TPP death pool: more pharmaceutical destruction is coming

More pharmaceutical destruction is coming to your door.

US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada…

by Jon Rappoport

May 31, 2015

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“After any agreement is achieved between high-level criminals, there are two basic phases. First, conflicts arise, and the settlements are crude and sometimes painful. Second, the criminal parties realize, like the ‘gentlemen’ they are, that the jackpot they are sharing is big enough for everyone. So they unify their stance. They focus in on their real target: the public.” —The Underground, Jon Rappoport

Question: “Who said that drug was safe? Where did that assessment come from? People are dropping like flies.”

Answer: “We all said it was safe. Remember? All twelve members of the TPP. We all agreed. So now we have to stick to our guns. Admit nothing. Keep your mouth shut.”

This “trade treaty,” the TPP, will, if passed, eventually morph into a close-knit international collective of government agencies that collaborate on medical-drug “safety.”

Translation: the US FDA and Health Canada, and the Australian TGA, and the New Zealand MEDSAFE, and the medical regulatory agencies of Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru will: declare dangerous drugs to be safe. Together. On behalf of the corporations who manufacture them.

When a massive global agency, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is actually a criminal organization, it enjoys special benefits, not the least of which is freedom from prosecution.

Now you’re talking about real power. Now you’re talking about the Wild West, in terms of the license to commit crimes.

Except, with such agencies, it all looks very organized, very legitimate, very sober, very corporate. The crazy outlaws wear suits and cut their hair. They carry briefcases and write reports. They don’t chew tobacco and spit the juice on the street. They don’t stagger out of saloons and fire their guns in the air.

They have workable relationships with the press. They’re faceless. They gnaw away at populations from the inside.

Among other corporate benefits, the TPP will allow pharmaceutical companies to extend the life of patents on drugs. And those drugs will be exported and imported, from country to country, with far less oversight re their destructive health effects, because, in phase one, drug companies will be able to sue governments, in private tribunals, for “restraint of free trade,” when the specter of drug-dangers is raised and drug-imports are refused and turned away.

“We, the government of Canada, don’t want to accept drug X from company Y in Japan. They may think drug X is safe, but we don’t.”

“Too bad. If you don’t accept it, we, company Y in Japan, will sue you in a private tribunal, and we’ll win, and you’ll have to pay enormous damages…”

Yes, that’s how things will work under the TPP, in phase one. But soon enough, in phase two, the government regulatory agencies in the 12 TPP countries will become unified. They will simply rubber-stamp new medical drugs together. And say the drugs are safe. It’s easier that way. Less conflict. Fewer disputes.

Killer effects of the drugs? Of course; but “not a problem.”

In case you haven’t noticed, modern medicines are a leading cause of death, wherever they are used widely.

Case in point. One out of hundreds. Vioxx, a drug to treat pain and arthritis.

Manufacturer: Merck. Approved by the US FDA as safe and effective in 1999. Before it was withdrawn from the market in 2004, Merck pocketed in the vicinity of $12.5 billion in global sales.

Finally, after 10,000 individual suits were filed against Merck, and 190 class-actions, and a 2010 US federal case, Merck paid out roughly $8 billion in judgments.

Once Vioxx was taken off the market, it was revealed it had caused between 88,000 and 140,000 cases of heart disease—and between 30 and 40 percent of these cases were probably fatal. These are very conservative estimates.

How had that mass destruction happened? In America it was through the efforts of the US FDA, the agency responsible for certifying medicines as safe and effective before they are released for public use.

I mention the FDA because, once it decides a drug is safe and effective, the US company that manufactures it can, under the TPP, demand that every other TPP country accept that judgment as well.

For instance, if the US FDA claimed Vioxx was safe, then Merck, the US company that manufactured it, could sell it to the 12-member countries of the TPP, and if there were any government refusals on the grounds of safety, Merck could sue the refusing government in a secret corporate court and win. Even though Vioxx is deadly. That’s phase one activity.

And again, in phase two, this corrosive “conflict resolution” would eventually give way to a much more basic collusion—all health agencies of all TPP member countries would get together and say, “Let’s not have these disputes. Too messy. Too abrasive. Let’s all automatically agree on the safety of new drugs. Even when they’re not safe.”

For a preview of how that international system will work, let’s see how one current agency, the FDA, operates in the area of drug safety. Let’s see how it acts on behalf of its actual clients, the pharmaceutical giants.

Enter David Graham. He was an FDA researcher. He had studied the effects of Vioxx.

USA Today reported (10/12/2004, “How did Vioxx debacle happen?”):

“Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, says the FDA was worse than passive. Investigators for the Senate Finance Committee, which Grassley chairs, met Thursday with FDA researcher David Graham, lead scientist on a study presented in August at a medical meeting in France.

“The study, an analysis of a database of 1.4 million Kaiser Permanente members, found that those who took Vioxx were more likely to suffer a heart attack or sudden cardiac death than those who took Celebrex, Vioxx’s main rival. Based on their findings, Graham and his collaborators linked Vioxx to more than 27,000 heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths nationwide from the time it came on the market in 1999 through 2003.

“Graham told the finance committee investigators that the FDA was trying to block publication of his findings, Grassley said in a statement. “Dr. Graham described an environment where he was ‘ostracized,’ ‘subjected to veiled threats’ and ‘intimidation,’ ” Grassley said. Graham gave Grassley copies of e-mail that appear to support his claims that his [FDA] superiors suggested watering down his conclusions.”

Well, Graham had a lot more to say, and he said it to Manette Loudon, lead investigator for Gary Null, in an exclusive interview:

MANETTE: Has anyone tried to silence you and stop you from becoming a whistleblower?

DR. GRAHAM: Prior to my Senate testimony [re Vioxx] in mid-November of 2004, there was an orchestrated campaign by senior level FDA managers to intimidate me so that I would not testify before Congress. This intimidation took several forms. One attack came from our acting Center Director who contacted the editor of the Lancet, the prestigious medical journal in the United Kingdom, and intimated to the editor that I had committed scientific misconduct and that they shouldn’t publish a paper that I had written showing that Vioxx increases the risks of heart attack. This high-level FDA official never talked to me about this allegation. He just went directly to the Lancet.

The second attack was from other high level FDA officials who contacted Senator Grassley’s office and attempted to prevent Senator Grassley and his staff from supporting me and calling me as a witness. They knew that if they could disarm Senator Grassley that would neutralize me.

The third attack came from senior FDA officials who contacted Tom Devine, my attorney at the Government Accountability Project, and attempted to convince him that he should not represent me because I was guilty of scientific misconduct; I was a bully; a demigod; and a terrible person that couldn’t be trusted. These people were posing as whistleblowers themselves ratting on another whistleblower. Some of these senior level FDA officials were in my supervisory chain and are people I work for. They were involved in a coordinated attempt to discredit me and to smear my name and to prevent me from giving testimony.

There’s one other thing that happened the week before I testified [before Senator Grassley’s Committee]. The Acting Commissioner of the FDA invited me to his office and offered me a job in the Commissioner’s Office to oversee the revitalization of drug safety for the FDA if I would just leave the Office of Drug Safety and come to the Commissioner’s Office. Obviously he had been tipped off by people in the Senate Finance Committee who are sympathetic to the FDA’s status quo that I was going to be called as a witness. To preempt that, he offers me this job, which basically would have been exile to a fancy title with no real ability to have an impact. This was a conspiracy and it was coordinated and there was collaboration among senior level FDA officials. What a mess!

—End interview excerpt—

My, my.

Let’s switch gears, and hear from another FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Cavanagh. He gave a stunning interview to Martha Rosenberg at (July 20, 2012, “Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation, and Marginalization of Safety”). Here are a few choice excerpts from his comments:

“…widespread [FDA] racketeering, including witness tampering and witness retaliation.”

“I was threatened with prison.”

“One [FDA] manager threatened my children… I was afraid that I could be killed for talking to Congress and criminal investigators.”

Cavanagh reviewed new drug applications made to the FDA by pharmaceutical companies. He was one of the holdouts at the Agency who insisted that the drugs had to be safe and effective before being released to the public.

But honest appraisal wasn’t part of the FDA culture, and Cavanagh swam against the tide, until he realized his life and the life of his children were on the line.

What was his covert task at the FDA supposed to be? “Drug reviewers were clearly told not to question drug companies and that our job was to approve drugs,” Cavanagh said. In other words, rubber stamp them. Say the drugs were safe and effective when they were not.

Cavanagh’s revelations are astonishing. He recalls a meeting where a drug-company representative flat-out stated that his company had paid the FDA for a new-drug approval. Paid for it. As in bribe.

*****He remarks that the drug pyridostigmine, given to US troops to prevent the effects of nerve gas, “actually increased the lethality” of certain nerve agents.

Cavanagh recalls being given records of safety data on a drug—and then his bosses told him which sections not to read. Obviously, they knew the drug was dangerous and they knew exactly where, in the reports, that fact would be revealed.

We are not dealing with isolated incidents of cheating and lying. We are not dealing with a few isolated bought-off FDA employees. The situation at the FDA isn’t correctable with a few firings. This is an ongoing criminal enterprise.

power outside the matrix

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As I’ve reported many times in these pages, a landmark review, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000, clearly states that FDA-approved drugs kill 106,000 Americans per year. (Author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, “Is US health really the best in the world”)

This adds up to one million deaths per decade.

In a 2009 interview, Dr. Starfield told me her figures were on the conservative side. She also told me, emphatically, that since publishing her review in 2000, no federal agency had approached her for help in remedying this decimation of human life, and she was aware of no government program aimed at an overall solution.

How can the FDA routinely approve medical drugs as safe and effective, when they kill, at a minimum, 100,000 Americans a year?

The excerpts from the interviews above explain how, quite clearly.

Also realize that this death toll indicates, without question, widespread and endemic fraud in medical journals, which, like clockwork, publish studies that praise and exonerate the drugs.

Which is why, Dr. Marcia Angell, who, for 20 years, was an editor of one of the most prestigious journals in the world, The New England Journal of Medicine, published this statement:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Marcia Angell, MD, “Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption.” NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009.)

So…with the TPP Treaty passed and ratified, you can expect, in phase two, a much larger bureaucracy, among the 12 member nations, to push for and insist on release of medical drugs that kill and maim. The FDA and its culture will multiply into a de facto 12-nation TPP agency. All for the sake of “free trade.”

The TPP is global government of, by, and for mega-corporations. And one elite class of corporation is pharmaceutical.

This is why people everywhere must expose the dangers of medical drugs and insist on the freedom to refuse medication.

The naïve faith in the overall safety of drugs is by way of mind control. People think all is well because the opposite conclusion is too horrifying to contemplate. It would topple too many idols. It would bring down foundational pillars of Reality.

Yes, and that process of thought/faith is how mass mind control works.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

36 comments on “TPP death pool: more pharmaceutical destruction is coming

  1. theodorewesson says:

    In “Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation” — in Jon’s Power Outside The Matrix collection (, Jon writes the following in an article titled “Ebola for alert minds: the art of the covert narrative”:

    “When a researcher or an investigator suspects he is looking at an artificial narrative, a storyline that is floated to achieve a hidden agenda, he has to deal with one overriding question:

    “How deep does he want to go, in order to root out the potential lies and false material? Into how basic a level of the narrative does he want to cut, to see what leaks out?”

    Jon has cut very deep into the basic a level of the TTP and TTIP narrative, indeed.

  2. theodorewesson says:

    “I want my Obamacare! I want my Obamacare! Well, you’ve got it.”

    It is almost like the Obamacare — and the bloated bureaucracy that comes with it, was a needed precursor of TTP and TTIP…

  3. theodorewesson says:

    “…and the medical regulatory agencies of Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru will…”


    “And would you like a side order of Sharia Law with your TPP today, sir?”

    Brunei adopts sharia law amid international outcry
    By Arshiya Khullar, for CNN
    Thu May 1, 2014

    Sultan of Brunei unveils strict sharia penal code
    Fines and jail terms for offences such as indecency and failure to attend Friday prayers, with future penalties to include flogging and death by stoning
    Agence France-Presse in Brunei
    Wednesday 30 April 2014

  4. swo8 says:

    Dr. Chopra put it all in his book “Corrupt to the Core”.

  5. 10 Tools Needed By Globalists In Final Run At One World Government

    Tool # 5 Secret global trade agreements

  6. From Québec says:

    This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America’s Senators To Fast Track Obama’s TPP Bill


    “Using data from the Federal Election Commission, the chart below (based on data from the following spreadsheet) shows all donations that corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP made to US Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate.

    The result: it took a paltry $1.15 million in bribes to get everyone in the Senate on the same page. And the biggest shocker: with a total of $195,550 in “donations”, or more than double the second largest donor UPS, was none other than Goldman Sachs.”

  7. ramolad says:

    Reblogged this on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and commented:
    Reblogged from Jon Rappoport’s blog: Connecting the links between the secretive TPP, the big multi-nationals behind it, the pharmaceutical corporations, deadly drugs that kill, and the sadly corrupt FDA, which approves these drugs.

  8. From Québec says:

    Reblogged this on Prison

  9. Theodore says:

    Obama’s Push for Trade Deal Faces Bipartisan Peril in House


    MAY 31, 2015

    “By contrast, most Republicans conceptually side with President Obama, contending that the forces of globalization are inevitable and that trade deals like the T.P.P. will help open foreign markets to American goods and services. They support the White House’s effort to forge deals that protect intellectual property from theft and promote investor rights through strong international rules, which are seen as crucial to expanding opportunities for a wide range of American industries, including aircraft, entertainment, HARMACEUTICALS and insurance.” (emphasis added)


    “I understand economics. I understand comparative advantage. I understand livestock producers in Ohio who want to sell [even more] pork in Japan,” said an exasperated Mr. Jordan [Republican of Ohio and leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus], whose vote could influence a dozen or more conservatives. “But I’ve got a real problem here.”

    Here is the source for “I understand livestock producers in Ohio who want to sell [even more] pork in Japan” — that the NYT writer forgot to link to:

    Grassley and Ag Reject Japan’s TPP Offer

  10. ozziethinker says:

    Let’s review that “plan” again. Jon.

    The industrialists create more and more pollution and nasty, toxic, noxious, chemicals to bung at the atmosphere. These create more and more diseases mostly caused by “viruses” (which are represented by common malformations of cells depending on which “virus”).

    Okay, then the hunt is on for the “cure” to these pollution-caused aliments – “viruses”.

    Agenda A

    Create something that actually makes things worse; weakens the immune system causing a “cash crop” of living dead people in need medical support. All those medication “mistakes” can be blamed on new, rarer causes, no matter how bizarre. People will suck it up if the major networks play ball (which they will)

    Agenda B

    Create good medication that alleviate symptoms without solving the problem. The billionaires put themselves up as propaganda. How may had/have “cancer”? “Oh yeah, we’re the same as you,” they say with that hissing tongues, “All we want is the cure”. Is there any PROOF of Buffet’s “cancer”? Fake death, reassigned identity? No problem!

    Sure some may have genuine ailments such as Steve Jobs but he was a thorn in the side of the NWO in my opinion and that’s why he was let go. It’s clear they intend to dismantle Apple at some point.

    Good corporate slaves that toe the line will be kept alive while they are useful eaters. The rest will be cast aside and ignored/forgotten. Anyone that bucks the system will have medical “privileges” taken away. I think that will include cannabis oil, scalar waves and all sorts of other freaky stuff at some point, but it will only be available for the “A stream”..


  11. From Québec says:

    Oh Boy! We are in deep troubles. See this amazing video done by Rex Jones (son of Alex Jones). He is asking people on the street about TPP.

    Must watch.

    Liberals Think TPP is A Conspiracy Theory .

  12. Greg O. says:

    Most of the people that I know don’t have the least bit of curiosity about the world around them. And then they tell how bad of a citizen I am for not voting in Presidential elections. I used to ask them why they voted for their candidate of choice. They would tell me things like: “I just think he seems a really good guy”. This is very often the extent of their due diligence when it comes to their vetting of the candidates. Some of the independent news sites that I follow have given up on trying to educate people to the dangers of globalism and have shifted their attention to the issue of SURVIVING globalism.

    • @ Greg O
      You still vote? Too funny.

      Where you not the least bit curious how little G Wya wrangling Kerry into a head lock in his last term. KERRY OWNED FLORIDA. Kerry was taken into the backroom and told how it was gonna be…oh…and then they gave him a cush job and a face lift. Face like a baby’s ass now. Add to that placenta soup and the adedote and he’ll live to a be hundred.

      “You got a chip in the big game now John…now listen John, you hang on that now you can use it down the line…”

      A must see…from RT and Greg Palast voting integrity….does your vote really count?…is it really counted?
      Democratic voting is a hoax foax

      “Democracy: two wolves and a lamb talkin about what their going to have for dinner.”

      • Greg Osborne says:

        @ Michael Burns

        I specifically said that I DON”T vote in presidential elections. I think most of the people on this forum know that presidential candidates do not even get nominated in this country unless he/she has been vetted, groomed and paid for by the ruling elite.

        Local elections? Yes, I think there is still hope for politicians at the local and even state level. However, once they’ve entered the cesspool that is the District of Corruption, they have automatically sold out the voters and their own souls. If they DON’T sell out, they go home after one term.

        Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show was telling a hilarious story last night of the time he took his wife and son to visit their Congressman in Washington DC. They showed up dressed in their vacation clothes — while the whole waiting area was overrun by lobbyists in business suits. Apparently, they looked like the Griswolds pulling up to Wally World from the movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation. But he said the staffers treated his family like royalty. He thinks the reason for this was that the office staff was so used to dealing with lobbyist-slime that it was nice change just to be able to serve actual members of the electorate — real people! The fact that they were only serving them coffee and donuts takes some of the warm fuzzies out of the experience, but it was a nice story all the same.

        The culture of corruption is too far ingrained, it is not going anywhere. You can’t “vote the rascals out!” as Carroll Quigley stated (facetiously) in his book, Tragedy and Hope. I won’t even bother typing out MY solution for the oozing pustule that is Capitol Hill (and beyond). That kind of talk can get you in serious trouble these days.

        • Sorry misread G…you’ve read Quigley. Great stuff.
          I think his T&H should be the high water mark in University Philosophy…there’s a laugh…those days are gone never to return, when a student actually thought for him/herself.

          I was watching a interview of George Clooney on Jorge…and about his pledging his support for the Hillster, the first woman prez…and it all became clear. Clooney backing the pretentious feminist hawk, Hollywood couldn’t have written a finer script. I think they should make it into a movie first, then release the book and t-shirts.
          We are in for a shit storm.

          Clooney will be running for Gubernatorial in California.
          They have been grooming the bastard for a while. Keeping him and his ego of twitter with his rehearsed speech about that very subject (actors on twitter).

          Ya think G Wya was mad.

      • ozziethinker says:


        Excellent sentiment as usual.

        I have always wondered what would happen if no one voted (other than the corrupt “whip masters”). Would the lying, cheatin’ Medias concoct some result that supposed the turnout was “about normal”?

        There is a bubbling disenfranchisement of faith in government here. Yes, at my local bowling club, they are all glued to the goggle box(es), but when you pry individuals individually, ALL have different gripes (many unfair) about the effectiveness of the system, the value of “order”. It really is broken but not in a way that would make us thinking folks happy. I do not see a spiritual revolution happening any time soon without an intervention (even in light of the interesting “change in direction” of the Catholic quarter). Global segregation is the only way things will work.

        If the powers continue with the global federalisation and “bleaching” of free expression/plausible reaction, the hatred will galvanise and implode into chaos.

        • Touch’e…my sentiments exactly. This forced March towards Globalism has been ill thought. The stepping stone.
          The move to the eventual Type 1 civilization is being derailed by their own greed of money and power. The competition for the top will be fierce. It will taje a new human. A GMO’ed human.

          Then finding it necessary for absolute efficiency and no waste in order to gain the power needed to reach for the harnessed power of the Sun is enormous. Without that power we are extinct.
          But with this built in obselesence and fast spiral down into dystopia of the creative mind and and will only lead to the evironment biting back…bad. They have lost their vision and so chaos is the real return on their investment. The system is about to canabalize itself and isn’t going to look good.
          Type 1 civilizations are built on truth…only.

          • “I have always wondered what would happen if no one voted…” -ozzie

            I had extrapolated that from the Kennedy assassination forward there had been no free vote in America. Just varying degrees of corruption…and deal making.
            They shot him (Kennedy) because of the many things he was going to changed, he would not tow their line. He was the last president of the United States of America Incorporated.
            America has never been the same. There has been nobody since.
            Nixon actually started believing his own bullshit…that’s when they rubbed him out
            When Reagan the McCarthy rat hit the Whitehouse…I understood.
            They have played the movie star, the town idiot, a black man. Now it’s a womans turn. The next prez after killary will be Gilligan, but more than likely Bill “exterminator corn” Gates.

          • Greg Osborne says:

            “They shot him (Kennedy) because of the many things he was going to changed, he would not tow their line. He was the last president of the United States of America Incorporated. America has never been the same.”

            Agreed. Kennedy and his brother were a major burr under the Globalists’ saddle. They needed to make a major statement over who was really in charge of this country and they did.

            For a long time through the Seventies, Eighties, I dismissed Kennedy’s relevance to the American presidency as nothing more than empty, pretty-boy sound and fury. That is until I actually read something other than controlled outlets like Time Magazine and the rest of the mainstream publishers.

            How sad it is that we have to judge a president’s worth by his downfall at the hands of the Overlords.

  13. aries712001 says:

    Thanks a lot Jon, but nevertheless I still enjoy hearing about your fabulous informative notes, yes it is all coming down and I can’t wait for the end maybe it realy truly reveal someting wonderful for all humans left on planet earth.  Jackie ONeil

  14. jake says:

    does anyone remember the FDA approved olestra, and the multi billion dollar marketing. bleed out your butt

  15. Hence, more and more,

    We find that “money” really is the grease for the wheels of the political machine!

  16. A.B. says:

    To follow happenings in the African Diaspora, check out the promising solutions outlined in the proceedings from the 4th African Regulatory Conference held in Dakar, Senegal. Posting at:

  17. m says:

    Death penalty [if duly convicted] for treason [by a jury].

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