Trump: will the powers-that-be destroy him?

Being a real populist just got real.

by Jon Rappoport

February 22, 2016

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Trump. He’s for real. No he isn’t. He means what he says. No he doesn’t. He’s a joke. He’s serious. He’s a liberator. No, he’s the next Mussolini. He’s sane and lucid. He’s off his rocker. He cares about people. He’s a racist. He’ll take American back where it belongs. He’ll drive it over a cliff.

Whatever you think about the man, his campaign has just acquired a new level of reality, after his victory in South Carolina. And the people who were looking to destroy him have greater reason to pursue their goal.

I’m not just talking about the Republican Party bosses. I’m talking about the Rockefeller Globalists, who are watching Trump attack their trade treaties, as he vows to bring jobs back to America. Those treaties are the Globalists’ holy of holies. They’re portals to an emerging world of much deeper poverty and suffering—and as such they’re vital to a new grotesque Globalist planetary order.

Trump now has a straight shot at the Republican nomination. Apparently, nothing he says, short of claiming God and Jesus are fairy tales, will affect his poll numbers.

One line of attack against him would occur at the nominating convention. If the GOP honchos, by hook or by crook, can keep Rubio and Cruz in the race, they might be able to enter the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, in July, with split numbers—no clear winner. After that split vote holds up on the first ballot, all bets are off. The brokers will move in and start making deals behind the scenes. Delegates can switch their positions.

The main target would be Cruz. Promise him the moon; get him to release his delegates and declare he favors Rubio, who is the GOP’s man. Rubio is who the Party bosses want.

But if Cruz stands firm, and if two or three more ballots fail to produce a winner, then the GOP would do a switch and tell Rubio that, for the sake of the Party, he has to fall on his sword and instruct his delegates to line up for Cruz. In other words, the GOP will do anything to stop Trump, including losing the general election.

A scene like this at the Republican Convention would enter a new kind of hell. Trump supporters, seeing the theft of the nomination in real time, ballot by ballot, would blow the roof off the Arena.

If Trump enters the Convention with the nomination locked up, or if he emerges the winner after a few ballots, the GOP will face a dilemma. Should they back him to the hilt or back away, undermine him, and let Hillary demolish him in November?

On his part, if Trump sees his own Party betraying him, he can go directly to the American people and tell them what’s happening—and how this is clear evidence that the Republican GOP needs a complete overhaul—a feat he promises to accomplish. Then, even if he loses the election, he’ll become the de facto leader of his Party, and the bosses will feel his wrath. This is what the GOP honchos fear most. They can handle losing the election, but being thrown off the ramparts of their little fiefdoms and crashing on the rocks below, rattlesnake blood oozing from broken veins…that would be the ultimate devastation.

Meanwhile, the Globalist elite are lining up and considering their options. How about a straight assassination? Donald has a heart attack in a hotel room. Or at a ranch in Texas. Probably better to choose another state. Obviously, the uproar over a stolen nomination at the Quicken Arena would be nothing compared with the fallout from a hit. The very pillars of the “democracy” would fracture.

There is always an upside to chaos, from the Globalists’ point of view, but other options may be open.

If, by some miracle, he wins the nomination and the general election…

A sit-down with Trump. Now. Just in case. Explain to the man that trade treaties, once signed, can’t be thrown in the trash. They’re legally binding. As President, Trump would face unconquerable opposition on that front. However, how about a deal? Donald’s strong suit. Certain accommodations can be made. Negotiations with China and Mexico, to gain a “somewhat more favorable trade balance” for the US. Looks good, seems good, and it is good, in a limited context. Nothing overtly radical. But a political victory. The trade treaties remain undisturbed. NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, TPP are in place. Bring some, but not many, manufacturing jobs back to the US. A few mega-corporations will cooperate. Again, looks good, seems good. The press will issue compliments.

Overall result? Slightly more than cosmetic, far less than triumphant.

“It’s the best you can hope for, Donald. You’re a businessman. You’re, above all, sensible. You can get something, or you can try for the moon and fall out of the sky and crash and get nothing. Use your mentality, step up to reality.”

“As for the Big Wall along the Mexican border, you can put up a short piece of a wall, Donald. A showpiece. Great photo-op. Mexico will pay for it, sort of. You know how that works. And then you can stem part of the flow of immigration. Just enough to make a difference, if we massage the numbers. You’re good, we’re good, it’s a win-win, which is what every deal aims for.”

Understand that these Globalists can be very persuasive, because they’re smart and reasonable, and they already hold many cards in the deck. As with any major crime organization, they present “the client” his options, given the shape of the landscape in which they are the kings and the princes.

It’s a re-make of Godfather One. Brando has mob power. Given his position, he’s a reasonable and generous and even caring man—as long as the supplicant comes to him with respect. And if the supplicant himself is reasonable, so much the better.

Does Trump truly understand what being a populist means, according to a definition few men can fulfill? It means going back to the people every time a bribe or compromise is offered to him and explaining it and denouncing it and rejecting it and demanding that the people support him, as he goes up against the Olympians of this world. It means exposing the real art of the real deal.

Is Trump that man? Is it possible? The Globalist crime bosses of deep politics have no doubts. They’re sure he isn’t. Why would he be? His whole career has been based on wheeling and dealing to arrive at his objectives. They see him as just another client.

“All right, Donald, we can give a little on trade imbalances and immigration. But look on the bright side. You can command the Armed Forces. Here’s a list of targets you can bomb with impunity. You can act tough and talk tough. You can protect the security of the United States and ratchet up your poll numbers.”

I’m sketching these deals in order to reveal the difference between a real populist and a fake one. There are almost no real ones in politics, because the price they have to pay is too high. They have to return to the people, over and over, and tell them about all the temptations that are being laid out and offered on the golden table—compromises which will essentially change nothing, but instead will derail efforts at true reform. Real populists would have to take their case, over and over, back to the people, and if necessary shatter the foundations of “political business as usual.”

They’d have to wear a real suit of armor and ride on a real horse.

They’d have to make a commitment that exceeds anything they ever imagined.

There is campaign talk, election talk, and Presidential talk. The first two are easy. Even Presidential talk is easy for a sold-out occupant of the Oval Office. He can do it in his sleep. The script writes itself. But when was the last time a true rebel took control of the White House? When was the last time a man went up against the Globalists while wearing the mantle of Commander-in-Chief?

If you don’t understand Globalism, look at operations designed to look like humanitarian heraldry while decimating economies, cultures, traditions, health; while inducing broad chaos behind which a “new order” can emerge to “solve the unrest.”

Look, for example, at the fraudulent climate agenda (lowered energy production for the whole planet); the “migration wave” (a cumulative chaos-inducer); the destruction of education systems (addled minds incapable of following a line of thought); medical care (kills 2.25 million people each decade in the US alone); “free trade” (allows mega-corporate plunderers to roam the world and wreak havoc on local producers and national economies).

These and other operations are woven together to soften up the world population and make control far easier to implement, from above.

the matrix revealed

Every US President discovers at least some piece of this overall enterprise. Every President is vetted and mentored, so he grasps what he can he do—and what is off-limits and untouchable.

Trump, the fast-talking cowboy, has been stepping on the third and fourth and fifth rail of politics. The places where no one is supposed to go.

If he keeps winning Primaries, he isn’t whistling Dixie anymore. He’s in no-man’s land. He’s trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. He’s got blood on his shoes. He’s entering the mountain cave of the kings and princes with a handful of ideas he’s been mouthing, without concern for consequences—ideas he’s apparently now beginning to believe in. He’s no longer a happy-horseshit warrior. He’s no longer singing and tap-dancing in the rain.

He’s triggered the early warning system, and they’re waiting for him.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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101 comments on “Trump: will the powers-that-be destroy him?

  1. John FitzPatrick Leisen says:

    Well Done Jon,.Respect,.!!!

    • Cassius says:

      “they’re smart and reasonable”: no, they
      are neither. They control a Media that is
      now devoid of all credibility, and wilts on
      the vine. Trump is simply the Front Man
      in this Movement of the American People.

      If they desire flat-out executions for they,
      and their minions, that form of insane yet
      effective remedy is available. Americans
      have had more than enough. ‘California
      Dreaming’ and wishful-thinking, as well
      as another gigantic stolen election will be
      of no effect upon Revolution America.

      No matter what they do, or imagine they
      may achieve by former methods, their
      ‘reign’ is over. All that remains for them
      is how badly they wish to lose, and how
      severe will be their punishment. THEY
      had better come to terms with Mr. Trump
      who IS the ‘deal-maker’. […]

      • Adelle M Blackman says:

        Yes TRUMP is the man that can take America back, and the others want America to go under. Americans know this and more and more are realizing TRUMP is the ONLY answer to save our nation. TRUMP 2016 for America.

  2. anonymous says:

    well, it’s being reported that Roger Stone claims Trump always wears a bullet-proof vest and….

    4 Feb – Donald Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Tennessee
    Donald Trump’s campaign was momentarily delayed after his private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Tennessee after reporting engine troubles.
    The Boeing 757 was en route to Little Rock, Ark., where Trump was supposed to attend a rally when the starboard engine experienced a mechanical issue, reported CBS News. One of the engines was allegedly stuck in neutral…..
    The Boeing 757 was en route to Little Rock, Ark., where Trump was supposed to attend a rally when the starboard engine experienced a mechanical issue, reported CBS News. One of the engines was allegedly stuck in neutral…..

  3. Lloyd Miller says:

    I wonder! Are we really supposed to believe Trump has never met David Rockefeller and or his close associates? Has Trump never pushed the Rockefeller wheel chair around Pocantico? I note that Trump is anti-NEOCON, not anti-Rockefeller. In fact, Trump attacks the failed Bush Zionist/NeoCon Iraq war. Trump says he will be neutral on Israel. . . All this is Rockefeller / Obama policy!

    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      You are a liar and you know it. TRUMP makes it very clear he is for Israel.Who cares if he met David Rockefeller? He owes him nothing. No one will tell him what to do. Its very obvious that TRUMP is not pushed around by anyone.

    • Lloyd Miller says:

      No ruling class personage has ever explained that America is being disassembled in the effort to build NWO? And the strategy must not stop?

  4. Think Aboutit says:

    Maybe it would help you to do a detailed tracking of Trump’s financial holdings and where/what they lead to to. Then ask yourself why you think that Trump’s anti-globalist screed is sincere. Trump has been living a globalist business model way before the average American heard the term

    • debd says:

      Trump is a new yorker, not a globalist as far as allegiance goes. That makes all the difference.

      • Lloyd Miller says:

        Really? A big part of being a New Yorker is to put “Internationalism” ahead of America, too look down on and despise “fly over” country.

    • From Québec says:

      He already filed hundred of pages of his financial, after he announced he would run for the Presidency.

    • Michael Destin says:

      How about some detailed tracking of Obama’s travels from 16-26 years old. And, some detailed tracking of his college transcripts and his college aid. Get off Trump.

    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      THink about Obama is not really an American and TRUMP is. He loves America with all his heart. You can tell by the way he lives, his family and friends. He is TRUTH !!!!!

    • @Think Aboutit
      I got a feeling we’re being gangstalked. As soon as you make a valid point of contention, three Trumpites jump ya now. And give the end of the world speech if he is not elected.
      Half the shit that guy (Mr Hair) sells is made in China, Vietnam. Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and the one talking money always wins out…all that from “Mr I got a small loan from my dad of one million dollars”.

    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      Why? It has long been settled by Minor vs. Happersatt. To be a natural born citizen your parents must both be U.S. Citizens at the time of your birth. Cruz-1 Rubio – 0
      The only reason they have been kicked aside as the REP. corrupt party is using them to kick TRUMP aside and then put Bush back in ( campaign suspended, not over). This is the corrupt GOP globalist plan. I pray for TRUMP daily. He is putting his life on the line for the country he so loves.

      • Cassius says:

        Another Bush election theft
        will never fly. And they are
        incapable of fudging all the
        numbers to make it seem
        at all conceivable. Not even

        • Adelle M Blackman says:

          Why? It has long been settled by Minor vs. Happersatt. To be a natural born citizen your parents must both be U.S. Citizens at the time of your birth. Cruz-1 Rubio – 0 The only reason they have NOT been kicked aside as the REP. corrupt party is using them to kick TRUMP aside and then […] Sorry when I wrote that I forgot to put NOT I typed so fast The corrupt GOP wants to use both Rubio and Cruz to hurt TRUMP, but I feel GOD has other plans. There are so many of us that have prayed and declared 11Chronicles 7:14 which is asking GOD to forgive the sin in our land and heal it, HE will hear from heaven and forgive the sin and heal our land. This is why they keep saying that evangelicals are for TRUMP as we know he will do what he says and owes NO ONE. He wants to be the best president in history and have America the most prosperous and free nation ever. He will do everything in his power for that to be so. This is why people are for him. They know that he is driven to do this and owes no one. GOD bless TRUMP. He is getting from ALL walks of life, ALL backgrounds. TRUMP is bringing Americans together.
          TRUMP 2016 for America.

  5. Stunning article. Really. One of the best yet. My eyes are big as eggs right now.

  6. Trump an individual? Trump an anti-globalist? LOL. How much is the Trump campaign paying you? Trump as president would see the world in flames within a year. Rampant poverty. Race riots, especially in the US. The dollar at all time lows. Inflation at all time highs as well as unemployment.

  7. From Québec says:

    First of all, both Rubio and Cruz are not Natural Born Citizens. So therefore, they cannot be US President according to The U.S. Constitution provides as follows:

    Article II Section 1 Clause 5:
    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    A Natural Born Citizen has to be born on US soil to TWO parents who were US citizens at the time the child’s birth..

    Rubio is an anchor baby with a Cuban father.
    Cruz was born in Canada and his father wasn’t a US citizen.

    Rubio is the Establishment candidate… that should tell you something, like Jon often says: That’s called a clue.

    Cruz is backed by Goldman Sachs… that is also another huge clue.

    Trump, who the Establishment is so afraid of, self founds himself, therefore the lobbyists won’t be able to manipulate him. .

    • arcadia11 says:

      and barry soetoro…..?

      • From Québec says:

        YES, another illegal President. This is why he was hiding his birth certificate. He finally put one on the internet, but it was fake.

        • @FQ

          Dumb question …is there a specific place where a presidential candidate should be born in the United States? I mean I don’t wish to split hairs into a hundred.

          I would think yes…no?…yes?

          I mean someone could be born in a town, say straddling the US/Canda, well that person would be indecisive about who’s side their on…we would’nt want that…ya could’nt trust them.
          An American could be born in Puerto Rico…spick, would’nt want a spick; or what about Guam; somebody born in Guam is American, but we would’nt want a Guamese person running for president. I mean it does’nt even sound American, Guammmmm- easeee. Nah…I mean Texan that’s American..New York, that’s American, well actually no…their from New York, that’s different.

          Then there is the possibility that someone could be born on the US Virgin Islands…I mean what do you even call one them people; Virginian we already have those. Besides someone from the Virgin Islands…obviously they got no experience.

          Or maybe American Samoa; their American, but. They are all brown people too. That’s not quite American enough.
          And I think people should have a couple of generations behind them. No new Americans that were sworn in last week. And they should have say…a biege color…not white but, not brown.

          And then those Mexican pregnant women who step across the border to give birth, that child really technically, I mean obviously is not really really really…American.
          So they could’nt be president.
          Maybe a wall would stop that…
          And maybe we could laser burn birth certificates, “Made in America” on everybody’s ass, well, Biege asses.
          Then we know, who American and who is’nt.

          • Michael Destin says:

            Rubio is an anchor baby.

          • We got name for everything on this planet…anchor baby I like, now I got a new label to use.

          • From Québec says:


            Imagine: Ben Laden comes and visit America and gets one American woman pregnant.

            The child becomes a US citizen, not a Natural born citizens to two American citizens. The child grows up and want’s to become the US President. Do you think he could or should?

          • @the french chick

            Why stop at one, rag heads usually have harems.
            Say he gets seventy virgins pregnant all on the same day and they all are born at the same time on the same day, and grow up in different places. AQnd the CIA grab a couple and manchurian candidate there asses, and they all run for president for different parties, and we have twelve running for say the republican party. And two for the other party, and three for that party, one for the communist party, another for the corn flake party and one half for we like to party, party….what was I saying, I got lost.

          • messianicdruid says:

            You do not have to be a citizen to run a corporation. The U.S. goobermint is a corporation. Corporations are not limited by the Constitution.

          • @messianicdruid

            A corporation is a person, it can run itself.

          • Adelle M Blackman says:

            You need to understand it is NOT WHERE but who. There is an excellent article above that explains natural born citizen. It is not about if they are a U.S. Citizen as both Rubio and Cruz are that, but they are NOT natural born citizens. Art 11, Sec. 2 clause 5. Minor vs Happersatt also.
            The GOP ( Rep) have not kicked them aside as they being the establishment who do NOT want Americans to be free, want them to hurt TRUMP and then kick them aside and put Bush back in. They are corrupt and you need to understand that. I was in the inner circle of the party for 30 years so I know. I finally got free and am so thrilled to be for someone who is not bought. Wake up America. TRUMP is our only hope.

          • @Adele M Blackman
            I’m a natural born stud muffin.
            Inner circle for thirty years…did they use mind control on you Addy.
            Did those bastards make you drink some kind of funny kool aid.
            Bet you got some dirt on those bastards…bastards.
            You got free, good yeah…free, free at last…tell me did use sex and stuff as a motivater. Be explicit, and tell me every detail, every single tiny little detail. Don’t hold back, getting free is hard is hard.

    • Charles J.Slakan says:

      You are right about neither Cruz or Rubio are eligible. You’re wrong about both Americans having to be American.
      Even though the Constitution doesn’t explain “natural born”. Our Founders did provide us with absolute proof who was not “natural born”.
      There were 2 million plus English Colonists whose sovereignty was the English King living in what we now know as the first 13 states.
      500,000 loyalists or tories
      and the remainder we know as Patriots
      The Loyalists maintained their loyalty for the King throughout the Revolution. A very few actually fought against the patriots in support of the king.
      When the Revolution War was over, our Founders legislated laws to deprive loyalists of the homes, assets, land and public positions in all the colonies(states). Loyalists were tarred and feathered, beaten, torn apart and generally tormented. Many of these Colonists left for Maine, and Canada.
      Even when the Constitution was ratified, simply being born in the U.S. did not grant citizenship to loyalists or tories who were considered enemies and at the least foreigners.
      They had to sign a loyalty vow, disavowing their English Sovereign or any other sovereignty they were under in favor of accepting the U.S. as the sovereignty , jurisdiction,they answered to.
      I surmise most of the Loyalists were born on the same soil as George Washington, Jefferson, Hancock, And Franklin.
      When the Constitution was ratified, our Founders became Americans as well as all Patriots became Americans by an act of law.
      We know there are only two ways to become an American Citizen 1. by birth in the U.S.
      2. or naturalized.
      Our Founders were by birth English subjects subject to a King’s sovereignty, which only left naturalization as an option to become citizens of the new nation which was created.

      Therefore, history and our legislation against other colonist born on the same soil they were born did not make a person a Citizen of the U.S.
      It had everything to do with sovereignty, and loyalty to that sovereignty which is impossible without first being a citizen of a nation.
      Anyone who had not taken a loyalty vow(this is what happens in a process we call naturalization today).
      As far as which parent had to be an American citizen was defined when the wife of a loyalist who was a patriot was awarded his lands, assets, his children and even was divorced by law to her husband, a foreigner who was not American.
      Ben Franklin’s son became estranged from his father Ben for life because he maintained his loyalty to the King.He had as I previously mentioned absolutely no protections under the law.
      Patriots who disagreed with those laws which deprived foreigners, English Subjects called Loyalists or tories of basic rights as foreigners in any country unless they break the law.
      They were condemned as coddling to foreigners and enemies.
      Since loyalists were comprised of men,women and children no rights passed onto their children even though they were born in the U.S.
      In order for that to happen, the parents would have had to both take a loyalty vow to the U.S.
      It’s what we consider naturalization nowadays.
      Marc Rubio’s parents thought American Citizenship was important enough to become naturalized(take a loyalty vow) after having lived in the U.S. 18 years TWO YEARS AFTER MARCO WAS BORN.
      Ted Cruz has a father who fought for Communist Cuban, Fidel Castro throwing molotov cocktails.
      We have had no diplomatic relationship with Cuba until this year. They were our enemies.
      And when Marco’s father fought for Fidel, the U.S. Supported Batista.
      Therefore Marco’s father was an enemy of our nation until the embargo was lifted this year.
      Loyalist who fought against the Patriots got absolutely no rights.
      If Cruz’es mother was concerned that her communist husband would have an effect on her child born in Canada, she would separated herself from an enemy of our nation and brought her child to the U.S.
      Cruz was born an Canadian citizen and remained a citizen for over 40+ years.
      His mother rescinded her American citizenship, a requirement to obtain Canadian Citizenship at the time, her husband was a naturalized Canadian citizen.
      But because a law naturalized children born to American Citizens abroad, not on American soil
      a post, U.S. ship, embassy or any other location considered American soil, does not mean naturalization didn’t happen.
      Natural born is born on American soil with a parent who is American. The children of our enemies can not become citizens, according to what the Founders laid out by legislation which affected 500,000 loyalists and tories.
      Finally, the same goes for Gov.Jindall, he is a foreigner. Rubio and Cruz are in our nation illegally and are committing crimes by being in our Senate.
      They should all be deported.

  8. From Québec says:

    Real populists would have to take their case, over and over, back to the people, and if necessary shatter the foundations of “political business as usual.”

    They’d have to wear a real suit of armor and ride on a real horse.

    They’d have to make a commitment that exceeds anything they ever imagined.


    Oh, he will wear a real suit of armor and ride on a real horse. Beleive me. Just look at his face. Faces don’t lie. He is bold, feerless and unstoppable.

    Besides, he has the best of the best American’s great minds on his side and ready to work for him for free, because they love their country and do not want to see it go down the tube.. Generals, best dealing people who never loose, best informed people who knows the bolts and nuts of the Washington corruption.

    This is the last hope for America,and for the whole world to avoid living under a NWO. Americans can not see that, because they are too close to the tree to see the forest. But, outsiders, knows very well, that the faith of the world relies on what will happen in the next American election.

    And don’t worry, Trump has many friends all over the world, he knows very important and powerful peoples. He can defeat the Treaties easily, all he has to do is to convince all involved countries that they are getting screwed, and regotionate new FAIR and SMART Treaties.

    He will win this election. And I hope that Hillary will be the democrat’s choice. Trump will crush her and blow her out faster than a bullet could..

    As far as the option of killing him, I beleive the Establishment made a big mistake by getting rid of Scalia… two killings in such a short time, will be too obvious.

    Now, I know, that on this site, a lot of people hate Trump. But, take a look at his speech yesterday in Georgia, before making up your mind

    By the way, each new polls all over the country show Trump leading wit 50%

    Full Speech: Donald Trump HUGE AMAZING Rally in Atlanta, GA (2-21-16)

  9. davidgaskill says:

    Send this column in a gold-foil-wrapped box of chocolates directly to Trump. Please!

  10. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    He is beating them at their own game.

  11. Max Pont says:

    The same story could be told about Bernie Sanders as well. He is also a threat to the corporo-fascist system. My guess is that Sanders will beat Hillary. Then it will be Trump vs Sanders. Two outsiders who are hated by the ruling class.

    • From Québec says:

      I don’t believe Sanders is a threat to the Establishment. . Sander is a socialist communist, the Establishment Loves that. But they would much prefer Hillary, because she is more corrupted than him,

      Sanders is a hippy, he never got a paycheck till he was 40 years old.

      Trump said he would like to face Sanders, it would be so easy for a conservative to crush a communist.

      Trump said about Bernie:: “He wants to give away our country, folks,” Trump said

      . But Trump hopes

      • Hippies, phfftttt…who needs them, losers, long hairs.
        Don’t get paychecks till forty. Too right!

      • Max Pont says:

        Wrong. Sanders wants to raise taxes for the billionaires, break up the mega-banks, cut pharma drug prices, etc. etc. NOT popular in the ruling class. He in NOT a communist, he is a left-winger with policy similar to pres Roosevelt and most main-stream political parties in Europe. Do not underestimate Sanders. He is not a hippie, he is former mayor and shrewd politician with decades of political experience and a track record of winning big time in elections.

        There are the sheep who are brain-washed into trusting and obeying whatever comes out from the government. But there are also those sheep who are brain-washed by fact-free right-wing propaganda into believing whatever hateful slander comes out of the GOP propaganda machine. Are the Koch brothers using HAARP and other mind-control technologies to control their drone foot soldiers?

        • @Max Pont

          Too right I’m with you, besides I love his chicken…hmm. Those little popcorn things…awesum possum.
          He not a hippie? He’s not one those other guys is he…ya know…the ones we don’t like.
          Bah for sheep…I’m no sheep.
          HAARP you can’t play that one, phfft…Koch there probably using Haarp to change the stock market, you can do that ya know.

          • David says:

            @ MaxPont Thank you for so clearly expressing what I could not, kudos to you sir! I’m surprised Jon doesn’t mention Bernie as much as Trump, I would love to see them debate on the same stage. Now that would be fireworks!

  12. From Québec says:

    Bernie Sanders, when asked what he would do with Hillary’s emails, said :
    I would let it go. Trump said, that this will for sure end his chances to get the nomination.

  13. Wally-G. says:

    Still say the best place to get Trump will be the Convention. Just like the way the Republican Convention collapsed on itself like the Trade Towers, on the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode.

  14. stephenwv says:

    Cruz and Rubio agree they are Anti-Trump.

    Trump wants to make America Great again.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump rejects special interest donations and will only be beholden to the people.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump will put experts in his cabinet to actually solve America’s problems, NOT political hacks to advance agendas.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump is not PC and tells the truth like it is.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump will stop illegal immigration and green card abuse.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump will create millions of jobs and bring corporations and their Trillions in off-shore profits back to America.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Trump will end the gravy train and corruption of Washington insiders, career politicians, donors, political operatives, special interests, and their Progressive pet media.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.
    Time for Trump to make America great again and benefit the people. Return this government to a government of The People, by The People, and for The People.
    Cruz and Rubio are Anti-Trump.

    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      And they are not legal to run either. The GOP is letting them stay in to ruin TRUMP and then kick them aside and put their man BUSH in for one world govt.

    • Trump will hump…Humpity thump Trump.
      I’m with you guys, no more lone wolf for me. I’ve seen the light…he’s our man.
      Trump’s our man. Fuck yeah.
      Trump…rumpity bump sump.
      The trumpalator
      The trumparator.
      The trump meister. The Trump Machine. Trumping rumpin jumpin humpin.
      Sander is a gay hippie, probably Luz…ted Cruz…snuz.
      Buildin walls and kickin out Mexico Muslim Homos. Ruma Dump Trump.
      Birth certificates lasered on our rumps….lasered rumps for the Trumpman.
      Cruz is luz…he’s probably a jooz.
      Rubio is scubio, rooba doob doobio
      Rump the bump, trumpity hump Trump.

      Ah I feel lighter now, embracing the wave.
      Trumpin for jeezus.

  15. Great piece, Jon. You see all the logical angles.

    However, let us not forgot how Obama rattled his sabre PRIOR to being selected and then elected. When he actually got in all those swishes at China for taking “America’s jobs” turned to dust which miraculous reformatted as the TPP, so it is no wonder some call him the “black Messiah”.

    What did they do to the last Messiah?

    Now, if Obama took one the “team” and, trust me. he’s a staunch Republican “painted blue”, then Killary’s (McCain’s and the Republicans’ number one choice for Fuhrer) in for good, under special “Martial Law” terms.

    Frankly, unless he’s got very big guns hidden in strategic places, that means “The Donald” will hear those infamous words in stereo, “YOU’RE FIRED” and will be emphatically out-on-his-ass.


    • From Québec says:

      Why do you hate your country so much? It makes me wonder who you really are. This is America’s last hope. and you cannot see it?????????

    • From Québec says:

      Don’t compare Obama’s crowd of Zombies to Trump’s supporters…. please!

      If you look at Obama’s face, you can see right away that he is a slick oil salesman. He’s a Muslim, that hates this country. He never went to Law school, he never had a job in his life. He’s gay and possibly his wife is a man. We don’t know where he came from, who was really his father, we know nothing about him. We are not even sure his name is Barrak Obama! All we know about him is that he was for a little while, a community organizer in Chicago..

      Hey! He thought America had 57 States, for crying out loud. He talked about change, but never mention what change he was talking aout. But, he gave the people a clue. He said he would radically change America… and he did!

      Trump, we know everything about him, who he is, what he did, what he wants to do… etc. He went to the best schools and he is very well educated. What you see is what you get with him. A true patriot and a successful business man. A hard working man, that will spent all his time in the Oval Office, working for the people. Not like Obama who takes a vacation every other day.

      Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want a President like him? A President that can talk to the people without a Tele Prompter, a President not bought by the lobbyists. I mean come on, Ozzie! Use your logic a bit, sometimes its helps.

      • Dearest FQ

        You seem to be implying either

        a) all Obama supporters were and are imbeciles, or

        b) Obama supporters could not be moved to support Trump, because he is an American whereas Obama is a dirty Muslim foreigner (even though he is reputedly a Calvinist and is blood related to Bush’s)

        Perhaps you can clarify for one “lacking logic” (ROFLAO!!!!!!!!!!!!)?


        • Adelle M Blackman says:

          No Obama supporters would ever support TRUMP. It would take brains to do that and they don;t have them.

        • From Québec says:

          Oh boy…Ozzie, you are really lacking imagination.

          Here is the answer to your A and B.

          A: They were very naive, and they got screwed real bad. They hurt badly and they are angry.

          B: They learned not to to put their faith in the hands of an unknown man coming from who knows where, and who has nothing to show for himself, no success, no business, no money… nothing.
          So now, they are putting their faith in the hands of a very well known US citizen, who has a background of success.and who is highly respected all over the world.


        • @Ozzie
          Thats the problem with you piano players, ya only see in black and white, there other colors ya know….helllo. Lol

          • @MB

            Black, white & red……and watch out when we see red, coz we can cook up a storm 😉


            I have summarised the way I feel about Trump & his “positioning” for America in the final paragraph of my latest Ozzie Thinker post:


            The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be.

          • @ Ozzie

            “the sooner you learn this,…” – Oz

            Too funny. Oh man you asked for it, you got some whoop ass comin now.

            This just in folks, there a storm warning for Quebec, and lower Maine. a tornado is forming over the thousand islands district…more to come.

          • xeriscapelady says:

            I love TRUMP and tell everyone he is the ONLY one we can trust. I also agree with that article on shots, etc. I know that is how they are killing people. I am a Alex Jones supporter and know he is for TRUMP and had him on even. TRUMP is very savvy on these issues and before he would use Ben Carson for surgeon general I think he would make sure he understand this info, as he is a Dr. but do not know the harm on shots. The establishment are starting to crawl to him now. My club–Constitution Club of Tampa Bay is non partisan but we are for TRUMP. I sneak in articles, plus they are on my F.B. page. I say GOD bless TRUMP. We must keep him in prayer for safety and to be president. I claim 11Chronicles 7:14 for him also, as GOD WILL let him be the healer if he gives GOD glory. I think GOD set him up “for such a time as this”. I knew I was right on him when Willie Robertson, Pat Boone and Pat Robertson supported him. They may not be your people for wanting to support but they are mine, as I know the 2 Pat’s, and would love to know Willie. TRUMP 2016

      • Max Pont says:

        I detest Obama, he is corrupt corporate sell-out. But this is just a load of crackpot conspiracy nonsense. Obama’s life was meticulously investigated by the GOP campaign machine in 2008, and they couldn’t find much. To claim that he never went to Harvard is just a big fat lie, etc.

        • xeriscapelady says:

          You are totally wrong. The REP’s wimped out when they knew Obama was not qualified, or they are in it completely with him. To be president you are supposed to be by the Constitution, natural born citizens. That means BOTH of your parents were U S Citizens at the TIME of your BIRTH….. Cruz-1 Rubio -0 ( in fact you can call him an anchor baby). The GOP knows this but they hate TRUMP so much as they know he will show America how corrupt they are just as the dems are. So they want Cruz and Rubio to take him out, then they will take them out and put in Bush..and BINGO…one world govt. We must be for TRUMP if we want to take our country back. He loves America, is natural born( both parents were US citizens at the time of his birth), and he will do whatever is necessary to preserve America and our freedoms, like 2nd amendment. The dems or Bush will take them away soon as they can. Trust me I know first hand on what is going on. TRUMP is the answer to prayer. He CAN make AMERICA GREAT again. TRUMP 2016 or you wasted your vote.

  16. Daniel Noel says:

    Trump, like Sanders, is likely primarily an actor with a mission to divert and drain. He sucks interest, enthusiasm, volunteer work and money from people who would not support more traditional candidates like his GOP competitors or Clinton. In fact, he inevitably has made a Faustian pact with whoever organizes the worldwide disinformation humanity is subjected to by supporting the 9/11 censorship. Just imagine what would happen if 10% of the energy and money people pour into Trump went instead to AE911Truth…

    Any political candidate who is incapable of using middle school intelligence on Building 7’s video record can be counted on to mislead the public. People trust her/him at their own risk. Trump is no exception.


    • When will liars like you finally just leave America and let us get this country back again. All you want is power, corrupt money. You are probably part of the Illuminati. Do you think we are stupid and not know about it? I can guarantee that TRUMP knows.

  17. Alex vandenBerg says:

    I’m having some difficulty understanding how Donald Trump poses a threat to the Establishment, Occult Elite, deep state, predatory globalists, etc.

    – Supports surveillance of mosques (Can anyone say NSA Surveillance State?)

    -Has no problem with bail-outs (Remember free-market capitalism?)

    -Says leaders are incompetent 9 times out of 10 – will sometimes say “maybe they’re corrupt” (Really!? Seriously?! Incompetent? There’s a lot wrong with our leaders but incompetence is not one of them. Anyone who has really studied the Oligarchy knows they know exactly what they are doing and are corrupt to the core.)

    -Audit the Fed (how about abolishing it? How about respecting the Constitution?)

    -Advocates bringing back torture (I’m sure the sick parasitical side show circus freaks that run our world were frothing at the mouth when they heard that one! Making America Great Again!)

    -Talks of bombing the s#%#@ out of Isis (I’m sure the military industrial complex is quaking in its boots right now. How about talking about how the CIA, along with our “allies”, gave birth to Isis?)

    -Iran is a threat/Assad is a bad guy/strong on Israel (the Neocons must be fuming)

    -Generally supports War on Terror (no mention of how it is really a poor euphemism for the war on our civil liberties.)

    -Wants to increase defense spending massively (again the defense contractors….)

    – Edward Snowden is a traitor (not the people who continue to gut our Constitution and engaged in an illegal warrant-less wire-tapping program against U.S. citizens)

    -No problem with vaccines per say – just thinks they should be spread out more (so much for any genuine opposition to the Rockefeller controlled medical-industrial cartel)

    -No mention of the police state (big problem for the National Security State)

    -Recent comments on Apple and FBI (again – the police state)

    -Says nothing about the poisoning of our food supply with GMO garbage (How does Monsanto sleep at night?)

    -Welfare state (how about arguing for making people independent and self-reliant again?)

    -Getting rid of EPA and Department of Education (no such luck)

    -No highlighting of recent Princeton and Northwestern University study concluding U.S. is an oligarchy– no mention of corruption of political process i.e. the false left-right paradigm

    -Internet Surveillance (that pesky police state problem again)

    – No mention of increasing loss of national sovereignty

    – Executive Orders (arguing against Obama’s use but not use in general)

    Am I missing something?

    • Optimus Maximus says:

      Yes, you’re missing the forest, back away from the tree and take a good look around.

      There is no better candidate to attack the corrupt political establishment. Can he do it alone? No, but that was the point of this article. He will need us, and he will need protection, and WE will need a Convention of States to pass Constitutional amendments (Liberty Amendments as recommended by Mark Levin) to reign in the Federal Government.

      Trump is a good first step.

      • Alex vandenBerg says:

        Thank you Optimus for your feedback. I appreciate all comments. I took what you said to heart and it sparked some introspective analysis. It has been said that the over-analytical mind misses nothing except of course the obvious. I must concede that I myself have fallen into this trap on a number of different occasions. However, in this particular case, I do not believe the argument applies.

        “There is no better candidate to attack the corrupt political establishment”. Agreed. But look at what this reveals about how foreboding our future is. What it translates into is thus: a candidate that doesn’t threaten the powers that should not be is the best chance we have against those same powers. Again, if our current political/economic malaise is a function of a deeply flawed, centrally planned economic system manipulated by the Federal Reserve System, perpetual war for perpetual peace (Gore Vidal), and an ongoing, unrelenting assault against the very foundations of our once great Republic i.e. the U.S. Constitution — then how will a Trump Presidency turn the tide?

        But I’ve put the cart before the horse. The statement (no better candidate) presupposes that we need a candidate. What about leading ourselves? What about eliminating the control freaks by making their egoic systems of control irrelevant? What about voting everyday with how we interact with people, what we spend our money on, and what topics we choose to think about? What about dropping this pipe-dream that true fundamental political reform will come from the electoral system or the ballot box?

        On the convention:

        “What constitutional conservatives must lament, however, is that a group from our own “camp” has bought into the idea that we need a Convention of the States (COS) to remedy the failure of the Constitution to restrict the growth of federal government power. While most of these “conservative” advocates of a COS are sincere in their belief that this would accomplish the worthy goal of limiting the power of the federal government, their sincerity does not make this belief correct.”– Steve Byas The New American

        But again – a moot point if you don’t believe in the legitimacy of national government in the first place. Which I don’t. For nationalism is trojan horse for regionalism and regionalism is a stepping stone to Globalism.

        Thanks again Optimus. The point of my original post was mainly to shake people out of their comfort zones and get them to independently and critically analyze their own positions. From this I hoped a stimulating intellectual discourse would ensue. I think I’ve succeeded…..


    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      You are missing everything. This is not at all what he said and it would take too long to bother.

    • xeriscapelady says:

      Looks like you are missing alot. He has a problem with ALL of things you do. He will do something about it. The establishment is trying to take him out so they can take over and have one world govt, as we are almost in now. We have to be strong militarily to NOT have to go to war. Think back to Reagan. The sad thing is that hit on Reagan was an inside job and that frightened him. TRUMP is not frightened as he knows what he is up against.. Look at my tweet above if they ever put it up and see about how they now using 2 people that are not qualified by birth to be president as the founders wanted complete loyalty. As to mosques, they are the breeding grounds of terrorism. They have to be watched . All Obama’s exec. orders will be gotten rid of as he was not natural born ( father was not a citizen at his birth—should have thrown him out…but the dems would yell prejudice) TRUMP was saying this from the beginning. he got to the state that he had to put his hat in the ring to save this country. He is willing to give up his easy life as he loves his country, his family, freedom and for the rest of us …we will get the same). A win-win for all…once we take care of the illegals and close the border with that HIGH TRUMP wall. TRUMP is the ONLY one to be for as he WILL save AMERICA.

    • Yes, like the person below me you have mis quoted everything. Wake up and see truth. We will be at his side every step of the way to taking America back. He wants that. He makes it very clear that he is not an elitist in any way. Its the people giving him info, and even his ( by my standards rich, but who cares),people on the cabinet think like other people, not elitists, and they will also do some awesome things, exactly like we want or they will be fired. Yes, he wants it 100% right or they are not helping America. he knows GOD put him in to make America great again like the country HE brought into being with Puritans and Colonists who came here for freedom to worship. TRUMP understands that. GOD bless TRUMP.

  18. Luke says:

    Trump as President will have little legislative power to change much of anything with both parties against him. Bothersome Presidents have been dealt with in the past by the powers that be. I myself think he is a red herring of sorts and am watching this political theater production, with interest, to see how it plays out. Trump does not need special interests money but in many pictures I see of him, he basks in, and deeply appreciates crowd approval and being in the spot light. That may or may not be indicative of a character flaw that may be, or is being exploited. We are all actors on the stage of history it is said. Was Trumps role in the TV show The Apprentice in preparation for the role he is now playing?

    • xeriscapelady says:

      If his role was preparation, it was GOD that set it up. And with the people behind him all will fall into place. The establishment is terrified of him as they know their one world plan can;t happen if he exposes them for what they are. The way Bush was kicked to the side shows the people are waking up and knowing what is going on.
      Check out…one world govt… world order….Illuminati…..agenda 21…… eugenics……TRUMP knows about ALL of that. He will protect this nation ,believe me. Check out also Alex Jones. Check my other above posts when they are finally up ..

    • Sad you don;t understand TRUMP is real. He is NOT playing any role except to take his country back for GOD

  19. Stenka Razinova says:

    Holy canoly! Best article I have read in years. Maybe best article ever

  20. ErnieM says:

    Good article, brushing on some truth, which we can always count on Jon for. Leaves out much though– like the fact that Trump offers the only real alternative to the globalist filth that runs both parties that the people have ever had. He offers a patriotic populist revolution, and the people are behind him. Some real democracy is happening with the Trump movement and the globalist slave-masters don’t like it. Everybody interested in the prospect of destroying the Matrix, of breathing the air of freedom again, should support Donald Trump.

  21. From Québec says:

    Am I missing something? (Alex vandenBerg)

    Obviously you haven’t been paying attention. You have missed everything.

    – He his getting rid of Common Core. Education will now be done locally,

    – He’s getting rid of Obamacare. He wants a private system without the artificial lines around every state. He wants competition, but we have to make sure that these insurance companies are very strong and solvent

    I have a big company with thousands of employees. And if I’m negotiating in BY or NJ or CA, I have like one bidder. Nobody can bid. You know why? Because the insurance companies are making a fortune because they have control of the politicians. They’re making a fortune. Get rid of the artificial lines and you will have yourself great plans. And then we have to take care of the people that can’t take care of themselves. And I will do that through a different system.

    – Donald Trump has publicly and repeatedly linked autism to childhood vaccines

    – Donald Trump: My Immigration Plan Ensures America’s Prosperity, Security, Sovereignty.

    – Trump bashes the politicians, calling them liars and the most dishonnest.people in the world. When he says they are incompetent and stupid, with the deals,they make for the country, he also mentions, those deals are very smart deals for those politicians. If that is not calling them corrupt, I don’t know what is?

    – Supports surveillance of mosques….. YES! It’s about time they do that.
    And waterboard them, these animals chops heads.

    – You first have to audit the Fed before abolishing it. The corruption has to be clear to everybody before you can abolish it.

    – The cheapest thing you can do is to rebuild the military, so big, so strong that nobody will ever mess with us, and we will have a better chance to not have to use it.

    – Trump says: Wouldn’t it be great if we could get along with Russia? Let them bomb the Islamists instead of us. Putin already likes me, so I would encouraged them to bomb these radicals. Why do we always have to be the Police of the world? I was against the Irak war, I told them you will destabilize the whole Middle East. Saddam was a bad guy, but he hated the Islamist terrorists, he killed them on the spot. Now, Iran has taken over the country, the oil and it has become a place of recutment for these terrorists.

    – Welfare state? He wants to make America rich again so people will not need welfare. He will bring jobs back. He wants America to be a whealty dynamic country. But, he will keep a safety net. He will keep social security that people have paid for all of their lives.

    Trump says we need clean water and air. But the doesn’t believe in Global Warming and Carbon taxes. He’s for the use of clean coal.

    I could go on and on, but I will stop here, I have a buzy schedule today, and probably you will not even consider my post.

    My advice to you: Start listening to his rallies. You might change your mind.

    • Adelle M Blackman says:

      I can’t imagine people not wanting TRUMP. They have not been listening. If you want a free America its TRUMP. The evil is against him and some running are evil and some are not legal to run. And the Hispanics are in large numbers to TRUMP as they realize he is for a strong America .

    • Alex vandenBerg says:

      Thanks Quebec for your reply. Wow. You came right out of the gates swinging didn’t you?

      “You have missed everything”. LOL– that is a bold, definitive statement! No seriously, I love it!

      Aggressive and blunt – a man after my own heart!

      With regard to not considering your post – I’m not sure why you would think that. You took the time to read my post and respond (which I greatly respect and appreciate). The least I can do is respond to you in kind. It’s a matter of common courtesy.

      Anyhoo, let’s get down to brass tax shall we?

      – Against Common Core (yes, and so are a lot of other deeply entrenched insiders posing as outsiders. For example, Ted Cruz.)

      – Education will now be done locally (how is that given that the Department of Education will still be around?)

      -Obamacare (to be replaced with another form of Universal Health Care. Trumpcare?)

      -Autism/Vaccine link (“I’m totally in favor of vaccinations, but I also feel like they should be given not at one time. There’s a reason why autism is through the roof.” Hardly a formidable opponent of the pharmaceutical cartel…)

      -Sovereignty (I just read an article in which a Trump senior advisor is reported to have said the TPP bleeds American sovereignty. I sincerely hope I have missed the mark on this….)

      -Calling out Corruption (Ambivalent on this one. I hear you – I really do. But I cringe when I hear him say they are incompetent. And maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like he has used the word incompetent far more than the word corrupt. While this proves nothing- it is deeply disconcerting to me.)

      -Surveillance of mosques (How about us watching the watchers? How about the fact that this War on Terror is a complete charade? How about the recently declassified Pentagon report obtained by Judicial Watch on the exegesis of Isis? With regard to waterboarding – I would submit that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I would submit that you cannot defeat monsters by becoming one. I would submit that by engaging in barbarous behavior is to bring us down to the moral plane of the terrorists. And I would ask what torture has to do with American greatness….)

      -Audit the Fed (maybe you are correct here- that it needs to be exposed for the Creature it is first. I’m just skeptical because I have seen a lot of flip flopping from Trump. Given that, how can I trust anything he says? Remember Bush and his talk of not being the policeman of the world and engaging in nation building?)

      -Military (When is the last time someone messed with us? Were any of the military interventions since WW2 (many of which toppled democratically elected regimes) defensive in nature? Do you think that we are bombing multiple middle eastern nations right now because our military is not big or strong enough? Or does the military adventurism we see today have nothing to do with our state of readiness and everything to do with something called The Project for a New American Century?)

      -Putin/Iraq (Trump would get along with Putin. Which is very convenient for the lovely crew over at the CFR who have been pushing for political/economic convergence. Remember the Reece Commission – lead investigator Norman Dodd? With regard to Iraq– “by the time the war started I was against the war”. I’m sorry, but what a joke.)

      -Welfare (I keep hearing he will bring jobs back but I have yet to hear exactly how. Nebulous political platitudes as opposed to tangible specifics)

      -Global Warming and Carbon Taxes (How is this position any different from Rubio’s stance?)

      Thanks again Quebec for responding and taking the time to address my sentiments. Look forward to continued exchanges moving forward.


      • From Québec says:

        – Against Common Core (yes, and so are a lot of other deeply entrenched insiders posing as outsiders. For example, Ted Cruz.)

        Sure, but Trump will end it. The other ones wont.

        – Obamacare (to be replaced with another form of Universal Health Care. Trumpcare?)

        Not really, there will be many options,it won’t be mandatory, private insurance acroos all States, Health saving, etc.

        – -Autism/Vaccine link (“I’m totally in favor of vaccinations, but I also feel like they should be given not at one time. There’s a reason why autism is through the roof.” Hardly a formidable opponent of the pharmaceutical cartel…)

        Don’t worry, he is catching on. At one time CLEAN vaccines were good. The problem is that now you have to be an Elite to get clean vaccines. He is not for the pharmaceutical at all. For instance, the reason why drugs are so expensive is because they do not bid on the prices, because most politicians are own by them with money for election campain He will bid the prices, and that will bring back 350 billion $ a year in the country.

        -Calling out Corruption (Ambivalent on this one. I hear you – I really do. But I cringe when I hear him say they are incompetent. And maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like he has used the word incompetent far more than the word corrupt.

        You might want to listen to Roger Stone, who wrote two books: The Bush family crimes, and the Clinton’s war on women. Roger Stone is the major man advising Trump, and he knows him and is a friend of him over 40 years. Please watch it:

        Start listening at 26:30

        Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday 2/19/2016: Roger Stone, Peter Schiff

        I would submit that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I would submit that you cannot defeat monsters by becoming one.

        Yes you are right , this bothers me a bit.

        – I’m just skeptical because I have seen a lot of flip flopping from Trump. Given that, how can I trust anything he says?

        You can. He will audit the Fed. See my other post below. Look, Ronald Reagan was a democrat who became a Republican. Trump is learning and changing his views on many things. He wasn’t a politician, he didn,t have time to study everything. But now his eyes are wide open, believe me.

        – Military (When is the last time someone messed with us?

        You are kidding right? North Korea and other countries keep threathning USA to be nuke,

        – -Welfare (I keep hearing he will bring jobs back but I have yet to hear exactly how.

        Easy. He will lower the taxes for entrepreneurs who will decide to stay in the USA. And, he will charge a 35% tax for stuff comingfrom other country into America.

        Thank you for your respectfull comment. I was blunt to you in a way, because so many people on this site hate Trump, for no critical reason at all. I feel so sorry about them, not being able to see that this election is so crucial. Either the world avoid the NWO or we walk right into it. This country needs a President Trump or it’s over folks!

        Excuse my bad English, I’m French.

        • Alex vandenBerg says:

          Hi Quebec,

          Thank YOU for your respectful reply. I totally understand your position and the initial way in which you responded given all the extraneous inanity that is bantered about coupled with the seriousness of our contemporary predicament.

          Just two things I would like to address: hate and “this country needs a President Trump or it’s over folks!”

          On the latter — there may be a different way out. I found the below to be very insightful and chalk full of sound logical arguments. If you get a chance, please check it out:

          On the former- I would submit that the issue of hate, and more importantly where it ultimately stems from, hits on the crux of our current socio-political quagmire. A couple of days ago I wrote the following. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

          What if all the various problems around the world are reflective of a deeper malignancy of the mind; a cancer of the soul if you will? What if the following quote from Dr. Carl Jung perfectly encapsulates the crux of our current conundrum? In his work The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious Dr. Jung writes:

          “The danger becomes all the greater the more our interest fastens upon external objects (think consumption oriented culture) and the more we forget that the differentiation of our relation to nature should go hand in hand with a correspondingly differentiated relation to the spirit, so as to establish the necessary balance. If the outer object is not offset by an inner, unbridled materialism results, coupled with maniacal arrogance or else the extinction of the autonomous personality, which is in any case the ideal of the totalitarian mass state.”

          Dovetailing and reinforcing the above sentiment Dr. Jung writes in Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams the following:

          “Our times have demonstrated what it means when the gates of the psychic underworld are thrown open. Things whose enormity nobody could have imagined in the idyllic innocence of the first decade of our century have happened and have turned the world upside down. Ever since, the world has remained in a state of schizophrenia. Not only has the great civilized Germany disgorged its primitivity, but Russia is also ruled by it, and Africa has been set on fire. No wonder the western world feels uneasy, for it does not know how much it plays into the hands of the uproarious underworld and what it has lost through the destruction of its numinosities. It has lost its moral and spiritual values to a very dangerous degree. Its moral and spiritual tradition has collapsed, and has left a world wide disorientation and dissociation.”

          The key word above is the last word: dissociation. But what exactly does it mean to be dissociated? What is does it mean to lack “balance” within? What does Dr. Jung mean when he says the gates of the underworld have been thrown open? In short, what he means is that there is a psychic split within the collective psyche of the human race. More specifically, a gap between the conscious and the unconscious mind has opened as a result of an Ego that has run off the reservation.

          This, in a nutshell, has led to the real problems surrounding us: Authoritarianism, Over-extended Intellectualism, Doctrinairism, Materialism, Atheism, Realism, and Collectivism- the “Wasteland”, as T.S. Eliot referred to it, full of Nietzsche’s Last Man, Huxley’s Brave New World- a veritable desert for the soul. A place where reason has usurped the throne of Spirit and declares itself the All. The market is now Genius, man towers over Nature, science walks stern and rigid, politics plays with inanity, economics races to the bottom, and orthodox religion signifies a spiritual death. The herd is always moving, never still. Decay, Degeneration, Corruption! The temerity of reason now a splinter fracturing the psyche the gap of which grows greater with each passing day. For man is afraid to look in his own mirror.

          So what is the point? The point that all of us may wish to remember when we are feeling the “fire” is that anger, hate, or any other kind of vitriolic negative emotion only serves to feed the Ego. And if tyranny has psychic roots, if the real enemy is within, and if the aforementioned has any merit in general, then maybe the most effective way to turn the tide of the totalitarian tiptoe is to declare war on ourselves. As Emerson wrote in his essay on Nature,

          “The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is because man is disunited with himself.

    • @FQ

      “I could go on and on,…” – From Quebec

      But you do go on and on and on….and on

      • Alex vandenBerg says:

        LOL… Guilty as charged. I’ve always had an issue with ruminating ad nauseam. I guess the whole of it could be incapsulated in one sentence: if we don’t address the root of our current malaise, how can we ever expect to solve the problem? Substance over form right? So instead of criticizing the manner of delivery – how about commenting upon the substance of the remarks?

    • xeriscapelady says:

      Awesome post…!!!!! TRUMP understands what needs to be done to take America back and freedom for ALL who love America. The others will be exposed for what they are.

    • Thanks Quebec.. You said TRUTH as I do.

  22. From Québec says:

    Trump Insider: Trump Will AUDIT THE FED

  23. adamevenson11gmailcom says:

    You’re good, Jon.

  24. Adelle M Blackman says:

    GOD bless Donald Trump. He will be the best president ever. He is for America and he is LEGAL to run which Cruz and Rubio are NOT.

  25. From Québec says:

    Trump wins again! Great victory in Nevada.

    Trump: 46
    Rubio: 24
    Cruz: 21

    Full Video Donald Trump’s Speech After Nevada Victory

  26. Mia Manners says:

    Excellent stuff Jon….I pray dare i say it, this one horse man show does do a number on the White House, the Global elite and the system that is shackled in lies, deceit, dishonour, ecological and human destruction distraction models and I hope that Trump gallops in and smashes the very foundations of covert, cloak and dagger, skull duggery and blows those psychopaths out of the water….Great stuff!

  27. From Québec says:

    When one of our major politicians gets something exactly right, we should applaud them for it.


    Ultimately, Trump knows it is the global elite who have pried our borders wide open. He knows it is THEY who are responsible for the tens of millions of Third Worlders pouring into our nations. He knows that THEY are the monsters who need the world to be constantly at war. He knows THEY are radically altering our food supply with GMOs and poisonous chemicals. He knows THEY are responsible for poisoning our drinking water, filling our skies and air supplies with toxic waste,genociding our unborn children, collecting data on all citizens to implement the Orwellian police state, forcing poison into our babies’ veins – and soon the rest of us, redistributing what remains of our wealth under the guises of‘saving the planet’ or ‘refugee aid,’ allowing and fundingthe ISIS Islamofascists to decimate places like Syria and Iraq in Satanic fashion, promoting the psychotic LGBT Nazis to goose-step all over our religious liberties and gender-privacy in school bathrooms. If there is a societal cancer metastasizing somewhere, it can usually be traced back to the same sources.

  28. arcadia11 says:

    the whole video (16:29) is well-worth watching. if you don’t want to, the segment that is pertinent to this thread starts at about 10:08. the reality of paid actors is nothing new but it is a manipulation that demands continued exposure and acknowledgment so that we do not become ‘used to it’ as we have to so many other deceptions that have led the majority to complacency and loss of critical thinking skills. “that’s just how they operate, that’s just the way it is, and it has always been that way” are dangerous mind-sets. got us to where we are now.
    also – it’s funny. (links for all the stories are right below the video)

    thank you.

  29. @Alex VandenBerg

    “:if we don’t address the root of our current malaise, how can we ever expect to solve the problem? ” – Alex VandenBergerandfriesandashake

    That a hell of a name!…you can call me Mick.

    The comment wasn’t at you Vandee baby …it was at the little french chick. She has been torturing us with Trump for going on ten years now, for the last three months. Some are still on meds, and afraid to post. She this mad artist that’s been running amuck, and running a brothel in thousand Islands, she runs the CIA Mind control school for those who are in illegal position of themselves in Canada. She the only bi-lingual Trumpite on the page, and she can speak in tongues so watch out, AL…,.,.,….It ‘s the end of the world for us, if we don’t vote for “my daddy gave me a small loan of million dollars man”.

    Can you help us Alex? She forcing a piano player friend of mind to seek other means of relief, he’s been lowered to playing honky-tonk at slutty Australian speak-easies,  and he’s used to be free-thinker buts he alright now.

    The root of our evil…well we have fought that one for a while now. But we only began calling it evil when the church came along. Up until then it was simply our shadow side. In a good versus evil universe…well let me put it this way would you want all those good Christians to win out?

    Are you a psychologist? You ask for ruminations? and comments on such…ruminate, that’s a great word I love it.

    Yours remarks or the french chicks?

    Since I don’t know you and you seem like a polite fellow,… *whispering*..if I say something about Trump…well…the little french girl *ssshhhhussh*…well she call me names, and insult me, and say I’m a lunatic. I only come within the range of a ten foot pole with her…tabarnak estee!

    *regular voice*

    Anyway Alex, firstly stop reading Jung he turn your head in guacamole. Read him long enough and you will believe the world needs psychologists; besides he was only Freud’s butler.  The idea is break out of the mind box, not create more advanced and complex ones. I think Jung started to understand the whole game a bit;  as soon he look to synchronicity, and  shadow side, the neglected side.

    The ego is necessary if one is to process and think through five senses. Being ego centric on the other hand is not really the world problem, dominator society is; this bullshit of alpha dog, this…Darwinian pecking order is the real mish mash, that along with serious second helping of psychopathic idealism.

    Emotions like hate and anger, the darker emotions are not bad; they are only bad if that is all you feel. If that is all you know. If you are titillated by the results of you getting angry with others.

    One should hate an enemy. A bastard should be hated. One should get angry when assaulted or misused. Anger can be quite helpful and cathartic, strengthen the bullied. You splain them as negative emotions…like we are not supposed to feel them. well we are supposed to feel them, rightly so…try not see them as through a dualism. Or lesser or lower in vib dude.

    Over-extended intellectualism….are you serious?

    The modernist PhD; It can barely get its hands out of its own pockets.

    The majority who receive a PHd at any fine upstanding Amerikan University are not per se, intellectuals, in fact they are farther from that truth. They have been taught to become human smartphones. They react the same way; you touch them and an app comes up. a voice like Siri burps out a response to a query.

    University education has taken a shit kicking for the last hundred years; it use to merge  the seven liberal arts, and a trivium quadrivium understanding of logic and the art of discourse and written communication of one own free thoughts…Art and intuition such as they were, creative thinking, critical and imaginative searching and solving. That was ago.

    Well the modernist prof is merely a technician in disguise, isn’t it. Those that think of themselves as scientists are lab rats, control by a world élite intelligentsia. Dare to be free an a thinker and you are obscured to the bowels of the internet with the other derelict PHds. Living in your elderly mom’s basement, trying to get a grant work.

    We need more intelligence not less, we need to free it and get it out of the hands of the NASA, DARPA, MIT and Silicon valley mud larks, who are motivating and directing the intellectual aspect of the Matrix, all those PHds caught in collective camps of stringent views of the Universe and the Sun and Human life. The “give us one small miracle and we’ll explain the rest” gang. The big bang being the fucking miracle.

    We have 2.2 billion Catholics, 1.6 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus, and varied other religions and atheism and agnostics to a tune of 7,167 million people. All that an a funny uniform, attached to a political ideology…in God we trust….

    The whole world has religion, unless you free the mind of those people you can’t do shit Alex. They are all stuck in a religious mind box, described by their priests,  which to a lesser or greater degree, takes imagination, creativity, and free thought and an individual spirit, free from all Gods, away from them.

    You have too eradicate the need for religion in the human mind, otherwise…the world will end!..dogs and cats will be living in sin!…nah

  30. Lynn says:

    Seems like people are projecting an awful lot of stuff onto Trump. He is not a hero or a villain; he’s just a guy with a huge ego who needs lots of attention.

  31. Alex vandenBerg says:

    LOL- yeah, my name is quite a mouthful!

    Anywho- thanks much for responding. Really appreciate your thoughtful remarks and the conciliatory overtures.

    On evil and organized, ecclesiastical, dogmatic religion— very astute observation. However, I would submit that the issue of opposed opposites, good and evil being just one case, can be traced back even further. In Oriental Mythology, Joseph Campbell notes the following:

    “And with the progressive devaluation of the mother-goddess in favor of the father, which everywhere accompanied the maturation of the dynastic state and patriarchy but was carried further in Southwest Asia than anywhere else, a sense of essential separation from the supreme value symbol became in time the characteristic religious sentiment of the entire Near East. And the rising ziggurats, striving to reach upwards in tendance,while at the same time offering to the heavenly powers a ladder by which to com graciously down to the cut-off race of man, were the earliest signals of this spiritual break.”

    Am I a Psychologist – No, I’m just an average Joe amateur who is obsessed with getting to the roots of humanity’s current conundrum.

    Jung– To be clear – I’m not suggesting the world needs more psychologists or psychiatrists. Needless to say both of these professions have for the most part been thoroughly corrupted. What I am suggesting is that man needs understanding of himself. Without that, he will continue to create the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunctions. For the world is but an external reflection of an inner psychic state. With regard to breaking out of the box- the real mind box is the source of our collective madness – an Ego that has run off the reservation….How can the world heal if the sickness in man is not addressed?

    On the Ego- Am I suggesting getting rid of the Ego? Simply not possible. For the Self contains the Ego. With regard to dominance society, fragmentation, and psychopathology– I respectfully submit that you have conflated the symptoms with the disease. It is a psychological fact that when the Ego separates from its unconscious roots (represses the instincts) the inexorable result is psychosis.

    Hate and Anger are not bad– excellent. I’ll go further – quoting from Nietzsche:

    “There is no moral phenomena; only a moral interpretation of phenomena.”

    Again, let me be clear– am i suggesting we ignore and condemn these impulses? No. That would exacerbate the problem – a gap between the unconscious and conscious mind. I’m simply saying that these emotions should be processed and channeled in a higher direction. I’m simply stating the obvious –that these emotions serve to strengthen the Ego as the dominant personality within the mind.

    Hating an enemy– how about seeing your enemy as your friend. How about using that enemy to strengthen yourself? Like realizing that what you hate in others is predominating in you. Also, when you realize that their egregious conduct is a function of that Ego entrenched within them– there is no need to hate- let alone to forgive. Instead, we can feel sympathy…..

    Intellectualism- Everything you say about professors, the current state of education, DARPA, and the like I completely concur with. By over-intellectualism I simply mean that Reason/Logic/Intellect has usurped the throne of Spirit and declared itself the All. Is not Luciferianism a worship of Intellect? Is this not a core component of the Ruling Elite’s value system? There is intellect and then there is intelligence. And I would submit that the best “thinking” comes when your not thinking. From the awareness behind thought….. This awareness- your True Self – is true intelligence……

    With regard to Religion– main problem: symbols (that are of and relating to the psyche) begin to be interpreted literally. Then we have people as opposed to psychic realities, history as opposed to eternal facts, and ceremony, ritual, scripture as opposed to a way of life. Ergo the birth of the institution. Due to what – separation of opposites. Leading to what – huge disconnect, imbalance within. To what effect- the psychosis of man. The signs are ubiquitous….. Can anyone really make a case that the world today is not suffering from an acute neuroses?

  32. Theodore says:

    Will Trump Be Co-Opted By The Elite?

  33. Theodore says:

    Gingrich: Trump Rejected For Not Being Part Of The Club

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