Psychiatry targets college students for destruction

College students: psychiatry targets them for final destruction

by Jon Rappoport

September 22, 2013

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Send your child to college, and watch him earn a mental-disorder diagnosis.

What better target-rich environment for pharma/psychiatry to exploit than colleges?

Constantly renewing enrollments of the young and vulnerable, under pressure to perform academically, away from home for the first time, becoming aware that a degree may earn them zero security in the shrinking job market.

Through on-campus counseling services, feeder lines channel students into psychiatrists’ office. Some colleges even have “crisis response teams” to guide students with problems into the heart of psychiatric-drug darkness.

The JED Foundation is an example of a group that networks with colleges to set up comprehensive systems for mental-health services. It boasts two past presidents of the American Psychiatric Association on its boards. JED’s medical director, Dr. Victor Schwartz, writes:

In the past year, 21.2 percent of college students received a psychiatric diagnosis or were treated for mental health issues such as depression or eating disorders, and an estimated 6.6 percent of students reported having serious thoughts of suicide…”

One out of five college students in the psychiatric pipeline.

And this figure is going to increase, in the wake of “cautionary events” like the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Navy Yard shootings, which are being promoted as posters for earlier “mental-health interventions.”

Watch for it. The “see something, say something” mantra of the DHS will cross over. “If you see a fellow student exhibiting the following signs, it’s your duty to say something to the college counseling office…treatment is the answer.”

If you went to college, I’ll bet you can remember numerous moments when—if a “mental-health atmosphere” had pervaded the campus—a psychiatrist would have diagnosed you with a disorder and prescribed a toxic drug.

It’s now an open secret (even mainstream news outlets are sticking their toes in the water) that the SSRI antidepressants induce violence, including suicide and homicide. See SSRI Stories for many sourced accounts.

Psychiatry is random MKULTRA in the express lane. Drug millions, stand back, and watch the violence spread like blood on a blotter.

One of my many articles on medical fraud, “The lying liars who lie about psychiatry,” establishes that: there are no definitive physical diagnostic tests for ANY so-called mental disorder; therefore, these disorders are rank fictions; and drugs used to treat patients are highly toxic.

There are, in fact, many reasons why people in general, and college students in particular, go off the rails, suffer, feel pain, experience disorientation, wrestle with problems they can’t resolve:

Severe nutritional deficits; prior toxic medical drugs; environmental chemicals; food sensitivities; peer pressure; physical and emotional abuse; vaccine injury; oxygen-deficit; head injuries. The list goes on.

Health practitioners who have the knowledge and take the time can discover particular causes in a given patient. In many cases, these problems can be reversed.

The concept called “mental disorder” is a sales pitch backed up by extraordinary PR, money, academic gibberish, and government-granted official status.

After the recent mass killings in Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, and Washington, psychiatry is flying high. It’s doubling down on its lies, and making a case, with its federal allies and media know-nothings, for more intervention, more diagnosis, more drugs, more “surveillance of early warning signs.”

People need to wake up to the fact that the whole panoply of human suffering has been co-opted, taken over, redefined, re-translated into a lexicon of pseudoscience.

This would be bad enough, but when you add the toxic and violence-inducing drugs to the mix, you have an underworld of RICO crime the mafia could only dream of. Because it’s right out in the open, and its priests in white coats can even testify in court trials as experts.

Exit From the Matrix

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Waking up is hard to do, for people who’ve already bought the premise of mental health. They hope against hope (and thus believe) that the cure is here, the analysis is real, the science is true. They imagine that only Neanderthals would reject psychiatry.

They trust in promises of the march of progress. They believe the press releases.

They send their children to college.

They pay the price of their faith. Their son or daughter is now in the psychiatric system.

Here is one such story, from Dr, Peter Breggin’s landmark book, Toxic Psychiatry:

Roberta was a college student, getting good grades, mostly A’s, when she first became depressed and sought psychiatric help at the recommendation of her university health service. She was eighteen at the time, bright and well motivated, and a very good candidate for psychotherapy. She was going through a sophomore-year identity crisis about dating men, succeeding in school, and planning a future. She could have thrived with a sensitive therapist who had an awareness of women’s issues.

Instead of moral support and insight, her doctor gave her Haldol. Over the next four years, six different physicians watched her deteriorate neurologically without warning her or her family about tardive dyskinesia [motor brain damage] and without making the [tardive dyskinesia] diagnosis, even when she was overtly twitching in her arms and legs. Instead they switched her from one neuroleptic to another, including Navane, Stelazine, and Thorazine. Eventually a rehabilitation therapist became concerned enough to send her to a general physician, who made the diagnosis [of medical drug damage]. By then she was permanently physically disabled, with a loss of 30 percent of her IQ.

“…my medical evaluation described her condition: Roberta is a grossly disfigured and severely disabled human being who can no longer control her body. She suffers from extreme writhing movements and spasms involving the face, head, neck, shoulders, limbs, extremities, torso, and back-nearly the entire body. She had difficulty standing, sitting, or lying down, and the difficulties worsen as she attempts to carry out voluntary actions. At one point she could not prevent her head from banging against nearby furniture. She could hold a cup to her lip only with great difficulty. Even her respiratory movements are seriously afflicted so that her speech comes out in grunts and gasps amid spasms of her respiratory muscles…Roberta may improve somewhat after several months off the neuroleptic drugs, but she will never again have anything remotely resembling a normal life.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

26 comments on “Psychiatry targets college students for destruction

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  2. roberta4949 says:

    wow, that is so sad, shameful too for them to do that to people, I hate liars, and I hate people who abuse someone’s trust in them, I guess that is the same as a liar? anyway many of the symptoms that you mentioned and they treat with drugs are just symptoms of life, we all have days we get depressed, days things don’t go well, days where we seem overwhelmed by lifes challenges, these are not usually indicative of a mental illness but of a miserable world where corruption greed and violence is rampant, demands of society go higher and higher, and stresses that humans are not designed for are occurring.

  3. Frank Borman says:

    Considering Constitution free zones, transference of witchhunt
    responsible for same, student debt slavery (with prison for profit
    an offshoot of monopoly and privatization) instead of human
    opportunity-reflected democracy, and the usual pressures of college
    and youth, I’d say let them be kids and not look to act prematurely.

    But it’s lack of recognition and love, and witchhunt’y
    parents that create the scapegoat’y/arrogance based
    government destroying the U.S., obviously, so I’m
    not trying to nix psych. Even the most open-minded
    of psychiatry’s ranks have seen their (his) girlfriend
    murdered by a simply not normal head beneath the
    flesh and hair.

    By the way, I went from fat to slim, found babes liked me
    afterall, and did an overshoot for a safety margin.

    Daddy doctor did inquire of me, I did in fact settle
    higher, but think kids can be kids and be allowed
    to experiment a tad before someone writes a
    prescription and sets a schedule.

    The docs simply are skating a little too close to
    the false positives.

    Have a nice day.

  4. scott says:

    The best one is admin’s attitude, “your child is 18, so it’s none of your business.” Beware.

  5. John says:

    I went to my sons fiances graduation a couple years ago. The college dean got up to the mic and spent the first ten minutes talking about what he and his husband,,,( he would pause each time bathing in the shock effect), then he brought the, and our son,,,into it, another ten minutes of stories about me and my husband,,,,,and our son,,,,.
    I was thinking this isn’t about your gay lifestyle this is the students day. Anyways this is the kind of idiocy that goes on at these places.

  6. bob klinck says:

    Dr. Ewan Cameron was the first chairman of the World Psychiatric Association as well as president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations. Based at McGill University in Montreal, he benefited from Rockefeller financing and was prominent in the MKUltra program of the CIA, destroying many lives through vicious experimentation. If you are unfamiliar with this “luminary” of the profession of psychiatry, read about him, say on Wikipedia. Psychiatry has very suspect origins.

  7. “A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

  8. Kevin Pevehouse of course says:

    Psychiatry is fun if ya know how to control the psychiatrist.

    Remember…..all that evil was always there…the irregular use of the meds because everyone hates side effects is what expands consciousness. Quit giving professionals, the rich and powerful so much credit. They are weak.

  9. OMG!

    It just never ends, does it? So much so, how “money” has become the supreme idol of all big business in these united states!

    Getting the word out, here, is the best thing I can think of. I guess those on-line college courses are looking like “greener grass” pastures even more. This, and all of the other politically-correct craziness that abounds on our “campuses of high-learning”, must make one wonder, “Is it REALLY worth getting into over-the-head student debt anymore, all for this?” Really!


    What happens with more of these strange and suspicious campus mass-shooting events taking place in the aftermath? – – BINGO! – MORE gun-control – leading to – mass-confiscations. – – You just gotta LOVE living in a growing empire.

    – Rev. Jim

  10. John Doe says:

    The majority of people taking these drugs in America are women. Unfortunately, women seem to have a sheep mentality of just “following the herd”, and so most of them never question whether these drugs are safe or not.

  11. Ralph says:

    Like you said, under RICO, when are these psych “doctors” who pass out
    these SSRI drugs like candy and the big drug companies going to be indicted as
    accessories to murder.

  12. Chris says:

    Psychiatry is evil… it’s from the Nazis. Basically it’s a bunch of mentally deranged, wounded people “social workers and psychiatrists”, mostly highly manipulative, wounded females, running around throwing labels of “mental illness” on people to boost their own mortally-wounded self-esteem. Then when those people have been “diagnosed” as “mentally ill” it wreaks havoc on their already fragile emotional state and sense of self. Then they become what they’ve been diagnosed as….
    Psychiatry is witchcraft and is from satan.

  13. ARIZONA says:

    THERES NOTHING to dirty ,underhanded,and rotten for americans,the depravity of attacking every child on the planet, is all real americans live for,THEY sacraifice their children,other peoples children,other countries children,ALL TO THEIR DADDY LUCIFER,but somewhere in americas TWISTED brain,they think its OK to do this,OF COURSE,our FATHER IN HEAVEN ,has warned to stop for years,THEY SPIT IN HIS FACE,and said we’ll kill,and poison anyones children we want,SO YOU THINK you can KILL and poison anyones children you want HUH,WELL if you know the LORD, get real close to him,HE’S GOING TO LEVEL THE ENTIRE COUNTRY,america will look like the sahara desert,when he’s done,ITS WHAT YOU WANTED REMEMBER???

  14. ARIZONA says:

    AFTER THE DRUG RAID,on my neighbors house,IT BURNED DOWN,the fire bombs, the police gangs threw through the windows,set the house on fire,BUT IT WASN’T until the house was on fire and their SIX YEAR OLD little girl had her face bashed in and her eye was hanging on her cheek,FROM A POLICE GANG “RIFLE BUTT” you know ,just to show her parents who’s boss in a drug raid,THAT THEY DISCOVERED THEY WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE,and it was a normal working family,who’s house they were at,OH,the police gang told them, if they filed suit against them,they would come back and “KILL THE WHOLE FAMILY”,and americans support this,WELL NOT MUCH LONGER,america is about to LEARN WHAT THE LORD SAID,you’d rather have a millstone tied around your neck,and be cast into the SEA,compared to what I WILL DO TO YOU…….stupid is ,as stupid does in america,who preys on children…anyones children…………………….

  15. ironcloudz says:

    “They imagine that only Neanderthals would reject psychiatry…”

    And they would be perfect candidates since they exhibit the following clearly dysfunctional behaviors:

    writing on cave walls (ie, defacing public property)

    home schooling

    hunting with home-made unlicensed weapons

    uproarious unrecognizable speech patterns (clear signs of delusional thinking)

  16. ARIZONA says:

    HEY,JON,want an IDEA,whats about to happen in depraved america?WATCH THE VIDEO,child stew in china,and know california is disarming californians,SO THE CHINESE CAN come ashore unapposed,they’ll be here soon to………………

  17. Jean says:

    WTF you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

    Home Schooling? You mean like MOST of the US was, and for that matter, THE WORLD – before we became Feedlot USA?
    Further, Government-Run schools are merely indoctrination centers: Checked out “Common Core” yet? Read anything by John Taylor Gatto, who WAS a teacher in NYC until he left the profession in disgust?
    Tried to pass the old NYC Regents exam recently?

    Home-made unlicensed weapons? such as… What? Bow and Arrow? Spear? Stone knife? Shivs?
    And WHY should a weapon be LICENSED? A flowerpot or a brick or a book or a pane of glass can be a weapon. Someone like me? My body IS my weapon, whether throing, punching, kicking, biting – all is “fair” if you attack me. Shall my teeth, fists, feet, and the laws of physics be licensed too?

    The other two at least made some sense, as they (1) violate another person’s property rights, or (4) Talk funny, yes, they do – the young always try to differentiate themselves from the “old” (Mostly mom and dad and “That Generation.”)

    But the rest makes you sound like a Statist psychophant. That’s not a world I wish to live in, but I can pass through it without issue. If I read you right – you’d be unable to make it through a day in a world where there wasn’t someone ELSE tasked with cleaning your diaper…

    Kinda ugly, there. How about, go make your State paradise somewhere else, and let me live MY life, MY way, without infringing on anyone else?

  18. ironcloudz says:


    I was attempting to be ironic by showing how psychiatrists might diagnose Neanderthals. I was trying to be…funny. Shed a light through reductio ad absurdum if you can grock the Latin. Get it now?

    Have I checked out “Common Core” yet?

    yes, I work as a technologist for a large school district. It’s designed purposely to limit the educational discourse to indoctrinate and shape pupils into narrow boxes and ultimately to failure, blame the teachers, and close down and privatize public education.

    Yes, I have read some of John Taylor Gatto’s writings.

    I passed the NYS Regents exams decades ago dragged by the hair through the educational system, and it’s MUCH worse now.

    I have never been called a Statist Psychophant before though if you can hum a few bars I might be able to follow along.

    I am sorry you did not get the joke.

  19. Freedom to be responsible - not brainwash says:

    Young parents, stand up and outcry, boycott and pull out your
    children from those fed govt-charted Kindgarten schools forcing (Un)”common core” ‘sex (brainwash-) education’ to 5 year olds now.
    And the “trans-gender” propaganda – allowing “trans-gender” boys
    to enter and use girl’s bathrooms in public schools.

    They are using the public schools and manufactured liberal
    agenda to psychologically damage very young, impressionable
    children – to create confusion for their future. And become
    corporate, govt propaganda automated mental cases.

    (Pink Floyd – we don’t need no thought control)

    Brainwash liberalism is rearing it’s ugly head and like Rome, is about meet it’s downfall in a very ugly, ugly way.
    The perpetrators can no longer be immune from the law of unintended consequences.

    Get your kids out of public school – home school them,
    find dogma-doctrine free fautonomous schools, create a new one in your home and community – small or large. Freedom is our own responsibility not theirs.

    Sue and file lawsuits against these schools and the U.S. govt.

    Don’t let your own pure brethen and friends’ children grow up screwed up. It is a responsibility and for those who are yet unborn. Do human beings want to leave a legacy dumped on like the one many are facing now. Even one friend (early 20′s) has said his own generation is screwed up.
    As well, when you are older, do you want these doctrinated, screwed up
    generation taking care of you, in your elder years?

    Whose responsible?

    It’s time to choose to clean up the mess

    In responsible freedom, self-governance, self-reliance and self-individuation.


  20. anonymous says:

    For all generations:

    passing it on:

    How To Deprogram Your Own Mind
    by A. Orange

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  22. xyzabcmnorst says:

    University of Texas, Austin also enters in this list.

  23. xyzabcmnorst says:

    To facilitate psychiatry, psychologists function in a more detrimental way. The University of Texas, Austin National Research Consortuim for Counseling Centers target normal students and based on their answers on suicidal ideation categorizes students pushing them to drugs even when they are not deemed to be coming under the level of concern by DSM. They focus on a population level of mental health care while it is highly dubious howcome suicidal ideations are ever be contagious, that such measures are given a thought. Instead of focusing on making psychological thereauptic practices better and well served to college students Dr. David Drum through his research is somewhere targeting normal and innocent students to the walls of psychiatry using absolutely inconceivable means of pharma attacks made possible through psychologists.

  24. For a perfect follow up now in 2016: please Jon, comment on the passage of the 21st century cures act.

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