What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools?

What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools?

By Jon Rappoport

February 6, 2013

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In the latest episode of Ban Fake Guns, we have a boy suspended from school in Florence, Arizona, for carrying, yes, a picture of a gun on his computer. Screen saver. This is surely a sign of complete mental breakdown by school officials. And yet one more reason to home school.

Steve Watson, writing at infowars, runs down the recent litany of fake gun crimes at schools across America, resulting in student suspensions, suspension hearings, and actual school lockdowns:

Transparent toy gun. South Carolina.

Gun built from lego bricks. Massachusetts.

Two kids talking about a nerf gun. New York.

An actual nerf gun. New York.

A pink bubble gun. Pennsylvania.

A paper gun. Pennsylvania.

Pointing a finger and saying “pow.” Maryland.

Playing cops and robbers with fingers. Maryland.

Making a gun “hand gesture.” Oklahoma.

Should we assume that because cops and school officials can’t stop real crimes, they’re settling for stopping fake crimes?

Can you hear the typical response to these school suspensions and lockdowns? “Well, everybody in the community is on edge these days, after Sandy Hook.”

That remark garners a “Mmm, well, sure.”

Then, the follow-up: “It’s unfortunate that school officials and police MAY HAVE overreacted. Suspension from school is PROBABLY too much. These kids need some form of LESSER DISCIPLINE, and, of course, EDUCATION about the dangers of guns.”

And there you have it. It’s a sleight-of-hand trick. Go completely overboard with an officially certified insane action (suspension, lockdown), and people will ask for something slightly less insane instead.

“Well, shooting old Bob in the leg and blowing up his car because he was sitting on his back porch cleaning his rifle was probably a bit much. A few days in jail would have taught him the right lesson.”

In schools, the slightly less insane (but still quite insane) solution to fake guns might go something like this:

“Today, class, we’re going to learn about how dangerous it is to have a picture of a gun.”

“You see, Jimmy, when you build a gun out of lego, you think it’s all right because you don’t know any better. But some other child might be terrified when she sees the gun. And that’s why we’re here. To protect everybody from bad feelings.”

Jimmy scratches his five-year-old head and wonders what world he was born into. He’s just been introduced to “greatest good for the greatest number,” “you have no freedom,” and “least bad for the lowest number,” all in five seconds.

What we’re seeing here is a mandate to change the culture. Teach these kids that any reference to, symbol of, or thought about guns is wrong.

Welcome to operant conditioning.

These fake-gun busts are really about thought crimes.

We recently saw that with the passage of a New York State gun law. It requires psychiatrists to signal the police when they have a patient who may be “a danger to himself or others.” The patient is thereafter banned from owning a gun.

Any patient, any person has had thoughts of violence. Any psychiatrist can tease such thoughts out of a patient. And that can be sufficient to make a report to the police.

Eventually, the population can be directed to believe that “a bad thought” is a definite and inevitable precursor to a real crime. Therefore, nip things in the bud. Label thoughts themselves as crimes and the thinkers criminals.

“Well, Charlie has been having some very strange thoughts. Did you know that? I mean, he’s not the person we assumed he was.”

“Strange thoughts? You mean at the party last week? He was just kidding around.”

“Don’t be an idiot. Thoughts like that lead to serious crimes. Have you been living in a cave?”

And that’s what it feels like. You were living in a cave. When you came out, you discovered the public mindset had changed. All of a sudden, people were believing something new. In this case, they’re believing that “bad thoughts” always led to bad actions.

For example, remember crimes before there were hate crimes? Somebody killed somebody else and he went on trial for murder. Then the “hate conditions” were added, to increase the penalties. At that point, the court system was given the task of reading the criminal’s mind and deciding why he really did what he did. If he had the wrong thought before committing murder, he was a murderer-plus.

Soon, you’ll be hearing this: “Little Bobby brought that nerf gun to school. Twice! It’s incredible! So the school officials have referred him to a psychiatrist. And his parents are making a stink about it! Can you believe that? Obviously, the boy needs treatment. You know what? The parents do, too.”

Here’s what you won’t hear. Over the course of the next year, little Bobby is dosed with Ritalin, Zoloft, and Valproate. Driven into a psychotic state by the drugs, he stabs another child at school.

Then people will say, “Everybody knew this would happen. That nerf gun was the sign. The boy was having bad thoughts.”

the matrix revealed

Every special group in America with a social agenda is now committed to operant conditioning of the young. This means repetitive indoctrination in school and intense peer pressure. These groups aren’t messing around. They aren’t interested in rational dialogue between consenting adults. They’re going for the throat: brain-bend the young early and often.

So in schools, we have the dissemination of the green agenda, the bullying agenda, the hate-crime agenda, the gay and lesbian agenda, the sex-education agenda, the vaccination agenda, the psychiatric-treatment agenda, the share-and-care it’s-all-for-the-group agenda, the “living-Constitution” agenda.

I don’t care where you stand on any of these issues. That’s not the point. The point is, the presence of these agendas in schools reveals that those who control the public education system in this country, and those groups who can wheedle their way in, are truly heinous people who fervently believe children are blank slates, little machines waiting to be programmed, and nothing more.

We are talking about a most profound cynicism concerning human beings and what they are made of. We are talking about the view that humans are absolutely and only mind-controlled devices that require the proper software and the Go signal to live their lives and think their thoughts under the supervision of lines of code.

Get this straight. It doesn’t matter what software codes you might prefer. What matters is that children are being put at auction to the highest and most persistent bidder.

If you can’t grasp this big picture, I suggest you look and see what software is operating you.

References to guns, representations of guns, and thoughts about guns are now targets for a big-time purification/eradication campaign in schools. It’s an innovation in the mass hypnosis operation. It’s happening in schools because that’s where the children are. That’s where they can be corralled and controlled. That’s where the federal money keeps the lights on and the toilets flushing and the checks coming. It’s called leverage. Behind their big bucks, the feds play a tune, and the teachers repeat it, over and over and over.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

20 comments on “What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools?

  1. artscb357 says:

    I am a teacher at college level and get them post NEA. I run a frustration blog Exist Ants that I am sure none of my students could ever understand. Home school as slippery in terms of positive socialization is going to be a lifeboat in a sea of big hostile corporate submarines that are going to use every opportunity to sink any independence. The only thing that one can hope for at this juncture is the rusting effect of human nature on corporate totalitarianism.

  2. Tina says:

    You know, I finally figured out that all this arrest-of-kids crap was exactly what you are talking about in this article: TPTB are trying to teach kids to hate guns.

    OK, all you Patriot, gun-owner parents out there- start teaching your children our beautiful 2nd Amendment and how guns keep us free!

  3. heurist says:

    Great piece Jon. The mean green meme has a compulsion for control. It finds itself at home in such an environment and must fashion that environment accordingly.

  4. Wayne says:

    Wow! your article hit a chord with me as I had exactly the same thoughts when I read the various news articles reported in the UK press. I also commented on these articles stating many of the points you raise above and guess what – not a single news site published my comment……..what a surprise!
    Evil and heinous activity is everywhere and the banality and quiet insidiousness of that evil is what makes it most dangerous.

    Evil through showing good works. Tolerance to intolerance, freedom for none means freedom for all. The nail that sticks out gets hammered.

  5. BJ Kellogg says:

    My 16-year-old son was permanently expelled from school and then given a citation by the police for disorderly conduct (2 counts) because he allegedly said, “I would kill people if it were legal.” He says he did not make this remark, we were not able to question the two witnesses (girls) nor find out what context text these alleged remarks were made in. If he indeed said it, it was tasteless and an exercise in poor judgment, but certainly not said as a precursor to an attack. Now he is not only expelled from school he is also in the judicial system. By the way my attorney said that here in southern Utah, if two kids are caught fighting in school then not only does the school punish them the police also charge them with assault!

  6. Elsa says:

    Total emasculation of the male underway.

  7. Patrick says:

    Bravo! You nailed it!

  8. Dutch says:

    Excellent, excellent perspective. I was a little harsh about the anti-psychology/psychiatry article the other day, but this is total redemption. Psychology is a raw science and on its own is not inherently good or bad. The problem in this field is the PRACTITIONERS, who have usurped a legitimate science for the purpose of being the thought police. Thoughts are inherently human and thus policing them is a wholly anti-human agenda. Kudos to John for putting the blame where it belongs. On the people.

    Given these facts, I ultimately don’t feel too threatened by it all. When humans are pushed to their limits, its not hard to see that they’re going to choose their own humanity. Thus the net some of all of these things, annoying as they may be for the moment, will only hasten the arrival of that day. Its always darkest before the dawn. Once agents of the state try to extend their reach into your thoughts, they have reached that limit. There is no further for them to take their agenda. And no matter how duped people have been up to now, this level of intrusion will ultimately not stand. The government is a parasite, and as much as it seeks to grow and thrive by sucking our humanity out of us, absent our consent to be its host it quickly starves and dies. By attempting to insert its parasitic tentacles into our minds and thoughts, it will quickly lose that consent. And for this reason I feel that the end of authoritarian government is close at hand…

    Can’t wait to lock them in the looney bin and ‘analyze’ why they actually thought they could take things this far. I’m sure their answers will warrant heavy medication. Narcissism and sociopathy are serious disorders….

  9. Kathy says:

    My nieces and nephews born in the 70’s-80’s are totally brainwashed! While they are ‘well’ educated, they truely believe conservatives are the creators of all our country’s problems. Keep hoping that as their income increases and disposable income decreases, they might wake up, but at this point it seems unlikely.

  10. DP says:

    That’s the effect of these silly rules, but the kind of mind that comes up with them reminds me of the information that’s out there about an abuser’s mindset. They have “Fantasies of Success”, this means that they believe they’d be enormously successful if it weren’t for their victims holding them back.

    They get into a situation where the victim is essentially docile and compliant. They need the victim to do something “wrong” and setting them up to do something that justifies abuse is how they do it. They set the victim up with impossible demands so that the victim “made me do it”.

    In addition to giving the abusers an excuse for failure, the abusive episodes helps the abusers affirm the control, even in those lulls where it’s not in question. It also does create more control as the victims lose sight of how they can avoid the abuse, feeling constantly confused and responsible. Yet, in not feeling competent enough to figure out how to avoid the abuse, their confidence to face life independently diminishes. The unpredictable nature of the abusers keeps the victims always thinking about them and whether something will please/provoke them and this makes victims even more enmeshed with and dependent on the abuser.

    I know it doesn’t make sense, but once your life is filled with constant fear and belittling, you lose sight of sense. That’s kind of the point. The abusers know the victims can live without them so making the victims feel incompetent is a top priority.

  11. Betsy Maloney says:

    I crossed through my teacher’s picket lines when I was in junior high in the dead of winter, snow up to my ass. I sat in study hall all day with the lights turned off, the heat off, wearing my winter coat reading my school books, thinking, is this my future? Why aren’t the teachers here? Most kids were at the mall during the strike..
    Someone must of noticed, because when a judge ordered the teachers back in class, I was exempt from study hall and given a job in the school office. I answered phones, distributed mail, listened when a parent bursed into tears over her kid being bullied. Consoling a gym teacher, “Are you sure so-and-so cut my class? How could they play hookey during my class!”
    The point is, I never gave up. How can you toss away a kid on suspension for a frivilous reason? I WAS PRESENT! I WAS THIRTEEN YEARS OLD.

  12. ace5ace says:

    Reblogged this on Current Events and commented:
    Jon has another good one here, where he shows The Overton Window in action. It is your mind that the globalists are working on. They have unfettered access to your child’s mind, in government schools. And they use every minute of they day, to do their dirty work… Pay attention.

    In any negotiation, always demand way more than you are willing to accept.
    You might not get all that you demand. But, you might.
    That is a part of the principle at work in the overton window.
    Politicians use it to the great advantage, since the late 1800s…

    The Overton Window deploys an outlandish proposal.
    An emphatic rejection of the outlandish proposal is expected.

    The outlandish proposal is dialed back, a little, to what will be an acceptable proposal. An alternate plan is offered that is more palatable to the people.

    The next time they profer the original outlandish proposal, it then seems closer to what the public will accept and they then make it the plan to use.

    This is how you use time to shift public opinion.

    The Hegelian Principle is thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. Create a problem, offer the solution that the people would not normally except, if the people are desperate enough then they will except it. Create your own opposition so you can control the unorganized opposition.

    Problem – Government creates a problem.
    Reaction – they provocateur a radical, unpopular solution.
    Solution – pose as a ‘saviour’ with the ‘solution’ they wanted all along.

    To implement the Overton Window:
    State a radical idea.
    Open up the channels of conversation about it.
    Back off a little bit, but do not return things to the way they were, before the idea was floated.

    Did they get what they want? Not this time, but the idea is now out there. Just by being there, it has some twisted form of legitimacy.

    Things do not usually change, in one election.
    The globalists shifted things one election at a time, with the Overton Window.

  13. Linnie Jordan says:

    Standards to accredit home school programs are in place and this leads to more home schooling! The double value of educating the young mind and to provide a closer connection to the home for young people and the family is critically necessary today! GREAT ARTICLE. Some of us have been quietly working on this to help PREVENT the “war” of one core curriculum, one test document (NOT based on norms), one accrediting agency and recognizing the driving force for these dangerous values is under the push for “one world” theory is in-place and armed with knowledge. We must become aware that this dangerous practice already is in the works. United we stand in purpose to protect the United States of America as it was created in the beginning. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!

  14. Gotta wonder where all the “gun consciousness” comes from in the first place. I can’t recall the subject even coming up when I went went to school back in the Stone Age, for or against, and it sure wasn’t even discussed in school. My, my how times have changed. My Dad, brothers, cousins, uncles… all hunted. It was no big deal one way or another if people owned guns or not.

  15. vic934 says:

    A gun doesn’t kill,the killer is responsible an if he want to kill for sure he will use any maner available to kill,before they used poisons,knifes,arrows,rods, etc, and kill all the same.

  16. M. Taft says:

    I tried to post a link to this article on Facebook and found that it had been ‘banned’. Simply amazing. I had already been posting about the constant problem of over-punishment for fake guns in gradeschools and wanted to link to this as relevant to that discussion. FB alerted me that it wouldn’t be posting it because it was banned. Wow. The hour does seem to be growing late for freedom.


    Hi M,

    Thanks for sharing my articles with others. At the bottom of each article on my blog I’ve now added a “share via email” button, so as to offset the “Facebook block”.

    See also the following link for the back story…


  17. I. says:

    FYI Jon!
    You & your blog are blocked by Facebook! I was not allowed to share your article! fb window stated you are a link that is not allowed! Also could not log in using my fb acct. You must be doing something right!


    Thanks for sharing my articles with others. At the bottom of each article on my blog I’ve now added a “share via email” button, so as to offset the “Facebook block”.

    See also the following link for the back story…


  18. You really nailed it with this piece! A great read!

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