My crushing “Hot Zone” virus story no one in the press wants to understand

I haven’t even seen alternative reporters picking up on it

January 3, 2024

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Let’s start here:

1957 Asian Flu epidemic: origin, East Asia.

1980s AIDS: origin, Africa.

2009 Swine Flu epidemic: origin, Mexico.

2014 Ebola outbreak: origin, West Africa.

2015 Zika outbreak: origin, Brazil.

2020 COVID pandemic: origin, China.

Each of these supposed (fake) viruses traveled. In each case, they traveled from a foreign country to the US.

Name several viruses that, during the past 65 years, traveled from the US to foreign nations caused epidemics there.



Why not?

Purported viruses can originate anywhere. They can travel anywhere. What’s the problem?

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