Message to Colin Kaepernick: the real disaster of inner cities

by Jon Rappoport

September 4, 2016

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Mr. Kaepernick:

As you keep sitting down or kneeling during the National Anthem, you keep focusing on police brutality.

Many people now see incidents of this brutality as THE face of what is ruining life in the inner cities of America.

They’re wrong.

When people buy the wrong problem, they’ll never find the right solution.

Police brutality is not what is ruining life in the inner cities of America.

I offer you a different perspective, in an article I wrote recently:

“The gift that keeps on giving: inner cities, violence, poverty, gangs, drugs, BLM, shaming, guilt, Globalism”


The President of the United States, seized with some unexplainable attack of conscience, stood up in front of television cameras and spoke to the nation and the world about…

The real web that entangles and holds inner cities hostage.

Suppose the President suddenly said:

“My fellow Americans, the first thing you have to know is that, since 1966, when the federal government declared a War on Poverty, it has spent some two trillion dollars, much of it earmarked for the inner cities of America. And now, today, those areas are worse off than ever.

“For various reasons, including the massive diversion of funds, this War is a total failure.

“Second, the elite march toward Globalism—the control of the planet exercised by a few powerful groups—has purposely sent manufacturing jobs out of America, and out of inner cities, to Third World countries—and one effect has been the massive loss of jobs here.

“Poverty, already a fact of life in inner cities, has spread like wildfire.

“On top of all this, we have seen the expansion of criminal gangs in poverty-stricken urban communities. Violence and fear there is a way of life. And there has never been a comprehensive federal strategy for ridding our cities of this abominable scourge.

“Do you want to know why? Well, here is one reason. Gangs cooperate with Mexican cartels to distribute street drugs across America. Gangs have been vital cogs in that machine. And certain players attached to government, above and behind government—bankers, for example—profit greatly from this industry.

“Wiping out the American gang scourge would put a crimp in the permitted drug business.

“We, the government, pretend these gangs are little more than ‘disadvantaged youth’ who need an opportunity to fulfill themselves. We do everything in our power to frame the problem in terms of sociological causes—and we purposely avoid the stark fact that these boys and men commit terrible crimes and hold inner cities hostage by creating and sustaining a climate of fear and danger and drug addiction.

“In truth, police brutality accounts for a very small fraction of lives lost in inner city communities.

“Meanwhile, the relatively few citizens of inner cities who do manage, against heavy odds, to launch successful local businesses, are never deployed to spearhead and teach their neighbors how to achieve that kind of remarkable success. We may pin on a badge, or present a plaque, or stage a photo op, but we never deploy federal money to make these authentic business leaders into long-term instructors in the art they have mastered. That is tragic.

“Do you want to talk about cooperation? In several American inner cities, local heroes have created urban farms. Residents of all ages learn to grow their own food. Their own fresh, clean food. What a magnificent achievement. With an infinitesimal fraction of the federal money we have wastefully dumped into the War on Poverty, we could have these pioneers start up a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand expansive urban farms across America. —Food grown by the people who will eat it. This project alone would revolutionize life in those places. Why aren’t we doing it? Why can’t government find these private citizens who are already tremendous problem solvers and empower them to solve more problem, instead of backing tired old race-baiting blowhards?

“I’ll tell you why. The government is a jealous master. It wants to define, control, and solve problems. It doesn’t really matter whether the problems are overcome, as long as government is in charge. That is a hideous fact of life, and we have to change it. Our wasteful, incompetent, and in some cases, criminal federal programs have to be sidetracked and stopped. They are runaway trains, and they must be led to terminals and parked.

“The protests against the police we are seeing now, even if they were successful in some respects, wouldn’t change any of the basic facts that ruin life in our inner cities. That may be hard to swallow, but it’s true.

“Shall I also detail for you how shameful and vicious loan practices have destroyed lives, how home mortgages have been rigged to make home buyers fail and lose their very place of shelter? Shall I detail how street-drug economies have taken over? Shall I describe how fervently most citizens in poverty-blighted cities actually want the police to wipe out gangs? Shall I bring up the devastating effect on many children who are raised without fathers?

“Black lives matter? All lives matter? Are we really going to spend time arguing about what to say and how to say it? I’m telling you, when it comes to life in inner cities, I’m describing the raw barriers that prevent it from flourishing—and if anyone cares to win this struggle, attention must be paid.

“Oh yes, and finally…I hate to say this, but the creation and maintenance of a permanent government-dependent underclass, in our cities, is an intentional act. It isn’t an accident, and it isn’t just a strategy for winning votes in election seasons. It’s a way of pulling the whole country down, sucking it into an ever-widening vortex of poverty, conflict, division, and useless guilt. There is no strong federal-government intention to help this underclass help itself. If there were, it might lead to a genuine renewal.

“Can we right the ship…?”

Exit From the Matrix

—Mr. Kaepernick, I suggest you think about these things. I suggest that people who are on your side, including reporters, also think about them.

Focusing on police brutality as the number-one overriding issue will never solve the real problems of inner cities.

Certain people want you to think it will. They want all of us to think it will. Why? Isn’t it obvious? They don’t want a solution.

And that is what racism looks like.

That’s exactly what it looks like.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

19 comments on “Message to Colin Kaepernick: the real disaster of inner cities

  1. Sue Nicholoy says:

    Well stated, as per your usual clear thinking. Thank you.

  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Annother very powerful and pertinent article by Jon Rappoport. I know that, like myself, some people find Jon’s articles repetitive after a while, but this isn’t one of those. This one makes you THINK. I was raised essentially in the wilderness of Northern Canada and never experienced city life until I was 16 years old. I hate city life and I’m always shocked when I realize that most of man’s population now resides in cities, and most of those live in sub-human conditions which are worsening, and deliberately being worsened. City people are prisoners and slaves of the Status Quo grid. They can be throttled in a week just be shutting down the power grid that maintains the city, and the only reason the grid is kept up is because of greed: it makes money. This article talks about an alternative to being the slave of the grid: growing your own food within the inner city environment. Unfortunately for the city slaves self-empowerment and self-sufficiently are the enemies of the Power elites. They need trapped consumers, especially of the addicted variety, something they can depend on for their rising profits.

  3. El Coleccionista Hipnótico says:

    Great post, thanks!

  4. Jai J Noire says:

    Hello Mr Rappoport:

    A friend forwarded me your article for my comment. This is what I
    replied to her:

    “He is speaking the truth, however do not understand his tactic of
    disrespecting Colin Kaepernick in order to make his point! Kaepernick
    is an athlete, not an orator.
    The fact that well-meaning white folks fail to understand is that most
    urban black folks are absolutely clear what is at the root of our
    corrupt government & economic system. They also understand that
    community attempts to address it – for example the Black Panthers 12
    point program – as well as Occupy, and many, many grassroots local
    org’s have been targeted, infiltrated, propagandized against & put
    down. Yes.. the gang thing. Remember when the CIA was conveniently
    turning a blind eye to drugs funneling into the cities to fund the
    Contras? That led to the rise of very violent gangs. Does anyone
    really believe poor inner city kids had planes to fly coke into L.A.?
    The policy had a double effect in the early 80’s (when there were
    still a few unions & factories left on the west coast, even after 4
    years of Reagan) of burdening the communities just as the local
    economy was hit.

    The fact is that the police are here now, every day, and Kaepernick
    can be stopped ‘driving while black’ in spite of his fame & contract.

    It is too bad that Mr. Rappoport did not build on Kaepernick instead
    of trying to tear down a guy who has put a fat contract & career on
    the line for his principles & conscience. He is an important role
    model to embolden others. How will others be brave & add to a serious
    discussion if each one is put down as they speak up? Why worry about
    defending the police when none (that I know of) have gone public
    themselves to speak out against inferior or out of control colleagues?
    It’s not as if they do not know many of these killings have been

    White people have to stop expecting black people to lead the revolution.


    • AllLivesMatter says:

      You just voided your argument when you blamed white people for not leading the black revolution. You think you have it figured out…you clearly don’t.

      • Jai J Noire says:

        Why is it a “black revolution?” The unjust economic system effects us all. You call yourself “all lives matter.” I think you voided your own argument.

      • Terri says:

        I agree all lives matter and Michael Burns. Why separate people and use terms like white folk? thats a big demographic that Jai has no business is absolutely irrelevant. no one came to the inner city and forced anyone to live like a thug or do and sell drugs.they all had and have a choice. havent you ever heard just say no. Clearly, self responsibility is not something many blacks choose to use. if they did, they wouldnt live the way they live. there is not white privilege unless you consider it a privilege to work hard live a quality legal respectful responsible life and do what you can to help others and make the world a better place.

        lets ask why and look at all the evidence that gives many a reason to suspect people of color. its everywhere. the knock out game and rioting and purposely targeting people that are not black. the media does a good job hiding this, but there is ample evidence of this. if you dont want to be racially profiled tell your “brothers and sisters” to stop choosing to be criminals. the fact that you use a term like white folk shows that it is you that are racist, not others. its a simple psychological tool the brain uses. its called projection. you have been taught to hate and blame others for the problems you have perpetuated. hate is a trap as is blame and victim consciousness.

        no one gave me anything. i worked very hard for everything i have and i still do. its absurd a grown person should expect someone else to support them and especially when they make bad choices that hurts all of society. Jon is absolutely right when he says the inner cities are being used to harm everyone and continue to make money on drugs. only an envious weak angry person seeks to covet and take what others have instead of going out and working for it themselves. its a vicious circle and the government is well aware of the psychology of all of it. this false idea of separation hurts everyone. Jai, you are being played. if you are so concerned about police brutality, why not close off the inner cities and create your own police force/neighborhood watch system? i am sure alot of cops would be happy not to have to go there. instead of rioting and looting, how about learning the law and demanding that the police uphold their oath and not step outside their lawful and legal authority?

        if trillions of dollars have been spent to help these people and they still refuse to be law abiding positive contributors to society, than who is really responsible? i think we need to stop using the phrase african american unless they want to return to africa, they should decide to be american citizens like everyone else and stop seeking special attention.

        the economic system is not unjust, poverty consciousness is what makes people poor. again, blaming something outside yourself just means you are a whiny immature victim who doesnt claim their power and go out and make themselves a wonderful life. there are millions of people who have overcome poverty and made something quality of themselves. its a choice and everyone has choice.

    • @ Jai J

      Wow you really thin the jock put his balls on the line, because he won’t drop a knee for the National Anthem.
      Lets get it right JJ, the Jock sacrificed nothing.

      A line of poetry in an old song from two hundred years ago…taken completely out of context, does not make a revolution.

      “No refuge could save the hireling and slave” -Francis Scott Key

      Was FSK glorifying slavery in this line, or was it used with poetic license in the context of the subject of the poem…which was the Defence of Fort Mc Henry.

      Incidently FSK bought seven slaves in his life and freed them all, one ended up working for him for wages his own choosing.
      Slavery was common in those days as common as idiots writing shit on the Internet.

      Sacrifice is when you walk off the field and won’t play ball in the stadium that plays the so called racist national anthem. Revolutionary sacrifice is when you refuse to take money from white owners of football teams who stand up and listen to someone sing an old poem.

      Ironic to witness an over paid, so called black athlete, pampered as he is, speak about slavery.

      But I would say the jock needs to pick a bigger fight JJ. Instead of a line in an old poem…actually a word. A single word….’slave’. Ambiguous in this context would’nt ya say. Was he speaking about blacks or Irishmen.

      Role model…are you serious. Someone who throws around a pig-skin for a living is a role-model to embolden youth. He is a dumbed down version of a American caricature. He is a cartoon character in a play. He is a cliche for the knuckle draggers. Put him on a Pepsi commercial, or a Nike commercial. I’m afraid he ain’t revolutionary material.

      Now CK has got no reason to hate whitey, Ck’s mama was a 19 year old white woman, his black daddy ran off. Luckily sum nice white folks adopted him and raised him. So really CK is white as me, and I am black Irish JJ.

      Incidentally, did you know there were more Irish slaves brought to America than Black ones…actually the Irish were the first slaves to be brought to America. You could say JJ, that the Irish were the first niggers. They took all our pretty Irish Colleens and use them as breeding stock.

      Maybe the line should read…”No refuge could save the hireling and slave…and the Irish.”

      “White people have to stop expecting black people to lead the revolution.” -Jai J

      What…if the jock is leading the revolution then I am afraid we have lost.
      Revolutionaries loose blood, most time they loose their lives. I don’t think CK has lost anything or could loose anything. He is way too pampered to be a role model, a revolutionary, or a spokesman for the revolution.

      Best thing he could do is…shut up and play with his pigskin.

      • Jai J Noire says:

        in a capitalist society like ours, putting a $19 million contract and endorsements on the line for your beliefs is most definitely sacrificing something. I am appalled by how much sports fans think of athletes as if they were avatars in a video game with no humanity of their own.

        • @Jai J

          Your talking about a ‘A Rocking Horse Winner’…all red enamelled paint and guilding, but beneath all that, the wood is rotten.

          False merit and paper Tigers.

          This is more psycho-babble for the bread and circus crowd.
          Their convictions and beliefs are ephemeral as last month’s flavor of ice-cream.
          These things are not put on like garments.

          Here’s a little poem for you about sacrifice Jai J, I wrote it for you…just for this occasion.
          Do you like poetry?


          Rushed in wet wool,
          Mad mud underfoot.
          Left the house at three, it was dark and I was heart dipped in honey.
          Courage and other belongings
          in old pillowcase,
          my mothers swollen eyes and her kisses.

          It is the sickness that the worse, moving always moving.
          I drown in this smell, vomit and the wetness
          I am so afraid…I have never been this afraid

          I tremble and am banged about the world outside of me.
          It is always the same
          I am afraid of men
          When I went to school, I was taken and possessed by it
          Learning became all and nothing else for me.
          But they stopped that…

          I will never see my home again, it does not exist anymore for me
          That place of my beginning is long cast away, shadows leaking to distant past
          My heart hurts for it
          Madrid street and the high catholic times,
          around that…
          Religion is a fever, a fervor
          Hold fast I say to what is yours,
          your soul
          and let go of all else
          let it go now…let it go it was never yours,
          let it go.

          In a dream I walk out on white snow for the first time.
          The clean…
          The silence, and the taste of it
          He raped me again today
          It is still and dark, not to cold…with very large flakes falling ever so gently, like ash
          Only a few of them at a time, as drifters in and out of the scene.
          Making a crunching noise on their exit
          And I am content and warm now…and satisfied with myself here, and deeper still,
          strangely safe forever and that is the thrill of it…

          When we land I am too be sold like a dog for a debt
          I am told I will work in a kitchen, or clean rooms
          Laundry or the polishing;
          nimbly may I find the will for this,
          I am beaten and cannot feel their blows anymore
          This is what you are now

          Beebaum and then the lilies
          The walking free in nature is the greatest gift we have…
          Leaves and grasses and little flowers abound every look
          My mothers laugh

          Mountains amid the red, cold fresh cloud drops below that faint line.
          A chill falls to the ground, and then we are all in it…
          Winter can be so quickly cruel
          But never as cruel as men

          I balance for a moment and put my face to it, lean forward into its cold embrace
          I let go, and it is quiet

          And I am content and warm now…and satisfied with myself here, and deeper,
          strangely safe forever and that is the thrill of it..
          …I am called Colleen.

  5. Mike Graham says:

    No complaints here… a well reasoned argument of the root causes of inner city poverty and violence.
    However, the issue of police violence against black, while an element of the overall picture, is a separate issue, some police are clearly operating on a racial basis… it’s racist, it’s ugly, and it’s gone on far too long without being addressed in any meaningful manner (the majority of the white population simply believed the police lies… until the phone videos).
    Mr Kaepernick has every right to use (and risk) his privileged position to bring attention to the continued carnage.

    Something I’d like to see is a pilot program to get armed police out of the traffic violation business! Reduce the the number of armed police, and use unarmed traffic officials (with no authority to arrest, a key to eliminating the dander of stumbling on an armed and dangerous felon in a simple traffic stop… no reason for even a armed felon to do anything stupid) exclusively to enforce traffic violations.
    Sounds crazy, but I don’t see any reason for violence by either side and the traffic stop is clearly the “vehicle” for the vast majority of Police/Black violence.

  6. jmilamdeal says:

    Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    The real truth about the inner cities’ problems are not the police!

  7. willymaer says:

    The police, however, should not be militarized or so quickly violent.
    I agree with most but not all of this.

  8. Whereas you make some very apt, salient points in an article I have mostly read before, Jon, the root of the problem is rather more delicate…in my humble opinion.

    In that humble opinion, if all your measures for resolve were implemented tomorrow, “things” certainly would improve, but the war wouldn’t cease.

    Because of the synthetic state of humanism (anti-“racism”) imposed by the ADL (Israel’s Zionist Anti-Defamation League) in order fend off or limit possible physical outrage at the Jews (notably non-diaspora) for “doing what they’ve done to the detriment of humanism”, racism is seething beneath the surface and some of the symptoms are the ones you have illustrated.

    Yes, Israel’s “help” with US policing has aggravated the problem too, but either way, you clear up the symptoms and the underlying causes don’t go away.

    I visited San Francisco back in 1996 and, yes, I did take a tram ride. Nevertheless, what stood out (and I interviewed backs & whites) was the absolute hated of “the other” between “normal” (i.e. law abiding non-criminals) Negro and Caucasian populations. I don’t believe things have changed much 20 years on from what I read.

    Interestingly, with the all venom directed at “illegal” Latin populations on the great land whose invaders preach “multiculturalism”, I found no vibrant angst between decent Latin and Caucasian communities in Los Angeles.


  9. From Québec says:

    The problem seems to be that the inner cities have always been ruled by Democrats. So you cannot expect any change from these progressive socialist communist idiots

  10. Kerry says:

    Interesting, not one comment on the the real threat to black people…other black people.

  11. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:

  12. Elite white Democrats and liberals keeping blacks and other minorities on Uncle Sam’s plantation. While politicians pit one American against another.

    • Top marks, JB12, I think this is correct.

      Unpopular as it might be, the reason Apartheid was introduced in South Africa was it was the ONLY tenable (bridge) solution to the long standing problems that had built up over a number of centuries (courtesy of elite and very irreligious Jews).

      Think of it like house parties. Everything is great until fights break out and when fights snowball, the only way forward is to stop the parties for a while….until people learn to quell the anger! Harping on about past recriminations ENFLAMES issues and that is why [elite Jew patsy] politicians back progressive “we are [not] sorry [at all]” movements.

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