The CDC: mind control on a vast scale

The CDC: mind control on a vast scale

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2015

“Mind control has one basic purpose: the construction of false Reality. The embedding of false Reality to such an extent that it seems absurd to question it or even notice it. Purple and pink raccoons? Of course there are purple and pink raccoons. Why do you even bring it up? Without purple and pink raccoons, the world as we know it would collapse.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

In recent articles (see here and here), I’ve been pointing out that the current “measles outbreak” is a CDC fabrication.

On and off, since 1987, I’ve been following the CDC and its astonishing trail of lies. Lying is its business.

Here is yet another example—-

Once upon a time, the CDC claimed that roughly 36,000 people in the US died every year from the flu. Media sources parroted this figure over and over.

Lately, the CDC has chosen to change that estimate. It’s now between 3,000 and 49,000 flu deaths per year. That’s quite a loose range. Why does the CDC now waffle so egregiously?

Perhaps because they’ve been exposed…

In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?”, which spelled out a delusion and created tremors throughout the halls of the CDC.

Here is a quote from Doshi’s report:

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”

You see, the CDC had created one category that combined flu and pneumonia deaths. Why did they do this? Because they self-servingly assumed that the pneumonia deaths were complications stemming from the flu.

This is an absurd assumption. Pneumonia has a number of causes. But even worse, in all the flu deaths, only 18 were traced directly to a flu virus.

Therefore, the CDC could not say, with assurance, that more than 18 people died of the flu in 2001.

(Note: In several articles, I erred and reported “18 flu cases in 2001” instead of “18 flu deaths in 2001”.)

Doshi continues his assessment of published CDC flu-death statistics:

“Between 1979 and 2001, [CDC] data show an average of 1348 [flu] deaths per year (range 257 to 3006).”

However, as Doshi showed from the year 2001, the CDC actually finds the flu virus in a tiny proportion of people who are estimated to have died from the flu. So the CDC range of flu deaths—257 to 3006—is much, much lower when lab confirmation is required. And confirmation needs to be required, unless hocus-pocus guesswork is sufficient.

To the overwhelming percentage of Americans, the idea that only 18 people were positively identified as flu deaths in a year is staggering.

It’s so staggering, they reject it. It must be wrong. It has to be wrong. If it isn’t wrong…

A pillar of reality collapses.

The Matrix Revealed

And we’re not just talking about a Brian Williams pillar of reality or a went-to-war-for-the-wrong-reason pillar of reality. We’re not just talking about the CIA lying or the NSA lying or the President lying.

No. We’re talking about a medical pillar collapsing.

And the medical cartel is the modern Church of Reality. It has its priests in white coats and its CDC bishops and its ceaseless propaganda about an “overwhelming concern for the well-being of humanity.”

Therefore, when many people read this, when they see that only 18 flu deaths in America were confirmed in the year 2001, it doesn’t register at all in their minds.

It’s invisible.

This isn’t “cognitive dissonance.” It’s much, much deeper. It’s “I never read that.” “I don’t remember reading that.” “18 confirmed flu deaths in one year? I never heard of that.”

Mind control par excellence.

It’s on the order of half a major city disappearing overnight and the citizens saying, “Of course, nothing disappeared. How could anything disappear?”

Going even deeper, there are two factors at work here. One, a person’s stubborn refusal to reject reality as he receives it; and two, his refusal to invent a better reality to replace the one that has just crumbled and vanished.

Those two factors underlie the success of mind control.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

23 comments on “The CDC: mind control on a vast scale

  1. From Québec says:

    “Going even deeper, there are two factors at work here. One, a person’s stubborn refusal to reject reality as he receives it; and two, his refusal to invent a better reality to replace the one that has just crumbled and vanished.
    Those two factors underlie the success of mind control.”

    Your conclusion just nailed it! Especially for the second factor. There is nothing else to add here.

  2. Mind control of a whole citizen population; “How can that be?” The now captive and controlled and regulated press follows the same line fed to them, it’s; “Repeat after me”. Again; “Repeat after me”! Again, and again! Since lies are repeated all according to scripted, written, and scientifically falsely documented, easy to follow line by line– lies become truth, and truth becomes lies, or so imagined by a trained go along to get along populace.

    WE, as a majority, are mind controlled. The rest of, US, assumed to be in the minority, who question and suspect something is rotten as a three skyscrapers, on the same day before dinner time, falling into their own footprints, passenger jets or not striking them– are ranked with those parents (declared as nuts) who question the safety of vaccines. Yes, the WE group of citizens have become victims as bleating sheep, eyes wide open, led to slaughter. Yes, the US group will one day be led to holding pens awaiting the decisions of the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld– conspirators of the first deadly degree!

  3. middleway says:

    “And the medical cartel is the modern Church of Reality. It has its priests in white coats and its CDC bishops and its ceaseless propaganda about an “overwhelming concern for the well-being of humanity.””
    This thinly veiled religiosity is the key to understanding the entire materialistic medical / pharmaceutical charade. Do you believe in magic?

  4. From Québec says:

    Are we out of the woods, yet? Not by a long shot.

    .People Sign Petition to add Soylent Green to School Menus for Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program .

    • Oh God!

      Another one of Mark Dice’s “public experiments”. It is so interesting what one can learn by watching some of these. He definitely proves just how gullible so much of the public is.

      Good inclusion to this very informative article, and very apropos to the subject too!

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  5. From Québec says:

    Man Released after Months in Jail for Posession of Vitamins

    Plus video interview with an interview with Dr Frederic Whitehurst, former supervisory special agent in the FBI crime lab.

  6. medusajoe says:

    Should we expect millions to DIE from the common flu?
    Why should anyone really die from the flu? Flu is NOT that serious
    Sp maybe people should NOT be so astounded that only 18cases of death by flu were confirmed to be from actual flu.
    But the CDC propaganda is all about making people fear things like flu and measles , and treat them as if they are some kind of deadly plague.

    • blakmira says:

      Now add to that miniscule number of “flu deaths” the fact that what most people think is the flu is usually FOOD POISONING. After all, you are what you eat/drink/or have injected into your body. And then there’s that truism that “healthy people can’t get sick” — something that Big Pharma and the drug-pusher/doctors never want you to figure out.

  7. medusajoe says:

    I bet those 18 flu deaths happened by coinciding with that incurable thing called old age.

  8. medusajoe says:

    CDC A Theatre Of Death: CDC Carpet crawlers Inspired by Hollwood disaster movies – vaccines & Ebola fail 2015

  9. I have pondered on the possibility that they keep barking about flu and vaccination, and vaccinating as a means to set a stage to deflect from the real sickness pouring down from the sky above in forms of Chemtrails.
    This is truly only an exercise a Nazi could have thought up…I have many around me suffering from breathing problems, shortness of breath, aggrevated asthma or flus. And if it is not a known breathing or lung problem…it is usually labeled a flu.

  10. From Québec says:

    .MUST listen to this incredible interview today with Captain, nurse and whistleblower.Joyce Riley, radio host of the Power Hour, about vaccines. She is now strugling with cancer stage 4.:

    Start listening at: 49:043

    The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday February 16 2015: Joyce Riley .

  11. henry says:

    There is a piece of information that is missing from the report: the age of the people who died of flu.

    What percent elderly or already sick? If people who are in failing health get the flu and die but healthy people get the flu and recover then one can use that information to decide to get the vaccine. Frail people may die of anything that healthy people can easily recover from. If that information is presented, healthy people may pay closer attention to the harmful effects of injecting material with known toxicity into their bodies.

  12. cindy says:

    They could NEVER accomplish the NWO or any controlled order without “MIND-CONTROL”
    It is the ONLY REAL weapon they have! That’s why we must all “SNAP OUT OF IT ASAP”!
    And start to formulate the world we REALLY want!
    Thanks Jon for the article–we must press this important issue until the world’s citizen get it!!

  13. So,

    Just how many Centenarians-plus have received any “vaccination”?

    Just how many who have received these “vaccinations”, have lived to be Centenarians?

    * * *

    On another note:

    Still looking for a “few good minds” to come together and help design and implement an effective de-programming regimen that will successfully battle (and DEFEAT) the “mass-mind-control social disease”. – Any takers???

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  14. Kevin says:

    I have asked friends and family that swear by the flu shot for many years simply this. Have you ever had the flu? Even before flu shots were so prevalent. Most describe ‘stomach flu’ symptoms. OK, that’s not influenza. It is an upper respatory disease. Blank stare, strange arguments, cognitive disonance. Push for more, you know, you had wheezing cough, couldn’t get rid of it? Oh yeah I remember the doctor diagnosed me with the flu back years ago. Turned into pneumonia. Yeah, that’s it. Which flu was it. H1N1? IDK, they didn’t say. OK. Request your records. Certainly there was a diagnosis. They did lots of tests right? Well no, but he listened to my lungs…Ok, let me tell you the truth. No general practitioner in America tests you for actual flu strain or even takes a sample. They test those in the hospital who are dying of pneumonia and they don’t know what to do. Very very few of the total flu cases. Very flu had flu. Many many causes of pneumonia. They create a vaccination for the common strain of flu from those actual tests done. Only Half of them were in common in the first place. Next year less than half of those positive tests will be the same strain. Next year half again. The leader? “We never saw that one before. We half to get that one into the cocktail for next year fast. In three years it will have mutated out of existence and we will look like fools!” Say the needle pushers. “We have 18 lives to save, let’s get busy.”

  15. Thank you Jon…excellence again

  16. Bill says:

    Holy flu over the CDC cuckoo nest Rappoportman!
    What stats!!! In their face; certainly busting out of the CDC attempt to keep perSONS in their steady (in)formation vacciNATION lines.

    Very, VERY few know better than you, the CONstruction of the MATRIX.

    Mind CONtrol began with thought extrapolation or even extrapolarization (Electric Universe) into babylon language.
    Humans began languishing; being forced into their CONforming left brain schooling situtation.

    Insituationalizing (institutionalizing) our left brains to unknowingly cast continuous alien demonic spells putting letters together into spell binding word sound waves so we worship and adore our Matrix servitude AND CONform each other into their biological robotic soul container everyman.

    What complexity!, eh?

    It isn’t sanity; it IS insanity!

  17. dan says:

    The CDC has NEVER been a “medical Pillar” This an just one of the criminal Nazi organizations set up for depopulation. They should be charged with crimes on humanity. Who will prosecute? They have agent in ALL sectors. You will get your designed poisons. Heil NWO or really the inversion Old World Order, because these are the inbreed criminally insane asshats running the world.

  18. Jeffrey Turnbull says:

    Dear Jon, what is the quickest/easiest method (click-click) for me to share your articles on Facebook—if you allow/invite such sharing?

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