Breaking: New York creates psychiatric police state

by Jon Rappoport

January 16, 2013

It’s a done deal.

Governor Cuomo, along with Democrat and Republican legislators, is ramming through a bill to restrict gun ownership, re-classify weapons in order to ban them—and, in a far-reaching move, create psychiatrists as cops who must report patients to law-enforcement, in order to keep the patients from owning a weapon.

Psychiatrists must report patients “who could potentially harm themselves or others.” If such a patient owns a gun, it will be confiscated.

This means a comprehensive data base, accessible by law-enforcement personnel and anyone else involved in doing background checks. These “problematic” patients will be kept from buying a new weapon, too. Otherwise, the law would have no teeth.

As usual, the devil is in the details. Psychiatrists will err on the side of caution and report many patients. No shrink wants to blink into television cameras after one of his patients has just shot his father.

Patients who want to own weapons will lie to psychiatrists about their thoughts and feelings, never admitting they’re considering suicide or murder.

After such a murder, a psychiatrist will say: “He never said anything about killing anybody. Here, look at my notes. There’s nothing there.”

For this and other reasons, such as the existence of the data base, doctor-patient confidentiality will go out the window.

Therefore, the practice of psychiatry, which already minimizes talk therapy and merely dispenses drugs, will move even further in that direction. Tight-lipped patients, who don’t want to go on a police list, will seek an office visit with the sole motive of obtaining a drug.

Since all the emphasis is now on “mentally ill patients who are prone to violence,” the possibility of indicting the drugs in violence will recede over the horizon.

SSRI antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.) and other brain drugs do, in fact, cause people to go crazy and commit violent crimes, including murder. This is an open secret in the psychiatric profession, and the public is becoming more aware of it every day.

But it will be swept under the carpet.

Under the new law, a psychiatrist can’t be prosecuted for failing to report a patient who later commits murder, as long as the psychiatrist “acted in good faith.” The meaning of that phrase is broad enough to automatically cast blanket exoneration on most shrinks, which closes off the chance a psychiatrist will be pilloried for prescribing a drug he knows can induce violence in the patient.

This New York law will be copied and passed by other states, and in the end, we will see a national data base of psychiatric patients.

The official attitude will be: anyone who sees a psychiatrist is a potential killer.

This will give rise to protests on behalf of “a new underclass”: psychiatric patients. Advocates will arise to take up their cause. Court cases will abound. The whole business will devolve into a complete mess.

But out of it will come a hands-on partnership between cops and shrinks, who’ll march should to shoulder into their version of a psychiatric police state.

Seventy-two hour mandatory holds in psych wards for “observation” will expand. During this period of incarceration, shrinks will dose inmates hard with drugs, in order to make them more docile, because no psych ward wants to be accused of releasing a patient who then goes on to kill people.

Drugs to subdue the mind in that way are very powerful. They are called anti-psychotics, or major tranquilizers. As has been shown, they induce tremors, which are signals of motor brain damage.

We can expect to see hundreds of thousands more people, perhaps millions, who are damaged, permanently, by these drugs.

The motto will become: destroy the patient, before he can destroy others.

the matrix revealed

As the crown on all this, people who have ever professed political ideas outside the mainstream, and so end up in a database of “potential threats to the State,” can be kept from owning a weapon, merely by finding a way to get them into a psychiatrist’s office, on any pretext. Once there, the psychiatrist can report them as prone to harming themselves or others, and that will function as a bar to possessing a gun.

New York has just created a door that swings in both directions. A huge number of people who are seeing psychiatrists can be kept from gun ownership. And people who can see with their eyes what this country has turned into can be turned, on cooked-up technicalities, into psychiatric patients. Once in the system, they, too, can be denied all 2nd Amendment rights.

It will undoubtedly be called “The 2nd Amendment Exclusion.”

Coming to your neighborhood.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

16 comments on “Breaking: New York creates psychiatric police state

  1. Concerned says:

    Very good article – unfortunately, I, too, was worried this was the direction the whole focus on mental health would go. Perhaps if this gets passed then we should all demand the right to know what legal prescription drugs all public mass-shooters have been taking?

  2. What should prevent a person from acquiring a gun in the first place is to be taking one of these SSRI drugs prescribed by psychiatrists. This is what makes people turn violent. These drugs are very harmful to the person as is well noted in the article. People who are depressed or have mental issues of any kind should get treatment other than Big Pharma drugs. This will keep them off the list and they will be able to own a gun.

  3. babylovet says:

    There was a piece about this on NPR today:

    …even this doctor does not like it much. Of course not a word or question about the drugs these charlatans prescribe as causative in these “lone nut” murder cases.

  4. Tall Tom says:

    How many people in this country are on Anti-Depressants? Too many?

    Now I am not going to make the claim that the Antidepressants cause violence…That will only lead to controversy which only serves to detract from our purpose. (I know that they do…but…)

    How many people with guns will stop their Anti-Depressant Mood Altering Drugs immediately?

    How many gun owning people will stop seeing the Psychologists immediately as a result of this measure?

    With the radical withdrawals of the chemicals combined (see: with that of failing to have a support network to pacify their psychotic episodes I predict that 2013 will most indeed be interesting times. Expect a lot more senseless killings.

    Anytime that Government acts they understand that the consequences will bring about a worse dynamic.

    They create the problem, wait for the public to demand a more radical, totalitarian solution, and then deliver the solution which they desire. THIS IS PLANNED FOLKS. Get it yet?

    What is the name of that strategy? The name escapes me as I write this.

    What has changed here?

  5. Escher says:

    Stanley Kubrick’s dystopia of “A Clockwork Orange” is coming true right before our eyes.

  6. Banderman says:

    Hitler called it ‘the final solution; ethnic cleansing’.

  7. Sammy says:

    Were all these “supposed” shooters gun owners? Where did they get the guns used in their killings? Government wants the upper-hand even it means usurping the Constitution. Government wants all the guns. They are drunk with power! States should know better! Shame on the people if they let this under-handed law pass! The new world order is in every level of government. BEWARE! WAKE UP!

  8. freedom007 says:

    Gruesome – similar to former Soviet Union circumstances!

    But some hope lies in the natural imperfection of all human plots and plans, in the fact that the people who keep such a system running will just be people all the same – remember there even were real humans within Nazi organizations, secretly trying to limit harm and to sabotage ! – and last but not least in the increasing limitation of money, tech and employees available for civilian State institutions, as Globalist macro-economy hast long started to fail, caused by natural limitation of fuel (oil) supply, Nature desasters which eat off surplus money and working-hours, and basic errors woven into both its administrative and ideological system.

    Moreover, reader, prepare for the Unimaginable to become real: perhaps the fact you become an underdog by having some psych diagnosis, no matter if this “disorder” may be really present or a medical fake, will later turn into an advantage, making the Last (within present society pattern) the First (who, angered to the bone, will take a major part in some future Revolution changing the System upside down)…

    US citizens with a “psych diagnosis” know that FUTURE WANTS YOU. throw your pills away (see:, make of your justified anger some good fuel for pursuing your own happiness and your ideals, try to build up some rural life far off the real psych ward which is Globalist city life, and learn to fight with bare hands or with a stick… in time you´ll need it.

  9. Sherry Nickels says:

    The practice of psychiatry is a shame anyway and should be done away with. They do far more harm than good.

  10. Lise from Maine says:



    Read the book called “Unhinged” by Dr. Daniel J. Carlat who admits that psychiatrists do NOT know what they are doing, and additionally, the influence of the pharmaceutical companies in prescribing drugs by doctors especially when there is NO evidence to support a diagnosis.

    Great book!

    Lise from Maine, a former licensed clinician.


    Thanks for the tip, Lise!

    Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry – A Doctor’s Revelations about a Profession in Crisis

  11. The law is a disgrace. How many people have felt like ending it all, at least at some point? Would you want the government to have to be informed of you as a supposedly violent threat to society for merely having pondered ending your own life? This law will be cited as a threat to good, thorough counseling. Some people will fear that a Big Brother file will be compiled on them, ready to be used if they become too vocal or troublesome in later years. For people living in a society that rewards banking sociopaths and warfare with huge amounts of money, to feel as though life isn’t worth living at early, yet-unmatured stages of their lives, isn’t dangerous. Instead, it may be a sign of a deeper intellect. New York must eliminate the suicide aspect. More money for free counseling, not for Homeland Security, which could compile lists of the emotionally vulnerable!

    • Dom Ramsey says:

      George, I’m a former fed and you are 100% correct at how this will be used. This is a form of the new tyranny taking shape in this country. It actually discourages people from seeking help when they feel depressed because if you do the entire “system” turns against you, alienates you and can often times be turned against you to criminalize you. America is a very dangerous place for someone with depression.. I would love to share with you a horror story about how this all can turn very bad for innocent people but there isn’t the space here… perhaps I will have to write up some of the more horrific things the federal government is currently doing to people that they (not doctors) deem mentally unstable.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I believe that it is the policy of most Local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies that the Officers see a psychiatrist after any traumatic situation they are involved in (i.e. shooting, hostage situation, etc). I would think that they would often be prescribed one of the SSRI for anxiety, stress, or any of a slough of other issues that would accompany a tragedy.

    Would this and other laws of this ilk cause the Officer to lose their weapons and jobs? They do put themselves into some violent situations as part of their job, so a propensity for violence behavior is there; even if used in the ‘good’ .

    I wonder if the Law Makers have thought of that?

  13. Rockerchic4God says:

    I am a mental health paraprofessional, been in the field 10 years. There are very simple ways to discern sociopaths from garden-variety depressed people that mean no harm to anyone. Psychological tests are VERY accurate. The problem is, virtually no mental health emergency or public outpatient facility uses them. Why? Because if a patient is ASPD (antisocial personality disorder, or called “psychopath” in the old days) THERE IS NO MEDICAL TREATMENT/CURE FOR THAT, AND THEY ARE OFTEN VIOLENT. If they’re labeled “Bipolar” or “Schizoaffective” they get psych meds – which only work for actual Bipolars and Psychotic disorders! It’s the drug companies pushing the mass misdiagnoses! That’s the problem!

  14. rrrviii says:

    Great Reporting Mr. Rappoport. If that is ok with you, I added a link to your article at my sight.

    Keep lifting the Curtain. TY

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