Bill Gates: the new Pavlov

by Jon Rappoport

February 7, 2017

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“Under the surface of this global civilization, a great and secret war is taking place. The two opponents hold different conceptions of Reality. On one side, those who claim that humans operate purely on the basis of stimulus-response, like machines; on the other side, those who believe there is a gigantic thing called freedom. Phase One of the war is already over. The stimulus-response people have won. In Phase Two, people are waking up to the far-reaching and devastating consequences of the Pavlovian program.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

“From the moment the first leader of the first clan in human history took charge, he busied himself with this question: ‘What can I say and do that will make my people react the way I want them to.’ He was the first Pavlov. He was the first psychologist, the first propagandist, the first mind-control boss. His was the first little empire. Since then, only the means and methods have changed.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

A thought-form is a picture-plus concept in the mind that tends to guide behavior.

A dominant thought-form in Earth civilization today is: universal rule through gigantic, highly organized structures; e.g., mega-corporations that owe no allegiance to any nation.

Imagine a few thousand such corporations with interlocking boards and directorates; colluding with super-regional governments and their honeycombed bureaucracies; combined with regional armies, intelligence agencies and technological elites; hooked to a global surveillance operation; in control of media; cooperating with the largest organized religions on Earth.

Imagine all this as essentially one organization—and you see the thought-form in its wide-screen version.

Top-down as top-down has never been before.

Functions and compartments defined and specialized at every level, and coordinated in order to carry out policy decisions.

As to why such a thought-form should come to dominate human affairs, the simplest explanation is: because it works.

But beneath that answer, for those who can see, there is much, much more.

Individuals come to think that “effective” and “instrumental” and “efficient” are more important than any other issues.

Keep building, keep expanding, keep consolidating gains—and above all else, keep organizing.

Such notions and thought-forms replace life itself.

The Machine has come to the fore. All questions are now about how the individual sees himself fitting into the structure and function of The Machine.

Are human beings becoming social constructs?

Populations are undergoing a quiet revolution. We can cite some of the reasons: television; education; job training and employment requirements; the Surveillance State; government organizations who follow a “zero tolerance” policy; inundation with advertising.

Yes, it’s all geared to produce people who are artificial constructs.

And this is just the beginning. There are a number of companies (see, for example, who are dedicated to measuring “audience response” to ads and other public messages. I’m talking about electronic measuring. The use of bracelets, for instance, that record students’ emotional responses to teachers in classrooms, in real time. (Bill Gates shoveled grant money into several of these studies.)

Then there is facial recognition geared to the task of revealing how people are reacting when they sit at their computers and view websites.

Push-pull, ring the bell, watch the dog drool for his food. Stimulus-response.

It’s not much of a stretch to envision, up the road a few years, whole populations more than willing to volunteer for this kind of mass experimentation. But further than that, we could see society itself embrace, culturally, the ongoing measurement of stimuli and responses.

“Yes, I want to live like this. I want to be inside the system. I want to be analyzed. I want to be evaluated. I want to accept the results. I want to be part of the new culture. Put bracelets on me. Measure my eye movements, my throat twitches that indicate what I’m thinking, and my brain waves. Going to a movie should include the experience of wearing electrodes that record my second-to-second reactions to what’s happening on the screen. I like that. I look forward to it…”

In such a culture, “Surveillance State” would take on a whole new dimension.

“Sir, I want to report a malfunction in my television set. I notice the monitoring equipment that tracks my responses to programs has gone on the blink. I want it reattached as soon as possible. Can you fix it remotely, or do you need to send a repair person out to the house? I’ll be here all day…”

People will take pride in their ongoing role as social constructs, just as they now take pride in owning a quality brand of car.

The thought process behind this, in so far as any thought at all takes place, goes something like: “If I’m really a bundle of responses to stimuli and nothing more, then I want to be inside a system that champions that fact and records it…I don’t want to be left out in the cold.”

Here is a sample school situation of the near future: for six months, Mr. Jones, the teacher, has been videotaped, moment by moment, as he instructs his class in English. All the students have been wearing electronic bracelets, and their real time emotional responses (interest, boredom, aversion) have also been recorded. A team of specialists has analyzed the six months of video, matching it up, second by second, to the students’ responses. The teacher is called in for a conference.

“Mr. Jones, we now know what you’re doing that works and what you’re doing that doesn’t work. We know exactly what students are positively reacting to, and what bores them. Therefore, we’re going to put you into a re-ed seminar, where you’ll learn precisely how to teach your classes from now on, to maximize your effectiveness. We’ll show you how to move your hands, what tone of voice to use, how to stand, when to make eye contact, and so on…”

Mr. Jones is now a quacking duck. He will be trained how to quack “for the greater good.” He is now a machine toy. Whatever is left of his passion, his intelligence, his free will, his spontaneous insights, his drive to make students actually understand what they’re learning…all subordinated for the sake of supposed efficiency.

Think this is an extreme fantasy? See the Chicago Tribune, June 12, 2012, “Biosensors to monitor students’ attentiveness”:

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has poured more than $4 billion into efforts to transform public education in the U.S., is pushing to develop an ‘engagement pedometer.’ Biometric devices wrapped around the wrists of students would identify which classroom moments excite and interest them — and which fall flat.”

“The foundation has given $1.4 million in grants to several university researchers to begin testing the devices in middle-school classrooms this fall.”

“The biometric bracelets, produced by a Massachusetts startup company, Affectiva Inc, send a small current across the skin and then measure subtle changes in electrical charges as the sympathetic nervous system responds to stimuli. The wireless devices have been used in pilot tests to gauge consumers’ emotional response to advertising.”

“Gates officials hope the devices, known as Q Sensors, can become a common classroom tool, enabling teachers to see, in real time, which kids are tuned in and which are zoned out.”

“Existing measures of student engagement, such as videotaping classes for expert review or simply asking kids what they liked in a lesson, ‘only get us so far,’ said Debbie Robinson, a spokeswoman for the Gates Foundation. To truly improve teaching and learning, she said, ‘we need universal, valid, reliable and practical instruments’ such as the biosensors.”

“The Gates Foundation has spent two years videotaping 20,000 classroom lessons and breaking them down, minute by minute, to analyze how each teacher presents material and how those techniques affect student test scores.”

“Clemson received about $500,000 in Gates funding. Another $620,000 will support an MIT scientist, John Gabrieli, who aims to develop a scale to measure degrees of student engagement by comparing biosensor data to functional MRI brain scans [!] (using college students as subjects).”

When you boil it down, the world-view represented here has nothing to do with “caring about students.” It has everything to do with the Pavlovian view of humans as biological machines.

What input yields what response? How can people be shaped into predictable constructs?

As far as Gates is concerned, the underlying theme, as always, is: control.

In this new world, the process of thinking and comparing and independently judging, and the freedom to make individual choices…well, for whatever that was worth, we can’t encourage it for a whole society. It’s too unpredictable. We don’t have time for that sort of thing. No, we have to achieve reduction. We have to seek out lowest common denominators.”

This is what universal surveillance is all about. The observation of those denominators and the variances from them—the outlying and therefore dangerous departures from the norm.

“Well, we’ve tracked Mr. Jones’ classroom for a year now, and we’ve collated all the measurements of reactions from the students. It was a wonderful study. But we did notice one thing. All the students showed similar patterns of reactions over time…except two students. We couldn’t fit them into the algorithms. They seemed to be responding oppositely. It was almost as if they were intentionally defecting from the group. This signals some kind of disorder. We need a name for it. Is it Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or is it new? We recommend attaching electrodes to those two students’ skulls, so we can get a better readout of their brain activity in real time.”

You see, everything must be analyzed on the basis of stimulus response. Those two students are suffering from a brain problem. They must be. Because if they aren’t, if they have the ability to choose and decide how to respond, then they have free will, and that can’t be measured. Much deeper, that also suggests an X-factor in humans, wherein the flow of chemicals and atoms and quarks and mesons and photons don’t tell the whole story. The rest of the story would imply the existence of something that is…non-material…above and beyond push-pull cause and effect.

The gatekeepers of this world are obsessed with ruling that out. They guard Reality itself, which is to say, their conception of Reality. They are willing to spend untold amounts of money to make that Pavlovian conception universally accepted and universally loved.

Because they own that conception. They are the self-appointed title holders. They are the kings of that domain.

I feel obligated to inform them that their domain is much, much smaller than they think it is. And in the fullness of time, which is very long, the domain is going to fall and crack and collapse and disintegrate. And all their horses and all their men won’t be able to put it back together again.

Perhaps populations will have to endure a hundred years of stimulus-response society, to understand what it means. But eventually, a man like Bill Gates will be forgotten. He’ll be a small footnote on a dusty page in a crumbling book in a dark room on a remote island of one unworkable computer.

A morbid venal fool who chased, for a brief moment, fool’s gold.

There is an irreducible thing. It’s called freedom. It is native to every individual.

Sometimes it rears its head in the middle of the night, and the dreamer awakes.

And he asks himself: what is my freedom for?

And then he begins a voyage that no device can record, measure, or analyze.

If he pursues it long enough, it takes him out of the labyrinth.

Pavlov wrote: “Mankind will possess incalculable advantages and extraordinary control over human behavior when the scientific investigator will be able to subject his fellow men to the same external analysis he would employ for any natural object, and when the human mind will contemplate itself not from within but from without.”

Basically, Pavlov was promoting the idea that whatever an individual perceives and feels about his own experience is a confused mess and an obstruction.

Rather, the individual should ignore all that tripe, and instead, allow himself to be a “natural object,” see himself as a clean and simple response mechanism, as planned inputs cause him to behave in various ways. Then, he’ll be contemplating himself “not from within, but from without.”

In other words, then he will have no life.

Bill Gates and other elite planners are working toward this end.

Exit From the Matrix

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When Ray Kurzweil talks about hooking brains up to super-computers, he is envisioning a process of downloading that goes beyond choice. Somehow, automatically, the brain and the individual (he apparently believes they are the same thing) will receive inputs that translate into knowledge and even talent. This is another fatuous version of Pavlov.

In Brave New World, Huxley wrote: “Hot tunnels alternated with cool tunnels. Coolness was wedded to discomfort in the form of hard X-rays. By the time they were decanted the embryos had a horror of cold. They were predestined to emigrate to the tropics, to be miner[s] and acetate silk spinners and steel workers. Later on their minds would be made to endorse the judgment of their bodies. ‘We condition them to thrive on heat’, concluded Mr. Foster. ‘Our colleagues upstairs will teach them to love it’.”


If researchers developed this technology, who could doubt that elite planners would push it forward? It would be the culmination of their dream.

The freedom of the individual, his innate capacity to make wide-ranging choices, is the monkey wrench in the program. It is anti-stimulus-response.

This is why you would have to search far and wide to find, in one school, anywhere, on any level, a course that examines and promotes individual freedom.

It is anathema to the plan.

It is the silver bullet for the vampire.

Freedom comes from Within the individual, not from Without.

On the level of political control, freedom emerged and broke through during centuries of struggle.

Now, and in the future, every individual carries that torch.

So it is incumbent on the individual to understand the scope and meaning and power of his own freedom, and to decide for himself what his freedom is FOR.

What will he choose to launch from that great pasture?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “Bill Gates: the new Pavlov

  1. LARRY H says:

    How you explain the matrix – how people are being manipulated – is what I believe is a naturalist, secularist and limited view of what I read in the 2000 year tradition of Catholic doctrine (since repressed by the apostates who run the Vatican) with respect to the development of the ultimate anti-Christ system. All, or most, people, because they have not received the love of the truth, will be willingly and completely led off into slavery by means of lies which they will believe, because they have lost the ability to see, acknowledge, and live according to the truth.

    The only antidote is Christ, which most of mankind has rejected, including most who profess to be Christian but reject fundamental doctrine, making them Christian pretenders.

    What you refer to as freedom is, in my understanding of Catholic doctrine, the state of moral innocence which allowed the rational soul to see reality for what it is, and thus behave accordingly. Instead, because of man’s rejection of ultimate reality – God’s authority – man lost that innocence, and is consigned to wander aimlessly in a sea of confusion. Even those who do the manipulation for their own purposes are, in reality, enslaved. They are souls with the gift of intellect and reason who have lost the ability to acknowledge their real nature and, thus, do not render thanksgiving to the Creator, making them miserable reprobates.

    • binra says:

      A personality predicated upon the denial of true, is a mask or ‘lens’ through which nothing is truly recognized – but seems a thing apart in a world apart. For denial is not whole acceptance – or rather is part acceptance of something else in place of true. Make not an image and take in place of the Living -or the image demands the sacrifice of the Living to ‘persist in power’.

      The recognition of Christ is the grace of true innocence – an unself-conscious innocence of thought – and not the relative ‘innocence’ by which a sense of guilt is seemingly mitigated by the sins seen in the other. Take no thought for your self. When ye thinketh not – fulfilment comes of itself.

      Truth is a recognition through us and not a symbol under which to be validated or made special in some future moment to which this one is sacrificed. Any a tempt to ‘do’ Life from a separated self sense blocks its extension through us, and reflects a world to which one is subject to being blocked, under threat and compelled to escape or overcome – in place of the recognition, appreciation and gratitude in the Living.

      So the idea of being manipulated by powerful others is a form of the idea of the deceiver – to be recognized truly as a false witness and not a personage, because regardless the form it takes, the propensity to be deceived is the like resonance of ones’ own fears. It takes one to know one. So be willing to know better by recognizing we do not know and being willing to know anew.

      Giving power to deceit is taking power from truth. sacrificing truth to an illusion of power. Not that given power, deceit is not very destructive to our peace – but that in false allegiance we believe it power over us and seek to limit loss by denial and defence against any truth that would expose and undo our lack of foundation – except a deceit be-lived is not recognized as deceit – but projected away onto others and to a world that are thus distorted by a hate of others and world – and one’s body for not reflecting perfection. Such hatred may not be much noticed but acts as the ability to ‘see’ what is wrong with everything and frame one’s reality in relation to a sense of dissonance.

      Sorting the wheat from the chaff is the Holy Spirit’s gift. To usurp the Holy Spirit is to judge and by the measure you give are you receiving. the Holy Spirit’s judgement is through you to the recognition of another and thus to you as the true witness of another. If you prefer you own gift, recognize it is given you by your world and your brother/sister even as you gave them.

      Who cares to give up investment in guilt and sin in willingness for a greater perspective to be given instead? Not those who worship sin, sickness and death as truth and power, but regardless of convictions to the contrary, minds are not fixed and can be release to renewal.

      If we are wrong about our self – then everything else will be wrong with it. In an insane world would this not be a good thing to uncover and correct?

  2. ebolainfo says:

    Indeed! What is my freedom for? The question itself engenders a joy, an energy?

  3. Mike a says:

    Larry H. that was brilliant !

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks, Jon. Elimination of freedom, the most valuable possession of humanity, eliminated humanity’s appreciation for our good fortune to have evolved on a water-covered planet that is one astronomical unit (1AU) from an abundant source of energy that made chemical elements, birthed the entire solar system 5 Ga ago, and then sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.8 Ga ago.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      World tyrants do not want the public to know that a benevolent Higher Power in the core of the Sun that endowed humanity with freedom also holds every atom, life and planet in the solar system in continuous vibration.

      • elliottjab says:

        Oliver – both comments well expressed as usual. Immediately your “continuous vibration” equaled to me – a tuning fork…

        Don’t know why – but… It won’t leave, so am resting with the notion – feels correct.

        This is another of Jon’s best.

      • binra says:

        If you use your wife as an excuse for not living the life that is within you to embrace – then you are not living the life that is within you to embrace and you are using your wife as a cover story for not living the life that is within you to embrace. No blame. But the first step is to own our own instead of hiding in cover stories of self justification that mask our feeling of being and mesh with the mask of others to limit life to a fake and manipulative justifiction – on the basis of a justified afflection.

        So generally you can see a default identity born of fear or conflicted self, runs as an active defence of limitation and conflict as a condition of darkness or diversion in which a notional security presents itself as power over life – as a cover story for the incapacity to embrace the life that is within them to embrace.

        Although information can be withheld, just as can a blessing, the fact of its withholding is communicated and a sense of being in an unwhole or unreal situation is a natural basis for the desire to know the truth in place of a sense of conflicted reality. But the mind that has adapted and grown to navigate and survive the ‘cover story’ reality is also the mind that makes it and which covers over the direct movement of the feeling of being – which is of a different order than the divide and rule segregation and control, separation and conflict; it is a movement within wholeness.

        Re-waking the wholeness of which the individuality is a true expression, is the recognition and release of a false version of self and world that may have served in the past or may have been learned by induction and in whatever way played its part in bringing you to where you are. The recognition is the release, for what you recognize not to be true of you cannot continue to pass as true – though it can run as a cover story knowingly chosen – if you choose that. Acting from the true of you is beyond the ability of the false – because any acting from a false sense of self must reinforce the blocks to the recognition of the true.

        The feeling awareness and discernment of the true is something to learn not to recoil from, shut down, grasp or exploit. In that sense let be is staying open with. There is no it in being – only in abstracted thought about who and what you are – with everything. In using such separating thought as currency of the real, the real is obscured and ‘it’ is forced into the deceit and prison of our thinking, which we experience as ourself being imprisoned by force and deceit.

        Genuine currency has to check in with the true of you now. To check in you have to stop making the world and open receptivity in simple self-honesty. But if you only check in with your cover story – you are not checking for truth but to strengthen your alibi.

        What is it we seek to cover; to hide or hide from? The defences made around the hidden are fearful but what has been hidden is the true of you – by layers of false belief reacted to as real and to which the true is sacrificed so the coverings are the stories of the trauma of separation and loss, betrayal and isolation. This ‘territory’ is like a ‘forbidden zone’, no one gets far. Many spend their entire life looking away so as to not know.

        But truth is an inside job – and not a raid on the Light. Always is an inside job regardless of invested identity in appearances.

        The attempt to escape the trap is the trap’s reinforcement of a false framing mind-capture.
        The way out of an insane situation is the recognition you are not in it. So take the bait – or don’t take the bait – of a framework of thought-triggered emotional and physical reaction that seems power or protection in its moment but renews your subscription to a a life of diminishing returns, for what is given to illusion is robbed from true recognition, appreciation, gratitude – as the participance of being exactly and uniquely you – with everyone -which requires no sacrifice to be ‘made’ true and which grows naturally by aligning the do with the be.

        A state of dissonance between doing and being is feedback by which to check in and re-align with your joy – and re-evaluate definitions and beliefs as to what you want and who you are in any given situation. Joy can be defined negatively – as health can be reduced to absence of symptom. But life is truly felt – and the qualities of that extend of themselves through your day – without demanding sacrifice or validation of others. This is not about living UP to something, but more freely releasing what does not belong when we are ready and willing to recognize that in simple honesty. It cant be forced and so this IS the uncovering of the true free will – from a mind-substitution. And of course it is not what we expect.

        I don’t need to sell you to yourself – but in the willingness to know is the synchronicity of the timings of a shared appreciation; a true worth. So I have appreciated not attacking the cover story for that is was a choice made for its own reasons in its own moment, so thank you cover story for whatever roles you served in my life and now I choose to align with who I am revealed to be – because it is the true of me. Dis covering life anew is not back to zero – but arising from what had seemed zero to a false thinking. While you want the world of false thinking you wont open to the miraculous nature of life. Can you feel that tension as the ‘mind’ control?

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        The logical error in Weizsacker’s 1935 definition of nuclear binding energy that prevented him from building an atomic bomb for Hitler during WWII, . . .

        was inserted worldwide into nuclear physics textbooks after Stalin forced nations and national academies of sciences to unite under the UN on 24 Oct 1945.

        The error is so obvious that Kuroda had noticed Weizsacker’s mistake as a 19-year old student on 13 June 1936:.

        Any scientist who is unable to “see” the error that would have falsely reversed the natural direction of nuclear evolution is unworthy to be called a scientist, much less a member of the UNAS (United Bational Academies of Sciences) that selects winners of Nobel and/or Crafoord Prizes

    • binra says:

      Freedom is space in movement – the movement that creates space and the space that induces movement. If I believe I possess freedom then I believe I can be dispossessed – and experience that as a direct result of such seeming ‘power’ as threat, rivalry, opposition, fear of loss, and rage at the perceived intention to dispossess me.

      The grasp to define, control and possess life or freedom is the basis for the loss of awareness of freedom by the use of it to deny its own witness. The freedom to experience slavery is the substitution of a tyrannous will for the true. But you are free to change your mind about your mind.

      The limiting of the self to a body within a world of bodies and the limiting of the mind to a brain within a body is the limiting of freedom to the terms and confines of the body. What the body is used for is the basis of the experience gathered through it. The use of body as an instrument for communication is aligned in freedom to communication amidst a Universe that is a Total Communication at every level, facet or quality of energetic information exchange. Such freedom is Existence or indeed Creation in which no truly separate state or object exists outside or apart from the Totality of its being.

      The idea of a separation is in the substitution for direct participance by a thought of possession – and by such thought is a state of possession given focus as a point of reference seemingly outside and apart from the act of a relational creation. The self idea or self in image operates an exclusive focus when identified in substitution for the freedom of participance – and the gratification in a substitute reality is fed by the ever tighter control and exclusion of such focus in getting. Compulsion to get is redefined as freedom and corrupts the communication and relationships by substituting communication with a getting device in the form of communicating, and substituting relationship with something to get from and get away with it.

      So freedom can focus within insanity and lose its own reflected recognition – but where you choose to look for who and what you are is up to you and not determined by meanings you made up and sacrifice to. Everything is an energetic expression and yet abuse or imbalance within an open or infinite exchange results in loss of vibratory presence or ‘Field-awareness’ to the action-reaction of chaotic expression and over-control. Regaining balance is true centred open receptivity – and learning to express and embody true communication is restoring trust in a state where distrust locked everything down – regardless the pain and loss that entailed for the overwhelm of fear triggered what we now take as our mind – but is a tiny spark hidden beneath a fragmented incoherence. Freedom to further fragment under denial is no freedom at all. Freedom is still within the spark of what could not be completely eradicated, covered over or denied.

      Stillness is the context of all motion, Silence of all sound, and Space of all movement. Relative minds cannot embrace what in truth already is the case. Focusing on the forms of expression as if self-existing reality is absenting your source nature. Life goes nowhere ELSE but where are you?
      Presence of mind is not scattered, like Humpty to be put together again, but unified in purpose.

      Where is freedom in conflicted purpose? Yet is not keeping the mind in conflict the means by which a false gratification of ‘freedom to get’ operates a masked agenda? – and jealously so?

      Words like freedom have become degraded by accepted misuse. We CAN redeem the currency of our communication and exchange – if we choose to not use false coin whenever we notice it is offered – and in the space left open by pausing, feel for a more aligned communication. This is not political correctness or any kind of outer conformity but a realignment to the true of you, without need of justification or apology. Give as you would in truth receive.

      • arcadia11 says:

        ” We CAN redeem the currency of our communication and exchange – if we choose to not use false coin whenever we notice it is offered – and in the space left open by pausing, feel for a more aligned communication.”

        if i had a larger vehicle i would use it as a bumper sticker.

        • binra says:

          I wondered if it could be simplified – but It can only reach those who are in some willingness to pause and feel for an honesty of being in place of an assertion of identity.

          “Thankyou for your willingness to pause in feeling for an honesty of being in place of an assertion of identity”.

          And I do.

  5. binra says:

    Jon’s idea of a clan or tribe ‘leader’ is a projection of his concept of ‘leadership’.
    Now insofar as Jon is honouring truth and acting in alignment with his true will and not overriding and usurping it with a substitute or fake presentation, he is stepping into a leadership role that others can follow or align with in their own way – as the freedom of their own will.

    But if anyone is seeking to recruit, capture, manipulate and persuade others to align or agree with a presentation of a substitute self seeking to get validation and reinforcement – he is not leading so much as fooling himself and inviting others to support him in it.

    Extrapolate to whatever situation.

    A fake world has fake leaders. True leadership is not status, fame or control and so is generally invisible and unrecognized by those seeking status, significance and control. Who has eyes to see, let them see. A fake is a tempt to pass of in stead of true – therefore beneath the fake is ‘hidden’ truth – but only hidden as a result of identifying in and valuing the false as true and thus denying the true.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Binary, you are in serious need of a good enema! You’re spreading an awful lot of manure.

      • Greg C. says:

        You said it! Over 4,200 words binra (mixed-up brain) wrote on this page alone. And not one sentence is intelligible. You gotta wonder, does binra have an actual life? He’s stuck on autopilot behind his computer, and apparently this is the only site he has time to visit.

  6. Greg C. says:

    Pavlov, Gates, Skinner – all those behaviorists – you have to wonder, did they think of themselves as above and outside their stimulus/response paradigm? Or are they just trying to replicate their own machine-like experience of consciousness to maximize efficiency? Either way is abhorrent.

  7. Another great article, Jon.

    To flesh out this vision with a bit of “supernatural” stuff, according to Simon Parkes (and others) the Draco (a group of reptilian coordinated factions that consider themselves “overlords” of humanity) established a “pact” with Mantis Beings (renowned for the their timeless universal knowledge). These are able to communicate (technology assisted) by uploading individual “minds” in a group repository where each can “see” the other’s [historic] perception.

    That’s where the “elites” want to be.


  8. Chas says:

    “I feel obligated to inform them that their domain is much, much smaller than they think it is. And in the fullness of time, which is very long, the domain is going to fall and crack and collapse and disintegrate. And all their horses and all their men won’t be able to put it back together again.”

    Touché and agreed. It is the logical conclusion of their behavior.

    How absurd to confuse the mind and the brain. How even more absurd to try and put the mind in a box.

  9. elliottjab says:

    Larry h and binra – perhaps it would be wiser for both of you to contemplate information you may’ve just read – rather than espouse your very own, rather droll assessments of what Jon writes. Just sayin…

  10. From Quebec says:

    “Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser.”

    ― Donald J. Trump

    • binra says:

      The ‘warring realities are an illusion – for freedom is not at war with a reactive machine-mind. Love of freedom is vigilant against the baiting of triggered conditioning into reaction.

      • binra says:

        That reply prior to this went in the wrong reply field. It was to Jon’s article.
        My comment to Trump is that you CANNOT show anything to an ego that the ego does not see as rival – and assign ‘loser’ to – in the belief it is a winner and there’s no room for anyone else – excepting to use them in guise of alliance.

        But Trumps’ statement is a succinct encapsulation of the predator/prey mentality that subsumes all else to ‘winning’ in the terms set by war-minded blindness.

        the term ego – like most any other – is subverted and changed to mean all manner of things by all manner of people and becomes what anyone wants it to mean.

        In terms I feel might be meaningful to the willingness to wake from the matrix-mind rather than sacrifice freedom to its deceit – the ego-reaction is reacting from conditioning. The would be predator seeks to be the one doing the conditioning and uncovering the weaknesses in others so as to be able to unsettle and manipulate them. They identify with ‘winners’ and use ‘losers’ as if that is the natural order. They will lie with no sense of deceit or betrayal for they have no identification with any other principle but ‘winning’ and no respect for anyone who doesn’t fight their corner – seeing everyone as fighting the same war but with a losing hand compared to the ‘self-made man.

        Perspective upon the ego or mind at personality level is awakening as an upstream perspective to it’s range of focus. You see yourself in act – not think about yourself in concept. Put in an example I saw two male pheasants fighting in the road – so intensely engaged in ‘winning’ that neither had any free awareness to notice the truck before they exploded into a cloud of feathers.

        The compulsive is tyrannical, believing it is protecting ‘freedom’ but freedom is willingly open to relationship without coercion and deceit. The use of ego as a put down is identical to any other put-down. It takes one to know one.

        Note the scientific ego says ‘show me proof that it works and we will accept it’ – and denies any evidences that don’t meet the complex rules that only its high priests can oversee and adjudicate on. Its a monopoly cartel that usurps the law is this ‘ego’. The corrupted law is to keep ‘losers’ in their place.

        It is said every man has his price and if they don’t take up the offer they can be paid in pain and death.

        I foresaw that the pretence at moral integrity was beyond repair but I didn’t foresee that its (orchestrated?) defeat was to an arrogance claiming virtue by contrast with the corruption of the previous administration. Trump’s America – great under Goldman? Who is the winner and who is the lackey? ‘Smart’ people don’t challenge power but live within its dictate.

        • arcadia11 says:


          See a person’s means (of getting things). Observe his motives. Examine that in which he rests. How can a person conceal his character?


          • binra says:

            Confucious was asked on what he would do if in the seat of power – and he said he would redeem the vocabulary (obviously paraphrased in English here!).
            Who accords such import to our vocabulary or currency of thought and word?
            Anyone who recognizes that all else proceeds from its foundations – and that a corrupted or indeed hijacked foundation is a much deeper understanding of the saying; “he who steals a kingdom they call king (but who steals a loaf they hang).

            With regard to your points, a logical detective mind ensures not to run off with a good story just because it has a personal appeal – but to check the contextual supports for it. For if we simply believe what we ‘want’ to believe we are able to fool ourselves or be easily fooled.

            Taking believe as be live. If you cannot be live something it is the result of a dissonance or inner conflict. Feeling into the nature of the conflict uncovers what is truly you and what is clutter, baggage or indeed a negative payload of self destructive belief.

            Once one is freed from the need to identify in conflicting belief – a quality of discernment rises self aware rather than intuitive prompting or guidance. This might be called ‘recognizing all things within oneself’. Judgement – in its presumptive power over life – divides and rejects to rule out from a sense of power – and so is ‘in’ a world of powerlessness, rage and vengeance.

            A Christian idea was to address the sin as something to correct in oneself or facilitate healing of – in the context of a true appreciation of the worth that is covered over by false thinking – from which only false or evil outcomes proceed – no matter how skilfully presented.

            So engaging in the ‘ego’ entanglement AS IF to be righteous is simply part of the strategy of persisting IN IT. If waking FROM the nightmare is the desire of the heart and the willingness of the mind to serve – then such entanglement is the lure of deceit and not a true communication to parley or engage with and thus give reality to.

            Listening fro willingness in the other is like looking for signs of life among the dead – who but sleep in evil dreams. A lack of willingness is easily felt by a willingness to give and receive – and so there is no call to persist in a fruitless or futile attempt to communicate in that situation – except to leave with a blessing and attend where there IS willingness.

            The ‘ego’ is attached to its outcomes – and if the ‘sheepie’ don’t ‘wake up’ the anger rises in judgement for all to see. Who is the sleepie?

            The ego is the desire to identify better than or worse than – thus setting up a false sense of worth that inevitably manifests the ‘pyramid’ of hierarchical structure as personal status and personal power and personal ‘glory’. No one embodied is completely without the sense of identity in lack – that automatically seeks completion in appetites or goals that substitute for true fulfilment. But there IS no substitute for love – nor for the wholeness and balance of what power is – beneath the attempt to ‘lord it over’ Life.

            The primary spark of motivation is not wrong for wholeness of being is our true Inheritance – but the structure of belief and definition that filters and distorts this motivation results in insane strategies for a movement originally felt AS Life. So the sense of primary grievance in abandonment or betrayal is imprinted on and associated WITH Life and assigned TO it.

            Splitting off from Life is not possible or you would have NO awareness of existing at all! And so the WISH to be a power unto yourself on that of Life which judgement rejects is the core assertion of substitution for true Willing. The Will is not controlled but received and aligned in. In some sense the denied Will is held in trust and restored as the ‘Holy Spirit’ of true discernment that moves through our willing-ness no matter how seemingly limited.

            There is a positive appreciation of the ego for holding attention within the world as an expression of true desire. The negatively polarized ego traps attention in the world as the defence against true desire – because true desire is your whole and holy Will. The worth of this and its fruits is always a joined or shared appreciation and felt as blessing or joyful shift to a quality of gratitude FOR being.

            the personal ego attributes the Life to ITS understanding, insight, actions as private and self special
            sense of self. IT divides off to assert ITSELF Individual. But the New Wine will not be held in the old bottles. The matrix is subscribed by the belief-wish of a private and personal self-specialness that DEPENDS on the ‘enemy’, ‘other’ or scapegoat to gain and support ITS identity as yours.

            IF you knew what it costs – no one in their right mind would want it. But no one is in their right mind because insanity is the cost. But within the mind of division is a spark that cannot be entirely extinguished and that is the stirring, promoting or noticing of a place or quality of being within you that the life in the world forgot. IF you want sanity – then learn to bring your focus here – regardless the tricks of the mind and as the capacity to recognize and not take their bait.

            It is your Life – to live and be and share in – and uniquely so. Why seek to live something else, when that costs you the true appreciation that IS yours – and is not gotten at expense of anyone else – in fact it realigns a capacity to appreciate others in ways the fear-defined sense of self cannot imagine.

  11. artemisix says:

    Hmmm… Archetypes=ancient life programs with +,- and neutral options, depending on health of the environment and organism ? Thought-forms= Top down created and imposed RE-placements/subversions for life programs? Meme= diversion and tool for the puppet masters to herd the population into systems/ stockades? This is probably a gross oversimplification…….

  12. voza0db says:

    Slaves LOVE Buffet, Gates & Bono Corp!

    The rest is just talk!

  13. P J Mac says:

    I can’t help but wonder how dull Bill Gates’ life must be, perpetually meddling in the lives of others, consumed with a maniacal management disorder, fretting he will pass before getting life all figured out for all mankind, not realizing his best contribution might have been to spend time working on his own inner man.

    • binra says:

      His beliefs form the matrix of his thoughts, feelings and actions as yours do for you.
      The division of the world into winners and losers – within a context of fear of losing – is a basis from which to ‘identify’ in the ‘winning’ class and use the losers while justifying it as the management of human problems.
      If the ‘problem’ is defined so as to be a vector for the gaining of ‘power’ to some grand solution – then the problem will be protected nurtured and fed like a forest fire to clear the land.
      The capacity to hold belief in a future solution in the making while perpetuating unimaginable suffering and destruction is an example of the denial of true Presence for the sake of an evasion.

      The investment in a false goal may reveal itself false as it is also recognized that there is no way back. The price for access to ‘power’ is the demonstration of the capacity to break the moral allegiance (one’s human feeling) to do the necessary – but set within the hierarchy of obedience.

      So the emergent need to act within an impossible situation is replicated as a recruitment tool – and instead of reaching for one highest sense of guidance one does the new master’s bidding – and becomes and asset – with limited access to privilege – with strings attached.

      The sucker is played for the need to be a ‘winner’ – and praised for their qualities and achievements that are then cast in the role of ‘helping’ in a great and worthy task relative to ‘these problems that must be faced – dealt with – and your the Man!’.

      A sense of greatness deserved – that was not acknowledged, supported or recognized will now assert itself in ‘power’ that cant be ignored. Make great again… under the power that owns you.
      Grandiosity is a grotesque and absurd masquerade. True grandeur is innate to the Soul – not the persona. What covers the Soul but the ‘mind’ of thought and belief that seeks to gain a world for itself!

  14. As a teacher in the ‘free’ 60’s and 70’s in the UK this fills me with horror. Chills down my spine. I remember behaviour modification creeping in and the damage that did. The beginning of the decline….

  15. H. kELLY tAYLOR says:

    Sounds to me like Gates’s goal is brainwashing, programming, as with any device.

  16. Tony says:

    “The Gates Foundation has spent two years videotaping 20,000 classroom lessons and breaking them down, minute by minute, to analyze how each teacher presents material and how those techniques affect student test scores.”


    Funny how it’s only ever higher test scores that seem to drive research. Forget about notions of free will and individual thinking… I wonder where quality of daydreaming or deepened meditative states feature in the list of outcomes in these trials?

    “Today, in a £15m meta-study looking at 20 years of educational research, scientists at Oxford University announced that a statistically significant proportion of 3-8 year olds enjoyed petting dogs, staring out of windows and splashing through puddles. They noted a strong correlation between the volume of puddle and self-reported enjoyment levels.

    A co-author of the study said this important research should lead directly to no marketable product or technological solution whatsoever.”

    Oh let me dream

    Let me…

    “The method of science depends upon our attempts to describe the world with simple theories: theories that are complex may become untestable, even if they happen to be true. Science may be described as the art of systematic over-simplification — the art of discerning what we may with advantage omit.”

    — Karl Popper / The Open Universe: An Argument for Indeterminism

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