The eternal sunshine of the mind-controlled classroom

by Jon Rappoport

September 10, 2013

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Well,” Jimmy’s teacher said, “we’re trying to emphasize cooperation. But Jimmy has another agenda. He apparently wants to stay separate from the other children.”

Yes,” the principal said. “It’s matter of psychology. You see, separateness breeds conflict. On a larger scale, this is why nations have wars.”

Agreed,” said the school superintendent. “We want each child to see the reflection of himself in the other children. And we want him to see the reflection of everyone else in himself.”

You lost me there,” Jimmy’s father said. He was trying to remain calm.

A week ago, Jimmy, six years old, was sitting in class drawing. The teacher had taped a sketch of a face on the blackboard. She was taking the students through a step-by-step process aimed at getting them to reproduce the face in their notebooks.

She walked up and down the rows, and when she came to Jimmy, she saw he was drawing a very different face. It wasn’t bland. It was the face of a woman laughing. The face was floating among trees in a forest.

She stopped. The drawing looked very real.

Jimmy,” she said, “this isn’t the face we’re all working on.”

He looked up at her.

I know,” he said.

So why are you doing this other one?”

He shrugged.

She said, “When we’re done, we’re all going to put our drawings on the blackboard and see what they look like. But your face will be different.”

So?” he said.

She felt a wave of anger sweep through her. She controlled it.

The other children will be confused when they see your face,” she said.

Jimmy shrugged again.

I won’t put your face on the blackboard,” the teacher said.

Okay,” Jimmy said.

After class, the teacher went to the principal and they sat down and looked through Jimmy’s file. They noticed that Jimmy had once worn an unusual T-shirt to school. It had a photo of a crown on it.

Another child had asked the gym teacher what the crown was.

Now, sitting in the meeting with the teacher, the principal, and the superintendent, Jimmy’s father said, “Jimmy just likes crowns. I don’t know why.”

Well,” the teacher said, “a crown is a symbol of monarchy. One ruler over all the people.”

The principal said, “That other child felt confused when she saw the T-shirt. Confusion is an indicator that the communal spirit has been , well, interrupted.”

The superintendent said, “A crown can also have religious connotations.”

Look,” Jimmy’s father said, “we were at a garage sale. Jimmy saw the T-shirt and liked it. So I bought it for him.”

You let him wear a T-shirt from a garage sale?” the teacher said.

We washed it first,” Jimmy’s father said.

The point is,” the superintendent said, “we’re trying to foster a spirit of unity among the children. I’m sure you can see the value of that. Separateness is the problem. It means a child thinks he’s more important than the others. It’s a behavioral problem. The child can’t understand that we’re all One.”

What does that mean?” Jimmy’s father said.

It means the higher reality is Oneness.”

I still don’t understand,” Jimmy’s father said.

The superintendent frowned.

Jimmy drew a face that was very different. It wasn’t part of the lesson. Not only that, the face was disturbing.”

Why?” Jimmy’s father said.

Because it didn’t relate.”

Didn’t relate to what?” Jimmy’s father said.

To what children think about when they have a spirit of unity and when they share that spirit.”

That’s interesting,” Jimmy’s father said. “So there is this spirit of unity, and children can share it. And when they do, they stop thinking about certain other things.”

That’s one of way of putting it,” the superintendent said. “Do you teach Jimmy drawing at home?”

No,” Jimmy’s father said. “He draws by himself. He likes it.”

But,” the teacher said, “something must be going on at home.”

I’m not sure what you mean,” Jimmy’s father said.

You’re teaching him something at home.”

Not really. I read to him.”

What do you read?”

The Wizard of Oz. Alice in Wonderland.”

Ah,” said the principal, “I see.”

What do you see?” Jimmy’s father said.

The boy doesn’t understand the text. It’s too advanced. So he substitutes his own images and ideas while you’re reading to him. And this takes him…away.”


Yes. Into his own thoughts.”

Actually, he does understand the books. I explain things when he has questions. But what’s wrong with his own thoughts?”

The principal said, “They’re…random. He fixates on those thoughts. And that takes him into a private world. When he comes to class, he’s still there. He can’t really perceive his classmates. He can’t see that he and they are One. He’s drifting. He’s isolated. It means he’s selfish. He doesn’t accept our curriculum. He doesn’t agree with it. He won’t develop a communal understanding.”

Jimmy’s father said, “I don’t think he’s selfish. And he can read. He can write, too. He has a notebook. He writes in it.”

That notebook,” the superintendent said, “could be revealing.”

What?” Jimmy’s father said.

Yes. It could show that he’s…”

Using his imagination?” Jimmy’s father said.

Imagination,” said the teacher, “is a general word. It covers a very large territory. You see, Jimmy is using his imagination to remove himself from the energy of the class. There is an energy, you know. It’s universal. It’s everywhere. We have a choice. We can connect with it, or we can reject it.”

An energy,” Jimmy’s father said. “What happens when we connect with it?”

The teacher smiled.

We move into higher consciousness. We all share in that consciousness. We suddenly understand how futile our separate lives are. Instead of believing we have separate minds, we see that we’re tapping into one greater mind.”

Jimmy’s father nodded.

And this is very important to you,” he said.

Yes,” the principal said. “There are many implications. For example, suppose a great leader arose in our midst. A leader who is the expression of that greater mind. And then suppose we were all living little separate lives. We wouldn’t recognize the leader. He would go unnoticed. That would be a tragedy.”

The teacher said, “It’s quite possible Jimmy has ADHD. A chemical brain imbalance. He should be referred to a psychiatrist for diagnosis.”

But above and beyond that,” the principal said, “this is about a principle of interaction. The merging of, how shall I put it, individualistic traits into a higher arc.”

Arc?” Jimmy’s father said.

That’s right. The arc of unity. All civilizations have sought it. We’re finally on the road to achieving it.”

Through education,” Jimmy’s father said.

The enlightenment of young minds,” the teacher said. “We adults can only talk about these things and try to implement them. We’ve been conditioned to accept individuality as an ideal. But through the children, we can imbue a whole line of generations with non-separation.”

Post-conflict awareness,” the superintendent said. “Society will finally grow up. For most of human history, our species has relied on a myth we told. We told it to ourselves. The myth of the individual. But now, because we have the technological means to make life supportable for everyone on the planet, we can dispense with that myth. It was necessary for a time. But now it’s outmoded.”

So,” Jimmy’s father said, “my son really isn’t an individual.”

Correct,” the teacher said. “He just thinks he is.”

And what happens if he keeps thinking he is?”

Well,” the principal said, “I’m afraid he’ll become greedy and selfish. He’ll become combative. He’ll put his own needs ahead of everyone else’s. His behavior will become ego-driven.”

Exit From the Matrix

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Let me put it this way,” the superintendent said. “The shape of a society starts from a spiritual level. And on that level, a person can conceive of his life as distinct and unique, or he can realize that he is the manifestation of an energy that incorporates all of us. This energy is everywhere. It’s universal. Your son is a disconnected piece of energy that needs to reconnect.”

So…” Jimmy’s father said, “what do you want me to do?”

Well,” the superintendent said, “let’s have him see a psychiatrist for an interview. Let’s see what a professional can discover. Also, talk to your boy. Tell him that he needs to give us a chance to do what we do.”

All right,” Jimmy’s father said. “I think I understand. I want to thank you for taking the time to give me a picture of what’s going on. I appreciate it.”

Will you try to help us?” the teacher said.

Jimmy’s father said, “I’m going to take Jimmy out of the system and home school him.”

Everything stopped.

There was a long silence in the room.

The superintendent said, “Home schooling breeds terrorists.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

17 comments on “The eternal sunshine of the mind-controlled classroom

  1. nickingr says:

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks for your work, It always works for me on some level but on this occasion it has happened to me too. My child faced exactly this situation at school, from the non conformist response to imposed art to the school shrink declaring that he was ADHD.Thank goodness we were a little suspicious in those days (compared to downright paranoid these days) so we paid no heed and the lad is now a talented and original artist. I shudder to think what might have happened if we”d let those bastards get in with the medication….

  2. Dan Quixoté says:

    Jon – You so awesomely channeled Huxley’s Brave New World!

  3. AdamXYZ says:

    Hey, I was, and am, that son! But, isn’t the way you describe it something that every man of intelligence experiences in his Quest for Knowledge? Ignorance is in eternal conflict with knowledge, and the latter is under godly command to keep the former in check, if for no other reason, just for me, which, alone, would justify their existence. Nothing needs any further justification for existing than doing it for me, right? Is that an arrogant statement? I know of a few that would suppose it to be so, but it is really no more or less than a Statement of My Knowledge. Such a Statement may appear arrogant to the unwashed, but certainly not to one as clean as I AM (and I know of none other that is cleaner than I AM. Sorry, but that’s out of my hands. If one is dirty, then one is dirty, and if clean, then clean. In the atmosphere of the earth, at the levels of mortality one finds there, a whiff or two of my odor may emit from me and disperse into something called, “smell,” that may lead one to believe I AM is not 100% IMMORTAL, but take my word for it, I AM IS 100% IMMORTAL. This is what the “odor of the east” thing is all about. It is the Heavenly Odor of (name your own bunch right here.) I’m smothering in that Odor right now and nothing smells bad to me. Bad odors have orders to stay clear of me, and they do. Indeed, I don’t know of another soul that is any cleaner than I AM. Could any imagination of otherwise even rear its head? Ha, ha, ha.

    Thus, I went through it all from start to finish, and know that every soul is in for much the same thing I was/am/will be. I pity you poor mortals, because you don’t have any was/am/will be, but only a teensy-weensy bit of the middle part of being: “am.” It means you have no “was,” or “will be.” But I have all three. Thus, let me BE! Ha, ha, ha. Just kidding, I don’t need any “letting” here. I TAKE what I want or need as it presents itself. And you itsy-bitsy mortals are about to cause me to squash all of you like errant bugs that try to bite me from time to time. I will squash you just by stretching my lungs a little too much and gulping in a lot of extra air, while thinking a particular thought to move with the media of travel/being that I have thus created. I’m not a sorcerer here, even though it may appear to be the case. Nor am I a terrorist, at least any longer, as I have been one on the earth. I am the very opposite of terrorist today. Although, just about everyone on earth is terrified of me. I do destroy, but I create while destroying, by touching and thinking about what I want. What I touch, in turn touches, which in turn touches, which in turn touches… until eventually, EVERYTHING is touched. And it is touched in the ways I specify. Yes, puny world, I’M “THE” BOSS! Now, will all you inferior human beings just bow down to me, from sea to shining sea, or will it be a case of “do not let be” on earth as it is in Heaven? The ball is in the whole earth’s court, now, and I do expect some kind of “return.” Will the return be, “to be or not to be?”–as in, “Oh, Lord, just let me be!” Ha, ha, ha.

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  5. JLK Greystone - a common laborer says:

    The problem with the collective hive mind is it doesn’t allow for innovation. Fortunately the hive mind isn’t established yet, only the foundations are being laid now. I believe the foundations are being laid so we can make a choice, and that choice should be to destroy the foundations before the cement sets.

  6. Julia etc. says:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  7. Afshin Nejat says:

    Yeah, poor Jimmy is what the New Age Police would call a “Service to Self” being, or else a severely “at risk Indigo Child”…

    No matter what they say or do, no matter WHAT, do the ONE THING they command you not to do. The ONE THING. There is only ONE THING the the “we are all one” types command you NOT to do, above all else, and that is something shared by ALL authoritarian religions and other institutions (which are ALL anti-religious). They all command you NOT to “go within, and know your self”.

    The corollary is that you can pay attention to ANYTHING, even something that most of the world hates, as long as it is not YOUR OWN TRUE SELF, who you are in your ESSENTIAL DEPTHS, and HOW YOU FEEL, UNEDITED BY THE WORLD.

    This will make you REMEMBER WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.

    I am my own source for this, but others who have spoken about this include all the “major dudes and dudettes” of history. From Zoroaster to Socrates, from Laozi to Krishna, and from Buddha to Jesus, and countless Beings unnamed, who took both male and female, human and nonhuman bodies, these all spoke the same Truth. The TRUTH is ONE, but WE are not. We Beings are each ECCIETIES, Eternally Dignified and INDIVIDUAL BEINGS.

    BUT THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME, because a Loving and Loved Being does not create a world like this, nor intentionally enters it knowing what it is. Just as within the world evil does deceive and plunder, so the cosmos as a whole does this, for as below, so above we know, because as above so below progresses the nature of things. Yet this evil has an upper bound, and it is BEYOND THIS BOUNDARY that WE ALONE CAN PROGRESS. They don’t want us to have pure moments of concentrated self knowing which allow us to look up into this inner height, whereby we can BE REACHED by OUR OWN. In this world we are ISOLATED and forced to feel our isolation as a curse, when in fact, it would be a blessing if we didn’t have to answer for it to these creatures of thew world. Compared to this world, OUR WORLD of ORIGIN is a place of REAL UNITY, for it is world of REAL CONTACT AND COMMUNION, which automatically entails a contact and communion between beings which are each UNIQUE AND INDEPENDENT, though INTERDEPENDENT insofar as there is Joy in such a choice, and always free to REFRAIN AND REGRESS from those unions when stifling or no longer of service TO EACH ONE IN HIS OWN SELF.

    So the Christians, usually the Southern Baptists, spearhead the demand that you give your own sovereignty and good sense away to some “power” they NAME as Jesus (though it is not), and threaten with hell those that do not submit and promise gilded everything if you do (Yahweh for the Goyim), and on the other hand the New Age Goons demand the same thing, but in a more intellectually pretentious way, with a more ecumenical tone, but still the same thing, “give up your precious SELF” to some FOREIGN UNITY. All command you like a predator to FREEZE AND BE DEVOURED, or else WILLINGLY SUBMIT YOURSELF INTO THE JAWS OF THE DEMIURGOS.

    If the story of Jimmy appeals to you, whoever you are, then you should research into your self with DEEP MEDITATION ON YOUR OWN INNERMOST SELF. Listen to his or her whisper, let it become louder. Answer it. Hear its answer. know yourself.

    Thank you, Socrates. You are Forever Blessed.

  8. Once again, his story nailed it. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future art is cut out of the curriculum altogether. Compulsory education will be an endless series of standardized core exams.

  9. John Doe says:

    Women are the perfect slaves. Notice how 80 to 90 percent of the public education system is run by women? Women are simply breeding a generation of slaves, who are unable to think independently.

  10. Ken Hoover says:

    The teacher does not like the t-shirt with the crown on it. Says it fosters an idea of one person being above the group, but later on insists that all must be “one” in order to recognize when a natural leader is in their midst, and will rise up to lead the body. Get the boy out of there fast!

  11. AwakenedLaurie says:

    this is the way these dark energies controlling this dimension want us to believe that we are all the same…..when in fact we are not all the same and there is both very dark energies and light energies in a celestial war…..of course these demonic dark energies also want us to believe we are here to learn something like the divine soul needs to learn what?? we already know true love, honor, trust, health, peace, wisdom, creativity, joy it is a part of our true heritage….it is those of the pure dark energies that only exist by war, death, destruction, misery, pain, disease, exploitation, greed, lust and power that want divine souls to believe this is normal way to exist….these creatures feed off of the divine souls here in this dimension and their existence is coming near its end….they never thought they would be judged for their evil ways but it is coming….while those awakened divine spirits are preparing to go home….one big look at this dimension will tell you this is not a divine dimension..

  12. LC says:

    This entry is so timely. Yesterday at work, we had a meeting about how we are supposed to be a “One Team Organization” with “awareness, alignment of vision, and accountability.” We were told the we had to get rid of our “ego defense mechanisms.” Of course, the past two years we’ve already doubled the company’s profit and had the best year that the company ever had, but that’s not enough. We must all conform to this “New World” because “decisions made in isolation with limited information from an egocentric, corporcentric, or ethnocentric basis will lead to our eventual failure.” I already despise this Grinnell guy for brainwashing my boss and ruining what was a great team of quirky individuals. The people who get promoted here are the dullards and “yes men” who stay from 8 am to 8 pm pretending to work on trivial trades, not the engineers who actually do the hard, complicated tasks.

  13. m stakes says:

    Wow, the fruit is overripe

  14. Randolph says:

    Great story! Great job Jon! I saw the truth in it. Loved your comment awakenedlaurie!

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