Why I keep writing about Monsanto vs. Maui

Why I keep writing about Maui vs. Monsanto

Tearing away the curtain

by Jon Rappoport

April 16, 2015


First, an important development in the case I’ve just become aware of. There has been virtually no discovery process.

Meaning: The people of Maui want to know specific details of Monsanto’s years of experiments with unapproved pesticides and GMOs in their county. They want records, files, internal communications; the whole nine yards.

They’re getting nothing.

Monsanto’s history of unbridled human experimentation is still obscured in a cloud of mystery. And danger.

And this is five months after the people of Maui voted in favor of putting a temporary ban on all such experimentation.

That vote has been suspended in a void, while Monsanto and its allies have been suing Maui.

I keep writing about this case because, for one, the people of Maui voted for something far stronger than labeling GMOs. They voted to ban Monsanto’s experiments, until a complete independent investigation could be done that would unearth the range of those ongoing pesticide/GMO experiments, thus assessing the danger and the harm.

The vote last Election Day was a victory. It wasn’t an “almost.” It wasn’t “we’re getting there and we’ll do better the next time,” it was: We Won.

And because Monsanto sued immediately and hung up the case in federal court, the result of the legitimate vote was not implemented.

I keep writing about Maui vs. Monsanto because the people of Maui are acutely aware they’re the targets of Monsanto experiments, and they did something about it, against all odds.

I keep writing about the case because Maui County, the Big Island, and Kauai are very important Monsanto research centers, and a blow against those centers is a blow against the whole GMO empire.

I write about this case because the old tradition in Hawaii is respect and love for the land. In a half-sane world, that land would never have been taken by force, in the first place, from the native people who made it their home.

A monstrosity of a corporation, Monsanto, backed up by the US federal government, has seen fit to spray toxic chemicals and deploy experimental GMOs in Hawaii, for its own profit, with no benefits for anyone anywhere.

This is a case with enormous implications. It isn’t about labeling poisons and health hazards; it’s about banning them and opening up Monsanto’s secret records and finding out exactly what they’ve been doing.

Time is of the essence, because Monsanto is undoubtedly shredding and transferring its documents, just in case it loses this legal battle.

International pressure is necessary. International outrage is necessary.

The result of the Maui vote is on the record. That vote established new law. The vote has been denied—and the County Government of Maui has joined the case on the side of Monsanto, thus betraying its own people.

From a simple journalistic perspective, if this isn’t a “lead paragraph,” nothing is.

Sometimes, the future hangs by a thin thread. What will happen and what won’t happen depends on what people become aware of, and what they do about it.

Mainstream reporters, if they are paying any attention at all, cover the case as a puzzle of complexities stemming from arguments on both sides. They stand back and paint a thin veneer on the whole proceeding. They invoke their tradition of “well, we’ll see what happens next.”

Of course, striking a deep blow against Monsanto is forbidden because, after all, the world of biotech intersects with the world of media corporations.

In the Monsanto vs. Maui case, there is a great deal of gibberish about “jurisdiction.” Which government entity—county, state, federal—controls the regulations on agriculture.

The answer to that question is simple: jurisdiction is in the hands of the people on the ground who are harmed.

The other answer is: this is not a case about agriculture and farming at all. It’s about massive human experimentation with unapproved non-commercial GMOs and chemical pesticides. With no informed consent.

If you lived in a neighborhood where a giant corporation was spraying chemicals whose names you didn’t even know, you wouldn’t be delighted to let the experts diddle each other over the fine points.

You would want action. A ban. An independent and full investigation. A prosecution of crimes. If you could vote for all that, you would.

The people of Maui did.

That’s exactly what they did.

And they’ve been denied.

Simple enough?

power outside the matrix

Anyone with a nose for news understands that Monsanto is holding, in Hawaii, vast secret records on its experiments—records that, if released, in the open, could blow the doors off Monsanto’s global operations.

Some people still remember that, during the Vietnam War, Monsanto manufactured Agent Orange, a highly toxic substance (cancer, birth defects) that was sprayed all over Vietnam.

Agent Orange was a plant killer, an herbicide. So is Monsanto’s Roundup, which the World Health Organization has just declared a probable carcinogen. Roundup is the most popular herbicide in the world.

The unknown experimental chemicals Monsanto has been spraying on Hawaii for years are herbicides.

And the people of Maui are being sued because they voted to find out what those chemicals are?

That lawsuit is itself a crime; the court case, dragging on and on, is a crime; the two federal judges in the case, Barry Kurren and Susan Oki Mollway, are abetting a crime.

Where are the human rights organizations? Why aren’t they descending on the scene and holding press conferences and demanding justice?

Where are the groups who promote decentralization of political power away from the federal government and toward local communities? Here is a clear-cut illustration of local people winning a vote and winding up in federal court to defend themselves and their vote.

Where are the groups who defend victims of human experimentation?

Where are the groups who attack the monolithic power of the Corporate State?

Where are the websites who promote the right of people to control their own health?

Where are the so-called libertarians?

Where are the groups who ceaselessly investigate how big government hides its secrets? This is a case in which the federal government is backing the right of a giant favored corporation, Monsanto, to conceal all its data re chemical and genetic experimentation affecting a population.

Where are magazines once thought of as “dissident,” who could be sending reporters to Maui to dig into this case and come up with the grotesque details?

Where are the groups who relentlessly defend the rights of indigenous peoples all over the world—but ignore Hawaii?

Where are the thousands and thousands of environmental groups who attack anyone who dares to interrupt the life cycle of a fish or an insect?

Where are the vociferous critics of chemtrails, when there, in Hawaii, is a clear-cut, government-supported case of years and years of Monsanto spraying unapproved chemicals into the air, on the population?

Where are the GMO labelers, when in Maui County, the vote to put a temporary ban on GMO/pesticide experiments actually won?

And without the massive support of all these groups, what are the chances that one man or woman who works behind the fortress walls of Monsanto will leak the secret records of experimentation, chapter and verse, and let the world know what is going on?

I guarantee that such a man or woman, stepping out into the light of day with a trove of Monsanto documents, would face a storm the likes of which would make the pressure on Edward Snowden seem like a Sunday picnic.

That’s a fact to ponder.

It revels the priorities of the establishment, the status quo, the government, the State, the Globalists, the mega-corporate colossus, the Reality Manufacturing Company in their actual and correct sequence.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

24 comments on “Why I keep writing about Monsanto vs. Maui

  1. obrienn11 says:


    The majority of the populace are brainless non thinkers who spend their time taking selfies of themselves and posting it on Foolbook or watching big brother on the idiot box. These wasted entities only protest what the spin doctors and bullshitters tell them to be concerned about. An independent thought or idea is improbable or impossible.

    • From Québec says:

      You are right obrienn, but Jon isn’t talking about the brainless population. He’s talking about educated groups who are nowhere to be seen to fight Monsanto.

      – The human rights organizations
      – Groups who promote decentralization of political power
      – Groups who defend victims of human experimentation
      – Groups who attack the monolithic power of the Corporate State?
      – Websites who promote the right of people to control their own health?
      – The so-called libertarians
      – Groups who ceaselessly investigate how big government hides its secrets
      – Magazines once thought of as “dissident,”
      – Groups whodefend the rights of indigenous peoples all over the world
      – Environmental groups who attack just about
      – Groups who critics chemtrails

  2. ebolainfo says:

    Reblogged this on EbolaInfo and commented:
    It’s about massive human experimentation with unapproved non-commercial GMOs and chemical pesticides. With no informed consent.

  3. Bruce says:

    Monsanto is a perfect example of monopolies using government agencies to protect and grow monopolies; maybe even a better example than banks and energy companies. We the people of Main Street have zero representation at the Federal level and near zero at the state, county and city levels. We are living in an Administrative Dictatorship ruled by unelected government bureaucrats working at the behest of international conglomerate monopolies. You told us as far back as 1996, that the way to fight monopoly is to stop buying their products. You were correct then and still are today. The good news is that thanks to the courageous persistence of folks like Jon Rappoport – we the people are beginning to learn and may some day actually stop buying monopoly crap. There may not be much hope, but there is hope and that’s worth fighting another day. Thank you.

  4. B Dev says:

    […] So far, everyone is still playing nice… kind of… still abiding by the ‘rules’ and all.

    In so many ways the tension on the metal springs of all the mousetraps are SO taut and precarious… the slightest trigger may start the mightiest conflagration humanity has ever seen.

  5. cazzograndissimo says:

    Maui will be a clear cut revelation of which organizations are or are not “controlled opposition”. Some “environmental watchdogs” such as Sierra Club have already revealed themselves as C.O. (stooges) for the PTB.

    Personally I will contribute financially to any (and ALL) organization(s) that weighs in on the citizens side of this travesty. Keep the information coming Jon and we can not only help this cause but can also ferret out who’s for real (and who ain’t) in the world of environmental & legal champions of the people vs the machine.

  6. Walking my dog today I met a Mom visiting her daughter from Hawaii and she had no clue what I was talking about! I don’t even think she knew who or what Monsanto is!

  7. middleway says:

    One overlooked aspect: Is it not possible that the growing acquiescence within our society is proof that the many ‘conspiratorial’ assaults on our physical and mental integrity are successfully serving their intended purpose? Is it not accepted practice to use one or more anesthetics prior to any major intervention event?

  8. Monsanto is a corporation built on crimes, it is built on addiction and slavery, and war and human misery, pollution, and environmental destruction. Monsanto is built on collaboration with Nazis, and gangsters, dictators and war criminals. It is/has been the worst environmental polluter in whole history of man on this planet.

    The Romans as a corporation and an empire have been known to burn down prized hardwood and oak forrests in their  wars against other peoples, in their blind ambition for empire building. The wanton destruction of a great and ancient forrest, in the cause of expansion of an idea, pales in complextion to the sins of Monsatan.

    Monsanto is a corporation that was started way back in 1901 by  John Francis Queeny who had married the daughter of Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto a sugar baron and a despot who ran a sugar plantation, built on slavery, and human misery.
    Queeny was in business with Emmanuel de Monsanto and broke away and formed Monsanto, his own company named in honour of his wife.

    Queeny made saccharine, and caffeine and vanillin. Addictive and dangerous substances. Saccharine is made from coal tar.
    From his St Louis base, and headquarters, John Francis moved towards production of sulphuric acid and PCB’s. He even made a town named Monsanto, Illinois, now changed to Sauget, Illinois to circumvent regional and municipal environmental rules. They knew from the beginning they were in the business of polluting and tried to protect and hide those sins from the public. There is a whole reality making machine now at Monsanto that is heavily financed and as honed and sharp as a razor’s edge. Its whole focus is propoganda, lies, deceit and creative g a false sense of what quality, wholesome and good and true actually mean.

    Monsanto was part of the Dayton Project, a scandal in itself worth a books lenght…


    in 1944 they were the first corporation to mass produce and sell vast quantities of DDT. And for nearly four decades until it’s banning in 1972, they covered the earth with this poison. They did this so well, DDT is found at present in Antarctic ice.
    It is cited in the research of Rachel Carson (the book: Silent Spring) as the main cause in the decline of predatory bird species like eagles, hawks, and the near decimation of the little peregrine falcon which every year comes back and roosts and raises another glutch of young on this old convent property, that I own. DDT affected the eggshells of predatory birds. And not just predatory birds. Even though they became the focus of this scandal.

    After the World War deux, Monsatan teamed up with none other than the chemical giant Bayer the lead company in a group of companies that formed IG Farben. The ‘death camp shower poison Zyklon B’ Farben. After the breakup of the global coporation I G Farben during the Nuremburg trials. The subsiduary companies were forbidden to do business in the USA with their ill gotten research knowledge, gained from torture, slavery and genocide, and war. Monsanto formed the company ‘Mobay’ with Bayer in 1954, which enabled Nazis to do business in the USA producing PCB’s and Polyeurathanes and other industrial toxic chemicals for expanding global world markets. With the PCB scandals of the eighties, Monsanto stocks took a dive. With declining sales and lawsuites and public scorn, and a trail of polluting back to 1901. They hired a fella out of Utah name Mitt Rowney, just freshly out of Harvard, along with his new formered company  Bain Capital, which turned Monsanto’s world around with the off loading of Industrial chemical production side of Monsanto and towards biogenetics, pharmaceuticals and Agri-business. Monsanto sales soared with production of such things as Agent Orange; and the jungles and birth defects of Vietnam war. Monsanto invented and produced the infamous drug L-dopa for Alzheimer’s disease, that show such vicious side effects like narcolepsy, breathing problems, heart dysfunctions and hair loss, intestinal bleeding and psychosis, hallucinations and cytotoxicity.
    They made Celebrex with it’s side effects like edema, and cardiovascular problems, heart failure and hypertension, and much much more.
    They invented Posilac for lactating cows to make them produce more milk, which produced herendous side effects namely infections that resulted in pus in your homogenized milk, and endless side effects and torture from infected utters, and crippling for these animals.

    From 1996 onward they have moved towards world food domination in cotton, soy, peanuts, rape seed (Canola), and wheat and potatoes and beets and rice and who knows what their scientists wish to create in the paradise called Maui.
    Strange how epedemic severe peanut allergies became after 1996. I know people who go into anaphylactic shock because of a peanut. They are so sensitive they can’t even hear the spoken word peanut without going into convulsions. Monsanto bought up Cargill’s seed business and now distribute their seeds of death in 51 countries. They are now bed down with another nasty bed fellow ‘Cargill of the Amazon’.

    Monsanto is actually two separate corporations, distinct and different but with the same headquarters and chief executives and the same employees. This is a legal stance that confuses and complicates judicial proceedings. As Monsanto the unethical, is always in court. They have ringers that will keep you tied up in red tape till your next reincarnation. And so we arrive at Maui, beautiful Maui and understand what this corporation will do to get what they want. Monsanto is the number one threat to life on planet earth. They will lie, cheat, steal, murder, bribe and lobby. They will genecide, collaborate with enemies and start wars. One of the instigators of the Ukrainian situation at present is Monsanto, (collaboration with nazis again) and it’s GMO’s, which are banned there by the legal government of the Ukraine.
    Monsatan bottom line is power and money and profit and stock value. They do not care about anyone or anything but the cause of their one world empire building. Their move towards a singular world market dominated by Monsanto.


    • From Québec says:

      Wow! Thanks for the link Michael. We are living in the twilight zone.
      We have to stop these bandits before they completely destroy this earth.

      • Check these out…I have been trying to develop a logo busting image, something that breaks up the ju-ju of their corporate logo. Something that steals their magic. Something that when it gets in people’s heads, everytime they thing of Monsanto they think of my image. A image that goes viral, an image Monsanto would suit over. A image that’s wakes people who ignorant of what is going on, or that shakes up the complacent.

        If allowed Monsanto will take over Maui. It will become the secret island labratory of Monsanto, sailors won’t come near it…there is always be strange sounds coming from the island. SCREECHES AND SCREAMS in the night. Carcasses on the shoreline of little animals, big animals, chimera of all sorts. Humans with horse and pig heads. Two legged cattle with human heads. Snakes with wings. And there is always an acrid, eerie, throat choking fog over the land. No people live there anymore. Its the future, Just a large dark building with guard towers and cameras. Patrols and mysterious individuals moving in and out of the building. Small plots of talking wheat, whispering in the night. Plots of corns with Venus fly trap heads snapping at passing moths. The moon rises behind a massive Monsanto building, and potatoes in a plot pull themselves out of the ground and raise and stretch their leafy foilage to the light in a religious reverence…and then a sound can be heard building and building till finally a cacophony of screech is heard. Voicing the pain of their unholy existence. Sentient potatoes.

    • jeffrey says:

      Mahalo for the excellent research and revelations, Michael Burns! (Oh, you might wish to remedy two typos in the above. Mitt Romney is misspelled as “Rowney” in the 4th paragraph from the end; and ‘udders’ (bovine) is misspelled as ‘utters’ in the last line of the 3rd from last paragraph.) And, I really appreciate and encourage your chosen spelling of Monsatan!

  9. Name Julie Pittman says:

    Hey Jon, Wanna hear a another Good one….while reading the publication in the Maui News April 15th issue of the Maui County proposed Budget for this coming fiscal year….Surprise Surprise ! Maui County has budgeted and is going to give Monsanto – US Seed Site….$20,000 Dollars !!!!!!!! WTF !!

  10. Jon Olsen says:

    GREAT, Jon! As a 36 year resident in Hawai’i and one who still participates in their strong sovereignty movement,* I heartily agree and commend you for staying on this! I’ll plan to rely your post to various orgs, like OCA for instance. Jon Olsen

    * http://www.liberatehawaiithebook.com

  11. jeffrey says:

    Wow! Jon, you are growing ever more masterful in your wielding of socio-political power and empowerment in your compositions; this piece in particular feels to me to be bursting with the power to move people into becoming more *real* in co-creating practically applicable expressions of truth-and life-aligned power, empowerment. I would also like to see you adopt in your writings the spelling ‘monsatan,’ as otherwise we ourselves unwittingly become part of their free corporate public propaganda machine. They love seeing their corporate name printed anywhere, everywhere. CEASE providing them that free service, instead choosing to reveal their outrageously crass, callous character by referring to their hellish conglomerate as ‘monsatan.’ Mahalo!

  12. waldbaer says:

    Dear Jon,

    i just tried to convince someone – he has a very well known blog in germany – to post a link on this article. The answer was (very freely translated and interpreted): “This is too ‘aggressively asserted’ to the topic. This has to be a neutral, only fact based article, because no one will take this seriously otherwise.”
    I partly must agree with him.. It sounds like propaganda, and everybody is sick of propaganda.
    So can you give an article, linking all the facts, perhaps making a timline what was and is happening, in a more journalistic style? Something that sounds.. well, more like ‘just information, no opinions attached’?
    Despite my bad english i think you know what i mean 😉
    I would try to ask around people to publish that article happily.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  13. ozziethinker says:

    Not checked, but I suspect that Monsanto have their hooks in Wesfarmers Corporation based in Perth. They pretty much control Australian agriculture….alright, that may be over stretching, but they are the big player here.

    As for “libertarian groups”; they all seem to have their own political agendas. So much so, I would bet many are corporate backed to create the “illusion” of a fair world. Clearly “the powers” have absolutely no intention of backing down in any way on Hawai’i, so things could get interesting as your efforts build!


  14. I Only Jon, Daisy, and my friends know who I am, Jon, perhaps you write of it because of the suffering going on here, it is great, when you are ready, please write about what we have told you. im dying.
    I tell you people, a great evil has been perpetrated on people here. Whatever it is, it has reached the groundwater. here, is different from anything you all know. our water, has no water plant, it comes from underground aquifers, strait from those caverns, with only filtering, no chlorine, no fluoride, right to the home, only filtered, and not with charcoal, only with fine filters to remove small particulant. once in awhile, they will add chlorine, to clean the pipes. The island, is Molokai.
    This place WAS paradise, 50 years ago, 27 years ago, monsanto came in, the first AB crops on this planet, were planted here.
    I have no idea, how it can be stopped, the money is big, and its spread just right, in the hands of those who rule this place from behind the curtain.
    perhaps you feel our pain. The evil of this place, rises to heaven, and it stinks.

  15. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Why what happens in Maui matters:

  16. Steven says:

    Monstersatan is powered by satan’s doctrine. Money above human safety.

    • zweistein says:

      Why should Satan, if he exists, care for money? If even the lousy FED can print as much money as they want, just think what the devil could do …

      No, Monsanto – like Google an asset of the omnipotent CIA – has much much more ambitious plans. It goes like this:

      You eat Monsanto junk food. Not only do you get sick – and the soil on which the junk food has been grown becomes barren – you now also have patented gen-sequences in your body that over time change the make-up of your DNA.

      Soon enough your DNA has become corrupted enough, that Monsanto, the patent holder, can claim property of you!

      Welcome to slavery 2.0.

  17. Deb says:

    Thanks Jon for your report as the vast majority of the people in the US are clueless on the GMO/Roundup issue but we can talk about your report to others and wake those people up. One person tells another tells another. Just last night I was talking to a friend and he didn’t know about GMO and Roundup. I told him to go to youtube and lookup the work of Stephanie Seneff and Zen Honeycutt.

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