Chemical warfare: the State of Hawaii vs. the people

Chemical warfare: the State of Hawaii vs. the people

by Jon Rappoport

November 25, 2014

Barry Kurren is the federal judge overseeing Monsanto’s lawsuit against the county of Maui.

Monsanto sued, after the people of Maui dared to say no. After they voted to stop new Monsanto/Dow GMO development on the Island.

This is the same Judge Barry Kurren who ruled against the people of Kauai in a similar case.

As the New York Times put it (8/26/14):

“A federal judge in Hawaii has struck down a local ordinance that would have restricted or regulated the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops on the island of Kauai, saying the measure was pre-empted by state law.

“United States Magistrate Judge Barry M. Kurren wrote in one of his two related decisions… ‘The court’s ruling simply recognizes that the State of Hawaii has established a comprehensive framework for addressing the application of restricted-use pesticides and the planting of G.M.O. crops, which presently precludes local regulation by the county.’”

Precludes. Local. Regulation.

Ah yes, jurisdiction. Which government entity can decide how much pesticide poison the people of Hawaii should be exposed to? Local, state, or federal?

Judge Kurren shifted the “legal problem” to the State of Hawaii, meaning the government, not the people.

Apparently, because of “jurisdiction,” the people have no right to resist the spraying of poison. This is, you see, a game in which certain chess pieces are superior to other chess pieces, and the bigger and superior ones make the decisions.

Does this give you a clue about what Judge Barry Kurren is going to do to the people of Maui?

Exactly what was and is happening on the Island of Kauai? Dr. Lorrin Pang helps to answer the question. Pang is a Maui County District Health Officer:

“It was disclosed during the class action suit of a biotech company on Kauai that 80+ chemicals are used.”

Dr. Pang is referring to pesticides sprayed on the Island of Kauai. 80.

What are their names? Unknown.

What are their chemical formulas, as revealed by independent investigators? Unknown. Because there is no independent investigation.

Who does know what’s going on? The biotech giants who are doing secret research on Kauai.

The First Hawaiian Bank, on its website (page 4 of 6), names these giants in glowing terms:

“Kauai is an ideal research laboratory for the seed corn industry…there are currently five parent seed corn operations on the island: Pioneer Hi-Bred…Syngenta, Dow Monsanto, and BASF. Dow Agrosciences recently leased 3,400 acres of former sugar land…”

And oh yes. Judge Barry Kurren’s wife, Faye, is a board member of the First Hawaiian Bank.

The giants say to the people: “We’re spraying you with chemicals. We can’t tell you what they are. It’s a secret. But don’t worry, be happy.”

I’m not a scholar when it comes to traditional Hawaiian spiritual beliefs, but I’m going to make a wild guess and say the secret spraying of chemicals on the people is not part of that tradition.

And jurisdiction issues, which come down to which government entity is going to make the people sicker… well, that’s just a cheap hustle to accommodate Monsanto and its partners.

Wait. Newsflash. Apparently, we do know something about the restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) sprayed on Kauai. From

“Atrazine, for example, is known to cause birth defects, cancer and reproductive issues. Lorsban is known to cause impaired brain and nervous system functions in children and fetuses, even in minute amounts. Some RUPs are shown to effect brain cancer, autism, and heart and liver problems. Children are at especially high risk of illness from pesticide exposure. For these reasons, many of the RUPs used on Kauai are banned in other countries.”

[Update: More info on the restricted-use pesticides used on Kauai can be found here.]

power outside the matrix

All the upcoming court hearings in the Maui-Monsanto suit should be conducted in the following fashion:

The people of Maui, their lawyers and experts should view and take part in the proceedings from, chemically speaking, the cleanest spot that can be found on the Island.

Via Skype, they would watch Judge Kurren, the Monsanto lawyers and their experts, who would sit under heavy spraying of the Monsanto/Dow pesticides. All day long.

Just like in real life.

No coughing allowed.

After all, everybody on Monsanto’s side knows these chemicals are completely harmless. They might even be good for health. They might have a beneficial tonic effect. Who knows? They might be a cure for cancer and heart disease.

You bet. And Monsanto might be the corporate reincarnation of an ancient god, come back to save the people from…clean food and a healthy life.

I’m all for labeling GMOs—only my label would be different. It would read, in very large letters:

“This food product is from Monsanto. They fiddled and diddled with it. They made sure it was sprayed with poison. Do you want to ingest it? Are you sure? Check your head. Are you completely crazy? Suicidal? Did you know Monsanto is subjecting the people of Hawaii to chemical warfare?”

That’s a nice label. It would improve my “shopping experience.”

Dear Judge Kurren: which jurisdictional government entity would approve my label?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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9 comments on “Chemical warfare: the State of Hawaii vs. the people

  1. Steve Prewitt says:

    The chemical companies have been 10 steps ahead of the people for years. They have gone to the state legislatures and gotten them to quietly make laws removing local jurisdiction on the use of herbicides and pesticides (in over 40 states). If I’d like to ban the use (not even the sale) of Round Up in the City of Beaverton and was able to get a petition to do so I would be preempted by the law that says ONLY states have jurisdiction over this matter.
    The point is that the chemical companies saw this issue coming years ago and “took care of it” via legislating jurisdictional statutes. NOW, because of the current national proliferation of GMO labeling initiatives, (some 90 plus I’m told) the chemical companies are trying to trump even state jurisdiction with new Federal legislation that preempts states from choosing how they want their food to be poisoned.
    This is the revealing face of the corporate global masters. As soon as the new trade treaties are in place (TPP, etal) the coup will be complete and noone on the planet will have a vote on whether or not they can be poisoned. So essentially genocide has been / is being legalized as long as it’s incremental and cannot be definitively traced to any one source.
    If I were a human being I would be very very angry about this…

    • From Québec says:

      If this is the case, the only thing left to do is to abolish the whole corrupted system.

      It can be done. Remember that we outnumber them.

      It won’t be easy, but it is feasible.

      May Humanity rise together against these insane criminal bastards.

      • skywalker says:

        yes and they are basterds because they are not human they are an invading species of self replicating AI robots that came here to strip this world of all its resources, the human species are in the way and they will stop at nothing to remove us all , they poison our air , water and food supply to keep us dumb and subdued so we can be turned into their slaves and rape this world for them .
        its time to wake up and take control of our hearts and minds, REVOLUTION is our only salvation , human beings are much more powerfull than these invaders , we just need to wake up and remember this fact

  2. From Québec says:

    The problem is that his wife, Faye Kurren is too deep in the rabbit whole.

    She is one busy nasty little bee:

    “Former President, Tesoro Hawaii; President & CEO, Hawaii Dental Services (HDS); Chair, University of Hawaii Foundation Board of Trustees; Trustee, The Nature Conservancy; Director, First Hawaiian Bank; Director, First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Inc; a graduate of Punahou School; William S. Richardson School of Law graduate, 1979 (classmate of former Bishop Estate trustee Gerard A. Jervis and Judge Reynaldo D. Graulty); wife of Judge Barry Kurren.”

    “NEW DISCOVERY (08-15-08): Undisclosed conflicts of interests between Senator Dan Inouye, Senator Ted Stevens, VECO Corporation, George W. Bush, John McCain, Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Shell Oil, Barack Obama, Aloha Petroleum, James Ahloy, Chevron-Texaco, Mark Bennett, Linda Lingle, Tesoro Petroleum, Faye Kurren, Judge Barry Kurren, Enron, Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin, Henry Paulson, Henry Peters, Paul Alston, etc.

    This judge needs to stand down on this case, since there is a clear case of conflict of interests here.

    If anyone thinks that this judge will side against Monsanto, I have a seashore Villa in the Sahara desert to sale you.”

  3. emovius says:

    It will come down to the local Sheriff. The people need to implore that the Sheriff take a stand and start arresting those individuals, including Fed officials who don’t abide by local lawful law. It’s really that simple.

    • From Québec says:

      “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope”
      – Sheriff Richard Mack

      “Sheriff Mack’s newest book covers decades of research to prove once and for all that the sheriffs in this country are indeed the ultimate law authority in their respective jurisdictions. The sheriff absolutely has the power and responsiblity to defend his citizens against all enemies, including those from our own Federal Government. History, case law, common law and common sense all show clear evidence that the sheriff is the people’s protector in all issues of injustice and is responsible for keeping the peace in all matters. He is the last line of defense for his constituents; he is America’s last hope to regain our forgotten freedom. This short but powerful book is a must read for all citizens, sheriffs, and government officials that we may all work to return America to the constitutional republic she was meant to be. Amazing as it might be, the sheriff can make this happen!”

  4. Rita1 says:

    We do know what restricted use pesticides are being sprayed on Kauai. You can see the who has sprayed what here:

  5. This Friday or Saturday at interested parties can see background on two chairmen of Monsanto—which no site on Monsanto is in any position to know about, because they do not have the leaked rosters of the top elite group in America. I’ve been fortunate to come by several and in collaboration with the Dutch researcher, Joel Van Der Reijden. Monsanto is no power unto itself, but one tentacle of many of a single organization which will be spelled out. Look for #7 Silver Squelchers & Their Interesting Associates.

  6. theodorewesson says:

    “…what is the sub-text of Monsanto’s remarks? ‘We got the laws on GMOs passed in the first place. We lied about the science. We got the FDA, in 1996, to lie and obfuscate and allow GMO crops to enter the US. So now we are appealing to those laws to make our case.’” — Jon Rappoport

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