Jimmy Kimmel quoted me, so here’s more on vaccines

Jimmy Kimmel quoted me, so here’s more on vaccines

by Jon Rappoport

March 4, 2015


The other night on his show, Jimmy Kimmel doubled down on his defense of vaccination.

His approach? He quoted bloggers and tweeters who attacked him.

At 0m40s, in the video, he read a line from my piece about him:

“Kimmel (and TV news anchors) personally know as much about vaccine science as an ant knows about spaceship navigation.”

Jimmy Kimmel quotes Jon, doubles down on vaccines.

Jimmy Kimmel quotes Jon, doubles down on vaccines.

So here’s more.

Kimmel knows as much about vaccine science as George W Bush knows about Einstein on a slow Thursday.

Kimmel plays the “what could be more obvious” card: a private citizen is an idiot when it comes to medical matters, but we have these people. They’re called DOCTORS. They know. Because they went to MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Thanks for clearing that up, Jimmy. It’s so simple.

Of course we have this: the US medical system kills 225,000 people every year. That’s 2.25 million killings per decade. (Dr. Barbara Starfield, JAMA, July 26, 2000, “Is US health really the best in the world?”)

You mean THOSE doctors, Jimmy?

Jimmy knows as much about doctors as an ant knows about hosting a late-night talk show.

Jimmy looks at a building with a sign that says MEDICAL SCHOOL and thinks, “Good. Knowledge inside that building. Knowledge good. Me like.”

Jimmy’s mind apparently has a section labeled: WOW. DOCTORS. BOW DOWN AND PRAY. OFFER GIFTS.

Jimmy isn’t a PR man for the medical industry, but he plays one on television.

His studio audience appears to love the act. However, the producers pump pharmaceutical-grade amphetamines into the room during broadcasts, don’t they?

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” —Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977

“… Based on the only U.S. findings on adverse DPT [diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine] reactions, an FDA-financed study at the University of California, Los Angeles, one out of every 350 children will have a convulsion; one in 180 children will experience high-pitched screaming; and one in 66 will have a fever of 105 degrees or more.” —Jennifer Hyman, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, special supplement on DPT, dated April, 1987.

“Assistant Secretary of Health Edward Brandt, Jr., MD, testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, rounded… figures off to 9,000 cases of convulsions, 9,000 cases of collapse, and 17,000 cases of high-pitched screaming for a total of 35,000 acute neurological reactions occurring within forty-eight hours of a DPT shot among America’s children every year.”DPT: A Shot in the Dark, by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fischer, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1986.

These three items are just a few of many they don’t discuss in the sacred temple of medical school.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

48 comments on “Jimmy Kimmel quoted me, so here’s more on vaccines

  1. babylovet says:

    I would hope that the mere mention of your site on his show will draw many more towards, to quote Paul Harvey, “the rest of the story”.

    • Sometimes,

      The comments replayed by your adversaries CAN be a big boost for you, especially when you are the one making the more-sensible argument. Yeah, I like it when the adversaries mention me when they think they are hurting me (when, in fact, they are merely promoting me).

      I believe a few other blogs out in the “nethood” have benefitted from their adversaries too.

  2. voza0db says:

    Who is “Jimmy Kimmel”? 🙄


    • voza0db says:

      Replying to one’s comment it’s quite funny 😆

      But I’m doing this because that IS NOT THE FULL COMMENT I’VE MADE!

      I still can not understand what is the TRAUMA of other bloggers with ‘links’ 🙄

      I prefer, if you want to censure parts of comments, to censure it all.


    • jwmuskett says:

      Obviously just another echolalic corporate mouthpiece !!

  3. Jason Astroth says:

    While it’s completely beside the point, he at least said your comment was clever. For those who would like to see, you can watch at the following link:


  4. Elsa says:

    How do the medical Mafia explain the apparent disappearance of Scarlet Fever? There is no vaccine and subsequently an absence of hysterical outbursts from the media warning of an “outbreak”.

  5. Greg O. says:

    I left this comment on one of the more mainstream new sites and was called an “idiot”:

    Jimmy has to sell the toxic Corporate/Medical/Mainstream “reality” if he wants to stay on the air. It’s like the Mafia hitmen in the gangster movies say after they shove an icepick into a rival’s neck — “Eh, it’s just business”.

  6. Debra Haworth says:

    So glad for all you do!!

  7. As the man said, here’s the rest of the story:

    The hubbub With Jimmy Kimmel Over Vaccines Continues As He Names And Lambastes Jon Rappaport-What Is REALLY Behind All This Vitriol?

    First, lets remember the focal point of the Vaccine “Wars” started in Disneyland.

    Since Disney OWNS ABC, the home network of “Jimmy Kimmel” live, is Kimmel’s support of the Pro-Vaccine narrative REALLY any surprise?

    But there’s more.

    First, looking at the management team, some interesting facts stand out:

    [1] Bob Sherwood is Co-chair, Disney Media Networks, and President, Disney|ABC Television Group, which includes The Walt Disney Company’s global entertainment and news television properties, owned television stations group, and radio business.

    In this role Mr. Sherwood oversees ABC Studios, the ABC Owned Television Stations Group, and the ABC Television Network. He also oversees Disney Channels Worldwide, a portfolio of more than 100 kid-driven, family-inclusive entertainment channels or channel feeds available in 163 countries in 34 languages, including Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Cinemagic, Hungama, and Radio Disney brands.

    Additionally, Mr. Sherwood’s responsibilities include oversight of cable network ABC Family, and the company’s equity interest in A+E Networks, Fusion, and Hulu. All told, the Disney/ABC portfolio is responsible for the creation of more than 24,000 hours of original content each year.

    Prior to this, Mr. Sherwood was president, ABC News, a position he had held since December 2010. In this role, he was responsible for all aspects of ABC News’ broadcasts as well as ABC News Radio, ABCNEWS.com, satellite service NewsOne and ABC News NOW. ABC News reaches a combined audience of well over 270 million people a month on television, on radio and online.

    A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard College in 1986, Mr. Sherwood earned an AB degree in American government and history. From 1986 to 1989, as a Rhodes Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, he earned master’s degrees in British imperial history and development economics.

    Mr. Sherwood is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and serves on the boards of the National Constitution Center, the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and City Year Los Angeles.

    He has little choice as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations AND the President of ABC News-a major MSM Shill News Organization, but to support “the narrative” as dictated by the Government and Industry.

    [2] Hope Hartman is senior vice president, Communications, ABC Entertainment Group. In this role, she works closely with ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee, overseeing all communications strategy for primetime, daytime and late-night programming for ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios. Her responsibilities include managing corporate, programming, marketing and scheduling-related publicity. She was previously vice president, Communications, ABC Entertainment Group, since June 2009, and vice president, Media Relations, ABC Entertainment, since May 2006.

    Ms. Hartman also served as an account supervisor at Ketchum Public Relations, managing key accounts including ExxonMobil, the W.M. Keck Foundation, Price Waterhouse and British Petroleum.

    When you look at who currently advertises with ABC-Disney, you might see just a touch of influence from the Multi-Nationals-including the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Is Disney involved with a Pharmaceutical Company in a more direct way?

    This Press Release Seems to indicate as much:

    Mylan Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to Enhance Access to EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors

    EpiPen® Auto-Injector Locations Designated on Updated Guide Maps and Signage

    New Multi-year Alliance to Increase Anaphylaxis Awareness through Multiple Educational Initiatives

    PITTSBURGH, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mylan Inc. (Nasdaq: MYL) today announced it has signed a multi-year strategic alliance agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to help increase awareness of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening (severe) allergic reaction. The agreement includes updated maps in Disney’s domestic theme parks and on its cruise ships as well as updated signage in the parks that highlight locations with EpiPen® (epinephrine) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors. Over time, the companies also will introduce a variety of educational resources designed to increase awareness of and preparedness for severe allergic reactions.

    EpiPen® locations will roll out at Disney parks and on cruise ships beginning in late 2014. In addition to emergency medical services (EMS), nurses trained to administer EpiPen Auto-Injectors are available during First Aid station operating hours to assist guests experiencing a severe allergic reaction. To help guests identify EpiPen locations, Disney’s guide maps will now include an EpiPen Auto-Injector symbol and new signage at First Aid stations.

    “Mylan’s mission is to provide the world’s 7 billion people access to high quality medicine and set new standards in health care. In support of this mission, we are committed to enhancing access to EpiPen Auto-Injectors and to increasing awareness of anaphylaxis. Like life, severe allergic reactions are unpredictable, so people need to be prepared,” said Mylan CEO Heather Bresch. “We are very proud to be working with Disney, which already has a strong reputation for meeting the needs of people managing severe allergies, and believe we can further raise awareness of anaphylaxis through this collaboration and our joint commitment to education.”

    Anaphylaxis is unpredictable, and can progress quickly and without warning. Clinical guidelines state that epinephrine is the first-line treatment when anaphylaxis occurs, making access critical. For those with a known risk, it is important to be prepared with an anaphylaxis action plan that includes 1) avoiding known allergens, 2) recognizing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, 3) having immediate access to two epinephrine auto-injectors, such as EpiPen Auto-Injector, and 4) seeking immediate emergency medical care should anaphylaxis occur.

    “For our guests who live with severe allergies every day, identifying EpiPen locations is an additional tool they’ll have for their anaphylaxis management plan,” said Dr. Pamela Hymel, chief medical officer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “This new strategic alliance will help raise awareness of EpiPen locations so that our Guests with severe allergies may have the best possible experience at our parks and on our cruise ships.”

    Families managing known severe allergies are encouraged to follow their individual anaphylaxis action plans and carry their epinephrine auto-injectors with them at all times.

    EpiPen® (epinephrine) 0.3 mg and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine) 0.15 mg Auto-Injectors are for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) caused by allergens, exercise, or unknown triggers; and for people who are determined to be at increased risk for these reactions. EpiPen and EpiPen Jr are intended for immediate self administration as emergency supportive therapy only. Seek immediate emergency medical treatment after use.

    Important Safety Information
    EpiPen Auto-Injectors contain a single dose of epinephrine, which you inject into your outer thigh. DO NOT INJECT INTO YOUR VEIN, BUTTOCK, FINGERS, TOES, HANDS OR FEET. In case of accidental injection, please seek immediate medical treatment. Epinephrine should be used with caution if you have heart disease or are taking certain medicines that can cause heart-related (cardiac) symptoms.

    Tell your doctor if you have certain medical conditions such as asthma, depression, thyroid disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, have any other medical conditions, are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Be sure to also tell your doctor all the medicines you take, especially medicines for asthma. If you have certain medical conditions, or take certain medicines, your condition may get worse or you may have longer lasting side effects when you take the EpiPen or EpiPen Jr Auto-Injector.

    The most common side effects may include increase in heart rate, stronger or irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, paleness, dizziness, weakness or shakiness, headache, apprehension, nervousness or anxiety. These side effects usually go away quickly, especially if you rest.

    Talk to your healthcare professional to see if EpiPen or EpiPen Jr Auto-Injector is right for you.

    Please see the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information.

    You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit http://www.fda.gov/medwatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088Call: 1-800-FDA-1088.

    About EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injector
    EpiPen® (epinephrine) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors are used for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions. Each EpiPen 2-Pak® and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® contains two single auto-injectors, instructions for use and a training device, with no drug product or needle, to help patients become familiar with the administration technique. EpiPen Auto-Injector should be administered immediately at the first sign of an anaphylactic reaction. EpiPen Auto-Injector is not a substitute for emergency medical treatment. Patients should seek emergency medical attention immediately following administration. EpiPen Auto-Injector has been the No. 1 prescribed epinephrine auto-injector for more than 25 years and has three-step simple instructions for use. For more information about EpiPen Auto-Injector, please visit http://www.EpiPen.com.

    About Mylan
    Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in health care. Working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unmet needs; make reliability and service excellence a habit; do what’s right, not what’s easy; and impact the future through passionate global leadership. We offer a growing portfolio of more than 1,300 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. In addition, we offer a wide range of antiretroviral therapies, upon which approximately 40% of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries depend. We also operate one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and currently market products in approximately 140 countries and territories. Our workforce of more than 20,000 people is dedicated to improving the customer experience and increasing pharmaceutical access to consumers around the world. Learn more at mylan.com

    About Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
    More than 50 years ago, Walt Disney created a new kind of entertainment families could experience together, immersed in detailed atmospheres and vibrant storytelling. His vision now includes a collection of five of the world’s leading family vacation destinations – Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.; Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.; Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan; Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallee, France; and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, located on Lantau Island. A sixth resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, is currently under construction in Pudong New District, Shanghai. In addition, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts includes the world-class Disney Cruise Line; Disney Vacation Club; Adventures by Disney, a guided group vacation experience to some of the world’s most popular destinations; and Walt Disney Imagineering, which creates and designs all Disney parks, resorts, cruise ships, entertainment and attractions.

    EpiPen®, EpiPen Jr®, EpiPen 2-Pak® and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® are registered trademarks of Mylan Inc. licensed exclusively to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Mylan Specialty L.P.

    SOURCE Mylan Inc. and The Walt Disney Company


    But THAT’S NOT all-See what Disney is Hosting this Summer:

    Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress
    Timely Updates on the Final AMP Rule, Medicaid Expansion, Class of Trade, 340B, Generic Pricing and Contracting,
    Fair Market Value, Gross-to-Net and Much More!


    CBI’s Medicaid and Government Pricing Congress is one of the industry’s largest gatherings of Managers and Executives responsible for Contracts, Pricing, Finance, Accounting and Government Program Compliance. Consistently rated highest for quality of content and practical takeaways, the CBI Congress brings real world topics — including Healthcare Reform, Medicaid Expansion, Gross-to-Net, VA/DoD, TRICARE, 340B and Compliance — all into one forum. 2015 is no exception as we look forward to the Congress in June!

    What Can You Expect in 2015…

    Three In-Depth Summits:
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    340B Program Evolution and Complexities
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    Generic Pricing, Rebates and Contract Analytics
    Three Robust Tracks:
    Legal and Compliance
    Contract Administration


    Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. • Amneal Pharmaceuticals • Astellas Pharma US
    Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals • BIO • Bristol-Myers Squibb • Celgene Corporation

    Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services • Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. • Eli Lilly and Company

    Hospira • Indivior Pharmaceuticals • Ipsen • Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
    Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems • National Association of Chain Drug Stores

    King & Spalding • Pernix Therapeutics • Pfizer Inc • Sanofi U.S. • Teva Pharmaceuticals

    VA Office of Inspector General • West-Ward Pharmaceuticals
    Wockhardt/Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals • And More!


    The CBI Medicaid event is an excellent opportunity to learn and receive updates on government pharmaceutical programs while also having the opportunity to network with industry experts and leading consulting and legal firms in this space.”
    –Senior Director, Payer Marketing and Contract Strategy, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

    Is the stink getting to you yet?

  8. Pat says:

    At least, little Johnny (jokes) was right when he commented to the teachers. Little Jimmy doesn’t seem to care if he is or not. Time to put Little Jimmy in the dunce chair and teach him a lesson.

  9. jarrodschneider says:

    Kimmel personally knows as much about vaccine science as a fetus knows about arthritis, as a vampire knows about tanning salons, as Dick Cheney knows about those warm and fuzzy feelings, as Jaws knows about the intricacies of vegan cuisine, as anyone knows about the true meaning of the end of 2001:A Space Odyssey, as the Headless Horseman knows about Tylenol, as The Pharaoh Khufu knows about how The Great Pyramid was actually built, as Bill Gates knows about extreme wilderness survival, as Jon knows about writer’s block : ) , as…

  10. laura says:

    These “doctors” either don’t know what they are doing or they are maniacal injecting a bunch of foreign substances into the human body. They either have NO IDEA of the adverse longterm effects (including immediate vaccine injuries that are immediately manifested)… or if they did know they would be maniacal.

    They want us to be their lab rats in what amounts to a medical experiment where they have NO IDEA of the adverse immediately and longterm effects (or they do know and are maniacal because there ARE adverse effects to foreign substances pumped into the human body). And, since when, do we deserve some comics on a tv show trying to deride us into submitting to becoming lab rats in medical experimentation??

    If Jimmy Kimmel is so ignorant that he wants to be a lab rat and sign up to have foreign substances pumped into his body when the truth is no one knows the adverse immediate and longterm effects that will result… that’s his problem if the’s that willing to be a lab rat in such potentially dangerous medical experiments. And if he think he’s shamed intelligent persons into “going along”.. he hasn’t. We’re too intelligent to be unpaid lab rat volunteers in dangerous medical experiments.

    • However,

      Some them DO know EXACTLY what they are doing. They just do not care, because it is not THEM having to suffer. After all, when there are big profits to be made, what does a few lives from outside of the family matter?

      Most of the newer batches of “doctors” are in it for the money! The medical schools weed out those with a conscience very early in the game.

  11. jacobite2015 says:

    Excellent post and good characterization of Kimmel.

    It’s becoming very clear now that this is not about a pro-vax movement that advocates parents examine the science and make an informed decision for their children, but a movement that is completely anti-choice advocating punishment for parents who decline vaccinations. It’s also transparent that the “anti-choice” movement isn’t just focusing on children but that adults are the very next target. Forced vaccinations for ALL appears to be their prime objective.

    Your right….people seem to be so mesmerized by the someone with the professional title of “MD.” It’s as if their word is the word of God. However, look at their despicable track record for treating chronic diseases in this country. All they know how to do is treat the surface symptoms of the disease with their toxic pharmaceuticals. They’ve become nothing more than drug dealers for big pharma. These drugs, including the chemicals in vaccines, are all man-made and never existed on this planet before the 20th century. How arrogant of mankind that he can design better than nature!

    Again, great post Jon.

  12. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Please share these valuable post regarding the truth of Vaccinations. The truth will save the life of your children and your loved ones. Who stands to gain from these vaccinations = Big Pharma. Who is trying to put RFID Chips into people = Government. Wake up people. Take back your back bones. Be Blessed

  13. From Québec says:

    Ha,ha,ha! I like that. Go after this Kimmel idiot, Jon!

    Here is my take:

    Kimmel knows as much about vaccine science as the Kenyan posturing as the President in the White House knows about USA.

    Obama 57 States

  14. Bruce Hatcher says:

    Nice Jon, keep both barrels blazing my friend.

  15. Karel says:

    mr Kimmel is a clone

  16. Jacko says:

    Here is my challenge to all and anyone promoting vaccinations:
    We will inject you with the same types of vaccines an infant gets, with the same number of vaccines but to test our theory you will receive the adjusted amount based on your weight. I challenge Kimmel and anyone else to step up to the plate and take this on. Let’s see how that person’s body handles this. They will either immediately suffer irreparable neurological damage or die.

  17. Dr. RAUNI KILDE ~ Finnish physician, author, lecturer, former Surgeon General and Chief Medical officer, worked on parapsychology, ufology, alien abductions, and mind control since1982, died 02.15 cancer-ridden; a whistle blower of the highest order

    Dr. Kilde addresses depopulation and vaccines in this video interview http://youtu.be/9T5UBf_bHMU

  18. And to all the massive waste in tax-money and all other kinds of money: “What a cryin’ shame!”

    What do we get for having the most expensive health-care system in the world? The highest infant-mortality rates in the world (through NON-war-related acts). Some of the world’s highest rates of cancer in the population. A nation with the highest rates of drug-dependency (mainly from prescribed drugs). A nation with some of the world’s highest rates of medical malpractice and incompetency. One of the highest rates of bankruptcy due to mounting medical expenses.

    – Gee! What more could we ask for, for all that money we spend on today’s “modern medical marvel medicine”???

    No thanks!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  19. Kelly says:

    I was trying to find the list of the doctors in the segment and wanted to check to see what kind of doctors that they are. I know one was a pediatrician. Any word on the who’s who in the skit?

  20. kandy says:

    I wish more people knew that the CDC gives free help and advice to Hollywood screenwriters!


  21. William Plumhoff says:

    Illuminati Puppet Jim Carrey Mocks Conspiracy Theorists & MK-Ultra On Jimmy Kimmel Live

  22. Nine bills in Texas that threaten total medical tyranny against your body. Comment period closed, suggest you speak up anyway! http://www.naturalnews.com/048821_vaccine_database_Texas_legislation.html

    McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

    • jacobite2015 says:

      There are also 13 other states considering vaccine legislation. The big one is in California where there is a bill (s) on the floor to wipe-out the philosophical & religious exemptions.

      If the bills pass in these states that would be a hugh blow, as I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the states with exemptions will follow.

      All this sudden aggressiveness from the pro-vaccine groups because of the stupid measles outbreak at Disneyland. You would have thought the Spanish flu or something broke out with the mass hysteria that has occurred.

      Very depressing situation as the pro-vax groups seem to have most of the scientists, doctors, politicians and mainstream media on their side.

      So much for freedom of choice…here comes totalitarianism.

  23. ozziethinker says:

    This PROVES you’re having an impact, Jon. We know “they” (Illuminati masters) have scripted this otherwise “Jimmy” would have better things to talk about.

    They singled you out and that must be a good thing. Once again, feedback on personal research, ignoring the mainstream hogwash, I have not found a single person (imbeciles included) that does not question the efficacy of vaccines. I have not found a single person that WHOLEHEARTEDLY trusts their doctor. If there was no “sick pay” I suspect doctor’s studios would be more or less empty.


  24. From Québec says:

    Listen to the list of new bills about vaccines. Special report with Rob Dew. Everyone MUST watch this:

    Start listening at: 13:02

    INFOWARS Nightly News: with Jakari Jackson Wednesday March 4 2015: Plus Special Reports

  25. Dr. B says:

    I’m not sure where exactly all of the paranoia began but the end result has become a threat to all of our children. No physician would recommend something that they felt was a threat to their patient. 99+% of physicians recommends vaccinations because they are the single cheapest most effective method of preventing disease. The paranoia over vaccines and the medical profession needs to come to an end. Doctors nurses and everyone in the medical field just want to help people lead healthier happier lives, nothing more nothing less.

  26. jacobite2015 says:

    Anyone else getting tired of this redundant fear-mongering rhetoric of the pro-vaxxers/hyper-vaxxers/anti-choice tyrants?

    These people are so paranoid of pathogens, e.g., viruses, bacteria, etc.,that it’s hard to believe they would ever want to leave their homes. They have absolutely no concept of how a healthy immune system functions. Perhaps these pathogen obsessed people should just lock themselves in their homes. Also keep your kids locked home where they’re safe from pathogens, especially those with compromised immune systems. Never, ever venture out into the real world, because there may a pathogen, or two, out there just waiting to ambush you. Pathogens like to mutate you know, so that trusty flu shot you got may deceive you (imagine that). Breathe filtered air also, b/c you never know how many pathogens might be contained in those molecules.

    Furthermore, maybe we should all petition our legislators to pass laws requiring practicing M.D.s read Immunologist Dr. Obukhanych’s book: Vaccine Illusion (how vaccines compromise natural immunity). Perhaps they would learn a thing or two about the immune system. Then they might be able to spend more time guiding their patients to better nutritional habits, plenty of exercise, losing weight, etc. (changing the world one patient one patient at a time).


  27. Tracy says:

    Invite Jon onto your show Jimmy. We would love to see him tear shreds off you.

    Now that’d be worth dusting the idiot box off for.

  28. J. Teagan says:

    This is completely pathetic. Doctors are not personally out to get you, and neither is “big pharma”. Doctors do not spend in excess of $270,000 in student loans and 11+ years of their life, with continual government required re certification, testing by specialty boards, unending bureaucracy that continually cut many primary care specialties’ salaries to unreasonable levels, and a system that continually discriminates against doctors.

    The fact is, numerous scientific studies have shown that vaccines prevent these diseases. It is good that there is doubt toward medication: as a medical professional I believe that continual studies will ultimately lead to greater scientific advancements being made. Yet, there is no “medical mafia” besides unending bureaucrats.

    Here’s the truth: “big pharma”, from the perspective of a medical professional, is not out to kill you. Granted, they are assholes and buy over generic drug companies to increase the price of drugs, and they overcharge for medications that will save patients’ lives.

    The greatest threat to your health is not the doctor, it is the businessmen that run “big pharma” and what you guys call “medical mafia”. If these companies were filled with people who understood what we were trying to do, like RNs, MDs, DOs, and Ph.D.s, your health would be much greater.

    I appreciate that there is skepticism against drugs. We have made much progress from when by great grandparents were asking their patients whether they smoked Malboros or Camels. But please, don’t blame doctors.

    We work insanely long hours and have several hundred thousand dollars in debt and malpractice insurance with only one goal- making people better. Do we succeed all the time? No, and we obviously can’t prescribe exercise and diet to people who won’t listen. We don’t always have all the answers, and we can’t always give the best treatments. The best treatments start with you.

    Please, stay educated. Look at the facts yourself. Support peer-reviewed scientific studies. Don’t blame the “medical mafia” on us hardworking Doctors, Nurses, and Allied Health Professionals.

    • Pat says:

      The blame I give doctors that say they care, is that they are using the education of “Big Pharma” to keep the supply of toxic medications on the shelves, instead of stopping them by speaking out to help find actual cures. I hope and pray more doctors take the time to look at information available from outside sources other than Government funded and approved findings. There is more to the story than 11+ years of programming from Big Pharma funded schools that doctors should be paying attention to. If you don’t want to be blamed you should be providing more answers than we the people are doing with our own research. If you are nothing but a mouthpiece for propaganda, it matters not how much “education” you have. You are still just their mouthpiece.

  29. Hildegard says:

    Symptoms of Encephalits

    I would like to know if there are parents who have brought lawsuits against hospitals or doctors for not taking a child’s obvious symptoms of encephalitis (inconsolable crying, fever, weakness, agitation, Nausea and vomiting, body stiffness…. ) seriously and denying the NEED for treatment because THE SYMPTOMS OCCURRED AFTER A VACCINATION.

    From Boston Children’s Hospital website:

    “The key to treating encephalitis is early detection and treatment. Your child will spend some time in the hospital so we can treat her and monitor her closely. Most children who are diagnosed with encephalitis are hospitalized for two weeks to a month, and sometimes children with severe cases spend time in the intensive care unit (ICU).

    The first step in caring for your child is to stabilize her medical condition and try to figure out what caused the condition. Your child’s doctor may order a lumbar puncture to look for evidence of things that we can treat, such as bacteria and viruses.

    While your child’s team is working to determine the cause of the encephalitis, she’ll be treated for two to three days with intravenous (through an IV) medications to fight certain bacteria and the herpes simplex virus while we wait for the results from the lab, as a precautionary measure. If an EEG reveals that your child is having seizure activity in her brain, we can treat it with anti-seizure medications.

    If your child’s encephalitis has an auto-immune cause, we’ll talk with you about treating her with a course of immunosuppressants (these may include high-dose steroids, intravenous antibodies (IVIg), or plasmapheresis, a process that filters your child’s blood). While most children with this type of encephalitis only need a single course of immunosuppressants, some children may need to stay on them for a longer period of time.”

    This is a far cry from telling parents not to worry, it’s only a NORMAL VACCINE REACTION.

    This is from MERCK’S OWN WEBSITE.

    “Magnetic resonance imaging of the head and a spinal tap are usually done.
    Treatment involves relieving symptoms and sometimes using antiviral drugs.
    Encephalitis can occur in the following ways:
    A virus directly infects the brain.
    A virus that caused an infection in the past becomes reactivated and directly damages the brain.
    A virus or VACCINE triggers a reaction that makes the immune system attack brain tissue (an autoimmune reaction).”

  30. Are Yufreel says:

    Kimmel, besides making a sweeping statement that we ought to “believe in most doctors…” he admits that “…there is autism in his family…” as well as proudly sharing that a vaccination booster shot had recently been given to his 8-month baby. Surf’nreal!!!!!

  31. ronald jacobson says:

    Idiot cries over a lion dying yet thinks it’s OK to make jokes about kid’s being killed by vaccines. He’s just another out of touch smug celebrity douche. […]

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