Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next

Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2016

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Microcephaly = babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

In previous articles, I established that the Zika virus uproar is a hoax. There was no reason to assume the number of Brazilian cases of microcephaly was extraordinary. There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with microcephaly.

My previous quote:

“Now we have a January 27 Associated Press story out of Rio, published in SFGate: ‘270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.’ That’s called a clue, in case you’re wondering. Of the previously touted 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the actual number of confirmed cases so far is, well, only 270. Bang. But wait, there’s more. AP: ‘Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.’ Bang, bang, bang. Out of all the microcephaly cases re-examined in Brazil, only six have the Zika virus. That constitutes zero proof that Zika has anything to do with microcephaly.”

But of course, The Machine is rolling and it will move forward. Also, a number of independent investigators are behind the curve. They are still assuming there is proof of a Zika-microcephaly “epidemic.” If there is proof, it is nowhere to be found yet.

Here are five things that will happen next.

One: Health agencies and reporters will mention cases of microcephaly in other countries, and they will automatically connect them to the Zika virus, or they will suggest there could be a connection. This baseless claim is part of the operation to build up the story and spread fear. Microcephaly can be caused by any insult to the brain during fetal development.

Two: There will be more stories about the rush to develop a vaccine against Zika, the virus that hasn’t been proved to cause anything serious.

Three: Some independent researchers will continue to insist that Zika is actually a weaponized biowar virus. They will ignore the fact that, as yet, Zika hasn’t been shown to cause microcephaly. Or they will point to genetically engineered mosquitoes and the Tdap vaccine as the cause of the Zika epidemic—when there is no proof the epidemic exists. Yes, the vaccine and the mosquitoes are quite dangerous to health, but there is no reason to tout a Zika/microcephaly epidemic when proof isn’t there.

Four: The truth here is: absence of evidence. On the one hand, the CDC and the World Health Organization will grudgingly admit it would be useful to assemble more hard evidence connecting Zika to microcephaly. On the other hand, they will press forward with emergency warnings to pregnant mothers; travel advisories; and they will emphasize the need to come up with a vaccine. Then, they’ll forget all about the need for more evidence.

Five: Investigators and researchers will ignore the fact that there is a very real health crisis in Brazil, and it has existed for a long time. The rampant use of toxic pesticides, grinding poverty, contaminated water, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, the takeover of farm land by major corporations, prior toxic vaccine campaigns—these are all factors that cause massive illness, suffering, and death in Brazil.

Again, I emphasize: The release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Brazil, based on no health studies, is a crime, to say the least. But there is no need to claim these insects are causing an epidemic of microcephaly—since there is no evidence of an epidemic. There is every reason to oppose this GE mosquito campaign.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been analyzing and taking apart phony epidemics. There are two things you must do, among others. Demand proof that the touted cause is really the cause. And discover whether the number of ill people is being accurately reported.

So far, re microcephaly, there is no proof the touted cause is the cause. And the recent revision of evidence indicates there are far, far fewer cases of microcephaly in Brazil than initially trumpeted.

power outside the matrix

Here is a sixth thing that may happen now. Those Brazilian researchers who went back in and looked at their own evidence for a second time and found no proof of a microcephaly epidemic and no causal connection to the Zika virus? The World Health Organization and the CDC could move in and apply some heavy pressure and arming-twisting:

“Look, boys, you messed up big-time. We’ve got a raging epidemic here because we say so. And Zika is the cause because we say so. Now, you look again and come up with the answer we want. We’re the pros. We run the show. You’re nothing. If you want future careers, you’ll do the smart thing. Get it?”

And then at another level, the US State Department will exert pressure based on aid programs to Brazil. You want the money to keep flowing? —You want to reap the rewards you’re getting from Monsanto’s presence in Brazil? You want our continuing help with security for the Olympics? Get on the right side of this story. Get out in front of trouble. Play ball.

And then, if the Brazilians fold up and submit and obey, you’ll hear something like this from their now-apologetic researchers:

“Well, when we looked at those 3000-plus other possible cases of microcephaly for a second time, guess what? Wow. We found most of them are, in fact, microcephaly. And the Zika virus was present in all those cases. This is really is an epidemic, and it is caused by Zika. This is a global pandemic. We fully support the World Health Organization. We must have a Zika vaccine as soon as possible. Don’t get pregnant. Do what you’re told.”

Go along, or tell the truth. Go along, or tell the truth.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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26 comments on “Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next

  1. Excellent series of articles on Zika. Because of your prior work on virus/vaccine hoaxes, I was already convinced that this was another one. This was sealed when I heard yesterday (credit to Patrick Henningsen of the Sunday Wire) that the owner of the Patent for the Zika virus is none other than… (drum roll please), ‘The Rockefeller Foundation’.

    This is a large operation, and they always have multiple objectives as Jon has pointed out.

    * Create a patsy/fallguy – cover-up damage caused by vaccines, pesticides
    * Fear – have to keep the masses in a constant state
    * Discourage pregnancy – eugenics
    * Encourage vaccination – furthering the pro-vaccine agenda
    * Genetically modified mosquitoes – continue to condition/sell the populace to the ‘benefit’ of genetically modified organisms
    * Brazil – keep the financial/political pressure on Brazil (assuming this ties in with BRICS)

    • Correction:

      I’m not convinced Rockefeller Foundation holds the patent, but they were the originator.

    • Rebel says:

      Discourage pregnancy – eugenics
      Do you think what race/people are under this Eugenics ?
      I think they really want human make more pregnancies, more babies more slaves.

    • Brian Geary (@BrianJLG) says:

      From another article: “Edernalia didn’t even know she had been bitten by a mosquito and contracted the Zika virus – she had no symptoms.” Bingo. These mothers are now being TOLD they had zika, despite their NOT being sick, not even knowing if they’d been bit, but that’s what “doctors’ are telling them. Meanwhile, only a small handful of babies who died had evidence of Zika in their system – less than 1%. What about the other 99%? They won’t talk about those cases! And how many of the dead babies also had the common cold in their systems? Probably more than had zika. The presence of zika doesn’t even PROVE causation!!

  2. tomaz050959 says:

    It takes courage to tell the truth. Truth tellers are blacklisted out of a living, while the morally bankrupt are rewarded. It’s an upside down messed up system that feeds on fear and misery. It truly is the beast that eats it a own young. Keep telling the truth Jon, the people with ears to hear is growing.

  3. Jon, a lot has been said in the last ten days. These are difficult trying times. What you say is true…But I must say “Better to be safe than sorry. I mean who wants to wake up Monday morning after the Sunday afternoon barbecue with a head the size of naval orange. 

    Jon excuse me if I seem to be a bit brash, and distracted, and stepping up to the plate here really Jon; but I am compelled to tell you and your audience this…

    I am an inventor…and it just so happened that this terrible, terrible time of tribulation has caused me to brainstorm for a solution, and that happens a lot Jon, especially since I have stopped taking my medication for my Malingering disorder with a touch of Autophagia. I seem to have some kind brain-storming gift.

    Now, Jon my inventions are sometimes ahead of their time, as I have been told I am; and this just so happens to be one of those times Jon. I was sitting in self-pity and loathing and doubt, with my OCD of every little buzzing sound Jon, swatting my arms at imaginary insects; after days of bearing this, this weight of the dreaded Zika virus that we all, carry…Jon, a lightbulb went off in my head, a thousand million million watt light bulb Jon.

    I had invented a cure for Zika five years ago and there it was in the bowels of my basement among my other unqualify as yet inventions, waiting for today Jon. There it was Jon, like a sign from God. Off course Jon I am a reformed Islāmic Scientologist. Let me just say, it was a sign from the source.

    Now…Jon I would like to introduce you to, my little friend…’The Zika ZapperTM.’.

    And what da F…is the Zika ZapperTM.; well-being Irish Jon I am going to try and keep this explanation to the short version. I have a tendency to be overly verbose, sometimes, it’s a symptom of my Malingering disorder. And I get excited about my Art…yes it’s an art Jon.

    Zika ZappersTM. are little eeny weeny teeny tiny miniature drones, about the size of a Drosophila Melanogaster… that right Jon the common fruit fly.
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    I know your not a techie guy, but bear with me Jon…please.

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    Granted there is a tingling feeling from the little tasers, more like a crawling insects on your skin feeling. And one sees a lot of sparks, it’s actually an added benefit when seen at night.

    But, one gets use to that after a while. I mean…Sparks or a small head, your choice…Jon.

    Now, you say, “What are the night goggles for Michael, I mean come on.”, well it seems the Gmo’d Oxitec Mosquitos have a fluorescent marker, so we don’t wish any nasty lawsuits from Oxitec for zapping the wrong mosquitos, thusly the night goggles.
    “Aha” you say, how does the Zika ZappersTM. know the difference between male and female mosquitos.

    Well Mister Jon to put it bluntly, I mean this is no place for modesty is it, Jon…the Zika ZappersTM. look for tiny little small penises on the mosquitos. When the little drone sees a small penis through his night goggles he backs off and returns to his stationary position. Is’nt that exciting Jon. This hasn’t been thought of before Jon…never.

    The little drones zap only the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito with their little tasers Jon. Is’nt that wonderful.

    Now you say, “How do they stay with me Michael, when I am walking or playing or riding my bicycle, or horseback riding?”.

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    Now you say, “Michael, all well and dandy, how much son?”
    Well….Jon, I am not in this to gouge people in any way, for Gawd sakes my cousin Fred has a small head.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Too bad, I’m from Canada. We don’t have the mosquito that carries Zika here… we have moose. But the price is good, so if you could add the famous classic, deluxe, custom, designer, luxury, prestige, high quality, premium, select, gourmet pocket flashlight as free gift, I’ll reconsider your offer. I might need to see at night in case the night googles break during the delivery. Our roads are like CNN stories; full of holes.


        Sherly how many times have I talked to TPTB on our pricing of products; “For Gawd sakes…” I’ve said “Why can’t our comrades in Canada get the same prices as free Americans?”

        Sherlster whats the plural of moose, is it meese? Anyway, what is you first thought when I say “Moose”….ticks!…right. What do ticks cause; Lymes disease son. I hope ya don’t mind me calling you son. You young fellas that call or write me back with such intelligent queeries. My Gawd that has helped me.

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        And you wanted a flashlight Sherlster, my Gawd you are going to be simply amazed.
        Who needs mosquitos!
        A penny saved is a penny earned that what I’ve heard Sherl.

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    • Smallcranium says:

      Well, do you have a 6 month (or more) money back guarantee? I mean one where you will give me all my money back (shipping included) no questions asked if I want my money back? Also, can it fix my already small head?

      • @ Small C
        Smally…I hope ya don’t mind me calling you that. I feel like I know you. Gawd you courageous kid. For Gawd sakes you remind of me of my little nephew Fred. God bless his little soul. And I don’t mean to be facetious in any way about your ‘little’ problem.

        First let me address the guarantee Smallster. I would love to be able to give unlimited guarantee, but there are a lot people out there who make it hard for the rest of us; as you know SC.

        For instance Smally, one disconbobulated son of gun…geez… took his Zika ZappersTM out in the rain…well for God’s sakes is it my fault he got electrocuted by the little buggers; everybody knows mosquitos frenzy bite during extreme thunder storms. Did I know that the ambient static electricity in the air from the thunder-storm was going to amp up the tasers, jumpin purple Jesus on a unicorn…some people Smallster.

        So, because of some people s selfishness, we at Zika ZappersTM are forced to limited our guarantee of our products for only thirty days; some people ruin it for everybody Smally. Now I know you’re a smart guy; big things come in small packages, that’s what I heard. And so my hands are tied Smally.

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  4. Theodore says:

    The “AIDS” playbook in play for Zika — on the 35th anniversary of the “AIDS” playbook! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV/AIDS#History)

    World health officials mobilize on Zika threat…

    Australia reports two cases…


    Scientific ignorance parallels AIDS crisis…


    Scramble to find source…

    Fears contaminating emergency blood supplies…


    Side bar: topical chemicals…

    S. America fumigated…

  5. Great assessment of “symptoms” of the op, Jon, but how about this for the prognosis?

    Industrialist cabalists have been infecting populations with varied toxins over the years. Thus, it has been useful to launch bio-weapons to obscure the real culprit/cause of varied systems. Part of that bio-war is Big Pharrna & the CDC.

    For instance, are vaccines the cause of autism EXCLUSIVELY or were they created to obscure mercury infiltrating the water system delivered by the industrialist cabal?

    Just thinking aloud, Jon….

    Let us drill down into the nooks and get to the bottom of this….?


    • kathy says:

      My friends little baby was taken in as all newborns to get it’s 3 month vaccination. OK, so they will not accept children into school without them and young parents are in fear that their child could become horribly sick without these vaccinations. So shortly after this baby was given its shots, the baby began acting strangely and ended up it had gone from perfectly normal to mentally retarded in just a few weeks.
      I do not trust any of these vaccinations not even flu shots. I figure if I get the flu, I’ll have it a week or maybe 2. If you get the flu shot, then you’re sick anyway, so what’s the point.

      • @Kathy

        Yes, it is a rather odd strategy, but really “they” know people put the self ahead of everything else. In fact most don’t care about that which hasn’t [demonstrably] affected them, so the majority will roll on blissfully disaffected.

        No more “if it looks like a duck….”

      • charlashamhart says:

        NO, ‘ALL’ newborns do NOT get vaccinations. There are WAIVERS that can be used. My children, now 31 and 33 are unvaccinated because I EDUCATED MYSELF about the dangers. And my grandchildren are not vaccinated. They will be HOMESCHOOLED if necessary to avoid being poisoned by vaccines. I suggest you join one of the many Facebook groups that are educating about vaccines. Vaccine Resistance is one of the good ones.

  6. achuara says:

    Mr. Rappoport, I agree almost completely with you, safe one thing: the effects of glyphosate (Roundup) on people. We are a non-profit foundation with 30 years of exposing myths and frauds in the environmental and other sciences. FAEC: Fundación Argentina de Ecología Científica. We have no commercial relation whatsoever with any company or industry; don’t ask or accept any donations, and our members are serious and respected scientists in different fields, as biology, chemistry, climatology, nuclear energy, pesticides, etc. We run a website in Spanish (with some articles in English and French called “Mitos y Fraudes en la Ecología”.

    http://www.mitosyfraudes.org/Articulos.html (Spanish version)
    http://www.mitosyfraudes.org/ENGLISH.html (smaller English version)

    It seems you are basing your opinion mostly on Dr. Andrés Carrasco’s study on embryos of Xenopus laevis in Argentina, known as Paganelli et al, Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Produce Teratogenic Effects on Vertebrates by Impairing Retinoic Acid Signaling. –
    Alejandra Paganelli, Victoria Gnazzo, Helena Acosta, Silvia L. López, and Andrés E. Carrasco*


    Dr. Carrasco’s study was rejected and refuted by our official science agency CONICET (National Commission on Technical and Scientific Research) composed by serious and respectable scientists. The agency rejected Carrasco’s findings due to serious flaws in his scientific methodology, specifically the injection of glyphosate directly into the embryo of the frog Xenopus laevis. When Carrasco was asked by the committee, under oath, what would happen to the embryo if instead of glyphosate the embryo was injected with Coca-Cola or aspirin Carrasco replied: “The same thing”. Which is true: anything that is injected directly into an embryo will play havoc into it.

    A critical point in the study was that the study was performed on animals, not in humans. Given that epidemiological studies in Argentina don’t find a relationship between glyphosate and virtually no specific illness, one must be very careful to extrapolate into humans effects found in animals. Rats and frog are not small human beings.

    The second critical point is: the exposure route is neither realistic nor applicable to human beings. Human embryos develop in the mother’s womb protected by the placenta, and it is not expected to remain placed floating in a herbicidal solution. Much less probable is to find a woman that decides to inject glyphosate to his child. Worse still, doses involved are extremely high. The authors of Paganalli et al. Study (where Carrasco is a coauthor) calculated that the frog embryos incubated in a glyphosate solution had been exposed to concentrations between 70 to 120 mg/liter of glyphosate, about 9 to 15 times a bigger concentration that kills 50% of exposed animals. (LC50). Ten years before a study was published on an experiment made on the same frog species exposed to glyphosate whose conclusions were: “No significant increase in malformations was observed for any glyphosate concentration or surfactant that was not lethal for embryos after 96 hours.” What was surprising is not that the embryos did not show malformations but that the embryos weren’t killed!

    However, this lack of effect f glyphosate on humans doesn’t mean that other pesticides if over used or wrogly applied and huge doses get in contact with human beings or their food, can cause terrible effects. We are quite aware of this and promote the right and safe use of authorized and safe pesticides.

    Thanks for your time, and be assured that my intention is to help you in whatever we can

    Eduardo Ferreyra
    President of FAEC

    • charlashamhart says:

      You need to educate yourself with the research of Dr. Don Huber who was a soil pathologist for 30 yrs. at Purdue University. He speaks of many dangers to human and animal health from glyphosate. He says it kills virtually all microorganizms in the soil, many of which are responsible for uptake of essential minerals. There are also other dangers he outlines. He now is a consultant to veterinarians and large farmers since retiring from Purdue..

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