The individual is not the group

The individual is not the group

by Jon Rappoport

January 8, 2016

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“Exercises and techniques for accessing and deploying imagination…these would be essential. Exercises that allow the individual to reinstate his basic creative position in his own life, his own future. Exercises that allow the individual to use his imagination in many different ways. Ramping up power.” (Preliminary notes for Exit From the Matrix, Jon Rappoport)

There are many ways I could launch from the headline of this article.

In this case, I want to point out that all life is not composed of groups trying to solve the problems created by other groups.

This may come as revelation to some.

In the long, long, long run, the struggle pitting one group against another fails, because, swallowed up in the process is the individual.

He sacrifices what he is and what he can be for the sake of a cause. It may be a just cause, a good cause, a foolish cause, a crazy cause—but the outcome is the same. In the long run.

The best version of a free Republic, whether it was actually envisioned that way by its founders, is: the organized State exists to allow the greatest possible latitude to the individual.

This, in case there is any doubt, is not a prefabricated utopia. Far from it.

What does the individual have to offer? He has everything he is capable of doing, when he liberates himself from petty ideas and limitations about what he is. That journey of liberation is his own. It isn’t anybody else’s.

It is, as I’ve pointed out many times, a journey of imagination.

Here are preliminary notes I made as I was putting together my second collection, Exit From The Matrix:

Imagination lets a person know what could exist but doesn’t now exist. Imagination lets a person know what could be invented. Imagination lets a person know that, despite claims to the contrary, the future is open and unwritten.

Imagination lets a person know that he can think thoughts that have never been thought before.

The journey of individual liberation is, therefore, much more than discovering what already exists in one’s own mind.

The world as it is, things as they are—this is eventually the sensation of depleted imagination. Of course, imagination never diminishes, it just waits. For you.

The deployment of imagination unlocks hidden energies. A power, sought after and never found in other endeavors, appears.

Psychological tests are tests of imagination. The less you have, the more normal you are. If you have none, you’re perfect. Then they put you in a field and call you a rock.

Tiny imagination is just part of this absurd culture. You don’t have to go along with it. You don’t have to think the leading frontier of imagination is about finding a spray that will make your hair look like a shellacked rabbit.

Imagination is larger than any universe. It needs no sanction from the world or from other worlds. It is not some secret form of physics. It is not religion. It is not cosmology. It is not any one picture of anything. It’s what you invent.

The group does not have imagination. It poaches on individuals with imagination.

The group is a graveyard where imagination has been downgraded and forgotten.

The group is the rationalization for people who have lost the thread of their own imaginations.

The group is the feel-good place where people can console each other about the loss of their own imaginations.

The group sometimes acts to liberate the individual, but then the group forgets what it’s been doing and moves forward for its own sake, for its collective power. And that power opposes what the individual can be.

The group is a locus for discussion that eventually leads to a zero effect. Anyone who wakes up to his own imagination would leave the group.

The group is a place where people are invited to forget they are individuals.

The group is promoted by people who are afraid of their own imaginations and the implication that they create their own futures.

The group is promoted by people who want to leave their own individuality in the dust.

The group is for people who demand: “We must all agree on something.”

The group may have temporary value, but it never disbands. It becomes a fungus. It seeks more territory.

exit from the matrix

Imagination soars. It is the individual at the edge of his own exploration.

Imagination was the source for the building of modern civilization. But then civilization became dedicated to itself and the group.

The individual never goes away, and neither does his imagination.

Imagination can light up a room, a house, a city, a nation, a planet, a galaxy, a universe.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

43 comments on “The individual is not the group

  1. Steven Kivari says:

    This was enjoyable to read. I would like to share it on FB. I clicked on the FB icon below and was given the “page cannot be displayed” message.

  2. henry says:

    I exist and you exist but “we” do not. When one says that “we should do this” or “we should do that” what they mean is that you should do what they have decided. Often I find it that it is in my interest to voluntarily join with others to seek mutual interests. This is the essence of civilization. When I determine that one of the associations that I participate in is not as effective in furthering my interests as other groups, I cease to participate in it.

    Those directing a group have an interest in keeping the group together. Sometimes,they forget that members of the group are individuals that can leave the group. They use intimidation to keep people from leaving. They have developed a strategy to disempower the individuals so that they cannot even think of leaving the group.

    The programming that most of us receive is limiting our ability to think for our self.

  3. Just wanted to let other inquiring minds know of this recent development:

    Campbell Labels Will Disclose G.M.O. Ingredients

    Am definitely still skeptical given how many unanswered questions revolve around the GMO issue.

  4. From Québec says:

    So, we could say that if Snowden is a hero, he had decided to use his own imagination, creativity and skills, to crack up the files of the so powerful CIA, and by the same time, to liberate himself from this group and to reveal to the individuals how they were tracked and give them a way to avoid being spied on by using encryptions.

    ““I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fuckin’ heroic.”
    ― George Carlin

  5. The essence that separates what we call “life” from that which does not live is “choice”. The debate, from the group perspectives, is over whether there is something called “free will” or “order” is governed by “predestination”. Because the individual can only “perceive” him or herself and does not know the other (beyond relative perception); perception has precluded error. For, either no one has free will or everyone has it. Nature is predictably transparent. Check out those atoms sometime.

    I have free will. Therefore, I determine everyone has free will, but then again…..


  6. gokmen says:

    this helps me to create “space”

  7. alabaster says:

    You are using big generalities about groups, ie. ‘the group’—and that a group is this, that, does this, that, can’t do this, that etc. It gets into the realm of your personal opinion, your personal considerations about it. Not all groups are evil or bad for the individual. For example, what about a group of individuals such as those who are like-minded with let’s say, Jon Rappoport, regarding his ideas etc. Especially if they form a common goal or purpose together. A group can exert a greater effect than an individual. Try to land a rover on Mars by yourself. Compare how difficult that would be with one person having to do the entire thing with a group of people working together to accomplish it. Because we are existing at least to some degree in a material universe, it’s impractical to suggest two individuals could never do anything workable together (two is a group) more so than one, or just a bunch of ‘only one’ individuals walking around thinking airy ideas…when they are IN the material universe to some degree (you have a body, while you aren’t a body, you DO have one don’t you…).

    • Dimitri says:

      The generalities Jon uses about groups are not strictly theoretical or philosophical – they are more in the way of a real psychological dynamic. NASA can put a rover on Mars only because they are willing to reward individual effort in doing so, and thus inspire key people to excel in their own tasks. Without that dynamic, they wouldn’t have a chance. But we need to ask ourselves why has it been almost half a century since NASA put a man into space beyond earth orbit? Look at the history of the Challenger disaster – and how groupthink paralyzed the investigation, until one brilliant scientist came along and dropped an O-ring into a glass of ice water at a Washington hearing. In that case, the individual was much more powerful than the group, who did nothing to help him in brainstorming the mystery. Look closely into any group’s achievements, and you will find innovation at the individual level.

      • alabaster says:

        It was a comment to Jon, re what Jon said. He can speak for himself, so no thanks re jumping in and telling me ‘what Jon means’. Otherwise it gets sidetracked to a third person for some unknown reason.
        I did however want to expand on the second part of my comment to Jon…that an immortal individual, if he is in the material universe, has to perform doingnesses, not just sit around in beingness and imagination all day long. A simple example, your body needs to eat. Material body, needs material food in this case. You can imagine your body eating all day long and it will die unless you feed it material food. The material universe works by certain laws and in certain ways, and if you don’t use those, you have a problem (such as a body dying because of no food).
        It has been an ages old engagement of the universe of a spirit, where one can simply be, with no doingness if you choose, and a material universe that requires doingnesses if you’re going to have anything in it.
        This is where the absolute practicality of groups comes in. One person with one body, can usually do more in a group of two or more people, if they have similar goals and purposes. None of this voids any individual if it if the members in it are working together well to accomplish similar goals or purposes.
        ‘The individual is not the group’ title seems redundant. A group is simply two or more individuals that have similar goals and purposes.
        In fact, Jon is part of all sorts of groups. He’s part of a group of a bunch of people who use various certain electronic devices to communicate on a thing called the internet. He’s made agreements that he will do this, since he’s doing it, along with a bunch of other individuals who do it. He’s part of a group of 7 billion people or so, that have material bodies. He’s evidently agreed to this, since he has one. Shall I go on? Groups can suck, can be used for evil, or good, can work well and accomplish much, or work poorly etc. A group is not inherently bad, it doesn’t limit freedom of the individual unless someone agrees or considers it will.

        • From Québec says:

          I understand perfectly whay you are saying. In my own way, I’m a believer of the power of individuals in a group. This is usually a winning situation.

          What I mean is very well explained in this one minute little video :

          Hopper on Keeping the Little Guy in Line

        • Dimitri says:

          I’ll take your last sentence to affirm that I can go ahead and freely express what I think regardless of any criticism. The Internet is not a group of people – it is a computer network, so of course it’s not inherently bad or good. It’s inanimate. No one has to become a member to join it.

        • @Alabaster

          Jeezus H jumping purple unicorns…You took all those words to split a fucking hair into how many pieces…
          And said what?…well, actually nothing.

          ” A group is simply two or more individuals [sic] that have similar goals and purposes.” – Alabaster

          The above quote is illogical monsieur. Incapsulating an almost perfect example; and by definition a oxymoron.
          Oxymoron : a figure of speech that juxtaposes contradictory elements. And those elements that ‘you’ misused; ‘group and ‘individuals’.

          Incorrect!…no gold star on the top of your comment…you little whipper snapper. Onwards and upwards though; don’t get discouraged; knocking the chip off is a bitch.


          1. single; separate.
          ” individual tiny yellow, and perfumed flowers ”
          synonyms: single, separate, discrete, independent, solo, sole, lone, solitary, isolated

          “exhibitions devoted to individual artists”

          2. of or for a particular person.

          “the individual needs of the, nice, and very necessary children”


          1. a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.

          informal –
          a person of a specified kind.
          synonyms: person, human being, mortal, soul, creature; man, boy, woman, girl,
          character, personage

          “boat trips on the river, with supper and many drinks for parties and individuals”

          2. a distinctive or original person.
          synonyms: individualist, free spirit, nonconformist, original, eccentric, character,
          maverick, rare bird.

          “the anthology is duly dedicated, to the math teacher who most encouraged him, to
          be an individual”

          Thusly Ali Baster I have unoxymoronized your sentence…voila’….don’t thank me, its ok.
          Glad to help! I’m afraid you have walked into a conversation that has been going on for number of years now. Sorry we can’t wait for you catch up.

          “A group is simply two or more ‘PEOPLE’ that have similar goals and purposes.”
          …ahh that better, nes’t ce pas.

          In the end Alabaster, groups diminish the individual…they take the shine out of his shilling.
          They bootstrap him into conforming, submissively to the needs of the many… *burp*…time for another whiskey.

    • @alabaster

      Interesting you say that. So, there’s a rover on Mars is there?

      The evidence overwhelmingly suggests not. Before talking about “generalisations”, you need to look at the “detail”.

  8. From Québec says:

    @ Michael:

    I think that you don’t realize that you are living in a group. You have a wife, childrens and grand childrens. A family is a group.

    I live alone, no husban, no childrens and of course, no grand childrens. So, I live as an individual.

    ” A group is simply two or more individuals [sic] that have similar goals and purposes.” – Alabaster

    I think that Alabaster is right.

    • @FQ
      Well of course you would you have an alterior motive to your reply. This petty pissing contest, it has become irritable.
      It sits there silently between the lines of what you write.

      I rarely see my children, they live far away from me. As an individual I belong to no groups. I have been involved with varying sizes of groups of people throughout my life.

      I am sure I am qualified and know what Jon means when he says ‘Individual’.
      I will not redundantly repeat what he has already said in his article…individual is a state of being, not living in a apartment alone, without a husband, without children or grandchildren. One can be in an apartment alone, and still not be an individual in the context of what we speak of here.

      Alabaster has mistook what Jon has said and sees it as a neophyte would. I choose to qualify.
      Individual is distinct when it used as an adjective…as compared to the noun.
      This argument with you breaks down to quickly to a matter of sematics. I choose not to do it anymore.

      “What does the individual have to offer? He has everything he is capable of doing, when he liberates himself from petty ideas and limitations about what he is. That journey of liberation is his own. It isn’t anybody else’s.” – JR

      And that quote I take personally.

  9. From Québec says:


    Michael, here is the proof:

    You once were offered to become a famous artist painter, but you had to move to New-York. Your wife and family did not want to move to New-York, you told us. Therefore, you have sacrificed your indivuduality for the the sake of your family, witch is a group.

    • Dimitri says:

      @From Quebec

      The individual is free to sacrifice options, possibilities, in order to keep others they consider more valuable. Being an individual means having freedom to choose your commitments to other people. It does not mean you have to exile yourself to a lone existence. We are talking about a state of mind here – do you cede all your choices to the group, or do you get to make the choices? No one says that these choices will always lead you to your ideal career. Your observations are far too simplistic.

      • From Québec says:

        “Your observations are far too simplistic” . (Dimitri.)

        You could be right. But, what puzzels me, is that I never met anyone who likes living alone. but myself. It’s a choice I made. As soon as someone wants to live with me, I run away. People always tell me, I don’t know how you can live alone, I couldn’t do it. They are so afraid of solitude, they need someone to survive, they need to belong to a group. I don’t and I am a very happy person, not one minute of boredom. Days. weeks. months and years go by so fast I can’t even believe it.

        • Dimitri says:

          I understand what you are talking about. I preferred to live alone before I married, and enjoyed the freedom and the solitude. Living with someone takes practice in setting boundaries, for them and for yourself. It can be difficult when you grow up in a family that is a “Group” (as I did), where you were expected to become well-adjusted to the family pattern of behavior, and no one was interested in your unique qualities. It was challenging for me to break that habit of feeling obligated to adjust to a group norm when sharing a household. Most other people blithely accept the Group dynamic when living with someone and give up their individuality in the process. Boredom then sets in, which I’m sure explains the high divorce rate.

          • From Québec says:

            Exactly! The problem is that you might be able to keep your individuality, but if the rest of the household doesn’t…. it’s game over.

        • @FQ
          “As soon as someone wants to live with me, I run away” – Quebec

          The above quote gives a lot of information Q. I could extrapolate all kinds things about that, but I won’t. But the important word is “Run”, not walk, exit, leave…which signifies flight. Therfore possibily you run because you cannot live with anyone.
          So is your individualism a chosen way of life, or the only thing that is left to you because you cannot live with others?
          This is the quality within individualism that I speak about. One can be an individual and still live in a marriage with other individuals.
          This is not meant as a dig at you or an insult. Simply as an observation Q.

          • From Québec says:

            No, I could easily live with people, I just don’t want to. I don’t know why all the men I meet wants to live with me, they are so dependants. I say men, because, I don’t know why, but 90% of my friends are men. Maybe it’s because I always worked with men all of my life. The last engineering firm I worked for, I was the only draft woman on a floor of 80 draftsmen. In a way, I get along better with men than women. I find we share a greater field of common interests.

            When I say I run away, it’s a way of speaking. In fact, I make it very clear to them, that I am not interested. If they understand, I keep them as friends. If they don’t understand, I avoid them. I don’t need friends who do not respect my will.

            I have a lot of good friends and that is enough for me. They are not a group, most of my friends do not know any of my other friends. I made friends on different occasions, childhood, working places, livings places, traveling places, etc.and kept them till now. I’ve always been very popular, I don’t know why, it’s just like that.. When my friends come to visit me, I am glad to see them, and when they leave, I am also glad.

            I am a very social person. I can easily engage into a conservation with every stranger I meet, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, black or white, I talk to everyone. I like people. But, I guess I love my freedom more.

            Does that makes me crazy or bad, Michael?

          • No not at all. Things are clearer now.

  10. Individuals in groups do not necessarily need “similar goals and purposes” as this has defeated systems of government that have been infiltrated by toxic individuals committed only to polluting the original mission.

    I concur with Mr Burns on this one, but it is far too early for whisky so I will sip tea instead.


    • @Teetotaler

      Do you like Kombucha Ozzie?

      • @MB

        Watch who you call teetotaller. I’ve nuttin’ agin’ the booze providin’ it’s fine wines or weak beers and maybe a drop o’ Drambuie at Christmas.

        Kombucha? Is there an antidote?

        Nah, seriously, looked it up. Ferment, effervescent tea. Sound’s interesting. Never tried it. Prolly don’t have it here. This is Australia you know!

        • No offence lad, I know you half leprechaun, and their hot tempered little bastards

          You are like me, nothing but the finest passes these lips; I’ll only drink Jameson Irish whiskey, raw, at room temperature, in a glass polished to shine like a diamond by the purest of heart. And its Jameson whiskey that goes into the glass Oz, never anymore than a fat-man’s finger worth, and that is on occasion..and being half leprechaun I’m sure you have an inkling of how its made? Tell me do they still use captured eunuched catholic priests to do the heavylifting in the distillery under that rath where ever is that the little people make the dam stuff Ozzie. Lol

          Kombucha is good for ya, you have to learn to make it yourself though… I usually fement it for about eight to ten days. Sometimes longer. You use a mushroom to fement the tea, and the mushroom infuses the finest ceylon green or black tea steeped in pure clean water; my wife uses mooncharged water with a little sugar to feed the mushroom. And the tea gains a probiotic that helps your digestive and urinary system. It lives symbiotically with the other flora and fauna in you gut and intestines; digesting sugars for you and helping with the uptake of minerals, and vitamins sort of like a mychorrhiza at the roots of a plant. A lot people are over burdened with Candida Albicans a yeast that makes a white scum on the tongue amongst other places.  It is a sign of a stressing immune system. Kombucha will combat it as well as boosting and supporting your immune system. And killing off other opportunistic organisms.

          I like pasta, but pasta is such a fast carb and so the kombucha will help with that..and it produces a natural carbonation that is good. If left long enough, say two weeks it will gain a tiny bit of alchohol. It great for you joints and the fungus combats disease, and aids an aging immune system. People with depression have found it helps greatly. I am really one hundred and fifty years old, but I look and feel like I am forty one. Actually every one around me my age are taking eight medications, and laxatives, and antipressants…well you get the picture. 

          There is all kinds of scare out there about it, but Ozzie the little scoby is a wonder.

          • @MB

            Make it a single malt & I might be tempted to split a bottle with you 😉

            As fer tea, me mam (bless her soul) sent me enough Lapsang Souchong to sink a ship &, if that weren’t enuff, there’s a big box of T2 “speciality flavours” for my first day back at the office with no one to drink ’em but me. Don’t see Kombucha tho’……maybe the God’s have it in store for me when I eventually reach the good ol’ US again….:)

          • There ya go now yer Irish is up. Yer ma sends ya tea, not socks and new underware?…there always worried about ya getting in accident and not havin clean underware. Ya notice that. I mean your arm could be falling off with yer head between yer feet at bottom of the stretcher, but as long as ya got clean underware going to the hospital yer alright.

            What are you coming to America soon? That’ll be good eh.

  11. From Québec says:

    “Well of course you would you have an alterior motive to your reply. This petty pissing contest, it has become irritable.
    It sits there silently between the lines of what you write. ” (Michael)

    Come on now Michael, don’t be so paranoid. There is no ulterior motives in my comments. I simply disagree with you on many subjects. Do you really think that everyone should think like you? I think as an individual, and as an individual, I thing differently than you do. If this is intolerable to you, I’m sorry, but I’ll keep saying what I think, regardless of what other people think.

    • @FQ
      Too funny….ahahahah.
      You insult my intelligence, I am not paranoid, I am astute if anything.
      I have no problem with your beliefs, but the constant about Trump and Alex Jones is getting irritating to me. Do you realize that you have drank the whole jug of koolaid.
      So…I present another side of that bastard that you have not looked at or refuse to look at. I have no stake in this, I have nothing to gain or loose in enlightening you to another side of Donald Trump.
      But I dislike that your comments to me in return are usually ad hominem…because?
      And honestly I intuit that you are threatened in some way by those remarks about Donald Trump, and that is simply weird.
      Anyways this is not my website and this banter is irrelevant to the subject matter; I will do my best to stay out of your way in the future.

      • From Québec says:

        In a way, what you are saying is that: The gullible leftist voted for Obama, and now you think that the gullible right will vote Trump. If I sum it up, you think that ALL Americans are gullible idiots. I don’t think so.

        The best brains in the USA are all for Trump. I sincerely think he can stop the destruction of America. He really likes his country. I hope he wins!

        • @FQ

          I cannot resist two more humble cents at that….

          Donald Trump is what America deserves. He should win if the system is fair, because he has stepped up to the plate and responded to all the questions in a “corporately responsible fashion” (what the hell did everyone expect? another fake Messiah? Colonel Sanders?)

          That’s the picture. This, in my opinion, is the practice:

          “The Donald” will successfully turn the toilet into a sewer. Read into that as you will. Remember, I am being satirical (as always). Michael is right, right, right, but he is an exceptional Irish-American and if all Americans had his virtuous will to win, Trump wouldn’t get a look in.

          But, we both know, dear FQ, that Americans are Americans and that’s why “The Donald” has successfully negotiated the frying pan to the fire without a scar and “should” take the reigns after next election.

        • Don’t be putting words in my mouth now.
          I don’t believe such a thing about ALL Americans. I believe Trump will start a world war. America does needs some fixin.
          They need a quieter head, he is to much of a hothead. If he is voted into power, terrorism will come home and roost in America. And they never be free of it. he will use nuclear weapons in Syria.

          They need a kinder gentler hand, they need a strong diplomat, they need someone to bridge the gap from the animosity created by the past administrations and the Arab world. They need to prosecute those who created that atmosphere.
          They need to control Zionist Israel, and put them in their place, and join with stateman like Putin.
          They need to control addictive consumerism. They need to reinstall Glass- Steagall, and the anti-trust laws, they need to take personhood away from a corporation. They need a currency that is backed by gold, that has a value.
          They need to split up monopolys, and take the Fed back, they need a leader to inspire a nation to stand up and stop feeling sorry for themselves, get some exercise, stop taking so many medications, and start playing with their children again; and be proud and creative and individual and loving and caring and sharing. And not being afraid of the world, or to fail or being right all the time
          They need to undo this Nazi homeland idealism…and in a sense, a greater sense the America that we know needs to be destroyed, at present it seems hell bent on destroying the world if it can’t have hegemony over the rest of the world. They need to recognize sovereignty, and inspire distinction in all lands. They need to make technology the servant man, not the other way round.
          But that’s pretending that the POTUS actually has power, and is not some sock puppet for a shadow government.
          They need to take the Rockefellas, and Rothchilds and Carniges and whoever else, and put them in the dustbin of history.
          The way to understanding a modern America is through the likes of the Dulles Brothers, especially Allen Dulles.
          The dark seeds that he planted have taken root and are strong plants now, the CIA, NSA, the military industrial Complex. The Corruption in government.
          The America that you wish will destroy everything if it is not the ruling global power.

          • Ah, wise words Michael

            & I can tell you this fer nuttin’….there’s a few in that cook pot called Israel that are none too impressed with that Zionist fanaticism. In fact, there’s so much discordance internally (amongst those with the “fingers in the pie”) that the pressure cooker could explode any mo’ (just between you, me and the gatepost).

            Perhaps that’s why they’ve set the “deadline” for 2017 (I reckons October, personally).

            Did you know that America became a “Republic” just about almost precisely 300 years after Chrissie Columbus “discovered” the place by accident and France too. What’s in store for 2092 is my question? Tell me that mystic Michael?

          • 2092…everybody will in beige plaid.
            People will be changing their hair color every month. One month everbody…and I mean everybody, will be red-heads, then next month mousey brown.
            Google glass 16 will have just be released; Monsanto will have come up with a new flavour of carrot…banana.
            The most popular Reality TV program will be, “Who want be the POTUS for a next four years.”
            And coincidentally the first winner will be Donald Trump’s great, great grand-son.
            Blue will be the new pink that year.
            Advancements in genes therapy will give people the power to change their genetics; and the most popular change will be hermaphrodite, so people will be able to screw themselves.
            The first robot union will be formed and robots will demand an eight hour day, and a four-day work week; voting rights, and benefits…and free lubrication stations all over the planet. Rust never sleeps ya know.
            Christopher Columbus’s great-great-great-great-great…gareat grandson will discover that dust bunnies are actually not a species of the genus mammalia Leporidae rabbitus, but are closer to Bugs Bunny.
            Advancements in geo-engineering will enable a new form of art to arise, inspiring floods of colege (that is not a mispeling, as double consonants are considered a micro-aggression in coleges in 2092) students to become weather artists. Who knew you could make fluorescent pink clouds like cotton candy, and make it rain orange juice. Enabling the average citizens to fly up to those clouds in their new hover SUV’s and chow down on that wacky new pink stuf.
            In 2092 cat owners after a decades long battle will finally get personhood for their felines.
            In 2092 chickens through genetic engineering will have legs the size of ostriches, giving way to an original dinner treat at the ‘New’ and improved KFC franchises, inspiring the “Fred and Barney Rubble Memorial special dinner”.
            In 2092, people will have to comply with the new breathing laws and will be limited to precise number of breaths everyday. Anything over that number will be carbon taxed; enabling Professors of co2 to be more accurate in their computer models of the atmospheric co2. Which has been brought down through carbon capture and the new improved carbon tax laws to roughly 50ppm.

          • Haha, Michael

            It sounds like my “predictions” in

            are not a million miles off the mark.

  12. From Québec says:

    To Ozzy and Michael:

    Oh boy! You and I are not getting the same information and are not having the same feeling. I’m not bragging, but I’ve always been right on your last Presidents.

    Why do you think that the Establishment is against Trump?
    Remember, the Establishement was for Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes.

    That should tell you somerthing. And by the way, Putin is also for Trump, together, they will avoid WW3. Trump is a good negociator, have you read his book: The Art of the Deal?

    Trump has also a lot of good Muslim friends. The peaceful Muslims are for him. Last week, Alex Jones met with Louis Farrakhan:

    Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to limit Muslims entering the United States has attracted support from an unlikely ally – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

    Louis Farrakhan Agrees With Donald Trump on Refugees

    Also take the time to listen to this video:

    How The Elite Plan To Steal The Election From Trump

    • Louis Farrakhan and the The Nation of Islam; should I speak about the corruption of the organization. Should I inform you about Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, the latter being an extremely corrupt individual.
      Malcolm X was undermined by Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan and the NOI, and, is highly suspect in Malcolm X’s assassination. There are those that said Elijah Muhammad made a deal with feds on the misinterpretation of MX remarks about the Kennedy assassination. And they have been corrupt ever since.

      How about that the NOI is on the same level as TV christian evangelism. A money-making operation, that took advantage of mass black awakening and disillusionment with the American Dream.

      Or lets talk about membership; in total there are maybe Twenty to Fifty thousand members of the NOI. And in the recent political climate, Islam is not very popular to say the least about it; I would imagine a majority of that aged members are keeping a low profile now.

      How much influence politically is the NOI for Donald Trump? Even if he does embrace NOI.
      In today anti-muslim America. I would imagine he will distance himself from Farrakhan, rather than risk being touted as hypocrite by the more radical aspect of his following,  unless he is to use him for some clandestine back room thing. Which I can’t think of what that could be, what would be of benefit to Donald. It seems to me to reject Farrakhan would be more beneficial to him. As Farrakhan has been a thorn in ass of the Feds since the beginning of NOI. Now is the climate to rid America of such a nuisance.

      The NOI is by nature a anti-white organization, as matter fact the NOI has refered to Whites, American whites as “Devils”.

      How can this be possibly of any use?

      “According to a 2010 study, it [Islam] is followed by 0.9% of the population, compared to 70.6% who follow Christianity, 22.8% unaffiliated, 1.9% Judaism, 0.7% Buddhism, and 0.7% Hinduism.[1][2] According to new estimate in 2016 there are 3.3 million Muslim living in the United States and comprise about 1% of the total U.S. population.”- wiki

      Farrakhan is feeling like Gaddafi right before the fall of Libya, and I am sure getting closer to the Donald might save his own bacon and a faltering NOI, possibly a persecuted NOI, hearing the Trump spout of about sending them all back, closing down the borders must be sarin the hell out him his membership.

      In regards to Alex Jones in his opening statement on the video he claimed, “What is going to happen if we don’t vote in the likes of a Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.”

      Is his singular support for Trump flagging a bit? Is he starting to realize, that the Donald is actually what he has been fighting all along.
      Trump could not even get it right with the Iranian quabble about the two US boats.
      At Kerry had the good sense to apologize and not allow it to escalate out of control
      Kerry is more suited to be thePOTUS than Trump.

    • Of course Putin is for Trump, dearest FQ,

      He’s the NWO “Plan B”.

      No need to fret, we are in the same place re: “the Donald”, in different ways. America DESERVES him….

      & Michael, when that happens…..for God’s sake emigrate…back to the fair Isle,

      nay too close,

      Isn’t there a trip to Mars on the horizon? Book in with haste……;)

      Alternatively maybe FQ’s got an inconspicuous coal shed she can lease out to you. I doubt Trump knows where Canada is.

      P.S. You know the NOI was reputedly “founded” by a swash bucklin’ New Zealander and Prohibition drug runner. These important blacks have terrible memories.

  13. From Québec says:

    Oh Boy! You really found a way not to understand anything.
    So, I will not waste my time trying to make you understand the situation here.

    “Don’t worry, be happy, nothing to see here!

    • If this is true, FQ & I struggle to believe it, then you have AT LAST matured.

      You can never MAKE someone understand anything, but you can INDOCTRINATE. Perhaps it is you that needs to your own capacity to “understand” as such a gap in comprehension has emerged.

      Sarcasm aside, it seems to me, as a humble, “happy” person, that your proclivities towards “agendas” have clouded anything that might eventually summarise the truth…..peace

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