Jimmy Kimmel’s ignorant vaccine doctors

Jimmy Kimmel’s ignorant vaccine doctors

Clueless, ignorant, arrogant, useless, pathetic vaccine doctors

by Jon Rappoport

March 1, 2015


The other night Jimmy Kimmel decided to blast parents who don’t vaccinate their children.

He emphasized the difference between what these parents know and what, ahem, doctors know.

In between wisecracks, Kimmel made it clear that (pro-vaccine) doctors are very smart and knowledgeable people—as if this obvious fact had escaped the dissident parents.

Kimmel then presented several doctors doing a comic rendition of a public service announcement for vaccination.

How quaint.

First of all, Kimmel (and TV news anchors) personally know as much about vaccine science as an ant knows about spaceship navigation. Let’s get that straight.

Second, the doctors Kimmel presented, all of whom fervently believe vaccines are remarkably safe, don’t have a clue about the fact that the US system for reporting severe and dangerous vaccine adverse effects (VAERS) is broken.

Irretrievably broken.

Why? Two reasons. Doctors who vaccinate patients aren’t required by law to report adverse reactions. And many parents don’t even know there is a system for reporting.

Therefore, in the real world, there is no way these doctors can say vaccines are safe.

Of course they do say that. Therefore, they’re accidentally or intentionally clueless, and no intelligent person should buy what they’re peddling.

Here is one reasonable attempt to assess vaccine damage in America. It was done by Barbara Loe Fisher, who heads up the private National Vaccine Information Center.

The reference is “In the Wake of Vaccines,” published in the Sept./Oct. 2004 issue of Mothering Magazine.


“But how many children have [adverse] vaccine reactions every year? Is it really only one in 110,000 or one in a million who are left permanently disabled after vaccination? Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler observed in 1993 that less than 1 percent of doctors report adverse events following prescription drug use. [See DA Kessler, ‘Introducing MEDWatch,’ JAMA, June 2, 1993: 2765-2768]

“…The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act contained no legal sanctions for not reporting [via VAERS]; doctors can refuse to report and suffer no consequences.

“Even so, each year about 12,000 reports are made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS]; parents as well as doctors can make those reports. [See RT Chen, B. Hibbs, ‘Vaccine safety,’ Pediatric Annals, July 1998: 445-458]

“However, if that number represents only 10 percent of what is actually occurring, then the actual number may be 120,000 vaccine-adverse events. If doctors report vaccine reactions as infrequently as Dr. Kessler said they report prescription-drug reactions, and the number 12,000 is only 1 percent of the actual total, then the real number may be 1.2 million vaccine-adverse events annually.”

You might say, “How do we know that any given report of an adverse vaccine reaction is real and confirmed?” To which I would reply, “How do we know it isn’t?” To which I would add, “Why are doctors reporting adverse reactions if they aren’t real?”

A doctor prancing around on television claiming vaccines are remarkably safe is operating from sheer ignorance.

Citing studies doesn’t cut it. We’re talking about what happens in the real world—doctors vaccinating their patients every day, on and on.

power outside the matrix

Let’s move along to the Jimmy Kimmel doctors’ reputations as representatives of their august profession: the practice of Medicine.

Why? Because certain details about Medicine will reflect these doctors’ standing as authorities who are worth listening to (or not).

Kimmel merely points out that they are doctors—and therefore they have important status, as any fool would know.

Let’s look at a portion of the record.

The first reference is Dr. Barbara Starfield, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, “Is US health really the best in the world?” Starfield’s review was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000.

It concluded that the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans a year. 106,000 deaths stem from medical drugs approved as safe and effective by the FDA. The other 119,000 Americans are killed by mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

Let’s see… that would come to 2.25 MILLION Americans killed each decade by the US medical system.

The next citation is: “Anticoagulants cause the most serious adverse events, finds US analysis,” BMJ June 7, 2012 (BMJ 2012:344:e3989). Author, Jeanne Lenzer.

Lenzer refers to a report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices: “It calculated that in 2011 prescription drugs were associated with two to four million people in the US experiencing ‘serious, disabling, or fatal injuries, including 128,000 deaths.’”

The report called this “one of the most significant perils to humans resulting from human activity.”

My point? Jimmy Kimmel’s doctors practice medicine in this system.

If someone came up to you on the street wearing a white coat and said, “I work for an outfit that kills 2.25 million Americans per decade, and I’m telling you that vaccines are perfectly safe and you must vaccinate your children,” would you believe him?

Or to put it another way, if you did believe him, what kind of idiot would you be?

I’d like to thank Jimmy Kimmel in advance. I’m sure he’ll report these facts on his show, in order to obtain some measure of balance, and to offset his earlier medically-backed defense of vaccines.

When can I tune in, Jimmy, and watch your congenial retraction?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

36 comments on “Jimmy Kimmel’s ignorant vaccine doctors

  1. I’m still not convinced that they are MDs. None gave their names, or their specialties or where they practice. Do they all work for the vaccine divisions of the drug companies which I suspect funded the video? There were way too many f bombs for the video to have been produced by the AMA or any reputable medical association. How do we find out who produced the video and who those “doctors” actually are? I’ve been a nurse for over 40 years and don’t know any doctors who would speak that way on a video discussing such an important topic.

    • theodorewesson says:

      I agree. I think they are paid SAG actors.

      • theodorewesson says:

        But, it does say “real” doctors in the description below the video… (i do not normally watch tv. it still feels surreal to me that Medical Doctors (and not paid actors) would agree to actually act out (read from) a script like that…)

        A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

        Jimmy Kimmel Live

        Published on Feb 27, 2015

        Jimmy feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical professionals so hear them out and then decide for yourself.

    • jacobite2015 says:

      I agree with you. I don’t think authentic board-certified MDs could go on a late-night talk show and give medical advice without them being identified. If they were MDs, surely their unprofessional behavior and profanity would draw heavy criticism from both their patients and peers (and perhaps the AMA?). The more you watch the skit, the more “corny” it is. My first thought was are these some production crew members, maybe studio parking lot attendants, getting their big moment on TV?
      But if I am wrong, someone should obtain their identities and report their unprofessional behavior to the California medical board, so they can be investigated just like Dr. Jack Wolfson is in Arizona.

      Nevertheless, this shows how desperate the pro-vax movement is in trying to humiliate, intimidate and offend people who are skeptical and suspicious of the so-called vaccine safety & efficiency science. I feel a lot of their “science” is corrupted by money. So much of the vaccine scientific research is bought and paid for by corporate special interests. I think more and more people are doing their own research into this and are not just buying the illusion that vaccines are safe & effective and can’t cause serious complications.. People are slowly catching on and as a consequence, the pro-vax drones are resulting to mafia-style tactics toward people to refrain from researching/questioning/challenging vaccines.

      Thanks Jon for all the research and analysis you do on this subject.

    • awake says:

      Great observation Carol. I noticed the same thing. All of them except one hid their identity. There was only one in the skit that wore a name tag. Her name is Danelle Fisher. She is a pediatrician in Los Angeles, CA who owns a practice called Westchester Pediatrics. A quick search on Dollars For Docs revealed she has been paid speaking and consulting fees from GlaxoSmithKline totaling $12,250. GSK is a massive manufacturer/distributor of vaccines. They were also fined heavily for marketing Paxil inappropriately to children and misreporting of data from a clinical trial of the drug. Since the rest of the doctors in the Kimmel skit chose to remain anonymous, we can’t know of their Pharma connections, only that they are cowards. What real doctor gives medical advice without identifying him/herself? Who listens to an anonymous person giving such advice?

    • Dan says:

      Agreed. No reputable doctor would EVER go on TV and conduct themselves in such a baffonish and unprofessional way. They’d be out of business. I have a few doctors in my family and they completely agreed.

  2. jarrodschneider says:

    It is indeed both frustrating and interesting to perceive just how effective propaganda via comedy can be. The average person is unable to distinguish between that which appeals to them emotionally (feel good humor) and that which seeks to simultaneously implant contrived and erroneous ideas into their minds. Propagandistic comedy functions like a Trojan horse of influence, as jokes are used as a vehicle of stealth and distraction that bypasses one’s conscious cognition, allowing the true message to be transmitted subversively. Such principles are no doubt studied in intelligence communities. For instance, the FBI uses sketches from the popular comedic television series Portlandia, in training exercises:


    The article itself contains propaganda and fails to pinpoint the actual reasoning behind the FBI’s motives, but after watching the particular sketch in question, it is clear to me that comedy in general is being studied as a vehicle for propaganda.

  3. Greg Osborne says:

    I linked to one of your articles this morning over on IJReview, where the debate over this has been raging for the last day or two. Some people over there are quoting the CDC like it’s the word of God. Hopefully it is driving traffic to your voice of sanity.


  4. Tracy says:

    What an arrogant prick he is. A show pony. Those “doctors” are no better. “Look at all these people” – imagine all the people watching who think you are a bunch of bullshit artists.

  5. theodorewesson says:

    Measles in Disneyland: Third MMR Shot & Vaccine Exemption Ban — by Barbara Loe Fisher


  6. Hawaii bob says:

    Just 1 question….who signs his checks…wouldnt b the corp 1
    % would it? Oh…..hb

  7. First hello all. Regular reader and fan of the blog here. Not sure why I’ve never commented before. My best friend in college was a pre-med major. He was 4.0 student; smart, focused, serious about his studies. He was accepted to his first choice of med schools, UT Southwestern, which he considered to be the best in the country, this was in the early 90s. He told me two things that surprised him about school.

    The entire 4 years while in school all students were wined and dined by pharmaceutical reps. And by wined and dined I mean 4/5 star restaurants where they are dropping hundreds per plate. The other observation is even more disturbing. There was a significant number of students who did the bare minimum to pass. Basically they were D students. This sincerely bothered my friend.

    Now in order to get into UT Southwestern you had to be an excellent undergrad student, let’s just assume their grades were legitimate, but seeing how rampant cheating is in schools… well that’s a whole other discussion. So these students busted their humps to get into a good Med school and then coasted once in. At some point in dawned on me that a % of people who become doctors do so for one reason… money. Think about the difference between an A and D student. One other fact to chew on. That medical diploma that hangs on their wall, does not have a GPA average.

  8. Chips says:

    I watched the Kimmel POS, and here’s my take. Total Bullshit. Why DO people watch this? Does Big Pharma Brother need morons {who watch this} to float Its’ Love[to hate]boat.? Do the bottom feeders who still passively receive the gm lay mash have a conscious mind? Even the numbers of viewers reported to watch this garble are faked. Media equals fakery.

  9. cazzograndissimo says:

    IMO Jimmy is just a messenger who is directed by other’s agendas. Letterman is the same. I recall after the Chinese missile incident off SoCal that Letterman spent WEEKS ridiculing the missile “theory” in a schtick that wasn’t funny the first time let alone the 10th time, this for an incident that was barely registered on Joe Sixpack’s radar.

    Letterman also deadpans that if you want to be President you have to appear on his show. The real humor there is that it’s a true statement. Letterman’s show is brainwash for older folks while Stewart, KImmel and Maher wash the younger crowd. It’ll be interesting to see if Colbert follows Letterman’s psyop lead. ” A little honey helps the medicine go down”….

  10. Skylar says:

    Thank you Jon. So glad you wrote this.

  11. Frank says:

    They should all just wear Nascar type uniforms with all their sponsors on them so we know who is paying the bill.

  12. Newzaholic says:

    Reblogged this on Newzaholic.com and commented:
    People follow Mainstream, but do not look at the facts. Then love ones suffer by our misinformed decisions.

  13. theodorewesson says:

    Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney have a 7 month old daughter, Jane.

    (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Kimmel)

    If I were a betting man, I would bet that Jimmy and Molly will not be giving their precious daughter the “full schedule” — the currently-CDC-mandated (one size fits all) 49 doses of 16 different (known-to-be-toxic) vaccines by age 6.

    Jimmy and Molly are wealthy couple. I’ll venture to guess, that, as a general rule, rich people are absolutely obsessed with their health and well-being (as we should all be). Beginning with pure food and pure water. So, putting toxins into themselves and their offspring is just not an option on the table.

    (see; http://www.enkicharity.com/jimmy-kimmel-net-worth.html)

    If what I am saying is true about Jimmy and Molly — their obsession with health,… then, at the very least, that makes Jimmy a hypocrite.

  14. Jason J. Carlton says:

    It’s not about people learning holistic physical and spiritual health, it’s about the elites being inoculated from the masses….

  15. nwqfk says:

    Mary Tyler Moore To Jimmy Kimmel… “YOUR DOCTOR’S A BIG PHARMA SHILL!”

    Mary Tyler Moore’s doctor was emphatic she take the very flu shot that, not only caused MORE death than the ‘so-called’ swine flu but, where the CDC LIED to the public that she endorsed everyone to take it.

    @ 3:00 minutes in, Mary Tyler more tells 60 minutes… (BEFORE CORPORATE MEDIA WAS CONSOLIDATED AND BEFORE DRUG ADS RAN AS A SOURCE OF MAIN REVENUE STREAMS) that she used BETTER JUDGEMENT than her doctor gave her and OPTED OUT OF THE VACCINE. Her doctor later told her “SHE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION.”


    Doctors are ANYTHING BUT ‘high priests; getting the word on vaccines from God himself. More often than not they are just ‘mocking birds’ for big pharma propaganda.

    Doctors are shamelessly so deep in big pharm.’s pocket it’s part of stand up comedy.


  16. Abinico Arts says:

    It’s not just people that are hurt by vaccines. The grey cat you see in the picture – that’s Tuesday, he went blind and his kidneys were destroyed after he got his first vaccine shot. I cared and nursed him for a year before he finally passed away, far, far too soon.

  17. ozziethinker says:

    Jimmy Kimmel tells me the “elite” are worried, otherwise we would not have heard him. I regularly chat to “ignorant” people. Feedback on vaccines (when raised) is consistently negative.

    “They” know the bubble’s burst and now are frantically trying to repair it. Ironically, and bizarrely, Thompson/CDC “scandal” might be a very outside contingency to scrap the program.

    Keep up the pressure, Jon.


  18. Tc says:


    I want to thank you so much for being such a persistent voice of reason amidst all of this tyranny.

    Hey folk, Pharoah wanted to slay your newborn at one point. Moloch wanted your child thrown into the fire as sacrifice. It was all mandated and for the greater good. No difference here. You can mandate, ridicule, bully and harass as much as you want. However, a simple NO from the conscientious citizen who is willing to sacrifice for their convictions will never, EVER be defeated by those who employ lies, coercion and violence as their methods.

    The criminal pharma govt with no credibility can go to hell, period!

  19. Michael McLaughlin says:

    Jimmy Kimmel, George Bush, Obama all puppets fed dialogue by people with the same old same old agenda. […] who in this instance are the ones who control the MSM.

  20. John says:

    Jimmy Kimmel always seemed like a gov media plant to me. It seems odd a nobody with a flat dead pan personality suddenly appears and goes straight to the top of talk shows, (similar to most SNL personalities). So just what made him so popular ? He also seems to back and promote whatever the rulers want promoted.

  21. Jeff Gordon says:

    When I grow up I want to be a 200 mile per hour PhRMA funded franchised media whore!

  22. Michael McLaughlin says:

    Vaccination is a concept of hope that has morphed to an addictive mindset promulgated and nurtured for profit, control, and subjugation of society by snakeoil salesmen.

    I wish the anti vaccine spokespersons would just bang their opponent with “Why do you think the neurotoxins in vaccines are safe for infants or anyone for that matter?” That’s all that has to be discussed. There is nothing left since neurotoxin is a poison by definition. Neurotoxins are substances that are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue. http://www.toxipedia.org/display/toxipedia/Neurotoxins

    ALL the vaccines recommended for children contain aluminum neurotoxins which by definition are poisonous. Neurotoxins are substances that are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue.

    • theodorewesson says:

      Hi Michael, excellent point.

      Just to add, the following web is very informative regarding what you are saying, and, has uncovered even more,…


      * There are also vaccines that have “refined peanut oil” in them (and, in some cases other food products).

      * also, supposedly, there is this vaccine labeling rule at the FDA, unlike the labeling rules that it mandates for packaged consumer processed foods, that, if a food substance is present in a vaccine AND the FDA has deemed said food substance “GRAS” (generally regarded as safe), then said food substance does NOT need to be listed publically as a vaccine ingredient.

      * refined peanut oil — instead of unrefined (Merck patent in 1964 for use in one of their vaccines) (refined: to reduce the amount of protiens in said oil (but not 100% eliminate them), …because studies in the first half of the 20th century showed a higher chance of subsequent allegic reactions to food with peanuts in them post-vaccination. Peanut oil in the vaccine allows the virus to be more slowly released into the body — because the body is ‘metabolizing’ the peanut oil, AND, also, the peanut oil acts as a ‘adjuvant’ — means it increases the number of antibodies (white blood cells) in the body — like vaccinces that use aluminum to increases the number of antibodies (white blood cells) in the body.

      * 7 Ways to Help Manage Your Child’s Food Allergy at School
      ** http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20141110/tribeca/7-ways-help-manage-your-childs-food-allergy-at-school
      ** http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/08/opinion/sunday/epipens-for-all.html

      * Combine the above with the following (to fill the void of the vacuum)… According to Naturopathic Doctor Peter Glidden, antibodies are just a tiny, tiny fraction of the overall immune system (and, (ironically) the Rockefella-funded reductionist allopathic doctors (MDs) focus all their attendtion on it — in their ill-guide and feeble-mined attempts to boost a person’s immune system). There are other far, far, more safer ways to boost your immune system than taking a toxic vaccine (which actually harms your immune system): @8m47s


  23. AT says:

    Love You Jon and I love laughing at the Pro Pharma Liar Shills and Killers.

    Thanks man.

  24. Kelley Leith says:


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