killing in US history. Because they don’t.

    • Prescott says:

      Yes. Where’s the evidence that people died? “The media and the government said so” isn’t convincing given their track record. All the pictures I see are of concert goers running around, or police standing around their cars.

      Once again, another manufactured event to control the herd reality.

      • Sara says:

        I agree. Also, as usual there are high quality still images that could only have been taken with an expensive, professional camera likely mounted on a tripod. Why would a photographer be standing around when there was shooting?

      • Sean Michaud says:

        Well, I did read comments from a women in one of the groups I’m in saying that a friend of hers was definitely there and grazed with a bullet. Also witnessed many others dead. The woman that made these claims, for me, is a reliable source. But still, I do not know this woman other than facebook. Take it or leave it however you would like. I believe it could still definitely have been a “false flag” as defined, a false flag where people actually were hurt.

      • Deb says:

        Here is a thought….
        What if some of the footage was created at a different time with crisis actors…then played for this event and just mixed in with the rest…?

  8. Aliceinwonder says:

    40% hit ratio would take 1500 or more rounds, 50 loaded magazines. And remember….the NFL is down 18% in revenue from their anti American regime so there was a huge need to turn the heads of the sheeple.

  9. Aliceinwonder says:

    And not all were wounded. There were many injured due to the herds of frantic people trying to vacate.

  10. James Freeman says:

    58 dead, the greatest mass shooting on American​ soil. Hm, lets see now 58 times 365 days in a year = 21,170. If 58 people were killed every single day in a years time, that would be 21,170 people dead, a great disaster!
    How many people die from Iatrogenic mistakes and from overdosing drugs made from big pharma every year? How many humans have been killed by governments sticking there nose in sovereign countries business, in the form of wars, where they had NO business being, all for the sake of Imperialism
    People, make sure that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these criminals!

  11. flyinggabriel says:

    Why ten firearms in a hotel room? TEN! The police point to this to indicate meticulous planning. What? Meticulous planning would more likely produce 2 maybe 3 similar if not identical weapons ( to cover jam or overheat) and a stack of preloaded mags. Smuggling ten weapons into a hotel makes no sense – at all.

  12. flyinggabriel says:

    Listen to the video audios. Two automatic weapons of different calibre and rate firing simultaneously. There’s no mistaking it – there was more than one shooter.

  13. John Rambo says:

    “I count 10 intact windows going around a corner of the building between the two broken ones. These broken windows are from the same hotel room? That’s questionable, and worth checking. If the windows are from two adjacent rooms, it suggests the likelihood of more than one shooter.”

    You count 10 intact windows because he was shooting from a two bedroom suite…

    • Deb says:

      Reports say that he rented adjoining rooms….Who knows, they lie like hell…
      Remember 9-11….Lie, Lie, Lie.
      Did you hear, U.N. just decided we White People need to give black people lots of money for Reparations …..Cause we all are too Racist…
      The Swamp Is Out Of Control………..How do we stop them?

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Deb, did the UN really say that we need to give blacks reparations? Honest to God? Well, firstly we need to exit the UN. (And while we’re at it, disband NATO). Moreover, let’s give the blacks reparations if they are willing to give back all the welfare they’ve collected over the years. Quid pro quo.

  14. From Quebec says:

    Nothing makes sense in this mass shooting, reporting. This poor guy was a patsy for sure.

    It is said that he was at the hotel for 3 days. How could he bring in such a huge arsenal with nobody noticing it?. And, that hotel must have had daily room mates cleaning the room, and they did not see all the guns? Really?

    No, for sure this is a Deep State false flag, as usual.

    Also, it is funny that the event happened just at the time that Julian Assange was to release new information on Hillary.emails.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Quebec: When staying in a motel/hotel you can certainly request “No service” with regard to maid service. I do it all the time. So having lots of guns in a room wouldn’t be any big deal to conceal, although one wonders how he got them in unnoticed. Something abut the entire story reeks like a rotting cheese. We’re never told the truth, about anything.

    • truth1 says:

      “This poor guy was a patsy for sure.” Exactly, Quebec. The grand daddy of all conspiracies, the JFK whack, had the supposed assassin shot dead by a mobster, no less, with ties to Chicago’s Giancanna. None of these killers ever seem to survive for a trial. Its the common trademark of a false flag. A bit like leaving a business calling card. James Earl Ray was not killed. Sirhan Sirhan was not killed . . . but he was under hypnotic control. That was never quite explained. Nor was the point blank shot to the back or the head of what would have likely been our next president.

    • Terri says:

      i just wonder how the guy got involved in the first place, they say he was a successful millionaire, the girlfriend seems very suspicious to me.

      The people are getting weary of all this destruction and are definitely never going to give up their guns. Our county sheriff teaches a women and hand guns class to get women to learn how to shoot, and the local gun range has free events to help people be more confident.

      I just wonder why no one took the couple seriously who warned them about this. If I was there, I think I would have. What happened to them after they were escorted out? What was their motive? They obviously wanted to help people but no one believed them. The witness interviewed about this was credible, Bombard’s body language on you tube did a critique of her.

      Did you hear this was the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution?

    • Deb says:

      In College I was a Maid…
      No way he could hide that from the Maid……No Way……We are into everything…Cause that is what we are there to do…..Dust everything, wipe everything down, vacuum everything, change bedding, mop all floors…Empty trash cans….When I say everything…I mean Everything…
      Unless he had help….?

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Deb, I keep telling people: you can ask not to be disturbed. You call Housekeeping and you say, I don’t wish to be disturbed for a few days. I’ll let you know when to come in. I do it all the time. Sometimes I’ll just ask, when I hear them in the hall, for the wastebaskets to be emptied. Then at the end of my stay I leave a nice tip. (I like to save water. I’ve no need for fresh linens all the time).

      • Dawn L. Hernandez says:

        If he was indeed the only person involved, he likely smuggled the weapons in inside of large pieces of luggage. He had a history of long stays in comped rooms at casinos. From the viewpoint of hotel management, he would have large pieces of luggage. I also think he would leave these weapons locked inside of the luggage until time to use them. A good ammo crate will hold a couple thousands rounds–but will weigh a ton. Question: Do hotel maids go into the customer’s luggage uninvited? I would think that would be a firing offense. I’m not convinced a maid would have known his intentions, and he might have used the “do not disturb” sign, as pointed out by Marilyn.

  15. From Quebec says:

    When will we see the footage from the cameras in the hotel?. Yep, NEVER.!

    • jacobite2015 says:

      That’s probably going to be kept from the public as long as possible. Think of the lawsuits that might come out of this against the hotel; 4 days in the hotel planning the attack and an arsenal of weapons great enough to fight a war…and security sees nothing; no suspicion, no red flags, etc.

      Whether it was a lone wolf or more than one shooter, these innocent victims were slaughtered in cold blood. Can you imagine being at that concert with bullets raging down from some high-rise hotel. Reminds of that madman shooting down at the college kids from that tower on the campus of the University of Texas several decades ago.

      Egregious situation in Vegas…got to feel for families of the dozens of innocent people killed and the hundreds wounded…many of whom will be permanently scarred for the rest of their lives.

  16. KarlaAkins says:

    And wasn’t congress getting ready to vote about sliencers?? I smell a rat.

  17. Sean Thomas says:

    One thing that bothers me, though I’m not expert on the subject is how the crowd could hear the gunshots from over 300 meters away during a concert.

    • Terri says:

      Sean, have you ever been to the shooting range or been around guns? High caliber rifles are LOUD. You can hear them for miles and the bullets can travel over a mile.

  18. Nathan says:

    […] yes those two windows are one room. […]

  19. Noelle says:

    Cameras on every floor with angles everywhere….where is the footage outside the hotel room of the “so called” shooter? The population JUST CAN”T conceive of their gov actually doing this kind of event. It’s like finding out your parent’s lied over and over to you….something they cannot accept into their reality.

  20. Alten Furtz says:

    Has anyone considered that Paddock was dead from the start and multiple shooters cleared out just before the police arrived leaving Paddock as the lone perpetrator?

    • I have. Or maybe Paddock was followed to his hotel room, murdered, and the team moves in with all the guns etc. They’ve been watching him since his father was wanted by the FBI. Maybe he underwent MK Ultra mind control treatment as well and it was a familiar face (his handler) who greeted him at the door.

      • flyinggabriel says:

        They didn’t find him for over an hour after the shooting began according to a police statement. Did he top himself when the shooting stopped, if so why? With all that firepower why not keep going? A sudden flash of remorse? Or maybe it was when they arrived, if so what was he doing for an hour? Why wouldn’t he defend himself / shoot cops instead? After all that preparation the sequence makes little sense for now.

    • Terri says:

      The original report was that he was dead when they found him, then they said the fbi hrt team killed him. There are police scanner videos of the event on you tube you can listen to.

  21. 1EarthUnited says:

    CIA snipers hidden nearby, grassy knoll perhaps?

  22. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    Possible false flag attack to be followed by a serious attempt at a national gun grab; just my opinion

    • scot says:

      sounds about right, the kind of weapons used are military grade, either M249 SAW or M240 the amount of fire coming down is too intense to be coming from an AR/M16 type weapon or say from H&K G36. This poor man was set up , I don’t believe he did this. We have open carry here in NV and I am sure that will change, I never leave my home with out a pistol, the killings going on here in Las Vegas are spreading into what use to be good areas of town.

  23. TheGarbageMan says:

    From R. Blecks Instagram p/ BLW9yy0g2tm/

    • steveday72 says:

      How is Russell Bleck involved?

      Or, are you pointing out the “MP5” … which isn’t an H&K MP5, but actually a GSG-5 – a semi-auto MP5 replica in .22LR with a fake suppressor.

  24. wefelnerber says:

    Sloppy false flag. The inbred “elites” think the kept in the dark and fed shit mushroom sheeple of the USA will believe anything after they got away with 9/11.
    The Asian/Malaysian girlfriend is cleared before lunch and Paddock’s digital footprint is erased within minutes, riiight.
    ISIS makes a claim that he was a convert then the FBI says not so within the hour.
    A guy with no military training is hitting bullseyes from 400 yards out in the dark, uhh hmm…I saw it on teevee.
    Remember the order out of chaos mantra of the inbred “elites” and their depopulation plans on the Georgia Guidestones.
    A disarmed population or one that can’t obtain military grade weapons is easier to depopulate.
    BTW-Fully automatic weapons are legal in Nevada. The NFA (National Firearms Act) stamp is a little more costly than a CCW permit and there is a background check far more in depth than one from a local gun shop.
    We need a candlight vigil and some hashtags so we can save the world.

  25. always with the questions says:

    Where was the much vaunted and highly paid Das Heimat Schutze (DHS)?
    Cameras are everywhere in Las Vegas but none of them picked any coming and goings of patsy err I mean Paddock?
    Surely he would be going back and forth with multiple travel bags carrying the guns to be assembled in the room.
    Housekeeping thought nothing of an arsenal sitting there, maybe there was a gun show going on at the convention center.
    The local AM radio reported a platform was located by the window again did housekeeping think this was for sightseeing or photography?
    These windows are not able to be opened by the occupant and they can withstand a hurricane or earthquake.
    No one heard these windows being broken open?

  26. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Footage of the Vegas shooting: /watch?v=JpsqirFRdTo

  27. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Interior photo of a suite identical to the shooter’s:

    • steveday72 says:

      Very interesting. That means one of three things:
      a) Paddock was running between them to operate two different shooting platforms. He had to have rented both or broken into the adjoining room.
      b) Paddock had an accomplice who was shooting from the other room.
      c) Unknown attackers came from the adjoining room. They broke into Paddock’s room then killed him and carried out the attack.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        steveday72—I was just viewing an update from the Clark Co. Sheriff. He said the police went to the shooter’s Mesquite home and uncovered 18 additional firearms, etc.

  28. Slid says: /watch?v=-vWnkgPFc28

    flashes from delano.

  29. Tom says:

    I want to see the bodies, the injured, the grieving families, and of course, the instantly set up GoFund me accounts making survivors rich like at the Boston Marathon Smoke bomb Event. But of course to be sensitive to families, we won’t ever see any. Add that to the list of indicators of False Flags.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Tom, I submitted film footage of the shooting to Jon. Having come across the material, I’m convinced that it really happened. Some people were saying: “Firecrackers!” before it hit home that bullets were being rained upon them. They were sitting ducks. A good Samaritan stopped a woman driving a pick-up, told her that her truck was needed to get people to the hospital; she quickly agreed to help. I know what you’re saying, I know all about the crisis actors at various “shootings”—how could anyone who’s awake not be skeptical, wondering openly that this was the real McCoy? I mean, look at Sandy Hook, and so on. I know, buddy. But this was a turkey shoot. It was horrible.

  30. From Quebec says:

    And another weird thing. MSM was on the site 45 minutes before the shooting. Hum!
    They say it is because OJ Simpson was just released. Since when do they release inmates on Sunday?

  31. Jon

    Beyond the obvious “does anyone really care anymore”? (My Facebook timeline is crowded with topical responses to current affair. No ones bothered to even mention this….yet), was the “psy-op” designed to benefit or scare Trump?


  32. From Quebec says:

    And what about this woman that was telling the peoples to get out of here, that if you stay, you will all die tonight. She got kicked out of the concert.

    Woman Says ”You’re All Going To Die Tonight” 45 Minutes Before Shooting – Las Vegas Mandalay Bay /watch?v=Vn6NV4LpJ14

  33. Neda says:

    JFK was same way we never understood who done it. It is very very complex when they mess with your minds how ever conscientiousness knows real truth. Islam did it or not yet we must determine.

  34. drew jordan says:

    Very compelling video on YouTube that shows the muzzle flashes coming from much lower in the hotel.

  35. denward13 says:

    2 shooters, listen carefully at 2:39 and then at then at 2:45 a smaller caliber weapon! And then again at 3:10 both firing at the same time, definitely 2 shooters!

    And then again at 3:40 both shooters again.

    Shooter 2 then whacked the patsy to make it look like a suicide and disappeared into the panicked crowds and went into hiding in safe house or left town for quieter digs?? Definitely 2 weapons and any seasoned combat vet can hear the distinction ? My guess an M-60 or some full auto 308/7.62 Nato and a SAW or M16 rifles with at least 30 round mags ready to go. Maybe a spotter too directing fire from one of the rooms or cover on the ground. Media is peddling bullshit! Dead men don’t talk and again we have the “lone gunman” to contend with? Classic Clinton operation if you ask me. /watch?v=-vWnkgPFc28

  36. denward13 says:

    This is just another diversion from something bigger going on that they (TPTB) want to hide? Stock market up 153 points today? Just a little shock and awe for the strip in Vegas at the “Harvest festival”? Looks like they got to harvest a lot of undamaged organs for who? Country music folks tend to be a bit more conservative, so they fit nicely into the “basket of deplorables” to be dealt with accordingly? It really doesn’t matter who dies, it is all just a ritual sacrifice for Molloch!

    • scot says:

      yep, 32nd floor ( York or Scottish rite free masonry) shot in front of Luxor and an obelisk and masons have tie ins with those as well

  37. rhino23 says:

    any remembrance during monday night football?

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Larry, many thanks for the linked Adams’ video. He is absolutely right, of course. No way in hell did this Paddock patsy do the shooting. (Please, somebody get me outa’ here. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve reached saturation!!) Even so, I’d defend the 2nd amendment to the death.

  38. Michael says:

    If there was one or more “other shooters”, and as the initial police call claims, was “half way up the building”, then wouldn’t there need to be broken windows half way up? I don’t see any.

    On the question of “1 person killed or injured every 2.2 seconds”, why is that not plausible? It’s not as if he needed to aim at all. He’s just showering machine gun fire into a crowd of 20,000 people from right above them. It’s surprising the number isn’t much higher.

  39. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Usually 68 year old men don’t do this sort of thing no what kind of grudges they might have. This sort of thing is a younger man’s deed. If I might take a guess I would say this was done by people hired by Soros or the Mosaad and the alleged shooter was left dead to serve as the patsy. The objective would be to prompt a crack down on gun owners and white men in general and the alt right in particular.

  40. Diane Wilson says:

    This is the full police scanner video /watch?v=UwD2pypWu-E

  41. D3F1ANT says:

    It might have been more than one shooter…though that’s BOUND to be the speculation no matter what. I think a man with a full auto (which is what this sounded like on the videos) can EASILY hit the number of people he did when they’re packed shoulder to shoulder for a concert. In fact, it would be hard for him to hit FEWER people. He didn’t even need to aim. Just spray the huge, dense crowd.

  42. Noelle says:

    The sad truth is I don’t believe we are going to see ANY kind of real investigation in LV.

  43. Buck Wylde says:

    […] Firstly, not every injured person was necessarily shot. No doubt, a lot of those injuries resulted from trampling, falling, etc. As for shooting, the shooter might have simple used a belt fed thereby eliminating magazines. Here’s a video of an M60 firing 850 rounds in 1 minute 45 seconds: /watch?v=mBNGgu0qGlQ

    M16’s or modified AR15’s feature a cyclic rate of fire which is considerably faster than the M60 and numerous 100 round magazines are available. Here’s a video of an M16 or modified AR15 dumping 100 rounds in ~8 seconds from a stick magazine: /watch?v=nFXj1gyEghQ

    I have no problem with considering the possibility of a false flag […]

  44. Ron billings says:

    He was rich or well off from what they found out about him so getting wepons wasn’t that big of a problem and it was 2 suites combined, look up a video by fox 5 the reporters had the same suite one year ago for the same concert. It’s 1 shooter, you don’t have to be skilled all he had to do was point down and pull the trigger, he is a terrorist to me.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Ron billings: This alleged lone gunman was not a ‘gun person’ at the outset. No military experience, no known interest in firearms at all. The stash of firearms they found at his Mesquite house were clearly planted, in my view, because the poor slob was a patsy. Admittedly I could be wrong, but shooting at all those concert attendees was wa-a-a-y out of character for a ret. accountant. “People just can’t balance their freakin’ checkbooks. They don’t know how to add or subtract! Hell, I think I’ll get myself an automatic rifle and take a bunch of ’em out! Bastards, that’ll teach ’em.” Uh-huh. There we go: a motive. If you’re not good at math you deserve to die.

  45. Jon,

    I actually listened to the entire police scanner transmission which was kindly posted on youtube via broadcastify. I counted two separate instances around the 12min mark and 18min where an officer says “we have confirmed there is a shooter on the 29th and 32nd for with automatic weapons”. There have also has been eyewitness testimony that corroborates this claim so something isn’t adding up. Anyone I’ve told this too says that the officers was simply mistaken but when you listen to it, he seems very sure and actually says “confirmed”. We need more people to have a listen and give their take on this. Here is a link to the audio, the times i mentioned may differ because the initial audio i heard was from a different uploader. /watch?v=gpMrm1xUJ40

    • David Abel says:

      Let me guess, during a mass casualty situation, you’re going to take your time and precisely count the proper number so you can give an idea? It was a rough guess so they had a basis on where to initially search

  46. Gadsden Gurl says:

    Clearly the man was a patsy if you hear his brother give interviews to the press. Also, people who were staying in the motel and ran back in, said more than one person was running from the cops.

  47. Deb says:

    For all you on this blog who have access to facial recognition software, when the pictures of the dead are published scan all of them in your software..ty…Deb

  48. Ha'ashkee Ndaa'Ke'O'N'dee says:

    The rates of fire of an AK-47, M-14, and M-60 are between 600 and 750 rounds a minute. The lone gun-man, Stephen “Lee Harvey” Paddock, fired a large (.30) caliber rifle/machine-gun, full-auto intermittently, for around 4 minutes. A banana “clip” magazine holds 30 rounds. In no more than 20 seconds “Lee” fired 90 bullets on target and that time includes loading the 2nd and 3rd banana “clips” of each 3-clip unit. In 1 minute our boy fired at least 270 rounds. In the much less than the 4 minutes he fired all 900 rounds of 30 magazines, on target. About 600 people were killed or wounded. Some bullets missed people on the way down but ricocheted off the pavement and killed or wounded people on the way back up and out. Some other bullets went through the 1st victim and struck a 2nd person. So, “Lee Harvey” missed with more than 300 shots but still hit close to 600 people. Do the math, the numbers add up. Paddock was the lone gun-man.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Ha’ashkee Ndaa (etc) — Please refer to one of Jon’s most recent posts with the video taken by a Ballagio Hotel guest. Nothing about this case points to a lone gunman! Where, for instance, are the casings in Paddock’s suite? Were they all picked up except the few shown on camera? There would have to be a plethora of casings! You know what I now think? I think the poor slob never fired any shots. He was picked as a patsy, murdered, and trained experts sent a volley of bullets onto the music attendees from various other venues. It’s being said by military men that the location of Paddock’s hotel suite was too far from the crowd for the bullets to maintain velocity. In other words, the bullets would’ve petered out. I don’t have any knowledge of this sort of thing; am just passing along what I’ve read.

    • Lin0 Marchetti says:

      TRUTH=RATES OF FIRE FOR M60=500 / AK-47=600 / M14=700 & what you hear on every video is only fucking 500/minute. So the only gun used in the attack was ONE KIND, an M-60 from the 1950’s, set up with a gatling trigger and belt fed. Please please stop telling your ignorant truths and learn how to count beats / gunshot reports. My theory is multiple M-60’s were used in this event. IF people were actually killed / injured by gunfire. IF not, then IRAC makes custom Rate-Of-Fire sim-fire guns for hollywood…Also iRobot makes electronic remote systems that can fire any weapon…

  49. Theodore says:

    Fleshing out my theory on there being multiple shooters — both human and human-operated drones carrying long rifles…

  50. barbara vick says:

    There has been an audio forensics breakdown done by a scientist who does that sort of thing for a living AND he happens to be an avid long distance target shooter. Basically, he knows whereof he speaks. Just put in audio forensics of two shooters and it should come up. His proof is backed up by some of the videos showing gunfire coming from the second, closer location.

    • Lin0 Marchetti says:

      if you are talking about Mike CIA insurgent Adams…then please reboot your opinion of him and look at him like the 2nd slickest used car salesmen of this century. He tells some truths to gain followers and Report…then he does 180deg flip and goes all government narrative on you. Ask yourself, where did this guy all of a sudden come from!? Have you seen his lab? How could he afford that lab? Is he really a scientist!? Where is the proof barbara vick? – Anyway, much of what he says about everything does not logically fit into the real world. However if he is trying to prove that there were multiple shooters…well it does not take any supposed scientist to figure that out so I think he has lost some credibility somewhere else and he’s doing that audio forensic breakdown to build his credibility back up with new viewers to his multiple websites.

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