Provoking massive reaction in an audience and driving them into sanity

Which is what we want; Here’s how it works…

by Jon Rappoport

December 4, 2023

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This is yet another article on a specific solution no one else is thinking about in depth.

Let’s start here. This is not an idea out of left field. With the millions of people making and posting videos these days, you’d think ONE capable person would have come up with it by now.

One video maker/director and a handful of actors show up willing to throw caution to the winds.

They produce a series. A melodramatic series.

Like a soap opera. Very much like a soap opera. Exactly like a soap opera.

Episode after episode. An ongoing saga.

Because when people get hooked on a soap, they keep tuning in. Forever. And they tell their friends. And word spreads like wildfire.

Only this soap I’m suggesting plugs-in entirely different issues.

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Jon Rappoport

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