Zika: top virologist agrees with me, but he’s missing the point

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by Jon Rappoport

February 18, 2016

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The Guardian has the story (Feb. 17): “Zika hysteria is way ahead of research into the virus, says expert.”

Here are key quotes:

“One of the world’s leading virologists has warned against public hysteria surrounding the Zika virus…”

Leslie Lobel say[s] the evidence is not yet conclusive. ‘It’s not clear that what’s going on in Brazil is linked to the Zika virus. There’s no definitive proof that Zika is causing microcephaly. I believe the hysteria is way ahead of the research or the facts about the pathology surrounding this virus,’ he said in a telephone interview.”

Boom. This is what I’ve been demonstrating for the last few weeks in many Zika articles.

So far, so good. Lobel is absolutely correct.

But he then states, “I don’t want to downplay this. The association is very compelling, very clear. But we need a lot more work and we need to do it fast.”

Wrong. The association of Zika with the birth defect called microcephaly is not clear or compelling. In fact, the research so far shows there is no association.

Brazilian researchers have stated that, in 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly, they’ve found some “relationship” with the Zika virus in only 17 cases. That’s called disassociation. (See “Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence” and “Zika freaka: the other shoe drops: lying about case numbers”.)

That’s called proof that Zika doesn’t cause microcephaly. Top virologist Lobel should know that.

When you’re trying to prove that a particular virus causes a particular condition, the first thing you need to do is show that the virus is present in almost all, if not all, cases of the condition.

That standard hasn’t been met. The effort has been a complete failure.

“Well, we know Zika causes microcephaly because, in most cases, it’s not there at all.” That, in effect, is what the Brazilian researchers are saying.

Anyone who hasn’t been wrecked by a college or medical school education would catch on right away.

To repeat: the Brazilians could only find a trace of Zika in 17 out of 404 cases of microcephaly.

But it gets worse. Even if they’d found Zika in all 404 cases, the next question is: how much Zika is in each patient?

You see, the “presence” of the virus is not enough. You have to show there is a whole lot of the virus in each patient, because millions and millions of a particular virus are necessary to begin thinking it’s relevant, to begin thinking it’s doing harm and causing disease.

An analogy: you come across a battlefield scarred by war. The only humans present are a husband and wife repairing their old wooden cart. Ah, you say, they must have destroyed this place. You report this to your superiors, and the next day you find yourself cleaning toilets.

There is no evidence the Brazilian researchers even tried to find out how much Zika was present in the 17 microcephaly cases they claimed “had a relationship to Zika.”

The normal (wrong-headed) test in these situations is called PCR. It is prone to errors, but if we assume the test was done, and done properly, it can only reveal the presence of the virus—not how much of it is there. The test takes a tiny, tiny bit of genetic material supposedly belonging to a virus (like Zika) and blows it up, like an enlarged photo, so it can be observed. But why do technicians need to do that test in the first place? Because they can’t find a significant amount of virus in the patient to begin with. That’s called a clue. It’s a clue that there isn’t enough Zika in the patient to say it’s causing harm in any way. (For one such Zika study out of Brazil that proves nothing, see “First report of autochthonous transmission of Zika virus in Brazil [detected by RT-PCR]” and its associated news story: “Zika virus — a Brazilian perspective on a global health emergency”. For further context on the limitations of PCR tests, see “…let the [PCR] test’s inventor speak”.)

The global hysteria about Zika is engineered. I’ve explained how and why in previous articles. And now, again, I’ve shown why it is hysteria, not science.

Researchers want you to believe their work is so technical and advanced that only their colleagues can understand it. Well, wouldn’t you play that farce if you were a scientist, if your work was built on sand, and if you were hoping the sand was solid rock?

In investigating dud epidemics for almost 30 years, I’ve discovered and shown that the entire medical specialty of assessing what causes diseases is false science.

Were this scandal understood and broadly known, the whole house of cards would collapse.

The medical-drug industry would go down. The vaccine industry would go down. Medical schools would be exposed for their outrageous omissions of fact. Public health agencies like the FDA, the CDC, and the World Health Organization would face utter humiliation. Doctors in their offices and in hospitals would find their reputations destroyed. Research labs would fold up.

Public faith in the institution of medicine would crumble.

This is why the scandal is not understood or broadly known. The price to pay would travel to the sky.

In case there is any doubt, let me state this clearly: in disease after disease, researchers have falsely claimed they have discovered the cause. They haven’t. Their methods are fatally flawed. They overlook the obvious. They tap-dance around the lies. They jump to unwarranted conclusions.

They do what we see researchers doing now with Zika.

Yes, this is explosive. Yes, it’s monumental. Yes, it’s mind-boggling. That’s right.

It would be on the order of discovering we’re all living on Mars and that red planet out there is Earth.

This is why doctors and researchers who actually know what’s going on feel protected. They believe the false reality is so huge, no one will challenge it.

Consensus Reality is built, and endures, on that very basis.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “Zika: top virologist agrees with me, but he’s missing the point

  1. There’s something else, that I think even you have missed, Jon.

    A crude analogy:

    Demonstrably would you expect dramatically different injury outcomes from say a “wiffle bat” and a “lump hammer”.

    For my pedestrian research, comparing “autism” and other encephalic conditions to “severely malfunctioned skulls” or brainless births is a similar.


  2. seamlessone says:

    “It’s not clear that what’s going on in Brazil is associated with the Zika virus. But the association is very compelling, very clear”.

    When in doubt, always hedge your statements…no one will notice….except the .000001%.

  3. NWO Reporter says:

    The best coverage of the Zika freaka by far is definitely found on this blog! Here’s another point that always seems to be ignored in these virus scares: In how many HEALTHY people can Zika be found? How many people who get the virus actually get sick from it, or even know it? Or is it, for some or even for many, not essentially different from the billions of other microorganisms that live in harmony with our bodies?

    • Jacqueline says:

      Discovery and ongoing study of the microbiome tells us that even those micro-organisms we consider most harmful do reside in us and become activated to play a fighting immuno-role as specific conditions present. Therefore, it is quite possible the presence of the Zika virus is ubiquitous in the human body (particularly since it’s been around since at least 1947). Additionally, I’d bank on most of us having Zika antibodies as well.

      The medical-drug industry is going down…its higher regard for money than human life requires arrogance and total control to maintain its existence. But ultimately, when coming head on against the ‘new’ medicine, its faulty premises will become obvious to an expanded audience and it will wither and die.

    • That’s the problem with all diseases. As only those with symptoms are tested there is no way of knowing how many healthy people have the same viruses or bacteria living in them at any moment. We won’t even talk about the particularly useless tests that are used.

      If I would get tested I might be positive for Zika, or measles, or the flu, or tuberculosis or whooping cough. There’s no way of knowing.

    • @NWO Reporter
      4 out of 5 people who are infected with Zika are asymptomatic. Generally there is no presence of the virus 7 to 10 days after exposure.

      • Don’t you wonder how they know that someone is infected, if they aren’t sick? Sorry, but there is no way of knowing. Yes, they can use one of their crappy tests and come up with something, but guessing and knowing are completely different things. The whole concept of an asymptomatic infection (with anything) is seriously flawed.

        • @Rixta Francis

          Oh yes I know, that just a CDC fact from their website I presented. They say one thing and the media is presenting a nightmare.

          My own opinion is different, I don’t believe in the viruses are all around us theory. I believe a human is made up of collection of organisms, and everything wants to ride your tranformer. If their of use, they get to ride, if not they are not allowed in…a very well defined and fuctioning immune system ensures that…illness is a highly stressed immune system or broken down immune system through various means.
          And that is achieved through starvation, chemical attack, toxins, impure water, air and food, EMF.
          Everybody I know who is on petrochemical medications are sick…because those medications attack your immune system.

          • Well, germs are all around us, but they are our friends, not our enemies. Bacteria are necessary to clean up dead tissue, so that’s why they are everywhere on our skin and often in our lungs. It’s only when our bodies get weak that some bacteria can get out of hand and cause trouble. I haven’t figured out yet why that happens exactly.

            Viruses are made by ourselves. When we are sick our cells produce viruses to make us healthy. So trying to beat viruses with vaccinations is completely absurd. What kind of viruses are produced probably depends on what is the cause of the illness.

            Childhood diseases are used to do a big clean-up in the body and remove all the debris that comes with growing up. That’s why they often come with rashes and fevers. But if the body of a child is weak because of malnutrition and pollution the body cannot deal with the huge clean-up job and the clean-up can become fatal. That’s why good food and clean water make such a difference in mortality from diseases.

          • “Childhood diseases are used to do a big clean-up in the body and remove all the debris that comes with growing up. ” -RF


    • Narad says:

      Agreed. Jon is right on the money. I have read Duesberg’s book and a smaller book called Virus Mania. I have also spent much time on the wonderful site called: http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/.

      As far as I can tell, most modern virus epidemics are frauds in every way; from the viral isolation to the tests, and the epidemiological distortions. The fact that they have never been isolated and shown to produce disease invariably in lab animals proves this. Zika may be a real virus, but that doesn’t really matter here since it has not been proven to cause microcephaly in lab animals nor people.

      Other sites that mention Zika are either touting the stupid GM-Mosquito etiology or the Zika etiology.

      Jon is the man!! I am glad that I stumbled across this blog.

  4. Caryn Lipson says:

    Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me – Supposedly they are finding Zika has spread to more countries… just wondering if they ever tested those people for Zika before – because how else would they know that a virus that doesn’t really produce much in the way of symptoms is now spreading to more countries? Maybe it’s been there all along or for a lot longer?

  5. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Good point, well made.

  6. Marco Polo says:

    Yes, the stupid public, with their hysterical reactions to … public announcements by the WHO!

  7. John FitzPatrick Leisen says:

    Agendas Agendas Agendas,.Well Done My Friend,.True Respect,.!!!

  8. Nuala Norris says:

    Thanks for all. Nuala Norris, Ireland

  9. Brian Steere says:

    What is noticeable in directed narrative inceptions, once one pauses to discern beneath the impressionism, is the delivery of emotionally triggering payload via false associations in a form of plausible deniability.

    The apparent issue – ie: “outbreak of microcephaly due to zika virus” can be simply refuted by revealing published data that refutes the assertion. But evidently no one in the MSMedia engages in such a relational conversation, they merely persist in asserting it with more asserted association – whether climate change and zika, Catholic contraception and zika associations. So all sorts of ‘connecting and supporting narratives are built on the first lie – and with such widespread exposure and persistence as to subliminally incept it as the dominant narrative – without any real relationship or communication taking place – apart from people extending a receptivity of passive compliance of unquestioned belief.

    Underneath the behaviour is motive. What is or are the intended outcomes of such a globally pushed narrative device? There are many that can be proposed but the global nature of compliance in propagating and supporting it – and of not challenging its veracity or addressing the hysteria soberly, all call it out as a symptom of globalist capture or subversion of both our minds and our institutions – but particularly the Media – which could give voice to a greater perspective but does not.

    The globalist movement – for want of better words, is a carefully laid trap over many generations.
    The intent and effect is far more more insidious than merely being governed by a different set of ‘leaders’ or ‘lords’, for the ruling of the mind – and the conforming it to a basis of loveless disregard for Humanity that effects hatred of all that loves truth and is truly loving – so as to remake Life on Earth in its own image. The external personification and embodiment of this seems overwhelming and its power seems to be a powerlessness of Life itself – at least – as we have defined our life to be.

    But the inner reality I see, is of a denied and raging hatred – that is firstly, self-hatred, rage, terror, grief, impotence, and the mess of all that is denied acceptance to our conscious awareness and pushed down, out in, the act of splitting a part of our thought and focus, as if to escape our sense of fundamental self-conflict. This splitting off can ONLY seem to maintain itself within a directed coercive narrative, because truth is FEARED and love seems weak and undermining to the directive for survival at all costs. And the fragmented consciousness (which continues to fragment from denied self as its way of saving itself), assumes any forms of shifting alliance to mask in and reinforce mask upon. The complexity and speed and nature of the defence against truth is of a divine intelligence serving a fear and rage agenda. If I try to describe this I merely embody confusion.

    However as I notice a falsity or dissonance-avoidance dressed in false narrative, and choose not to accept and propagate a dis-integrity of being, but open instead in a willing desire for truth that has to then look at and feel the denied self – be that whatever sense of pain, disgust or negatively conditioning sense of being denied – there is a shift of perspective. The symptoms no longer define a state of disconnect from Life. This is of immediate practical significance. This is opening to a re-integrative or healing movement of tangibly felt Life – not a good cop in hidden relation to a bad cop – or some symbol of Life that is used as a shield or weapon in righteous and blind hate.

    The capacity to feel all of what we are feeling is part of reclaiming all that we are. Not in order to spiritualize or evolve our capacity of control through denial, conflict and withholding – but simply to recognize and share in the presence of Life – as it moves us and we uncover ourselves to be.

    We can choose to be a witness for truth and to see the witnesses to truth – (or indeed to love, because a love of truth cannot love to fixate on the hated – but must enquire more deeply as to “what is really going on here’ where something so hateful to me is presenting itself” – and ‘what is my right relation or true response here?’). Acting from a connected presence is not reacting the same old conditioning in the same old re-enactment. We escape the past by bringing it truly into the present as discerning presence, rather than by letting it impose a false or fear-driven narrative on the present so as to deny and sacrifice Our presence for the ‘survival’ of a sense of power or control over the future. This is a mind-trap and yet one will not see it while one is firmly identified in its seeming protection. “Better the devil you know!”….? As long as one has any remaining conscious awareness of what is here to choose between, one has the capacity to choose to see that choice more honestly – whenever a dissonant outcome reveals a misalignment of definition.

    note: Why use CAP Z for zika? Is it a symptom of a subconsciously conditioned Importance?

  10. elnura1 says:

    If this is true than the Brazillizn government is saying -without saying that the birth defects are being caused by pesticides-not a Mosquito Virus aka ZIKA:

    Brazilian state suspends larvicide used to combat Zika virus

    Published February 14, 2016

    | EFE

    The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul suspended the use of the larvicide Pyriproxyfen, used to treat water to combat the spread of the mosquito carrying the Zika virus, the regional government said Sunday.

    In a communique, the state government said that “the suspension was communicated to the 19 Regional Health Coordinating Authorities, which in turn will inform the respective Municipal Monitoring services” in all cities in the state.

    The measure was taken after doctors with the Argentina-based Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns organization and the Brazilian Collective Health Association, or Abrasco, questioned whether the larvicide might be linked with microcephaly.

    To date, Brazilian scientists had associated the increase in microcephaly cases with Zika, which – like dengue and Chikungunya – is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

    But on Sunday, Rio Grande do Sul Health Secretary Joao Gabbardo said that, despite the fact that a relationship between the larvicide and microcephaly has not been proven, the “suspicion” that there may be a linkage had led the organizations to decide to “suspend” the use of the chemical.

    “We cannot run that risk,” Gabbardo said.

    In response, Health Minister Marcelo Castro said that the larvicide supplied by his ministry presents no danger to the public.

    “That is a rumor lacking logic and sense. It has no basis. (The larvicide) is approved by (the National Sanitary Monitoring Agency) and is used worldwide. Pyriproxyfen is recognized by all regulatory agencies in the whole world,” Castro told reporters in the northeastern city of Salvador.

    In a statement, Sumitomo Chemical, the manufacturer of the larvicide, said that “there is no scientific basis for such a claim,” adding that the product has been approved by the World Health Organization since 2004 and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 2001. EFE


    In the mainstream the spin will be it’s just a precaution.

  11. procomptorpr says:

    Well I have been researching many things along my path since seeing the truth about 9-11. One thing I always do is look at as many sources as time permits and then give some time for things to sort in my brain. Then I form an opinion and with that research some more in the direction of that thought. Once that is completed I form an hypothesise .

    It is after that point that I try to identify at least 3 good sources to collaborate my hypothesis with and once that is done I post it. Throughout the 15 years since 9-11 2/3rds of what I have posted become controversial and get picked up by others who then go on to prove or disprove it.

    I have been following Jon’s work for many years now and can testify that he is amongst the 5% that actually get things by doing his own research which he is remarkably good at. In the case of the Zika virus I have checked out just some of what he has been talking about and came up with several articles including this one;


    Elnura1 also mentions an article by which you can clearly see that the evil Monsanto is back at doing what he has been doing since the end of the Vietnam conflict. Very good work Jon and I always enjoy reading about your research, don’t always agree with your theology but your fact finding and research is second to none! mike

  12. JGH says:

    There is a youtube video out stating that the Zika virus is owned by Rockefeller Foundation with a 1947 date. You can buy it freeze dried online. It is ATTC® VR-84™.

  13. You make a mistake, according to your previous blog. Those 404 cases were not microcephaly. They were microcephaly “or other neurological diseases”. That’s a huge red flag. There is no need to lump diseases together, unless you have something to hide. Like the 50,000 Americans who died annually from “the flu or other respiratory diseases”. This hides the fact that only a handful of people die from the flu.

    So most probably from those 404 cases only 1 or 2 actually have microcephaly. That means there is no cause for a huge number of handicapped babies, as there are none. It’s just a lot of hot air.


  14. David Fenton says:

    Big picture possibility … There has been a world wide change of policy with an active encouragement toward vaccinating pregnant women. CDC docs obtained by Brian Hooker reveal a solid correlation between pregnancy flu shots and brain damage/autism, 8 times increase at 99% certainty. Could be part of a virus cover story to divert and misinform from the expected damage done. CDC document showing this can be sourced at the link below. There is obvious dialectic in play upon women’s protective nesting mothering instincts from the nature of media i have seen and the advice to delay pregnancy to have a population decreasing effect. Why? http://real-morality.org/wordpress/?page_id=563

  15. From Québec says:

    Dr. Francis Boyle today on the Alex Jones Show, talks about ZIKA.
    He still thinks that it is a Bio-Weapon. But, he said if someone has a different opinion, he would be willing to look at it.
    Maybe, you should send him all your article on the subject, Jon.

    Monsanto Creating Bio-Weapons

  16. DAvid says:

    One thing interesting to note here is the size of the manufactured threat. It’s always life threatening, earth shattering and as pointed out in the article, beyond the scope of the poor average human to get. These guys (reptilians, aliens ruling elite ??) are one trick ponies. They only know the same trick whether it’s Hitler and the Reichstag fire or 911. The trick is a large shot of fear, followed by an incessant media set to reinforce your perception of yourself as an ignorant human. That left right brain approach seems to be adrenaline based ie the fear, and the perpetrators flee in the face of a co-ordinated reaction, as one might expect with any bully. God’s speed all.

  17. anonymous says:

    BBC has the worst reporting of all the mainstream media- headlines never match their stories.

    18 Feb – BBC – Zika virus: Study supports link to microcephaly
    The research confirmed the presence of Zika virus in the amniotic fluid of two women who had had Zika-like symptoms during their pregnancies.
    Brazilian experts say this suggests the virus can infect the foetus.
    But WHO experts caution the link is not proven and expect to release more information in the next few weeks…..
    Brazil, the country hardest-hit by Zika, has about 508 confirmed cases of microcephaly and is investigating about 3,935 suspected cases.
    The ministry said last week that 41 of the confirmed cases of microcephaly had shown links to Zika infection…..

    Zika and microcephaly link confirmed “in weeks” says WHO
    BBC News-12Feb.,2016
    The World Health Organization (WHO) says it expects to decide within a few weeks if there is a link between the Zika virus and birth defects.

    Zika virus: Brazil hopes to develop vaccine in ‘one year’
    BBC News-11Feb.,2016

    • Bob Dodds says:

      Two nights ago, BBC radio staffer Wered[?] Davis gave a report from Venezuela, with lots of audio recordings of Venezuelans but the BBC anchor and reporter were talking over their heads about Zika, Zika, Zika, and in association with a new, what they called microcephaly, Guillain-Barre cluster there in Venezuela. GB, heard that associated with Zika a lot? Oh, and GB is microcephaly, too, bolsterring the meme, whatever is true, and whatever the Venezuelans were talking about under the overlords.

  18. Bob Dodds says:

    “When the names keep changing, it’s CIA(Sibel Edmonds, about Boston Marathon Bomb, on Alex Jones)”. BBC staffer Wered[?] Davis and mates talked a lot over recordings of Venezuelans saying whatever, to voice the all new Zika hoax that a cluster of Guillain-Barre in Venezuela, sort of microcephaly but incant GB just to flush and update the non sequitur queue.

    Thanks for the best on Zika, HIV, and all the epidemic scams.

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