Genitalia: I can take the Saudi LIV golf tour out of the dumpster

…And make it the most popular sport in the world

by Jon Rappoport

December 11, 2023

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Yes, the Saudi oil men are exceedingly clever when they lure golfers away from the PGA Tour with heavy money. But…

They may as well tell these men never to play golf again, because the Saudi tour has to be the worst pro sport ever devised.

Watching it on television is like watching a few blobs of honey melting in the sun.

It’s now TEAM golf.

The whole tradition and romance of golf, from the beginning, was the lone man out on the fairway. Striving to be a hero, against long odds.

But now, no. The Saudis have invented these synthetic teams nobody in his right mind could care about. The teams compete against each other.

Plus the golfers already have so much cash banked, courtesy of the Saudis, it doesn’t matter who wins.

It’s as if the Saudis are TRYING to turn golf into a boring horror, in order to destroy it completely.

But I can save it. I make it a must-watch.

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Jon Rappoport

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