Let’s have a Death Day for everybody all at once

Let’s have one Death Day for everybody all at once

by Jon Rappoport

November 4, 2014


Time for a break from the Ebola hoax. Let’s discuss something more pleasant: death.

As time passes, I begin to see things in advance. For example, people will die. People I know and people my friends and family know.

It’s not unexpected. Every human has a tendency to die, eventually, for one reason or another. It may be ill-conceived, but there it is.

People go away. They take off. Maybe they come back, but that’s another issue.

Point is, with each death there are details to manage. Suits and ties, socks and shoes (not old sneakers), funerals, wakes, grotesque plane flights, conversations. You see people you haven’t seen in a long time—you didn’t want to see them. You’ve forgotten their names.

“Oh hi, Bill, didn’t you go to school with my brother? No? You’re Frank? You gave my cousin Lulu a kidney in 1961? Good for you. So how’s life in Fairbanks? You live in Havana? Sorry. Yes, I’m fine. I train clowns for circuses in Hungary when I’m not publishing the New York Times.”

There are impromptu gatherings, at which you’re supposed to remember the deceased person fondly and count up his contributions to society and perhaps even his role in the cosmic scheme of things.

“Marmaduke, I feel, was godlike. Without him, I fear the universe is in danger of imminent collapse.”

Six weeks later, just as the Marmaduke post-death episode is winding down, Frederico, your husband’s ex-partner in a stock-fraud enterprise, falls out of a window and buys The Big One, and the whole charade begins all over again.

There is no end to this.

So I’m suggesting the whole planet designate one day a year as Death Day.

On that day, everybody mourns for everybody who has died, is dying, and will die.

Perhaps a slow day in February, after the Super Bowl. February 22nd. Death Day.

On the 22nd, the world stays home from work. There are wakes and grievings and parties in every home. Mortuaries and cemeteries go on full alert, displaying symbolic caskets, digging random graves; limo services send out columns of slow-moving black cars. Flags fly at half-mast.

Tears flow. Conversations erupt. Condolences are uttered.

And then…for the rest of the year, there are no remembrances.

The dead have departed. Depending on what you believe, they’ve gone somewhere or nowhere. They’re out of the equation.

“Josiah died last night. We’ll remember him on the 22nd. What were you saying about that recipe for gooseberry omelets?”

“The Pope croaked? I’m sure my nephew will light a candle on the 22nd. Get your coat, we’re late for supper.”

“Uncle Sylvester finally died after 13 years in that nursing home. See you on Feb 22. Did you notice my cell phone? I was sure I left it in the crock pot on the stove.”

Of course, there are deaths you never forget. But you don’t need plane tickets and taxis and hotels and cousins to remember them. You have those few people in your heart forever.

The endless funerals of the others do nothing for you. They’re just one more way society tries to get in the way with its mindless rituals.

The sob-story culture is expanding as never before. It’s based on cheapening human life.

Exit From the Matrix

With my plan, here’s what will happen. Gradually, people will begin to realize that February 22 is just another shuck and jive, and they’ll defect from it. They’ll remember who they want to remember.

Which is the whole point.

Society is a system that tells you what to feel and how and when. That’s the bigger picture. Society is a collective coward. It can’t face the fact that individuals are different.

If it did face it, culture as we know it would collapse.

That’s a thing to look forward to. I do.

We need a special day for that. The Day of Anticipating the Collapse of This Frightened Culture.

Sign me up for that one. I’ll be there.

I’ll be grinning and talking. The conversations will be interesting.

No groups allowed. Just people, one by one.

No more living death.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

17 comments on “Let’s have a Death Day for everybody all at once

  1. Red Dust says:

    I will be there! Hope is for the hopeless <3

  2. This planet seems to be made up of many societies, many civilizations–some with a billion or more participants, some with just a few. There seems to be worlds within worlds, societies within societies. Most people give importance to the culture they are in closest proximity to, but this is a false importance. In actuality there is only one culture….the culture of myth, the culture of fragmentation. All cultures are united by this common clog.

    I haven’t read Jon’s books or programs, but perhaps when he speaks about ‘exiting the matrix’, he is speaking of exiting ‘culture itself’ altogether. When one steps out of the culture of fragmentation, the culture of duality, the culture of myth (all synonymous), one steps out of culture (ie the matrix) altogether.

    There is no such thing as waiting for a culture to collapse….culture itself will fall away naturally as the human being slowly begins to mature beyond the myth of fragmentation and all that this myth spawns. Culture is just a branch. Humans that are able to see this myth of fragmentation for what it is, those humans will survive and thrive. Those that don’t will be slowly weeded out. This is not something that happens in a ‘collapse’ style fashion. It is something that may take thousands of years, or longer.

    I suppose it’s possible to have an event where all the clones join hands and all drink the “koolaid” together and thus speed up the process, which would be super “kool”, but more likely it will just take some time for the new civilization to outgrow the old, organically, as the old fails and becomes less and less fertile. The new is just now sprouting, and for those who see their true nature…. there is no rush at all.

    • Dee says:

      There’s only so much one can remove oneself from the society in which it exists. Participation is unavoidable, even at the smallest level. Massive change can be gradual, but it can also be abrupt, like lightning.

      One day things can be moving along like clockwork, and the next day there could be rioting in the streets…

      • I understand what you mean. The deeper truth that is missed my most people is that what is called “change” is not change it all, it is just a modification of the same pattern. The rioting in the streets only produces a kind of superficial change, which will ultimately only give rise to yet another unconscious unsustainable society. The kind of “modification” that you are talking about can indeed strike like lightning, but nothing deep changes within the human psyche and it’s deep fragmentation, and thus a new “culture” is born. It is trading one religion for another, one ideology for another, one fragmented perspective of life for another….which is not change at all.

        • ozziethinker says:


          “The devil’s new cloths still makes the devil”.

          The only answer in non-capitulation and non-acquiescence. Do not vote, refuse to follow any “systems” in place and generally “clog” the capitalist way of life. When that rebellion reaches “saturation” point, it is the ELITE that will “wake up”.


  3. From Québec says:

    lol…! Great article, it made my day.

    Nowadays, funerals are so expensive, that one has to think if he can afford dying?

    • Chickfrompahrump says:

      I like what one prisoner replied when going to execution. The warden asked him what he wanted done with his body after death and he sarcastically said, “Throw it to the hogs!” With my Dead body? Take it out in the back yard, Let birds and maggots feast on it and I’ll call it good ! Did not cost anyone a single penny and fed some of natures own.

  4. Rex says:

    I like it…nice idea. Hallmark is probably already printing up expensive cards and buying ad space

  5. ozziethinker says:

    I went out to dinner with a friend recently.

    Somehow the conversation turned on his passed father, who had died many years ago. Tucked away in some dusty cabinet, is some gold Omega watch not worn for fear of the dead.

    We touched on its value and I exclaimed that it is sad it sits, unappreciated buried in dust.

    “I’ll wear it”, I gloated.

    “I can’t give you a watch worth…….so much”, he retorted.

    To which I responded, “It doesn’t matter who wears the watch as it will let your father breath. The wearer will let part of your father live on in the style of who he was”.

    When society becomes the embodiment of the memory of the dead; life is immortal.

  6. SamAdamsGhost says:

    The Day of Anticipating the Collapse of This Frightened Culture

    Now that’s hilarious !
    The more you look at this ‘culture’ run by kleptocrats and con men, the funnier it looks. So many running around spending their lives on silly things . . as though they’ll live forever.

  7. medusajoe says:

    Everything we think is important and know we saw it on tv.

    The rest is really what was important.

  8. henry says:

    The Anticipation of Collapse Day sounds like a good idea. Sure, for the first couple of years we’d all dance around the juju bush but within a few years we’d just find that advertisers will figure a way to make us want to buy mattresses for a discount price.

  9. Yea! So mote it be!
    And, yes, besides the grinning that befell me reading this, we will always remember those we deem worth to be held in our hearts.
    On the other hand, when children lose their mother, for instance, some ceremony, not having to wait till February 22, may help them through that.

  10. I do not think this would work well for most . It would be like Christmas when you have to go into debt to buy so many people gifts even if you don’t have the money and even if you do not want to , but you must, due to society’s customs and rituals.. So let’s Juxtapose , shall we ? One Death Day a year 10 folks ya know passed away . So in one day , You do much traveling , you go to 10 different memorials or funerals , buy 10 different bouquets and condolence cards and have to bring 10 different casseroles to 10 different wakes in which you have to make small talk with long lost friends and meet the dead person’s entire family ugh ! On the other hand , each time a death occurs you buy all those things separately as each death occurs , you only have to bring one casserole to one wake at a time spread over a years time. You can take a breather from having to talk to so many old friends and such in between deaths.The traveling costs willalso be spread out over time and you can reat in between jots . And besides we already have Memorial Day !!!!!!

  11. skywalker says:

    traditionaly ” all hallows day ” was a day of remembrance of the dearly departed. the whole community would go to edge of town and make a giant bonfire then every house would take a pumpkin and carve it into a lantern, then they would make an effigy of the king of the underworld and place him on a throne then in the evening the whole community would gather and make a procession that would go from house to house through the town slowly gathering all the families who would join the parade with their pumpkin lanterns and they would call to the dearly departed souls to come join them and follow the king on his throne . all the families would then travel to the bonfire and the king would be placed on top and the fire lit, then all the pumpkins would be cast upon the fire telling the gathered lost souls to join the king and pass over to the next life into the light.
    its a shame we have all forgotten the true meaning of all hallows day or ” Halloween ” our real remembrance day of the dead.
    its a shame this day has become perverted into something unholy…….think about it.

    • chickfrompahrump says:

      Yes Sky walker , It is ridiculous. It is a night when children and older than that knock on your door and give a you an ultimatum , “Trick or treat?” What’s it gonna be? It is like black mail . Either give a treat or we will hurt you . In rural towns like the one I live in. Most homes are on 1 to 5 acre lots , but there are 3 dense communities here. The biggest one , being Mountain falls . Thousands of children and older teenagers descend on this place. One couple told me they had approximately 1500 kids and were burden with a candy bill of 200 bucks .. I asked them why do they spend that kind of money? Why not just turn your porch light off? They are afraid of the tricks that older kids might play and it ends up being cheaper ion the long run. They would rather pay $200.00 for candy as opposed to thousands in damage ! I find this to be a real shame. I agree with you !

    • ozziethinker says:

      Very good comment,

      They, the destroyers, twist words which galvanise social goodwill and turn them into tomfoolery. To call someone “gay” was once the highest compliment. Now it is reduced to perversity.

      I believe the “spirit” of Christmas (winter solstice) has been utterly destroyed by Satan (Santa). This is not to say the concept of giving presents is bad, but capitalism and deadly commerce have hijacked the will and love of God.

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