Mind control and mind chaos: the troll and the non sequitur

Mind control and mind chaos: the troll and the non sequitur

by Jon Rappoport

February 10, 2014


On a mass level, one of the most efficient methods of mind control is the creation of the non sequitur.

Non sequitur is Latin for “it does not follow.” In logic, this is a statement that doesn’t validly flow from previous assertions.

Example: “All presidents are crazy.” “Sam is crazy.” “Therefore, Sam is a president.”

Wrong. The final “Sam is a president” is a non sequitur.

In an education system where logic is absent, the student has no center. He drifts. He comes to rely on what other people tell him. He can’t think and reason for himself. He opts for ideas that seem superficially attractive.

In ordinary usage, this could be an exaggerated non sequitur: you’re parked in a lot outside a market, and a car hits you from behind. You get out and walk over to the driver and say, “Hey, you hit me.” And he says, “My sister was tested for tuberculosis and she’s clean.”

Or you write a piece about a medical drug recall, and a reader responds, “Jesus is the light of the world.”

These days, more and more people believe information is something you’re supposed to plug into at any level…and respond to with whatever comes to mind. This is the new logic.

As in the last example, non sequitur can issue forth from people who have an overwhelming agenda they refer to, no matter what the situation.

Example: “A last second-shot saved the LA Lakers from going down to another defeat.” And the response is, “When humanity rejects Islam, we will finally find peace.”

An online troll (see many comments sections all over the Net) has an overwhelming agenda or is being paid to distract people and lead them off course.

An example of this last might be: After an article about fraud at the Federal Reserve and several relevant comments, there suddenly comes, “All you conspiracy theorists are crazy Ron Paul followers. Money is money. Get over yourselves. Try leaving your mother’s basement.”

The troll hopes he’ll stir up enough animosity to take people away from the issue of fraud at the Fed, while painting Ron Paul as a nutcase.

If, in any situation, you take the bait and try to reason with a person who is entrenched in non sequitur, you waste your time and energy. It won’t work.

In Washington, non sequitur is SOP.

Senator, we’re still waiting for answers about what really happened in Benghazi.”

My boy, the whole Middle East and North Africa are tied together in age-old conflicts. It’s our job to untangle that mess, sort it out, and establish beachheads of Democracy.”

Say what??

In casual conversation at a party, where six or seven people are all talking at once and laughing, non sequitur is a hell of a lot of fun. But when it comes to grasping information, it’s about as useful as a spavined horse in the Preakness.

To which someone will reply, in perfect non sequitur, “Horses should never run at racetracks. It’s cruel.”

The Matrix Revealed

I once gave a talk about methods of analyzing information. I used, as an example, the Oklahoma Bombing case (1995). The responses from the audience were all opinions about the Bombing case. The people failed to connect with the real subject of the lecture because they weren’t aware there was such a thing as logic. For them, that was just some inexplicable icing on the cake.

They were products of the American educational system.

Television news is perfect non sequitur, in the sense that the anchor is paid to provide smooth transitions from one story to another unrelated story: “In the Middle East today, peace talks broke down again…a St. Louis housewife was shot in a drive-by…and did you know that some clothes dryers may not be safe…a body was found in a row boat off the coast of Virginia…it’s snowing in Florida…”

Turn a mind into a universal magnet that randomly picks up iron, wood, bits of paper, cigarette butts, orange peels, leaves, sand, mice, sugar, and shoes, it doesn’t matter what questions you present. The answers will be irrelevant.

This is a unique form of control.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

10 comments on “Mind control and mind chaos: the troll and the non sequitur

  1. gwencat1 says:

    “a universal magnet that randomly picks up iron, wood, bits of paper, cigarette butts, orange peels, leaves, sand, mice, sugar, and shoes”

    Sounds like katamari damacy

  2. WoW says:

    Written on 26 January 2014. Just in case you haven’t seen it!

    My Love

    She IS my
    First Love
    The only Love
    The one Love
    The Love
    my Life

    She never says
    She loves me
    She knows
    I know
    She loves me
    All her heart

    I never say
    I love her
    I know
    She knows
    I love her
    All my heart

    When I’m naughty
    She IS still nice
    Only says to me
    Be nice

    When I’m hungry
    She’s never angry
    Nor shows me
    Her dirty laundry

    When I’m wise
    She never acts
    The wise vise
    Nor shows me
    Her wise vice

    When I love
    One, some or many
    She never says
    She owns me
    Or I owe her

    What she ever own
    Always mine to the bone
    For my trust is her thrown
    She knows I’m no prawn

    When I want
    One thing or anything
    She knows
    It’s a need
    She only shows
    How to walk
    Like a rock


    She never:

    Counts the stock
    Takes her talk
    Watches the clock
    Preys like a hawk
    King bird that mock
    Ding bird that squawk

    When I leave
    Her last
    I kiss her forehead
    Her tears
    Not one, not some
    Who knows
    How many
    Like a

    Warming and wetting
    My cold and dry heart
    As if…
    Warning me of
    Mourning the morning

    In exactly
    In years one
    In months ten
    I feel
    Her last air
    Fades into air


    It’s everywhere
    Like a
    Living Life
    Love alive
    My Love
    First Love
    The one Love
    The only Love
    The Love
    My Life
    Eternal Love
    My Mother
    The Mother of

    My Mother, to me, so dear
    You’re ever, to me, so near
    Your Love keeps me steer
    I’m NOW in many tear

    NOT for I:

    Feel any fear
    Want more beer
    Can not more cheer
    See not any clear
    Am in top gear
    Feel like King Lear
    Can not much queer
    See wall and rear
    Hold not more smear
    Can not more veer
    Wait not many year


    I want to
    Kissper to her
    Eternal eye


    I am still
    The one
    The only one
    How to love
    ALL the way
    She loves me


    I’m still
    The one
    The only one
    You can call

  3. paschn says:

    Sadistically well said 😎

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  5. henry says:

    Does the information that is sent with the comments to this website include ip address? Can that be used to geo-locate the commenter? It might be interesting to see if the non-sequiturs are coming from the same area (D.C. or some military base)

  6. Reblogged this on Tales from the awakened Mind and commented:
    As long humans use the programmed mind as tool, they will be controllable from outside. This matches a pc with a bunch of malware, it is slow and do many crazy things. But the veil is coming down and we see that something faster, wider and non influenced is needed to support and guide our path. Thanks Jon

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